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Kelley Lynch Cease & Desist To Stephen Gianelli, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, Jeffrey Korn & Their Client, Leonard Cohen

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, May 16, 2015 at 8:52 PM
Subject: Cease & Desist
To: Stephen Gianelli <>, rkory <>, Michelle Rice <>, Jeffrey Korn <>
Cc: "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>,, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,, "mayor.garcetti" <>

Stephen Gianelli, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, and Jeffrey Korn,

I am advising each of you (and your client, Leonard Cohen) to cease and desist.  I have attached the information contained below.  This email addresses the outrageous ongoing slander that I was blackmailed over.  Stephen Gianelli demanded that I remove my blog and copied Robert Kory in on one of his criminally harassing emails transmitting that link via internet to me.  Stephen Gianelli has now criminally harassed nearly ever witness who provided the Court (Case No. BC338322) with declarations.  There is a hearing before Judge Hess on June 23, 2015 and I will now further address the ongoing harassment, witness tampering, slander, false allegations, etc. with Judge Hess.  Here's one example of Gianelil's interest in Palden Ronge who he then wrote and harassed over his declaration.  He wrote out of the blue to insult Dan Meade and slandered him over his declaration.  Gianelli sent me the extradition treaty between Greece and US because that's evidently where he resides and views himself as immune.  Every word on Gianelli's blog is a lie.  And every word will be addressed in my federal RICO lawsuit.  These fabricated narratives have been used to steal from me and argue Leonard Cohen's defense re. criminal tax fraud with IRS Agent Luis Tejeda who did indeed receive a subpoena during my alleged trial.  

This is yet another formal cease and desist letter.  Jeffrey Korn is attorney of record in the matter before Judge Hess and Kory/Rice are the attorneys of record re. the fraudulent domestic violence order that I will now ask the Court to vacate.  The Colorado order was not a domestic violence order.  Sexual harassment and indecent exposure are not dating.   

Stephen Gianelli, while an obvious informal member of Leonard Cohen's legal team, has not entered a formal entry of appearance in either matter.  He appears to be an agent provocateur/infiltrator now representing Karina Von Watteville who Kory advised to sue me.  Why?  Because I advised her to cease and desist in a handful of emails with IRS, FBI, and DOJ copied.  Cohen and Kory then became "evidence," as presented to two mediators in Paulette Brandt's Small Claims case.  This situation will also be addressed with Judge Hess and others.  I've provided the truthful, factual corrections to Gianelil's slanderous and defamatory blog where "Kelly Green" has posted recently.

Kelley Lynch

Date: Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 10:14 AM
Ms. Lynch,

What an AMAZING coincidence!

It turns out that – despite the fact that neither you, nor Paulette Brandt, nor Rutger Penick ever mentioned it before in the many prior declarations and pleadings you drafted that covered the subject of alleged service in BC336322 on August 24, 2004, they were ALL THERE IN THE SAME ROOM of your home, coincidentally, on the same day you were not served!

And, per the Ronge declaration, you WANTED to be served with a copy of Leonard Cohen’s complaint! Who knew? So, naturally, you telephoned Scott Edelman’s office after obtaining his contact information from the internet and told them you were home and to please deliver a copy to you?

Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 7:06 PM
To: blind
Subject: FYI

Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 2:13 PM
To: blind <>
You are of course free to blog.

But if your blog does not come down (or be made private) by 4/1/2015, I will be starting a blog of my own with an intense focus on you and your criminal activities.

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Mar 25, 2015 - Lynch would later blame Cohen for “orchestrating” that hearing, as well.... In 2008, Leonard Cohen, who was planning a concert in the Boulder area and was... are quickly dispelled by reading the relevant hearing transcript.).

Leonard Cohen’s Criminal Tax Fraud Defense

Kelley Lynch’s Comments on Stephen Gianelli’s willfully and intentionally slanderous and defamatory blog dedicated to her after she refused to cave into his extortionist threat to take down her blog.  Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Robert Kory, was then copied on at least one harassing email with respect to this slanderous blog.  Therefore, Leonard Cohen has given his implicit consent to these slanderous and defamatory statements.
Leonard Cohen’s alleged “retirement” agreement is a partnership.  This entity filed federal tax returns that listed Lynch as a partner for the years 2001, 2002, and 2003.  In or around September 2004, Kelley Lynch hired an accountant who ultimately referred her to lawyers.  The purpose of that referral was to have a tax lawyer review the corporate books, records, stock shares, agreements, and tax returns.  At that time, Kelley Lynch’s lawyers and accountant informed her of the following:  In 2001, Traditional Holdings, LLC failed to report millions of dollars in income related to a royalty sale to Sony; 2002, Lynch’s promissory note (the instrument with which she invested in this entity at the direct request of Leonard Cohen) was extinguished from the tax returns; and, in 2003, the annuity obligation (which would not have arisen until January 2011) was extinguished from the tax returns.  Leonard Cohen personally hired tax and corporate lawyer Richard Westin who oversaw the corporate books and records and prepared the tax returns, K-1 partnership documents, etc.  Nearly a decade later, Kelley Lynch continues to deal with the corporate and tax matters.  She was not served Leonard Cohen’s lawsuit; the proof of service is evidence of fraud; and Leonard Cohen wrongfully converted his property to himself.  Cohen also used the fraudulent Complaint to argue his defense with IRS Agent Luis Tejeda and apply for and receive fraudulent tax refunds from IRS and FTB.  Those refunds have now been challenged as fraud.  A hearing has now been scheduled for June 23, 2015.  Lynch has asked LA Superior Court to address the egregious fraud upon the court, extensive use of perjury, and other matters.

          GIVEN HER SPECTACULAR FALL FROM GRACE a decade ago, a casual Leonard Cohen fan with a passing familiarity of the story behind the singer songwriter’s return to the road in 2006 to replace $6.7M in retirement savings embezzled by former Leonard Cohen manager Kelley Lynch,  might be surprised to learn that she is not only living in the Los Angeles area, but that Lynch is still devoting a large part of her daily energies to harassing her former employer. If truth is stranger than fiction, the epilogue to this epic story of greed, theft, and public disgrace is stranger still.  

Kelley Lynch did not have an actual “fall from grace.”  In October 2004, after hearing that Lynch intended to report his tax fraud to IRS, Leonard Cohen willfully and intentionally bankrupted Kelley Lynch.  He withheld commissions due her for services rendered and fraudulently converted her property to himself.  That property includes a legal 15% ownership interest in all Leonard Cohen intellectual property dating back to 1967.  Leonard Cohen personally signed the non-revocable assignments, agreements, stock certificates, and so forth. 

Addressing legal issues, in a case that Kelley Lynch was not served, is now considered harassment by Leonard Cohen.  He would prefer to mindlessly regurgitate his fabricated narrative that essentially boils down to the following carefully crafted hallucinations on his part.  According to Leonard Cohen, he and Kelley Lynch were evidently in a “dating relationship” although Cohen has no idea when it ended.  It merely “dissolved.”  Cohen has taken the position that Kelley Lynch was merely harassing him for no reason whatsoever.  LAPD’s report clearly notes that Kelley Lynch’s alleged emails were generally requests for “tax information.”  Cohen has taken the position that LAPD lied about that issue in their report.  Leonard Cohen, in the midst of a European tour, flew into Boulder, Colorado (where Lynch resided) to obtain a fraudulent restraining order against her.  Cohen’s reasons, based on his testimony and other information, seemed to relate to Lynch’s communications with journalists and online posts.  The City Attorney of Los Angeles attempted to argue this with LA Superior Court who noted Lynch’s First Amendment rights.  Perhaps because Leonard Cohen, a Canadian citizen, resides in the U.S. (ostensibly due to tax and residence issues in Canada) he is unfamiliar with the United States Constitution.  Cohen testified that he believed Lynch might attend his concert, one year after his extraordinary flight, in Colorado although he has not seen Lynch since October 2004.  She also refused to meet with him, his tax lawyer, or attend the meeting Cohen personally attended at her lawyers’ offices.  There was and remains no evidence that Lynch planned to attend a Cohen concert and the mere notion is positively laughable.  Leonard Cohen is known for his carefully crafted good rock and roll stories about Phil Spector, Janis Joplin, and his participation in CIA MKULTRA’s program, Bay of Pigs, and Yom Kippur War.  As Cohen wrote in “Field Commander Cohen,” he is our “most important spy.” 

After Kelley Lynch refused to meet with Leonard Cohen, and his tax lawyer, to hand over the corporate books Cohen demanded (and unravel their handiwork), and acknowledging receipt of her lawyers October 27, 2004 letter, Leonard Cohen came up with a novel defense:  falsely accuse Lynch of receiving overpayments for her services as his personal manager.  Lynch has a legal ownership interest in numerous corporate entities, was included as a partner on federal tax returns, and has a 15% ownership interest in all Leonard Cohen related intellectual property dating back to 1967.  She is in possession of the corporate books, records, executed agreements, stock units, her Indemnity Agreement, other evidence, and the federal and state tax returns. 
Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory spent months attempting to force Lynch into a settlement agreement.  She was offered, among other things, 50% community property, 15% ownership interest in the companies she owns, the value of her 15% ownership interest in all Cohen-related intellectual property, and the commissions Cohen wrongfully withheld from her with respect to services rendered.  While Leonard Cohen should simply have paid her (and previously engaged in the identical conduct with Machat & Machat, who represented him for approximately years, when he stole their share of intellectual property and withheld commissions due them for services rendered) what she was owed, he and his lawyer demanded that she provide testimony against his representatives.  Those representatives included, but were not limited to, Neal Greenberg (Cohen’s investor) and Richard Westin (Cohen’s personal tax and corporate lawyer).  Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory, also appeared to falsely accuse Greg McBowman, Stuart Fried, Don Friedman, and Arthur Indursky (Grubman, Indursky firm) of committing fraud in the inducement.  Lynch has evidence to prove those false allegations and finds them positively laughable.  Leonard Cohen is the individual who demanded complex corporate structures and stock deals.  Leonard Cohen, with a full understanding of his royalty income, is the individual who demanded the intellectual property deals.  He addressed his understanding in a declaration submitted in connection with CAK’s lawsuit against him for breach of contract.  As Steven Machat noted:  Leonard Cohen falsely accuses his representatives of ripping him off to breach contracts. 

Kelley Lynch did not receive overpayments or misappropriate anything.  Leonard Cohen has now embezzled approximately $6.7 million from at least one corporate entity alone.  That is the reason for Gianelli’s false allegation that Cohen needed to “return to the road in 2006 to replace $6.7 million in retirement savings.”  Leonard Cohen borrowed (or caused to be expended) approximately $6.7 million from the alleged retirement account; understood he could take loans/advances; and signed an agreement personally acknowledging his ability to take loans with the full understanding that they had to be repaid within three years – at 6% interest.  Leonard Cohen has now willfully refused to address these loans/expenditures and seems to believe corporate assets are his personal assets.  That would lead one to conclude that he views himself as the “alter ego” of certain corporations who engaged in self-dealing.  Leonard Cohen would prefer to have Kelley Lynch constantly harassed; her witnesses (and family members) stalked, harassed, threatened, and intimidated, then address these matters legally in a court of law based on the merits – and not Leonard Cohen’s fabricated, self-serving fictional narrative that has been used to defend himself against the allegations that he personally committed criminal tax fraud.

          AFTER THE FORMER MANAGER TO THE MUSIC LEGEND WAS OUTED and achieved a well-earned, world-wide infamy as the architect of a massive scheme to loot millions of dollars; after a 4-hour standoff in 2005 with a Los Angeles SWAT team and the first of many psychiatric hospitalizations; after living homeless on-the-beach in Santa Monica;  after suffering a $7.9M embezzlement-based civil judgment in 2006, multiple civil harassment restraining orders and a 2007 conviction for criminal trespass; after threatening to kill the Los Angeles County District Attorney,   after being jailed for 18-months in 2012 for criminal harassing emails and voice mails; and after being returned to jail for 6-months in 2014 for emailing death threats to her trial prosecutor, Lynch is still devoting a remarkable amount of  energy toward relentlessly harassing Leonard Cohen, his legal advisors, and anyone else who has gotten in her way during the last decade – the author of this post included.  

Leonard Cohen’s personal manager, Kelley Lynch, was not outed.  She refused to meet with Leonard Cohen, hand over corporate books and records, or meet with him and his tax lawyer to unravel their handiwork.  She refused to enter into any type of settlement agreement with him and refused to participate in any mediations or litigation matters that required her testimony against his representatives.  Lynch was convinced that Leonard Cohen was asking her to testify falsely against his representatives.  This matter was addressed, including some of Cohen’s vicious tactics against Lynch, in considerable detail when Neal Greenberg sued Leonard Cohen (and his lawyer, Robert Kory) for legal conspiracy, extortion, bribery, witness tampering (Lynch), and racketeering.  Robert Kory is quite clear that these matters (which are ongoing) were not litigated. 

Leonard Cohen had worldwide fame while Lynch represented him and many parties believe Lynch deserves credit for helping to advance his career since he hired her in April 1988.    In keeping with Cohen’s general inability to give credit where credit is due, Kelley Lynch was merely “helpful” to Leonard Cohen regardless of her hard work in many, many areas of his life.  Kelley Lynch was not the “architect of a massive scheme to loot millions of dollars” from Leonard Cohen and, once again, corporate entities (and their assets) are not Leonard Cohen’s personal assets.  He views these entities as his personal piggy bank and used corporate assets to purchase homes for his son and girlfriend, pay personal transaction fees and expenses, etc. 
Neal Greenberg’s June 2005 lawsuit confirms that he has evidence that Leonard Cohen, his lawyer, and others, were behind a May 2005 SWAT incident at Lynch’s home.  Greenberg’s lawyer confirmed for Lynch that the evidence relates to their role in having Lynch falsely arrested on May 25, 2005.  A custody matter was coordinated with that incident and Leonard Cohen/Robert Kory provided the father of Lynch’s younger son with an entirely perjured declaration.  The declaration read more like a business document than a declaration from anyone who cared about Lynch’s son.  Lynch’s son witnessed a conversation between Lynch and Kory about Cohen’s tax fraud; her intellectual property that was stolen by Cohen; commissions due her; missing state tax returns; and their threats.  Lynch’s son was criminally harassed by (among others) Stephen Gianelli and Susanne Walsh, Leonard Cohen’s fan, and this issue was addressed in his declaration.  Lynch’s son was quite clear that the harassing emails (that copied Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice, at times) made him physically ill so Lynch knows for a fact that Leonard Cohen and his lawyers could care less about her son.  The criminal harassment has gone on for approximately six straight years now.

The SWAT incident was addressed in Ann Diamond’s draft article for Rolling Stone magazine.  After writing this article, and posting it on her public blog, Ann Diamond was legally threatened by Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory.  The day after Leonard Cohen legally threatened journalist Ann Diamond, he made his extraordinary flight into Boulder, Colorado to obtain yet another fraudulent restraining order against Lynch.  These orders have been used to obstruct her ability to participate in litigation (with Cohen’s lawyers refusing to communicate with the self-represented Lynch), obtain or receive tax information, and to silence and discredit Lynch.
On the morning of May 25, 2005, Lynch kept her young son home from school.  He had not been feeling well.  His father, record producer Steve Lindsey, became unhinged and Lynch did not want him on her property.  His conduct towards Lynch and her sons was becoming increasingly aggressive.  Lindsey repeatedly contacted Lynch that morning and demanded to pick up their son.  Lynch agreed but advised Lindsey that she would have her older son drive his brother to the bottom of the hill.  Lindsey agreed.  Kelley Lynch phoned her older son, who was around the corner with his friend, and asked him to come home.  He did.  At that time, Lynch’s younger son was on the phone with his out of control father.  Rutger took the phone from Ray, handed it to Lynch, and he and his friend drove Ray to the bottom of the hill to meet up with his father. However, Lindsey had lied.  Actress Cloris Leachman, the mother of Lindsey’s then girlfriend, was waiting for Ray at the bottom of the hill and Rutger witnessed approximately 7 squad cars (with Lindsey) racing up Mandeville Canyon.  Rutger immediately drove back to their home and witnessed Steve Lindsey speaking with LAPD.  He advised the police that he had just been with his mother and dropped his brother at the bottom of the hill.  LAPD insisted that Lynch had a hostage.  The situation made no sense whatsoever.  At no point did LAPD approach Lynch’s home or ask her to come out.  At one point, they absurdly asked what her “hostage demands” were.  Lynch informed them that her ‘hostage demands” were a cigarette when she came out front (in her bikini) with her Akita on a leash.  LAPD advised Lynch’s son, who was used as a hostage negotiator and human shield, that they would shoot Lynch and her dog.  Rutger was advised that Inglewood PD was also present.  The stand-off ultimately ended with LAPD advising Rutger that they were there because the dog was Lynch’s hostage and they were taking precautions.  At the end of the stand-off, Lynch was handcuffed and taken approximately 3 hours from her home to the most dangerous mental hospital in the United States, King Drew.  The federal government has now closed this criminal enterprise down.  Kelley Lynch was questioned about her friendship with Phil Spector en route; released the next day after waiting her turn; the doctor did not agree with LAPD; she has been unable to obtain any information about the incident; and the entire King Drew report was and remains fraudulent and falsified.  The file does not relate to Lynch.  It is not her date of birth, social security number, medical number, place of birth, or religion.  It is however Lynch’s address.  The entire medical file does not pertain to Lynch.  Kelley Lynch has asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others – including Phil Spector’s legal team – to investigate this matter.  When Lynch was released from King Drew, she discovered that a custody matter was coordinated.  Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory advised the Court, via Kory’s declaration, that they did not want to be “identified” as the individuals encouraging Steve Lindsey to remove Ray Charles Lindsey from his mother’s custody – at gunpoint. 

In June 2005, Leonard Cohen’s investor sued him.  Cohen, as he explained to journalist Brian Johnson, was concerned his name would be dragged through the mud and moved offensively.  By this time, having failed to coerce Lynch into a settlement deal, Cohen and Kory understood that she had reported the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud to IRS, State of Kentucky, and other authorities.  Leonard Cohen provided MacLean’s magazine with emails, a photograph of Kelley Lynch, and his artwork that he would ultimately promote.  This article (with accompanying interview) was coordinated with Leonard Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit against Lynch.  In this article, Cohen informed MacLean’s that he was not accusing Lynch of “theft.”  In a March 2012 hearing, Cohen testified that Lynch never stole from him – just his “peace of mind.”  Cohen was not forced to publicly address Neal Greenberg’s extremely disturbing allegations as well as the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud in anticipation of a potential IRS inquiry.  There was and remains no “informant.”  As of September 2004, Leonard Cohen reviewed his personal bank statements, financial statements, royalty income, etc. on a monthly basis.  His personal bank statements were mailed to his home and he did not suddenly discover “irregularities.”  He also did not return from Mt. Baldy to discover financial irregularities, as widely reported in the media, because he had left Mt. Baldy (where he did not actually reside) in 1998.  Cohen and Lynch parted ways in 2004 after she refused to hand over the corporate books and records.

THROUGH INTERVIEWING him over the years, I've developed a bit of a relationship with Leonard Cohen. We stay in touch by email, and if I'm in Los Angeles or Montreal, the two cities he calls home, I might look him up. A few weeks ago, I joined him for dinner at his house in L.A. with his 30-year-old daughter, Lorca, and a friend. Leonard served matzo ball soup and beef brisket, a dinner prepared by a friend's mother and dropped off at his door. It was a Friday night, Seder, and before the meal they sang in Hebrew. (Though a Buddhist, Leonard maintains some Jewish traditions.) That night he told me what he'd hinted at months earlier in an email=that he'd been stripped of most of his assets, and was mired in a legal battle with his money managers, who would accuse him of extortion. He said it would get nasty and personal, and that his name would be dragged through the mud. Now, after reading the pre-emptive lawsuit filed against him, a 34-page screed that reads like a salacious tabloid, I know what he meant.

At some point, in 2012, former DA Steve Cooley publicly joined forces with Leonard Cohen in targeting Kelley Lynch.  Lynch has never threatened Steve Cooley but perhaps Cooley felt Lynch might actually sue him after receiving the letter Investigator William Frayeh hand delivered to Cooley and Phil Spector prosecutors Alan Jackson and Truc Do. 

As Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit set forth, months before the plan was put into action, Leonard Cohen planned to use fraudulent restraining orders to discredit Lynch as a witness.  In 2005, Leonard Cohen obtained a fraudulent restraining order against Lynch and the “SWAT” incident was evidently used against her.  Lynch has no further details about that order and was not present for the hearing.  These orders are routinely used as litigation tactics.  Lynch has now notified the City and County of Los Angeles that she intends to file civil RICO suits against them.  Lynch was accused of willfully and knowingly violating the Boulder, Colorado order although he Boulder Combined Court repeatedly advised her (and others) that the permanent order expired.  While that order was not a “domestic violence” order, it was registered as such in California, and the local government of Los Angeles has now assigned Lynch a dating relationship with Leonard Cohen.  Cohen acknowledged, on the witness stand, changing his testimony about this matter which means that he perjured himself.  Lynch now intends to file a motion to vacate the fraudulent “domestic violence” order.  Every word during Lynch’s trial was a lie – including the statements made by Lynch’s alleged prosecutor.  Her trial lawyers had many details and facts wrong.  LAPD confirmed that they simply reported what Cohen told them and explained that Leonard Cohen personally told them he did not feel “comfortable” with Lynch’s requests for tax information.  Lynch has now asked the Department of Justice to investigate these matters.  That would include the abusive use of fraudulent domestic violence orders; attempts to extort domestic violence fines from Lynch; and, the use of fraudulent allegations of “threats” to prosecute individuals. 

          KELLEY LYNCH HAS BEEN RESIDING (since June of 2013) with Paulette Brandt, Phil Spector’s former personal assistant for 6-years, who Spector let go in the 2002. The pair resides in a cluttered,  two bedroom four-plex, that (as Lynch has disclosed many times on her blog and in court filings) is located at 1754 N. Van Ness Avenue, Hollywood, California 90028 (pictured above), along with 51 year old housemate Linda Carol a/k/a Linda Murphy, and Brandt's six housecats.  Lynch’s route to this working class neighborhood from a $2.3M house with a pool in OJ Simpson’s posh former zip code was to say the least, less than direct.   
Stephen Gianelli, the blog author, has relentlessly harassed and slandered Kelley Lynch.  He has targeted her sons, family members, friends, business associates, and witnesses.  Stephen Gianelli does not know Paulette Brandt or Kelley Lynch.  He is now representing Paulette Brandt’s former roommate, Karina Von Watteville, who is attempting to avoid paying Ms. Brandt $6,700 in rental arrears due her.  Upon receiving Paulette Brandt’s rent demand letter, Von Watteville contacted Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Robert Kory, who advised her to sue Lynch.  Lynch sent Von Watteville a handful of cease and desist letters, over the course of months, addressing her slanderous comments about Lynch (and other matters), with IRS, FBI, and DOJ copied in.  Stephen Gianelli has also targeted Linda Carol.   Kelley Lynch never owned a $2.3 million house.  Leonard Cohen has evidently falsely informed Gianelli that Lynch owned a $30,000 Birkin bag, had $20,000 monthly pharmacy bills, and owned a $2.3 million house in Brentwood, California.  Leonard Cohen seems willing to say and do anything to avoid taking responsibility for his own wrong-doing.  Stephen Gianelli appears to work as Leonard Cohen’s proxy. 
          AS WITH ANY STORY, WE BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING: New York City where Lynch, was hired by lawyer Marty Machat and his son Steven as a secretary. The father/son firm Machat & Machat was managing music legends Phil Spector and a rising new singer, songwriter and performer named Leonard Cohen. As Steven Machat recalls it now, he urged his father not to hire her “I really asked my dad not to hire her, she was a groupie,” Machat explained in February of 2014. Machat related that he saw signs of trouble in Lynch early on, “she was not capable from the day I met her. If she had nothing to do, her mind would wander back then cause trouble. She had to stay busy or else her dark side would appear,” Machat wrote us in a February 5, 2014 email. 
From approximately 1994 through April 1988, Kelley Lynch worked as Marty Machat’s legal secretary and personal assistant.  During this time, she became acquainted with Phil Spector and Leonard Cohen.  After Marty Machat’s death in April 1988, Steven Machat offered Kelley Lynch a job.  Leonard Cohen also offered Lynch a job – as his personal manager.  Lynch accepted Cohen’s offer and worked as his personal manager from April 1988 through October 2004.  When Marty Machat hired Lynch he advised her that he didn’t want a Leonard Cohen “fan” working for him.  Lynch assured Mr. Machat that she had never heard of Leonard Cohen.  Lynch didn’t meet Steven Machat prior to being hired by his father and was never a “groupie.”  Kelley Lynch has no idea why Steven Machat would provide Stephen Gianelli with false details about her and his father.  Nor does she understand why Stephen Gianelli began contacting Stephen Gianelli.  As Gianelli works as an agent provocateur, and attempts to infiltrate matters (such as Phil Spector’s defense team), she feels that might explain things somewhat. 
          WHEN MARTY MACHAT DIED SUDDENLY IN 1988, Steven – who wound up his father’s affairs – was even blunter with Leonard Cohen, who was considering hiring Lynch to replace Marty as his manager. “I told Cohen he was insane to hire her.” Machat’s email stated. Nor was Machat at all surprised at Kelley Lynch’s spectacular downfall 19 years later. “I am shocked it lasted so long,” Machat stated about Lynch’s employment as Cohen’s manager.

Lynch is beyond shocked that she was able to last in this position as Cohen’s personal manager for as long as she did.  She found his personal conduct towards her increasingly disturbing. 

          LYNCH’S FIRST HUSBAND RICHARD DALLETT, who split from her before she made her move to NYC to work for Machat & Machat, supplied further insight by revealing in a 2010 phone conversation from his motor yacht based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, that Lynch’s brother was a diagnosed schizophrenic who also became homeless. Dallett informed us in the same conversation that earlier that same year (after Lynch sent out a mass email from Ft. Lauderdale stating "my friends are trying to fix me up with my ex-husband Richard Dallett") Lynch showed up at his yacht "falling down drunk" and that he did not invite Lynch or her friend "Eric" (who he described as an area antiques dealer) aboard.

Richard Dallett did not actually “split” from Kelley Lynch and neither Leonard Cohen or Stephen Gianelli would be in a position to address that situation.  Leonard Cohen has never met Richard Dallett.  Lynch and Dallett remained friends following their divorce. 

At some point around the late spring of 2010, Kelley Lynch’s friend, Eric Salter, invited her to visit him in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Lynch’s ex-husband, Richard Dallett, was also residing in Ft. Lauderdale.  Lynch did not divulge any information publicly about her visit to Ft. Lauderdale.  She did inform Eric Salter and Richard Dallett that she was being harassed and stalked by Stephen Gianelli.  Somehow, Stephen Gianelli located Richard Dallett and phoned him.  Dallett advised Lynch that Gianelli appeared to be seeking information about Lynch and members of her family.  Stephen Gianelli then wrote an entirely slanderous and false article (and comments) on his so-called Law Blog dedicated to Phil Spector.  Gianelli sets up reasonable doubt theories about Phil Spector on line that can then be targeted and refuted.  Stephen Gianeli actually worked with Spector’s former assistant, Michelle Blaine (who stole approximately $1 million from Spector), to target and have Lynch’s blog shut down. 

Richard Dallett, who wrote Kelley Lynch about this situation, did not advise Gianelli that Lynch and Eric Salter showed up drunk and he refused to invite them onto his boat.  Richard Dallett is the individual who invited them to dinner on his boat.  Richard Dallett wasn’t clear if Stephen Gianelli was the individual who called him, impersonated a social worker, and informed him that Lynch was a crack addict who should not be assisted.  At no point did Kelley Lynch send out emails advising anyone that “my friends are trying to fix me up with my ex-husband Richard Dallett.”  Kelley Lynch spoke with Richard Dallett personally and he is the individual who invited Kelley Lynch and Eric Salter to dine on his boat.  They never entertained the notion of getting back together and the thought is absurd.  Richard Dallett also informed Lynch, after Gianelli’s numerous calls, that Gianelli asked him questions about her brother.  Lynch’s brother had been in the Navy, was discharged, and has availed himself of VA assistance.  Leonard Cohen has never met Lynch’s brother and this fraudulent information may have emanated from him.  Of course, Lynch’s brother has also been slandered.  It is interesting to note that Leonard Cohen is the individual with the long, and publicly documented, history of psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse.  Richard Dallett did not know Eric Salter so would not have been in a position to describe him to anyone. 

          FOR WHATEVER REASON, COHEN CHOSE TO IGNORES teven Machat’s blunt appraisal and to hire Kelley Lynch as his personal manager, who moved to Los Angeles, joined by her mother Joan, her father John (who relocated from Pennsylvania)  as well as Lynch’s sister Karen who all assisted with Cohen’s business affairs during the 19 years that Lynch’s was Cohen’s manager.

Following Marty Machat’s death in April 1988, Steven Machat advised Lynch (and many others) that Leonard Cohen “stole” Machat & Machat’s 15% ownership interest in a company known as Stranger Music, Inc.  That is the company that owned Leonard Cohen’s musical copyrights.  Cohen personally flew into NY at this time, entered Marty Machat’s office, removed the corporate books and other materials (as Lynch later discovered), and concealed Machat & Machat’s ownership interest in all intellectual property.  He refused to compensate Machat & Machat after Mr. Machat’s death and proceeded to slander Marty Machat. 

Leonard Cohen, and Gianelli has publicly repeated this information, has falsely accused Kelley Lynch’s parents of hiding his “cash” in off-shore accounts.  He has falsely accused Kelley Lynch’s sister of starting her business with his “cash.”  Karen Lynch, who now owns a computer business with her husband, worked for Billboard Magazine and Peter Lubin (who, at that time, was Irving Azoff’s partner at Giant).  Following the birth of Lynch’s younger son, her parents relocated to California to assist her in raising her sons.  Lynch’s mother provided her with this declaration prior to her stroke in December 2013.  Leonard Cohen’s self-serving slander knows no bounds.  He will say and do anything to avoid the consequences of his own conduct. 

Leonard Cohen had an entire team of professionals (lawyers, royalty consultants, accountants, business manager, and others) who handled his corporate, tax, legal, accounting, and financial affairs.  Lynch worked as Cohen’s personal – not business – manager and did not handle those matters.  A great deal of this was addressed in the Case Background Lynch filed with LA Superior Court in August 2013. 

          IN LATE 1994, COHEN DECIDED TO TAKE SEVERAL YEARS OFF FROM THE MUSIC BUSINESS to spend time at the Mt. Baldy Zen Center. At that point, in his 30-year music career, Cohen was set financially due to approximately $1M in passive royalty income that Cohen received annually. Nevertheless, when Cohen stopped touring, Lynch – who by oral agreement was receiving a 10% commission on Cohen’s album sales and box office revenues (later raised to 15%) – suffered a corresponding diminution in her income to just over $100,000 annually. While this may seem like a generous income to some, it was apparently not enough to support Lynch in the style to which she ultimately became accustomed. Not by a longshot.

Leonard Cohen did not simply decide to take several years off from the music industry to spend time at Mt. Baldy.  He was contractually obligated to deliver another studio album and dedicated time to writing material for that studio album (2001 “Ten New Songs”), material for his future “Book of Longing,” and lithographs.  He participated in a documentary, gave interviews, and was frequently in Los Angeles visiting Kelley Lynch and his daughter as he informed LA Times journalist Bob Hilburn at the time.  Leonard Cohen simply wants to use his Mt. Baldy phase to advance his fantastical story about what unfolded that has led to serious IRS matters and egregious tax fraud.  That would include Cohen’s willful failure to report the income from the 2001 sale on the federal tax returns.  Lynch’s lawyers were clear, as early as the fall of 2004, that Cohen had to argue fraud and rescission in order to explain away this transaction to IRS.  Lynch is not clear how he plans to explain away the federal tax returns, including her inclusion as a partner on the returns, as of this moment in time.  These matters will be addressed in Lynch’s federal RICO suit which will be filed following the June 23, 2015 hearing before LA Superior Court.

The 61-year-old songwriter and poet hasn't turned his back on the world. He frequently heads down the mountain to Los Angeles in his four-wheel-drive vehicle, either to visit an affiliated Zen center, to visit his daughter in the Mid-Wilshire area or meet with Kelley Lynch, his manager.
But this two-room cabin has been home for two years for Cohen, who hasn't toured since 1993 or recorded a studio album since 1992. The cabin is where he rises at 3 each morning to begin preparing the day's first meal.

 Kelley Lynch’s commission was 15% but Leonard Cohen obviously has reasons for reducing it.  Stephen Gianelli had nothing whatsoever to do with either Lynch or Cohen for the entire 20 years they worked together.  Leonard Cohen plowed through the income he deposited into two charitable remainder trusts that had nothing to do with Lynch.  His investment accounts were “guarded,” according to Cohen, by his financial investor.  Leonard Cohen then plowed through approximately $6.7 million in corporate assets and now refuses to address that situation.  Leonard Cohen did not stop touring.  He was contractually obligated and planned to tour.  That might explain why Neal Greenberg’s June 2005 lawsuit explains that Cohen/Kory threatened Greenberg that if he (or his insurance company) didn’t pay Leonard Cohen, he would go on tour and use the news media to discredit Greenberg.  Kory, as early as December 2004, informed Lynch’s lawyers that Cohen planned to go on “Oprah” and blow the whistle on Greenberg and Westin. 

Leonard Cohen’s declaration, August 2000, confirms that Leonard Cohen was extremely well aware of the deals he demanded and pursued.  He was and remains the driving force behind the intellectual property deals and made all decisions.  Leonard Cohen understood that he received substantial royalty income.  At that time, he understood (as did everyone who knew them) that Kelley Lynch was his personal – not business –manager.  That would include Brian Johnson of MacLean’s magazine.

Lynch was entitled to receive 15% of all Cohen’s gross income.  There were no caveats.  Stephen Gianelli has merely lied when stating that Lynch was entitled to receive a commission “on Cohen’s album sales and box office revenues.”  Kelley Lynch also owns 15% of all Cohen’s intellectual property and this will be addressed in her federal RICO suit.

          AT THE HEIGHT OF KELLEY LYNCH’S SPENDING she was supporting the taxes, mortgage and maintenance on her $2.3M Brentwood, California residence where she, her two sons Rutger and Ray lived, the salary of her personal assistant (who watched the kids, managed the house, and served meals), was paying a  monthly salary to both of her parents (who were residing in a luxury condominium that Lynch purchased for them), had a five figure running balance on her Neiman Marcus account, and monthly AMEX charges that during her last month of employment in 2004 topped $70,000.

Kelley Lynch did not have a mortgage or maintenance on a $2.3 million house in Brentwood.  This is just another lie of Leonard Cohen’s.  He seems to believe that he and Kelley Lynch were married.  Lynch did not spend even half that amount to purchase her home in 1997.  She did, however, close her pension account and use commissions she made on deals related to her work as Adam Cohen’s personal manager.  Kelley Lynch did not have a personal assistant in her home.  Her mother worked as her personal assistant.  Kelley Lynch’s sons were schooled full time and didn’t require baby sitters.  Kelley Lynch did not own a “luxury” condominium but Cohen must believe this fits better with his fantastical version of events.  Kelley Lynch had a business line of credit, related to her greeting card company, with Amex.  However, these matters are not the issue.  Leonard Cohen has now stolen millions from Lynch; embezzled approximately $6.7 million from one corporate entity alone; collected royalty income related to assets belonging to another corporate entity; has destroyed Lynch’s reputation and targeted her family members (including both sons); and is now attempting to extort $13.8 million from Lynch.  He has also received extraordinary fraudulent tax refunds and benefitted from his wrong-doing.  He attempted to extort approximately $8 million from Neal Greenberg although Cohen personally plowed through approximately $6.7 million of that amount.  The profit and loss sharing was to be distributed in accordance with corporate documents.  Leonard Cohen has decided to willfully disregard all corporate books and records – preferring in the alternative to argue that he is the ALTER EGO of these entities. 

          ONE FORMER FRIEND INFORMED US THAT SHE WATCHED, AMAZED, as Kelley Lynch dropped a six-figure sum at Neiman Marcus on shoes alone in less than an hour, and then proceeded to spend a similar sum on precious jewelry – all on the same outing. “I assumed at that point the position [ as Cohen’s manager] plus family money put her in an exceptional and privileged tax bracket,” the former friend told us in an email this year. That would turn out to be far from the case. In fact, Kelley Lynch was supporting Lynch’s entire family at that point and not the other way around.
Kelley Lynch never dropped six figures on shows at Neiman Marcus and the assertion is deranged.  She has no friend that would say this and it is a bald-faced lie.  Kelley Lynch never dropped six figures on jewelry.  However, this false allegation might explain why LAPD’s “Jewel Thief” detectives (in the summer of 2005) rolled by Lynch’s house, lied to her face, and explained that there was a “jewel thief” in the neighborhood and they were investigating based on a call from Beverly Hills Jewelry & Loan.  After they left, asking her to provide them with any details she discovered related to the “jewel thief,” Lynch phoned Beverly Hills Jewelry & Loan and was advised by the manager that LAPD phoned them about Kelley Lynch.  That is fascinating as Beverly Hills Jewelry never did business with Lynch and would not have her name so the story doesn’t add up.  Lynch has asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others, to investigate this matter.  Of course, LAPD’s Jewel Thief Detectives refused to respond to Kelley Lynch’s call inquiring as to the facts of this shameless matter.  No one that knows Kelley Lynch would advise Gianelli, or anyone, that they felt Lynch had family money.  Kelley Lynch’s father developed cancer, as Leonard Cohen understood, and became disabled years before moving to Los Angeles.  Leonard Cohen is a shameless liar who has targeted and lied about Lynch’s elderly parents.  Lynch didn’t discuss her financial affairs with anyone so no one wrote Gianelli (who knows Lynch or the facts) that they assumed I was in an “exceptional and privileged tax bracket.”  The quote sounds like bullshit.  In fact, it sounds like Cohen’s false allegations that Lynch had a ‘gigolo” and an “informant’ advised him that he couldn’t retire but failed to remind Cohen personally that he borrowed (caused to be expended) approximately $6.7 million.  Had Cohen repaid those loans (advances), his retirement benefits would have begun in January 2011 via annuity obligation payments.  However, Cohen’s personal tax lawyer extinguished the annuity obligation from the federal tax returns – without Lynch’s knowledge or awareness.  Leonard Cohen failed to address this with LA Superior Court.  Leonard Cohen has used fraud and perjury to obtain orders, judgments, and verdicts.  Canada’s National Treasure understands the U.S. Justice System.  The system works beautifully for criminals and liars.

          STEVEN MACHAT’S OMINOUS OBSERVATION FROM TWO DECADES BEFORE was apparently coming true; now that she had little to do with Cohen on Mt. Baldy meditating, what Machat described as “Kelley’s dark side” was emerging. Former friends and her children Rutger and Ray also alluded in emails transmitted to the author,  to an increasing alcohol dependency problem, Ray telling us that his father Steve Lindsey had been trying to get Lynch to go into alcohol rehabilitation for years – “as did the rest of the family”. Lynch was resolute. She simply did not have a problem – period. Lynch's son Rutger said to us in a Jun 13, 2013 email: 

Steven Machat will have to testify about his statements and none of the alleged emails (which Gianelli has previously altered) have been authenticated.  Leonard Cohen is the individual with the “dark side.”  My sons have acknowledged that they became confused by the relentless slandered they were harassed with by Cohen’s fan, Susanne Walsh (who copied in Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice), Stephen Gianelli, and others.  Ray Lindsey advised Gianelli Walsh, and others, that these emails made him physically ill.  Rutger Penick advised Gianelli, Walsh, and others, to SHUT UP.  He also weighed in on one of Gianelli’s criminally harassing emails to “Vivienne Swanigan” of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office unequivocally stating that Gianelli and Walsh are two “fruit cakes.”  Lynch personally views them as criminals.  Steve Lindsey and Lynch separated in 1997.  He didn’t attempt to get her into rehab but he may be thinking of himself.  Lynch’s mother has addressed some of the slanderous statements and Steve Lindsey’s conduct – as well as Leonard Cohen’s conduct.  The alcohol has not gotten to Lynch although she understands that Leonard Cohen thinks calling her (and others) a “drunken slut” is a defense to his wrongdoing.  Lynch thinks otherwise.

"She just can't hold it together anymore, the alcohol has really gotten to her."

          AFTER COHEN VOLUNTARILY ACCEPTED A LOWER INCOME during the Mt. Baldy years (1994-1999), Lynch began secretly paying herself a substantially greater share of Cohen’s royalty income than agreed. To do this Lynch had to, and did, conceal a substantial part of Cohen’s royalty income from him in order to steal it, while at the same time conveying the false impression to Cohen that he needed money.  

Leonard Cohen did not voluntarily accept a lower income.  Cohen used Mt. Baldy as a working retreat.  He was contractually obligated to deliver a studio album; received the advance; royalties were being used to recoup his accounts; and, publishing deals were in limbo due to his demands re. these deals.  Leonard Cohen’s royalties were not concealed from him.  His August 2000 CAK memorandum (together with the Terms & Conditions document her personally signed) confirms that he understands he receives substantial royalties.  The amounts are set forth in the documents.  Lynch stole nothing.  Leonard Cohen has merely conjured up a narrative to explain away these transactions and defend himself with IRS and other tax authorities.  He also appears to have tax and residence problems in Canada.  Cohen was concerned about the music industry.  He didn’t have a “false impression” that he needed money.  These matters have been addressed ad nauseum in cease and desist letters, on, and in court documents  The motion for terminating sanctions is available at this link.  It addresses Leonard Cohen’s use of litigation misconduct, vicious tactics, perjury, and fraud to obtain orders, verdicts, and judgments.  These matters will be addressed in Kelley Lynch’s federal RICO suit.  That suit will address Cohen’s ongoing attempts to obstruct justice.

          LYNCH THEN DEVISED AN EVEN MORE SINISTER STRATEGY: Lynch began plotting the sale of Cohen’s income producing intellectual property assets for her own benefit, ostensibly to fund Cohen’s retirement, even though (concealed by Lynch from Cohen) Cohen’s music catalog and other assets produced a passive $1M annually – which was more than enough to support the music star’s modest lifestyle.

The American Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, active (earned) income, passive (unearned) income, and portfolio income.[1] It defines passive income as only coming from two sources: rental activity or "trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate."[2][3] Other financial and government institutions also recognize it as an income obtained as a result of capital growth or in relation to negative gearing. Passive income is usually taxable.

Lynch has no idea why the Criminal Stalker, Stephen Gianelli, has referred to Leonard Cohen’s income as “passive.”  Leonard Cohen demanded these intellectual property sales.  Kelley Lynch and Greg McBowman personally met with him and advised him not to sell the intellectual property.  He chose to pursue them.  Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc.  and Stranger Music, Inc. owned the intellectual property.  The assets are not Leonard Cohen’s “income producing intellectual property.”  He continues to argue alter ego and self-dealing.  Nothing was concealed from Leonard Cohen.  His business manager, Rich Feldstein, certainly seemed to understand the importance of communicating directly with Leonard Cohen.  In response, Cohen fired him and wrote that accounting was not a “religion.”   Nothing about Leonard Cohen’s spending was “modest.”  That’s why Neal Greenberg continuously admonished Cohen and submitted evidence to the Court that Cohen’s response was to advise parties to give away more money.  Leonard Cohen’s gift of $500,000 to Mt. Baldy, following the 1996 Sony/ATV deal, was extraordinary.  

          LYNCH INTRODUCED COHEN TO RICHARD WESTIN (a tax attorney) and to Neil Greenberg (an investment advisor), and orchestrated the 1997 sale of Cohen’s music publishing company and the 2001 sale of Cohen’s bundle of artist’s royalties in 2001 for a combined $12M.

Kelley Lynch did not know Richard Westin so it would have been impossible for her to introduce him to Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen personally met with and hired Neal Greenberg, his financial and investment adviser, who brought Westin onboard.  Leonard Cohen then personally wrote a letter to Westin instructing him to wrap Greenberg into attorney/client privilege.  Lynch did not “orchestrate” the 1997 or 2001 sale.  Cohen seems to feel that concealing the parties who negotiated these deals, on his behalf, is acceptable.  The corporations, two charitable remainder trusts, and/or Leonard Cohen did not gross $12 million. 

          WITH WESTIN’S ASSISTANCE, LYNCH SET UP A BUSINESS ENTITY TO TAKE TITLE TO THESE SALES PROCEEDS (less Lynch’s $1.2M commission on the deal + several million more in taxes and other transaction costs) known as Traditional Holdings, LLC. Unknown to Cohen, however, the tax deferral strategy employed involved subjecting the entire net sales proceeds of $6.7M to Kelley Lynch’s unfettered control.

Leonard Cohen decided to pursue the Sony deal using Traditional Holdings, LLC.  He named the corporation.  He benefitted.  He has now willfully disregarded the entity although he personally signed all corporate documents.  Cohen also signed a one-page stock certificate showing precisely what his ownership interest was.  Leonard Cohen is attempting to argue that his personal transaction fees are corporate expenses.  They were and are not.  That is probably explained more accurately on the federal tax returns that did not deduct these fees as corporate expenses.  Leonard Cohen has now testified that his personal tax lawyer (who represented him through April 2005) “rectified a mistake” – in hindsight – with respect to Kelley Lynch’s ownership interest in Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Lynch believes that indicates that he understood that fraudulent tax returns were submitted to the IRS and others.  Leonard Cohen, Stephen Gianelli, and others, like to confuse issues.  Leonard Cohen and his tax lawyer failed to report the 2001 Sony sale.  This was brought to Lynch’s attention by her accountant who advised her to have tax lawyers review the corporate books and tax returns.  He is attempting to argue that the corporation paid taxes for $1 million in income he personally received in 1999.  Leonard Cohen concealed from the IRS the fact that the intellectual property assets are owned by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and were not transferred to Traditional Holdings, LLC.  As he testified, his lawyer oversaw the corporate matters – including corporate books and records and accountings.  The net sales were not $6.7 million.  There were delivery requirements and Kelley Lynch has no idea where Sony paid the monies due Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Leonard Cohen is the individual who borrowed (or caused to be expended) approximately $6.7 million.  He personally signed the Annuity Agreement.  That agreement addresses the fact that Cohen was entitled to take loans/advances which had to be repaid within 3 years.  The agreed upon interest was 6%.  Leonard Cohen understood that he had the obligation to document all loans and advances.  Lynch was quite clear in her January 2002 email to Cohen and Westin (which both acknowledged) that she did not handle tax matters, corporate issues, inadvertent 1099s, loan documents, legal documents, accounting, or anything having to do with IRS.  Leonard Cohen served Lynch an Objection document (related to her motion to vacate his fraud judgment) confirming that Lynch did not handle tax matters and has no expertise in that area.  Leonard Cohen continues to argue that Lynch had “unfettered control.”  And that is precisely how Lynch knows that the issues with IRS remain of grave concern to Cohen and his representatives.  Stephen Gianelli, who may be moonlighting for the Phil Spector prosecution (arguing Spector prosecution theories online), is most definitely an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen’s defense team.  He has stated publicly that he communicated with Kory/Rice in May 2009 and has relentlessly targeted Lynch, her sons, family members, friends, business associates, and witnesses.

Objections document:

          THE ASSETS THEMSELVES WERE PHYSICALLY PLACED WITH GREENBERG’S INVESTMENT ADVISORY COMPANY, and Greenberg was ostensibly reporting the fund balance to Cohen periodically, but in care of Kelley Lynch – who made sure that Cohen never learned that his retirement nest egg was being systematically siphoned off to allow Lynch to live large. Through traditional holdings alone, Lynch stole in excess of $3.5M from the net proceeds of the 1997 and 2001 sales of his intellectual property rights – after paying herself a 1.2 million dollar commission. Nice work if you can get it.

Leonard Cohen provided Greenberg with the address where his statements should be mailed.  He received his financial statements on a monthly basis.  Leonard Cohen is simply attempting to argue fraud/rescission in order to explain away these transactions for IRS and other tax authorities.  Lynch stole nothing.  Lynch does not pay herself commissions.  Leonard Cohen was obligated to pay Lynch her commission.  However, this matter is unclear as Lynch has a 15% ownership interest in all intellectual property and a 99.5% ownership interest in Traditional Holdings, LLC.  These matters will be litigated in federal court.  The corporations were not named as parties to Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit and the Court has no jurisdiction over them.  Lynch is awaiting LA Superior Court’s response to her questions about the ambiguous default judgment vis a vis federal tax matters.  She has also asked the Court to confirm whether or not the judgment is technically a dissolution of all corporate entities.  Obviously, this needs to be handled on Lynch’s tax returns.  Neal Greenberg, as Cohen noted for MacLean’s, was the trusted guardian of his assets.  He has argued alter ego and self-dealing from the moment he provided his self-serving interview to Brian Johnson. 

          LYNCH’S EMBEZZLEMENT WAS ALSO AIDED WHEN SHE OBTAINED A BROAD POWER OF ATTORNEY FROM COHEN IN JANUARY OF 2002 (which idea Lynch promoted to Cohen ostensibly because Cohen was leaving for a 3-month trip to India), and by the fact that Lynch’s parents, who by then were residing in a three bedroom condominium in tony Pacific Palisades, California purchased by Lynch in 2001, were doing all of Cohen’s bookkeeping. 

Leonard Cohen asked Kelley Lynch to execute a Power of Attorney.  He was buying homes for his son and daughter using corporate assets.  He testified that he did indeed purchase homes with these assets but refuses to address why he believes corporate assets are his personal assets.  Evidently, the City Attorney of Los Angeles believes this as well.  Lynch didn’t buy a three bedroom condominium ever and did not buy one in 2001.  Leonard Cohen’s bookkeeper, Jean Ransick, worked for him from 1988 through approximately 1997.  She was replaced by Jen Brown, Lorca Cohen’s girlfriend.  When Cohen’s accountant raised issues related to her sloppy bookkeeping, Cohen fired her.  Kelley Lynch’s mother, at Cohen’s request, merely ordered Canadian drafts for his Canadian bills.  After receiving Van Penick’s letter (and position vis a vis his Canadian residence and tax problems), Cohen personally closed his Canadian bank account and instructed Lynch (and others) to pay his bills using Canadian drafts.  Leonard Cohen wrote Lynch’s father, after they parted ways, that his work was “impeccable.”  He then falsely accused Lynch’s parents of hiding his “cash” in-offshore accounts.  He falsely accused Lynch’s sister of starting her business with his “cash.”  These are bald-faced lies and this is the way Leonard Cohen operates.  Stephen Gianelli is a proxy.  In or around May 2009, Gianelli contacted Lynch using the assumed name “Joff Belark.”  He also communicated with her son under that “assumed name.”  He deceived Lynch when he wrote that he was a journalist.  He had a blog dedicated to Phil Spector.  Posting on that blog were Michelle Blaine (Spector’s former assistant), Sprocket (evidently the mouthpiece of Lana Clarkson’s mother) and “Kelly Green” of the Darwin Exception.  Green continues to post with Gianelli and reminds Lynch of a male lawyer.  The account appears to be a composite account used to argue Leonard Cohen’s legal issues, trash Phil Spector, and target Lynch and her parents.  Leonard Cohen is thoroughly and utterly shameless. 

          ONCE THE POWER OF ATTORNEY WAS SIGNED, LYNCH ACCELERATED HER LOOTING OF COHEN’S ACCOUNTS, beginning in 2002 with a series of what Lynch called “shareholder loans” taken from Traditional Holdings, LLC without Cohen’s knowledge. By 2003, Lynch’s withdrawals from the Traditional Holdings account averaged $88,000 per month for a 2003 total of $1.1M. Lynch’s 2004 withdrawals from Traditional Holdings averaged $108,000 a month for a 2004 total of $2.3M.  

Leonard Cohen’s lawyer and financial adviser are the parties who informed Lynch that all corporate distributions (including for taxes), loans, advances, etc. were to be listed as “shareholder loans.”  Lynch was routinely informed that Richard Westin would “recharacterize” the nature of these “shareholder loans.”  She did not handle those matters.  Leonard Cohen was fully aware of everything – including his own loans.  Cohen’s personal bank statements were sent to his home; understood all income and expenses; and – as of September 2004 – confirmed that in writing for Lynch.  Kelley Lynch has asked IRS, SEC, and others, to audit Neal Greenberg’s account.  She would like to know, among other things, precisely what the commissions paid were.  Leonard Cohen hired Greenberg and insisted on keeping him.  She would also like to know precisely what the profit/income was.  Kelley Lynch has been unable to obtain a verified, independent accounting, or required financial statements.  Neal Greenberg’s statements are wholly unreliable.  Kelley Lynch disputes these amounts.
    GIVEN THE RATE AT WHICH LYNCH WAS SPENDING, her party with Cohen’s money was over by the fall of 2005, at which point only $150,000 of Cohen’s retirement savings remained.

Kelley Lynch is aware that one juror relied on the prosecutor’s false statements that Traditional Holdings, LLC’s assets totaled approximately $150,000 at some point after Lynch and Cohen parted ways.  Kelley Lynch is in receipt of Greenberg statements showing at least $4 million from 2005 – 8 months after she and Cohen parted ways.  Leonard Cohen’s transaction fees, his personal expenses, do not appear on those statements.  Leonard Cohen continues to promote financial and accounting fraud.  That’s precisely what his expense ledger, used to support his fabricated Complaint narrative, is and it willfully disregards corporate ownership interests, assets, liabilities, and – in particular – his loans/expenditures.  Traditional Holdings, LLC was not Leonard Cohen’s personal retirement fund.  It had an annuity obligation that would arise in January 2011.  By that time, Cohen’s personal tax lawyer had extinguished that obligation from the federal tax returns.  This was brought to Lynch’s attention by her accountant and lawyers.  Although Cohen lied about this under oath, Lynch did not fire her accountant (Dale Burgess).  She fired her lawyers.  However, she hired Mike Taitelman thereafter.  He advised Lynch that he spoke with Robert Kory.  Kory evidently informed Taitelman that if Kelley Lynch did as Cohen requested, they would confirm that she was a pawn.  Otherwise, they would accuse her of orchestrating this insane mess.  Lynch now realizes that Robert Kory did indeed confirm this plan for Mike Taitelman.  Kory also spoke with Bert Deixler who represented Lynch briefly and reviewed three huge boxes of evidence, bank statements, etc.  She was finally represented by Zia Modabber who informed her that she needed an accounting.  Lynch has steadfastly requested that accounting since 2005 when she, Modabber, and attorney Alan Friedman met.
Around this time, Boies Schiller advised Lynch that Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory, were attempting to engage her in criminal activity.  They instructed her to contact Investigator Brian Bennett (DA’s office; Phil Spector case) and ask him to wire her for her meetings with Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory.  Lynch had been communicating privately with Boies Schiller for months.  She had permitted them to review three huge boxes of evidence.  They wondered why Cohen was attempting to blame Lynch for his wrong-doing; why Cohen made Lynch an “enemy;” and instructed her to go to a lawyer in Los Angeles and ask them to help her “take down another Hollywood fraud.”  That’s a direct quote.  Kelley Lynch authorized Internal Revenue Service to access all of her emails with Boies Schiller.  She also authorized Internal Revenue Service to review all emails in her and accounts.  Those emails are between Kelley Lynch, Leonard Cohen, his representatives, and others.  Finally, Lynch authorized Internal Revenue Service to use any email as they saw fit.  On April 15, 2005, Kelley Lynch reported Leonard Cohen’s criminal tax fraud to IRS Agent Bill Betzer.  Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory were aware of this fact.  Agent Betzer’s name was raised in Neal Greenberg’s June 2005 Complaint.  Robert Kory personally wrote Kelley Lynch acknowledging the fact that she had gone to tax authorities – including the State of Kentucky’s Revenue Cabinet.  Leonard Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit confirms that Richard Westin, Cohen’s personal tax lawyer, failed to file state tax returns with Kentucky.  That relates to the entity known as Traditional Holdings, LLC.  The State of Kentucky, copying in Leonard Cohen’s lawyer (IRS and others) just confirmed that Lynch remains a partner but they never received state tax returns.  That’s the alleged retirement account.

Had Leonard Cohen repaid his approximately $6.7 million in loans/expenditures, the account would have approximately $6,585,000.  He simply refuses to address the matter and Lynch has concluded that he embezzled these corporate funds.

          BY THE SUMMER OF 2005, LYNCH WAS SHOWING THE STRAIN. After a 911 call, allegedly from Lynch’s sister Karen stating that Lynch may harm herself and had a gun in the house, Lynch was involved in a bizarre standoff with LAPD SWAT officers for 4-hours at her Brentwood home, after which she was taken into custody and transported on a psychiatric hold to King Drew Psychiatric Hospital.

Stephen Gianelli does not know Kelley Lynch and cannot address anything about her.  Steve Lindsey and LAPD advised Lynch that her sister called LAPD.  Lindsey’s declaration, in the “custody matter,” unequivocally states that he phoned the police.  Kelley Lynch did not.  Her sister confirmed in writing that she did not call the police.  LAPD phoned Kelley Lynch’s card company in Santa Monica so there is more to this story as LAPD itself knows that Kelley Lynch was home in Brentwood, California.  She did not Steve Lindsey on her property and her older son dropped her younger son off with Cloris Leachman and witnessed approximately 7 or more squad cars racing up Mandeville Canyon.  Lynch has no idea what the police were told.  She has heard various things from LAPD itself.  In fact, West LAPD advised Lynch (and she provided the officer’s name to IRS, FBI, DOJ, etc.) that they heard “shots were fired.”  Lynch didn’t own or have access to a gun.  LAPD was advised that she was in the house alone; her son had been taken down the street; and she had no access to a “gun.” Most gun owners however are quite clear about their 2nd Amendment Rights to own a gun so Lynch does not believe that any registered gun would be reason for a SWAT team to roll by.  A man at Homeland Security and her lawyer, David Moorhead (a former Deputy District Attorney in Colorado), felt that the DA had the power and motive to have Lynch taken nearly three hours from her house (in traffic) to the most dangerous mental hospital in the United States.  Lynch lived right down the street from UCLA.  LAPD did not come to Lynch’s door or ask her to come out so she has no idea what the hell they were doing.  She is aware that her son appeared to be in harm’s way and was used as a hostage negotiator and human shield.  Lynch called many witnesses while being held hostage at gunpoint.  That would include an expert witness who phoned LAPD, as Lynch’s mother suggested, and was told that they understood what was going on and advised the individual to have Kelley Lynch phone them if she wanted to know what was happening.  Lynch and the expert witness agreed that this was an utterly surreal response.  The witness was told that Kelley Lynch should come out of her house.  She was inside alone in a bikini.  For some reason, Leonard Cohen lied about details regarding this matter on the witness stand during Lynch’s 2012 trial.  Lynch did not call 911 or the police.  Her ex-husband called and advised her that her sister called LAPD.  LAPD then illegally Lynch’s home and can now confirm that she didn’t have a “gun” in her house.  They were startled when Lynch’s African Grey looked directly at a Sergeant and advised him “I see dead people.”  Lynch is grateful that LAPD did not shoot her African Grey, who has now been stolen, or haul him out in handcuffs and charge him with terrorist threats. None of this explains why Inglewood PD was present.  Sergeant Joe _____/LAPD advised Lynch that Beverly Hills PD may have been present as well.  As Lynch was questioned about Phil Spector en route, she personally believes that Steve Cooley may have had the power and/or motive to have her taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector.  The hospital was shut down by the federal government.  The DOJ can testify about that fact.  The entire file is fraudulent and Lynch has now submitted that as evidence to Judge Robert Hess at LA Superior Court.  For some reason, this matter is relevant to Leonard Cohen and his tax fraud defense.  That might explain why Stephen Gianelli, who has harassed and stalked Lynch for six straight years, is writing about it on his blog and copied Robert Kory on his email advising Lynch that the blog he threatened her over was active.  The doctor at Killer King did not agree with LAPD.  Lynch is now aware that LAPD’s Threat Management Unit (whose report formed the basis for her wrongful arrest on March 1, 2012) works closely with the DA’s office and the mental health unit (SMART).  As Lynch has been unsuccessful in her attempts to determine precisely what this matter was about, she has asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others, to investigate.  This was addressed in her September 2009 letter to Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.  The letter was hand delivered to former DA Steve Cooley and Spector prosecutors Alan Jackson and Truc Do.  Lynch awaits a response.  Kelley Lynch has spoken to Metro and is happy to note that there are some professional individuals working for LAPD.  The gentleman confirmed that her situation did not warrant a “high risk” entry. 

          AT THAT POINT, LYNCH’S FORMER LIFE BEGAN TO UNRAVEL, and she emerged from King Drew to learn that physical and legal custody of her youngest son Ray had been awarded to his father Steven Lindsey in an emergency hearing in family court. Lynch would later blame Cohen for “orchestrating” that hearing, as well as her “kidnapping” by the LAPD, which she bizarrely claimed was an “aborted assassination attempt” to silence her as a “witness” to Leonard Cohen’s “tax fraud”.  The stress of the imminent discovery of her multi-million dollar embezzlement exacerbated by her spiraling alcohol abuse was taking its toll, and she was beginning to lose her grip.

Leonard Cohen definitely appeared to play a role in the King Drew matter.  While Lynch was at King Drew, waiting her turn, Steve Lindsey filed a coordinated custody matter.  Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Robert Kory, filed a declaration in that matter.  Kelley Lynch’s son witnessed a conversation about Cohen’s tax fraud; her intellectual property that Cohen has stolen; missing state returns; their threats; and Cohen’s refusal to pay her the commissions due.  Steve Lindsey’s declaration, that will be submitted to a federal court, confirms that Cohen and Kory were encouraging her to make a deal but, for 7 straight months, she refused.  He also wrote that Cohen/Kory were encouraging him to take her son away from her and that both of them went into his office and falsely accused her of having sex with Oliver Stone – to stir up a custody matter.  Lynch has no idea why the City Attorney was interested in Oliver Stone but she is convinced that Stephen Gianelli wrote and sent her the vile and vulgar “bloody stump” email advising her that she should be raped, murdered, or commit suicide.  Gianelli has recently written Lynch and Paulette Brandt that they should commit suicide.  Gianelli created the moniker 14th Sheepdog and harassed Lynch using this moniker.  The “bloody stump” email was sent from the 17th Shitzu email account that Lynch believes Gianelli created.  Given the fact that the vile and vulgar email falsely accuses Oliver Stone of participating in criminal conduct, she has forwarded the email to him and his colleagues at Creative Artist Agency.  Lynch didn’t blame Cohen for “orchestrating” the custody matter or hearing.  She knows for a fact, and Lindsey himself wrote this to her, that Cohen and Kory were encouraging Lindsey to take custody of her son from her.  Lynch knows how Cohen operates and watched him with the mother of his own children for 20 years.  He spent years attempting to turn them against their mother.  Lynch has no idea what LAPD was doing.  They told her son that her dog was her hostage and they were taking precautions.  They told her son that they intended to shoot Lynch and her dog.  Lynch was in her house alone; did not have a gun; and was in a bikini.  She came outside in the bikini so LAPD was aware that she wasn’t concealing a gun.  She had her dog on a leash so they wouldn’t shoot Shadow.  It’s interesting that Gianelli would like the SWAT incident to Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud.  His fraudulent “embezzlement” argument was used to defend himself with the head of fraud for the Western Division of the United States, Agent Luis Tejeda.  Cohen was aware that Agent Sopko, Treasury, and her partner met with Lynch and then advised her to report Cohen’s fraud to Agent Tejeda.  They also advised her that IRS Commissioner’s Staff were reading her emails and various parties were handling various aspects of them.  Kelley Lynch did not embezzle a penny.  She filed a Complaint re. Cohen’s theft from her, and the corporations, with the DA’s Major Fraud Unit.  At the time, she was unaware that Cohen prosecutors (Pat Dixon and Alan Jackson) worked for that unit.  Her prosecutor, who elicited testimony from Cohen about Phil Spector (and some version of his highly embellished “gun” story) informed the jurors that Lynch fought with the DA.  Lynch has never spoken with Steve Cooley.  The prosecutor concealed the fact that Lynch was upset that the DA refused to investigate the criminal negligence in her son’s Whole Foods matter.  That led to his having his fingers ripped off and the prosecutor exposed Lynch and Oliver Stone to the allegations in the “bloody stump” email.  Lynch didn’t and does not have an alcohol problem.  Leonard Cohen and Steve Lindsey had not seen Lynch and are in no position to address what was going on with her – or what she looked like when Cohen willfully failed to serve her the Summons & Complaint.  The perjury over that matter continues to mount and has been addressed with Judge Robert Hess.

          ONCE COHEN LEARNED OF THE THEFT OF NOT ONLY HIS RETIREMENT FUNDS, but also that his trusted manager of 19-years had been systematically concealing and depositing royalty checks made payable to Cohen into her personal checking account – even instructing Cohen’s bank to pay her AMEX charges directly from Cohen's personal checking account – the dismayed entertainer fired Lynch and consulted with independent tax and financial advisors.

Leonard Cohen didn’t learn of any theft.  He responded to Lynch’s lawyers October 27, 2004 letter that requested a meeting with Cohen and his tax lawyer, Westin (who was flying in the last weekend of October 2004), to explain these corporate entities, Lynch’s role, and any liability they may have created for her.  Robert Kory wrote that the phantom income shifted to Lynch but not distributed was a problem.  He wrote that Cohen’s loans were a problem.  Kelley Lynch was not Leonard Cohen’s business manager.  Leonard Cohen is a bald-faced liar.  Kelley Lynch’s Amex bill was not linked to Cohen’s bank account.  Adam Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s son, had an additional Amex card on Lynch’s account.  Leonard Cohen has actually taken the position that he paid Lynch’s Amex bill?  Lynch finds that allegation fascinating.
     A PANICKED LYNCH, WHO WAS ALREADY OVEREXTENDED FINANCIALLY and deeply in debt, responded by threatening to report Cohen to the IRS for “tax fraud” in connection with the very tax avoidance scheme devised by advisors that she brought to the table,  if Cohen continued to press his claim for reimbursement, which Cohen did by suing Lynch for embezzlement, in August of 2005.  

Kelley Lynch was not panicked.  Leonard Cohen, Richard Westin, and Neal Greenberg were.  Cohen was phoning and emailing Lynch constantly.  IRS can prove, through her emails, that she asked Cohen what was so urgent.  Leonard Cohen stole from Lynch and forced into bankruptcy. Steven Lindsey refused to reimburse Lynch the monies he owed her – including for child support for his daughter, who Lynch hasn’t seen in 20 years or so (and knew for approximately 2-3 years), and their son.  Leonard Cohen understood that Lynch was reporting his tax fraud to IRS.  He explained, after flying back from Montreal in October 2004, that he heard she hired a new accountant and discussed his tax fraud with people.  Leonard Cohen, and his lawyers, spent months attempting to force Kelley Lynch into a settlement.  Kory himself wrote in May 2005 that he had generous negotiating authority.  She was, at one point, offered 50% community property in front of witnesses.  Her accountant, who worked for IRS, was present; believes IRS Criminal Intelligence should be involved in Cohen’s tax fraud matter; and asked Lynch – after she met with the Treasury agents in Santa Ana – to advise IRS/Treasury that he was present, witnessed the offer of 50% community property, and asked her to advise them (for reasons she does not understand) that her lawyers understood that Cohen’s tax fraud was criminal.  Kelley Lynch quoted from her lawyers January 2005 memorandum confirming the penalties and interest Leonard Cohen was facing.  At that time, and the letter is presented in Lynch’s Case History, Cohen faxed $10 million in penalties and interest on one entity alone.  Lynch’s lawyers advised her that he faced similar penalties on at least two other entities.  They explained that Cohen would have to argue fraud and/or rescission to explain these transactions to the IRS and absolve himself.  His fabricated complaint was presented to Agent Luis Tejeda together with the fraud financial ledger.  Those documents are now perjured documents before IRS.  Kelley Lynch did not bring Neal Greenberg or Richard Westin to the “table.”  Leonard Cohen did.  Leonard Cohen understood that Kelley Lynch reported the tax fraud allegations to IRS on April 15, 2005.  He retaliated and also had to explain away his financial adviser’s lawsuit against him and Kory.  Judge Babcock, in that case, wondered if Cohen and Kory’s “thuggery” succeeded.  The answer remains no.  Kelley Lynch informed Judge Babcock that she refused to participate in that lawsuit because she felt it was obstruction of justice and an attempt to obscure matters and cover up Cohen’s criminal fraud and the possible role of others.  Leonard Cohen did retaliate with a lawsuit that Kelley Lynch was not served.  Certain witnesses addressed that fact.  Nearly all of them have been harassed, insulted, slandered, lied to, and intimidated or threatened by Stephen Gianelli.  Lynch has brought some of this to the attention of Judge Hess and will now file supplemental declarations prior to the June 23, 2015 hearing.

[Due to the fact that the Copy Center had problems with their copiers, Paulette Brandt’s second declaration was missing; she therefore updated it by hand prior to filing the declaration with the Court.]

          LYNCH WAS SERVED WITH THE SUIT AT HER RESIDENCE ON AUGUST 25, 2005 but refused to give her name to the process server. Instead of filing a written denial of the allegations of theft with the court – as most innocent people would do – Lynch started emailing the attorney that Cohen hired to file and prosecute the $7M lawsuit, Scott Edelman, threatening Cohen with a prosecution for “tax fraud” as well as a lawsuit of her own for “emotional distress”. One such email, sent by Lynch within hours of Lynch’s service with the suit, berated Edelman’s signature on the suit as appearing “feminine”, leaving no doubt that her claims that she was “never served” with the lawsuit were and are nonsense.

Kelley Lynch was not served Leonard Cohen’s summons and complaint and has been clear about that fact since August 2005.  She didn’t refuse to give her name to anyone.  The process server clearly relied on a description Cohen provided.  Lynch no longer resembled the individual described.  She had dyed her hair a dark shade of brown – nearly black.  Cohen and Lindsey were unaware of this fact.  Kelley Lynch answered the door for everyone.  That would include Sergeant Fernandez of the Sheriff’s Department who served her one of Cohen’s fraud restraining orders.  She asked him to throw it in the trash and also asked if he felt everyone in California was attempting to aid and abet Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud.  Kelley Lynch brought Cohen’s conduct, attempts to blackmail her, the coordinated custody matter, his theft, etc. to the attention of Investigator Brian Bennett, numerous tax authorities, and others.   Leonard Cohen was obliged to serve Lynch.  One does not attempt to force their burden onto American citizens while staying in this country as a guest with a green card.  One does not continuously perjure oneself.  However, these tactics seem to be working for Leonard Cohen.  Lynch will now describe the tactics for a federal court.  LA Superior Court, as usual, is acting without jurisdiction over her and numerous corporate entities.  The LA Times contacted Lynch.  Scott Edelman’s contact information is available online as are legal documents he’s written.  Lynch reviewed some of that information online after reading about Edelman in the August 16th or 17th Billboard article.  While Lynch’s phones were shut down, she still had access to the internet and was able to communicate with Richard Cromelin who brought Cohen’s lawsuit to her attention.

Leonard Cohen sued his longtime business manager yesterday (Aug. 15) for allegedly defrauding the famed singer/songwriter of at least $5 million.

August 16, 2005 12:00 AM EDT
Leonard Cohen sued his longtime business manager yesterday (Aug. 15) for allegedly defrauding the famed singer/songwriter of at least $5 million.

The complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court seeks damages for alleged breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, common law fraud, professional negligence and other claims against Kelley Lynch. Tax lawyer Richard Westin was also named as a defendant for allegedly mismanaging Cohen's retirement funds.

The defendants were not immediately available for comment.

"This civil action is another case of a tragedy that has become all too familiar in the music industry -- a business manager and professional advisers exploit an immensely talented artist's loyalty and trust through greed, self-dealing, concealment, knowing misrepresentation and reckless disregard for professional fiduciary duties," according to the complaint filed by plaintiff's attorney Scott Edelman.

According to the suit, Lynch was Cohen's business manager for about 17 years until he fired her in October for allegedly taking money out of his personal and investment accounts. It was alleged that the amounts taken were far in excess of the 15% management compensation that Lynch was entitled to receive.

The fraud allegedly started while Cohen was taking time away from his career to focus on his spiritual life at the Mount Baldy Zen Center in Los Angeles. While Cohen was not recording or touring, Lynch allegedly started to pay herself a greater portion of the artist's royalties. She also allegedly introduced Cohen to Westin, who is accused of helping Lynch to orchestrate the sale of Cohen's music publishing and artist royalties.

"Cohen believed that he had hired Westin and [his firm] to protect his retirement savings, but, in fact, they burdened the sale with transactions costs in excess of $4 million and they devised unnecessarily complex corporate structures that allowed Lynch to steal over $5 million for her own benefit without Cohen's knowledge or consent," the suit states.

Lynch was never served but Stephen Gianelli is obsessed with lying about this matter, slandering Lynch, targeting her sons and family members, and attempting to intimidate her witnesses.   People have generally concluded that he is moonlighting.   

          IN 2006 EDELMAN’S OFFICE EMAILED LYNCH NOTIFYING HER OF THE DATE, TIME AND LOCATION OF THE COURT HEARING to decide the damages to be awarded against her in the suit, attaching all of the evidence that Cohen submitted to the court to prove the amount of his damages. Lynch replied to the email, proving that she received it, informing Edelman that she would not be attending the hearing because she considered it to be “tax fraud”. The evidence that was emailed to Kelley Lynch at that time included this declaration by forensic accountant Kevin Prins, attaching as exhibits bank statements, canceled checks, and wire transfers – proving the means, and the amount of,  Lynch’s diversion of Cohen’s income and savings for her own use. Also emailed to Lynch was this declaration by Leonard Cohen. Lynch never showed at the hearing, instead choosing to hide from the lawsuit. Not exactly the behavior of a falsely accused person.

As of December 28, 2005, Lynch and her son were evicted from their Brentwood home.  Cohen clearly understood that bankrupting Lynch, and lying about serving her, worked to his benefit.  Kelley Lynch was homeless from approximately December 28, 2005 through October or November 2006.  She did not have a computer; the ability to open or download and save documents; and briefly checked her emails at the Apple Store in Santa Monica.  She didn’t the financial wherewithal to print documents and review them while homeless.  The argument is obscene and Leonard Cohen has taken the position that Lynch was merely “busy” – he specifically noted in his legal documents that her busy-ness included her son’s horrendous accident.  Kelley Lynch and Scott Edelman, or any Cohen representative, had no agreement re. service by email.  There are specific laws with respect to this matter – particularly when someone is representing themselves.  As Kelley Lynch had no ability to download, save, or print documents – let alone open them – while homeless, she most certainly would not agree to email “service.”  Leonard Cohen understood, and has addressed this in at least one declaration, that Lynch checked her emails at the Apple Store.  They knew where Lynch was and she has been advised (by someone with information about this matter) that Cohen and/or his lawyers contacted Santa Monica Police Department which explain some of the harassment and why they understood that Kelley Lynch knew Phil Spector. That is precisely what this police department advised her.  Kelley Lynch began documenting the conduct of numerous parties in Santa Monica for the Department of Justice.  Kelley Lynch was not served Leonard Cohen’s lawsuit and had no ability to attend any hearing.  Cohen understood that.  Legal documents, although they understood that Lynch was in Santa Monica (and where), were served at her former Brentwood address.  This permitted Cohen to obtain a fraudulent judgment.  Lynch considers Cohen’s lawsuit evidence of tax fraud – not the hearing.  LA Superior Court is not a federal court but continues to hear federal tax matters.  That would explain why the jurors (who do not think like Judge Vanderet evidently – although he speculates) wanted to hear from the IRS.  That’s fascinating given the fact that Judge Vanderet, the prosecutor, and Lynch’s lawyers were aware that a subpoena was issued by Lynch’s lawyers (at her direct request) to Agent Luis Tejeda, IRS.  This fact was concealed from the jurors while the prosecutor argued that Lynch was in receipt of IRS required tax information (she was and is not) and the tax matters were a “ruse.”  The prosecutor does not represent or speak for IRS.  She did, however, lie about IRS, Lynch, and federal tax matters.  Lynch’s appellate attorney informed her that her so-called 2012 trial was nothing other than an IRS matter that demanded an IRS investigation.  Her public defender advised her that the City Attorney was attempting to sabotage IRS; discredit her; and District Attorney Steve Cooley (whose “investigator” was in the courtroom and seen lunching and hanging out with Cohen and his lawyers) didn’t want the Phil Spector verdict overturned.  This was in the middle of the DA’s re-election campaign.  Prosecutor Alan Jackson and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who prosecuted Lynch (re. a non-existent “domestic violence order”) were running for DA.  David Mamet had recently informed the news media that he felt Spector was railroaded.  Therefore, Lynch believes Leonard Cohen’s testimony about Phil Spector and a gun (elicited by the prosecutor based on an email Cohen testified that he was a recipient of – although he was not) assisted the Los Angeles District Attorney, City Attorney, and others.  David Mamet’s film about “Phil Spector” featured Al Pacino and Helen Mirren.  It generated media, sympathy towards Spector, and addressed the minimal blood spatter on Spector’s white jacket that Paulette Brandt gave him.

"I'm wondering which gang Phil Spector was associated with — hair club for men?" Shallman said. 

Shallman was Trutanich’s political strategist.  Trutanich’s prosecutor is the individual who lied about Lynch as well as IRS/federal tax matters.  She was also aware that Lynch filed a Complaint with the DA’s Major Fraud Unit and attempted to argue that away.  The prosecutor failed to provide Lynch with Brady materials – including the Spector Grand Jury testimony after Cohen falsely accused Lynch of advising people that he testified before the Grand Jury.  Mick Brown, UK Telegraph, has written Lynch (numerous times) to confirm that he personally reviewed the Spector Grand Jury transcripts and Cohen’s testimony/statements were presented to the Grand Jury.  Lynch understands LA Confidential’s strategies and tactics and will now address them in federal RICO suits.  Shallman appears clear that Phil Spector’s hair was actually on trial. 

Lynch was falsely arrested on March 1, 2012 and the DA re-election campaign was clearly on the minds of the individuals running – and others.    Phil Spector actually appeared on the voter ballot.

Kelley Lynch, Paulette Brandt, and Ann Diamond recently provided interviews to a small internet station.  Lynch and Ann Diamond were then slandered and falsely accused of many things – by stalker Stephen Gianelli.  Gianelli, on the Spector interview section, attempted to argue that Lana Clarkson’s DNA was not on the ammunition and the gun was Spector’s.  Phil Spector’s attorneys have argued that Clarkson’s DNA was on the gun and ammunition and Bruce Cutler was clear – in open arguments and with Mick Brown (UK Telegraph) – that the gun was not Spector’s.

Kelley Lynch has addressed Leonard Cohen’s Complaint, the fraudulent expense ledger, and other evidence Cohen submitted to LA Superior Court – with the Court, IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, State of Kentucky, and others.  Kelley Lynch did not receive overpayments for her services as Leonard Cohen’s personal manager.  Leonard Cohen has willfully attempted to disregard corporate books, records, stock units, agreements, and tax returns.  There are a handful of documents attached to the fraudulent ledger.  Lynch has no idea what they are – one contains a deposit slip that is not in her handwriting (and handwriting that she does not recognize); checks made payable to Lynch (f/b/o Leonard Cohen) are at issue since they indicate shenanigans on the part of Cohen and Greenberg as Lynch and others suspected for quite a long time.  Leonard Cohen’s declaration clearly states that he personally is the 100% sole owner of LC Investments, LLC.  He willfully refuses to rescind illegal K-1s transmitted to State of Kentucky and IRS (still on Lynch’s IRS account) from LC Investments, LLC indicating that Lynch has a 99.5% interest in this entity and received 0 income for the years 2003-2004-2005.  IRS brought these 1099s to her attention.  The tax forms, entirely fraudulent (Lynch is not a partner on this entity), were mailed to Lynch’s former POB although Cohen has been quite clear with LA Superior Court that he understood her address was in Brentwood, CA.  Someone attempted to change Lynch’s mailing address from her Brentwood, CA home to Leonard Cohen’s home in Los Angeles.  Lynch filed a complaint with USPS about that matter and intends to subpoena information from USPS in connection with her federal RICO lawsuit.  Lynch diverted nothing – Leonard Cohen and LC Investments, LLC (possibly others) collected royalty income for assets owned by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc.  This information was concealed from the Court and Lynch has a 15% ownership interest in BMT and the intellectual property.  Lynch hid from nothing.  Leonard Cohen, on the other hand, has done everything possible to silence Lynch, discredit her, and prevent her from being heard on the merits of the case. 

          INSTEAD, IN 2007, KELLEY LYNCH MET WITH A  TREASURY DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE AT LAX, who then referred Lynch to an agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS – to whom Lynch accused Cohen of “tax fraud” in connection with the formation of Traditional Holdings LLC, from which Lynch had earlier embezzled in excess of $3.5M, and which Lynch herself had assisted in forming as the nominal 95% shareholder. 

There is “no” instead.  Lynch had been documenting everything that unfolded since reporting Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud to IRS on April 15, 2005 and thereafter.  The IRS were sent these emails because Lynch wanted IRS to understand the tactics being used, etc.  In or around January 2007, Agent Kelly Sopko phoned Lynch who was then residing in Santa Ana, California.  She informed Lynch that she would like to meet with her.  Agent Sopko said she would fly in from Washington, DC in the near future.  They arranged a meeting for sometime at the end of February 2007 or beginning of March 2007.  Kelley Lynch, Agent Sopko, and Sopko’s partner (Brandon) did not meet at LAX.  They met at the home where Lynch was living in Santa Ana.  Kelley Lynch is clear that these were Treasury agents because they asked if she would like to see their ID.  Since the meeting was scheduled she wasn’t that interested but did note that Agent Sopko brought along a companion – Brandon.  Agent Sopko and Brandon did not work for the IRS.  Lynch believes they worked for Special Intelligence at the Treasury.  She has no idea if they are affiliated with the IRS Criminal Division.  She does know that Brandon personally advised her that this matter (Cohen’s tax fraud) is complicated and asked her to write a 2-page summary of the events.  That is nearly impossible to do and Lynch believes Ann Diamond’s draft article for Rolling Stone (that requires some corrections – including re. the mail fraud) summarizes the situation generally and accurately.  Rob Watts, State of Kentucky Fraud Unit, also advised Lynch that the matter is complex and asked her to write a summary overview of what occurred.  Mr. Watts also informed Lynch that he would like all evidence she provided IRS.  Lynch explained that Mr. Watts would have to obtain that information.  They discussed the fact that Lynch provided IRS with access to her emails with Leonard Cohen, his representatives, Boies Schiller, and others.  Mr. Watts agreed that AOL probably did not maintain those emails and seemed to think providing access to them to IRS was a good idea at the time.

Kelley Lynch met with two Treasury Agents.  She asked them if IRS had criminal attorneys and Brandon advised her that they did.  The rest of their discussion has not been divulged.  Agent Sopko was unclear if the IRS Commissioner himself was reading Kelley Lynch’s emails and Lynch’s mother thought perhaps the IRS Commissioner’s “mistress” was.  Brandon did ask Lynch about two pieces of evidence she sent the IRS Commissioner.  As the Treasury agents had them in their possession, and confirmed that they received her U.S. mail as well as her emails, Lynch explained these two pieces of evidence.  One related directly to her meeting with Robert Kory that her younger son witnessed.  This meeting was addressed in great detail for Boies Schiller.  It is Lynch’s position that Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory engaged in criminal witness tampering and intimidation tactics with respect to her younger son.

Kelley Lynch did not “accuse” Leonard Cohen of “tax fraud” in this meeting.  The Treasury agents contacted her; made arrangements to meet with her; and they raised the allegations related to Leonard Cohen’s criminal tax fraud, her emails and letters, Ray’s custody matter, and other issues.  It seems as though people are focused on “Traditional Holdings, LLC.”  I suppose that would be important given the fact that Neal Greenberg’s “IRS warnings” specifically addressed Leonard Cohen’s loans from that entity and his need to repay them.  Greenberg was clear about the “dangers” in Cohen’s not doing so.  Richard Westin wrote Kelley Lynch and Leonard Cohen, in September 2004, advising them that IRS could overturn this entity and that could lead to further unwarranted inquiries.  Lynch’s lawyers advised her that Robert Kory was concerned about even approaching IRS to request copies of the corporate tax returns – should that alert IRS to the facts of this situation.  However, Leonard Cohen now appears to have his fabricated narrative down and Stephen Gianelli continues to argue Leonard Cohen’s defense to the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  That’s precisely what this “article” is.  And that explains why “Robert Kory” was copied on the email alerting Lynch to this blog after Gianelli attempted to blackmail/extort her into removing her blog with the evidence contained thereon.  At least one Lieutenant from the LA Sheriff’s Department reviewed Lynch’s blog, and may have communicated with IRS, and advised Lynch that he thought her blog was great.  Leonard Cohen would simply like to silence Lynch.  Kelley Lynch had nothing whatsoever to do with the formation of Traditional Holdings, LLC.  She provided Cohen’s tax and corporate lawyer with a limited Power of Attorney permitting him to prepare and file the formation documents.  That’s precisely what he did.  Leonard Cohen has advised LA Superior Court (and IRS via the Complaint he transmitted to Agent Luis Tejeda) that he is the beneficial owner and Lynch’s share was held in trust for him.  That is a fraudulent accusation that is not supported by the evidence.

          LYNCH STEPPED UP THE HARASSMENT OF HER FORMER EMPLOYER by using the names of these IRS employees to assert in mass emails to friends, associates, music industry executives, Cohen’s advisors, and the media, that Cohen was (allegedly) about to be prosecuted for “tax fraud”. During these years Lynch was sending out as many as 80-mass-emails a day, all copied to the IRS, the FBI, the national media and scores of other persons.

Kelley Lynch never harassed Leonard Cohen.  His lawyers, who were obligated to do so, willfully and intentionally refused to communicate with her – including with respect to the fact that she was not served the summons and complaint.  Kelley Lynch did not use Agent Sopko or Brandon’s name apart from addressing their meeting and the email Agent Sopko sent Kelley Lynch after their meeting – directing her to Agent Luis Tejeda.  Agent Tejeda asked for specificity.  Lynch was advised to provide him/IRS with the evidence.  She has done so and her son was publicly threatened over some of that evidence.  Lynch’s emails document everything that she has gone through (and which has unfolded) for IRS since reporting Leonard Cohen’s criminal tax fraud to them on April 15, 2005.  She worked with Agent Bill Betzer from approximately September through April 15, 2005.  When her 2003 return was filed, she brought the allegations to Agent Betzer’s attention.  He initially advised her to bring the allegations into IRS with a lawyer.  After hearing some of the developments, Agent Betzer (who appeared to be in disbelief) advised her to contact IRS fraud unit.  Lynch did that.  She also filed a complaint online with IRS.  She then contacted IRS in Washington, DC who spoke with Agent Betzer.  He confirmed that for her.  They were inquiring about her calls to the IRS fraud unit.  Kelley Lynch was quite delighted to realize that IRS has thoroughly professional employees working for them.  That would include Agent Bill Betzer and Miss Hall.  Kelley Lynch explained to Miss Hall some of the tactics being used against her, including SWAT, and asked her to phone Agent Betzer.  She did.

During Kelley Lynch’s 2012 alleged trial, the prosecutor blind-sided her lawyers (on April 9, 2012) with an “IRS Binder.”  Lynch instructed her public defender to issue a subpoena to Agent Luis Tejeda.  She could not understand Cohen’s testimony and was unaware, until she reviewed the IRS binder, of Cohen’s fraudulent “theft loss” refunds.  The judge, who lied about this matter at a Side Bar, informed Lynch’s lawyers that she was aware of the IRS matters.  She was wholly unaware of the IRS refunds, evidence of further fraud, and does not appreciate a judge lying about her without having evidence to support his own statements.  Lynch challenged Leonard Cohen’s “theft loss” refunds with IRS as fraud.  In or around December 2013, Jeffrey Korn (Cohen’s co-counsel, with Michelle Rice, in Case No BC 338322) served Lynch documents that contained declarations.  Robert Kory’s declaration argued IRS and federal tax matters.  As Lynch advised Judge Hess during that hearing – Kory does not speak for or represent IRS and LA Superior Court has no jurisdiction to hear federal tax matters.  Nevertheless, Lynch was obliged to respond to the false allegations and statements presented in those legal documents and declarations.  Leonard Cohen, on March 23, 2012, testified that Lynch never stole from him – just his peace of mind – and that is highly relevant and material.  In December 2013, Kory explained (via his declaration) that Cohen also obtained a “theft loss” refund from FTB and used the fabricated Complaint narrative to file his 2005 tax returns and amend his 2003 and 2004 returns.  Leonard Cohen’s declaration addressed the fact that he would be prejudiced, should the Court vacate the judgment and permit Lynch to be heard on the merits of the case, because he filed his 2005 tax returns (using the “evidence” before LA Superior Court and relying on the judgment he ultimately obtained – six months AFTER applying for the refund as he understood that Lynch was not served and the judgment was a relatively sure thing).  Lynch has now challenged the FTB refund as fraud with FTB’s fraud unit.  She has challenged Leonard Cohen ‘s 2003, 2004, and 2005 federal and state tax returns that relied on the Complaint, any version of the fraud ledger, and the ongoing fabricated narrative meant to defend himself against the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  Lynch has also spoken with Canada Revenue about this situation.

The fraud tax refunds (based on fraud and perjured “theft loss” deductions) were indeed unknown to Lynch at the time.  She has been quite clear that she discovered these fraud refunds in April 2012 and December 2013 or January 2014.

          COHEN’S ADVISORS THEN REQUESTED, AND WERE GRANTED, AN AUDIENCE WITH IRS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS IN 2007, who then cleared Cohen of Lynch’s tax evasion allegations. Additionally, Cohen received a refund from the IRS after his tax was recomputed taking into account all of the funds Lynch embezzled. To this day, the IRS has never questioned these refunds, and the 6-year statute of limitations to prosecute Lynch's unsupported "tax fraud" claims ran out years ago.

Leonard Cohen applied for and received the fraud tax refunds from IRS in December 2005.  Evidence of that fact was included in the IRS Binder in the possession of the City Attorney of Los Angeles who argued federal tax matters and lied about them.  Following Lynch’s meeting with the Treasury agents, and with awareness of Agent Sopko’s email that she made public, Robert Kory (per the evidence in the IRS Binder and submitted to Judge Hess via Kory’s Declaration) contacted Agent Tejeda.  He informed him that he was aware of Agent Sopko’s email and the fact that Lynch had been referred to him.  Agent Tejeda evidently had Robert Kory read him Agent Sopko’s email.  Kory noted, in one letter to Agent Tejeda, that Agent Sopko’s email was a “game changer” with respect to Lynch.  Lynch embezzled nothing so any allegations regarding these false and slanderous statements will be addressed as such in Lynch’s federal lawsuits.  Kory also fraudulently informed Agent Tejeda, in writing, that Lynch was attempting to extort a civil settlement from Cohen using Agent Sokpko’s email.  Lynch is the person that refused to settle with Cohen and the evidence proves that fact.  Robert Kory will say and do anything –including on the witness stand where he lied and said Lynch read an “ad” advising people to report their employers to the IRS.  Lynch has advised IRS (and others) that they should have a statute expert on any probable or potential prosecution of Leonard Cohen and others.  Lynch’s public defender thought the situation may have implicated Robert Kory personal in criminal conduct.  Boies Schiller felt the same way.  Lynch has this information in writing.  Kelley Lynch is clear about the tactics, use of a fabricated narrative to defend Cohen with IRS, fraud refunds, illegal use of the fraud default to attempt to extort $13.8 million from her, Cohen’s willful intention to run statute of limitations, etc.
   ALSO IN 2007, LYNCH FLED TO COLORADO to avoid being prosecuted for her persistent violations of a civil harassment restraining order Cohen obtained from a Los Angeles court and to avoid being rearrested by the Santa Monica Police Department as the result of several failures to appear on misdemeanor warrant cases. Lynch’s habit of falsely accusing persons of serious crimes to get even was so established by then that when a man dining in Juanita’s Restaurant in Boulder disrespected her, Lynch loudly accused the man of molesting his daughter under the table and refused to leave the premises until police were called. When police arrived, they arrested Lynch, for criminal trespass, and a Colorado jury later convicted Lynch of the charge. 
In 2007, as Lynch’s criminal stalker understands (and Cohen who addressed this in his declaration in the Boulder, Colorado fraud TRO matter), Kelley Lynch was invited by Yongzin Rinpoche and his wife to visit them.  They felt that she was experiencing tremendous stress over her son’s horrifying accident.  Lynch decided to visit.  She did not visit Yongzin Rinpoche and Clea Surkhang in order to avoid being “prosecuted” for her ‘persistent violations” of anything.  That would include, but is not limited to, Cohen’s 2005 civil harassment (non-domestic violence) order that Lynch has no details about apart from his perjured testimony during her 2012 trial.  Lynch left Santa Monica in the fall of 2006 and has no interest in Santa Monica PD.  She documented her encounters with them, on a daily basis, for the Department of Justice.  The Department of Justice can draw its own conclusions.  Lynch has.  She also contacted their Chief of Police and found it rather outrageous that his officers felt it was appropriate to call him a “nigger.” 

Kelley Lynch went to trial over the Juanita’s incident and the issue – the ONLY ISSUE – she was falsely arrested over.  She won that issue – “obstructing a peace officer” – which the Sheriff’s Department advised her was a catch all for Boulder PD.  Lynch was convinced that she saw a man with his penis out in front of a child.  She advised him that she would go outside and find Boulder PD who were normally on the Third Street Mall.  There were no employees of the restaurant in the room when this occurred.  They testified to that fact.  Lynch got up, walked out, and looked for Boulder PD.  She couldn’t find them.  She smoked a cigarette so that’s how long she was outside.  She turned to go back in and the man and his daughter walked past her and he called Lynch a “cunt.”  Lynch could have followed the man and obtained his license plate but felt he would probably lie and was correct.  She went to the restaurant, where she had been having dinner, and was told that she could not finish her meal.  She asked about paying her bill and was told not to bother.  She asked if she could collect her belongings and was permitted to do so – by the manager.  She asked the manager to phone Boulder PD.  They agreed to do so and told Lynch she could wait by the door which she did.  Boulder PD then engaged in what might be some of the more deranged conduct she has ever seen in her life.  The cop that arrived testified that he didn’t listen to Lynch because she was talking in his ear.  The man is 6’5” and she asked the restaurant to call Boulder PD so she could speak to him.  The cop was not in a position to talk since she was the witness and the manager/waitress were not in the room and/or witnesses.  They testified to that fact.  The waitress felt and believed the man (potentially a “perp”) was nice.  That was her assessment of the situation.  Lynch then went outside while the 6’5” cop talked to the manager/waitress who witnessed nothing apart from Lynch’s request to have Boulder PD called.

The cop outside pushed Lynch onto a bench and pulled her earpods out.  He asked for her ID and she explained that she walked out to have dinner without her identification.  She provided with her name and explained that she was staying at the Boulder Hostel and did not have a permanent address in Boulder.  That was the extent of their conversation.  The cop seemed furious and detained Lynch.  He then decided to arrest her.  He never explained his reasons for doing so.  Lynch refused to speak to him in the squad car because she didn’t want any further cops embellishing her statements.  The Sheriff’s Department told Lynch that they could have addressed the man with his penis out but they figured Lynch would be arrested in Boulder for doing so.  Lynch never said the man molested his daughter.  She was convinced he had his penis out and was playing with it, under the table, with a young girl present.  Lynch is aware of what happened to Jean Benet Ramsey.  She was aware that Boulder PD advised parents (including her friends) that sexual predators are a problem in Boulder.  She was aware that young girls she knew feared for their lives because they were being raped in Boulder. 

Lynch went to trial and the jurors did not believe Boulder PD re. the false arrest issue – “obstructing a peace officer.”  The jurors asked the judge to advise them WHEN the trespassing charges were brought but the judge decided to willfully conceal that information from the jurors.  The trespassing charges were brought 8 months after the incident. The manager informed Lynch, and testified to this fact (although he retracted it on the stand), that Boulder PD did NOT want Lynch at Juanita’s.    

At this time, Lynch volunteered with Boulder Reads, a reading program run by the Boulder Library.  She tutored a young man whose girlfriend was the niece of the owner of Juanita’s.  She spoke to her about the matter and the owner evidently felt the manager acted inappropriately – not Lynch.  The niece assured Lynch that the owner understood how to handle a subpoena.  He’s also evidently been falsely accused of very serious matters.  Lynch issued a subpoena.  The Sheriff’s Department went to Juanita’s and the manager advised the officer that the owner no longer worked there.  That is highly illegal but the judge decided to proceed with the trial in any event.  The judge also did not want Lynch discussing the totality of circumstances involving Lynch and Boulder PD.  Lynch advised the judge that she felt she was in a highly conflicted position because the judge, Boulder PD, the City Attorney have the same employers.  Lynch continues to maintain that this is a fact that now also applies to LA Superior Court, LAPD’s TMU (and possibly others), the District Attorney of Los Angeles, and City Attorney of Los Angeles.  This was raised generally in Lynch’s appeal and will now be addressed in her federal RICO suits.

Lynch was NOT arrested for “criminal trespass.”  That is a bald-faced lie. This fraudulent charge was added two days before the hearing in an attempt to trump up the charges.  Lynch was not trespassing.  The City Attorney’s prosecutor advised her, in front of the judge, that Lynch should have left without paying the bill.  Therefore, the prosecutor advised Lynch (in front of the judge) to commit a crime.  Lynch then advised the judge that she refused to be alone with the prosecutor in any room.  The meeting between Lynch, the judge, and the prosecutor was recorded.  Lynch would like DOJ to review that matter and this recording.  The Colorado jury did NOT convict Lynch with respect to the only charge she was arrested over. 

Excerpt of Clea Surkhang’s Declaration submitted to Judge Hess in March 2015:

“In 1987, I moved from New York City to Colorado.  Kelley and I remained in close touch and
visited one another when we were able to.  My husband, Yongzin Rinpoche, is also a close personal friend of Kelley’s.” 

“In the spring/early summer of 2007, my husband and I invited Kelley to stay with us at my   mother’s home in Erie, Colorado.” 

          IN 2008, LEONARD COHEN, WHO WAS PLANNING A CONCERT IN THE BOULDER AREA and was concerned for his safety, applied to a Colorado court for a civil harassment restraining order. Lynch appeared at the hearing, and after a few minutes of cross-examination by Cohen’s Colorado lawyer, requested the judge to simply issue the permanent injunction, which was done. Lynch would later disingenuously claim that she “was never served” with Cohen’s court petition, that the restraining order was “fraudulently issued”, and that the Colorado court lacked jurisdiction because her dispute with Cohen was now “an IRS matter”. (All of these claims are quickly dispelled by reading the relevant hearing transcript.) 

On or about July 8, 2008, Ann Diamond published her draft article “Whatever Happened To Kelley Lynch” online. She had informed Lynch that she planned to submit this article to Rolling Stone.  On or about August 17, 2008, Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Robert Kory, threatened Ann Diamond with legal action over this article although it is entirely factual.  The evidence supports the article although someone attempted to change Lynch’s mailing address from her home to Leonard Cohen’s home address in Los Angeles and a USPS complaint was filed over what was clearly criminal mail fraud.  Leonard Cohen was in the midst of a European tour when he made his extraordinary flight into Boulder, Colorado the day after Robert Kory threatened Ann Diamond and raised issues related to Cohen, IRS, and criminal tax fraud in his letter.  Kory attached an email Lynch sent to Doron Weinberg, Phil Spector’s trial attorney.  The links to this information are enclosed herewith.  A process server ran around Boulder, Colorado advising people that he had a settlement check for Lynch’s son’s Whole Food accident. The process server evidently visited the Boulder Hostel (where Lynch was no longer staying), had the Silver Saddle Motel listed as Lynch’s “residence,” and stopped by Marpa House where Betsy Perks works.  Perks was Leonard Cohen’s personal assistant in Los Angeles at one point.  These individuals conveyed this information to Lynch.  Another individual, one of Trungpa Rinpoche’s “kasung,” advised Lynch that (independent of the process server) a private investigator was in Boulder, Colorado attempting to gather information about Lynch.  He gave this individual his card and informed him that he worked for Leonard Cohen.  The kasung brought this to Kelley Lynch’s attention when she stopped by the Trident Café where he worked.  He also gave her the private investigator’s card.  Leonard Cohen did not fear for his safety in Europe.  He did not have minimal ties to Boulder, Colorado.  Robert Kory was clear about “minimal ties” and Colorado with Judge Babcock.  Kelley Lynch will address the Boulder, Colorado activity (and fraud TRO issued without the benefit of an evidentiary hearing).  Kelley Lynch, after realizing that Cohen’s lawyer could not define “directly” or “indirectly,” informed the judge that she felt the situation was insane.  The hearing was recorded.  Lynch does not know what Cohen’s testimony was.  He failed to attend the actual September 2, 2008 hearing and the judge thought it was acceptable that Lynch’s constitutional right to confront her accuser was violated.  Cohen has money, does not bother attending actual hearings, and sends his lawyers (Kory and Rice) who now benefit from this activity as they are PAID WITNESES.  Kelley Lynch will discuss the word “permanent” with respect to orders that expire.  She finds it beyond unconstitutionally vague.  The judge is the individual who raised IRS as an issue – not Lynch.  Cohen’s lawyer then confirmed that Lynch’s emails related to the IRS and Phil Spector matters.  After the hearing, Lynch returned to the Court, reviewed the file, and discovered Leonard Cohen’s utterly perjured declaration.  She filed a Motion to Quash and left Boulder, Colorado.  A portion of Lynch’s Motion to Quash, formally served upon Cohen (via his lawyer), can be found at this link.  The issues raised are fascinating.  Cohen did not bother opposing the Motion to Quash.  As Lynch no longer lived in Colorado, she decided to file a federal lawsuit addressing the fraudulent TRO.  She contacted her former employer (from when she was in her early 20s).  He is a federal court practitioner and injunctions are his area of expertise.  After hearing from him, Lynch again contacted the Boulder Combined Court.  She was repeatedly – through the Spring of 2014, advised that the permanent order had expired on February 15, 2009.  Lynch testified that she was under the impression that the order expired.  That was and remains factual.  This matter will now be addressed in Lynch’s federal RICO lawsuit.  Leonard Cohen’s concert, in Colorado, was scheduled for June 2009 – nearly one year after his extraordinary flight into Colorado.  Lynch had no idea and wouldn’t attend his concert if her life depended on it.  Leonard Cohen also evidently thought of Lynch (while in Europe and another state) whenever a car drove by.  Lynch believes these states may be attributable to Cohen’s long and publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, or his habit of telling fabricated and embellished narratives about Kelley Lynch, Phil Spector, Janis Joplin, CIA’s MKULTRA program, his role in Bay of Pigs and Yom Kippur War, etc.  Leonard Cohen failed to mention his “concert” when applying for yet another fraudulent restraining order that he uses to discredit and undermine Lynch’s credibility; to silence her; as litigation tactics; and to prevent her from requesting IRS required tax information and him from transmitting it.  This was addressed during Lynch’s 2012 trial and Cohen, as well as the prosecutor, evidently took the position that LAPD’s TMU lied when they wrote in their report (after meeting with Cohen) that Lynch’s alleged emails  (which were not authenticated) were generally requests for “tax information.”  Detective Viramontes, LAPD’s TMU, did wonder why Cohen wouldn’t simply provide her with this information and informed Lynch that Cohen was not “comfortable” with her requests for “tax information.”  Lynch has asked LA Superior Court to address the ambiguities the default judgment has created vis a vis IRS reporting requirements, etc.

Leonard Cohen’s June 2, 2009 Colorado Concert:
June 2, 2009

          WHILE LIVING IN THE BOULDER AREA, Kelley Lynch worked at Deneuve Construction by day, but continued her campaign of harassment of Leonard Cohen, and many others, night and day. Lynch began leaving 30 rambling, bizarre and intoxicated voice messages a night for New York City attorney Bruce Cutler – whom Lynch had threatened to retain to sue Cohen. Lynch would also send Cutler 100+ page, unsolicited faxes to Cutler’s office every day – to the point that the firm from whom Cutler sublet his office space could not use its own fax machine. Beginning in 2008, Cutler asked his friend – Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Pat Dixon to assist him in putting a stop to the harassment, to no avail. When Lynch discovered Cutler’s email address, she started sending Cutler "hundreds of emails every single day". [This harassment, which greatly disrupted Cutler’s life for five years is detailed in Bruce Cutler’s April, 2012 letter to Kelley Lynch’s sentencing judge, who subsequently sentenced Lynch to serve 18-months in jail for violating the Colorado restraining order after it was registered in California.]

Kelley Lynch did indeed work for Deneuve Construction.  Although they asked her not to, Lynch resigned over the criminal harassment she and her colleagues were subjected to related to Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory (who contacted Deneuve), and others.  That would include, but is not limited to, Boulder PD’s roll by Lynch’s office.  Stephen Gianelli has advised Lynch that Pat Dixon was behind this incident.  The FBI in Denver did not believe LAPD was behind the incident but Boulder PD informed Kelley Lynch that LAPD phoned.   After the incident (that FBI advised Lynch to contact the Boulder DA and Attorney of Colorado about), Lynch phoned Phil Spector personally.  Lynch’s prosecutor was clear – Lynch was stone cold sober.  Leonard Cohen seems to think that calling Lynch a drunken slut is a defense although he is the individual with the long and publicly documented history of illicit drug and alcohol abuse and psychiatric problems.  In fact, Cohen publicly addressed this around Lynch’s trial (in 2012) with biographer Sylvie Simmons when he confirmed that he used meth and LSD.  Steven Machat pointed out that his film (“Bird On A Wire”), that Cohen evidently stole, contained footage of Cohen high on LSD in Israel attempting to start a riot. Steven Machat also confirmed that this film contains footage where Cohen falsely accuses his first managers of stealing his copyrights to “Suzanne” and two other songs.   Lynch never left 30 drunken messages a night for Bruce Cutler.  She did leave some messages for Phil Spector with Bruce Cutler and transmitted evidence via fax to Bruce Cutler related to Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud, willful disregard for corporation books and records, etc.  Lynch believes Gianelli may have publicly stated that Robert Kory spoke to Bruce Cutler.  Cutler has been advised to maintain all evidence that she addressed with him and Lynch stands by the three letters Cutler entered into evidence during her 2012 trial:

Kelley Lynch was arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced for violating a “domestic violence” order.  The Colorado order was fraudulently registered in California as a “domestic violence” order.  Lynch believes Cohen was attempting to address allegations related to sexual harassment and indecent exposure.  These issues were raised in Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit and elsewhere.  Leonard Cohen moves offensively and uses operatives, like Stephen Gianelli and Susanne Walsh, to slander, harass, and target people.  Kelley Lynch heard from Phil Spector personally following her 2012 trial.  Bruce Cutler worked for Phil Spector.  Gianelli is an agent provocateur/infiltrator who Lynch believes uses her in an attempt to infiltrate matters – including Phil Spector’s defense.  She has addressed this directly with Phil Spector and his appellate attorneys.  Lynch had no idea that Bruce Cutler asked “his friend” – who is no friend of Phil Spector’s – to assist him in “putting a stop to the harassment.”  This would explain Pat Dixon and LAPD’s role in the Boulder roll-by. Officer Storbeck stopped by with the Police Chief’s secretary.  Lynch showed him her emails to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, etc.  Lynch never sent Bruce Cutler hundreds of emails a day.  She also didn’t use different accounts to evade whatever Cutler alleged she attempted to evade.  Stephen Gianelli worked with Michelle Blaine (Spector’s former assistant who stole $1 million from him) to target Lynch’s blog and email accounts.

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Lynch has addressed Cutler’s bogus letter to her “sentencing judge.”  She will also address the fact that Captain Jack Horvath lied to Judge Vanderet.  Lynch sent many parties, including ACLU, a “parody” email that mentioned Steve Cooley.  She noted that she would run for President on the Wedding Party and, when elected, would marry Ron Burkle in the Rose Garden.  She would instruct her Attorney General to prosecute Steve Cooley and using willful perjury (see California PC 118) and seek the harshest penalty for railroading Phil Spector – the legal death penalty.  Lynch mentioned that because ACLU, and others, were addressing the fact that Cooley was running around (while campaigning for AG) demanding executions using drugs that are used to put dogs down with.  Lynch also appointed her FBI and CIA director.  This is evidently a credible threat letter to LA Confidential.  Kelley Lynch has addressed the use of false threat allegations to wrongfully prosecute people in Los Angeles.  She has asked DOJ to investigate this pattern and practice.  This matter arose again with prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter and the CIA’s disposition matrix which is a database.  Streeter felt that Lynch’s email to FBI/DOJ, addressing the use of false threats in Los Angeles, was a threat to her personally.  Lynch asked Detective Viramontes if this woman has psychiatric problems.  She also asked him to ask Streeter if the real threat here relates to IRS and FBI because she has asked them to investigate her trial and Streeter’s lies about IRS and federal tax matters.  Captain Jack Horvath also lied in his letter when he stated that Lynch contacted the DA in 2007.  Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by Lynch’s house in 2005 after the DA received an “anonymous tip” regarding Lynch’s friendship with Phil Spector.  Lynch has asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others, to investigate whether or not Leonard Cohen or Ira Reiner (former DA who was representing Cohen at the time) played a role in that “anonymous tip.”  Lynch reviewed Brian Bennett’s report with Spector’s investigator “Dale Kelly” and documented everything at the time for Boies Schiller.  That is how they knew Brian Bennett’s name and position at the LA District Attorney’s office.  Lynch had provided Boies Schiller with transcripts of her conversations with Janis Zavala Spector in 2005 when they realized the DA was “lying” about Phil Spector.  They reviewed the motion in limine together.  That motion, filed by the DA in February 2005, contained information related to Leonard Cohen and his infamous gun stories about Phil Spector.  There are now three versions of that gun story before LA Superior Court.  Cohen testified that Spector allegedly held an automatic to his head; he wrote Lynch’s prosecutor that Spector held the gun to his neck (but left out the bottle of wine); and, the DA’s version (that Mick Brown advised Lynch was presented to the Grand Jury) involves a semi-automatic held to Cohen’s chest.  The weapons and body parts are evidently now interchangeable.  Lynch has no idea which version the LA government believes.  She doesn’t believe any of them because Cohen told her, as she noted for Dennis Riordan on April 18, 2011, that Phil Spector never held a gun on him.  He confirmed this for Lynch’s mother as well.  Lynch asked her mother to confirm that due to Cohen’s paranoia about the calls Lynch and her mother were dealing with.  Those calls were placed by LASD detectives.  Lynch met them at Cohen’s house as she was leaving.  Her lawyer, Steve Kron, advised her to leave because she did not want to be dragged into the Spector insanity and was concerned a “custody matter” would be coordinated.  She was correct in her assessment.  That is why she refused to visit Phil Spector at his home in Alhambra.  She understands how Cohen and Lindsey think.  So did His Holiness Kusum Lingpa who always advised Lynch that Cohen and Lindsey were “insane” and concluded, because he knew him, that Leonard Cohen was an “asshole who is going to hell.”  Lynch’s prosecutor took offense to that but the prosecutor is hardly enlightened, appeared to be enthralled with celebrity Leonard Cohen, and is indeed a liar.  She lied throughout the trial and there is no other word to adequately describe lying apart form the word “lying,” “lie,” and “liar.” 

          LYNCH – WHO BEGAN VIOLATING THE COLORADO ORDER ALMOST IMMEDIATELY and – apparently fearing prosecution - temporarily fled Colorado, traveling to New Jersey to stay with a family friend in the “waste management business” who arranged an appointment with his lawyer. Lynch later blogged that she informed the lawyer that she “preferred to wait for Bruce Cutler to represent her” and that the attorney agreed with the wisdom of that plan.

Kelley Lynch did not begin violating the fraudulent Boulder, Colorado order almost immediately.  The prosecutor and Leonard Cohen himself were clear that Lynch did not attempt to contact Cohen until 2010 or so.  Cohen testified that he never heard from Lynch until approximately September 21, 2011.  That would be after Doug Davis, FTB, advised Lynch to obtain the information she requires to file her 2004 and 2005 federal tax information.  Leonard Cohen refuses to provide Lynch with that information.  She addressed that in her interview with Truth Sentinel and with IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and now Judge Robert Hess.  Kelley Lynch, Ann Diamond, and Paulette Brandt’s interview with Truth Sentinel can be viewed here.  Stephen Gianelli has viciously attacked Lynch on this site including with respect to Lana Clarkson’s DNA on the ammunition and the gun that evidently was not Spector’s.  He argues Phil Spector prosecution theories and is an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen’s legal defense team.  He has not, however, filed a formal entry of appearance with Judge Hess or in connection with the fraudulent domestic violence order.  Lynch has advised Cohen’s lawyers, including Rice (the attorney of record), that she plans to file a motion to vacate that fraudulent domestic violence order.  Gianelli has relentlessly harassed her over these matters.  Stephen Gianelli has also falsely accused Ann Diamond of “stalking” Leonard Cohen and falsely stated that Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones obtained a restraining order against her.  Mick Jagger is the only individual who can address this matter.  That is a Leonard Cohen accusation. 

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra)

Truth Sentinel Episode 40 (Phil Spector, truth, lies, guilt and innocence, murder trial)


Scott, if - as Kelley Lynch now claims in her second post of today - "Clarkson's fingerprints were on the bullets" found in the gun that killed her, Phil Spector would never have been convicted and his lawyers would certainly have introduced it and his wife would certainly be mentioning it and his many post conviction appeals would certainly mention it. But none of the above happened, because LANA CLARKSON'S FINGERPRINTS ARE NOT ON ANY BULLETTS, and I challenge Kelley Lynch to post a link her that says they are. I followed both trials, I spoke frequently with Spector's defense attorney for the retrial, and I have read every post conviction brief filed on Phil Spector's behalf - and this is simply another one of Lynch's MANY lies. Should Mr. Spector receive a fair trial? I have been answering that question yes ever since I started reporting about the case in 2008. But if you start misrepresenting the trial evidence you lose all credibility as an advocate for a retrial at all.

Scott, excuse me.  Clarkson's DNA was on the bullets.  You can read through Dennis Riordan's brief to the District Court that I sent you.  That evidence is critical because it means she loaded the gun, it was her gun (Cutler - who Gianelli appears extremely interested in although I'm not - told Mick Brown the gun was not Spector's), and she fired the gun.  I did read somewhere that someone said her fingerprints were on the bullet but for now I can only correct this and confirm that her DNA was.  Gianelli is evidently moonlighting for the prosecutor.  As I noted, he sets up reasonable doubt theories that can be attacked and/or refuted.  Your classic amateur agent provocateur/infiltrator.  Not bright - but extremely aggressive and vile.  He engages in criminal witness tampering as well.  Every witness who has provided me with a declaration has been criminally harassed by Gianelli, Cohen's fan Walsh, and others.  It is highly coordinated.  In any event, Scott, thank you for your fair reporting on the Spector case.  I would assume some other cyber terrorists will show up as well.  Perhaps Kelly Green, Gianelli's vulgar posting pal who HATES Spector and Cutler, will.  I usually assume IT is Alan Jackson.  Hard to say without a proper investigation.  Gianelli has relentlessly targeted me and others for five years.  My sister's attorney advised him to cease and desist years ago.  He continues, right through today. to criminally harass her.  Kelley

+Kelley Lynch Lana Clarkson's DNA was not found on the bullets either. Lana Clarkson's saliva was found in a swab taken of Mr. Spector's genital area - suggesting that Mr. Clarkson may have performed a sexual act on Mr. Spector prior to her death. In addition, the bullets in the gun that killed Clarkson matched .38 caliber bullets of a distinctive type ("P+ loads") found in a partially empty package of bullets found elsewhere in Spector's home by police and the gun itself matched the empty holster found in the entry table drawer near Clarkson's body. THERE WAS NO DISPUTE AT TRIAL that it was Mr. Spector's gun  that killed Clarkson. The only dispute centered around WHO WAS HOLDING the gun when it discharged and killed her. The defense never claimed it was not Clarkson's gun in either trial or in ANY of Spector's post conviction appellate briefs. My theory of how Clarkson got the gun (if she shot herself) is that Spector - who never left the house unarmed - was wearing the gun on his person at the House of Blues, and Clarkson saw Spector doff the gun and return the gun (still in the holster) to the drawer when they arrived. Clarkson then returned to the entry, and removed the gun from the drawer where she saw Spector place it leaving the holster where it was. KELLEY LYNCH IS SIMPLPY MAKING THIS DNA "EVIDENCE" UP AS SHE GOES ALONG. Which is par for the course, because she lies about everything.

+Stephen Gianelli I meant of course "Ms. Clarkson's saliva" (not "Mr.") which was a typo. 
+Stephen Gianelli On page 18, line 4 of Dennis Riordan's Legal Brief (in pdf): "Clarkson's DNA was found on the gun and ammunition". I have not seen the original lab report. Granted, forensic evidence could sometimes be open to conflicting interpretations, but it would require a great leap of imagination to claim that in a "struggle", Clarkson's DNA could have ended up on the bullets INSIDE THE CHAMBER. The most logical explanation is that Clarkson loaded the gun

Phil Spector Appeal Brief – a federal court will decide on the issues in the near future.
Clarkson’s DNA was found on the gun and ammunition.  19 RT 3689, 3692.

          BY 2009 LYNCH WAS BACK IN THE BOULDER COLORADO AREA, continuing to send out harassing emails that were being evaluated by the Boulder District Attorney for illegal harassment in violation of the Colorado protective order. Lynch met a couple in their 20’s while working a on a road crew and began living in the spare bedroom of their rented condominium in Louisville. On the eve of Lynch’s indictment by the Boulder authorities for violating the 2008 protection order, Lynch was asked questions by the young couple she was residing with about her criminal record. Fearful of being arrested again by Colorado authorities Lynch publicly denounced her roommates on a discussion board following a Cohen concert review published by the Hartford Courant that Lynch had hijacked to trash Cohen, called the police to report them for drug possession, and fled to the Houston, Texas area where Lynch’s mother and sister had relocated following Lynch’s firing by Cohen in 2004.

Lynch has no evidence that the Boulder District Attorney was evaluating “illegal harassment” with respect to Lynch but did contact DA Mary Lacey and now Stan Garnett.  As the FBI in Denver noted – this activity is taking place all across the country.  That’s obvious to everyone without motive.  Lynch will subpoena this evidence in connection with the federal RICO suits she intends to file.  She has provided the DOJ, IRS, FBI, DOJ, and FTB with a copy of the first draft of her RICO Complaint against Leonard Cohen.  Kelley Lynch met a young couple who she stayed with for one week.  She paid them for the week she stayed there.  As it turned out, Labor Ready had problems with them as well.  Lynch was looking for and found a room to rent and was planning to move out that Saturday.  She spent a great deal of time that week on the phone with her friend Duane who works for a news gathering agency in Canada.  The Phil Spector case interested him.  The woman’s mother, who worked for a law firm, had taken custody of her child from the couple and CPS was scheduled to do an investigation (and tour of the apartment) on Sunday.  Lynch left the woman a note saying she should put the fentanyl patches away and expressed concerned about the bed clothing that was burned when the couple smoked in bed.  They evidently set it on fire.  The couple informed Lynch (and she saw the fenanyl patches) that they took prescription pain pills such as percodan.  At one point, the woman was so high that she didn’t know who she was and advised Lynch that her name was actually Kelley when it was “Becky.”  This scared the 5-year old boy the couple recently drove to Baltimore to pick up from the family he lived with.  As Lynch understood CPS was coming by, and the legal matter re. custody was ongoing, she did not contact CPS.

Lynch was not living with the couple. She stayed there for approximately 5 days while she rented her own place.  Lynch was not fearful of anything in Colorado .  The Louisville Police, who had been to this couple’s apartment many times (prior to Lynch’s 5-day visit) decided – on their own – to do a welfare check on the child.  Lynch has no idea why.  The police did that.  Lynch has no idea if the woman’s mother contacted the police – or if the grandparents of the young boy staying with them (recently removed from Baltimore) contacted them.  Lynch was packing and preparing to leave.  She had her keys to the place she rented in Boulder, Colorado for a month or so prior to leaving permanently.  The door bell rang and Lynch thought it was the cab she had arranged for earlier.  She went to the door, the couple were sleeping on the floor in the living room, and answered it.  It was Louisville Police Department.  The police entered the premises, after Lynch invited them in, and asked “Where are the fentanyl patches?”  Lynch had nothing whatsoever to do with this “welfare” check.  The police officer asked Lynch if she had contacted Child Services.  She said “no” but understood that the woman’s mother had and CPS had scheduled a meeting with the couple and planned to tour their apartment.  Lynch felt that perhaps CPS had contacted Louisville PD.  Lynch at first thought the couple was quite lovely.  The entire situation dissembled immediately.  The young man, as she explained to the officer, appeared to have his eyes rolling back in his head because he was so high one evening.  The woman advised Lynch that she was aware of Stephen Gianelli and his blog, etc.  She didn’t explain how she knew about Gianelli.  She mentioned “Leonard Cohen.”  Louisville Police then asked Kelley Lynch to call the cab and ask them to come earlier.  They informed her that they would wait for the cab.  She called, the cab came, and she left.  The officer confirmed that she had cab fare and she explained that she also had a tip for the driver.  The cab driver then took Kelley Lynch to the building where she rented a room in Boulder, Colorado.  She could have moved in the day before but the young couple said Saturday would be a good day to leave.  The young man confirmed this for officers – that they permitted her to stay until Saturday.  Lynch has no idea what this has to do with anything.  Lynch was not asked “questioned by the young couple she was residing with about her criminal record.”  All she heard about was the custody matter involving the daughter; how much the daughter hated her mother (who worked for a law firm) over the custody matter and Child Services; and issues related to their interested in fentanyl and other pain medications.  Lynch had never heard of fentanyl prior to this time.  Louisville PD will know for a fact that Gianelli is a bald-faced liar because she did not call them to report this couple and drugs.  They decided, on their own, to do a welfare check because this couple now had a new child living with them.  A 5-year old.  Lynch did not flee to Houston.  She stayed in Boulder, Colorado and, at some point, a young woman asked if she would like to travel to Houston, Texas with her.  Lynch thought it might be a good idea and wanted to leave Colorado.  Lynch had briefly stayed with her friends in Northern New Jersey.  They had her speak to two of their attorneys about the situation. They also spoke to Lynch’s parents about Steven Lindsey, the custody matter, and what was generally going on.

Stephen Gianelli, and others, were slandering Lynch on the Hartford Courant.  She contacted their legal department and the thread was removed. 

Lynch’s sister did not relocate to Houston after Leonard Cohen discovered Lynch planned to report his tax fraud to IRS.  Lynch’s sister attended Texas A&M where she received her master’s degree years earlier.  She met her husband there.  Lynch’s parents relocated to Dallas, Texas and have never lived in Houston, Texas.

          IN ROUTE TO HOUSTON, LYNCH MET ANOTHER YOUNG COUPLE on the road with whom she shared a motel room in Katy, Texas, the female half of which Lynch blogged was  “brilliant” and a “descendant of Oliver Wendell Holms”. Lynch quoted the couple as “understanding Cohen’s conspiracy” against her. Lynch then traveled to Flower Mound Texas, where her sister Karen Lynch owned a high-tech business known as Software Solutions with her husband David McCourt – whom Lynch also frequently quoted in numerous mass emails accusing Cohen and others of federal crimes as agreeing with her conspiracy theories. Both Karen and Lynch’s mother Joan (who also resided in the area) refused to take Lynch in, and she traveled on to Houston, where Lynch started living on the streets.

Lynch did not meet a young couple on the road to Houston Texas.  Lynch met Lisa in Boulder, Colorado.  Lisa’s father is a reputable scientist.  He and his wife wanted Lisa near them in Colorado.  Her husband was in Texas.  Lisa’s family is convinced (or at least her mother) that they are related to “Oliver Wendell Holms.”  Lynch has no idea and could care less.  Kelley Lynch did not travel to “Flower Mound” but Gianelli has obviously monitored and stalked Lynch for years.  Kelley Lynch did not quote Karen and David, whose business was not started with Cohen’s “cash,” about Leonard Cohen’s criminal tax fraud allegations.  Neither Karen Lynch nor Joan Lynch ever refused to take Lynch in.  In fact, Lynch is in possession of a second declaration her mother provided her (in December 2013) addressing this issue since Gianelli has repeatedly falsely stated this publicly.  Lynch never lived on the streets in Houston.

          IN HOUSTON LYNCH FOUND SPACE IN A HOMELESS SHELTER KNOWN AS THE STAR OF HOPE where she slept at night. By day, she continued sending out her hateful, harassing mass-emails and blog posts from the a branch of the Houston Public Library located at the Children’s Museum of Houston. After a few months Lynch’s son Rutger, afraid that she might be raped or assaulted in the homeless shelter, agreed to allow Lynch to move into his Los Angeles area apartment near  where Rutger  worked in information technology for the large architectural firm HOK. The Star of Hope agreed to fund Lynch’s bus ticket so that she could be relocated out of Texas.  

The Star of Hope is a mission in Houston.  People do not stay there in the evenings.  They provide individuals with a room, case workers, and others, to assist less fortunate individuals (including families and their children).  By day, Lynch looked for work and Gianelli does not know her but immediately targeted Lisa and others while slandering Lynch on his blog and elsewhere.  Lynch was never in the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Rutger was not afraid Lynch would be “raped or assaulted.”  Gianelli just seems to make up fabricated narratives along with Leonard Cohen and his lawyers. 

          EVERYONE ON LYNCH’S EMAILS DISTRIBUTION LIST was immediately aware of Lynch’s planned return to Los Angeles due to her charming habit of copying in all of us (IRS included) on her emailed personal correspondence to her family members, including her emails to Rutger. Once Lynch was ensconced in Rutger’s Los Angeles apartment and gained ready access to a WiFi connection, computer equipment, and alcohol, Lynch’s daily harassing emails grew even more vile and bizarre.  This was particularly true after 10:00 at night, when she would rant at everyone who annoyed her, suggesting that she wanted to “dry-hump” Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Pat Dixon, wanted to “watch Phil Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson burn”, that Leonard Cohen “should be taken down and shot,” and Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley “assassinated”. 

Leonard Cohen testified that he personally obtained information about Lynch from alleged emails and confirmed that he hired a private investigator.  Lynch confirmed, pursuant to the public defender’s advice, with Berkeley PD that her colleagues and landlord (in Berkeley) were being harassed by Cohen’s private investigator.    Kelley Lynch did not gain access to “alcohol” at her son’s house.  Gianelli doesn’t know either of them.  Gianelli, at this time, was posting slanderous articles about Lynch on his blog; harassing her and her sons (including her then minor son); and attempted to insert himself into her son’s Whole Foods matter.  Gianelli wrote about “Pat Dixon” and appeared to have information about Dixon and what Dixon felt about matters.  Lynch addressed the fact that when she hears Eminem’s song “PUKE” she thinks of Dixon.  Eminem is the individual who wrote the lyric to PUKE and Eminem addressed “dry humping” with respect to Mariah Carey.  Lynch never wrote that she wanted to “dry hump” Pat Dixon and addressed this farcical allegation in her September 2009 letter to Cooley, Jackson and Do that Investigator Frayeh hand delivered to them.  Investigator Frayeh seemed to believe that Gianelli was a “shady character” who may have found a “sympathetic ear” with Spector’s prosecutor Alan Jackson about Lynch.  He informed Lynch to remove Jackson from her emails for TEN DAYS while he investigated. 

Eminem - Puke Live

Because Lynch believes that prosecutor Alan Jackson is a liar, who lied about Phil Spector, Eminem’s song “Love The Way You Lie” (liked by 850 million people online), reminded her of Alan Jackson.  Eminem speaks about “burning” in this song and video.  Actually, Skylar Grey is the songwriter.  Eminem and Rihanna performed the song.  Due to the fact that Steve Lindsey dragged Dr. Dre and Mike Lynne (President of Aftermath Records) into the custody matter, Lynch contacted Universal/Aftermath and frequently copied Rand Hoffman, head of business affairs about this situation. She advised Rand that Gianelli and others were falsely accusing her of copyright infringement over these songs; accused me of writing the lyrics; and I intend to enclose a photograph of Eminem and a link to the song and lyric when writing Alan Jackson.  I sent Rand Hoffman the photograph I planned to use of Eminem and a copy of this letter.  Kelley Lynch will now address everything Cohen views as threatening – including the tone of her voice – with the Court in the fraud domestic violence matter.  Lynch has addressed the parody letter re. Cooley.  She referred to the legal “death penalty” and not assassinating Cooley.  As a jury just decided that the Boston bomber should receive the “death penalty,” Lynch remains convinced that she may discuss a legal “remedy.”  Kelley Lynch believes that Eminem personally should address whether or not he dedicated the lyric to “PUKE” and/or “LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE” to Pat Dixon and Alan Jackson.  She has informed Eminem that Phil Spector was railroaded and he should remain aware of the fact that celebrities are targeted when politicians need to advance their careers.  Eminem is clearly a potential target.  In fact, Chief Justice John Roberts just mentioned Eminem.  That would make Lynch extremely uncomfortable giving what she is witnessing in LA Confidential.  She believes the NSA and CIA should monitor the situation since these people are out of control and appear to be a national security threat.  They are involved with setting up innocent people and lie for a living.  They also monitor citizens’ blogs and have an interest in pure speech issues on those blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages.  People have been prosecuted for pure speech issues involving “celebrities.”  LA Confidential is running a celebrity justice program and is serious about the Phil Spector case because they haven’t nailed a celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle. 

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

          IT WAS DURING THIS TIME PERIOD THAT LYNCH BECAME INTERESTED in Phil Spector’s murder prosecution. Although Lynch professed to be Spector’s “dear friend”, she failed to attend a single day of either of the music producer’s trials – even though Spector and his wife were appealing through the media for friends and fans to attend the trial to show support. But during the defense phase of Spector’s retrial (following a hung jury) Lynch, who believed that Spector would soon be free, hatched a hair brained plan to basically use Spector as her new meal ticket. She publicly announced that she hoped to persuade Spector to “lend” Lynch his “legal team” to sue the LAPD (for “kidnapping” her) and Leonard Cohen, for allegedly conspiring with Spector’s prosecutors.  

Lynch became interested in the Phil Spector case when she wrote and informed him (in 2003) that she didn’t believe he shot anyone and knew he was innocent.  Lynch and Spector discussed the Clarkson incident over a private dinner.  He told her what happened – a drunken, high 6’ 160 pound woman (who was evidently a prostitute) was out of control at his house.  He walked into the foyer and she was dancing around with a gun singing “Da Doo Run Run.”  Lynch mentioned to Spector that it figured she would know “Da Doo Run Run” because she hates the song as Spector well understood.  Spector informed Lynch that the gun was not his.  He explained what happened when Alhambra PD showed up – after HE asked the driver to call 911.  Spector explained to Lynch that HE asked DeSouza to call the police.  Spector appeared livid that the police did not send a medic in immediately.  He informed Lynch that it was the most devastating situation he ever witnessed.  He rushed to her aid and may attempted to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation.  He did not know if she was alive or dead and could not believe that Alhambra PD didn’t send an ambulance as he asked DeSouza to request.  Kelley Lynch remembers this conversation vividly.  Anyone would.  She asked Phil Spector point blank – did you shoot this woman?  He was having drinks and extremely relaxed with Lynch.  Spector and Lynch, as Paulette Brandt understands, have been dear friends for years.  Leonard Cohen understood that Lynch had dinner with Phil Spector after this incident.  In fact, he encouraged her to join Spector for dinner noting that they were close friends.  Lynch was not interested in the Spector trials and wouldn’t have attended if he paid her to.  Lynch does not listen to bullshit, gossip, and lies about her friends.  She did ultimately watch the first trial, after a man sent her the DVDS, with Paulette Brandt and was in shock at how stupid the prosecution was.  This led her to conclude that the dumber the allegations, the better chance someone has a convicting.  Lynch’s public defender drew the same conclusion with respect to Lynch’s prosecutor.  Lynch never hoped Spector would “lend” her his legal team and accusation sounds insane.  Lynch did advise the DA that she planned to file a lawsuit.  She has now formally notified the City and County that she will filing federal RICO suits.  Lynch has no idea if Cohen conspired with Spector’s prosecutors.  She knows that Steve Cooley publicly aligned himself with Leonard Cohen during her 2012 trial.  And she knows for a fact that Phil Spector felt entitled to that information.  He also had a right to confront his accuser, Leonard Cohen, who was on the stand (with the news media and member of Cooley’s private investigation team) in the courtroom.   Lynch remains unconvinced that the Tooth Fairy took her for a joy ride to Killer King after the SWAT incident.  If anyone has evidence supporting that theory, they should provide it to IRS, FBI, and DOJ who Lynch has asked to investigate the situation.  Based on what Lynch has witnessed in LA Confidential, it is entirely possible that the “Tooth Fairy” hauled her to Killer King and questioned her about Phil Spector.  However, as she asked Investigator John Frayeh (who informed her that she was “probably a witness in the Phil Spector matter during their March 2007 meeting), why wasn’t she questioned about Oliver Stone since her friendship with him was entirely public knowledge.

          THE LYNCHPIN OF LYNCH’S PLAN WAS TO PERSUADE SPECTOR that Cohen was responsible for his murder prosecution because (Lynch claimed) Cohen allegedly testified falsely to Spector’s criminal grand jury about Spector pulling a gun on Cohen years before during a recording session. Lynch laid all of this out in great detail in her “Phil Spector and Kelley Lynch Blog” that she launched in  2009, and that was later removed by Google for terms-of-use violations. The fundamental flaw in Lynch’s plan was that Leonard Cohen never testified before Phil Spector’s criminal grand jury, let alone falsely, or at either murder trial. Undaunted, Lynch became obsessed with “joining forces with Phil Spector” to sue the County of Los Angeles and Leonard Cohen, whom she asserted conspired together with her former partner Steven Lindsey and many others to “ruin my life”.

Lynch never attempted to convince or persuade anyone that Leonard Cohen was responsible for the murder prosecution of Phil Spector.  

          BY APRIL OF 2010, LYNCH WAS EMPLOYED BY A SANTA MONICA PARALEGAL SERVICE owned by Jim Goudezari. It was then that Lynch emailed us to advise that she was now “represented by Jim Goudezari” and would be “filing a motion to vacate Cohen’s fraud judgment” against her “by the end of the month”. Lynch elaborated that she “was never served” with Cohen’s lawsuit, asserted that the $7.9M judgment was unsupported by any evidence, and that the Judge who issued the 2006 judgment, the Hon. Kenneth Freeman, was “corrupt” and “star struck” by Cohen, and that the judgement was “fraudulently issued”. Intrigued by these claims we downloaded copies of Cohen’s Complaint, the Proof of Service, and the supporting Declarations of Leonard Cohen and forensic accountant Kevin L. Prins, all of which documentation we reviewed and posted on line. Our conclusion: Not only was there no evidence of fraud or judicial corruption, but the amount of the judgment – which included an award of prejudgment interest – was amply supported by the submitted evidence. Indeed, far from acting as a rubber stamp in an effort to pander to a celebrity plaintiff, the court record revealed that Judge Freeman REDUCED Cohen’s damage request by $1M. We also learned that there was no licensed attorney named Jim or James Goudezari in the State of California. Nor did Kelley Lynch file a “motion to vacate” the $7.9M judgment by the end of that month or at all in 2010. Nor did Lynch sue us for “libel by the end of the month”, by the end of the year, or at any time – as she threatened to do when we posted our conclusions on our former law blog.

Leonard Cohen’s Complaint (posted online by Stephen Gianelli April 1, 2010)

Leonard Cohen Complaint Proof of Service (posted online by Stephen Gianelli)

Declaration of Kevin Prins (posted online by Stephen Gianelli – with fraudulent expense ledger)

Leonard Cohen’s declaration (posted online by Stephen Gianelli)

Leonard Cohen Declaration – CAK litigation

In or around January 2010, Kelley Lynch met with Jim Goudarzi, and his wife, regarding a paralegal position Goudarzi advertised.  Lynch provided Goudarzi with the names of lawyers she had worked for.  Lynch is in possession of a lawyer’s letter (written at that time to confirm her work as his legal assistant, etc.) confirming that she was an excellent legal assistant.  Lynch also worked for at least one member of the California State Bar which means that she was grandfathered in with respect to her work as a legal assistant/paralegal.  Lynch was quite clear with Judge Robert Hess that she has no expertise in “default judgment law.”  While she has worked for litigators, her experience is primarily in the entertainment field.  The individual who provided Lynch with at least one letter of recommendation (forward to IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others) was a federal litigator who specialized in injunctions, copyright and trademark law, and entertainment industry law.  Stephen Gianelli does not know Lynch but has lied to people about her credentials.  Goudarzi assured Lynch that he would have a lawyer provide her with templates and come into the office once a week to review her work and approve of it.  Lynch did have the lawyers Goudarzi worked with provide her with the templates, review her work, and confirm that the work was accurate and approved.  Goudarzi repeatedly complimented Lynch on her work – including with respect to the Italian fine arts store.  In fact, Goudarzi executed a partnership document that Lynch has in her possession.  One of the lawyers, who was in the office from time to time, advised Lynch to file a motion to vacate Cohen’s fraudulent default judgment.  Lynch, a bounty hunter (who worked with Goudarzi), and Goudarzi reviewed the proof of service and the bounty hunter informed Lynch and Goudarzi that the process server should have obtained a name.  He seemed professional.  Lynch did discuss these matters with Goudarzi, a lawyer he worked with, the process server, and others. Lynch contacted Judge Ken Freeman’s court reporter and reviewed certain information with her.  She read Lynch the minute orders.  Gianelli contacted that individual following Lynch’s call and made this information public.  He evidently received an email in response to his inquiries although he is not a party to Case No BC338322 or an attorney of record.  The court reporter brought the related case to Lynch’s attention.  She advised her that Cohen’s attorney should provide Lynch with the documents and any possible mediation notes, recordings, Richard Westin’s settlement agreement, etc.  Cohen’s lawyers steadfastly refused to speak to Lynch.  On April 1, 2010, Stephen Gianelli posted Cohen’s Complaint online.  That is the first time Lynch was able to review the document and immediately provided IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others, with her initial comments.  Stephen Gianelli was slandering Lynch on her blog.  She advised him relentlessly to cease and desist; stop harassing and her sons (including her then minor son), contacted LAPD repeatedly, and addressed the slanderous allegations which were entirely false.  Lynch has maintained evidence from Gianelli’s blog articles and postings at that time.  Gianelli and Susanne Walsh, Leonard Cohen’s fan, then began threatening Lynch publicly.  Gianelli mentioned that he was contacting law enforcement regarding “unverified warrants” on Lynch’s DMV accounts.  Lynch’s name is frequently misspelled as “Kelly Lynch” and that matter will be addressed legally – unverified warrants simply attributed to Kelley Lynch when they don’t relate to her but permitted Gianelli and others to threaten Lynch.  Freeman’s Court Reporter assured that he wasn’t “corrupt.”  Lynch doesn’t know if Freeman is “star struck.”  She knows for a fact that her alleged prosecutor was because she witnessed her gushing in her cell phone about Leonard Cohen and his alleged attributes and heard the statements she made during her trial and other hearings.  She also witnessed numerous prosecutors advise judges, on the record, that her matters were “unusual” or “rare” because celebrity Leonard Cohen was involved.  The fraudulent expense ledger and perjured declarations are not evidence that would support the fraud judgment.  Lynch never said Goudarzi was lawyer.  He was not and she was very clear about that fact.  Shortly after Goudarzi posted the Complaint online, Lynch relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Gianelli hunted her down, and located her husband.  Lynch had not publicly addressed (including to Gianelli) where she was residing.  Gianelli found her ex-husband, called him numerous times, attempted to elicit information about her family and brothers, and lied about Richard Dallett and his conversation.  Lynch has emails from Dallett confirming this.  He was not clear if Gianelli previously impersonated a “social worker” (who did not exist) when he called to state that Kelley Lynch was a crack addict who Dallett should not help.

          AS IT TURNS OUT, JIM GOUDEZARI FELT SORRY FOR LYNCH AND GAVE HER A JOB, but quickly realized that Lynch was not qualified as a paralegal and could not pull her weight. In a 2010 email, Goudezari told us that when Lynch confided she had no money to buy food, that he would often buy her lunch. But when it became clear that Lynch was incapable of doing the work, and Goudezari asked Lynch to leave, Lynch started sending out mass emails accusing her employer of “tax fraud”, “money laundering”,  “illegal arms deals with Iranian nationals” and of being a “terrorist” – cc to Goudazri’s family, ex-wife, the IRS and the FBI. Goudezari told us in a 2010 email that he had to call the police to get Lynch to vacate his business premises after she was fired.

Goudarzi never discovered that Lynch was not qualified.  That issue never once arose.  Goudarzi, after entering into a partnership agreement, decided he would simply change the terms of Lynch’s compensation.  Lynch has nothing further to say about that issue.  She has the agreement signed by Goudarzi.  Goudarzi never “bought” Lynch lunch.  He paid her for her services and she bought her own lunch.  As Goudarzi’s brother-in-laws owned the restaurant downstairs, he had an account and told Lynch to charge her lunch from time to time (as she discussed with his brother-in-laws who confirmed this) because he owed her money and deducted it.  The lawyers Lynch worked with approved her work and complimented her so Lynch has no idea what Gianelli, who didn’t know Goudarzi, is talking about.  Goudarzi didn’t ask Lynch to leave.  She planned to relocate, was merely visiting her son, did not like the job, and resigned.

Lynch has never said that Goudarzi was involved in “illegal arms deals” and has no idea what this means.  Goudarzi asked her to phone the Secret Service.  He told her they were investigating the Concerto Brothers, Iranian Regime, money laundering, Las Vegas casinos, and his former partner (Valentino) may have been an informant for the Secret Service.  Lynch, with Goudarzi present, phoned the Secret Service at his request.  She spoke to an agent, confirmed why she was calling, and the agent asked to speak to Goudarzi.  That was a very good instinct on his part because Goudarzi will not be able to lie about that fact.  Lynch documented everything Goudarzi told her about the situation with Valentino, and emailed it to him constantly, and wrote up the narrative he provided her.  Goudarzi filed the Complaint with LA Superior Court.  A lawyer provided her with the template and reviewed all elements of Goudarzi’s argument.  It didn’t involve Goudarzi or arm’s dealing.  Goudarzi’s brother-in-law stopped by during the incident when Goudarzi lost his temper with Lynch.  Lynch is unaware of any call to the police.  Goudarzi’s brother-in-laws and wife are witnesses so Goudarzi should keep that in mind.  During this time, coincidentally, Lynch received this email from the FBI.  It was not a threat assessment and they understood how to contact Lynch.  Lynch removed confidential information from the email and advised FBI that she planned to do that.  Gianelli recently emailed this FBI communication to Lynch, copying in FBI, and advising her and FBI that this is a threat assessment related to Lynch.  That’s not what the confidential information related to or said.  Gianelli routinely lies to IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, ICE, FTB, and attempts to infiltrate matters.  He evidently hunted down Agent Sopko’s partner at the DOJ.  He also insulted Agent Sopko online and referred to her as Lynch’s “federal pet.”  Agent Sopko is not Lynch’s “pet” – federal or otherwise – and found the insult revolting.  Gianelli has now advised Lynch that he worked with FBI Agent Wynar in Oakland, California on a case.  Lynch wonders why because this man is clearly a criminal who has issued not-so-veiled threats to Lynch about his alleged family Mafia connections.  Lynch phoned Agent Wynar and discussed at length with FBI Oakland Gianelli’s criminal harassment of her and others. 

From: Washington Field <>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
Subject: Toward Improving Communication
To: Kelley Lynch <>
It sounds like life remains very interesting and exciting.  Where are you now?  Are you in the Washington, D.C. area?  Are you available by telephone?

Duty Agent
FBI-Washington Field Office
601 4th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20535
(202) 278-2000

Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 3:29 AM
Subject: Your threat assessment email to Kelley Lynch dated Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
To: Washington Field <>
THIS single response that the Washington Field Office transmitted to Kelley A. Lynch in December of 2009 is the reason why Kelley Lynch ( a Resident of California) has sent tens of thousands of emails to the DC field office (it is the only time a federal agency has EVER repined  to one of her  emails.

From: Washington Field <>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
Subject: Toward Improving Communication
To: Kelley Lynch <>
It sounds like life remains very interesting and exciting.  Where are you now?  Are you in the Washington, D.C. area?  Are you available by telephone?

Duty Agent
FBI-Washington Field Office
601 4th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20535
(202) 278-2000

          IT ALSO TURNS OUT THAT GOUDEZARI WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS FED UP with Lynch’s antics. During this period Lynch copied us with an email string that included a message from her son Rutger (who had taken her into his apartment after she left the Star of Hope) that “all you are good for is drinking and shouting”. In addition, Kelley Lynch had harsh words for Rutger when he questioned her email activities, her alcohol abuse, and Lynch’s continued obsession with Leonard Cohen. Responding to Lynch’s plea for additional financial assistance, Rutger responded with a 2010 email (also copied to us by Lynch) stating “I told you that I am done with you”. Three years later, Rutger would explain in an email dated June 7, 2013, to Kelley Lynch’s then landlord Raymond “Ray” Lawrence who had not been paid for 9-months:

Stephen Gianelli has no evidence with which to authenticate, for Lynch or anyone else, the alleged email Rutger evidently sent – after his mother and aunt were slandered by Ray Lawrence and others.  Her younger son, Ray Lindsey, addressed Gianelli, Walsh, and Lawrence’s harassment of his mother, the slander that confused and disturbed him, and the fact that these emails made him physically ill.  He noted that Kory’s partner, Michelle Rice, was copied in so Lynch is well aware of the fact that Kory/Rice have no concern whatsoever for her sons who have been criminally harassed by Gianelli, Walsh, and others, for years now.  Lynch’s son, Rutger, recently addressed Gianelli and Walsh’s harassing emails copying him in with the City Attorney, by referring to them as “fruitcakes” and wondering if they stay up all night making up their insane slanderous allegations.  Rutger copied Vivienne Swanigan, City Attorney’s office, on that email.  That’s because Gianelli did.


I, Ray Charles Lindsey, declare as follows:

1.    I am over the age of eighteen.  The following facts are within my personal knowledge and, if called and sworn as a witness, I could and would testify competently thereto.

2.    I am a resident of California.

3.    Since approximately 2009, I have been receiving emails from Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh (Leonard Cohen’s fan), and others.  Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice, was copied in on some of these emails..  Apart from Leonard Cohen, I do not know these people and have never met them.  These individuals were also posting on the internet about my mother.  Most of the emails related to matters involving Leonard Cohen, IRS, and Phil Spector.

4.    My mother was Leonard Cohen’s personal manager for approximately 17 years.  They had a falling out in the fall of 2004 to my knowledge. My mother is also a friend of Phil Spector.

5.    On or around May 6, 2013, Ray Lawrence began privately emailing me.  I don’t not know him and have never met him.  He made serious accusations about my mother and was angry with my Aunt Karen.  Karen is my mother’s sister.

6.    While Ray Lawrence was in Minnesota, my mother lived with his roommate, Michael Ingrassia.  My mother moved out of their house on June 4, 2013 and shortly thereafter I began receiving an onslaught of emails from him, Stephen Gianelli, and Susanne Walsh.  My mother was the target of those emails.  Ray Lawrence accused my mother of many things, including stealing Michael Ingrassia’s computer.  My mother then sent out an email from Michael Ingrassia confirming that he had given her the computer. 
The accusations were confusing and disturbing.  Whenever one of these individuals accused my mother of something in their mass emails, she would refute them, asked Gianelli, Walsh, Lawrence, and others, to stop emailing her, asked them to stop contacting her sons, family members, and friends, and/or advised them to cease and desist.

7.    On or around June 18, 2013, I wrote Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and Ray Lawrence advising them to stop contacting me and my immediate family because their emails were making me ill.  See Exhibit A.

8.    On June 21, 2013, my brother, Rutger Penick, responded to these emails and addressed the fact that he felt Stephen Gianelli was picking on my mother because she is poor.  He sent a copy of that email to Ray Lawrence and Susanne Walsh.  My mother and I were copied in as well.  See Exhibit B.

9.    At some point, Ray Lawrence’s emails made demands on my mother about property and evidence she left at his house with his permission.. He began threatening to destroy them, sell them, or provide her documents to Leonard Çohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice.  Gianelli and Walsh also sent emails advising Lawrence to send my mother’s evidence and paperwork to Michelle Rice.  This was upsetting to my mother and she emailed the recipients of the emails the agreement she and Lawrence had entered into permitting her to store her belongings at his house.

9.    The emails from Ray Lawrence were extremely slanderous and accusatory with respect to my mother and were upsetting and confusing.  For the time being, they seem to have stopped.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on July 17, 2013 at Los Angeles, California.

Ray Charles Lindsey 


From: Ray Lindsey
Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 9:50 PM
Subject: I'm getting physically ill
To: Susanne Walsh <>
Cc: Ray Lawrence <>, "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <>

Please discontinue contacting anyone in my immediate family. This is causing me to become ill as a result of the consistent bullshit. I just want everything to stop. I know I've added my share to the pool, but this is getting too much for me. I'm getting in over my head and it's hurting my heart to have to see my mother go through as a result of her own actions and the actions of others.

Can't we all just practice compassion for one moment, please.

From: Rutger Penick
Date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 5:48 AM
Subject: Re: I'm getting physically ill
Cc: Kelley Lynch <>, Ray Lawrence <>, Susanne Walsh <>

Stephen shut up already. Live the rest of your worthless life without picking on the poor. I am sure that makes you feel superior.


Rutger Penick | MCTS:Windows 7

          RUTGER HAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE WAS MOVING TO GET RID OF LYNCH. Rutger’s father (who was also Lynch’s second husband), Douglas Penick, then arranged for Lynch to stay with an old Buddhist seminary buddy who was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Eric Salter, and Lynch was once again on a bus and traveling cross-country.  

Rutger didn’t move to get rid of Lynch.  Douglas Penick did not arrange for Lynch to stay with her friend, Eric Salter, in Ft. Lauderdale.  Lynch didn’t travel by bus to Florida. 

          ONCE LYNCH ARRIVED IN FT. LAUDERDALE, Salter prevailed on a friend “Beverly” to hire Lynch as a bookkeeper for IMA Yachts, a company that regularly held millions of client dollars in trust to fund the construction, staffing and maintenance of the clients’ super yachts. Lynch was also introduced to an established music producer – Rachael Faro, who in turn introduced Lynch to a partner in one of the nation’s most prestigious entertainment law firms “Les”. Lynch wasted no time in proving the adage that “no good deed goes unpunished”, by burning all of those new found connections to the ground.

Beverly, who Eric referred to as a “fag hag,’ did not hire Lynch as a bookkeeper for IMA Yachts or anything else.  Lynch is not a bookkeeper.  Beverly asked Lynch to assist her occasionally and paid her.  At some point, IMA Yachts had data imput work and hired Lynch.  Beverly, who appeared to have a melt down, showed up at Eric’s house one night (and appeared quite drunk – Lynch doesn’t care what was going on).  She mentioned Stephen Gianelli, his blog, and IRS.  Lynch was not introduced to Rachel Faro.  She has known her since Lynch was a teenager.  They lived in NYC together.  Rachel Faro did provide Lynch with Les Zigel’s name.  Lynch discussed her situation, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, and other matters, with Les Zigel.  He informed Lynch that he was not a litigator.  He also informed Lynch, after speaking with her, to file a police report regarding the ongoing harassment.  Kelley Lynch and Eric Salter filed a police report regarding Stephen Gianelli.  The USPS advised Lynch that they opened a criminal investigation into issues related to Stephen Gianelli. 

          IN NO TIME, LYNCH STARTED SENDING OUT MASS EMAILSstating that she had received “legal advice” from “Les” to the effect that Leonard Cohen owed her millions and that those she viewed as enemies (including the author of this post) were allegedly “criminals who belonged in jail”. Lynch went so far as to publicly claim in mass emails that “Les” specifically advised her to report named persons to the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department. (“Les” was still sending out emails for months afterwards disclaiming any attorney-client relationship, or other association with Kelley Lynch.) 
Lynch didn’t have attorney/client relationship with Les Zigel and Stephen Gianelli does not know him.  Lynch did address the evidence she has re. her 15% ownership interest in Cohen’s intellectual property; fraud default judgment; fact that she wasn’t served; ongoing criminal harassment; etc. with Les.  She has private emails from him.
          IN ADDITION, PARTLY BECAUSE LYNCH ASSUMED THAT ANYONE HEARING HER TALE OF WOE at the hands of Leonard Cohen and other alleged co-conspirators would sympathize, it did not take long for IMA Yachts to find out that Lynch had suffered an unpaid $7.9M embezzlement based judgment or that the victim was a former employer or to conclude that keeping this woman on its payroll as a bookkeeper,  notwithstanding the millions of dollars in client funds reposing in its trust accounts,  might not be the best strategy for developing client trust – to say nothing of potential liability issues. So, with apologies, Eric Salter’s friend “Beverly” was required to inform Lynch that her services at IMA were no longer required.

Lynch was not a bookkeeper so no one – including IMA Yachts – advised her that handling their millions in client funds would be the best strategy  Lynch had nothing whatsoever to do with their bookkeeping.  Cohen, Gianelli, et al’s slander may have led to the situation with IMA Yachts and Lynch has asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others, to investigate this situation.  Beverly mentioned the IRS and Gianelli when she showed up at Eric’s at around 11 or 12 at night and appeared to be in the middle of a meltdown.  There was at least one other witness present.  Beverly offered no apologies and no one present could really figure out what she was talking about.  Lynch had been with Anita throughout the evening and Beverly was calling hysterically.  She evidently discovered “Stephen Gianelli” and his slanderous blog.

          LYNCH’S RESPONSE WAS SWIFT AND PREDICTABLE. Within minutes of the initial 11:00AM email addressed to Rutger Penick arriving in our inbox, subject line “I’ve been fired, Honey,” Lynch lit into Beverly with a vicious onslaught of angry (and apparently intoxicated, grammatically incorrect emails riddled with spelling errors), and copied to scores of others including the owners of IMA Yachts, some of their clients, the news media, the IRS, and many others – calling Beverly a “fag-hag”, a “drunk”, a “drug addict”, and accusing Beverly of “tax fraud”. Beverly thus became Lynch's third former employer to be accused by Lynch of tax fraud in emails to the IRS.

Lynch has the emails addressing this situation and Gianelli’s blog posts from this period in time.  The man is positively obsessed with Lynch.  He doesn’t know her, her sons, or the witnesses he has attempted to harass, slander, insult, intimidate, and/or threat.  Lynch never accused Beverly of tax fraud.  She must have been paranoid about who she discussed her monies and the Cayman Islands with.  Lynch could care less.  She doesn’t know the woman. 

          RUN OUT OF FT. LAUDERDALE ON A RAIL, and having burned every connection that her ex-husband Douglas Penick set her up with – including Eric Salter – Lynch found herself on a Greyhound Bus bound for Berkeley, California where Lynch rented a room and found a job as a paid signature gatherer. Two events contributed to Lynch’s leaving Berkeley: First, when the Franchise Tax Board started garnishing her wages, Lynch immediately blamed Cohen, and resumed her email harassment of her former employer, in violation of the Colorado protection order, which in May of 2011 was registered in California. Second, Lynch showed up back at the office of her employer one afternoon smelling of alcohol, and was summarily fired for drinking on the job.

Lynch was hardly run out of Ft. Lauderdale on a rail.  She decided to relocate to Berkeley, California.  Lynch was not a Greyhound Bus.  Lynch was never hired to gather signatures for anyone.  Lynch worked on ACLU and Southern Poverty Law campaigns.  Stephen Gianelli attempted to contact Doug Davis regarding Lynch and her FTB accounts.  She has spoken with FTB who advised her that they cannot discuss her, or her accounts, with a third party without her consent.  Lynch didn’t blame Cohen for the wage garnishment.  Doug Davis advised Lynch to obtain the tax information she required, including Leonard Cohen’s IRS required form 1099 (that he refuses to provide Lynch), and informed her that he didn’t believe City National Bank would have the records.  This matter will be litigated.  Lynch wasn’t fired one afternoon for drinking on any job.  She documented this situation for IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others.  Ross Oviatt also documented what he felt about the situation.  Lynch never drank on the job and was not fired by Tyler Paxton after she “showed up back at the office” one afternoon.  That did not happen.  Gianelli is a bald-faced liar.  His interest and knowledge about GCI is relevant and material.    

          LYNCH PROCEEDED TO SEND THOUSANDS OF VILE, OBSCENE, THREATENING AND ACCUSATORY EMAILS TO COHEN as well as leaving Cohen scores of similar disturbing voice messages on his home telephone. Lynch’s speech in many of the voicemail recordings was slurred and Lynch’s public defender would later admit to a jury that Lynch “was not entirely sober” when she left some of the messages.  When Cohen attorney Michelle Rice emailed Lynch to advise that the Colorado order had been registered in California, Lynch unleashed an onslaught of 80-emailed replies to Rice, and doubled down on her harassment of Cohen. Lynch (falsely) accused Cohen in the communications of “molesting” his daughter, of being responsible for the traumatic amputation of her son’s fingers in an industrial accident, of being responsible for Phil Spector’s murder conviction and “tax fraud”, and also stated that Cohen “should be taken down and shot”. Lynch also berated the performer’s penis size, copied Cohen with emails (falsely) accusing the author of this post of being a pedophile, and also copied Cohen with an email advocating for the “assassination” of Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley.  

Lynch did not send vile or obscene threatening emails to Leonard Cohen.  The unauthenticated email evidence will be addressed in Lynch’s federal RICO suit.  Lynch was not slurring and will have the voice mail messages, on CDs she now has, analyzed by a sound expert.  Cohen testified that he worked with a sound engineer and Lynch cannot understand why Cohen is recorded speaking on these messages speaking over her.  They voice mails could not be date or time stamped.  Michelle Rice wrote and lied to Lynch on February 14, 2011.  She evidently spent months researching how to register the non-domestic violence order in California after she and Kory visited the police department.  Leonard Cohen evidently then managed to summon LAPD’s TMU to meet with him.  LAPD’s TMU wrote in their report that Lynch’s alleged emails were generally requests for tax information.  They noted that the voice mail messages were not date or time stamped.  The messages appear to have been altered in terms of sound, speed, volume, etc.  Leonard Cohen is the individual who sounded high and slurring on his voice mail message (over the years) – and he probably retaliated when Lynch mentioned this.  Lynch did not accuse Cohen of molesting his daughter.  Kelley Lynch is in possession of a legal opinion re. Freda Gutmann’s statements to Ann Diamond that Lorca Cohen told her classmates at Concordia that her father molested her and wondered if this could be true.  Kelley Lynch never accused Leonard Cohen of ripping her son’s fingers off but Cohen and the prosecutor believed it was appropriate to target Lynch over that matter.  Lynch did not accuse Cohen of being responsible for Phil Spector’s murder conviction.  Mick Brown, UK Telegraph, confirmed that he reviewed the Spector Grand Jury Transcripts and Cohen’s testimony/statements were indeed presented to the Grand Jury.  Leonard Cohen’s good rock ‘n roll comments about Spector appear in nearly every article published about Cohen and/or Spector.  In fact, the photograph for this article reviewed Lynch’s blog and inquired about the matters addressed.  This entirely fraudulent and slanderous article was then published.  Neither incident occurred.  The journalist assured Lynch that the article was “legaled.”  Lynch has no idea what that means because Leonard Cohen, who participated in this interview (as did his lawyers), lies about Kelley Lynch, Phil Spector, Janis Joplin, CIA’s MKULTRA program, his role in the Bay of Pigs, and his intent to join the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War.  This is Lynch’s personal opinion.

Two harrowing and  life-defining moments propelled Leonard Cohen back on the stage and touring the world, writes Ted McDonnell.


The first life-defining moment harks back to the ’70s involving award-winning producer and latter day convicted murderer Phil Spector. Spector’s love of Cohen is the reason the Canadian-born troubadour is around today. It was Spector’s infamous gun antics that put Cohen’s life in peril when they were making Cohen’s much forgettable album Death of a Ladies Man. 

To this day, Cohen avoids long discussions about the album that proved the only flop of his long career and just refers to it as a ‘catastrophe’. 

However, he readily remembers the night in 1977 that Spector literally changed his outlook on life and his career. It was one booze-filled evening, in a year of booze and drug-filled evenings, when Spector, who Cohen says had previously threatened him with a crossbow, held a Colt .45 to Cohen’s neck. Cohen, who was in his early 40s at the time, sobered up very quickly as he saw his life instantaneously flash before his blurred vision.

As Cohen remembers, Spector leaned into him muttering: “Leonard, I love you.” To which Cohen slowly and cautiously answered, “I sure hope you do, Phil.”

Luckily, for Cohen and the music world, Spector did not pull the trigger. Death of a Ladies Man did not become a miserable epitaph. After the dismal reaction to the Spector collaboration that almost curtailed his life, and put a temporary black spot on his early career, Cohen promptly ended the ‘one-album’ affair with Spector, and refocused his energies on his writing and the production of his own records.
Ironically, two decades later, in 2003 Spector, did pull the trigger with deadly consequences. The gun-happy record producer was convicted of second-degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was found dead in Spector’s Los Angeles home with a single gunshot to the mouth. Spector testified Clarkson committed suicide. However, the jury in Spector’s second murder trial in 2009 did not believe the 70-year-old’s story. He was sentenced to 19 years to life. 

Having escaped Spector’s dysfunctional madness, Cohen for the next 20 years steeled himself to making a string of successful albums including I’m Your Man, The Future, Ten New Songs, and Dear Heather.

Off the back of his enduring success, Cohen, in the early 1990s, decided to stop touring and devote himself to his teacher – the Za-Zen master Old Roshi. Cohen would spend more than a decade at the Buddhist retreat of his master on Mount Baldy, not far from his LA home. The drugs, both illegal and medicinal, were ditched and Cohen finally found his true self by “not thinking about myself every given minute” as he had done in the previous 40 odd years.

He revealed at the time: “When you stop thinking about yourself all the time, a certain sense of repose overtakes you. It happened to me by imperceptible degrees and I could not really believe it; I could not really claim it for some time. I thought there must be something wrong. It’s like taking a drink of cold water when you are thirsty. Every taste bud on your tongue, every molecule in your body says thank you.”

However, in 2005 Cohen’s second life-defining moment came at a very inopportune time in the midst of semi-retirement as he sat on Mount Baldy meditating. At the age of 70, Cohen suddenly found himself virtually penniless. He was forced to come down from his mountain retreat and face the shattering reality that his manager of 17 years and one-time lover Kelley Lynch had stolen almost every cent from his bank accounts. Over a number of years, Lynch drew down on Cohen’s savings accounts. In all, more than $5 million had been stolen. A broken and broke Cohen sued Lynch, who was ordered to pay him $9.5 million. Lynch’s lawyers claimed she was “unreachable”. She failed to repay a single cent and never faced criminal fraud charges.

For Lynch, stealing Cohen’s money was not enough. For more than six years, starting in 2005, on a virtual daily basis, Lynch phoned and emailed Cohen in a campaign of hate. One of the many thousands of emails in court documents stated that Cohen “needed to be taken down and shot”.

He says he truly feared for his and his family’s lives such was Lynch’s crusade of fear and loathing. “It started with just a few now and then, but it eventually accelerated to 20 or 30 a day,” Cohen said of the barrage of vile voice messages and emails he, family and friends received. 

“Some were 50 pages long,” he recalls. In one she wrote: “You are a sick man … You are a thief … You are a common thief.” The words could easily be lyrics from a Cohen song.

Just over 12 months ago, Cohen finally gained some closure to this most ugly episode with Lynch being sentenced to 18 months jail  in a Californian prison and five years probation after being found guilty of harassing the singer.

Cohen sums up Lynch’s conviction as only a poet could: “It is my prayer that Ms Lynch will take refuge in the wisdom of her religion, that a spirit of understanding will convert her heart from hatred to remorse, from anger to kindness, from deadly intoxication of revenge to the lowly practices of self reform.”
Lynch is now out of jail and the Cohen clan is mindful of the need for her to “stay away”.

Cohen is a family man through and through. His love for his son Adam, an accomplished performer himself, and daughter Lorca, named after famed Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, who he says to this day ‘inspired his being’, has now extended to his grandchildren. Adam has a two-year-old son, Cassius, and Lorca with singer Rufus Wainwright only last year brought a “beautiful girl” into the world named Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen.

The impact of Lynch’s betrayal has changed Cohen much like the near-death experience with Spector, says one close friend. “He’s more guarded and not as open to new friendships. He’s just far more suspicious of people of business and their intentions.But he continues to adore his fans as he has always done.”

Cohen now surrounds himself with a bevy of minders headed by brilliant Los Angeles lawyer Robert Kory. By the end of the six years of legal wrangling with Lynch the few pennies Cohen had left were gone. So, in 2008, 15 years after he stopped touring, Cohen and his close-knit musical entourage, including long-time collaborator Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters, climbed aboard the bus again, and have not stopped touring averaging 50 concerts a year.

His first album in almost a decade, Old Ideas released last year was borne out of harrowing experiences of recent years and as one friend puts it Cohen’s need to “deal with his past in the only way he knows, through words”.

After a series of negotiations with his management, Cohen agreed to answer some questions through his lawyers. When asked about Old Ideas he typically avoids the discussion treating his album as a close friend, who is not in the room to defend himself, a friend he has put long hours into by mentoring and nurturing its being. He says it’s not a good idea to do an “autopsy on a living thing” when questioned on Old Ideas, which has reached number one on the charts in 11 countries, from Belgium to Poland to Canada. Fair enough, but this new collection strings together words so poetic that he could have very well have written them 50 odd years when he was considered more a poet than a  singer and songwriter. 

Kelley Lynch maintains that Leonard Cohen is a pathetic liar.  Steven Machat most definitely does not view Cohen or Kory as brilliant.  His email to Lynch, who provided him with the evidence he requested at the time, speaks for itself.
From: <>
Date: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 9:26 PM
Subject: Hi
To: Kelley Lynch <>

I need the stranger papers as I am about to sue those 2 evil liars. Cohen and his Satin, Kory.

Please get it to me tomorrow.

I can not keep waiting.

Thanks and be safe.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Kelley Lynch did not berate Leonard Cohen’s “penis size.”  Her colleague and friend asked her for details about Cohen forcing her to read business and legal documents while he soaked in bubble baths.  This fact was disclosed in Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit – not by Lynch.  Michael Ingrassia thought Leonard Cohen might like to discuss the size of his penis when they discussed the sexual harassment and indecent exposure Lynch was exposed to for years.  Lynch confirmed this situation for journalist Glenn Greenwald.  Cohen then read Lynch’s email to Glenn Greenwald into evidence.  The City Attorney of Los Angeles was clear that “Steve Cooley” was copied on that email and seemed dead set on protecting Leonard Cohen from any potential allegations of criminal conduct – including with respect to IRS and federal tax matters.  I never accused Gianelli of being a pedophile.  He was relentlessly targeting my then minor son and I took FBI’s advice about online strangers and other predators that include potential sexual predators.  Both Stephen Gianelli and Susanne Walsh, Cohen’s fan, attempted to (and succeeded from what Lynch has ascertained) communicate privately with her then minor son.  Lynch does not know either of this people and they could be serial murderers, rapists, sexual predators, out front with guns, or members of NAMBLA for all she knows.  The prosecutor, in keeping with her shameless tactics, attempted to victimize Lynch over her concern for her son and a “Bay Area” lawyer.  Lynch never said Cohen hurt children and has no idea what Streeter was talking about.  She knows this – the City Attorney of Los Angeles sounds like a criminal enterprise.  The FBI, on the other hand, sounds as though it is aware of the dangers minors are exposed to online.  Lynch has enclosed an excerpt from her Show Trial of the NAMBLA matter and Stephen Gianelli.  Lynch never advocated for the “assassination” of Steve Cooley.  She does think the Attorney General of the United States should investigate and prosecute him however.  And she does believe willful perjury and false testimony was used to convict Phil Spector.  Cooley appeared threatened by the California Penal Code related to officials who use willful perjure to obtain convictions, etc.  That Penal Code includes the “death penalty” as a potential punishment.

Unfortunately the same advances in computer and telecommunication technology that allow our children to reach out to new sources of knowledge and cultural experiences are also leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and harm by computer-sex offenders.

Streeter:  You mentioned -- you mentioned that Ms. Lynch often accused you of hurting other children; is that right?  Cohen:  I’m sorry?  Streeter:  Did Ms. Lynch in any of her emails accuse you of molesting your children?  Cohen:  Yes, she did.  Streeter:  Do you know what NAMBLA is, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I think it’s an organization of male and that affirms or encourages re -- sexual relations between men and children.  Streeter:  Did she ever mention that in any of the emails that she sent you, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  Sounds familiar, but I can’t -- I can’t say for sure.  I think so.  RT 90  Streeter:  You mentioned that you do recall her sending you emails in reference to the NAMBLA Association?  Cohen:  Right.  Streeter:  Is there any mention of that in that email, Mr. Cohen?
Cohen:  Yes, there is.  Streeter:  And after -- is there any mention of the minor children in reference to the -- that organization?  Cohen:  To my minor children -- Streeter:  Or minor children.
Cohen:  I don’t think this particular email is referring to me. Streeter.  But there is mention of that?
Cohen:  But there is a mention that a lawyer might be molesting her minor child and that he might be a member of NAMBLA.  RT 91/91  Cohen:  I don’t think this particular email is referring to me.
Streeter.  But there is mention of that?  Cohen:  But there is a mention that a lawyer might be molesting her minor child and that he might be a member of NAMBLA.  RT 89-91

Kelley Lynch

                                                                        31 July 2014

Thonas Wong                                                  Jessica Rivas
Chief Investigator                                            Associate County Counsel
City of Los Angeles                                         General Litigation Division
City Hall East                                                  648 Kenneth Hahn Hall                                 
200 N. Main Street                                          500 W. Temple Street
Room 800                                                        Los Angeles, California  90012
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Executive Offices of the Board of Supervisors
Room 383 Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California  90012

Re:  City of Los Angeles Claim No. C15-0063
       County of Los Angeles Claim No. 14-1115711*001

Thomas Wong, Jessica Rivas, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors,

Thank you for your letters dated July 8, 2014 (LA County), July 21, 2014 (LA County), and July 25, 2014 (City of Los Angeles). 

There seems to be some confusion with respect to the various dates and time frames addressed in my original claims.  I would like to reiterate the following:  These claims arise from a prolonged and sustained course of conduct that involves both the City and County of Los Angeles City.   
The course of conduct culminated with my false arrest and imprisonment on January 22, 2014 (Case No. 2CA0459) and LA Superior Court’s refusal to vacate a fraudulently obtained default judgment on January 17, 2014 (Case No. BC338322). 

This course of conduct also relates to the fraudulent registration of a foreign restraining order with Los Angeles Superior Court (Case No. BC033717).  The City and County of Los Angeles failed to verify the nature of the foreign order.  It is not a domestic violence order and I received written confirmation of this fact from the Boulder Combined Court on April 10, 2014

On June 17, 2014, after diligently pursuing the matter for nearly two years, I finally located the Court Reporter from the March 23, 2012 bail hearing (Case No. 2CA0459).  I and others have repeatedly been advised, for a variety of reasons, that this transcript was unavailable.  The Court Reporter is currently on vacation and will provide me with a transcript of that hearing when she returns.  That transcript should successfully prove that Leonard Cohen testified (accurately, I might note) that we were in a purely business relationship and I never stole from him.  His perjury with respect to the “dating relationship” was addressed during my 2012 trial in connection with the violation of the domestic violence order.  When confronted, Leonard Cohen admitted changing his testimony from one hearing to the next.  He was not prosecuted for perjury and DCA Streeter’s attempt to rehabilitate him was farcical. 

The governments of the City and County of Los Angeles have simply assigned me a “brief intimate dating relationship” with Leonard Cohen.  The fraudulently registered foreign order remains in full force and effect.  That order prevents me from requesting information I require to file and/or amend federal and state tax returns and payment for work I’ve done and assets I own.  Additional problems have arisen due to the fact that Internal Revenue Service views me as a partner on entities LA Superior Court has concluded is the sole property of Leonard Cohen.

The California Tort Claims Act mandates that all claims for money or damages against a public entity must be presented in writing to the entity prior to filing suit.  My claims were presented in writing and were filed in a timely manner.  Both the City and County of Los Angeles have acknowledged receipt of my tort claims.  Federal civil rights violation claims are not subject to California’s tort claim requirements because such would violate the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution. Williams v. Horvath, 16 Cal.3d 834, 842 (1976). 

Pursuant to government codes and regulations, the claims must be in writing and signed by the claimant.  The claim must contain:  information to be a sufficient claim; claimant’s name and mailing address; date, place, and circumstances of the claim; description of the injury, damage, or loss for which recovery is sought; name of any public employees causing the loss if known and an indication as to whether the claim would be made in limited jurisdiction court or not.  My original claims satisfied these elements.  The descriptions need not provide evidentiary detail and I have outlined the prolonged and sustained course of conduct in relatively great detail.  My original claims were detailed enough to allow the City and County of Los Angeles to investigate and consider them.  Furthermore, I am available to answer any questions with respect to complexities that may appear “vague.”  It is my personal opinion that neither the City nor County of Los Angeles have provided an adequate explanation for the denial or insufficiency of my claims.  The City and County of Los Angeles have also not explained precisely what dates they believe do not fall within the legal claim periods. 

I look forward to your response.

                                                                        Very truly yours,

                                                                        Kelley Lynch

cc:  IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and Dennis Riordan, Esquire

          SINCE KELLEY LYNCH NOW HAD A CALIFORNIA ADDRESS and was within reach of California prosecutors, a Los Angles, California arrest warrant was issued, and Lynch was arrested by Berkeley, California police in January of 2012 and Lynch was arraigned in Los Angeles County Superior Court on multiple counts of willfully violating the Colorado protective order as well as several counts of criminal harassment.

Lynch is aware that Gianelli, who does not know her, provided her address in June 2013 to the City Attorney of Los Angeles.  Gianelli also advised Lynch that he worked with the City Attorney on two occasions to have Lynch falsely arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned.  Lynch was arrested for violating the California registration of the Colorado order.  Streeter was quite clear about both orders at Lynch’s alleged bail hearing where Cohen testified that Lynch never stole from him and they were in a purely business relationship. 

          ACCORDING TO A SOURCE CLOSE TO LYNCH’S COURT APPOINTED DEFENSE TEAM that this author spoke to by phone, Lynch refused to waive her right to a jury trial within 45 days, refused to admit any wrongdoing, and insisted on pursuing the implausible defense that ALL of Lynch’s email and voice mail communications were simply requests for “tax information” so that Lynch could file her 2003 and 2004 federal and state income tax returns.

Gianelli has repeatedly alleged publicly that he personally spoke with one of Lynch’s public defenders who revealed confidential information, including as it related to Lynch’s defense witnesses, to him.  Lynch did refuse to waive her right to a speedy trial and her public defender, who put this in writing, advised Lynch that he felt (working with another lawyer) that he had enough time to prepare for trial.  Unfortunately, as the bailiff himself noted, the man failed to meet with Lynch and rarely got one fact or detail straight.  The judge noted that Lynch showed no remorse.  He should rest assured that she never will; knows he lied form the bench; and is revolted by LA Superior Court and its antics, shabby evidence standards, and tolerance of fraud, perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, Brady violations, etc.  LAPD’s report states unequivocally that Lynch’s alleged emails were generally requests for tax information.  Lynch does not have that IRS required tax information and has now asked Judge Hess to clarify the ambiguities in the fraud default judgment vis a vis IRS tax and corporate reporting and filing requirements. 
    LYNCH SUPPLIED A LIST OF WITNESSES TO HER DEFENSE TEAM, and the same source informed this author that “not a single witness was able to corroborate a single claim made by Lynch”. The source further conceded that “the only issue before the court was 1. Was there a valid restraining order?; 2. Did Lynch know about it?; and 3. Did she violate it?" The source further stated that in order to manage Lynch’s behavior, they made a tactical decision to “not disagree” with her adamant assertion that the Los Angeles County Superior Court lacked jurisdiction to prosecute her because,  in view of her prior report to the IRS of Cohen’s alleged “tax fraud”, the only court with jurisdiction over her was the federal tax court – a claim that the source agreed was absurd.

Lynch did not actually supply a list of witnesses to her public defenders.  After being blind-sided by the prosecutor with the IRS Binder, evidence of federal tax matters being introduced during Lynch’s alleged trial, she instructed her lawyer to subpoena Agent Tejeda.  Lynch advised her lawyers to obtain the entire Boulder, Colorado file (including her Motion to Quash), informed them that she understood the order expired (and Berkeley PD had no idea what order they were arresting her over); and was advised that Vanderet would not permit Lynch to collaterally attack the restraining order.  It was not until the Spring of 2013 that LA Superior Court informed Lynch that the California order was a “domestic violence order.”  On April 10, 2014, Boulder Combined Court finally wrote Lynch that the original order was not a “domestic violence” order and provided Lynch with evidence explaining why she, Paulette Brandt, and others, were advised that the permanent Boulder order expired on February 15, 2009.  Paulette Brandt testified about this fact months before Boulder Combined Court presented Lynch with the evidence that included February 15, 2009 as an expiration date related to their order.  Kelley Lynch’s public defender advised her as follows:  the City Attorney is attempting to sabotage IRS; discredit you; the DA does not want the Spector verdict overturned; and there may have been a “jury plant” on the jury.  The jurors wanted to hear from the IRS.  Lynch correctly advised her public defender that federal tax matters were being argued before LA Superior Court; asked them to object to that and the prosecutorial misconduct; told them to question Cohen over the Gianelli/NAMBLA matter; and asked him to contact Bruce Cutler which he did.

           UNSURPRISINGLY, GIVEN THE PATENTLY ABUSIVE AND NON-BUSINESS RELATED NATURE OF MANY OF THE EMAILSand the implausibility of her defense,   Lynch was convicted of all counts. After a sentencing hearing where Leonard Cohen addressed the court, Lynch was sentenced to serve 18-months in the county jail and placed on 5-years’ probation. 

Addressed ad nauseum and will be addressed in Lynch’s federal RICO lawsuit. 

           WHAT DID SURPRISE LYNCH’S FAMILY was the fact that the very day that Lynch was released from jail, she recommenced her campaign of email harassment – sending this author 7-emails on that first day of freedom alone. As stated by her son Rutger Penick on May 7, 2013:
“We all were under the impression that she was going to behave after her arrest and time in jail.”

What surprised Lynch’s family was the fact that the public defender did not return her sisters calls; did not contact her parents; failed to apprise her of the plea deal; etc.  Lynch’s mother addressed much of this in her declaration.  Rutger Penick is the only individual who can address his alleged email that has not been authenticated – following five straight years of criminally harassing emails and malicious slander and false accusations about his mother.  The City Attorney, however, should be aware of Rutger’s views on Gianelli and Walsh who were harassing him with “Vivienne Swanigan” copied in.  Are these the thunder buddies Rutger referred to?  In any event, this is how Rutger Penick felt about Stephen Gianelli and Susanne Walsh as of November 1, 2014.

From: Rutger Penick <>
Date: Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 7:35 AM
Subject: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: susanne walsh <>
Cc: "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <>, "<>" <>, Karen Lynch, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <>
Wow, you guys are ridiculous. What did you do last night? Thinking of things to write? Bravo fruitcakes. Suzanne and Gianelli are meant for each other, thunder buddies?

Rutger Penick
IT Support Specialist

On Nov 1, 2014, at 4:56 AM, susanne walsh <> wrote:
Mr. Gianelli.

I was very tempted to write exactly this to Ms. Lynch, but not in the mood to once again, be accused of "criminal harassment", but Ms. Lynch, as long as you, on a regular basis mention my my name in your public blog, I will continue to monitor it, as I am confident everybody else you slander and accuse of a variety of crimes, will.

Furthermore, instead of screaming "criminal harassment" to and about Mr. Gianelli, you ought to thank him for all the free and valuable legal advise he is giving to you. It seems like no practicing attorney wish to have anything to do with you and your many "cases and suits",.


Susanne Walsh
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2014 12:42 PM
Cc: Karen Lynch ; ; Rutger Penick ; Ray Lindsey ; Vivienne A. Swanigan
Subject: FW: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request

Ms. Lynch,

If you habitually author emails expressly accusing named persons of criminal conduct (e.g., employees of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, Susanne Walsh, the undersigned, a public relations firm that has done work for Leonard Cohen) and then post them on your Google indexed blog,  it is neither surprising nor sinister when the persons you are slandering on the World Wide Web show an interest in your blog.

Indeed, if it weren’t for the people you are slandering reading your blog, you would have virtually no blog visitors at all.

So please, don’t pretend that you are not getting exactly the attention you wanted or that visits to your blog by persons expressly mentioned therein evinces anything illegal or improper.  

Your assumption that the IRS is interested in your blog readership is another issue altogether. Suffice it to say that that it is emblematic of your mental illness and evidence that you are not taking your medication – as is your email reference that is (typical for you) wholly unrelated to the subject matter of  your email (below).

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

-----------------------Forwarded email-------------------------
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, police <>


The criminal stalker has been on my blog quite a lot today.  So has Cohen fan, Susanne Walsh.  What is Gianelli at?  It seems as though he is focused on the IRS and federal tax matters.  In any event, you might want to review these posts and emails.  I'm sure the next round of lies will be fascinating.  And, there are the liars at the City Attorney's office.  Their lies and responses to my federal lawsuit should prove fascinating.  

All the best,

           FOLLOWING LYNCH’S RELEASE FROM JAIL, her friends Michael Ingrassia and Raymond “Ray” Lynch agreed to pick Lynch up in Los Angeles, and transport her to Ray’s home in Pleasant Hill California where Lynch’s sister had arranged to rent a room for Lynch by guaranteeing her rent “until she got back on her feet”.

Michael Ingrassia and Ray Lawrence did not pick Lynch up in Los Angeles.  She did not go to Pleasant Hill following her false imprisonment.  Lawrence acknowledged in writing, and Lynch has that document, that Lynch’s sister agreed to pay Lawrence $600 for one month.  Karen Lynch did not at any time guarantee Lynch’s rent.  The situation with Lawrence was addressed in this document filed with the Contra Costa Court.

          HOWEVER, ONCE KAREN LYNCH LEARNED that Lynch had picked up her email activities where she had left off (whatever promises she made to the contrary) Karen Lynch cut her off and refused to pay another cent in rent. After about 9-months with no rent payments Ray became impatient, particularly when he returned from a business trip to learn that someone (who he believed to be Lynch) had consumed his collection of imported wines and refilled the bottles with colored water. Lynch, in fact, was beginning to show the same side she displayed during the few months that she resided in Rutger’s Los Angeles apartment, and Ray asked Lynch to leave.

This is not what happened and Lynch was unaware that Ray Lawrence wrote her sons and was trashing her sister while slandering her.  Evidently this occurred while Lawrence was in Minnesota where he relocated.  Lynch resided with his former partner and roommate for most of the time.  Lawrence himself wrote that he was not accusing Lynch of drinking his alcohol.  He also accused Michael Ingrassia, Tyler Paxton, individuals who partied at his home (not in Lynch’s presence), and others of drinking his so-called alcohol.  This is not why Lawrence asked Lynch to leave.  He met a gay man in Minnesota, who was traveling home with him, and the man was renting the room.  Paulette Brandt then invited Lynch to stay with her.  Ray Lawrence divulged Paulette Brandt’s address to Gianelli, who provided Lynch with evidence of this fact, and Gianelli has relentlessly harassed and targeted her – including now with respect to his new client, Karina Von Watteville.  Von Watteville, upon receiving Paulette Brandt’s rent demand letter, contacted Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Robert Kory who advised her to “sue” Lynch.  Von Watteville, at both Small Claims Court hearings, was ranting (in front of the mediators) about Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory.  These individuals were allegedly the evidence the judge ordered her to present to Paulette Brandt and the mediators.  Based on Von Watteville’s conduct the mediator at the second hearing advised Lynch to bring this matter to the attention of the Court.  Lynch had previously, over the course of months, advised Von Watteville to cease and desist slandering her and addressed her call to Robert Kory after Von Watteville raised the issue with Paulette Brandt and the mediator.  IRS, FBI, and DOJ were copied on those emails.  Gianelli ended up representing Von Watteville who has now threatened to sue Lynch.  This matter is being carefully documented – for law enforcement as well as IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, ICE, and others.  Lynch will not submit Linda Carol’s declaration to Judge Robert Hess. 

          LYNCH’S RESPONSE WAS AGAIN SWIFT AND PREDICTABLE. Lynch began harassing Ray by email, and began to threaten to email Ray’s employer about his alleged sexual and relationship history. This harassment intensified after Ray put Lynch on a bus back to Los Angeles, this time to reside with Paulette Brandt in her two bedroom apartment in Hollywood. On July 11, 2013 Ray was granted a permanent civil harassment restraining order against Lynch, notwithstanding Brandt's testimony against Lawrence.   

This situation was detailed in Lynch’s reply.  Ray Lawrence falsely accused Lynch of stealing Michael Ingrassia’s computer.  Michael Ingrassia then confirmed that he gave me the computer.  Michael Ingrassia also confirmed that he intended to report Gianelli’s criminally harassing conduct (with respect to himself) to the police.  He also forwarded Lynch the following email where Gianelli falsely advises Lawrence to report Lynch to FTB and falsely states that Lynch owes back taxes to FTB.  That is a bald faced lie.  Lawrence was granted a dime-a-dozen restraining order because Lynch didn’t have the resources to travel to the Bay Area, the court refused to accept CourtCall, and the Court refused to address her Reply and the declarations presented to the Court by her son and Paulette Brandt.  

From: Michael Ingrassia <>
Date: Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 5:11 PM
Subject: Fwd: Oh, SNAP!
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Ray Lawrence <>
Date: June 23, 2013, 4:16:15 PM PDT
To: "Mike Ingrassia (Gmail)" <>
Subject: Fwd: Oh, SNAP!

Sent from my IPad

Begin forwarded message:
Date: June 23, 2013, 4:07:15 PM PDT
To: Ray Lawrence <>
Subject: Re: Oh, SNAP!
Your a good man, Ray. Totally naïve but one bitten twice shy as they more taking in strangers with a sob story!  

Tell Michael if he is lonely to buy a cat!!!!
On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Ray Lawrence <> wrote:

 Okay, but you might also consider also reporting her pending unemployment insurance claim to Doug Davis of the FTB, since she owes back State of California income taxes

Stephen R. Gianelli
          MEANWHILE, LYNCH HAD BEEN SENDING HARASSING EMAILS TO THE PROSECUTOR in her 2012 criminal harassment trial, including a February 14, 2013 email that informed Ms. Streeter that she was on Lynch’s “kill list”(an email that Paulette Brandt later characterized in a court filed declaration as “charming and funny”, but in which Los Angles prosecutors saw no humor). In fact, in view of Lynch’s emails referencing the “assassination” of (now former) District Attorney Steve Cooley and Lynch’s alarming emails to prosecutor Streeter, both the Threat Management Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Workplace Violence Unit of the City Attorney’s Office began keeping an eye on Lynch, including her blogging and emailing activities.

On or about November 20, 2012, Stephen Gianelli wrote an email to Lynch’s prosecutor (Sandra Jo Streeter) slandering her and falsely accusing Lynch of many things.  From that moment forward, Lynch advised the City Attorney that she did not want to be copied in on emails criminally harassing her, slandering her, and copying her sons, sister, others, and Streeter/City Attorney.  Evidently, the City Attorney does not take grievances or the First Amendment seriously.  On or about February 14, 2013, Lynch wrote FBI and DOJ a Valentine’s Day email.  That email included a Valentine card Lynch found online.  Lynch discovered the card with a link to an article Glenn Greenwald wrote about the DOJ, drone program, CIA’s disposition matrix, and DOJ’s white paper.  The image was also used as an example (for DOJ and FBI) of the types of insane false threats people in LA are being falsely prosecuted over and/or accused of making.  Detective Viramontes advised Kelley Lynch, after informing her that he felt the card was a “joke,” that he would ask Streeter if the real threat was IRS and FBI as she has requested an investigation of her trial and the lies Streeter advised the jurors and Court re. federal tax and IRS matters.  Lynch didn’t send a “joke.”  She sent an example and Streeter does not work for FBI or DOJ and was not mentioned in the card image itself.  The CIA’s disposition matrix, informally referred to as a “kill list” by journalists, is a database.  Lynch has no idea if Streeter believes she is a threat to the U.S. government or feels she is part of their database that addresses terrorists.  She has asked CIA to confirm that the “kill list” is a euphemism for their alleged disposition matrix database.  Kelley Lynch has emails from numerous individuals that they viewed the card, which she also sent them, as cute.  Lynch believes Streeter retaliated against her and attempted to abandon her appeal over this situation.  The Appellate Division, violating Lynch’s constitutional rights, refused to permit Lynch to abandon her appeal.  Lynch never threatened to assassinate Steve Cooley and will now litigate that issue.  The ACLU, as Lynch recently addressed when they emailed her and asked her to phone them, recently filed a lawsuit with respect to an entire parody website.  There is also precedent related to parodies – see Hustler.  Lynch has addressed the City Attorney and LAPD’s TMU as well as their potential monitoring of Lynch over false allegations and statements.  Lynch also intends to subpoena all information related to Steve Cooley, Pat Dixon, Alan Jackson, Sandra Jo Streeter, and others, presented to LAPD’s TMU.  Their entire report, that they confirmed Cohen provided them and which they took down, is a lie and that is nothing other than obstruction of justice.

Thus, Hustler magazine's parody of Jerry Falwell was deemed to be within the law, because the Court found that reasonable people would not have interpreted the parody to contain factual claim

Additional evidence re. the City Attorney:
          ULTIMATELY, LYNCH WAS CHARGED WITH VIOLATING THE TERMS OF HER 2012 CRIMINAL HARASSMENT PROBATION. While that case was winding its way through the Los Angeles Court system, in September of 2013 Lynch filed a (belated) motion to vacate Cohen’s May, 2006 $7.9M default judgment, testifying in her supporting declaration that she was never served.
Ultimately, Judge Barela refused to review the evidence Lynch provided him, ignored her Brady Motion, and generally did not conduct himself in a manner that one would view as appropriate judicial demeanor.  Lynch filed her motion to vacate Cohen’s fraud default judgment, two months after she returned to Los Angeles, in August 2013.  Lynch’s probation requirements included domestic violence statute requirements – including domestic violence fines that Lynch viewed as extortion. 
          ON JANUARY 17, OF 2014,  Judge Hess found that Lynch failed to show due diligence in not earlier requesting the court to entertain her motion to vacate the judgment, and that in any event,  the emails that Lynch started transmitting to Cohen’s counsel in the suit WITHIN HOURS OF SERVICE persuaded the court that Lynch was not telling the truth about not being served. Five days later, on January 22, 2014 the Hon. Henry Barela, judge, rejected Lynch’s argument (supported by Paulette Brandt) that it was Lynch who was being harassed by this author in “conspiracy” with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, found that Lynch’s death threats and other emails to her trial prosecutor to be a violation of her probation, and ordered her remanded to the county jail to serve a sentence of an additional 6-months. Lynch was then handcuffed in open court and taken directly to jail.

Lynch does not recall Judge Hess advising her that she failed to show due diligence.  She advised Judge Hess that, when she contacted his courtroom, she was advised to simply show up with her witnesses.  That is precisely why Paulette Brandt and Palden Ronge were present.  Did Cohen’s counsel persuade the Court that Lynch was “not telling the truth?”  Well, that’s precisely why Lynch has filed her Motion for Terminating Sanctions and will now attend the June 23, 2015 hearing before Judge Hess.  Who knows what Barela rejected.  The Deputy City Attorney LIED that Lynch has never been into meet with FBI.  She has no idea who Lynch is; has no evidence to support her statements about Lynch and FBI; and these prosecutors lie as a first thought.  Did Barela find that Lynch issued “death threats” to her trial prosecutor – based on the drone Valentine card to the FBI and DOJ?  Things are worse than one can imagine with LA Confidential.
          AS SOON AS LYNCH WAS RELEASED FROM CUSTODY, in July of 2014,  Lynch began barraging the attorney that Cohen retained to oppose Lynch’s motion to vacate with hundreds of emails threatening to file yet another motion for orders vacating Cohen’s 2006 $7.9M judgment, as well as demanding that Cohen open his books from more than a decade ago to her so she can seek sums and property that she claims Cohen owes her.
This is entirely false.  Stephen Gianelli, for approximately one year, began barraging Lynch with criminally harassing emails.  When those emails argue Leonard Cohen legal matters, Lynch addresses them with the attorney of record, Jeffrey Korn.  Lynch did file a motion and the hearing is now scheduled for June 23, 2015.  Lynch requested to examine the corporate books and records (and tax returns) related to Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., Old Ideas, LLC, Traditional Holdings, LLC, and LC Investments, LLC.  Leonard Cohen stole Lynch’s share of intellectual property.  He refuses to explain what “mistake” his tax lawyer made with respect to Lynch’s ownership interest in at least one corporate entity although she was included as a partner on federal tax returns, issued partnership K-1s, and paid taxes. 
          ON MARCH 22, 2015, LYNCH FILED HER SECOND MOTION to vacate the now almost decade old default judgment entered after Lynch refused to participate in the case. The hearing date is June 23, 2015, but it is hard to imagine given the factual and procedural history of this entire sordid affair that this will have a happy outcome for Lynch. In fact, a few minutes spent scrolling through Lynch’s blog and perusing the thousands of posts about Leonard Cohen and the other alleged conspirators against her leaves no doubt that in Lynch’s mind it is still 2005 and that she has learned absolutely no lessons from her hardship during the last decade. Indeed, Kelley Lynch wrote in a mass email today (cc the IRS of course):
“Every word in my trial is a lie and Cohen and his lawyers belong in prison.”
Lynch is waiting for Judge Hess to explain precisely how much fraud and perjury is acceptable to LA Superior Court.  Lynch stands by her remarks to IRS. 
          AS FOR WHY Paulette Brandt continues to provide a roof over Lynch’s head, Wi-Fi, and a source of alcohol to Lynch it is anyone’s guess.  Can anyone possibly be THAT lonely? Time will tell.     
Stephen Gianelli has no idea where Lynch resides.  He continues to harass Paulette Brandt.  Paulette Brandt does not provide Lynch with “alcohol” and Lynch rarely, if ever, has a glass of wine.
4/15/2015 UPDATE: We have heard from a former housemate of Brandt's, who paints a beak picture of the Brandt household - but that gives further insight into why Brandt would aid someone with Kelley Lynch's legal and substance abuse history. According to our source, "it was like living with the Adam's Family in there it was always dark - the windows were covered over with paper and black velvet drapes from the 80's so no one can see the amount of cats one knows about the cats and the crowded condition inside the apartment. Lot's of thrift shop clothing racks that look like a hoarder's nest." According to our source, the apartment is often thick with the smoke from illegal drugs, and the last time she was in the apartment in February, "Kelley Lynch was living on the floor with her computer."
SECOND UPDATE 4/15/2015 – By email of today, Kelley Lynch fills in more details. According to Ms. Lynch, the housemate that she replaced at Paulette Brandt’s a small 2-bedroom apartment – and who roomed with Ms. Brandt for 14-months  -  was a  “grifter”  and former “stripper” who “shared a room here with a dominatrix” and two incontinent cats that “peeed on the floor” and who unwittingly imported cockroaches into the apartment during frequent forays into the bottom of the corner dumpster. Lovely circles Ms. Brandt socializes in!
Kelley Lynch does not smoke illegal drugs.  She does not know anyone who does.  That would include Paulette Brandt and Linda Carol.  Karina Von Watteville lived with a dominatrix.  The woman wrote a book about her adventures as a dominatrix.  Paulette Brandt did not live with the dominatrix.  Kelley Lynch does not have a history of substance abuse.  Kelley Lynch also does not know Karina Von Watteville but intends to address this situation with the Small Claims Court, and Judge Hess, personally.  Kelley Lynch has never lived on Paulette Brandt’s floor.  Kelley Lynch has contacted LAPD about this unconscionable situation.

I, LINDA CAROL, declare:
1.        I am a citizen of the United States who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  I am Paulette Brandt’s roommate.  I am over the age of 18 years.  I have personal knowledge of the facts contained in this declaration and if called upon to testify I could and would testify competently as to the truth of the facts stated herein.

2.         At some point in or around October 2013, I began an apartment search in the Los Angeles area.  Marie Jones posted an ad and I rented a room from her for the months of November and December 2013.  At that time, I met Karina Von Watteville a/k/a Karina Fimbel.  Ms. Watteville was living with Marie Jones and that is how I became acquainted with her. 

3.         Problems arose between Marie Jones and Karina Von Watteville related to monies alleged owed Ms. Jones and Ms. Watteville’s cats who were using the apartment as their kitty litter box.  Karina Von Watteville, who picks through people’s trash and brings items home, infested the apartment with bed bugs and cock roaches.  An argument arose over money allegedly due Marie Jones and the police were called.  This incident occurred in or around November/December 2013.

4.         I continued to look for a permanent and more appropriate room to rent.  Karina Von Watteville advised me that she lived with a woman by the name of Paulette Brandt who had an available guest room for rent.  Ms. Von Watteville liked Ms. Brandt very much and said she enjoyed living with her and strongly encouraged me to contact Ms. Brandt about the room.  Ms. Von Watteville also explained to me that the apartment was clean, pretty, and assured me that Paulette Brandt was an excellent roommate and friend.

5.         I contacted Ms. Brandt, visited the apartment, rented the room, and have lived here for over a year now.  We get along extremely well.  The apartment is well kept and very pretty.  I have my own room and enjoy my privacy.

6.         At some point, after I moved in, Paulette Brandt and I discussed the fact that Karina Von Watteville owes her rent for the 14 months she lived here.  I spoke to Ms. Watteville who personally informed me that she felt bad about the situation.  Both individuals advised me that Karvina Von Watteville promised to pay Ms. Brandt in full when she received her social security check.  At some point in or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville advised me that she had received her social security check.

7.         Paulette Brandt sent Ms. Watteville a rent demand letter.  At that point, Karina Von Watteville began slandering Paulette Brandt and seemed obsessed with a friend of ours, Kelley Lynch.  I have known Kelley Lynch for over a year and she is a very nice, courteous, and respectful individual.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Ms. Lynch but became increasingly upset with her over Paulette Brandt’s rent demands. 

8.         In or around November 2014, Paulette Brandt filed a Small Claims Complaint against Karina Von Watteville asking that she pay her the rental arrears due and owing.  I personally served Karina Von Watteville the Small Claims Complaint.  She was extremely angry but did confirm that she had an agreement to pay Paulette $500/month rent and $50/month utilities. 

9.         In or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville was living in a commercial space she rented under the name of Cover Girl Models.  She lived in the space with her cats.  I visited on one occasion and was shocked to note that garbage and trash was piled around the room and the cats were using the entire space as their kitty litter box.

10.       Karina Von Watteville evidently permitted her cats to use her room at Paulette Brandt’s apartment as a kitty litter box as well.  She informed me that, after receiving the formal two months notice from Ms. Brandt (re. vacating the premises), she retaliated by leaving bags of garbage and trash behind and intentionally permitting her cats to urinate and defecate in the room.  She also apparently infested Paulette Brandt’s apartment with cock roaches.

11.       I do see Karina Von Watteville from time to time but she no longer speaks to me.  I am aware that, after receiving Paulette Brandt’s paperwork, she contacted Leonard Cohen’s lawyer.  Kelley Lynch was Cohen’s personal manager, is involved with legal matters related to him, and reported allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service.

12.       Since I have known Kelley Lynch she has informed me that a man by the name of Stephen Gianelli has criminally harassed and stalked her, members of her family, and others.  He is now sending Kelley Lynch highly slanderous emails about me and Paulette Brandt.  I do not know this individual.  It is my understanding that he has offered Karina Von Watteville assistance with the Small Claims matter involving Paulette Brandt.  Neither Kelley Lynch nor I are parties to that matter.  I am aware that Karina Von Watteville communicated with Robert Kory (Leonard Cohen’s lawyer), and was legally assisted by Stephen Gianelli, because I have seen some of the slanderous and false emails he has sent Ms. Lynch and have had numerous discussions with people who were present at both Small Claims hearings.  At those hearings, Karina Von Watteville evidently attempted to use Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters to defend herself.  This is an excerpt of Stephen Gianelli’s email confirming that he provided Karina Von Watteville with advice and addressing her phone call to Cohen’s lawyer. 


Ms. Von Watteville followed my advice and never even had to get to the other two defenses I specified; she won the hearing with the first issue out of the box:  The claim is time barred under CCP § 339 as arising from the breach of an alleged oral contract. Simple and elegant. No credibility issues to resolve. The shortest distance between point “A” and point “B”.  Game, set match.

In contacting Robert Kory with advice about what to do ...

12.       I was copied in on Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters addressing Ms. Von Watteville’s slanderous comments I (and others) repeated to Ms. Lynch.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Kelley Lynch, as I’ve said, and simply began bad mouthing her, told me she planned to have her investigated and get her in trouble, posted a Gold Record Leonard Cohen gave Kelley Lynch (that Von Watteville photographed) on her Google Plus account, and advised me that Ms. Lynch is an alcoholic.  Kelley Lynch does not have a substance abuse problem and is most definitely not an alcoholic.  These are merely slanderous allegations meant to undermine her credibility.  The slander now appears to be retaliation over Paulette Brandt’s attempts to collect the outstanding rent she is owed.

13.       I have spent most of my adult life working as a model and actress and am now pursuing a college degree. 

I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

This declaration is executed on this 18th day of April 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

                                                                        Linda Carol

SECOND UPDATE 4/15/2015 – By email of today, Kelley Lynch fills in more details. According to Ms. Lynch, the housemate that she replaced at Paulette Brandt’s a small 2-bedroom apartment – and who roomed with Ms. Brandt for 14-months  -  was a  “grifter”  and former “stripper” who “shared a room here with a dominatrix” and two incontinent cats that “peeed on the floor” and who unwittingly imported cockroaches into the apartment during frequent forays into the bottom of the corner dumpster. Lovely circles Ms. Brandt socializes in!
If Ms. Lynch’s email of today is true, it would certainly explain why Ms. Brandt would willingly welcome into her home an adjudicated embezzler and convicted criminal harasser who served half of the last three years in the Los Angeles County Jail, and who has a history of homelessness, involuntary psychiatric holds, a slew of civil harassment orders against her, and even now continues to copy her mass emails to the IRS, the DOJ, the Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), and many others, and whose own family describes as “sick and she needs help” – a/k/a Kelley Lynch. 
Lynch’s emails to IRS, DOJ, CIA, and FSB are Lynch’s business.  The fact that criminal stalker, Stephen Gianelli, is best buddies with Kelly Green should be of interest to Phil Spector.  After all, his best posting buddy (who questioned Lynch about Dr. Lee and Dr. Baden and appears to be a male lawyer) posted on the Darwin Exception about Bruce Cutler on September 3, 2007.  She/He/It views Cutler as a “fucking pig.”  On March 25, 2015 Green made an appearance on Gianelli’s slanderous blog.  No one robbed Cohen blind and the false insinuations about Lynch’s family will be addressed in her federal lawsuit and have been raised with Judge Robert Hess in Case No. BC338322.

Kellygreen said

The evidence will show, the evidence will show Cutler is a fucking pig, a fucking pig!
The man really loves to repeat himself.
So much of Cutler’s OS makes me angry–but I find it truly disgusting that he never refers to Lana Clarkson by name, he always refers to her as the decedent–he is a fucking pig, a fucking pig.


Welcome back, friend! 

I find it hard to believe while she was robbing Cohen blind, her family did the bookkeeping for Cohen's entities; yet, neither her mother, father, sister, nor Steve Lindsey had any idea everything they had, and the high life they were living, was paid for by Cohen? Unbelievable. Of course she couldn't go to rehab during that period. Had she gone to rehab, the gig would've been up.
How can you go to rehab if you ABSOLUTELY have no alcohol issues? Ha!
Wow. Just WOW.
The more I ponder on this, the more I believe she really needs to be sequestered away from society because any of these people could possibly be endangered and when the close family turns their backs that is a BIG sign something needs to be done. She should be manditorily put into a mental facility to be evaluated ASAP before somebody gets hurt or worse! It is VERY scary knowing this woman lives so close to me. At least I know to stay away from that address, so thank you for posting it!

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2015 at 2:56 PM
Subject: Fwd: Automatic reply: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
To: Stephen Gianelli <>, "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>,, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,, "mayor.garcetti" <>, sedelman <>, JFeuer <>, Vivienne Swanigan <>
Stephen Gianelli,

I continue to receive criminally harassing emails from you with respect to your client, Karina Von Watteville.  I have relentlessly advised you to cease and desist.  Since hearing from Kory/Rice (pursuant to your public statements), in May 2009, you (Susanne Walsh, Cohen's fan, Michelle Blaine, and others) have relentlessly harassed, stalked, slandered, threatened, and attempted to intimidate me, my sons, sister, and others.  Eric Salter filed a criminal complaint against you.  I contacted the USPS who advised me that USPS opened a criminal investigation.  Other people, including Paulette Brandt, have spoken with LAPD detectives and LAPD's TMU about your unconscionable conduct.  The issues you generally raise are related to Leonard Cohen, allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud, Cohen's theft from me of intellectual property, Phil Spector, Cohen's three gun stories before LA Superior Court, federal tax matters, and so forth.  You routinely lie to IRS, FBI, DOJ, and now ICE.  You advised me that IRS blocked your emails as harassing.  

In June 2014, Paulette Brandt filed a Small Claims case against Karina Von Watteville.  At some point after receiving the rent demand letter, Karina Von Watteville evidently became obsessed with me and began a campaign of slander.  I do not know this woman but am now being criminally harassed over a declaration provided by Linda Carol.  That declaration will now be submitted to Judge Hess together with new evidence of this campaign of harassment.  The reason for that is due to the fact that Von Watteville phoned Robert Kory, Cohen's lawyer, after receiving the rent demand letter and he advised her to sue me.  Von Watteville, after the Court ordered her to show Paulette Brandt and the mediator evidence, advised them that Robert Kory represents Leonard Cohen and instructed her to sue me.  I cannot see the connections between Leonard Cohen, his lawyers, and Paulette Brandt apart from the declarations she has provided to the Court and/or her testimony.  Every judge who has received a declaration or heard testimony from Ms. Brandt in my matters will now receive a letter. 

You have criminally harassed just about every witness who has provided a declaration to Judge Hess.  That would include, but is not limited to, Dan Meade, Clea Surkhang, Palden Ronge, Rutger Penick, and Ray Lindsey.  You do not know any of these parties and this is blatant criminal witness tampering, an attempt to dissuade witnesses, and witness intimidation.  This will be addressed more fully in my supplemental declaration to Judge Hess.  Some of this activity has already been brought to his attention.  As you know, because i have received endless harassing emails since that time, in mid-March I filed a Motion for Terminating Sanctions in Case No. BC 338322.  Leonard Cohen and I have a hearing on June 23, 2015 before Judge Hess.  I intend to file a RICO lawsuit regarding the federal tax issues that have arisen - including Cohen's use of the fraud Complaint to defense himself with IRS Agent Luis Tejeda; Cohen's willful failure to provide me with IRS required tax and corporate information; Cohen's willful failure to rescind the illegal K-1s issued by LCI; etc.  The judgement is fraudulent and I was not served.  You recently researched Chad Knaak and an issue with marijuana and Reefer Madness.  I am uninterested in California's ongoing Reefer Madness program but do view your interest in him as criminal in nature.  Chad Knaak advised Scott Edelman that I was not served and IF he attempted to serve me I would hold him personally accountable.  Edelman's name was in the media as of August 16, 2005 and I am capable of googling his contact information.  

You are now representing Von Wattevile, arguing directly with the Small Claims Court in the latest legal document submitted, and harassing me over this woman.  You have falsely accused me of attempting to "extort' the rental arreas that Von Watteville owes Paulette Brandt which is utterly insane.  She owes the money and I am not a party to the case.  Furthermore, I have a first amendment right to address grievances with the government.  As I have said, should Karina Von Watteville file a fraudulent lawsuit against me (as you/she have threatened), and perjure herself, I will subpoena the Chief Trial Counsel of ICE.  I have now contacted the appropriate authorities in the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles to address your false accusations to them.  That would include with respect to Leonard Cohen.  Cohen obtained a fraudulent default judgment by failing to serve me the lawsuit.  He has now embezzled approximately $6.7 million from one corporate entity alone (Traditional Holdings, LLC).  Cohen has now stolen intellectual property from me worth millions and withheld commissions due.  He did the precise thing to Machat & Machat and Steven Machat was quite clear about that fact publicly.  Cohen is now attempting to extort $13.8 milloin from me.  That will definitely be addressed in my federal lawsuit against him.  

I have addressed the other matters, via my previous cease and desist letters, in separate emails with IRS, FBI, DOJ, ICE, and others copied in.  IRS, FBI, and DOJ were copied on my handful of cease and desist letters to Von Watteville, over the course of months, addressing the slanderous and defamatory gossip she was engaged in with respect to me.  

Kelley Lynch

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Stephen Gianelli <>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2015 at 10:18 AM
Subject: Fwd: Automatic reply: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
To: Kelley Lynch <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 6:07 PM
Subject: Automatic reply: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
This email acknowledges receipt of your request.  All requests for prosecutorial discretion pursuant to Executive Action will be responded to within fourteen days.  All requests elated to Joint Motions to Reopen will be responded to within 45 days. All other requests will be forwarded to the appropriate party to review and respond.


Los Angeles Office of the Chief Counsel
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

City of Los Angeles Mail – from Leonard Cohen Re: Peo vs. Kelley Lynch
From Leonard Cohen Re: Peo vs. Kelley Lynch
Thu, April 5, 2012 at 2:20 PM

From:  Sandra Jo Streeter (prosecutor)
To:  Leonard Cohen
cc:  Michelle Rice

Hi Mr. Cohen,

I hate to keep peppering you with questions but….. I need to know the following:

1.       How did you go about saving the voice mails that you received?  Did you forwarded [sic] them immediately to save for you or did you save them yourself, and then, for example, give them to your attorneys or perhaps an assistant?

The first voice mails (2004-2005) I listened to were on my home answering machine, and I transcribed them myself.  I sent handwritten and typewritten transcripts to my lawyers,

Starting in January 2007 I recorded a number of voice mails from my home answering machine which I recorded to a Sony cassette recorder.  I then personally handed the cassettes to my lawyers.

Starting in 2008 I recorded the messages from my answering machine onto CDs with the help of my recording engineer Ed Sanders.  I handed these to my lawyers.

Starting in February 2011 I recorded the voice mails from my answering machine to a sophisticated recording device which enabled me to turn them into MP3s and email them to my lawyer.

2.       Did you use the same procedure for saving the voice mails each times [sic] or would it vary?  If it did vary, please let me know how and when?

See above

3.      When you received emails from Ms. Lynch did you always read them, did you sometimes read them, or did you rarely/never read them?  If you did not always read the emails, how did you decide which ones to read?

Yes, I always read them, at least once, sometimes multiple times.

4.      When Ms. Lynch was your business manager (NOTE:  I never was – I was Cohen’s personal manager) did she know your driver’s license number or id number?  Did she know your SSN, and if you have a tax id for business purposes, did she know that number as well?  If she knew any of these numbers,, did you change the numbers after she left your employ?

Ms. Lynch, as my personal and business manager, had access to, and knowledge of all my personal and business identification materials,
What is more, Ms. Lynch sent emails to a large distribution list which disclosed my SSN number, my home address and telephone number.
I can’t change my SSN, driver’s license, or home address; however, with respect to all the business entities in which I had granted authority to Lynch, I closed all of these entities, including all bank accounts.  I also closed all of my personal bank accounts to which she had access.

I now operate my business through several new entities as to which Lynch should have no knowledge whatsoever.

5.      When Ms. Lynch was your business manager, while you were on tour, did you generally not check your emails or voice mails as frequently as when you are not on tour?  When you went on tour in 2010 did you check your voice mails or emails?

The only period of touring during which Lynch was my manager was in 1992-1993 (NOTE:  Cohen’s lying – I was his personal manager throughout the “I’m Your Man” tour).  I had no computer during this period.

I terminated Ms. Lynch in 2004, and did not begin to tour again until May 2008.  During my World Tour of 2008-2010, I checked my emails daily.  However, I did not access my home answering machine as it was not operative.

6.      What type of press was there and in which magazine/newspapers about your 2010 tour?

The concerts were reported in every major newspaper and magazines through the world.

I’ll send you details under separate cover.

NOTE:  Where are those details?

7.       Do you know Phil Spector?  If so, how?  Did you testify in front of the grand jury?

Phil Spector produced a record of songs we wrote together in 1977.  I have not seen or spoken to him since. 

I did not testify before a grand jury.

8.      Do you still have your little book you brought with you to court when you testified at the bail review?  If so, I need to get a copy of your notes re. the emails as the defense requested them.  You can either scan it to me via email or send it via fax to 213.847.8544.  If you fax it, please send it with a cover sheet.

I am forwarding the pdf under separate cover.

That is all the questions I have for right now.  I cannot though promise I will not have more lately!  STREETER ADDS A HAPPY FACE HERE.

Take care.


Thu, April 5, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Hi Mr. Cohen,

Well it appears I am a person of my words as I have another question!  How long have you had the phone number that Ms. Lynch calls and how long have you had your email account?  Is the number and email address she has been using your personal number/address or both your personal and business number/address?  If it is just your business number/address, how many people would it entail contacting re a new phone number and/or email address?



from Leonard Cohen – further on Phil Spector
Thu, April 5, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Dear Ms. Streeter,

This is a short note I prepared for a biographer last year.
I know you’ve been burdened with an enormous heap of material,
But this rounds off the answer to question you asked about Phil Spector.



Shortly after the death of Lana Clarkson, I was visited in my home by two detectives from the Homicide Bureau of the Los Angeles Sheriffs’ Department, Detective Paul Fournier, and Detective Richard Tomlin.

Kelley Lynch thought it would be a good idea to have a lawyer present, so she arranged for Attorney Steven M. Cron to be there or the interview.  Mr. Cron asked Kelley Lynch to excuse herself, and she left the room.

Apparently the detectives had come across some old interviews I did in 1978 or 1979 in which I spoke of the difficulties of recording Death of a Lady’s Man with Phil Spector: the brandishing of guns, armed bodyguards, drunkenness, and Phil’s famous megalomania.  Even though Phil put his arm around my shoulder and pressed an automatic into my neck, except for the real possibility of an accident, I never at any moment felt seriously threatened.  I conveyed this to the detectives.  I said the incident was repeated in the press over the years, with exaggerations, but it was basically just a good rock ‘n roll story.

Then they asked me when I had last seen Phil Spector.
I said it’s been over 20 years.  They were very surprised.  They said they were under the impression we were close friends.  I said no.  Hearing this they thanked me for my time, finished their coffees, and left.  It was clear that I was not to be considered a valuable witness. 

I was never approached again by anyone concerned with the case.  Needless to say, I did not testify before a Grand Jury.

Sprocket & Company In Depth, True Crime Reporting

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Phil Spector: Prosecution's Motion to Admit Evidence of Other Crimes

Here it is folks. This motion to admit evidence of other crimes was filed on Monday by the prosecution. It looks like AJ will be arguing to get in not only the latest sixth PBA 1101(b) witness Norma Kemper, but also the incident when he put a gun to Leonard Cohen's head as well as Debra Strand and a few others.

Page 3
District Attorney of Los Angeles County
Deputy District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney
Major Crimes Division
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
210 W. Temple Street, 17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Case No. BA255233


Date: August 14, 2008
Time: 1:30 PM
Court: Department 106

Defendant Phillip Spector has built a history, spanning some 40 odd years,of using gun-related violence when confronted with a situation when he feels a loss of control, or a threat to his control. Pursuant to CAl. Evid. Code § 1101(b), the People seek to admit evidence of the following uncharged crimes.
I.                   BACKGROUND

On February 3, 2003, Defendant Phillip Spector shot Lana Clarkson to death in the foyer of his Alhambra home. After the shooting, Spector opened the back door to his house, stood in the doorway and told Adriano DeSouza, his driver, "I think I killed somebody." Only Spector

Page 4
and Clarkson were in the house at the time. Within minutes, the police were on the scene, and Spector was eventually taken into custody.

Defendant Spector has an on-going pattern of resorting to gun-related violence to exert his will when he does not get his way, or perceives what he believes is either a threat to or the loss of his control over a given situation. This court has already ruled as admissible under Evidence Code section 1101(b) the testimony of five women each of whom testified about Spector's gun-related violence against them occurring between the mid-1970s and 1995. given tha the testimony of these five witnesses (Melvin, Ogen, Jennings, Gosvenor and Robitaille) has already been admitted by this court, and the request for the sixth, Norma Kemper, is filed under separate cover, such witnesses will not be outlined herein. However, they are obviously included in each of the arguments set forth in this motion.


On February 17, 2005, the People filed a motion in limine to admit evidence of other acts committed by Spector. Under that separate cover, the facts of the following incidents were set forth in detail and in their entirety. Thus, in an effort towards brevity, only a short recitation of such incidents will be discussed below.

Spector has a long history of resorting to gun-related violence to exert his will when he does not get his way. Int begins in 1972 and continues to the present.

C. The 1977 Brandishing on Leonard Cohen
1977, Spector produced musician Leonard Cohen's record album, "Death of a Ladies man." during production of the record, Cohen and Spector, who were friends, were taking a break in the lobby of the music studio. Spector walked up to Cohen, placed on arm around Cohen's shoulders, and pointed a semi-automatic pistor at Cohen's chest with his other hand. Spector told Cohen, "I love you Leonard." Cohen looked at Spector and said, "I hope so, Phil." Spector then walked away from Cohen.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Re:
To: Washington Field <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Ross Oviatt <>, Tyler Paxton <>, Ray Lawrence <>, Michael Ingrassia <>, John Penick <>, Ray Lindsey <>, Gesar Mukpo <>
Let me know if you are unclear.  All day, every day - I am targeted.  It's about my children. Your ADULT sons are not "endangered". Not even close. They are doing just fine DISPITE the very real public humiliation and shame you have caused them by making a public spectacle of yourself in tens of thousands of internet postings and in emails to people they have known their whole lives. Both Ray and then Rutger begged you to stop embarrassing them and you in this manner and then they were done with you. They are fine, but you did everything in your power to embarrass and humiliate them, and you absented yourself from their lives as a warm and neutering parent to pursue your obsession with obtaining revenge against Leonard Cohen and everyone else who has fired you, crossed you, or disagreed with you. HOW DARE YOU try to use Ray and Rutger to gain sympathy? 

Date: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 2:13 PM
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, "SandraJo.Streeter" <>, Washington Field <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>
Ms. Lynch:
It is not within the mandate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into my emails to your state court prosecutor providing her with further evidence, in the form of your own disturbed correspondence, that it  important to insure your compliance with the mental health evaluation that your trial judge ordered you to undergo at the conclusion of your recent probationary 18 month jail sentence upon your criminal conviction of three (3) counts of telephone and email harassment and five (5) counts of violating a personal protective order.
It is not within the mandate or authority of the lawyer appointed by the court to brief your pending appeal from those criminal convictions, Francisco A. Suarez, to do so either. He is being paid to review the trial court record and, based only on that record, brief the appeal on your behalf. That's it.
No one "with a badge and a gun" is going to come and "seize my computers and arrest me" either.
 Ms. Lynch, I called your bluff in this regard three years ago, and in the interim (20,000 of your emails to the IRS and to the FBI later) the only one who has been arrested (again) is you.
The fact that you apparently think otherwise is further evidence that you are an appropriate candidate for the psychiatric evaluation ordered by the Los Angeles County Superior Court on April 17, 2012. (See attached 4/17/2012 transcript page 638, lines 17-22, stating in part: "THE COURT: …And at the end of her 18-month [jail] service, she will be required as a part of this probation to undergo a mental health evaluation at that point, at which time the court will consider whatever recommendations the counselor has for further psychiatric counseling as part of the probation." Ibid, italics added.)
Stephen R. Gianelli-SBN 83476
PO BOX 475013