Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Sophistication Is A Veneer - He Prefers To Engage In Gossip, Slander, Defamation, Lies, Embellished Stories, & Fraud

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 9:07 AM
Subject: Fwd: Ann Diamond
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Hello FBI,
If Ann Diamond  has so many disturbing problems, from Cohen's perspective (and Gianelli doesn't know her so it's not coming from him), why was Cohen with her?  I have no idea what Ann Diamond's views on the British royal family are and could care less.  I know this - Cohen's favorite book was "Morning Of The Magicians" and the man has some seriously psychotic views on reality.

I have given a tremendous amount of evidence to the IRS re. Leonard Cohen's tax fraud, concealment of corporate books and records, etc. and yet he and his lawyers took the stand and lied, perjured themselves, etc.  So who is delusional here?  Not I. 

This man is obsessed with me, Cohen's tax fraud, and is writing about Ann Diamond and defending Cohen and has no affiliation with him?  Well, the 14th Sheepdog a/i/a Stephen Gianelli heard from Cohen's lawyers in 2009 and has relentlessly targeted me since then.  Leonard Cohen seems to think that slander is a defense to criminal tax fraud.  See his and Robert Kory's meeting with my younger son's father where I was accused of having sex with Oliver Stone. 

Leonard Cohen advised me that Freda Guttman did indeed repeat Lorca Cohen's comments to Ann Diamond.  Ann Diamond retracted nothing - see the emails she gave me permission to forward to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Phil Spector's attorneys, etc.  She also gave me permission to post them online.  Leonard Cohen's self-inflicted revenge fantasies are rock solid and his operative continues to criminally harass me.  Leonard Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, is in Denmark and is probably the individual from Denmark obsessed with my Blog.  Of course, she too targeted me relentlessly, lied about me, targeted my children, etc.  This is how Leonard Cohen operates. 

I don't care what the truth is?  I am sitting here looking at Cohen's excessive perjury and the lies in the City Attorney's Respondent's Brief.  I am speaking to a lawyer about when a City Attorney may lie and call that facts on the record, etc.  These people are insane. 

I played a minor support role?  Leonard Cohen is absolutely out of his mind.  I could care less about celebrity.  I didn't go crazy and do not feel shame or disgrace.  Why should I? Leonard Cohen committed tax fraud, stole from me, stole from Machat & Machat, appears to have sold Phil Spector's master tapes to Sony, perjures himself in every court he roles into (even confesses to it on the stand), and has conducted himself like an out of control obsessed criminal.  I have no doubt that he feels no shame.  I know the man. 
Do I have a rented room in a low rent apartment in Concord?  How would Gianelli know where Iive? I don't know him. 
Your spokesperson - a human being impersonating a dog while criminally harassing me and defending Leonard Cohen and his tax fraud, theft, etc. - has advised me that the IRS and FBI wrote me off long ago. 
This man has been relentlessly advised to CEASE AND DESIST.   He is dangerously unstable.

All the best,

"Well, you know, there's depression and depression. What I mean by depression in my own case is that depression isn't just the blues. It's not just like I have a hangover in the weekend ... the girl didn't show up or something like that. It isn't that. It's not really depression, it's a kind of mental violence which stops you from functioning properly from one moment to the next. You lose something somewhere and suddenly you're gripped by a kind of angst of the heart and of the spirit..." --Leonard Cohen, French interview, trans. Nick Halliwell

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 8:39 AM
Subject: Ann Diamond
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Additionally, Ann Diamond has written that the British Royal Family has engaged in orgies and ritual animal sacrifice on a Greek island and that while Diamond was touting the island on her bike she was chased by evil spirits. Diamond later (she says) installed crystals to ward off the evil.
So what?
Ann Diamond, in her own way, is a delusional as you are.
Two more points: This is not Cohen slandering someone; these are writings that Diamond has published and we have no affiliation with Leonard Cohen whatsoever. (That is part of your delusional structure.)
Last, Guttman never - herself - uttered the slanderous lies about Cohen's daughter and Diamond has retracted her hearsay statement on that subject. Lorca Cohen denies the accusation, which you are the only one making at this point based on double hearsay that has since been retracted by your "source". But you are so hell bent to harm Cohen out of revenge you don't care what the truth is.
Freda Guttman most certainly uttered these statements to Ann Diamond and Leonard Cohen had me approach my brother-in-law in Canada about this situation; tax and residence problems in Canada; and statutes of limitations re. sex with a 15-year old nanny.  The only person with self-inflicted revenge fantasies is Leonard Cohen who - due to his tax fraud and other wrongdoings - has engaged in vile, vulgar, and obscene conduct.  I guess the attention's going to his head - hanging out with a powerful DA's investigator in a courtroom, while testifying about Phil Spector, must be a lofty experience.  Leonard Cohen has self-inflicted revenge fantasies and the concealed evidence, perjury, fraud, and concealment are being addressed in my Writ, were addressed in the Opening Appeal Brief, and will be raised in Oral Arguments.  Leonard Cohen doesn't care what the truth is - he took the stand, admitted he lied and changed history (using one hell of a pathetic excuse) and the judge covered for him.  That's the celebrity justice system in Los Angeles.  The City Attorney's Respondent's Brief is replete with lies - paid for by the taxpayers while the City Attorney whines to the court that they have budget woes.  The individual who wrote me yesterday that these are taxpayer rapists was spot on. 
You are just a bitter and crazy has been who played a minor support role on the fringes of celebrity for a brief period of time who went crazy because she could not face her shame and disgrace.
Leonard Cohen is the proverbial one trick pony.  Unfortunately, for this madman, we were never lovers and were not in a dating relationship, so he can take his disgruntled ex-lover self-inflicted revenge fantasies to a psychiatrist and try to work them out.  I didn't go crazy but Leonard Cohen appeared out of his mind, lying through his teeth, and deranged on the witness stand.  Perhaps he can use the insanity defense now.  Fringes of celebrity?  I wouldn't even spend time alone with this man towards the end of our so-called business relationship - he was unhinged and vile.  A minor support role?  Leonard Cohen played a minor support role since he refused to work.  
You now sit in your rented room in a low rent apartment blogging on a third rate computer spreading your goofy the five people still listening.
The rest of the world, IRSand FBI included, wrote you off long ago.
The IRS and FBI now appear to have the 14th Sheepdog as their spokesperson.  Of course, this tells me all I need to know about Leonard Cohen's views on the IRS and FBI - utter disdain - which is at the heart of his tax evasion.  As Steven Machat & I know - Leonard Cohen uses corporations to evade paying taxes.