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Gianelli's Truly Fascinatingly Deranged Leonard Cohen Concert Review & Attendant Comments

The Greatest Show On Earth – Leonard Cohen’s Tax Fraud & Phil Spector’s Set Up
LA Confidential

"I don't think he's guilty. I definitely think there is reasonable doubt," Mamet says... "They should never have sent him away. Whether he did it or not, we'll never know but if he'd just been a regular citizen, they never would have indicted him."  David Mamet (On Phil Spector being railroaded)

Laughlin’s testimony was highly controversial, as it became the bedrock of the defense’s claim that Clarkson was distraught over her evaporating career and turning 40, and may have pulled the trigger of the gun that killed her.
“She called me bawling her eyes out,” said Laughlin in a recent interview. “She was so downtrodden. This town was destroying her. She was crying and said, ‘I am getting a gun. I hate the town and I hate the people and I am going to blow my brains out.’”

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Anonymous said...
Egolessness and humor, and his expert wrangling -- of misfortune and loss, riding those home and yes, all the way to the bank again and again -- these are Leonard's art. His misfortune is our good luck, now more than ever.

Accordingly her Lynch-mobbiness believes _Ten New Songs_ are all about her, and so she slurringly said once or twice, in the sodden canyons of her secret life.

Did I slurringly say Cohen wrote songs for me?  Well, Cohen – a man with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, theft (from me, Steven and Marty Machat, Phil Spector, etc.) told me he wrote various songs about me – including “Alexandra Leaving,” “A Thousand Kisses Deep,” and “My Secret Life.”  He was correct in one line:  “I saw you this morning, you were moving so fast.”  This would refer to my stopping by his house in the mornings and no longer wanting to be alone with this man.  His greed became all-consuming.  He was bad-mouthing everyone around him – including Sharon Robinson and Leanne Ungar.  He had the nerve to look at people defecating on the internet in front of me – just decided to show me that and I definitely brought that to the attention of a number of people at the time.  He was obsessed with “ordinary income taxes” and demanded that these deals be done.  He was worried about digital downloading; hadn’t delivered an album between 1993 and 2001; understood that the royalty income from “The Future” had to be included in the due diligence accountings in order to capture his best selling royalty period; was growing increasingly paranoid; etc.  Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli does not know Leonard Cohen.  He’s aligned himself with him, has relentlessly targeted me since hearing from Cohen’s representatives in 2009, targeted many people near to be, may have found a “sympathetic ear” with prosecutor Alan Jackson about me, and appears to have had a 45-minute conversation with my public defender which is indeed unconscionable and sinister, as people are noting. 

November 8, 2012 7:00 PM
*      kellygreen said...
And how long will it take before she starts screaming that the great Leonard Cohen has defamed her?

Green, as usual, is out of touch with reality.  It’s interesting that a strange, anonymous man or woman has such hostility towards me and feels the compulsive and obsessive need to lie about me and slander me.  This is one reason why people, who know me, understand that I have been targeted.  What’s Green’s motive?  He/she questioned me about Phil Spector and his experts, Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden, etc?  Could Green be affiliated with prosecutor Alan Jackson?  It seems probable.  After all, Green also posts on Sprocket’s Trials & Tribulations and the Darwin Exception – two blogs that demonize Phil Spector and glorify Alan Jackson.  Green happens to sound like a moron.

Damn, Anon, you have the soul of a poet!
November 9, 2012 1:42 AM
Blogonaut said...

Kelley Lynch was due in court yesterday for a quarterly probation review.

Since she has publicly stated an intention to refuse to comply with the court's order of probation requiring her to submit to a mental health evaluation (she alternately opposes it on "religious grounds" and alternately denies that the order was made) and has publicly denounced the very judge she was to appear before as a corrupt bribe taker and her prosecutor as “fat”, “incompetent”, and mendacious, and has fired and threatned to sue and/or prosecute her public defender for (allegedly) speaking to this blog's editor, we suspect she may be in jail.

I didn’t publicly refuse to comply with anything.  I asked for and met with a psychiatrist at jail.  I know what the woman’s views were and believe prosecutor Streeter and her quack, Baca, have serious legal liability – based on Streeter’s sentencing recommendations.  I oppose psychology on religious grounds because Tibetan Buddhism understands the nature of mind and has profound methodologies.  In any event, I’ve asked Mick Brown to take a look at Jihad Gianelli, the fact that Cohen – a so-called former Buddhist – has aligned himself with a dangerously unstable man who has a dog that allegedly shits or pukes religious ceremonies on his rug, and advised Mick Brown that Sharmapa is in their sights. 

I haven’t publicly denounced the judge.  I have questioned his motive – as have others.  They are questioning whether he is corrupt; affiliated with the DA or Phil Spector’s judge; and asking what could possibly compel a man to destroy my life in this manner and sentence me so harshly.  Lt. Wolak/LASD researched my matter and advised me that in 26 years in law enforcement he has never seen anyone sentenced in the way I was for the issues at hand.  He noted that I should have been placed on probation due to the guilty verdict.  But also noted, the involvement of the IRS with respect to Leonard Cohen and appeared to understand this – Leonard Cohen owes me millions.  We also discussed my views on Phil Spector.  Those views have definitely caused me to be targeted by dangerously unstable individuals like Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli, Kelly Green, Michelle Blaine, Sprocket, Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, Captain Jack Horvath, and others, individuals who appear to be right out of LA Confidential.

Actually, my lawyer advised me to sue the County of LA after witnessing the lies Streeter told to two judges, my jurors, and about me.  I think Streeter’s incompetent and worse.  She was prancing around the courtroom, hysterically happy representing Leonard Cohen (rather than the People), gushing into a cell phone about Leonard Cohen, breaking the podium and another item, lying through her teeth, and dressed in a manner that was highly inappropriate – and far worse than my hoodie – but that’s fine with Gianelli and his crowd of hypocritical liars with probable motive.  Motive as in mens rea. 

I wonder why Gianelli suspected that I may be in “jail?”  That remains to be seen but he did write that he had spent 45-minutes speaking to my former public defender.  Phil Boche told me, in front of witnesses, that he did not represent me.  His supervisor and the court itself appeared to feel otherwise.  His office then advised him that he was representing me.  Nevertheless, witnesses noted that he was hostile, aggressive, did not want to hear what evidence/proof I had with me, and most certainly didn’t want to hear about the EBI Bureau and MERIT program.  The judge understood the MERIT program and I understand that Captain Bornman and the EBI staff have gone to great lengths to bring LASD’s education program to the attention of judges, prosecutors, etc.  Judge Reuben is a strong proponent of the MERIT program.  Intelligent individuals understand this – the MERIT program reduces the recidivism rate.  That is one of the reasons I felt honored to work with the men and women of the EBI Bureau.  This seemed to annoy Phil Boche.  If he did communicate with Jihad Gianelli, there are serious issues re. attorney/client privilege, and other matters, that demand an investigation.  I did speak to his supervisor again after the hearing and we absolutely discussed “Stephen Gianelli” and Investigator William Frayeh’s views on the man:  he is a “shady character” who probably found a “sympathetic ear” with Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.  In any event, it’s all very Los Angeles – corrupt and thoroughly revolting up close and personal.

If so, it maybe some time before she writes or blogs anything, except in her inspected "jail mail". If not, she will be back in jail soon enough.

Gianelli seems convinced that I will end up back in jail.  Perhaps Cohen, Cooley, Jackson, and the other gangsters in this story, are convinced as well.  These are very desperate individuals.  I don’t care if my mail was inspected in jail.  I have nothing to hide.  I even received a letter from Phil Spector while at Lynwood.  I had, after all, contacted him directly to address what was going on at my “intent to annoy” trial, with respect to Cohen’s gun testimony and emails with prosecutor Streeter about Phil Spector gun stories, and advised him on my views of Bruce Cutler.  The Grand Jury Adviser has now instructed me to contact Phil Spector’s attorneys about the three gun stories re. Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector before LA Superior Court and Wendy/Judge Fidler’s clerk advised me to write the DA about this matter and copy in Judge Larry Fidler.  This tells me that the Grand Jury Adviser and Wendy are professional individuals and do not necessarily view this situation as a game.

We have reached out to a source and will know her fate soon enough.

I wonder if it was Phil Boche, my now former public defender, or one of Cohen’s sleazy PIs?  Interesting that this is the comment thread related to Leonard Cohen’s concert, I might note.  I have never seen a critique of Leonard Cohen’s concerts that focused on his “personal manager.”  I wonder if Mick Brown finds it odd?

November 9, 2012 5:13 AM
sanneka said...

Leonard Cohen fan weighs in.  She’s affiliated with Gianelli and has targeted me on various sites throughout the internet, attempted to lure my minor son into communicating with her privately, publicly stated that she was contacting Cohen’s representatives, and may have helped targeted the Phil Spector Facebook page that was devoted to his innocence and raised issues about Leonard Cohen.  Many individuals befriended that Phil Spector page.  That would include, but is not limited to, Steven Machat, Boulder DA Stan Garnett, many individuals who worked with me on campaigns for the ACLU and other organizations, music industry individuals, etc.  Prosecutor Streeter wanted to address my online activity.  Cohen’s attempts to silence me are unparalleled.  He seems to think that he is the individual entitled to media activity – unless Gianelli is out front on the battlefield, slandering and targeting me.  In that situation, Leonard Cohen will align himself with a man who literally sounds like he crawled out of a crypt.  That really sums up Leonard Cohen. 

November 9, 2012 6:23 AM
Blogonaut said...

Anonymous: Please feel free to email is with additional eyewitness accounts, Lynch stories, or other details; we will incorporate them into our coverage of this train wreck:

Gianelli’s story about Leonard Cohen really seems to be obsessed with me.  He has written about attending Leonard Cohen’s concert but is actually looking for eyewitness accounts.  I have the eye witnesses and they know precisely what they saw with Phil Boche and my so-called probation matter.  The Scientist is aware that Gianelli phoned him and lied to him about me.  People understand that the extremes this man will attempt to go to discredit me are extreme.  As I like to say (and explained this to Mick Brown) – if I happened to be a crack whore on a bench in LA, that does not change the fact that Cohen committed tax fraud, stole millions from me and others, or address the fact that Phil Spector appears to have been set up.  Perhaps Alan Jackson can attempt to demonize David Mamet, Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, and Barry Levinson now.  He ought to show Hollywood precisely who he is and what his tactics are.  His foot soldier, Ed Lozzi, has already reached out hysterically to parties involved in the HBO Phil Spector biopic.  It appeared to be a pathetic attemept to threaten people for appearing in a film whose writer and director believes Phil Spector was railroaded.  Perhaps Truc Do was correct – this story is about sand dunes.  They shift and lies and slander are illusory.  Mountains, on the other hand, are relatively immovable.
November 9, 2012 8:51 AM
Blogonaut said...
UPDATE: So far this morning we have received nine emails from Kelley Lynch - so clearly she is no yet back in custody.

Jihad Gianelli was advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  This so-called lawyer, who appears to have motive and is utterly and frighteningly obsessed with me, does not understand the legal concept “CEASE AND DESIST.”  My sister’s lawyer advised him to CEASE AND DESIST and yet, because he’s so excited and unhinged, he could not resist contacting her, my older son, and possibly others about my sentencing.  I think they’re aware of what unfolded.  I was on the phone with them at the time.  Perhaps he was simply trying to upset them re. Bruce Cutler.  Bruce Cutler is Phil Spector’s problem, as I explained to him.  Bruce Cutler had a responsibility to hand my letters over to Phil Spector and his legal team.  Having said that, I could care less about Bruce Cutler.  What is now discoverable is the fact that Cutler was speaking to Pat Dixon about me in 2008.  Gianelli publicly noted something about that, but he lied about other things re. Bruce Cutler (that only I would know), and therefore, as I said, I need to hear from Cutler himself.  I did and I then immediately contacted Phil Spector.  I think Gianelli’s clear about this – Bruce Cutler worked for Phil Spector and not the other way around.  Gianelli/Blogonaut does not seem to understand how incredibly brilliant Mr. Phil Spector is.  People seem to be underestimating him and Leonard Cohen got away with his embellished “gun” stories for years.  Journalists have also permitted him to get away with his embellished stories about the “Bay of Pigs” and “Yom Kippur War.”  Does the Israeli military actually think Leonard Cohen could join a 7-day war, as a pilot or paratrooper, without any training whatsoever and without citizenship?  Cohen would have probably been a resident of the United States and there are serious laws about joining a foreign military.  I would assume Canada (the country who views Cohen as a national treasure … although, due to residence and tax reasons, he cannot reside there) also has similar laws.  Does the Israeli military actually think that a man filmed on LSD attempting to start a riot in Israeli is appropriate on the front lines, without any training whatsoever, and possibly a guitar?  That sounds insane.  Perhaps the Mossad could figure that story out.  Do they actually believe Cohen was in a foxhole with Ariel Sharon at the time?  Does the CIA actually think Cohen was with rebels on the beach, walked into the airport, was stopped and interrogated, had a machine gun pointed at him, and then – due to a distraction – was able to sneak away, walk onto the tarmac, and take the last flight out of Cuba? 

These emails are addressed to the usual spam list (IRS, FBI, Phil Spector appeals lawyer Dennis Riordan, a Sheriff Captain she met in jail, and many others and go on and on about being "slandered" by our suggestion that she needs psychiatric help while at the same time providing evidence in support of that proposition.

The Grand Jury Adviser ultimately advised me to contact Phil Spector’s appellate attorney.  I wrote numerous letters, through the U.S. mail, to Dennis Riordan (who is most definitely on my emails documenting everything that continues to go on – since I reported Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud to the IRS and was dragged into Phil Spector’s legal insanity), and he most certainly did not write the judge.  My lawyers contacted Dennis Riordan personally.  They also contacted Bruce Cutler.  I personally heard from Phil Spector.  Bruce Cutler – not Dennis Riordan – walked away from Phil Spector’s trial and no longer represents him.  DDA Bill Hodgman, who I spoke to about an aspect of the LAPD report (that he had no recollection of, whatsoever), seemed to think the situation with the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB was a very serious matter.  The same is true for Investigator William Frayeh who was not convinced that I am involved in a prank with various federal, and now, state agencies.  Leonard Cohen and prosecutor Sandra Streeter are aware that we issued a subpoena to Agent Tejeda/IRS and they know that Judge Robert Vanderet refused to wait two hours (Agent Tejeda/IRS was meeting with IRS attorneys to discuss what he could publicly testify about – the refund and Agent Sopko’s email chronology, in the IRS binder, is definitely one issue; the illegal K-1s from LC Investments is another – since Cohen declared that he is the sole owner of LCI, IRS reporting and filing requirements – including as it relates to the 1099 Cohen steadfastly refuses to provide me with is another …) for Agent Tejeda/IRS to contact my attorneys – and merely sent the case to the jury. 

The U.S. Treasury flew Agent Sopko in from Washington to meet with me and she then advised me to report the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud to Agent Tejeda/IRS – and provide Tejeda/IRS with evidence.  I have communicated on countless occasions with the FBI – and have received emails from them and made one such email public.  Captain Bornman is not my “spam” victim but, rather, the head of the EBI Bureau and not someone that I can even envision affiliating with dangerously unstable stark raving lunatics with obvious motive.  I tend to doubt Captain Bornman, or other members of the EBI Bureau, believe I need “psychiatric help” but they know me and Gianelli, and his cyber-terrorist pals, do not know me.  They are merely obsessed with me.  Gianelli has provided no “evidence” in “support of that proposition” and sounds like a lunatic.  Meanwhile, Leonard Cohen has a long and public history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol abuse and/or problems, lies as easily as he breaths (acknowledged lying in one hearing –on the witness stand in my “intent to annoy” trial) and has now stolen from me, Phil Spector, Steven and Marty Machat, possibly others, and has a pattern of falsely accusing his representatives – which could possibly mean Marty Machat who is no longer here to defend himself, which is unconscionable.

She admits she was not in court yesterday so she really does not yet know what went on in her case.

I never admitted to this dangerously unstable obsessed lunatic that I was “not in court yesterday.”  The man has no qualms lying through his teeth about an absolute stranger.  In any event, the comments associated with Leonard Cohen’s Bay Area concert are extremely telling.

We will post when we know.
November 9, 2012 11:52 AM
Blogonaut said...
UPDATE: It turns out that Kelley Lynch WAS in court for her review hearing yesterday, sporting a new hair color (dark brown) and wearing a hoodie and sneakers (an improvement over the rayon ill-fitting $20 blazer she wore during the trial but hardly proper court attire).

I am now evidently in an LA design scam.  My hair is now short and brown.  I had the audacity to wear a hoodie but, fortunately, wasn’t draped in fraud, perjury, lies, and concealment.  Nor do I have “motive,” as in mens rea.  Is it hardly proper court attire?  See Sandra Jo Streeter.  Perhaps she attempted to appear “sexy” for “celebrity” Leonard Cohen.  LA Superior Court must be used to looking at cut throats in nasty cheap suits and wanna be star prosecutors who look like something out of “Leave It To Beaver” from hell.

The matter has been continued for one year for Kelley Lynch to reimburse the taxpayers of Los Angeles for the several thousand dollars it expended to defend her from the seven criminal charges (all related to her vile harassment of Leonard Cohen after stealing his last $5 million) of which she was unanimously convicted by a jury of 12.

It’s interesting that Berkeley PD noted that this was a true waste of taxpayer dollars and they weren’t talking about me.  The situation with these fees is not over.  As the judge and I personally discussed, my attorney is working on my appeal and she thought almost a year would give us the opportunity to appeal this matter.  The appeal will not stop in California and will most definitely go to the U.S. Supreme Court with respect to an “intent to annoy” Leonard Cohen over Phil Spector and his embellished gun stories, my son’s Whole Foods matter where there is indeed criminal negligence, the sex I never had with Oliver Stone, lies about the IRS and IRS reporting and filing requirements vs. local orders, judgments, and verdicts procured by fraud.  Etc.  I have stolen nothing from Leonard Cohen.  He lied to the court and the expense ledger is evidence of that.  It also takes a contradictory position with respect to “income” re. LC Investments, LLC and the K-1s that must prove to the IRS and State of Kentucky that I received no income in certain periods with respect to LC Investments, LLC.  That’s an issue Cohen – not I – will have to explain to the IRS and State of Kentucky.  The jury didn’t convict me of stealing Cohen’s last $5 million.  The $5 million – per the legal documents – is nothing nother than damages and pre-judgment interest.  It has nothing to do with an actual and proper forensic accounting.  Cohen has now testified that he bought homes for his girlfriend and Adam Cohen using assets of TH.  The IRS should be interested in that since Cohen has taken the legal stance that he is the “alter ego” of certain corporate fictions (sham/shell companies from what I can tell) and engages in “self dealing.”  Cohen concealed my ownership interest in all intellectual property.  He lied to the judge about my personal management commissions – as it relates to where he deposits them – and there are emails between me and Cohen proving he’s a liar when it comes to my commissions and his “personal” account.  Leonard Cohen has stolen millions from me.  Boies Schiller reviewed the evidence and also felt this “Hollywood fraud” (their opinion) was attempting to blame his wrongdoing on me and that he/Kory were asking me to engage in criminal activity.  I felt the same way and there are emails from Boies Schiller proving they felt this way and advised me to go wired to my meetings with Robert Kory.  Kory lied on the stand about those meetings.  They were well documented, at the time, for Boies Schiller. 

Kelley Lynch asked the court to waive the cost of her defense. The judge expressly DENIED that request and made it clear that Lynch must pay in full BEFORE the next hearing on September 25, 2013 – or she will be in violation of her probation and face more jail.

Actually, I wasn’t asking that the cost of my defense alone be waived.  Why should I pay for lawyers to represent me, lose the trial, and fail to advise me that I was offered a plea deal?  That seems like a legal outrage and the plea deal issue will be addressed in my appeal.  My lawyers are aware that I wasn’t advised of a plea deal and so is Phil Boche.  I advised him of this in front of witnesses who told him I have no “alcohol” problems.  These individuals know me and one had a private word with Boche about me.  The judge never said I would be in “violation of probation nand face more jail” time.  She said she thought I might like to appear before her rather than mailing the fees in.  She’s correct and knows I agreed with her.  This story is not over.

She asked to appear in court at the next review by phone – which was also DENIED.

I never asked to appear in court at the next review by phone.  Phil Boche asked if I could mail in the fees, advised the judge that I reside in the Bay Area, and she said yes.  The Commissioner then suggested that I might want to wrap things up with her and she’s correct – therefore, based on the outcome of the appeal (and future probable appeals to higher courts) I will see her in September 2013.  That’s quite a long ways off.

In the meantime if she fails to obey the terms of her probation in ANY respect, which terms include but are not limited to not contacting Leonard Cohen, keeping the court and the probation department apprised at all times of her current residence address, refraining from the use of intoxicants, and obeying all laws, she is back in the slammer for up to 5 years less the few months she has already served.

I have non-reporting summary probation, do not have to relate to the Probation Department, received legal advice on all of this, and must simply abide by the laws.  I do anyway so that’s not a problem.  As Investigator John Thompson duly noted when we met – I rarely had a parking ticket prior to this unconscionable situation whereby Leonard Cohen (and others) forced me into homelessness because he understood this – he couldn’t back me into a deal (including with respect to the offer of 50% community property, etc.) and I was and have reported his tax fraud to the IRS.  I have no interest in contacting Cohen.  He’s taken the position that he does not have to provide me with the tax information LAPD is clear – in their report – that I was generally requesting in my alleged emails.  Viramontes/LAPD (who contacted Agent Tejeda/IRS) advised me that the IRS must obtain this information from Leonard Cohen.  I would like the IRS Commissioner’s Staff to weigh in with an opinion on this type of unconscionable local government activity that attempts to suppress IRS reporting and filing requirements and really can be viewed as an attempt to sabotage the IRS and undermine my future litigation issues with Cohen – that now includes my absolute intent to file a Motion to Vacate, etc. which I am discussing with my appellate attorney and others – including Gianelli’s very public threats to have me arrested for announcing that.  That, in and of itself, raises very serious legal issues with this so-called “officer of the court” who appears to be an out of control, dangerously unstable lunatic, who will do anything it takes to further his personal cause here.

The court never asked for my address and there is no Probation Department involvement in this matter.  Interesting that an “officer of the court” doesn’t understand non-reporting summary probation.  There is no mention – anywhere – that I should “refrain from the use of intoxicants” and I am looking at the court order.  That “box” was not checked but Gianelli has motive to lie here.  Motive – as in mens rea.  The judge sentenced me to 3 years.  I’ve served the 18 months.  Do the math and you will see that Gianelli is a bald faced liar with motive. 

That means that if she picks up any new criminal charges of any kind or drinks, she is in violation of her probation and goes back to jail.

I certainly hope, for Leonard Cohen’s sake (facetiously, of course), that the IRS (and other agencies – such as the FTB (who I have personally discussed Cohen issues with – including the issue with respect to the 1099, wrongful altering of my state tax returns via a default judgment procured by fraud, etc.) – believe that slandering someone and accusing them of having a glass of wine here and there (as my witnesses and others know is factual about me) is a defense to criminal activity – including tax fraud, witness tampering, witness intimidation, evidence tampering, etc.  There was no mention of my having a drink of any kind but Gianelli is clearly a stark raving lunatic and rotten lying lawyer.

Will she obey the restringing order and obey the law and the terms of probation for the next five years? She has never obeyed the restraining order or the law before. After all, she stole five million dollars from her employer, and Leonard Cohen has the judgment to prove it.

Leonard Cohen hasn’t heard from me in 9 months.  Does the obsessed rock solid folk singer miss me?  The restraining order issues will be addressed on appeal – including the fact that they were procured by fraud and never served the California registered order per the instructions on the face of that document which also advises law enforcement that I must be notified.  As intelligent people know – due process precedes punishment.  Perhaps a higher court will understand this as well.  My lawyers did note, on the record, that there was no “proof of service” attached to the California Registered Order and my appellate attorney understands that there should have been.

We therefore expect her to be back in jail sooner rather than later.

I, on the other hand, do hope that the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and Phil Spector and his legal team use every legal tool in their playbook to effectively prosecute Leonard Cohen (and many others – including Jihad Gianelli) and pro9ve that Leonard Cohen has lied about Phil Spector, the IRS, his tax fraud, and just about everything under the sun – see all three gun stories re. Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector before LA Superior Court now:  automatic to the head (my intent to annoy trial); gun to the neck (emails to prosecutor Sandra Streeter); gun to the chest (used by Phil Spector’s prosecutor, and according to Mick Brown, in statements presented to the Grand Jury … the Grand Jury adviser is now attempting to locate those statements for me) and then all the embellished versions on the internet.  That would include the BBC radio interview where Leonard Cohen states that he was biting into revolvers in hamburgers.  He also thinks of me when he hears cars.  I think, as I have advised the news media, that Leonard Cohen’s long and public history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. have really taken a toll.  A psychiatric nurse I know recently noted that his drug abuse needs to be addressed and thought he might have borderline personality disorder.  That sounds about right.  He also has a habit of lying, fraud, perjury, concealment, motive, theft, and it just goes on and on.  Well, I suppose Cohen can sit behind the scenes (like the Wizard of Oz I know him to be) and hope that Gianelli’s preposterous attempts to discredit and slander me have some effect in reality.  Cohen might want to take a look in the mirror and understand this:  I see right through him and now many others are looking at who he is; how he embellishes story; his role in Phil Spector’s matter; and the lengths he has gone to destroy my life over his probable lifelong history of tax fraud in the United States and Canada.

November 9, 2012 4:42 PM

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kelley Lynch Asks Hailey/LA Times Some Tough Questions Re. Leonard Cohen, Stephen Gianelli, Alan Jackson, Phil Boche, Blogonaut's Law Blog, Kelly Green, Etc. - Also A Possible New Leonard Cohen Song That May Prove He's Now In Touch With His Inner Jeffrey Dahmer

Kelley Lynch

Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 3:18 PM
To: Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, scooley <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>
Cc: Mick Brown <>, "John Hempfling (CE CEN)" <>

What is going on with my public defender and Stephen Gianelli?  Why
did Gianelli think I would end up back in jail?  Why did his
supervisor force him to represent me yesterday?  Why did I have to
force him to address the court with respect to the proof that I
completed all requierments re. my probation while in jail?  The MERIT
program is an excellent program and LASD should be given the credit it
deserves with respect to that program.  My witnesses looked over the
lesson plans, etc. and think the EBI inmate/teaching/facilitation
program is extraordinary.  It is.  As Trungpa Rinpoche understood - if
you teach the material, you really begin to understand it.  A Tibetan
lama who is a friend of mine asked me many questions about Buddhist
woman in jail; mothers who are in jail; and the conduct of the jail
staff.  My son commented on the jail staff when he visited.  People
notice things.  What is going on with Leonard Cohen and Gianelli?  Was
Investigator Frayeh's theory correct - has Gianelli found a
sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson about me?  This situation is

Here's another question - listen to this track:  Has Leonard Cohen
finally gotten in touch with his inner Jeffrey Dahmer?

How far will this man go to destroy me and Phil Spector?  He obviously
cannot stop himself.  Is he Buddhist, Hailey?  His comments about my
religious beliefs nauseate people who are now commenting that he has
no religious beliefs.  The IRS refund didn't close the case.  He and
his lawyers lied in court.  Agent Sopko's email was sent to me n 2007.
 I met with her in 2007.  I am looking at the refund paperwork Kory
provided my lawyers - the IRS refund was confirmed in December 2005
and yet Cohen had proven nothing in court at that time.  Why am I
surrounded by mountains of evidence proving he stole millions from me?
 That's how Boies Schiller figured out the facts.  They wanted to know
why Cohen made me an enemy.  He testified that I'm the "enemy."  Boies
Schiller sent me an email that I forwarded the Denver FBI - Cohen and
Kory were going to destroy me and my children.  That's dead obvious.
Which gun story re. Cohen and Phil Spector does our government
believe?  There are three before LA Superior Court now - the one Cohen
testified about; the one Cohen wrote Streeter about; and the one the
prosecutors may have used before the Grand Jury and definitely used in
motions.  The Grand Jury Adviser is now looking for the statements of
Leonard Cohen's that were presented to the Grand Jury.  Mick Brown saw
those transcripts and there was confusion about testimony vs.
statements.  Fortunately, Mick Brown wrote my public defenders while I
was on trial.  That goes to character.  Cohen testified that I said he
perjured himself in Phil Spector's Grand Jury.  That is NOT what
happened.,  Mick Brown knows this for a fact and we have now sorted
out the confusion and I think he is a brave man who has my respect.

Why did the public defender's supervisor have to force him to
represent me?  Did he think he was my "former public defender" when he
possibly contacted Gianelli - who posted this (so I didn't just
alleged it but Gianelli has obvious motive and I have done more than
"denounced' him to the IRS and FBI and happen to think they should
arrest and prosecute him and I am not alone)?  It remains to be seen.
Who is Kelly Green?  He/she was on the Darwin Exception in 2007.  That
Blog is hostile to Phil Spector and glorifies Alan Jackson.  Kelly
Green questioned me and targeted me on  He/she wanted to
know about Dr. Baden and Dr. Lee.  Why?  Bill Pavelic saidf they were
set up.  I believe these people are capable of anything and I'm
talking about the Los Angeles DA.  Do the people of California a favor
- learn how to fully investigate a story and stop recycling government
insanity.  The government should start it's own newspaper if it needs
to get their version of events out now.

The cyber-terrorism is clearly coordinated.  And now, Gianelli is
bragging that he saw Leonard Cohen.  So what - Cohen told me he wrote
"Alexandra Leaving," "My Secret Life," "A Thousand Kisses Deep" and
other songs for me.  I have no idea what to believe.  The man lies.
He told me he broke up with DeMornay for me and that really upset me.
He told Betsy Superfon that I was the love of his life, he felt
remorseful, and would give me anything I wanted.  Do you actually
believe that?  The  man wanted me in jail.  He liked seeing me in
handcuffs.  His Victim Impact Statement was pathetic and he lied about
the IRS.  I have spoken to Agent Tejeda and Agent Sopko and they've
never said they were pursuing me.  We were talking about Leonard
Cohen's criminal tax fraud, evidence, and other matters - including my
son's custody matter and my older son's accident which Cohen
shamefully lied about on the stand.  NOWHERE have I ever stated that I
thought Cohen ripped his fingers off.  John Hempfling/Global
Litigator/Whole Foods knows that.  I hold Whole Foods accountable and
OSHA's attorney was correct - there is indeed CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE but
Cooley and gangsters (who believe realize have targeted me
relentlessly and are now calling this LA Confidential) must find that
"annoying."  Did I have an "intent to annoy" Cohen over his Phil
Spector gun stories; my son's fingers; my son's custody matter; Oliver
Stone; Bob Dylan; Paul Shaffer; Don Was; Rich Feldstein; Arthur
Indursky and Greg McBowman; the tax information LAPD understood my
alleged emails generally related to; or the assets the "alter ego"
(reallly an "ego maniac" as I've advised the FBI), etc.

Stephen Gianelli appears dangerously unstable and has targeted every
person he could find in my life.  Why didn't LAPD investigate that?
I've asked Viramontes/LAPD if he saw my complaints to LAPD about his
harassment, etc.  Who is this man to contact my family, friends, etc.
I filed a criminal complaint against him with Ft. Lauderdale PD.  The
USPS Inspector advised me that a criminal investigation was opened
with respect to Gianelli.  Did I denounce him?
His actions speak for themselves and if Special Agent Wynar/FBI
doesn't see him for what he is - some shady character who climbed out
of a crypt, who lies pervasively, is aligned with Cohen, and may have
found a sympathetic ear with Prosecutor Alan Jackson about me then
Agent Wynar/FBI has no right working in any type of FBI investigation.
 That means he is an amateur.  That's my perspective.

I didn't say the judge accepted bribes.  Gianelli's lying.  People are
questioning Judge Vanderet's MOTIVE.  That's their right.  They are
entitled to their opinion.  As for Streeter - she is revolting, lies
to judges and jurors, was GUSHING in her cell phone about Cohen being
a celebrity, and - after advising me to file my complaints about her
with supervisor Will Revera/City Attorney's office - her office
THREATENED me.  You can't talk to your government in LA CONFIDENTIAL.
Fortunately, David Mamet thinks Phil Spector is innocent and I doubt
Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, and others, will be threatened by sleazebag
"Ed Lozzi."  What a lunatic.  I've spoken to the man.  He's out of his

Kelley Lynch

On 11/9/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Gianelli,
> My probation requirements are completed.  I will address the
> outrageous fees I owe next September with the judge although she did
> say I could relate to that situation by mail.  I didn't allege that
> you spoke to my so-called former public defender.  You publicly posted
> that you spoke to him.  I assume that is Phil Boche who actually
> represented me at the hearing yesterday with witnesses watching
> precisely what was unfolding.  I also phoned Agent Tejeda/IRS as the
> situation unfolded.  See my comments in the text of your latest
> slanderous piece involving me.  Leonard Cohen has obtained orders,
> judgments, and verdicts based on fraud, perjury, lies, and
> concealment.  I absolutely will file a Motion to Vacate, etc.  Those
> drafts have been sent to Francisco Suarez, Dennis Riordan, as well as
> the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB.  Your public threats to me in
> 2010 - when I announced I was filing that Motion - have been
> documented and will be addressed with the court and Phil Boche's
> activity appeared sinister to everyone watching it unfold in front of
> their very eyes.
> Kelley Lynch
> stuff up—really
> By Blogonaut
> November 8, 2012
> San Francisco, California
> It was not until we swallowed a drop of “Sandoz” and headed into an
> outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park one day in 1973 that we “got” the
> Grateful Dead, a band best appreciated as a live experience.
> And so it was that we finally drank from Leonard Cohen’s Kool-Aid at
> the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, and, we get you Leonard.
> Cheer up, it only took us 44 years.
> It was fate that brought us to HP Pavilion last night and it was the
> same ironic fate that brought Cohen there as well.
> For Cohen it was the financial necessity flowing from the misdeeds of
> his embezzling former manager Kelley Lynch who looted Cohen’s modest
> fortune and forced him back into the recording studio and back on the
> road.
> Leonard Cohen had no financial necessity to tour.  He had recently
> received $1 million advance for “Dear Heather,” proceeded with the
> lithograph deal I was negotiating (worth millions), brought a halt to
> the multi-million deal he demanded (“examined” per his testimony at
> the “intent to annoy” trial), planned to tour behind this album, and
> is a bald-faced liar with motive.  As people are now noting, Leonard
> Cohen uses embellished stories to herald in his albums and tours – see
> Phil Spector for a prime example of that type of activity.  His
> lawyers advised mine that Leonard Cohen was going on Oprah to blow the
> whistle on Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin.  I wonder what happened?
>  See Westin’s confidential settlement and the insanity with
> Greenberg’s companion suit in Colorado.
> For us it was Kelley Lynch’s madness flowing from her resulting fall
> from grace and reversal of fortune that we are currently chronicling
> in a multi-part piece in this blog; after receiving more emails from
> Kelley Lynch bizarrely denouncing us to the IRS and the world press as
> a Cohen "co-conspirator" during the last three years than the number
> of emails we have cumulatively received from other persons in our
> lifetime, we decided that it was time we met the man.
> Actually, I haven’t denounced Stephen Gianelli to the IRS.  I have
> advised the IRS and FBI that I believe he is aligned (publicly) with
> Leonard Cohen, may (according to In estigator Frayeh/LA DA’s office)
> have found a sympathetic ear with prosecutor Alan Jackson about me,
> and has engaged in what appears to be criminal witness tampering,
> criminal witness harassment, etc.  Did Phil Boche – who represented me
> at my so-called probation hearing yesterday actually contact Gianelli?
>  I spoke to his supervisor about that possibility while in Los
> Angeles.  David Moorhead was not a public defender but did advise me
> that he felt the Los Angeles District Attorney had the power and
> motive to take me to Killer King, etc., and felt Cohen/Kory were
> behind much of the Boulder PD activity with respect to me in Boulder,
> Colorado.
> That is why we scored two center stage seats in row seven for Cohen’s
> Old Ideas Tour, donned an Armani suit, and – date in tow – made the 56
> mile drive from our downtown San Francisco condominium to San Jose.
> Cohen’s first words to this hip and greying crowd were delivered in
> his signature comedic deadpan: “I hope to stay on the road for two
> more years because I want to start smoking again at 80. But in case
> that does not happen” he quickly added “tonight were goanna give it
> everything we got”. And from the moment that Cohen sprinted on stage
> in a grey suit and fedora at 8:00 pm to the last curtain call at
> 11:10, the Hall of Fame singer, songwriter and poet delivered on that
> promise.
> We will leave the musical nuances to the professional reviewers, but
> suffice it to say that Leonard Cohen (it turns out) is first and
> foremost a great showman in the vaudevillian tradition. Additionally,
> his performance – superbly aided by an assemblage of some of the most
> seasoned and professional musicians and singers to ever grace a stage
> – offered up everything we value: Intelligence, passion, beauty, wit,
> soul, humor, irony and whimsy, not to mention the lyrics of Leonard
> Cohen accompanied by some of the best music we have ever heard on
> stage.
> Returning from six months in Europe, Cohen’s Old Ideas Tour is a
> well-honed machine, with all of its well-oiled moving parts
> functioning in perfect harmony, even though every one of Cohen’s
> back-up singers and musicians is talented and skilled enough to
> sustain three hour solo performances in their own right. And Cohen has
> overlooked no detail; when he sings “and the white women danced” his
> two English but Nashville style backup vocalists, the angelic Webb
> sisters, were spot lit, as was each musician when it became his or her
> turn to solo. This show was well choreographed and superbly executed.
> And the fantastic musical arrangements and Cohen’s ever-present humor
> lightened what have always been reputed to be dark lyrics by the aging
> poet – who, when he recited the line “I work out but it’s too late for
> that” ad libbed “it’s been too late for some time”.
> The music was an interesting international blend of styles that under
> Cohen’s masterful direction have marinated well together: Texas
> electric slide guitarist Mitch Watkins – whose sounds blended
> perfectly with the vocal harmony of the Webb sisters; Spanish virtuoso
> 12-string guitarist Javier Mas; Dylan worthy Hammond organist Neil
> Larson; Moldovan wunderkind violinist Alexandru Bublitchi; Bassist
> Rosco Beck; drummer Rafael Gayol; and the incomparable lead backup
> vocalist, songwriter, and Cohen collaborator Sharon Robinson – who
> brought the crowd to its feet with her exquisitely rendered solo
> performance of Cohen's “Alexandra Leaving”:
> “As someone prepared for this to happen,
> Go firmly to the window. Drink it in.
> Exquisite music. Alexandra laughing.
> Your firm commitments tangible again.”
> And
> “Say good bye to Alexandra leaving.
> Then say goodbye to Alexandra lost.”
> Another remarkable component of Old Ideas: For so many seasoned and
> talented performers on the same stage, there was not a single ego in
> evidence, least of all Cohen’s. He was nothing if not
> self-deprecating.  Rather, the band performed seamlessly, graciously
> and as an exquisitely blended whole; there was not a false move on
> stage during the entire three hour performance.
> The experience nourished us on so many aesthetic and emotional levels
> during a show that alternated between song, humor and Cohen’s
> Beat-Style delivery of poetry that we would have stayed all night  had
> the band been willing.
> This was no ageing has-been wheeled on stage to regurgitate fondly
> recalled hits of his long ago career to a forgiving and nostalgia
> driven crowd. To be sure, Cohen delivered three old standbys (“Bird on
> a Wire”, “Suzanne”, “Sisters of Mercy”), but Old Ideas is 85% composed
> of freshly arranged, new material. Make no mistake, this crowd arrived
> already in love with the performer, but Cohen is clearly in the prime
> of his musical life, fully energized, creatively and emotionally
> stimulated by his new found artistic and romantic collaboration with
> Robinson.  The artist's finely tuned craft and – yes, showmanship -
> were on full display and Cohen's timing and comedic delivery
> impeccable as he kept this adoring crowd in the palm of his hand with
> deadpan lines like “your generosity knows no bounds”.
> There was even a linguistic acknowledgment of the former manager who
> looted Cohen’s $5M nest egg, forcing the too comfortable
> singer-songwriter into the most creative and successful phase of his
> long career:
> Cohen knows himself – he is angry; he cheats and he lies; he doesn’t
> appear to know what’s right however and people think the fact that
> this man views himself as religious is absurd.  The assets in TH were
> not Leonard Cohen’s and he appears to be dead set on arguing that he
> is the “alter ego,” who engaged in self-dealing, with respect to these
> entities.
> “I smile when I’m angry.
> I cheat and I lie.
> I do what I have to do
> To get by.
> But I know what is wrong,
> And I know what is right.
> And I’d die for the truth
> In My Secret Life.”
> Not that Kelley Lynch  could ever make (or accept) the logical
> connection between her malicious attempts to ruin Cohen financially
> and (even now) personally and his subsequent unprecedented popularity
> and success. With apologies to Carly Simon, “you probably don’t know
> this song is about you, do you” Ms. Lynch?
> Is Gianelli a drug addict also?  He is actually writing to me on his
> blog?  His obsession is truly frightening.  The lengths some people
> will go for their celebrity affiliations is truly astounding.  I
> wonder if Investigator Frayeh actually investigated (as he said he
> would) whether Gianelli found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson
> about me.
> But we are sure none of this is lost on Cohen; anyone who could write
> the line “democracy is coming to America” has a finely tuned sense of
> irony.
> The concert?
> Best $600 investment we ever made.
> Related: Review: All hail Leonard Cohen (SJ Mercury News 11/7/2012)
> Posted by Blogonaut at 11/08/2012 10:05:00 AM
> Labels: Kelley Lynch, Leonard Cohen, OLD IDEAS TOUR, SHARON ROBINSON
> Anonymous said...
> Egolessness and humor, and his expert wrangling -- of misfortune and
> loss, riding those home and yes, all the way to the bank again and
> again -- these are Leonard's art. His misfortune is our good luck, now
> more than ever.
> Accordingly her Lynch-mobbiness believes _Ten New Songs_ are all about
> her, and so she slurringly said once or twice, in the sodden canyons
> of her secret life.
> See Cohen’s long history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol
> abuse, and – history of falsely accusing his representatives, theft,
> tax fraud, pathological lying, etc.  Lynch is having a sound
> engineer/record producer review how Cohen tampered with the undated
> voicemails – in terms of sound, volume, speed, etc.
> November 8, 2012 7:00 PM
> Blogonaut said...
> Well written Anonymous.
> You are a poet.
> "So she slurringly said once or twice, in the sodden canyons of her
> secret life".
> November 8, 2012 8:36 PM
> kellygreen said...
> And how long will it take before she starts screaming that the great
> Leonard Cohen has defamed her?
> It’s all well documented.  I don’t need to scream about it but Leonard
> Cohen’s arrogance is truly appalling.
> Damn, Anon, you have the soul of a poet!
> November 9, 2012 1:42 AM
> Blogonaut said...
> kelleygreen:
> Kelley Lynch was due in court yesterday for a quarterly probation review.
> Probation has been dismissed now.  I have publicly stated that I
> requested a mental health evaluation prior to release, received one,
> and I believe Streeter now has legal exposure.  No one can actually
> interpret the orders.  I have four separate legal opinions.  In any
> event, probation has been dismissed, requirements completed.  Judge
> was advised that there will be an appeal.  Next September we’ll
> address the fees, giving me nearly a year to work through the appeal
> process.  We will definitely be addressing the fact that Leonard Cohen
> feels absolutely comfortable lying in courts of law.  He procures
> orders, judgments, and verdicts via fraud.  Cohen’s unconscionable IRS
> refund didn’t close the case re. the allegations I brought to the IRS
> – see Agent Sopko’s email (instructing me to report Cohen’s tax fraud
> to Agent Luis Tejeda/IRS nearly a year after Cohen’s refund notice –
> part of the IRS binder presented to my lawyers during the trial) – but
> he does seem to think that his absurd and preposterous lies will
> deceive others.  He’s not dealing with reality.
> Since she has publicly stated an intention to refuse to comply with
> the court's order of probation requiring her to submit to a mental
> health evaluation (she alternately opposes it on "religious grounds"
> and alternately denies that the order was made) and has publicly
> denounced the very judge she was to appear before as a corrupt bribe
> taker and her prosecutor as “fat”, “incompetent”, and mendacious, and
> has fired and threatned to sue and/or prosecute her public defender
> for (allegedly) speaking to this blog's editor, we suspect she may be
> in jail.
> I wasn’t “served” the transcript and I am looking at the order.  So
> were various lawyers and they all have different interpretations.
> Nevertheless, the probation requirements have been fulfilled.  I
> haven’t said that Vanderet is a corrupt bribe taker but others think
> his motive is highly suspect.  The prosecutor was and remains absurd –
> including her bald-faced lies to two judges, jurors, and attempt to
> sabotage a probable IRS matter and my future litigation issues.  I
> won’t be in “jail” but it is interesting that Gianelli thinks I will.
> I wonder what Gianelli and my former public defender (who may be Phil
> Boche, who represented me at the hearing yesterday and the hearing in
> July so attorney/client privilege comes to mind and I did discuss
> Gianelli with his supervisor) discussed?  I didn’t allege anything.
> See Gianelli’s comment below that I have now forwarded to the IRS,
> FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, Francisco Suarez, the news
> media, and others.
> If so, it maybe some time before she writes or blogs anything, except
> in her inspected "jail mail". If not, she will be back in jail soon
> enough.
> Was Boche attempting to force me to violate my probation?  Well, I had
> witnesses present who saw me forcing him to address all proof with the
> judge, etc.  Perhaps the judge witnessed what my friends did – my
> instructing Boche to represent me and address everything I asked with
> the judge.  Of course, all of this could have been done in July at the
> first hearing but Boche seemed dead set on not representing me.
> Witnesses advised Boche that I have no alcohol problems and they
> wanted to address that fact with the judge.  I don’t care if my jail
> mail was “inspected.”  Was my letter from Phil Spector inspected as
> well?  Good.  Then all parties reading Phil Spector and my mail know
> that he wrote me after I advised him about Leonard Cohen’s activity at
> my Stalinesque Show Trial and Bruce Cutler’s insane letter.  The Grand
> Jury Adviser and I spoke about the various Cohen gun stories; she is
> looking for Cohen’s statements – Mick Brown pointed me to the
> transcripts he reviewed (and we’ve discussed the confusion that arose
> over Cohen’s statements vs. testimony); and she instructed me to bring
> this information to Phil Spector’s attorneys while Judge Larry
> Fidler’s Clerk/Wendy instructed me to write the District Attorney and
> copy the judge in on that email after I informed her of some of the
> DA’s activity with respect to me.  In any event, perhaps this explains
> why Boche didn’t want to give me the date, time, place, etc. of the
> hearing and other details.  I called Agent Tejeda/IRS numerous times
> from the so-called probation hearing to let him know what was
> unfolding as it unfolded – in front of the three witnesses I brought
> to the hearing.
> We have reached out to a source and will know her fate soon enough.
> Phil Boche?  Did Boche attempt to expose my defense, etc., to Gianelli
> so he could disseminate that information to Leonard Cohen (via the
> representatives he is aligned with) or the District Attorney’s office?
>  Alan Jackson?  Remains to be seen.
> November 9, 2012 5:13 AM
> sanneka said...
> Blogonaut, your review of the Cohen concert truly gave me the chills
> (happy) and brought tears to my eyes, especially because I know that
> you were not really a Cohen fan before. It is so beautiful written and
> you captured the unique quality of Cohen's talent as a writer of music
> and lyrics as well as the humble and charming gentleman he is.
> Thank you so very much.
> And by the way, I saw many,many Grateful Dead concerts before I
> totally "got" them too, but when I did, I became a true "Deadhead"
> November 9, 2012 6:23 AM
> Anonymous said...
> <>
> Nope, just a bystander really, chanting slogans and trying to "out"
> the real story while it's still a good story.
> THanks for your contributions as chronicler of the strangest True
> Hollywood tale of the era.
> How strange? Watch _Lost Highway_, again and again. That's how
> strange...and dark. Step in and feel the piping hot turmoil. There's a
> good -- no, GREAT -- script in there, if we don't drown in it first.
> November 9, 2012 8:26 AM
> PART II OF FALL FROM GRACE: One Woman’s Journey from a House in
> Brentwood to Jailed Stalker
> Blogonaut said...
> NOTE:  David Moorhead is not a public defender.  He met with me
> numerous times, spoke to my older son, advised me that my older son
> was probably a “material witness” for Phil Spector, informed me that
> he – being a former DDA on high profile cases – felt the Los Angeles
> DA had the power and motive to have me taken to Killer King and
> questioned about Phil Spector, felt Cohen/Kory contacted Boulder PD
> about me – that led to some of their activity that I continuously
> spoke to the Denver FBI about, knows Boulder PD well, and hired a PI
> for me in Boulder.  The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan,
> Francisco Suarez, and others, are not on any spam list but I think
> Agent Sopko/Treasury should understand that Cohen and Kory just lied
> about her and the refund (since I met with her after Cohen received
> his “refund” notice) and Agent Wynar/FBI should understand I haven’t
> spammed the Treasury.  Perhaps Agent Wynar/FBI understands why I met
> with the FBI in Los Angeles about some of this activity; continuously
> contacted the Denver FBI who told me “Let the IRS take the lead, we
> will be brought in with respect to criminal evidence and witness
> tampering,” and have received emails from the FBI.  I certainly hope
> Agent Wynar/FBI understands what Investigator William Frayeh/DA’s
> office seemed to understand:  Stephen” Jihad” Gianelli is a “shady
> character” who may have found a sympathetic ear with prosecutor Alan
> Jackson about me.  I’ve been explaining Gianelli’s activity to many
> people (including Phil Boche’s supervisor) and it does appear that he
> attempts to infiltrate matters (such as contacting the IRS, Treasury,
> FBI, Bruce Cutler – see Phil Spector, Investigator Frayeh, etc.  Phil
> Boche is on no spam list.  As of yesterday, any type of legal
> relationship between me and Boche is over.  The State Bar did advise
> me to bring his conduct to the attention of the judge, however.
> BTW, we heard from her former public defender yesterday (45 minute
> phone call from HIM) (emphasis on former) who feels our pain…let’s
> just say he is now on her spam list…we told him that David Moore, her
> public defender ..
> November 1, 2012 4:46 AM
> Blogonaut said...
> This comment has been removed by the author.
> November 1, 2012 6:45 AM