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Kelley Lynch Asked Dennis Riordan To Cross Off Bruce Cutler & Replace That Name With His Own Name - After All The Grand Jury Legal Adviser Instructed Kelley Lynch To Contact Phil Spector's Appellate Attorney Re. The Three Versions Of Leonard Cohen's Gun Story Re. Phil Spector Before LA Superior Court

Streeter Sentencing Document -
Relevant Excerpts

In the present situation, based on the testimony of the victim, as well as the information in the attached exhibits [NOTE:  Captain Jack Horvath LIED to LA Superior Court that I contacted the DA’s office in 2007 - when, in fact, Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by my house in 2005 re. an anonymous tip the DA’s office received about me and my friendship with Phil Spector; in 2006, I filed a complaint against Cohen with the DA’s Major Fraud Unit and they began threatening me; in 2007, I met with Investigator John Thompson and Detective Silva - who was sent the fraudulent Killer King report and other documents - at which time I was told I was probably a “witness” in the Phil Spector matter.  In 2007, I reported the Whole Foods incident to the DA - and at times thereafter, particularly after the criminal negligence was wholly apparent.  Another attachment would be a report of Sandra Baca’s, a woman who has never met me and who was given five emails and evidently thinks I was running for President on the Wedding Party and had appointed my FBI and CIA directors as that was the game my colleagues on the ACLU campaign and I would play - the email, which Horvath concealed in its entirety from the court - was a satirical email; also the Penal Code of California has language re. willful use of perjury by an official - as it relates to a “death sentence” - and the death penalty.  Interesting that LA’s Top Law Enforcement Prosecutor doesn’t know the laws but wanted to speed up executions, using a drug that’s used to put dogs to sleep.] it is clear that defendant poses a safety risk to the community at large [Streeter’s speaking for a community she knows nothing about as I live in the Bay Area and she is sadly and pathetically mistaken but she’s obviously a liar with motive] in general and to all the people mentioned in her letters, emails, and voice mails in particular.  What is particularly concerning is the recent letters sent by defendant to Mr. Cutler .  Reading those letters, one would never conclude that a long standing relationship did not exist between defendant and Mr. Cutler.

Letter to Bruce Cutler
March 20, 2012

I have been in jail since March 1, 2012
On March 1, 2012, I walked out for a package of cigarettes and was approached by Berkeley PD.
They had a warrant for my arrest - while they had spoken to detectives in LA, the best we could surmise is that Cohen got an extension on the fraud restraining order the judge granted me in Boulder.
Needless to say I was not served the restraining order [California registered order], had no knowledge of it and must have to be omniscient in order to apprise myself of all the fraud floating around about me.  NOTE:  Not served the complaint in Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit; not served or notified of the default judgment entered in May 2006 against me; and there are many other incidents of this type of activity.
I had a hearing on the 7th - the DCA is a sycophant.- has advised the judge that I am a “flight risk.”
I’m in disbelief that an investigator is involved [NOTE:  Referring to the DA’s personal security detail/investigator in the courtroom for my bail hearing, trial, etc.]
Clearly, the man should be fired.
The judge noted something about Cohen’s criminal tax fraud and my public defender noted that my emails were requests for tax information.
September/October 2011 - when the state garnished my wages and demanded my returns.  {Note - I don’t owe any taxes; I have huge loses; Cohen’s illegal K-1s complicate issues; Cohen has not provided me with IRS required 1099 and his lawsuit confuses issues because he states that I am not entitled to a commission, as personal manager, on royalties deposited to his personal account - this is contradicted by the fraudulent letter; fraud refund; etc.]
Just prior to Cohen’s “threat” letter to me of March [Actually February] 14, 2011 [Streeter addressed this on the record but concealed the transcript of my conversation with Steven Machat; my position with Rice that I was pro per and there was no restraining order - I was advised by Boulder Court that it had expired] 14, 2011 - copying in Dennis Riordan, Ron Burkle, the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury [NOTE:  the DOJ was not copied in proving that Rice lied at trial when she said she cut and pasted these email cc’s from mine] ...
Judge noted that various law enforcement agencies were copied in.
That judge, being tough on crime no doubt - refused to release me OR but reduced my bail from $50K to $15K.
Rutger’s upset - spoke to one of the officers at Berkeley PD.
They did note this was a waste of taxpayer dollars and asked me about IRS, FBI, Cohen, etc.
I informed them that I met with agents from the Treasury in Washington and FBI told me to let the IRS take the lead and they’ll be brought in re. criminal witness and evidence tampering.
Clearly, this is about Phil Spector and I continue to maintain that the DA should be arrested.
Yongzin Rinpoche was clear - LA is dangerous to my welfare and now their slimey tentacles are oozing well out of their jurisdiction.
Cohen, of course, must be on drugs if he thinks talk about his “alleged” criminal tax fraud and my emails requesting tax information is beneficial to his cause.
Tomorrow I have a pre-trial hearing.  No one can believe what I’m in here for but this is La La Land.
Jail is a bore and this will destroy my life.  I, of course, plan to sue for obstruction of justice, false arrest, false imprisonment, etc.
I have high blood pressure.
All of this will go into my book.
Obviously, being in jail, Phillip is on my mind.  I do not particularly feel like writing him about the latest episode.  It is vicious, malicious, low, and unconscionable.  Fortunately, these people (animals really) rot in hell.
P.S.  Berkeley PD also asked me about Cohen’s role in Phil Spector’s matter.  I assured them that he perjured himself.  Both men were cool and professional - took me to hospital for EKG, high blood pressure, etc.

Back of envelope:  Landlord scared.  There’s a PI looking for me in Berkeley and my sister is scared about accessing my email account.  The situation is out of control.
Free Phil Spector.
Imprison Cooley & Cohen,.
Cutler for LA DA.

March 27, 2012
Letter to Bruce Cutler

I have now advised my public defender that I want a restraining order against DA Steve Cooley [Check the attorney notes to see what happened with respect to my request when I received the PD file]
These people approached me, began threatening me, and have a lot of nerve attempting to intimidate me by having an investigator in the courtroom with Cohen’s hired guns.
I also want my lawyer to address all the lies in the LAPD complaint - including, but not limited to, Cohen’s insane lies in his fraudulent lawsuit.
It somehow does not seem appropriate to let lies go unchecked.
And then there is the [Deputy] City Attorney Sarah [Sandra Jo] Streeter who one cannot comprehend without a first person encounter.  She is mind boggling and utterly enthralled with Cohen.
I personally believe my lawyer should attack the Boulder order - there were no witnesses, evidence, and I asked the judge to make it permanent.  Beyond that, it is fraud and I cannot imagine how a judge in Boulder (or LA) has jurisdiction over someone who resides in Berkeley.
Here are Cohen’s main lies from the bail hearing.
He is pathetic, looked like a big phoney, and is evidence that Hollywood will crush you over a wealthy celebrity.

1)  I worked as his “business” manager.  I did not.
2)  A prudent man would have a sense of fear re. my emails.  Actually, Bruce, a prudent man would have blocked my emails if they were so disturbing.
3)  I intend to take Cohen down is not a threat.  After interviewing Mikal Gilmore re. his brother’s death by firing squad, Cohen told me this is how he would like to die.
4)  We not only had a business relationship we had a personal relationship [friendship, almost familial - as he testified, I helped raise his daughter; also managed his son ...] from approximately 1997 [should be 1988] to 2003, possibly longer.  NOTE:  We did not have a friendship in 2004.  I was well aware, by that time, that he used me horrendously re. these entities and felt he committed tax fraud, etc.
5)  I did not fail to file my tax returns.  See IRS and FTB.
Cohen cannot stop lying or stealing.  He is evidently impressive to the DA, City Attorney, law enforcement, and court, which truly resemble a “criminal enterprise.”  [See RICO Act]
I can assure you, Bruce, that I am not thrilled to be in the custody of the Sheriff’s Department.  For one, they believe Phillip is guilty and played a role in the destruction of his life.  They invaded my house and seized my documents.  As I said to Sergeant Fernandez - Is everyone in California helping Cohen with his criminal tax fraud?  The answer is “yes” and now extends to the City Attorney.  It doesn’t, from what I could tell, extend to Berkeley PD.
NOTE:  I had no issues with LASD re. Phil Spector.  In fact, the hierarchy (various lieutenants, etc.) were refreshingly frank about the situation and my views.
I really cannot believe Steve Cooley was raised as an issue when the cantakerous judge asked who was in the courtroom.  Steve Cooley and his ‘investigator” (who clearly has “motive”) are obviously dead set on proving they are in a conspiracy with Cohen.  My lawyer agrees - the IRS, FBI & FTB should arrest them all and prosecute them.
No one can figure out why I am here.  My lawyer said the judge would want to know why I’m in jail.  Maybe he can figure out why Canada’s National Treasure, Leonard Cohen, cannot live in Canada.  I have no idea what I’m being charged with but now want to confront the fraudulent Boulder order.  I remain unaware of my father’s condition and am furious that I would be arrested after he had two “strokes.”
Lynwood Jail details.
I am waiting for the complaint filed with LAPD and will correct every lie and ask my lawyer to transmit the document to LAPD.
I wrote Phillip.  Sent the letter to Rachelle and asked her to pass it onto him.
Who would have thought that, in the year 2012, Phillip and I would - respectively - be in prison and jail - both dealing with Cohen and Cooley.  Well, as the 14th Sharmapa advised me:  corrupt politicians and corrupt cops.  I would assume that all protectors are aware of them.
What is the good news?  There isn’t any.  I am working on my book and there is now a chapter on jail, Cooley, and the criminal enterprise known as LA Superior Court.  Apparently, with respect to “bail” the judge must take the allegations as “fact.”  When, Bruce, is fraud and perjury a “fact?”
I trust you are well.  I hope my lawyer emailed you and Mr. Riordan.  I’m going to ask him to email the IRS, FTB, FBI, Treasury, and DOJ next.
Michael has been in touch with Rutger, naturally, and I can assure you that I am not as the [Deputy] City Attorney [Streeter] LIED to the judge estranged from my children or family.  Rutger and my sister are paying my April rent.  Karen has been putting money on my books so Sarah [Streeter], the psychotic [Deputy] City Attorney, should begin thinking through her lies and perjury.  After all, I am suing her [Nikhil advised me to sue the County over this situation] and asked my lawyers to help me trap her in her game as well.  [NOTE:  I also asked my lawyers to help me nail Cohen re. Phil Spector - there are now three versions of his gun story re. Phil Spector before LA Superior Court ... two of them in my matter alone - Streeter concealed that fat from my jurors]

Wish me success.  All the best, Kelley

P.S.  I have so many “unverifiable” warrants that aren’t mine.  At least one has been dismissed.  Seems quite serious from my perspective.  What kind of mistake can there be re. a warrant for one’s arrest?  This system is a monstrosity.  As Glenn Greenwald said “and justice for some.”  ie., Cohen who can pay for it and perjure himself in Phillip’s matter.  Only a moron would buy his bullshit on the stand.  And he appeared to be “drugged.”  Hearing Cooley’s name in this matter makes me ill.  Maybe they’ll confess next.

Issues raised in my letter to Bruce Cutler - STRIKE - now Dennis Riordan:
March 28, 2012 Letter

Lynwood Jail
My friends work in prison reform.
My grandfather was a magistrate.
Never have I seen anything like Los Angeles and its criminal justice system.
My book and a chapter on jail.
Going to trial.
Cohen's tax fraud, my emails requesting tax information, the latest lies to LAPD, Cohen and Cooley's now
transparent conspiracy.
I want to take the stand.
The City Attorney did not know how to enter evidence into the record at the bail hearing.  Judge
walked her through it.
Steven Machat doesn't think Cohen's lawyers understand the law.
The City Attorney should be forced to explain his role here and the fact that the taxpayers are
footing the bill for this.
We want to call the following witnesses [and asked the judge re. video conferencing] - Steven Machat,
Doug Davis/FTB, Agent Tejeda/IRS-Fraud, Agent Sopko/Treasury, and Bruce Cutler.
Cohen perjured himself in Phil Spector's Grand Jury and the District Lunatic [Attorney] has now
aligned himself with Cohen.  NOTE:  Mick Brown and I have resolved the issue re. Cohen's statements - not
testimony - being presented to Phillip's Grand Jury and I have discussed this with the Grand Jury Legal
Adviser and Judge Fidler's law clerk, Wendy who advised me to write the DA and copy the judge in]
Cooley has his investigator in the courtroom - perhaps it's "Marko."
Michael Ingrassia has been in touch with my landlord and Rutger.
I had Berkeley PD speak to Rutger who told them he was stressed by this situation, etc.
I want to bankrupt Cooley who refused to investigate the criminal negligence in Rutger's Whole Foods matter.
The letter Oak Grove School advised me they sent to Bruce Cutler.  At that point, I was advised that the
school found evidence that Ray had suicidal thoughts.
Being falsely accused of threats such as "take you down" which I have repeatedly said was legally but this is
not a threat in any event.
Reviewing Phillip's murder trial in my mind - these issues stand out:
-speaking to Devra Robaitaille on a daily basis, while working for Marty Machat, and never once hearing about
a gun incident.
-the incident at the Carlyle and the fact that a was hiding in the bathroom/shower and Phillip did NOT have a gun.
I think Jericho was there also.  Also, Phillip wasn't drunk.  NOTE:  The woman illegally gained access to Phillip's room.
-the fact that I worked for Phillip in 1988 and 1989 and Diane Ogden did not.  Janice told me Ogden also lied and
said she scheduled one of Phillip's bowling parties when Janice scheduled it.
-the fact that Cohen told me for 20 years that Phillip never held a gun on him and confirmed this for LAPD and Steve
Cron.  See embellished stories.  NOTE:  This is prior to Nikhil showing me Streeter and Cohen's emails.  At that
point, I realized Cohen lied to LASD and lied to me - he told me he advised Detectives Tomlin and Fournier that
Phillip never held a gun on him, his comments were good rock 'n roll stories, and they were embellished.  I was
shocked, as Nikhil knows, to see that he advised LASD that Phillip held a gun on him.
So many lies but we are talking about gold diggers and liars who were caught going through Phillip and Janice's drawers,
stealing, etc.
I have high blood pressure [Note:  I've recently been hospitalized over this]
I have not seen my parents since shortly after going to the IRS.
I would never have accepted the millions Cohen offered me to lie.
U.S. Supreme Court's cowardly refusal to review Phillip's case.
I have never seen the monster the lunatic DA has created.
I have never seen Phillip drunk [although I have had drinks with him many, many times]
I have never seen Phillip behave in any manner other than a gentleman.
The system works beautifully for the criminal.
As Yongzin Rinpoche said about our "system" - call a cop, lie to them, get them to take a report, and head into court.
In this case, LAPD relies on Cohen's lies.  NOTE:  Nikhil and I discussed the fact that LAPD has utterly ignored my complaints to them.
They have another "lawsuit" on their hands.  The SWAT incident scares people.
The custody matter horrifies them.

Back of Envelope:
Case 2CA045939
Protected person - Leonard Cohen
"I guess they have to protect the loser thief if he perjured himself in Phil's matter.  Thank God I'm no representing myself
here.  If I had to talk to the DDA [DCA - after this woman, NOT Streeter, told the arraignment judge that Cohen's a "celebrity"] and the arraignment judge read out loud information about criminal tax fraud and the law enforcement agencies copied in on my alleged
emails ... get a copy of that transcript.

Letter to Bruce Cutler
March 30/31

WRITING on side of page:  My sister said Phil did not have a gun when we visited.  DA [Brian Bennett] asked.  We visited just before Douglas and I got married.  [August 1988 - worked for Phillip at the time]

I wrote to Phillip [heard from him while at Lynwood], sent him interview questions, and - again - advised him that I want my book to be a best seller.
I have a really great interview in mind - that will cover his career as well as the trials and so forth.  I asked him about you.
Information about Lynwood Jail.  [NOTE;  Kept shorthand journal]
I haven’t received the complaints and police report from John Perroni [PD who represented me at bail hearing].
I am simply unsure if I can address any more lies.
If necessary, when released, I will write a letter to LAPD ... [NOTE;  Have spoken to Viramontes/LAPD; he phoned Agent Tejeda/IRS]
I will copy in you, the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, FBI Washington, Department of Justice, Doug Davis - Franchise Tax Board, Agent Sopko - Treasury, and the NEWS MEDIA!
My lawyer ordered the complete file from Boulder (re. the fraud TRO) so he shall see some of the evidence I’ve attached to my Motion to Vacate.
NOTE:  Review Streeter’s questions to me about where my files are; why my relatives couldn’t access them in Berkeley; and the PD’s objection when I said my lawyers were obtaining them ...
I will indeed copy Cooley, Jackson, et al., in on my letter to LAPD.  I believe lying to law enforcement is known as obstruction of justice but perhaps it’s forgivable when undertaken by a wealthy Hollywood fraud like Leonard Cohen.  NOTE:  I’ve spoken to Viramontes/LAPD about the lies in the LAPD report.
Spoke to my sister.  Asked her to email Steven Machat and a book publisher.  Also, my landlord.
Karen’s annoyed that we haven’t heard from my public defender.  NOTE:  She called them numerous times.
I’ll have Karen email Sharmapa next.  NOTE:  She emailed Michael Carroll, Bruce Cutler, and spoke with Yongzin Rinpoche numerous times.
She does not want to email the IRS, FTB, FBI, DOJ, or Treasury.  Technically, Bruce, I could argue that Cohen and Cooley have “entrapped” me.  NOTE:  I intend to - Streeter as well.
In any event, it’s all perverse, convoluted, deranged, and positively evil.  I feel like I am stuck between a federal matter or matters and serious local/state corruption.
For now, Bruce, I could care less about the fraudulent restraining order and bogus charges.  I’m more interested in the complaint to LAPD.  Karen’s checking my emails and I want her to phone Steven Machat.  NOTE:  Nikhil spoke with him; Steven Machat offered to fly out to testify at my hearing and then had a conflict in his schedule and had to go to NY.
How much does this cost the taxpayer?
The good news, Bruce, everyone thinks Cohen should be arrested for obstruction of justice, but, he’s a wealthy Hollywood fraud who perjured himself in Phillip’s grand jury [NOTE:  my public defender hadn’t received Mick Brown’s response and I hadn’t communicated personally with Mick about Cohen’s statements presented to the Grand Jury and used in prosecution motions] so FAT CHANCE.
I am disgusted today.  I want Steven Machat to speak to my public defender so Peroni understands the lying fraud-thief we’re dealing with.
I wish I had never gone to the IRS - I rarely had exposure to law enforcement and was not on their radar.  In fact, I rarely had a parking ticket -- I must say that with so many agencies on my “case” they really are stretching to undermine my credibility and willfully admit that I was given a citation in S.M. for smoking legally.  That does not discredit me.
The warrants that aren’t mine [there is another Kelly Lynch - see Killer King report, etc.] do not discredit me.
And, this situation does not discredit me.
Cohen is wealthy and, as Boies Schiller said, another Hollywood fraud.
How, Bruce, can LA Superior Court and LAPD determine (without the corporate books and records, etc. - NOTE:  Viramontes/LAPD asked me about evidence re. Cohen’s theft from me and I mentioned the corporate books, records, stock certificates, notarized documents, my indemnity agreement, etc.] that Cohen is lying when he says I was paid more than my commission as personal manager.  How?  Are they aware of my 15% ownership interest
(Steven Machat also - is LAPD aware that Cohen has stolen from the Machats also?) in all intellectual property dating back to 1967?  How about corporate distributions?  Corporate pay-outs for taxes due?  Etc?  My question is this, Bruce, when can perjury or fraud be a “fact?”
Also, Bruce, when can a court or law enforcement accept perjury or fraud as fact?
In a bail hearing with a lying City Attorney [Sandra Jo Streeter]?  In the fraudulent Boulder restraining order hearing?  The judge told me she would be “distressed” if she were me.  Well, let me assure you of this, Bruce - Judge Samuel Mayerson would not be.  He has evidently seen everything.  So have I, Bruce, and I now agree with all major Tibetan lamas:  lawyers (not of your ilk) have destroyed America and these judges are maniacs.  As His Holiness Kusum Lingpa said:  I cannot help you with the law but I can help you with reality.  I gave him Cooley’s photograph and was clear:  he’s my arch enemy.  The first DA to hit Tibet.
I’m working on my book and have given thought to the evening Brian Bennett rolled by re. my friendship with Phillip and the “anonymous” tip the DA’s office received re. about our friendship.  They have caller ID so the anonymous tip so the “anonymous tip from a woman story” is, no doubt, a lie.  I can’t recall what incident Bennett brought up but I believe it was the night/weekend I left my jeep at Phillip’s.  Rutger was little; Ray was not born - so it was between 1990 and 1992.  I thought Bennett told me Paulette brought up this non-incident where Phillip decorated my car with Back to Mono stickers.  [NOTE:  Brian Bennett asked me if Phillip had shot my tires out]  Phillip thought my increased irritation over the weekend was hilarious.  I thought it was “lame” for him not to come out to say “hi.”  When did Karen and I visit?  I’ll ask her when I call today.  This was another “incident” Bennett and I discussed and I did indeed phone my parents during this discussion - although the report I reviewed with Dale Kelly does not indicate that.  I almost hope Bennett just fucked up with his note taking - to lie in a report about a murder trial seems egregious but, then again, it looked like most “witnesses” for the prosecution lied.  One of the morals of my story is this - do not interfere with the sleazebags in the ‘ol boys network.  I have been referring people to the Full Disclosure pc. on Cooley and will feature the corruption in LA in my book.
I really want to do a fabulous interview with Phillip.
I’ve had about 2 million conversations with him and know him well.
My book will detail what he told me actually happened the evening Clarkson shot herself.
I can see Phillip across from me at the restaurant (and, I can almost smell him because I loved the cologne he had on - Phillip promised me he would order some for Rutger).
There were two annoying, judgmental morons at the bar behind me; the waitress* was happy to see Phillip and I thought she was seriously flirting with him (sitting down with us, etc.) and I asked:  Did you shoot her, Phil? and he told me what happened - this huge Amazonian woman dancing around in his foyer, singing “Da Doo Run Run” and then shooting herself.  Phillip was outraged that the police didn’t bring in medics.  He told me about being tased, tackled, treated unconscionably, etc.  And I am an ESL tutor, Bruce, so I am aware that people lie when they can’t speak English or understand it properly which is why my Brazilian roommate said “nice” when I told her “Whitney Houston died.”  Extremely tragic and unspeakable situation.

*WRITING on side of page:  This now reminds me of Brian Bennett saying to me “What about that mafia waitress?" and Janice and I wondering if you and Phillip were dating “mob molls."

I think the Scientist’s situation with lying gold diggers (on drugs, etc.) should help put Phillip’s situation in perspective because the one woman tried to kill herself at his house and was totally out of control at the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department - and - Duck of Eek-A-Mouse [told me] she tried to killer herself in front of a member of the band Fishbone.  Everyone in the entertainment industry should understand this.
I trust you’re well, Mr. Cutler, and I am very concerned about the showers here.  After all, I nearly had my foot amputated re. a staph infection I picked up at the Star of Hope Misson.
One other thing Cohen lied about at the bail hearing - he said I stopped into his lawyer’s office a year or two earlier.  Actually, I stopped in 7 years ago - with Ray.  At that time, Cohen and Kory began encouraging Lindsey to take Ray away from me.  I’ll address the fact that I discussed this with agents from criminal intelligence/Treasury.
My cellmate - from “A Nightmare On Elm Street” will be addressed in my book.
I’m thinking up more questions for Phillip and I want to remind him to stay strong, miracles - while rare, can happen, and he should not die in prison.  I think Phillip can survive and definitely think he should sue the DA and Cohen with me - particularly no that they are proving their conspiracy.  Take care, Bruce.  All the best, Kelley

P.S.  I’m on high blood pressure medication now.

FYI - I’m certain Cohen played a role in having the mother of his children arrested on Hydra, Greece.  After all, the Police Chief was married to his housekeeper and he hates paying support, his debts, etc. {NOTE:  Defrauded his attorney, Peter Lopez, of approximately $90,000, etc.]  But Marvin Mitchelson [a man I know through Phillip} scared him to death.  Based on his bail hearing testimony, it’s obvious that an excellent attorney could rip his lies to shreds.  My own lawyer managed to nail his ass in numerous lies in minutes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Scientist - Jason Harness Declaration - Re. Amara Wilson Fraudulent Restraining Order That Has Now Expired


I, JASON HARNESS, declare:

1. I am a citizen of the United States who resides in the State of California.  I am a friend and business associate of Respondent Hopeton Brown’s.  I have known Hopeton Brown for approximately 6 years.  Except as to those matters stated on information and belief, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below and could and would testify competently thereto if asked to do so.

2. I am a sound recording engineer and have worked as Hopeton Brown’s assistant.  Hopeton Brown is a producer, sound engineer, mixing engineer, dub engineer, and performer known professionally as “The Scientist.”  He is considered a living legend.

3. I was present for the Sister Carol performance the Belly Up Tavern on or around April 20, 2009.  Hopeton Brown was engineering and Amara Wilson was his guest for the evening.  Sister Carol is one of Jamaica’s top entertainers.  The Belly Up Tavern is a club in Solana Beach, California where live acts perform.  Rolling Stone Magazine regards the Belly Up Tavern as a very important venue for live music and entertainment.  While Hopeton Brown was working that evening, Amara Wilson was enjoying herself.  She was having a great time, walked around and socialized freely, and I saw her laughing and smiling throughout the night.  Amara Wilson was free to leave whenever she wanted.  Hopeton Brown was at the front of the house.  He was working at the recording console.  I did not have one drink that night and was completely sober.  The same is true for The Scientist who does not drink.  Apparently, after Amara Wilson took and/or destroyed Hopeton Brown’s video tutorial cartridges, she decided to fabricate stories about him.  She has alleged that there was a “soft kidnapping” or some form of hostage taking involved with her trip to Solana Beach, California with Hopeton Brown.  That is preposterous.  I was present and witnessed the evening’s activities.  Everything was harmonious between Hopeton Brown and Amara Wilson.  In the 6 years I have known Hopeton Brown, I have never seen him behave in a manner that could be described as anything other than professional and courteous.  He is an ethical man who is never rude, aggressive, abusive, or dishonest.

4. I am familiar with Hopeton Brown’s video tutorial.  Hopeton Brown intended to use this as a teaching and documentary tool.  He planned to sell DVDs and donate a portion of each sale to assist at-risk youths.  Hopeton Brown intends to open music schools and/or colleges and the video tutorial is a crucial element of that plan.  He has already begun searching for grants for his music schools.  The schools will be called “The School of Dub.”  The video tutorial details information about sound and recording techniques that only Hopeton Brown understands.  No one else can duplicate these very specific trade secrets that Hopeton Brown and King Tubby’s developed in Jamaica approximately 30 years ago.  I cannot stress how valuable and priceless this recorded video tutorial is to those of us in a variety of industries.  Amara Wilson borrowed Hopeton Brown’s video camera.  He had the video camera and his video cartridges, including the video tutorial, in the camera case.  Amara Wilson, for reasons unbeknownst to me, decided to keep Hopeton Brown’s camera and has now alleged that she destroyed his video tutorial.  Part of the footage that Amara Wilson allegedly destroyed was shot at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.  The Scientist participated in a Dub Clinic at the Musicians Institute on April 24, 2009.

5. After Amara Wilson refused to return Hopeton Brown’s video camera, video cartridges, and camera bag, Hopeton Brown asked me to contact her in an attempt to convince her to return these items to him.  I phoned Amara Wilson and explained why I was calling.  She went into a lengthy story about how “crazy” The Scientist is and mentioned that he held her “captive” and or “prisoner” during that Sister Carole performance in San Diego.  That is a blatant lie.  At no time during the evening was Amara Wilson held “captive” or prisoner.”  I thought Amara Wilson was out of her mind after having this conversation with her.

6. Any woman who is a fan of Reggae is going to be extremely intrigued by Hopeton Brown because he is an international living legend.  Hopeton Brown’s name will go down in music history along with names such as Beethoven and Mozart.  Hopeton Brown attempted to assist Amara Wilson with her singing career.  He apparently went as far as speaking to band managers about managing her.  The tapes in Hopeton Brown’s camera bag included footage of demos of songs he was producing for Amara Brown.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this ____ day of March at Los Angeles, California.


The Scientist - Rez Khan Declaration - Re. Amara Wilson Fraudulent Restraining Order That Has Now Expired


I, REZ KHAN, declare:

1. I am a citizen of the United States who resides in the State of California.  I am a friend and business associate of Respondent Hopeton Brown’s.  I have known Hopeton Brown for approximately 10 years.  Except as to those matters stated on information and belief, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below and could and would testify competently thereto if asked to do so.

2. I am the owner of Seedless Clothing and promote special events.  I have a degree in Psychology and International Security & Conflict Resolution.

3. Hopeton Brown is known professionally as “The Scientist” and is considered a living legend in the Reggae field of music.  I was present for the Sister Carol performance the Belly Up Tavern on April 20, 2009.  I promoted this event.  Hopeton Brown was the sound engineer and Amara Wilson was his guest for the evening.  Sister Carol is one of Jamaica’s top entertainers.  The Belly Up Tavern is a club in Solana Beach, California where live acts perform.  Rolling Stone Magazine regards the Belly Up Tavern as a very important venue for live music and entertainment.

4. I met Amara Wilson and she seemed pleasant.  Everything seemed fine between Amara Wilson and Hopeton Brown.  Amara Wilson reminded me of a groupie.  She was excited to be part of the crew and backstage.  I am becoming very frustrated with these types of women.  I have heard the allegations about Hopeton Brown and know they are nothing other than malicious lies and slander.  When I promote an event, I keep a close eye on everything.  I am exposed to liability.  If I see a gang member fly a sign, which is not permitted, I ask security to deal with the situation.  When I see a drunk girl or woman, I put her in a cab.  This event was a party.  There was not a human being present who did not to be there.  Amara Wilson was free to do whatever she wanted over the course of the evening.  She was not there against her will.  Hopeton Brown was working, engineering the show, and incredibly busy.

5. In the 10 or so years I have known Hopeton Brown, he has always conducted himself professionally.  I have never seen him behave in a rude, abusive, or aggressive manner.  That type
behavior is not part of his personality.  He is the consummate professional and a gentleman.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this ____  of April 2010 at Los Angeles, California.


The Scientist - Josh Cardinali Declaration - Re. Amara Wilsons's Fraudulent Restraining Order That Has Now Expired



1. I am a citizen of the United States who resides in the State of California.  I am a friend and business associate of Defendant Hopeton Brown’s.  Except as to those matters stated on information and belief, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below and could and would testify competently thereto if asked to do so.

2. I am a guitarist and member of the Reggae band The Divine Crime.  The Divine Crime is an all-star band with a high energy show, song-writing power, and contagious vibe.  The band infuses reggae, roots, dub, dancehall, soul, and jam music into a seamless combination.  The group is defined by heavy and danceable grooves with layers of deep bass, synth textures, loud rippin’ guitar and heart filled melodies and harmonies.

3. I have known Hopeton Brown for approximately 10 years.  He is a living legend in the Reggae field, has a name, and people know who he is.  Hopeton Brown is respected and has had a tremendous influence on Reggae.  I have toured with him and been in a variety of circumstances with him in different cities.  I have never seen anything that would even vaguely resemble rude, abusive and/or violent behavior.  Hopeton Brown is a gentleman and professional individual.

4. Hopeton Brown is professionally known as The Scientist.  He is a producer, sound engineer, mixing engineer, dub engineer, and performer.  The Scientist has been releasing songs and albums that he produced, mixed, engineered, and performed on since he was 16 years of age.

5. I worked on a couple of songs Hopeton Brown was producing for Amara Wilson.  Hopeton Brown helps many people.  This project did not have an official name.  I worked on these songs as a favor to Hopeton Brown.  I have seen Hopeton Brown with Amara Wilson multiple times and she did not appear to be afraid of him in any way whatsoever.  On the contrary, he was attempting to help Amara Wilson get her fledgling singing career off the ground.

6. At the time I worked on the tracks the Scientist was producing for Amara Wilson, he was simultaneously working on his video tutorial that is based on his sound, mixing, and recording techniques.  I saw his camera, looked through the viewer and reviewed some of the footage, and am  aware of the fact that the tapes were physical tapes or cartridges.

7. I have witnessed Hopeton Brown with his son Ishmel who was living with him until he visited his mother sometime in the summer of 2005.  Hopeton Brown is a very good father and Ishmel is a good boy who now apparently stays with his mother.

8. Hopeton Brown has an accent and functional use of the English language.  He speaks what could be referred to as Pigeon English.  His English becomes quite thick when he becomes passionate about things.  It took me years to understand.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this ___ of April 2010 at Los Angeles, California.


The Scientist - Addi Somekh Declaration - Re. Amara Wilson's Fraudulent Restraining Order That Has Now Expired


I, ADDI SOMEKH, declare:

1. I am a citizen of the United States who resides in the State of California with my wife.  I am a friend and business associate of Defendant Hopeton Brown’s.  I also am an acquaintance of Amara Wilson’s.  Except as to those matters stated on information and belief, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below and could and would testify competently thereto if asked to do so.

2. I am a DJ with 89.7, KFJC at Foothill Junior College.  I have a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.  I am a musician, corporate team builder, speaker, and balloon artist.  I travelled, with a photographer, to over 34 countries and created balloon hats for people.  This journey yielded some 12,000 images, a book, and 3 calendars.  The balloon hats break down language and cultural barriers in ways experts could never imagine.

3. I became aware of Hopeton Brown approximately 25 years ago because of his work in Reggae music.  Hopeton Brown is professionally known in Reggae circles as “The Scientist.”  He is one of the best known sound/mixing engineers and producers in Reggae.  Hopeton Brown is a genius on a musical level and as an electrical engineer.  His work is extremely advanced and innovative.  Approximately six 6 years ago, I arranged for him to do a live performance at the radio station.  Hopeton Brown is a producer, sound engineer, mixing engineer, dub engineer, and performer.

4. Hopeton Brown and I began working on a video tutorial approximately 5 years ago.  That video tutorial is something Hopeton Brown was developing based on his sound, mixing, and recording techniques.  The tutorial documented Hopeton Brown’s sound techniques which are historically innovative.  It is a style of sound engineering created in Jamaica by Hopeton Brown’s mentor, King Tubby, and Hopeton Brown.  It is also a style of music in its own right that has gone on to influence a wide variety of music including house, hip hop, drums and bass, techno, and punk.  Reggae music has dynamic, large sounds.  In the simplest terms, it uses low end bass and a high treble sound from the guitar.  The video tutorial documents the sound techniques developed to capture that sound accurately.  The recording/mixing/sound engineer has a very large role in the performance of  the piece.  There is an “A” side with a band performing.  There is a “B” side which is known as the “dub version.”  The dub version incorporates the use of echo and other studio and sound techniques.  Hopeton Brown’s video tutorial is an extremely valuable documentary and teaching tool.

5. Over the past 6 years, I’ve come to know Hopeton Brown quite well and have had business dealings with him.  There have never been problems with respect to any issues involving lying or any type of short-sightedness.  Hopeton Brown has a work ethic.  He is absolutely not a liar.  He is capable of apologizing when he is in the wrong.  He is a man of integrity.

6. Any woman who is a fan of Reggae is going to be extremely intrigued by Hopeton Brown because he is an international living legend.

7. I was introduced to Amara Wilson by Hopeton Brown at the club Echoplex in Los Angeles where he works as a sound engineer/mixer and performer.  I became friendly with Amara Wilson independent of Hopeton Brown.  She is a singer and I am a jazz musician who plays the bass.  Amara Wilson is bright, energetic, and over her head in that she tries to accomplish too many things at once.  She is a single mother who has a used clothing store.  All the clothes in the store belonged to Amara Wilson at one time.  They are the remnants of her former modeling career.  She is a singer who is trying to promote her music.  She is interested in meditation and a scattered individual.  I vividly recall Hopeton Brown stopping by to visit one day in the summer of 2009.  He brought Amara Wilson and her son with him.  I was startled by her son’s behavior.  The child literally went berserk.  He was running around in circles screaming at the top of his lungs in my backyard.  I actually became concerned about what my neighbors might think was going on.  I have worked with kids, as a balloon artist, for over 20 years.  I have never seen a child freak out like this.  He was acting out and uncontrollable.  He was getting hyper.  I began to question Amara Wilson’s ability to parent because she could not control him.  I also wondered if the child had an issue with sugar.  Amara Wilson is a frazzled loose canon from my perspective.

8. Hopeton Brown comes from a culture where Bob Marley is an icon.  Jamaicans are conservative people.  There are many churches in Jamaica and, due to the fact that Bob Marley’s
mother was a single mother, they are extremely pro life.  Hopeton Brown was raised in a very conservative household in Jamaica.  He is a gentleman who possesses excellent manners.

9. Amara Wilson told me she worked for a woman who owned a clothing company.  They apparently had a falling out and, according to Ms. Wilson, a tremendous amount of drama ensued.  Amara Wilson appears to have a pattern of engaging in drama when something goes wrong in a business relationship.  Hopeton Brown had produced some songs for Amara Wilson.  It is my personal belief that Amara Wilson is engaging in revenge against Hopeton Brown and attempting to humiliate him by making up a bunch of lies.  It is one thing to end a relationship, business or otherwise, but it’s completely unacceptable to then destroy Hopeton Brown’s video tutorial and impugn his reputation.  Amara Wilson apparently thrives on conflict.  Hopeton Brown has a reputation to maintain.  He is well known and is routinely compensated with royalties related to his body of work and/or songs.  Five of his songs were used in the video game and soundtrack known as Grand Theft Auto 3.  He has produced, engineered, mixed, recorded, or performed on approximately 200 records.

10. I have seen Amara Wilson and Hopeton Brown together at her store and the club in August 2009.  I last saw them together at the Echo Plex Club on August 14, 2009.  Hopeton Brown had a show there.  Everything was harmonious between Hopeton Brown and Amara Wilson.  They were hanging out and it was super mellow.

11. I am also a friend of Keisha Martin’s.  Keisha Martin is a very close friend of Amara Wilson’s.  Never once has Keisha Martin raised any issue concerning Hopeton Brown’s behavior or conduct with respect to Amara Wilson.

12. In closing, I would like to address Hopeton Brown’s speech.  English is Hopeton Brown’s second language.  Jamaican is his first.  There is a Jamaican Patois and Jamaican English and I am unsure if Hopeton Brown speaks the former, but the latter is such a thick accent and dialect that it almost sounds like a different language.  Hopeton Brown has been in the United States long enough to be totally functional in American English, but if he becomes upset or excited, in either a good or bad way, it can become confusing and trick to understand him.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this 22nd day of March at Los Angeles, California.


Advised Dennis Riordan That The Scientist Is Standing Up For Phil Spector - And Recorded A Woman, Who Tried To Kill Herself At His House, Confirming That She (High On Drugs, Etc.) Planned To Frame Him For Murder

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Subject: Fwd: Par Harrison try to kill her self at my house
To: Dennis <>, The Scientist <>, Washington Field <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>
Cc: "SandraJo.Streeter" <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>, OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL <>, MEDIA RELATIONS PIO <>, chaleffg <>

Mr. Riordan,

I have just spoken with The Scientist.  As you know, he has been targeted by gold diggers with motive.  I will send you another recording.  Evidently, Pay Harrison confirmed that she intended to kill herself at The Scientist's house and frame him for murder.  Recently, LAPD has been to Echo Park Studio looking for Scientist.  We both feel this relates to Amara Wilson (who has stolen from him and has been stalking him).  Her fraudulent restraining order expired and I have provided you with numerous declarations proving this woman is a liar with motive - stealing The Scientist's video camera and documentary film footage.  Scientist spoke to a mutual friend of his and Wilson's.  She has been calling this man and asking questions about the Scientist, when he is working in the studio (Echo Park - only Wilson knows he works there from time to time), and she wants to know other details about him.  

The Scientist would like you and the news media to take a look at this evidence because it helps Phil Spector.  The Scientist is being stalked and harassed.  These women have lied to law enforcement about him because the system works beautifully for the criminals and the liars.  A judge, without any evidence being provided to his court (LA Superior Court, naturally), issued a restraining order and did not permit the Scientist to cross-examine her lying witness.  I have gathered an abundance of evidence proving these women have lied about The Scientist.  I have advised The Scientist to show LAPD the declarations and, if necessary, submit them to any court who Amara Wilson uses to further target him.  

I will now forward you the tape where Pay Harrison confirms that she cut herself (at his house) in order to frame him for murder.  Of course, drugs were also involved.  The tape apparently is clearer towards the end.


Prior Vandalism Report Filed Against The Woman w/LASD

The Scientist - Who Is Standing Up For Phil Spector - Has Recorded A Woman (Gold Digger w/drug problems ...) Confirming That She Attempted To Slit Her Wrists At His House Because She Wanted To Frame Him For Murder

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:59 PM
Subject: Pay Harrison On Tape Admitting She Cut Herself To Frame The Scientist For Murder
To: Dennis <>, The Scientist <>, Washington Field <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "SandraJo.Streeter" <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>, OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL <>, MEDIA RELATIONS PIO <>, chaleffg <>

Hi Mick,

Another good rock and roll story.  This is precisely what I thought Clarkson's motive was.  In any event, read what Keisha Martin has to say about her pal Amara Wilson - who has been stalking The Scientist, stole his video and documentary tutorial re. his dub mix production style, and obtained a fraudulent restraining order against him.  The Scientist is standing up for Phil Spector.  These gold digging liars are out of control.  This system crushes innocent people.

All the best,

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


Here is a transcript of Keisha Martin and my conversation.  As you know, Addi spoke to her; asked her to call me; and then confirmed with her that we did speak.

I am very sorry you are going through this but it is excellent that you taped this woman confirming that she cut herself at your house in an attempt to frame you for murder.

Please submit the declarations to LAPD.  If necessary, you should submit them to LA Superior Court.  I will call you this afternoon,.  I need the name of the man who advised you that Amara WIlson is attempting to find you; wants to know your where-abouts, is interested in when you work at Echo Park; etc.  

I agree with you - these judges are lunatics and they tolerate liars on the stand.  See Leonard Cohen and the outrageous prosecution I was subjected to because I reported his criminal tax fraud to the IRS and know for a fact that he lies about Phil Spector.  In fact, there are now three versions of Leonard Cohen's gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court and two of those are in my trial alone.  The prosecutor concealed that fact from my jurors.  These people are hell-bound.

All the best,

My Conversation With Keisha Re. The Scientist And Her Friend Amara Wilson

Transcription of shorthand notes – Kelley Lynch’s phone conversation with Keisha Martin.

A woman calls and says she is calling about Hopeton Brown.
I ask if she is the court reporter. Keisha Martin tells me “I am Hopeton Brown’s friend.” I attempted to get a transcript of the hearing. I am having a difficult time understanding Hopeton’s English and explanation of what occurred at the hearing. I know the “witness” who testified (male Asian) was not present when Amara Wilson was asked to give the camera back. I know there was a recess and the judge did not ask this man to return and Hopeton Brown was unable to rebut his testimony. He is upset about this. This man was the process server and Hopeton Brown told me he is Amara Wilson’s lover, witness, process server and possibly someone she does some type of business with.

Addi Somekh called Keisha Martin and had her call me re. Amara Wilson and Hopeton Brown. Keisha Martin is a friend of Wilson’s. She is also a friend of Hopeton Brown’s.

I explain to Martin what has unfolded with respect to Amara Wilson and her accusations directed at Hopeton Brown. That included the TRO, camera, tapes, an email with a virus, and a “soft kidnapping.”

I was fat as a kid. I got into a van once because a man offered me cake. They called it a "soft kidnapping" because it was actually my idea. 4:20 PM Jan 11th from TweetDeck

Keisha Martin tells me:
“They went to court on that.”
“She doesn’t tell us what happens.”
“She’s one of my friends.”
“I told Hopeton Brown I would be a character witness.”
“I don’t think he is violent and I don’t think he would do that.”
“She is aggravating him at this point.” Martin said this is because they stopped dating.

I brought up the video tutorial tape and/or tapes. “She told him she destroyed it.” I replied that she appears to be a liar.

Martin says: “About the kidnapping: I don’t think he would do it. I think she’s making it up. If someone kidnapped her she would have told her friends.” “I knew

Hopeton before I knew her.”
Martin tells me Amara Wilson is a “drama queen.” She tells me flat out: “There’s no kidnapping.” We discuss the fact that Wilson has raised the disappearance of Hopeton Brown’s ex and child on the record (TRO hearing) and is attempting to paint a portrait of a violent and possibly dangerous man. Martin thinks that’s preposterous and tells me “he would have got caught if that if it was.” I advise her that his ex applied for child support so we have evidence that they are alive and possibly in Florida.

Keisha Martin tells me: “I know that she’s a drama queen.” “This was an immature action.” “Wanting to break up.” Martin would not go into details about this. She believes Hopeton Brown and Amara Wilson were dating. “She said they were dating.” I mention that Hopeton Brown does not believe they were in a relationship – at all. Martin tells me “They both said they were dating. They had a relationship.Technically they were dating. He had dinner at her house. “The kids.” I ask about Wilson’s child. Martin confirms Wilson has a boy. I ask if he’s a young boy. Martin’s defensive now and does not want to talk about personal details re. Wilson’s life. She confirms – he’s a “young boy.” I asked if Wilson allowed Hopeton Brown around her son and Martin said “she allowed it.”

Martin tells me: “Hopeton Brown is a nice man. Hopeton Brown has not kidnapped anyone.” “The only reason why I’m calling – I know Hopeton Brown’s a nice guy.”
At this point I ask Keisha Martin if she will sign a Declaration attesting to her statements. She tells me no. She is now aggressive and defensive. I ask Martin if she will take the witness stand. “I don’t want to be involved with her shit.” Martin tells me “My name she not be involved at all.” She says “I’m telling a truthful story. He is a nice man.” “I have known Hopeton Brown … I ask when she met Hopeton Brown.She tells me “Ten years ago.”

I ask if she knows Pay Harrison. She says “He told me that story.” I ask if she ever goes to Echo Park (where Hopeton Brown works): “I go there for certain shows.”She informs me that she doesn’t hang out at clubs. I told her I do not either. She informs me “I do music.” I ask what she does and she says she is a “vocalist.”
I explain that Sergeant Sanders told me, this morning, that based upon their investigation and Amara Wilson’s statements he and Detective Horning have concluded that Hopeton Brown is a liar, con artist, and a “soft kidnapping” was raised as an issue. I explain that there was an investigation and it is possible that they will learn of Keisha Martin and her statements. She tells me not to trust the Sheriff’s Department. And tells me something like “You know what they’re up to” or “You know what they’re doing.” I have no idea. From my perspective, Sergeant Sanders is honest, professional, and has spent a great deal of time on this matter. He did not seem to be up to anything.

Keisha Martin tells me “Hopeton Brown has been a genius.” “He did invent ‘the dub.’” “He is amazing.” She tells me he was “never violent towards” her. She had dinner with him 3-4 times. He never “displayed any violence.” I ask if he’s ever been mean. Martin tells me “He has never been mean.”

We discuss the “soft kidnapping” issue. Keisha Martin tells me “Amara brought that up.” I am unclear but she said, initially, that Amara Wilson raised this as an issue at the hearing. I inform her that I do not have a transcript of the hearing. She tells me if she is dragged into this “We will be stumped.” I ask who “we” is and she tells me “Our other friends.” She then tells me “This is my first time hearing this.” This conflicts with what she just told me. Martin tells me “She knows that to involve us.”Martin is outright hostile at this point. “She doesn’t want us to get involved in her drama.” “She’s smart.” “Why would she want us to know if she is doing something wrong to Hopeton Brown?”

I point out that Keisha Martin if aggressive and defensive with me. Martin tells me “I am defensive. Hopeton Brown is a nice guy.” I ask her why she’s defensive and remind her that she called me.

The conversation ends at this point.
Addi Somekh (Witness #2)then calls to see if Keisha Martin called. I explain what happens and he sounds puzzled. I explain that I’m on another call and will call him back. He’ll call me if I miss him.

Q: What's brown and looks really good on a lawyer?
A: A Doberman.