Thursday, March 21, 2019

Not Sure Why "Gianelli" is Lying About My Email to Alan Hootnick Explaining That I Saw A CLOWN Across From LA Superior Court Following One of the Retaliatory Proceedings.

Scott, I sent the criminal conspirator one cease and desist letter. He continues to harass me with his inane emails. I did find Christian Slater's ex parte application with respect to Gianelli and his cohort. I don't know Von Watteville but I do know that she called Cohen's lawyer and hooked up with Gianelli thereafter. I didn't accuse Gianelli of masterminding anything with counsel for Christian Slater so perhaps they hired a detective. I have no details about anything he is saying here. This is Gianelli's attempt to elicit information. I never claimed this clown was at LA Superior Court. I'm not wound up. I intend to sue over this retaliatory case. I did read that Von Watteville was fired from the "Slater" entertainment project if you call benefiting from the suffering of others "entertainment." Gianelli lied. I sent one cease and desist and am not "bouncing off walls" at all. Ask anyone that knows me. That, of course, would not be Gianelli and/or his co-conspirators. Who cares where this criminal lives? I have all the emails related to this incident. I wrote Alan Hootnick that I saw a "clown" across from the court and thought it might be Gianelli. As it turns out, it was Bozo. Of course, I didn't write that I saw a "clown" in the courthouse at a Slater hearing but Gianelli is in fact clear that he is a "clown," a dangerously unstable one at that.

From: Kelley Lynch <> Date: Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 12:48 PM Subject: Re: Stephen Gianelli To: *irs. commissioner <*>, Washington Field <>, Division, Criminal <>, MollyHale <>, Opla-pd-los-occ <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, Mick Brown <>, glenn.greenwald <>, Harriet Ryan <>, hailey.branson <>, stan.garnett <>, mayor.garcetti <>, Kelly.Sopko <>, Whistleblower <>, Attacheottawa <>, TIPS <>, alan hootnick <>, bruce <>, n5160 <>, 34131 <>, Mike Feuer <> Cc: STEPHEN GIANELLI <> Stephen Gianelli, I am once again advising you to cease and desist. That includes, but is not limited to, libeling me online while defending Leonard Cohen and his co-conspirators; targeting my family, friends, and witnesses; lying to authorities about me; and so forth. Kelley Lynch On Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 12:46 PM Kelley Lynch <> wrote: IRS, FBI, and DOJ, I was reviewing some "evidence" Michelle Rice has uploaded on All evidence of fraud, a defense to criminal tax fraud and so forth, and further evidence of the tactics used against me. Here is Christian Slater's request for an injunction re. Gianelli and Von Watteville. I have memorialized all of Gianelli's posts on Truth Sentinel including those re. federal tax laws and compliance with same. I have all his emails to me, members of my family, witnesses, and so forth. Gianelli, et al. infiltrate court proceedings. I have advised this criminal to cease and desist his libelous attacks, email harassment, and the targeting of my family, friends, and witnesses. Please review this. Kelley
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Kelley Lynch has been bouncing off the walls sending me (out of the blue) accusatory "cease and desist" emails, including one dated March 16 that falsely accuses me of "targeting" the actor Christian Slater.  Lynch, who has a running feud with the improbably named Karina Von Watteville - contacted counsel for the actor Christian Slater and accused me of masterminding a film expose about the actor. I was specifically accused of appearing in LA Superior Court to aid Von Watteville and Christian Slater's mentally ill father in furtherance of their screenplay. I was able to produce documentary evidence that I was far from the Continental United States on the day Lynch falsely claimed I was in that LA courthouse, and (with apologizes) Christian Slater's counsel dropped me from his court filing.  It was like many of Lynch's malicious falsehoods in aid of making mischief for those she hates - utterly without substance and easily disproved with a boarding pass and airline tickets proving I was in Europe at the time. I have not been in LA for over ten years.  I live full time in Europe. Lynch is obviously wound up because she is back in criminal court soon to set a trial date (finally) on the 31-criminal charges she is facing. Our justice system moves slowly but her case will get to trial and she to jail, God willing.