Saturday, February 23, 2013

Phil Spector's Former Assistant

Dear Kelley,

I'm so glad to hear from you.  I have learned an awful lot in the last years and have
retreated about as far back as you can go.  I've learned that the LAPD is the biggest
gang in town, and once in their grips, they can do anything.  I do everything I can to
avoid them at all costs.  I've learned that there are tons of really bad people out there
with no consciences.  I have a hard time relating.  The "incident" at Phil's house gave
the cops just what they needed to crush him - forget what the truth was.  I saw Phillip
after the incident and he told me what happened - and I believe him.  He told me that
before leaving, Lana took one of the guns from the foyer and told him "this is what I
can do to your cock" - and simulated going down on it - and it went off.  No suicide -
no murder - an accident.  I have also been told that there was a "madam" who wanted
to testify that Lana had done this before (obviously without the slip), but was not
allowed to testify because she was going to say that she had hired Lana on occasion,
and this would have made Lana look bad - and God forbid we taint the name of a deceased
woman who made a stupid fatal mistake when they could destroy Phillip who the police
hated for some time - you know, the little guy who made good - better than them.  Remember,
smart cops don't exist.  If they have a high i.q. they are not hired.  They look for followers,
not leaders.  I went to the trials twice.  I don't know what they did to him.  He was shaking
and much slower than the Phillip you and I have known most of our lives.  I don't know what
they had him on.  He was so happy to see me and came over to me and threw his arms
around me.  I felt so helpless.  I don't know about his wife, Rochelle.  I sincerely hope she
loves him.  I DO know about Michelle Blaine - she's a thief and a liar - a lowlife who had a
plan from the get-go.  She has a blog where she trashes him so badly.  One would think if she
despised him that much, how come she was working as his Assistant, and had me ousted to
do so.  I don't know how she got me fired, although I do believe Janis had a
part in that too.  I don't know why.  My "romantic" days with him were long gone and I
had no sights for him in that way.  But I will always love him, but I am not In love with him and had
not been for many many years.  If I had still been working for Phillip, the incident would never have
happened.  Michelle Blaine took away Phillip's protection and the buffers he needed.

No, you would never hear me talking badly about Phillip,  He actually was the significant older
male figure in my life.  I spent way more time with him than I did with my Dad - and he loved me.  You
may have seen me on Court TV where I came to his defense.  The whole thing destroyed many many
people - and there Phillip sits - in a room smaller that the smallest bathroom in his house.  How cruel.
And they have put him so far away that you can't even get to him to visit him.  I wrote to him once, but
the letter came back.

I also found that all the tons of "friends" I had while working for Phillip, all seemed to fall quickly away,
even my good "buddy" who I have hundreds of emails from telling me how happy she was to have met
and befriended me - Nancy Sinatra.  The end.

I am still living in the same front lower duplex in Hollywood, and my phone number is REDACTED.  I am
struggling to stay here with my 7 cats.  My best friend is my Sister who lives with my Mom in Ogden Utah.  I have
been working for a blind man who got trounced by his Phillapino wife, who stole everything from him.  He
makes a whopping $1,174 a month from his benefits since his wife destroyed his company and lost the
patents to the medical devices he had invented - so you can assume I'm not making money on this one!
He is trying to restart a company and then maybe I can earn some $$.  So that's my story.  Hope yours is
better, although I heard you were getting reamed from all sides. 

I've attached a photo from this past July with an old friend, Cory Wells from TDN.
With love,