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Does Judge Robert Vanderet-LA Superior Court View This As Standard Operating Procedure OR Criminal Conduct: Lynch’s public defender told us that her defense team contacted every witness that Kelley Lynch mentioned to them


Kelley Lynch 

Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 1:21 PM
To: scooley <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>, Mick Brown <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "Perusse, Bernie (Montreal Gazette)" <>, STEPHEN GIANELLI <>, Douglas Penick <>, David Moorhead <>, Richard Dallett <>, mlbornma <>, Paul Burger <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, The Scientist <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, info <>, "" <>, dboies <>, Dennis <>, "*" <*>, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>
To the IRS and FBI,
I have just called Department 52.  I have advised the judge that
Gianelli is witness tampering with my son, Rutger.  Judge Robert
Vanderet knows that I wanted to call Rutger to the stand.  I´ve read
most of the following post to the court.  I have advised the court
that I am on summary probation and my public defender, Mike Kelly, is
speaking to Gianelli about my witnesses and what they can and cannot
corroborate.  I have explained to the court that Kelly might be in
denial because he absolutely did not tell me about a plea deal and I
have witneses to that fact, including the individual standing there
when I questioned Kelly about this at the end of my trial.  I think
the situation with my children being targeted is outrageous.  I have
advised the court, in my voice messages, that the DA and CA are
apparently monitoring my Blog and left the Blog address and Gianelli´s
Blogonaut Law Blog.

I have also requested all transcripts and all transcripts re.
foundational hearings and with respect to discussions about my
witnesses or witnesses ... including Agent Tejeda-IRS, Rutger, and of
course LAPD.  The court can look at the LAPD report.  It states that
all the emails were generally requests for tax information.  I also
asked the court if it has any issues with Streeter lying through her
teeth and Cohen and his lawyers perjuring themselves excessively.
And, I mentioned Leonard Cohen´s three versions of the Phil Spector
gun story and the fact that Captain Jack Horvath LIED to the court in
his letter re. my sentencing.  Ileft my email address and noted that
when Gianelli threatened me in 2010 over my public announcement that I
was filing a motion to vacate Cohen´s fraudulent lawsuit, Judge
Freeman´s court reporter emailed him.

All the best,

 Blogonaut said...
Kelley Lynch’s latest email to the IRS is reprinted below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We know that Rutger Penick now lives in another state
(far from California) because last week he sent us an email request to
join his professional network.

In the ensuing email exchange Rutger stated, in part: “I really don't
care about my mother. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but I am not
going to get caught in the middle of any of this…. Thank you for the
kind words, I wish the best for you”.

Kelley Lynch copied us in on the email string wherein Lynch asked
Rutger for money and he replied “I told you before, I am done” in

In 2009 her youngest son Ray posted on a request that his
mom “give her keyboard fingers a rest” for “the sake of our family and
the sake of our friends”, because she was making an embarrassing
spectacle of herself in emails and on the internet. Ray subsequently
posted here on Blogonaut thereby arousing the maternal instincts of
some of our commenters, who reached out to Ray with words of
encouragement. Lynch then characterized all of this as “targeting” her

Ray advised us that his mother sufferers from bipolar disease and
alcoholism – he said her drink of choice is Sake – and that the entire
family has tried to get her into treatment for years and she refuses.

As for Rutger allegedly offering to testify, Lynch’s public defender
told us that her defense team contacted every witness that Kelley
Lynch mentioned to them, including her children, and that “not a
single witness that she mentioned to us was able to corroborate a
single thing she said”.

The same public defender told us his former client was in “total
denial” regarding her legal situation and her mental health condition.

One more point: the IRS IS a part of the Treasury Department, Ms. Lynch.

November 14, 2012 7:01 AM

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Does Judge Robert Vanderet-LA Superior Court Condone Witness Tampering, Witness Intimidation, & The Unconscionable Conduct Of PD Mike Kelly With Respect To Stephen Gianelli-Blogonaut Law Blog

Kelley Lynch 

Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 11:57 AM
To: scooley <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>, Mick Brown <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "Perusse, Bernie (Montreal Gazette)" <>, STEPHEN GIANELLI <>, Douglas Penick <>, David Moorhead <>, Richard Dallett <>, mlbornma <>, Paul Burger <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, The Scientist <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, info <>, "" <>, dboies <>, Dennis <>, "*" <*>, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>

I have advised you to CEASE AND DESIST.  I understand, as do others,
that you and Cohen are focused on my son, Rutger.  Cohen sent me an
email confirming that after Doug Davis-FTB and I discussed Cohen, the
tax fraud, etc.  I think your communications with Kelly can be viewed
as criminal and I have demanded that this man be removed from my case.
 The PD´s office and I have been discussing this situation, and YO/U,
in great detail.  I have been reading the lawyer at the PD office your
Blog posts about my public defenders.  He was in SHOCK at the public
confirmation of your communications with my public defender about
witnesses.  Your views on attorney-client privilege are deranged.
They are right up there with Cohen´s testimony that he had
attorney-client privilege with my lawyer in front of the Sheriff´s
Department.  I think the IRS and FBI should get their cuffs out over
this outrageous witness tampering.  I intend to address your conduct
with respect to my son, a witness who will be addressed on appeal, and
the INTENT TO ANNOY Leonard Cohen matter that was nothing other than
an attempt to SABOTAGE THE IRS.  Have an issue with my typos?  Too
damn bad, loser.

CEASE AND DESIST. An email about you was read into the record by
Cohen.  I was talking about potential NAMBLA member, YOU.

Kelley Lynch

Leonard Cohen & Stephen Gianelli, Possible Pal Of DDA Alan Jackson, Are Focused On My Son - Cohen Sent Me This Email After Doug Davis-FTB & I Discussed His Tax Fraud, Etc.
<> Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 12:35 AM


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i see Rutger is copied in

Kelly Green, Who Reminds Me Of DDA Alan Jackson, Recalls The Scientist - Perhaps Green & Jackson Recall That The Scientsit Wants To Help Phil Spector? I Have No Doubt About That.

Kelley Lynch Conversation With Duck-Eek A Mouse.

I called Stokley ( REDACTED PHONE NUMBER).  He was in a meeting and will call me back.
I spoke with Duck REDACTED PHONE NUMBER I informed him that I am a friend of yours and asked about the incident at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz where Pe Blackwell (that's the name he knows) assaulted him.  
Here's what Duck told me:
I'm an entertainer.
I have some problems with her [Pe Blackwell].
She is at my gigs.  She came to my show in Santa Cruz.  I was on-stage performing.  I saw her, while performing, sneaking backstage.  That is where we keep our personal belongings - such as luggage. 
I got off my drums and asked her whatshe was doing.  She was taking bottles of liquor.
I asked her what she was doing.
She threw a drink on me and hit me with her purse.  I had the Santa Cruz Police Department and security of the club go back, get her, and remove her.
At 2 AM, she was in the parking lot with her road manager.  I saw her.
I don't know if she was arrested earlier.
After she could not get her career going with Stokley she latched onto the singer.
Eek-A-Mouse is the singer. 
When she checked out of the hotel [morning after the incident at the Catalyst Club the night before] she came out of a roadie's room.
We [band] were going to Eugene, Oregon.
She got into the car with her road manager.
Three weeks ago, my wife and I were at a club in Hollywood.  She talked to my wife and asked if I was there.  My wife said yes.  She told my wife that I was mad at her.  My wife mentioned that conversation to me later.  I've been married 16 years.  Never dated Pe Blackwell. 
Pe and Stockley broke up.  He wanted to break ties.
NOTE:  KL mentions to Duck that Pe Harrison threatened and tried to kill herself at the Scientist's house and we discuss what happened to Phil Spector.  He understands what goes on with these women.
She pulled that with Fishbone.  After I had her thrown out people started telling me that she tried to commit suicide with someone in the band Fishbone.  She is an upcoming singer.  They are desperate.  Latch onto an industry person.  They do it in the wrong way.
Since she is not with Stokley I don't need her around my band.  When I saw her around the concert at the Catalyst Club [night of the assault; a few weeks ago] I said "No access backstage.  I don't want anyone backstage."  We had personal items back there.  I don't know if she was trying to get personal items from us.  She threw a drink on me.  The police were on the side of the stage.  Santa Cruz Police and security escorted her out.
NOTE:  We discuss what has happened to the Scientist re. Amara Wilson (fraud TRO, stolen camera, video tutorial, allegations, etc.)
If it's abuse where is the police report? 
The Catalyst has a report of the Pe Blackwell incident on record.  Go through county records on her, AFDC, Crystal Stairs, Cty welfare.  She's on every scam.  Run her name in the system.  Check Facebook.  Pe Blackwell's activity might be farther than just the industry.
Pe was a stomach ache when Stokley started dating her.  I said:  why is she on tour?  It drove me bananas.  It ran it's course.  I told Stokley:  if you keep bringing her around d- either she will sleep with Mouse or he'll call her a "bitch."  He slept with her and called her a "bitch."  Stokley broke up with her after this happened.  She got arrested plenty of times at Stokley's.  She stole from him.  She lives near Lankersham.  Check with North Hollywood Police Department.


kellygreen said...
Love the part about her recording the public defender--oh, excuse me,
someone else recorded her public defender. Remember way back when ...
she was helping out her friend "The Scientist" with a legal snafu so
she decided to use her magical recording pen to record conversations
with other women? Well, apparently she's still using the magical
recording pen. As if sane and sober folks on this planet will help her
with anything.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gianelli Has Attempted To Infiltrate My Defense, May Be In Contact With The Prosecutor From The City Attorney´s Office, & Seems To Know That The District Attorney & City Attorney Of LA Are Monitoring This Blog. HOW CREEPY. So LA Confidential. I´ve Asked The FBI To Use My Password To Review The Blog Stats.


By Blogonaut
November 8, 2012
San Francisco, California

It was not until we swallowed a drop of “Sandoz” and headed into an outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park one day in 1973 that we “got” the Grateful Dead, a band best appreciated as a live experience.

And so it was that we finally drank from Leonard Cohen’s Kool-Aid at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, and, we get you Leonard. Cheer up, it only took us 44 years.


POSTED BY BLOGONAUT AT 11/08/2012 10:05:00 AM
Anonymous said...

Egolessness and humor, and his expert wrangling -- of misfortune and loss, riding those home and yes, all the way to the bank again and again -- these are Leonard's art. His misfortune is our good luck, now more than ever.

Accordingly her Lynch-mobbiness believes _Ten New Songs_ are all about her, and so she slurringly said once or twice, in the sodden canyons of her secret life.

I could care less if Cohen wrote anything about me.  The man is a pathetic liar and his obsession with me is appalling. Was he pouring over the alleged emails that LAPD believes, according to their own report, were generally requests for tax information.  Was he working with a sound engineer to tamper with the sound, volume, and speed of the voice mails that LAPD knows cannot be date or time stamped and are out of sequence.  Does he have an imperfect understanding of what a K-1 is.  How about tax documents transmitted to the IRS noting that I am a partner on LC Investments, LLC for the years 2004 and 2005. Does Cohen understand that he is the sole owner of LC Investments, LLC. See his declaration in the retaliatory lawsuit he filed against me, procuring a judgment via fraud, in a matter I wasn´t served.  I also wasn´t notified or served the May 2006 default judgment that was mailed to my former home in Brentwood.  I was homeless at that time. I wonder why prosecutor Streeter questioned me on this issue.  She absolutely lied about assets and Cohen himself testified that he bought homes for his girlfriend and son with the assets of Traditional Holdings so he personally impeached whatever she was trying to prove.  Cohen´s loans were dangerous to Traditional Holdings and I have a letter from Robert Kory to my lawyers asking if the loans from TH will be forgiven.  The answer is NO.  Neither will Cohen´s personal transaction fees, etc. See the TH 1099 for $8 million addressing the wasted assets re. TH.  Kory lied to Agent Tejeda-IRS when he wrote and said the 1099 violated the restraining order. The IRS has filing and reporting requirements and one has a legitimate business right to contact a person re. tax issues, etc.  Viramontesa-LAPD was phoning Agent Tejedaa-IRS about this matter and advised that he as updating his report with my statements and faxing that report to Agent Tejeda-IRS and emailing them to Agent Sopko-Treasury.  Viramontes-LAPD advised me that he left Agent Tejeda-IRS a message and I want to obtain that message via subpoena.  This should be addressed on appeal as the prosecutor advised my lawyers that LAPD was offering a proffer and the judge wouldn´t wait a few days for the officer to return from his holiday.  I had a right to confront Viramontes-LAPD who has now asked me to have my appellate attorney contact him. 

Blogonaut said...

Well written Anonymous.

You are a poet.

"So she slurringly said once or twice, in the sodden canyons of her secret life".

The voicemails will be addressed on appeal.  The Scientist, a world renown record producer and sound engineer, will review them to advise me how the sound, volume, and speed was tampered with by Cohen and his sound engineer.

kellygreen said...

And how long will it take before she starts screaming that the great Leonard Cohen has defamed her?

Damn, Anon, you have the soul of a poet!

Kelly Green, who questioned me about Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden on, reminds me of Alan Jackson.  Green also posts on Sprocket´s Trials & Tribulations.  Investigator Paul Huebl (who advised me that LA DA was all over his Blog) told me Sprocket is the mouthpiece for Donna Clarkson, the mother of the woman who shot herself at Phil Spector´s house.  Green also posts on The Darwin Exception, a blog that is viciously hostile to Phil Spector and glorifies Alan Jackson.
Blogonaut said...


Kelley Lynch was due in court yesterday for a quarterly probation review.

I wonder what this has to do with Cohen´s concert review?  Kory did tell me lawyers that Cohen was going on tour and would give interviews about Westin and Greenberg.  Kory also told my lawyers that Cohen would go on Oprah to blow the whistle on Westin and Greenberg.  I suppose Cohen simply came up with more intractable hodgepodge relating to his fictional narratives, lies, perjury, fraud, and concealment that he has used to obtain orders, judgments, and verdicts.  Cohen´s perjury in my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial is inconceivable.  He even admitted to lying under oath. 

Since she has publicly stated an intention to refuse to comply with the court's order of probation requiring her to submit to a mental health evaluation (she alternately opposes it on "religious grounds" and alternately denies that the order was made) and has publicly denounced the very judge she was to appear before as a corrupt bribe taker and her prosecutor as “fat”, “incompetent”, and mendacious, and has fired and threatned to sue and/or prosecute her public defender for (allegedly) speaking to this blog's editor, we suspect she may be in jail.

The judge seemed to understand the ¨^religious grounds¨ I raised and told me he understands.  It´s interesting that lawyers cannot understand the separation of church and state issue raised here.  Then there is Streeter´s attempt to have me committed and drugged.  I think the Grand Jury Adviser´s instruction to contact Phil Spector´s attorneys re. the various gun stories Cohen has told about Phil Spector undermines Bruce Cutler´s letter to the judge.  I contacted Cutler because the DA´s investigator was in the courtroom, my lawyer showed me an email from Cohen to Streeter re. one version of the Phil Spector gun story, and Cohen testified about Phil Spector and gun stories.  Mick Brown-UK Telegraph wrote my public defender to advise that there appeared to be confusion re. Cohen and testimony vs. statements presented to the Grand Jury.  I have now sent Mick Brown a motion the prosecutors used in Phil Spector´s trial that contains a different version of the gun story (and weapon itself) then Cohen testified about in my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial.  Judge Larry Fidler´s clerk, Wendy, advised me to write the DA (copying in Judge Fidler) about Cohen´s versions of the alleged Phil Spector gun incident.  Wendy also confirmed that Investigator John Thompson-DA´s office advised me, in front of Detective Silva, that I was probably a witness in the Phil Spetor matter.  I advised Wendy that the DA was targeting me, had threatened me, and attempted to obtain a restraining order against me.  That´s why she thought I might feel more comfortable copying Judge Larry Fidler in on the letter to the DA.  I will attach a copy of my letter to Alan Jackson and advise  Judge Larry Fidler that Investigator William Frayeh-investigator on the Phil Spector matter hand delivered that letter to Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, and Truc Do.  This was concealed from my jurors although Cooley and Jackson were repeatedly raised by the prosecutor at my trial and Cohen testified that Steve Cooley was probably reading my emails and those near to him were.  I wonder how Cohen knew this.  Perhaps the DA´s investigator, who was hanging out with Cohen and his lawyers-PI (also seen lunching with Cohen), told him.  That´s quite frightening.  I wonder if this man was Captain Jack Horvath who lied to the court in his letter that stated I contacted the DA´s office in 2007.  Bald faced lie.  Investigator Brian Bennett (who recalled my advising him that Cohen was black mailing me -  concealed from my jurors) rolled by my house in 2005 re. Phil Spector.  The DA´s office received an anonymous tip about my friendship with Phil Spector before Bennett rolled by.  I spoke to DDA Hodgman about the fact that the DA´s office has ¨caller ID.¨

If so, it maybe some time before she writes or blogs anything, except in her inspected "jail mail". If not, she will be back in jail soon enough.

Gianelli and Green really appear to want me in jail.  I wonder why.  They shouldn´t hold their breath. 

We have reached out to a source and will know her fate soon enough.

I hope the source wasn´t Phil Boche.  The situation with Phil Boche and my so-called probation hearing was sheer lunacy and involved his supervisor and witnesses.
sanneka said...

Susanne Walsh.  Leonard Cohen fan who may have targeted the Phil Spector Facebook Blog.  I have brought this to the attention of Phil Spector and his attorneys.

Blogonaut, your review of the Cohen concert truly gave me the chills (happy) and brought tears to my eyes, especially because I know that you were not really a Cohen fan before. It is so beautiful written and you captured the unique quality of Cohen's talent as a writer of music and lyrics as well as the humble and charming gentleman he is.

Thank you so very much.

And by the way, I saw many,many Grateful Dead concerts before I totally "got" them too, but when I did, I became a true "Deadhead"


Blogonaut said...

Anonymous: Please feel free to email is with additional eyewitness accounts, Lynch stories, or other details; we will incorporate them into our coverage of this train wreck:

Gianelli probably doesn´t want to talk to my witnesses and people who know me.  That will prove that he is a bald-faced liar with motive who  has relentlessly targeted me since hearing from Cohen´s representatives in 2009 (when Michelle Blaine was posting on his Blog and she did thank him publicly for targeting my email accounts and blogs with her, as I have advised Phil Spector and his attorneys) and may be a SHADY CHARACTER who found a sympathetic ear with Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.

Blogonaut said...

UPDATE: So far this morning we have received nine emails from Kelley Lynch - so clearly she is no yet back in custody.

Why would I be back in custody?  My so-called probation requirements, that will be addressed on appeal together with the sentencing, were completed and dismissed.  The fees were waived until September 2013.

These emails are addressed to the usual spam list (IRS, FBI, Phil Spector appeals lawyer Dennis Riordan, a Sheriff Captain she met in jail, and many others and go on and on about being "slandered" by our suggestion that she needs psychiatric help while at the same time providing evidence in support of that proposition.

The IRS, FBI, and Dennis Riordan are on no ¨spam list.¨ Neither is Captain Bornman-LASD who knows I have no mental health issues and is a man who I worked with (together with other members of LASD and the EBI Bureau) while incarcerated. In fact, I taught-facilitated classes, study groups, wrote 45 lesson plans, etc.  The judge dismissed the probation issues apart from the fees I owe.  I could  have lost my own trial, would have advised myself of the plea deal, and was not in a dating relationship with Leonard Cohen.  There was no domestic violence.  The prosecutor is a bald faced liar whether she likes it or not.  I asked Nikhil if she could simply lie about me and he said no.  We discussed the fact that I intend to sue her.  Perhaps that´s why Gianelli has publicly stated that she is monitoring my blog which is creepy. 

She admits she was not in court yesterday so she really does not yet know what went on in her case.

Bald faced lie.  I have admitted nothing and Gianelli is clearly dangerously unstable and publicly lies about me.  I have advised hm, countless times, to cease and desist. 

We will post when we know.

Blogonaut said...

UPDATE: It turns out that Kelley Lynch WAS in court for her review hearing yesterday, sporting a new hair color (dark brown) and wearing a hoodie and sneakers (an improvement over the rayon ill-fitting $20 blazer she wore during the trial but hardly proper court attire).

At least I wasn´t dressed like Sandra Jo Streeter durig my Intent to Annoy Trial.  I also don´t baby talk judges, lie to them, and lie to jurors.  That´s correct, I have short brown hair, wore a brown hoodie, and my sneakers are Converse and have a leopard lining.  I wasn´t draped in fraud, lies, perjury, or concealment with an American flag behind me.  I think my outfit was appropriate and didn´t realize Gianelli was a French Vogue fashion editor.  I´d hate to see Gianelli.  He sounds like he crawled out of a crypt.  I called, years ago, to advise him to CEASE AND DESIST. 

The matter has been continued for one year for Kelley Lynch to reimburse the taxpayers of Los Angeles for the several thousand dollars it expended to defend her from the seven criminal charges (all related to her vile harassment of Leonard Cohen after stealing his last $5 million) of which she was unanimously convicted by a jury of 12.

Berkeley PD and the Public Defenders office have advised me that they think the Intent to Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial is an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars.  In fact, the PD office just told me this yesterday.  I never harassed Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud, falsely accused me, filed a retaliatory lawsuit after I went to the IRS (because he and certain of his advisers used me horrendously), has perjured himself excessively, obtained a fraudulent refund based on further lies and false accusations, and he has stolen from me, Phil Spector, Marty Machat, and Steven Machat – who was highlighted in a DA copy of my alleged email sent to the court during sentencing.  Of course, I have solid witnesses re. that satirical emails and it is strange that Cooley or Captain Jack Horvath seem to think I am President of the United States, ran on the Wedding Party, appointed my FBI and CIA directors, and have a campaign platform that includes cleaning up official misconduct and corruption. I tend to doubt I will ever be married in the Rose Garden and it seems far more likely that Cooley´s protection detail, Captain Jack Horvath, lied to the court.  I never stole a dime from Cohen and the corporate books, records, stock certificates, notarized documents, Indemnity Agreement, and other evidence I have provided the IRS and others, is evidence of that.  Of course, all of this was concealed in my Intent to Annoy Trial and in Cohen´s retaliatory lawsuit.  I also wasn´t served the default judgment filed in May 2006 that the prosecutor questioned me about and that will be addressed on appeal.

Kelley Lynch asked the court to waive the cost of her defense. The judge expressly DENIED that request and made it clear that Lynch must pay in full BEFORE the next hearing on September 25, 2013 – or she will be in violation of her probation and face more jail.

The judge never said I would be in violation of parole. 

She asked to appear in court at the next review by phone – which was also DENIED.
I never asked the judge for a phone review and that was NOT DENIED.  The judge said the payment could be mailed in but wanted to give me time to appealed.  The Commissioner then said I might like to appear before her to address this issue and I agreed.  However, let´s not jump the proverbial gun.  My appeal has not been filed and the salacious and scandalous details haven´t been addressed. 

In the meantime if she fails to obey the terms of her probation in ANY respect, which terms include but are not limited to not contacting Leonard Cohen, keeping the court and the probation department apprised at all times of her current residence address, refraining from the use of intoxicants, and obeying all laws, she is back in the slammer for up to 5 years less the few months she has already served.

Gianelli, who is an alleged lawyer, doesn´t understand non-reporting summary Probation.  Why would I ever contact Leonard Cohen again?  He has now proven that he will conspire with the City Attorney and District Attorney due to the fact that he stole from me, committed criminal tax fraud, and received requests for tax information, was asked to rescind the illegal K-1s transmitted to the State of Kentucky and IRS, wrongfully altered my federal and state tax returns via a default judgment in a matter I wasn´t served, etc.  I was not advised to do anything, whatsoever, with a Probation Department and have received legal advice on this issue.  I was not advised to refrain from the use of intoxicants, whatever that means, and am looking at the court order on this issue.  The ¨slammer¨ -  how quaint. 

That means that if she picks up any new criminal charges of any kind or drinks, she is in violation of her probation and goes back to jail.

Gianelli is obsessed with ¨drinks.¨ As I like to say, if I was a crack whore on a bench in LA Confidential, this would never disprove that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud, perjured himself excessively, stole from me, or now  has three different versions of his Phil Spector good rock ´n roll stories before LA Superior Court.

Will she obey the restringing order and obey the law and the terms of probation for the next five years? She has never obeyed the restraining order or the law before. After all, she stole five million dollars from her employer, and Leonard Cohen has the judgment to prove it.

Berkeley PD seemed clear … I didn´t realize there was a restraining order.  I was told the order in Boulder expired.  This is addressed with Michelle Rice in an email to her dated February 14, 2011 that I believe was concealed from my jurors.  The email where she lied to me and the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Dennis Riordan, and Ron Burkle about having registered the California order before February 14, 2011 was raised at my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial and is also mentioned in LAPD´s report.  I have discussed the lies in that report with Viramontes-LAPD.

We therefore expect her to be back in jail sooner rather than later.

I have repeatedly advised the IRS and FBI that this man has targeted me relentlessly, appears to have engaged in criminal witness tampering, criminal harassment, criminal witness intimidation, stalking, harassment, etc.  I have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate this man and have stated quite clearly my opinion that he should be arrested and prosecuted.
Linda said...

Blogonaut said...

Kelley Lynch gave Leonard Cohen her best shot - stole his money then told the IRS (falsely) that he was a tax cheat. Not only is Cohen still standing, he is 10 20 times richer and 20 more popular that ever. AND, her campaign against Cohen's reputation has backfired - it is HER reputation that was shreded.

I most certainly did not falsely accuse Cohen of criminal tax fraud.  Cohen is a powerful, wealthy celebrity who uses lies, perjury, concealment, and fraud to obtain judgments, verdicts, and court orders. Correct.  Cohen has shredded my reputation.  Wasn´t that the point? Having said that, people understand Cohen´s MOTIVE. 

Its been seven years loser. Give it up already.

See my appeal and future litigation issues.
Blogonaut said...

Susanne Walsh said...
Leonard Cohen's song "Alexandra Leaving" was based on this poem by Constantine P. Cavafy, and in no way a tribute to, or dedicated to Kelley Lynch.

Is Cohen pissed that he told me he wrote aspects of these songs for me?  Well, the man is a liar and he absolutely lied when he advised Betsy Superfon in the spring of 2005 that I was the love of his life.   Cohen forsakes God, Buddhist ethics, etc. 

The God forsakes Antony

Susanne Walsh said...

Walsh has gone to extraordinary lengths to silence me.  Ann Diamond and Freda Guttman discussed the fact that Lorca Cohen – not I – accused her father of molesting her when she was attending Concordia University.  The prosecutor lied when she said I accused Cohen of that.  Ann Diamond has confirmed this in emails and I contacted my brother-in-law, an attorney in Canada, at the time to discuss Ann Diamond´s public reporting of this incident.  Leonard Cohen was concerned it would appear on the front page of the Montreal Gazette.  Leonard Cohen is a thief and a liar.  See Kelley Lynch, Phil Spector, Steven and Marty Machat, and others.  He has a long and publicly documented history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. He lied when he said I assailed his reputation.  See Steven Machat´s video (the film Cohen stole from Steven and Marty Machat) where Cohen appears, high on LSD, in Israel.  He attempts to start a riot in one incident that was recorded.

I can't help laughing, when I read Kalley Lynch's blog-post "Gianelli's Fascinatingly deranged Leonard Cohen Concert Review and attendant comments"

She who has soiled more Leonard Cohen Concert Reviews, with her nasty, evil, defamatory slander and lies about the artist she so cowardly devoted her life to destroy.

In early 2009 my son and his wife went to a Cohen concert in Connecticut, where they live. Like the rest of the world they were raving about the concert, and mailed me a link to the local papers review. It was of course glowing and so were all the comment, with exeption of one, from Kelley Lynch, who wrote horrible obscene stuff, not just one comment, but new ones every day. Along with other readers I reported her activities to the editor, and the thread was closed, that however, did not stop Ms. Lynch, for the next year or two, she would pop up in every newspaper with a favorable review of Cohen, every music magazine and Blog who would mention his name. For years, always the same song about how Mr. Cohen had destroyed her life, how he was thief, a lier, alcoholic, drug addict and "probably" a child molester.

Yes, I am not afraid to admit that I reported her disgusting behaviour to all the newspapers, magazines, Blog administrators, Facebook, "Leonard Cohen Files" and Robert Kory, and I will continue to do so, and that is NOT "targeting" Ms. Lynch, that is an attempt to help the internet forums and medias avoid publishing trash. If Ms. Lynch has "truckloads" of evidence of Leonard Cohen being a criminal, it should not be difficult for her to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against him, if she can convince an attorney that Mr. Cohen owes her "million of dollars", I cant imagine that he would not jump to take her case, he would after all be entiteled to a pretty large piece of the cake if he won it, and we know that Mr. Cohen has the money.....

I am now speaking with numerous attorneys and that would include with respect to my litigation issues involving Leonard Cohen.  Boies Schiller reviewd the evidence and they were clear that Cohen owes me millions.  They viewed him as another Hollywood fraud and also wrote me that he and Kory were attempting to engage me in criminal activity.
Blogonaut said...
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Blogonaut said...
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Blogonaut said...


…  the FBI and the IRS …

Blogonaut said...

Gianelli seems obsessed with me and the IRS and FBI.  I have repeatedly advised this dangerously unstable lunatic to cease and desist including with respect to his relentless targeting of my children and many people near to me.

We now have 11 more emails in our in-box from you-know-who, CC to the FBI, IRS …  the IRS and FBI ever since …
Blogonaut said...
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Blogonaut said...
Kelley Lynch’s Blogonaut browsing history since 11/8/2012:


8 Nov 06:43:06 PM

8 Nov 07:10:23 PM

8 Nov 07:12:05 PM

8 Nov 07:26:18 PM

8 Nov 07:28:13 PM

8 Nov 07:31:00 PM

8 Nov 07:32:11 PM

8 Nov 07:33:42 PM

8 Nov 07:33:52 PM

9 Nov 08:12:14 AM

9 Nov 08:27:01 AM

9 Nov 08:31:36 AM

9 Nov 08:32:00 AM

9 Nov 08:32:26 AM

9 Nov 08:32:43 AM

9 Nov 09:02:43 AM

9 Nov 09:02:54 AM

9 Nov 10:07:29 AM

9 Nov 10:08:07 AM

9 Nov 10:18:44 AM

10 Nov 07:35:06 PM

11 Nov 04:44:17 PM

13 Nov 07:46:18 AM

REDACTED.  I contacted the Hartford Courant´s legal department and advised them about the situation there with respect to certain individuals slandering me, etc.  That would include Linda who is now targeting me and slandering me on Gianelli´s Blogonaut Law Blog.  This is a highly coordinated attempt to discredit me and it is indeed cyber terrorism as I have advised the IRS and FBI.

 The Hartford Current is where I first ran into Kelley …
Blogonaut said...

REDACTED.  Gianelli´s obsession with my children, who he does not know but relentlessly targeted, is frightening. 

As for Kelley Lynch’s kids, both love her but have moved on, the youngest first in 2007 and then the oldest in 2010.

Rutgar even moved to another state to be rid of her …

Rutger did not move to another state to be rid of me and this allegation is absurd.  I would assume Rutger is aware that Gianelli is a liar since he knows why he left Los Angeles. 

..the IRS, the FBI …  the Internal Revenue Service … to the IRS as new comments are added - while demanding we be investigated and prosecuted.

The latest Gem: She secretly recorded her conversations with her public defender and has transmitted those recordings to the Department of the Treasury.

NOTE.  I secretly recorded no one.  I did record voice mails I left for certain parties.  I have now sent the digital tape recorder to Agent Tejeda-IRS who I contacted repeatedly while the situation with Phil Boche and my so-called probation hearing was unfolding.  I also had three witnesses present. 

.. the IRS must have a lot of wacky correspondents …
kellygreen said...

INTENTIONALLY REDACTED.  Green reminds me of Alan Jackson and wants to focus on Phil Spector now.  Let´s see where these comments go.  Does Kelly Green ¨¨gotta ask.¨

So I gotta ask, does she still expect Phil Spector to ride to her rescue?
Blogonaut said...

Yes, Lynch copied us last week with an email informing the IRS (and the rest of the world of course) that she is in touch with Phil Spector in the joint and has proposed that Phil Spector bankroll a “joint” lawsuit against Leonard Cohen.

Gianelli and his cyber-terrorist pals introduce issues that they want to discuss.  I believe he has set up reasonable doubt theories on the internet, and his Blog, with respect to me and Phil Spector, that can be attacked and refuted.  Here we go with Phi lSpector.  I absolutely advised the IRS and FBI that I personally heard from Phil Spector while in jail.  Phil Spector and I are clear that numerous interested parties could have potentially read our communications.  I, on the other hand, showed my letter from Phil Spector to various employees of LASD and inmates.  I never asked Phil Spector to bankrupt a ¨joint lawsuit against Leonard Cohen.¨ I did bring all of Cohen´s activity with respect to Phil Spector in my Intent To Annoy Trial to Phillip´s attention.  I also mailed letters from Lynwood to Dennis Riordan who did not contact Judge Robert Vanderet.  Cutler´s deranged letter and the restraining order Vanderet granted him, although Cutler didn´t request one and has no tied to California and destroyed the evidence, will be addressed on appeal as will the now discoverable comment that he and Pat Dixon discussed me in 2008. 

The reason she gives for Phil Spector shelling out millions so Kelley Lynch can get even with her former employer is her theory that Leonard Cohen is somehow responsible for Spector’s wrongful conviction.

I never said I wanted Phil Spector to join me in a lawsuit against Cohen so I could get even with the pathological liar and thief.   People are asking, based on the three versions of the Cohen-Spector gun stories before LA Superior Court, if Phil Spector and his attorneys can attack the indictment due to the fact that Cohen´s statements (as Mick Brown-UK Telegraph knows) were presented to the Grand Jury and used in motions (bolstering prior bad acts) to the court in Phil Spector´s trial.  Anyway, this situation has been handed over to Phil Spector and his attorneys and will also be addressed in appeal.  The two gun stories Cohen told in my trial (one on the stand, the other in his email to prosecutor Streeter) will be raised on appeal.  They prove he is a liar and willing to embellish and fabricate stories to obtain judgments, verdicts, and orders via fraud, perjury, concealment, and lies. 

Except, as pointed out by one of Lynch’s public defenders, not only did Cohen NOT testify at either of Spector’s murder trials, Lynch’s defense team at the harassment trial determined that Cohen never testified before Spector’s grand jury either.

What public defender is speaking with Gianelli?  Phil Boche represented me until November 8th and the Public Defenders office advised me yesterday that Mike Kelly still represents me.  How the hell would my public defender know if Cohen did or didn´t testify against Phil Spector?  Perhaps they read the email Mick Brown-UK Telegraph wrote Nikhil Ramnaney explaining that the testimony was actually statements attributed to Cohen by the prosecutor.  Those statements were presented to Phil Spector´s Grand Jury.  Fortunately, my public defender – who appears to be engaged in highly sinister conduct with Gianelli – was not copied in on Mick Brown´s latest emails to me.  What about Steven Machat?  Did my public defenders speak with Steven?  Mike Kelly made some bizarre comments about Steven Machat to me.  Steven Machat advised Nikhil Ramnaney that he would fly in and testify for me.  Unfortunately, he had a scheduling conflict.  My public defenders must know that Leonard Cohen stole from Machat & Machat also.  In any event, Steven Machat is an attorney and accountant who views Leonard Cohen as a liar and thief.  He was highlighted on a DA copy of an email and I have brought that to his attention.  Steven Machat then advised me to communicate with me privately after I revealed this detail to him.  That is precisely what I am doing. 

And, of course, the words “Leonard Cohen” are absent from ANY of Phil Spector’s post conviction appellate filings, let alone in the same sentence as the word “perjury”. The reason, to all but Kelley Lynch, is clear: Leonard Cohen had as much to do with Phil Spector’s conviction for murder as the man in the moon.

I guess Kelly Green really opened up the flood gates when she mentioned ¨Phil Spector,¨^ proving my point exactly.  Tell it to Phil Spector and his legal team. 

Second, even if Leonard Cohen was the SOLE or PRIMARY witness against Spector at BOTH trials AND lied through his teeth with malice, he could not be sued by Phil Spector as a result in any event.

Sure.  He could be sued for perjury and will be with respect to his testimony in my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial.  That will include, but is not limited to, his testimony that the fraudulent 2005 IRS refund closed the case on my allegations to the IRS.  That is humanly impossible given the fact that I met with Agent Sopko and her partner from the U.S. Treasury in 2007 and was shortly thereafter advised to report Cohen´s tax fraud to Agent Tejeda-IRS and provide him-IRS with evidence.  I have provided the IRS with ample evidence to prove Cohen committed tax fraud.  You cannot use fraud and perjury to obtain indictments, orders, judgments, or verdicts.  To say otherwise is positively farcical and a legal outrage.  David Moorhead thought Phil Spector and his legal team should attack the charges and attempt to have the indictment vacated.

Under the “litigation privilege” afforded by California Civil Code section 47, all oral or written communications made by anyone in connection with a legal proceeding, such as a criminal trial or related hearings or in any legal filing, including by prosecutors, attorneys and witnesses, enjoy ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY from civil liability as a matter of public policy.

There is no immunity from perjury.  See the question that Judge Robert Vanderet sustained re. Cohen raising his right hand and lying after he swore under the laws of perjury.  This will absolutely be addressed on appeal.  The objection that was sustained.  Leonard Cohen has no absolute immunity or any type of immunity re. perjury.

Third, any suit by Spector OR Lynch against ANYONE arising from events occuring prior to 2009 would be barred by the applicable statute of limitations in any event.

Fraud tolls the statute and Cohen just testified about information that was not previously available to me.  I was given discovery, in the form of the IRS binder, during my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial, and discovered that Cohen fraudulently obtained a nearly $700,000 refund from the IRS based on his fraud, lies, concealment, and perjury.  The IRS should most definitely prosecute him over that issue. 

There is therefore zero chance of Spector riding to Kelley Lynch's rescue with the proverbial "lawyers, guns and money".

Guns?  Gianelli must be referring to the three different versions of the Cohen-Phil Spector good rock ´n roll gun stories before LA Superior Court.  Fortunately, Phil Spector most definitely has excellent attorneys and, as the Grand Jury Adviser instructed me, I have brought this situation to their attention.  I am drafting the letter Wendy-Judge Fidler´s Clerk advised me to write to the DA about this situation and copying in Judge Larry Fidler as well.  I asked Wendy if the DA had an obligation to bring this situation to the attention of Phil Spector´s legal team.
Blogonaut said...
Kelley Lynch’s latest email to the IRS is reprinted below. 

See Leonard Cohen´s email to me, violating the restraining order, informing someone that he sees Rutger copied in on my emails.  As I explained to Doug Davis-FTB as well as the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury, when I talk about taxes, Cohen targets my children.  Coming right up. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: We know that Rutger Penick now lives in another state (far from California) because last week he sent us an email request to join his professional network. 

I have advised Rutger´s father about the activity that is unfolding with respect to Rutger who is indeed my witness. 

In the ensuing email exchange Rutger stated, in part: “I really don't care about my mother. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but I am not going to get caught in the middle of any of this…. Thank you for the kind words, I wish the best for you”.

Pathetic situation.  Leonard Cohen took the witneas stand and attempted to prove that he was annoyed due to the fact that Rutger´s fingers were ripped off.  There is,as OSHA´s attorney felt, criminal negligence in that matter.  This appears to ¨harass¨ the Los Angeles District Attorney.  I have discussed  that nasty situation with my son.  John Hempfling-Global Litigator Whole Foods knows for a fact that I do not believe Cohen ripped Rutger´s fingers off.  He should  have received a subpoena.  No email, alleged or otherwise, takes the position that I believe Cohen ripped my son´s fingers off so Cohen and the prosecutor LIED to the court and my jurors. 


In 2009 her youngest son Ray posted on … some of our commenters, who reached out to Ray with words of encouragement. Lynch then characterized all of this as “targeting” her kids.

I stand by this position and have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate this unconscionable situation, including as it related to my son who was a minor when commenters affiliated with Gianelli, Blogonaut´s Law Blog,, etc. attempted to lure him into privately communicating with him.  I also view that situation as witness tampering. 

Ray advised us that his mother sufferers from bipolar disease and alcoholism – he said her drink of choice is Sake – and that the entire family has tried to get her into treatment for years and she refuses. 

Ray´s father must be lying to him if he believes this.  Lindsey also calls woman cunts and whores in front of his children.  But, as I like to say now – even if I was a crack whore on a bench in Lost Angeles, this would never disprove Cohen´s criminal tax fraud, his theft from me, Marty and Steven Machat, and Phil Spector, etc.  My entire family has not tried to get my treatment.  Gianelli, however, is a dangerously unstable individual who has relentlessly targeted my family and attempted to intimidate him.  He also called The Scientist and lied to his face about me. 

As for Rutger allegedly offering to testify, Lynch’s public defender told us that her defense team contacted every witness that Kelley Lynch mentioned to them, including her children, and that “not a single witness that she mentioned to us was able to corroborate a single thing she said”.

Mike Kelly is the public defender who Rutger called back four times and who spoke to Rutger.  As of yesterday, according to the PD office, he still represents me so this situation is a legal outrage.  Is Mike Kelly speaking to Gianelli about my witnesses and what they could or could not corroborate.  How shocking.  I wonder if that is also criminal.  I have brought it to the attention of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB.  Sure the witnesses said this.  I know what Steven Machat spoke to Nikhil about.  I also know that Norman Posel-formerly Boies Schiller gave Nikhil the name and number of someone to phone at Boies Schiller.   Boies Schiller can corroborate many things and that would include their position that Leonard Cohen owes me millions and they felt Cohen-Kory were attempting to engage me in criminal conduct.  They also witnessed the situation involving my lunch with Kory and the custody matter that arose after Ray and I stopped by Kory´s office to discuss Cohen´s tax fraud, missing state returns, my intellectual property that was stolen, and their threats of jail.  Steven Machat believes my emails and conversations with Boies Schiller, at the time, preserve the record of events in this matter. 

The same public defender told us his former client was in “total denial” regarding her legal situation and her mental health condition.

Did Mike Kelly, or my public defender, also tell Gianelli that he failed to advise me that I was offered a plea deal. I have been discussing this situation with a lawyer at the public defender´s office.  Nikhil heard me ask, towards the end of my trial, why I wasn´t offered a plea deal.  John Perroni and I certainly never discussed it although he did federalize an issue in the bail hearing and understood Cohen was lying on the stand.  I have no mental health issues and LASD Captains, Lieutenants, etc. can take the stand and address that fact.  I suppose that´s why Gianelli focused on Captain Bornman-EBI Bureau.  Gianelli doesn´t know Lt. Wolak who researched this situation and figured out the truth.  The men and women of LASD EBI Bureau and elsewhere are very brilliant people. 

One more point: the IRS IS a part of the Treasury Department, Ms. Lynch.

I am well aware of that.  I met with Agent Sopko and her partner Brandon of the U.S. Treasury Department.  I was then advised to report Cohen´s tax fraud and provide evidence to Agent Tejeda-IRS.
Blogonaut said...
Now, Kelley Lynch’s latest bizarre email, received seven hours ago:

What´s bizarre about this? 

“To the IRS and FBI,
Gianelli´s obsession with my children is shocking and truly
disgusting. Of course, he is lying about them. Have my kids moved
on. Well, my older son offered to testify and that is in the record.
That proves the City Attorney LIED to the bail judge. She lies
through her teeth. Prosecutorial misconduct hardly begins to describe that lunatic who is better suited for a porn film than law. It doesn´t actually require a brain. My lawyers told me judges can´t stand the woman and I understand why.

The judge in the bail hearing had to instruct her on entering evidence into the record. How does Jihad Gianelli know Rutger, whose name he still can´t spell, moved to
another state. He never emailed me. I saw him while at Lynwood. I have never asked Rutger for money and Gianelli doesn´t know my son.

The obsession with my family appears criminal. I guess I am talking taxes and Cohen likes to focus on my children. See Cohen´s email about Rutger being copied in on my emails. Doug Davis-FTB and Steven Machat wrote me regarding that email. It was outrageous and violated the fraud restraining orders.

Rutger did not email me that he was moving to another state because of me but Jihad Gianelli is a bald faced liar with motive. Gianelli relentlessly targeted my children and, as he notes, copied in the IRS and FBI. I continue to believe that the man should be arrested and prosecuted. That´s a game for this dangerously unstable individual.

How would Gianelli know if I have ever met with high profile attorney,Dennis Riordan, since he doesn´t know me. Any thoughts on the matter?

I have not discussed anything private and intimate. This man´s
postings read like porn which is creepy.

Gianelli understands that I have copied the Internal Revenue Service
in on my emails. That´s correct. I have captured and documented
information for the IRS regarding my children and also brought
information to the attention of the FBI and others.

I am indeed capturing and emailing Gianelli´s slanderous lies to the
IRS. I am not demanding that you investigate and prosecute Gianelli
but he is clear that I have asked the IRS and FBI to review his
actions and arrest and prosecute the man for criminal witness
tampering, criminal harassment, criminal witness tampering,
stalking, harassment, etc.

I did not secretly record my [public defender]. Someone did record him however. He contacted Gianelli and Gianelli posted that publicly. He then lied and said he didn´t represent me. His supervisor said he did. I reviewed the tape with someone today and he thought it was appalling, enlightening, and astounding. I never said I transmitted the tapes to the Treasury. I said I have sent the recordings to Agent Luis Tejeda-IRS. I also contacted Agent Tejeda-IRS repeatedly from the so called probation hearing. [my public defender Phil] Boche´s conduct SHOCKED my witnesses. I have no idea what anyone does but Boies Schiller was clear with me about the law re. set ups and Boche was totally out of control but acknowledged, in front of my witnesses, that the problem didn´t have anything to do with me.

Gianelli doesn´t speak for the IRS but the IRS should prosecute him.
This is a game and he may be hitting the white wine again.

All the best,

P.S. You should really try TOR.
Great product.”
Blogonaut said...

Gianelli and Cohen seem obsessed with my son, Rutger.  Perhaps that´s why Steven Machat asked me to forward him a copy of Cohen´s email addressing the fact that ¨Rutger¨ was copied in on my email.

Kelley Lynch just emailed her son, stating:
“Hi Rutger,

Thank you for confirming receipt of my emails. I am warning you about
Stephen Gianelli. Do you have any emails in your inbox from the dangerously unstable stark raving lunatic who is aligned with Leonard Cohen. Keep in mind that Cohen testified that I believe he ripped your fingers off. Cohen  has a long history of psychiatric problems as well as drugs and alcohol abuse.

Do you see the subject line of this ¨nonsense.¨ CEASE AND DESIST. Gianelli does not understand this simple concept. You told me if contacted you after I was sentenced and Karen told me her lawyer views him as an IDIOT and advised him to CEASE AND DESIST.

No more nonsense. If Gianelli quotes you publicly again, I will copy
you in on the next CEASE AND DESIST letter I send him. Be careful if
he includes you in some professional business ring. It might be a
CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, per RICO, if you know what I mean.”

NOTE:  I have now contacted Rutger´s father about Stephen Gianelli and the activity taking place with respect to my son, Rutger.  Douglas Penick is well aware of all matters that Rutger´s witnessed.  Why would Rutger want his email inbox filled with this insanity?  Leonard Cohen, not Rutger, committed tax fraud.  Phil Spector was set up.  Our family was targeted and destroyed over these unconscionable matters. 


"Rutger Penick


Please stop emailing me, I don't feel like having my inbox filled with this nonsense.


Rutger Penick
IT Professional"
Linda said...

smartalek said...

kellygreen said...
Love the part about her recording the public defender--oh, excuse me, someone else recorded her public defender. Remember way back when ... she was helping out her friend "The Scientist" with a legal snafu so she decided to use her magical recording pen to record conversations with other women? Well, apparently she's still using the magical recording pen. As if sane and sober folks on this planet will help her with anything.

The digital recorder, with my voice mails to certain parties, has been sent to Agent Tejeda-IRS.  Sergeant Sanders-LASD and I discussed the recordings The Scientist had with respect to the gold diggers who targeted him.  In fact, the judge in his matter played parts of one in court.  I have no magical recording pen.  My sane and sober witnesses, who attended the so-called probation hearing, listened to my voicemail messages and were witnesses to my conversation with Phil Boche.  The messages and our conversation don´t add up. 

I continue to feel bad for her kids. How far must one be pushed so he no longer addresses his female parental unit as "mom"? I just can't imagine how far one must remove himself from a relationship in order to addresses his mother by her first name.

Green, who reminds me of Alan Jackson, is focused on my children now.  This is her-his M.O.  And then there were his-her questions on about Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden.  Wow.  Rutger said Kelley.  When we speak, he says ¨Mother.¨ I wonder why?
Blogonaut said...
Kelley Lynch’s 16th email of the day, yesterday – cc her son, former Spector prosecutor truc do (now in private practice), District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, Bob Woodward (WoPo), the LA Times, and many others:

I did email Bob Woodward-Washinton Post that he has now hit the big time on Gianelli´s Blogonaut Law Blog that doesn´t appear to report on any other news.  I suppose that´s why someone just advised me that they thought this Blog was owned by Cohen and assumed he stayed up until 3 AM obsessed and posting about me. 

“To the IRS and FBI,

I most certainly did call for a federal investigation into prosecutor
Sandra Streeter. Furthermore, Nikhil Ramnaney felt that the woman
attempted to sabotage the IRS and my future litigation matters. I wholeheartedly agree.

Gianelli once posted that the SEC and every major Washington DC law firm reads his Blog on a daily basis.  I wonder what they thought happened between his Merry Christmas posting and the next article which appears to be related to the April 2012 slander about me. 

Actually, I have never said I receive 1,000 hits a day on my Blog. I have
received thousands of hits over the past few weeks and fear most of
them are from Leonard Cohen, his lawyers, Gianelli, his fellow cyber
terrorists, the District Attorney, and the City Attorney. So,
Gianelli wouldn´t be shocked to learn that the prosecutor is reading
AND DOWNLOADING my blog posts. I was charged with an intent to annoy Leonard Cohen and a restraining order violation.

What would [my prosecutor Sandra Jo] Streeter
be looking at? According to Gianelli I called her a liar.
Absolutely. I called her a liar and want her lies before the court
(two judges) and my jurors addressed. Does Streeter have an issue with
the fact that one of my lawyers advised me to sue her and the County
of Los Angeles over this matter. I have accused her of lying to the
court and jurors. Is that a crime? Is attempting to sabotage the IRS
a crime? She is hugely overweight and her outfits were utterly
revolting. He prances around the courtroom.

I witnessed her GUSHING
Into a cell phone about celebrity Cohen. She lied excessively about
me and these lies will be addressed.

I haven´t said the trial judge
is corrupt and LEFT A MESSAGE FOR DEPARTMENT 52 ADVISING THEM THAT GIANELLI IS LYING ABOUT ME. I have no idea what the judge´s motive was for his actions but other people are asking if I think he´s a crook, corrupt, etc. How would I know what the man´s issues were. I
have no idea who he is. For all I know, he simply liked Leonard Cohen
and enjoyed having a celebrity in his courtroom. I have no idea if
the judge is on the take. Other people are asking these questions and
that is his problem, not mine. Does the judge have an issue with
people viewing him as corrupt? How does he feel about the fact that
one of my lawyers advised me to sue the County of LA over his actions?

Blogonaut said...

"I believe the IRS and FBI should investigate why Streeter decided to
sabotage the IRS, lie to my jurors, lie about me, lie to two judges
(the lies about Jonathan Maihart who is NOT a Mexican gang member were
psychotic and I contacted Congressman Waxman over that situation in
2005 ... he faxed me my emails in 2008), lie about evidence, conceal
information from the jurors,and attempt to discredit me and my future
litigation issues with Cohen. What was the issue with Streeter, her
lies about the $150K in assets, and the default judgment filed in May
2006 that I WAS NOT NOTIFIED ABOUT. I spoke to Judge Ken Freeman´s court reporter about this.

What happened next? Gianelli began publicly threatening me and contacted Judge Ken Freeman´s court reporter about me. I think the IRS and FBI should speak to Judge Ken Freeman about this matter, the evidence that was concealed from the court, the default judgment, and my federal and state tax returns that were wrongfully altered by his judgment. And then there´s the
fraudulent expense ledger. The illegal K1s totally undermine the
expense items re. LCI.

Who can keep up with this insanity. I want you to understand that Gianelli seems to feel the City Attorney Streeter is monitoring me. He said the DA awoke from his slumber about me because it was election year.

Has Gianelli contacted prosecutor Sandra? What´s the issue. She
thinks she looked nice in her nasty outfit while prancing around baby
talking the judge and lying through her teeth. I think the IRS and
FBI should speak to my public defender, Nikhil Ramnaney.

I will let you know what the lawyer at the public defenders office has
to say about the plea dealing being in my file. I look forward to
that conversation and asked him to speak to Mike Kelly about the fact
that I wasn´t notified. He had me read him Gianelli´s comments about
my public defender and the supervisor took down Gianelli´s name. Of
course, they can receive a subpoena in the future. Gianelli seems to
think this is a game. Is it a game when lawyers are talking about
people potentially being disbarred?

All the best,

EDITOR’S NOTE: As we did in 2009 (when the State Bar informed Lynch that they had no jurisdiction over this blog) we have emaied Lynch a State Bar complaint form.
We doubt anyone will be “disbarred”.

Actually the PD´s office and I discussed the disbarrment of a PD who had attorney-client privilege with me contacting Gianelli and discussing my witnesses, etc.   The PD office found that SHOCKING.
Blogonaut said...
Two minutes later we received this Lynch message:

"I have advised you to cease and desist. You have posted that on your Blog. Stop lying about me. I view you as dangerously unstable and consider all communications you direct towards my son as WITNESS TAMPERING: His testimony is an issue on appeal."

My son is an issue on appeal.  I have phoned his father to advise him that we asked the court to let Rutger take the stand.  Cohen testified about his Whole Foods matter and Rutger witnessed a situation whereby Lindsey asked him to go in and sign over-transfer my house to Cohen-Kory while I was taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector.  The entire Killer King file is falsified.  Therefore, this is no conspiracy theory but explains why people are noting that I am now in LA Confidential. I am not engaged in illegal antics but Gianelli is dead set on falsely accusing me.  As someone just advised me – tell him to CEASE AND DESIST and sue him.  Good advice.  I´ve passed it onto Rutger´s father. 

Earth to Kelley Lynch: Your son never testifed for you at trial; he has washed his hands of you and your crazy and illegal antics and emails.
Linda said...

REDACTED.  Psychotic rant by someone who appears to have targeted me all over the internet.
kellygreen said...

Why would the DA be monitoring my website?  Perhaps for the same reasons Investigator Paul Huebl explained they were monitoring his Blog.  This is very creepy based on the three Leonard Cohen versions of the Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.  Two of them are in my Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial alone.  Well, they are not going away.  Perhaps the DA should monitor Dennis Riordan´s website.  Or, Charles Sevilla´s.  They seem to really understands prosecutorial misconduct and the fact that Phil Spector was set up. But what about my Complaint to their Major Fraud Unit re. Cohen´s tax fraud and theft from me in the millions.  Are they simply ignoring that?  I spoke to Jeff Jonas and Brian Bennett about that Complaint in 2006.  And, I reiterated these issues in my letter that was hand delivered to Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, and Truc Do.  I think the taxpayers are entitled to answers.  And then there´s the Killer King situation.

Well, of course the DA's office is monitoring Kelley's website. Afterall, Kelley, everything you say can, and will, be used against you. BTW, did you return the call to the Public Defender's office Thursday? Sweetie, you can bet the PD recorded that call. And just for shits and giggles, did you leave your super secret recording pen in their office? Once again, Kelley, everything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. It's just a matter of time before the DA and the PD have enough evidence to put you away for a very long, long time. Geez, Kelley, I so wish I could attend your revocation/5150 hearing.

Sweetie?  Is Kelly Green in a sophomoric but criminal soap opera?  I didn´t have to return a call to the PD´s office yesterday.  I spoke with a lawyer at the PD´s office yesterday about, among other things, the allegations on Gianelli´s blog that public defender of mine might have contacted Gianelli.  The lawyer found that SHOCKING.  It may just be standard operating procedure for LA Confidential as Phil Spector has also raised issues that involve an attempt to infiltrate his defense.  Well, as I said to DDA Hodgman – I don´t think Cohen´s various versions of the gun story before LA Superior Court really implicate me.  He seemed to agree.  Is the DA gathering evidence about me from my Blog?  I must bring this to the attention of Phil Spector, his legal team, as well as the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB.  Does the DA have motive to sabotage a probable criminal prosecution of Leonard Cohen, and others, fraud?  I would not put anything past these thugs.  The DA should take a look in the mirror and really study his self-inflicted revenge fantasies about me.  I am addressing the fact, in my appeal, that I have a legal right to legally confront Steve Cooley, Pat Dixon, Alan Jackson, and Truc Do on the witness stand.   Let´s see who implicates themselves then and they will be confronted over the criminal negligence in Rutger´s Whole Foods matter which I think will interest the public.

Well, people do believe the DA had the power and motive to have me taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector.  The entire file is falsified so that´s a very serious legal matter and incontrovertible evidence.  Unfortunately for LA Confidential, I do not reside in their jurisdiction. 

Kelley, is it possible you are the only person on the planet who has yet to realize the offices of the district attorney and public defender are amassing a shit-load of information to lock you up? Forever. Your insanity, Kelley, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Is the DA amazing a ¨shit-load¨ of information to lock me up.  Why?  Perhaps Nikhil, my public defender, was correct … they don´t want the Phil Spector verdict overturned.  My insanity?  Not interested in hearing about sanity from men and women with self inflicted revenge fantasies, probable motive, and individuals who people view as thugs right out of LA Confidential.
Blogonaut said...

We don’t think the L-Monster likes you very much….

Truly deranged.  Every time I see Kelly Green or his-her posts, I think of Älan Jackson.¨   I don´t like or dislike Alan Jackson.  I know for a fact that he lied about Phil Spector and slandered him and his expert witnesses.  He also slandered Doron Weinberg. Alan Jackson has a blueprint for his trials. That seems to include slander, lies, and concealment.  At least that´s my opinion. 

But we do think it is finally dawning on Lynch that she may have gone too far with her illegal recordings at least – she is now backpedaling and trying to re-characterize them as recordings of voice messages, when she unambiguously emailed us to advise that she audio recorded telephonic and face-to-face communications with her public defender and also her cell phone communications with Sandra Jo Streeter’s “supervisor”. (KL later tried to justify this by writing that no one has an “expectation of privacy” in cell phone communications with her. But this is not the legal standard.) Have we passed on these emailed admissions that Lynch violated Penal Code section 632 (California’s “wiretapping” statute) to the prosecution, the probation, and the PD’s Office? (What would be your best guess, Kelley?)

I advised myself that I was recording myself when I left voicemail messages that I have no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to.  I think Agent Tejeda-IRS will be able to discern that I recorded my voicemail messages to Viramontes-LAPD, Phillip Boche-Public Defender´s Office,and others.  This could be used to impeach future testimony.  Streeter´s supervisor will receive a subpoena.  I have witnesses to those calls and the attendant complaints.  Has Gianelli contacted the prosecution and probation department?  This reminds me of his public threats when I previously disclosed my intention to vacate Leonard Cohen´s fraudulent and retaliatory lawsuit against me.  I sent the IRS, FBI, DOJ; Treasury, and Dennis Riordan my draft Motion to Vacate, Declaration, Answer to Complaint, and Cross or Counter Complaint.  I wanted to be sure the situation with respect to my intent to vacate Cohen´s lawsuit and Gianelli´s public threats (contacts with SMPD, LAPD; and others with respect to me) were corroborated.  I have now sent those documents to my appellate attorney.

KL still copies us with her emails to her appellate attorney and she insists that her brief “address” Leonard Cohen’s alleged tax “fraud” prior to 2004

See the record of the Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Trial.  Cohen, and others, testified that the 2005 refund closed the allegations I brought to the IRS. I discussed the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud with the Treasury in 2007 and they advised me to report the allegations to Agent Tejeda-IRS in 2007.  I did.  Therefore, this proves that Cohen perjured himself.  This information was all in the IRS binder Nikhil Ramnaney advised me Kory provided and was entered into evidence.

as well as the things her son Rutger allegedly observed during the year preceding KL’s eviction from her residence in 2006,

I was evicted in December 2005 and was never served Cohen´s complaint (that proof of service is fraudulent) or notified-served the default judgment
filed in May 2006.  I discussed this in 2010 with Judge Ken Freeman´s court reporter when I discussed, as well, my intention to file a Motion to Vacate Cohen´s fraudulent and retaliatory lawsuit.

including the incident wherein the Los Angeles Police Department transported an obviously agitated and out of control Lynch to Killer King psychiatric hospital – allegedly to “discredit” her as a “witness” against Leonard Cohen to “protect” Leonard Cohen’s credibility as a “witness” against Phil Spector. 

I was not agitated or out of control and there are witnesses to this situation and that does not simply extend to my son, Rutger. I also phoned many people, including attorney Lee Kanon Alpert, while this situation was unfolding.  I also contacted a woman who testifies as an expert in many courts of laws.  I have no idea if this activity was meant to discredit me as a witness against Cohen and to protect Cohen´s credibility as a witness against Phil Spector but that sounds about right.  And then there´s the fact that I reported Cohen´s tax fraud to the IRS on April 15, 2005 and the SWAT incident took place on May 25, 2005, the day after I received an email from Kory advising me that the IRS would demand information re. matters relating to Cohen going back years and informing me that he had generous negotiating powers.  I wonder how Cohen will explain away his offer of 50% community property.  Dale Burgess was a witness to that offer and asked me to advise the Treasury agents, after I met with them, that he recalled this offer.  He also felt CID should be involved in the Cohen tax fraud matter. 

Never mind that Lynch’s public defender spoke to Rutger who does not recall events the way Lynch has reconstructed them in her own twisted mind (“could not corroborate a single thing Lynch told us” is what we were told about ALL of the many witnesses that Lynch insisted her PD talk to ) or that all if this is irrelevant to what the protective order says and whether Lynch violated it (the issues that her PD told this blog’s editor were before the court during the harassment trial).

I will make certain, when I speak to the lawyer in the PD´s office on Monday – as we arranged, that Mike Kelly is removed as my public defender since he is the lawyer who spoke with Rutger.  I did phone the lawyer in the PD office today about the public allegations with respect to Mike Kelly and Rutger on Gianelli´s Blogonaut Law Blog.  That lawyer was shocked that any public defender would speak to Gianelli, or anyone else, about anything they discussed with me or witnesses … corroborated or not.  I did not insist that my public defenders speak to anyone but it does make me question my defense.  All of this is irrelevant to what?  Leonard Cohen testified about Rutger´s Whole Foods matter.  He testified about Phil Spector and a gun.  He lied about the IRS and a tax refund that does NOT close the case on my allegations that he committed tax fraud, etc.  I have advised Francisco that my public defenders told me Judge Vanderet would not permit us to address the fact that the retraining order was invalid.  As Francisco, and Nikhil, understood – I had to be served and no proof of service is attached to the new order in California.  Nikhil was clear about this with my jurors.  Due process obviously precedes punishment. 

And never mind that Cohen never testified at either Spector trial.
And never mind that TO COUNTER the prosecution’s theory that Spector only pulled guns on women who allegedly crossed Spector when he was drunk Spector’s defense attorney in trial #2 actually introduced several Spector gun incidents involving men, MEANING, had Cohen been willing and available he defense might have called him as well.

Cohen´s statements were presented to Phil Spector´s Grand Jury.  They were also used in prosecution motions to bolster prior bad acts.  It´s interesting that Sprocket notes, in this brief intro, that Phillip pointed a gun to Cohen´s head but the prosecution document notes that it was his chest.  The prosecutor´s version is bizarre.  In every mention of the gun story with Cohen there is a bottle of wine in one hand.  But here, Phillip put his arm around Cohen and pointed the gun with the other hand?  My GOD.  There are four versions of the Leonard Cohen-Phil Spector gun story.  I must call Dennis Riordan, per the Grand Jury Adviser!  Also, it´s time to write the DA and copy in Judge Larry Fidler.

Here it is folks. This motion to admit evidence of other crimes was filed on Monday by the prosecution. It looks like AJ will be arguing to get in not only the latest sixth PBA 1101(b) witness Norma Kemper, but also the incident when he put a gun to Leonard Cohen's head as well as Debra Strand and a few others.

Page 3
District Attorney of Los Angeles County
Deputy District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney
Major Crimes Division
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
210 W. Temple Street, 17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Case No. BA255233


Date: August 14, 2008
Time: 1:30 PM
Court: Department 106

Defendant Phillip Spector has built a history, spanning some 40 odd years,of using gun-related violence when confronted with a situation when he feels a loss of control, or a threat to his control. Pursuant to CAl. Evid. Code § 1101(b), the People seek to admit evidence of the following uncharged crimes.


On February 3, 2003, Defendant Phillip Spector shot Lana Clarkson to death in the foyer of his Alhambra home. After the shooting, Spector opened the back door to his house, stood in the doorway and told Adriano DeSouza, his driver, "I think I killed somebody." Only Spector

Page 4
and Clarkson were in the house at the time. Within minutes, the police were on the scene, and Spector was eventually taken into custody.

Defendant Spector has an on-going pattern of resorting to gun-related violence to exert his will when he does not get his way, or perceives what he believes is either a threat to or the loss of his control over a given situation. This court has already ruled as admissible under Evidence Code section 1101(b) the testimony of five women each of whom testified about Spector's gun-related violence against them occurring between the mid-1970s and 1995. given tha the testimony of these five witnesses (Melvin, Ogen, Jennings, Gosvenor and Robitaille) has already been admitted by this court, and the request for the sixth, Norma Kemper, is filed under separate cover, such witnesses will not be outlined herein. However, they are obviously included in each of the arguments set forth in this motion.


On February 17, 2005, the People filed a motion in limine to admit evidence of other acts committed by Spector. Under that separate cover, the facts of the following incidents were set forth in detail and in their entirety. Thus, in an effort towards brevity, only a short recitation of such incidents will be discussed below.

Spector has a long history of resorting to gun-related violence to exert his will when he does not get his way. Int begins in 1972 and continues to the present …
C. The 1977 Brandishing on Leonard Cohen
1977, Spector produced musician Leonard Cohen's record album, "Death of a Ladies man." during production of the record, Cohen and Spector, who were friends, were taking a break in the lobby of the music studio. Spector walked up to Cohen, placed on arm around Cohen's shoulders, and pointed a semi-automatic pistor at Cohen's chest with his other hand. Spector told Cohen, "I love you Leonard." Cohen looked at Spector and said, "I hope so, Phil."
Spector then walked away from Cohen.
And at a certain point Phil approached me with a bottle of Manishewitz kosher red wine in one hand and a 45 in the other, put his arm around my shoulder and shoved a revolver into my neck and said, "Leonard, I love you". I said, "I hope you do, Phil".
And then there are the two additional Cohen gun stories about Phil Spector.  See testimony and evidence in my Intent to Annoy Leonard Cohen trial. 

But Cohen had NOTHING to do with Spector’s prosecution or conviction and certainly was not so central to the prosecution’s case that they would have felt the need to enlist LAPD SWAT in a conspiracy to “kidnap” Lynch and wrongfully transport her to Killer King Psychiatric Hospital to “discredit” her as a “witness” against Cohen so Cohen could be protected as a “witness” against Spector.

I wonder why the prosecutor has used the gun stories re. Cohen-Phillip before the Grand Jury and in at least two motions. 

That is probably the craziest thing we have ever heard – with the possible exception of the theory that the phone company killed Kennedy. 

Maybe Dr. Henry Lee would like to address this.  Kelly Green, after all, questioned me about Dr. Lee.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Blogonaut said...
The following email to Kelley Lynch’s ex-husband Douglas Penick was copied to us today – along with many others, including emails to Spector’s appellate lawyer Dennis Riordan asking him to look into blog posts here; our emailed response to Ms. Lynch follows.

I have advised Douglas to speak to Rutger. Mike Kelly is the public defender who spoke to Rutger.  Phil Boche only handled the probation matter and that is now finalized except for fees that will be addressed in September 2013 IF my appeal is completed.  It will not be if I have to go to the California Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court but the judge would like to see me in September 2013 and I thought that was a good idea. 


“I hope you were able to speak to Rutger about Gianelli. He appears to be blatantly witness tampering. See posts below. This is all about
Cohen´s criminal tax fraud and Phil Spector´s set up. Cohen testified about a different version of the Phil Spector gun story than the DA used against Phillip and also emailed the prosecutor a third version.
The weapons are even different.

“Gianelli is publicly posting that my public defender is speaking to
him about his conversation with my son. If Gianelli spoke to public
defender Mike Kelly, then there are lies about Rutger. You are a
witness to all of this and know precisely what Rutger witnessed. I am calling the public defenders office now about Mike Kelly´s probable communications with Gianelli.”



Moron?  I see.  Well, at least I am not a criminal engaged in witness tampering, witness intimidation, stalking, harassment, slander, defamation, libel, etc. 

You WAIVED the attorney-client privilege, both EXPRESSLY in emails copied to me and to some of your defense counsel and by operation of statute by publishing to the world your oral and written communications with your public defenders.
I have never waived attorney client privilege, expressly or otherwise, with respect to Mike Kelly or Nikhi lRamnaney.  I have offered my privilege to Phil Spector, his legal team, as well as the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB.  I have never published oral or written communications re. my trial and witnesses, public defenders, etc.   I have, however, advised the lawyer I am dealing with at the PD office that it appears as though Mike Kelly, public defender, has indeed communicated with Gianelli.  This SHOCKED the lawyer.  I have now asked that Mike Kelly be removed from my case permanently. 

On approximately September 13, 2012 I commenced transmitting a series of emails both to you and your counsel suggesting they have a talk with you about the problems you were thereby creating for yourself through this waiver.

Gianelli commenced a series of emails to me and my counsel suggesting they talk with me?  My God.  I don´t have copies of those emails but will speak to the public defender lawyer about them.  Did Gianelli email my public defender?  It seems that way.  I waived nothing. 
I have now called the lawyer at the PD´s office and advised him of Gianelli´s emails to my public defender (probably Mike Kelly= that commenced as of September 13, 2012. I have asked for copies of those emails and assured the lawyer that I have never waived anything with respect to Kelly or any other public defender. 

Your counsel spoke with you and advised you not to persist in emailing third parties with your privileged communications, or at all.
Let me see if I can follow this.  Gianelli wrote my public defender a series of emails commencing September 13, 2012 and my counsel spoke to me and advised me not to persist.  I have not spoken to Mike Kelly since April 2012. 

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:17 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Ms. Lynch,

REDACTED due to attorney-client privilege.  One of the three legal interpretations I received re. the so-called probation requirements.  That needs to be addressed on appeal and these interpretations are in writing.

9. Pay following fines (which technically are not terms of probation): $2,390.

My lawyer advised me that the fines are technically terms of probation but Gianelli has putlicly stated that the judge said they would be viewed as a probation violation (a conversation she and I never had … see the record) and said I will be jailed over these finds.  And yet, they are not terms of my probation. 

What Mr. Ramnaney had mentioned, regarding your e-mails to non-protected parties … While the contact would not be a violation of a protective order (since only 4 people were named in the protective order) … it's important to let us know if anyone has asked you to stop e-mailing them (and why I would likely advise you to stop e-mailing them, in that situation).

Dennis Riordan, Francisco Suarez, as well as the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB have not advised me to stop emailing them.  Gianelli contacted my public defender on September 13, 2012 about my emails evidently.  Kelly and I did not discuss attorney-client privilege.  Steven Machat asked me to remove him from my public emails, after I notified him that the DA highlighted his name in an email they attached to Captain Jack Horvath´s letter lying to the court about me during sentencing.  Steven wants me to communicate with him privately now.  We are.

Best regards,

Michael C. Kelly
Deputy Public Defender
County of Los Angeles

With this warning in mind, you persisted, sending hundreds of additional attorney-client communications to me and also posting some on your blog. Additionally, you copied me with emails stating: "I have waived the attorney-client privilege".
I have sent no attorney-client privileged communications to Stephen Gianelli.  Nor have I disclosed my private communications and conversations with Francisco Suarez, and other individuals – including a criminal litigator – I am currently relating with.  I am waiving my privilege with my lawyers for Phil Spector, his attorneys, and the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB. That includes right now – DiMascio & Berardo, Mike Taitelman, Bert Deixler, and Zia Modabber.  I am also authorizing these parties to speak freely with my accountant, Dale Burgess, who knows he was NOT fired although Cohen perjured himself over that matter.  Dale asked me to advise the Treasury agents, after we met in 2007, that he recalled Kory´s offer – on behalf of Cohen – of 50% community property, etc.   He also understood, in the meeting he and I attended with DiMascio & Berardo, that the IP assets in Blue Mist Touring as they relate to my 15% ownership interest had to be valued.  He had, after all, just met with Robert Kory where he confirmed my 15% commission and 15% ownership interest in the IP.  See corporate books, records, stock certificates, notarized documents, my Indemnity Agreement, etc.  Also, see Dale Burgess´fax to me and DiMascio & Berardo re. all the back-up documentation Kevin Prins advised him he was missing after they met in San Francisco.  This should impeach Cohen´s fraudulent expense ledger and then there are the illegal K-1s, etc.  So, I am willing to waive attorney client privilege with these lawyers for Phil Spector, his lawyers, and the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB. As BoiesSchiller told me, waiving attorney client privilege is my privilege.  And it will be. I also want the State of Kentucky to feel free to speak to these lawyers.  Rob Watts-Fraud Unit-State of Kentucky asked me to provide him with everything I sent the IRS.  I advised him that I gave the IRS Commissioner´sStaff the passwords to my email accounts and authorized them to access my emails and use them as they see fit.  These emails are between me and Leonard Cohen and all of his advisers. 

Under these circumstances, you are in no position to complain about my telephonic communication with one of your former attorneys after you emailed me and the world stating "I have fired the public defender".
I just phoned the PD´s office to demand that Mike Kelly be removed as my attorney based on these public allegations of Gianelli´s.  I am not complaining.  I am reading Gianelli´s public postings to the lawyer at the PD´s office and gave Phil Boche´s supervisor Gianelli´s name. 

Last, no one - least of all Dennis Riordan - cares one wit what you think about Phil Spector's pending habeas petition, which by the way has zero to do with Leonard Cohen, alleged changes to gun stories, Kelley Lynch, Killer King, and/or alleged conspiracies involving Alan Jackson and an obscure law blog.

Stephen Gianelli does NOT speak for Dennis Riordan who I will be calling later today after I review all the gun stories Leonard Cohen has before LA Superior Court, and in the public record, re. Phil Spector. Two different versions of this incident are on the record and in evidence in my Intent to Annoy Leonard Cohen trial. A conspiracy involving Alan Jackson.  God forbid. 

I have read all of Spectors habeas filings and the issues raised turn on a very narrow question involving Court TV video footage of Judge Larry Fidler shown to Spector's jury and related prosecution argument during their jury summation, as well as prosecution argument that Doron Weinberg "bought" a defense, and not YOU or your silly obsessions and self-serving, half-baked legal theories.
I´ve read the habeas filings also and will trust my own interpretation of what was raised.  It does not only address Judge Larry Fidler although I will do as his clerk advised me and write the DA a letter about the various Cohen gun stories before LA Superior Court and copy in Judge Larry Fidler   Revolting accusation about Doron Weinberg buying a defense.  Did Doron Weinberg pay for Phil Spector´s defense also?  Is that what Alan Jackson thinks?  My God.  Do these people actually have brains?  I followed the instructions of the Grand Jury Adviser, re. Phil Spector and all of Cohen´s gun stories before LA Superior Court, and contacted Phillip´s legal team and his appellate attorney, Dennis Riordan.  This is the precise reason I contacted Bruce Cutler. 

Nor does Phillip Spector have the slightest interest in joining forces with you to file civil lawsuits that, if they had merit to begin with, were long ago time barred.
Well, I heard from Phil Spector and I know for a fact that Stephen Gianelli, who is aligned with Leonard Cohen and may have found a sympathetic ear with Spector ¨prosecutor,¨Alan Jackson, about me, and I don´t think I would take this position publicly or otherwise.  Nothing´s barred.  See Cohen´s testimony as of April 2012.  That really is NOT that long ago and most definitely not time barred.  I know.  I am speaking with attorneys now. 

Blogonaut said...
Just one more excerpt from a Lynch email of today(capitalization is original):


What do you mean I am not in touch with reality? Reality talks to me and tells me what it is thinkng all the time....


Cue the guys in white coats....
Cue agents with badges and guns.  Get the cuffs ready.   LA Confidential is out in full force and effect. 

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