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Phil Spector Was Most Definitely Railroaded

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Gianelli must want information from FBI.  He's an amateur agent provocateur/infiltrator.  He may be moonlighting for the Phil Spector prosecution.  He posts prosecution theories online and argues them.  FBI can and should review the forensic science.  According to Spector's experts and extraordinary appellate attorneys, Lana Clarkson's DNA was on the bullets.  Bruce Cutler was clear with the jurors and Mick Brown, UK Telegraph, that the gun was not Phil Spector's.  

When Pena arrived, he was told that Phil Spector confessed.  That never happened.  His original report had no opinion as to whether she shot herself or was killed.  There is an internal report prepared by the DA's office addressing the fact that they personally do not find Pena credible.  Clarkson ingested vicodin and benadryl and may have had a bottle of tequilla.  See page 11 of the brief:   "Clarkson's DNA was found on the gun and ammunition."  She obviously loaded the gun.  Gianelli is arguing the prosecution's case. 

He has new posts on his entirely slanderous blog.  I intend to sue Leonard Cohen over this blog and Gianelli attempted to blackmail me into taking down my blog.  His best posting buddy is Kelly Green who was posting, as of 2007, on a blog devoted to demonizing Phil Spector.  He/she/it (seems like a male lawyer) hates Bruce Cutler.  According to this lunatic, Bruce Cutler is a "f&% pig."  Ask yourself this:  why did Gianelli call Bruce Cutler?  Because he attempts to infiltrate matters such as the Phil Spector defense.  It's elementary.  That's why just suddenly wrote me about one of FBI's emails to me.  I did remove information from that email, and advised FBI of that fact prior to making it public, because that is information that the FBI and I communicated to one another - and not Gianelli's business.  I don't know the stalker.  He's obviously a criminal.  And, he seems amused - lying to IRS (they evidently blocked his emails as harassing), FBI, DOJ, Treasury, ICE, FTB, etc.  The FTB and IRS have been very clear - they are not permitted to communicate with Gianelli about me.  He has attempted to gather information about federal tax matters from IRS, FBI, DOJ, Tresaury, and others.  He's now attempting to communicate with ICE.  

I phoned Investigator Frayeh, District Attorney's Office, about Gianelli's insane emails yesterday.  As you know, I received legal advice instructing me to report him to law enforcement and file a State Bar Complaint.  He evidently finds that amusing.  The man is also deranged and unhinged.  Wouldn't it be amazing if he was actually affiliated with Steve Cooley, Pat Dixon, Alan Jackson, et al?  Well, Dixon was evidently pals with Pellinco.  Read this article.  Gianelli also definitely appears to be an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen's defense team.  Do keep in mind that Cohen and Cooley publicly aligned themselves, with the City Attorney, in targeting me.  The stakes are high and the lows are inconceivably vulgar.  LA Confidential is out of control.

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"....After years of grabbing negative headlines for losing the O. J. Simpson double homicide case and other celebrity trials, involving the same three participants, it was inevitable and predictable that the Los Angeles criminal injustice system via Robbery Homicide Division would administer their personal vendettas against me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden. That moment arrived in 2007 when music mogul Phil Spector was charged with the murder of Lana Clarkson. Revenge by the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division and the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office against three former members of the O. J. Simpson's "Dream Team" would be a "MF"and "MF" didn't stand for Mark Fuhrman...." 

"....Exposing the truth is never in the interest of those who suppress it and eliminating three members of the O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team" would have to be executed with precision by the Los Angeles Police Robbery Homicide Division and their protectorate, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office...." 

"....The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division in the Phil Spector's (2007) murder trial embarked on a mission to intentionally frame me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden, in a manufactured and bogus "obstruction of justice" crime. The architects of this conspiracy involved Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon and Robbery Homicide Detective Victor Pietrantoni...." 

".... Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon, persuaded the judge to creatively, albeit injudiciously, grant the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division authority to "investigate" the circumstances of the missing evidence and assigned this case to Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) investigator Victor Pietrantoni, a friend of Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon and Anthony Pellicano...." 

"....What a "happy coincidence" that this case would end up in the lap of Detective Victor Pietrantoni a Robbery Homicide STUD who was nicknamed "Casanova" because of his steamy relationship with a high ranking Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney. Detective Victor Pietrantoni is just one of many LAPD officers who are incestuously connected and or married to members of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, The City Attorney's Office and or to the jurists assigned to the Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts. Consequently, allowing Victor Pietrantoni to conduct an impartial obstruction of justice investigation was tantamount to allowing the fox to investigate who broke into the hen house...." 

"....Instead of convening the Grand Jury to investigate the false allegations manufactured by the District Attorney prosecutors, which were revolting, contemptible and based on perjurious witnesses, the Judge relied on a page from the "Spanish Inquisition" and used his black robe, minus the hood, to lunch a personal, vicious, unethical, and unrelenting televised smear campaign against Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden, and Investigative Consultant Bill Pavelic. The judicial objective (payback) had one purpose in mind; to publicly humiliate and destroy the professional reputation of the "Dream Team" participants....knowing it could be accomplished with impunity while hiding behind judicial immunity...." 

"....It should come as no shock to anyone in Los Angeles, especially the judiciary, that dishonesty was compulsory in much of Robbery Homicide Division (under Chief Daryl Gates) and that my old colleagues at the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office have shown an affinity of using the grotesque Robbery Homicide Division to dispense their own form of perverted justice through patently rigged and self serving investigations...."

Welcome back, friend!

I find it hard to believe while she was robbing Cohen blind, her family did the bookkeeping for Cohen's entities; yet, neither her mother, father, sister, nor Steve Lindsey had any idea everything they had, and the high life they were living, was paid for by Cohen? Unbelievable. Of course she couldn't go to rehab during that period. Had she gone to rehab, the gig would've been up.
How can you go to rehab if you ABSOLUTELY have no alcohol issues? Ha!
Wow. Just WOW.
The more I ponder on this, the more I believe she really needs to be sequestered away from society because any of these people could possibly be endangered and when the close family turns their backs that is a BIG sign something needs to be done. She should be manditorily put into a mental facility to be evaluated ASAP before somebody gets hurt or worse! It is VERY scary knowing this woman lives so close to me. At least I know to stay away from that address, so thank you for posting it!

Kellygreen said

The evidence will show, the evidence will show Cutler is a fucking pig, a fucking pig!
The man really loves to repeat himself.
So much of Cutler’s OS makes me angry–but I find it truly disgusting that he never refers to Lana Clarkson by name, he always refers to her as the decedent–he is a fucking pig, a fucking pig.
Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: Your threat assessment email to Kelley Lynch dated Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: Washington Field <>

Ms. Lynch,

Forgive me, but

1. Didn’t the email strike you as just a little bit patronizing [“It sounds like life remains very interesting and exciting. Where are you now?  Are you in the Washington, D.C. area?”]? Clearly, the duty agent was simply trying to ascertain if you were in his backyard and dangerous to others and therefore a Washington DC Area  crazy they need to keep track of.

2. The email is complete and contained no other information ON THE PART OF THE FBI. That is obvious from the context. Whatever nonsense YOU transmitted on your end of the email string hardly changes the obvious – that this was a threat assessment, and that when they found out you were not in the DC area they lost interest. Which is why you never heard from them again.

3. But in YOUR MIND wow! After being  rebuffed by the Denvir field office, the Los Angeles Field office, and the Dallas field office an actual FBI field office was ACTUALLY LISTENING TO YOU. What better way to celibate than with another 30,000 emails to the Washington field office, after all they really “get you” – right? I mean, you were pretty thrilled about the auto-reply you received from Anderson Cooper 360, but this was the holy grail, amiright?

From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 2:52 PM
To: Stephen Gianelli; Washington Field
Subject: Re: Your threat assessment email to Kelley Lynch dated Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM


I have advised you to cease and desist, criminal.  I removed what I viewed as personal and confidential information from this email to ME personally.  The FBI is aware of that.  You just lied to FBI and should be in prison.

Kelley Lynch

On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 4:39 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


You're clear that I advised this criminal to cease and desist, right?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 3:29 AM
Subject: Your threat assessment email to Kelley Lynch dated Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
To: Washington Field <>

THIS single response that the Washington Field Office transmitted to Kelley A. Lynch in December of 2009 is the reason why Kelley Lynch ( a Resident of California) has sent tens of thousands of emails to the DC field office (it is the only time a federal agency has EVER repined  to one of her  emails.

From: Washington Field <>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 5:33 AM
Subject: Toward Improving Communication
To: Kelley Lynch <>

It sounds like life remains very interesting and exciting.  Where are you now?  Are you in the Washington, D.C. area?  Are you available by telephone?

Duty Agent
FBI-Washington Field Office
601 4th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20535
(202) 278-2000