Friday, April 19, 2019

Kelley Lynch's Complaint to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Office of the Ombudsman re. Phil Spector's US Mail

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Thank you for contacting the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Office of the Ombudsman.We will contact you soon.

Your Information:

      Name: Kelley Lynch
      Phone: REDACTED

Offender Information:

      Name: Phillip Spector
      CDCR #: G63408
      Location: CHCF - California Health Care Facility, Stockton

Description of Issue:

      I have recently sent a letter to Phil Spector c/o the above facility. It was returned undeliverable. I am not clear on what is going on here and would like to ensure that Mr. Spector is actually receiving his mail. Would it be possible to confirm how to contact Mr. Spector? Do I need to copy the Warden? I've obtained Mr. Spector's inmate number and the facility from this inmate locator. Could you please let me know what I should do at this point?

This is the letter I sent Phil Spector which I will now revise.

As I am, together with co-producers (including an entertainment industry attorney), working on a documentary of Phil Spector, I would like to know to whom I should speak re. an interview request. I would like Mr. Spector to participate in an interview from prison and am well aware of the fact that "Charles Mansion" has in the past.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Kelley Lynch

Overview of efforts to resolve the issue:

      I phoned the Warden's office, was transferred to countless people (in numerous facilities), and also contacted US Department of Justice.

NOTE:  The letter was NOT delivered to Phil Spector and the facility itself appears confused about their own inmates.

Kelley Lynch Letter to Phil Spector Re. the Phil Spector Documentary Project

April 19, 2019

Dear Phillip,

How are you?  Let me wish you a “Happy Year of the Pig.”

I am writing this letter to bring you up-to-date on certain issues.  First of all, I hope you are well and think of you all the time.  I am dealing with my own issues before LA Superior Court.  They involve “protected party” Leonard Cohen, City Attorney of Los Angeles (deeply obsessed with you – and Cohen’s bullshit gun stories -  during my 2012 proceedings), District Attorney of Los Angeles, and the Court itself.  What is the issue this time?  Compliance with federal tax laws has now been criminalized by LAPD’s celebrity unit (who work for the District Attorney and City Attorney) and the City Attorney.  The prosecution has lied throughout all proceedings.   The Court has done nothing whatsoever to stop this outrageous situation. 

I’ve written to you previously about my “stalker” Stephen Gianelli.  I have also written Dennis Riordan and Bruce Cutler about him.  He was aligned with Michelle Blaine as early as 2009 and appears to have been posting online as early as 2007 under the fake email moniker “Kelly Green.”  At that time, he hated Bruce Cutler (where he was writing on a site dedicated to demonizing you and affiliated with Blaine/Sprocket) but later would, under his real persona, use me to access Bruce Cutler and ask about your case.  Stephen Gianelli is a fixer, agent provocateur, infiltrator, liar, and clown.  He is clearly part of Leonard Cohen’s “team.”  His job involves targeting everyone in my life, including witnesses. 

Stephen Gianelli has impersonated your fake, non-existent fiancĂ©.  He clearly planted a story with Radar Online entitled:  “Phil Spector’s Secret Prison Love Revealed!”  It most definitely seems as though Gianelli and Gary Spector are the sources for that article.  I phoned the Chamber of Commerce in Salinas, California and your “fake fiancĂ©” Julie Johnson does not have an “environment design company” business in that town.  “Julie Johnson” emailed my friend, Alan Hootnick, a photograph of the engagement ring you evidently gave her.  Gary Spector is quoted as saying “if she [Nicole] fails the DNA test, she’ll wish she was adopted.”  It is my understanding that Stephen Gianelli was consulted by Gary and Louis Spector over your estate.  To make matters even worse, Stephen Gianelli knows someone called Theodore Ely who has informed people that he visited you in prison.  I believe none of this and have now been targeted by “Gianelli” for a decade. 

Gianelli recently posted vile threads about your trial on the Truth Sentinel site.  That is the site that interviewed me and Paulette about your obscene trial and Leonard Cohen.  Gianelli lies on that site to elicit information.  He was recently focused on James Pex and the blood spatter evidence on the gun grip. 

That brings me to my next update [re. the documentary]:


"I will, of course, ask you to participate in the form of an interview.  Your Warden should agree since “Manson” was interviewed."

Are you getting my letters?  I would have expected to hear back.  After all, old friends don’t desert one another when the going gets rough.  Many people are up for a good fight here. 

My family members are well.  I won’t comment personally as they have been targeted relentlessly.  I worry about you and every time I’m at LA Superior Court, I think to myself:  Phil Spector should sue this court using RICO because it is engaged in racketeering 24/7.  Leonard Cohen’s co-conspiring lawyers continue to “benefit” from their conduct with respect to me.  They are clearly in bed with Gianelli and so forth.

Take it easy.  Stay Strong!


cc:  Warden, Dennis Riordan, Charles Sevilla, and Bruce Cutler