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Jihad Gianelli Posted On A Blog Titled "" - What A Freak!

Kelley Lynch

Attachment Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 9:16 PM
To: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, Richard Dallett <>, scooley <>, ajackson <>, jthompson <>, wfrayeh <>, pboche <>, mlbornma <>, "" <>, info <>
Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche and Sharmapa,

Have you seen this Blog?  Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli is the only "post."
 This man absolutely attacked the 14th Sharmapa and the institution of
the 14th Sharmapa.  An email was attached to "Captain Jack Horvath's"
LIES to the court about me.  It was a P.S. regarding the 17th
Sharmapa.  Something was read into the court record about Sharmapa.
Horvath did NOT send the entire satirical email with his letter to the
judge.  I will forward you the entire thread and have asked my
attorney to address this on appeal.  I will ask my attorney to look at and the situation with Mick Brown who, I might add,
did contact my lawyers during the trial and essentially admitted that
he thought Cohen testified against Phil Spector in the Grand Jury.
Cohen's statements were presented to the Grand Jury, per Brown, and he
offered to send me the transcripts.  "Steven Machat" was highlighted
on the D/A copy of the partial email thread - concealing the original
email from the court which is an outrage.

Gianelli is at it against.  Please see attached.  He is lying and it
has to do with the IRS and FBI and the fact that I have asked them to
investigate him.  His dog, as we know, shits or vomits pujas onto
carpets and that article and the comments is preserved on my blog.

Sharmapa, thank you so much for calling me.  You sound great and yes I
am frustrated and aware of that.  I, and others, are also aware that I
have "powerful foes."  Evidently the District Attorney Steve Cooley
and his "gangsters" (my opinion) have it out for me and may bring
further charges.  According to my lawyer, they don't want the Spector
verdict overturned.  Phil Spector just filed a lawsuit against the
Corrections Department - he is in ill-health and excruciating pain.
It's an unconscionable situation.  The DA's investigator was lunching
with Leonard Cohen.  It looked like a legal conspiracy to me and then
Steve Cooley personally tried to obtain a restraining order against
me. The judge refused.  These people are outrageous.  They are
monsters, from my perspective.  They lie and they will evidently do
anything.  Stoop to the death of hell, if necessary.

Please say prayers for me and my family.  Gianelli was advised NOT to
contact my sister again, by her lawyer, but his obsession is out of
control.  He is clearly dangerously unstable.  I have advised my
lawyer that you, Sharmapa, advised me on the practices you want me to
focus on and I doubt any of these judges can weigh in on the texts of
early Karmapas OR the Buddhas themselves.  It is absurd and
preposterous and I advised my judge that our religious beliefs are
against psychology.  What Buddha would believe in solidifying thoughts
or drugging people?  The psycho-quack the prosecutor found wanted me
drugged and committed.  The prosecutor thought I was over-familiar
with Bruce Cutler.  I heard from Phil Spector in jail and could care
less about Cutler.  Having said that, he spoke to "Pat Dixon" about me
in 2008 which is really creepy and frightening.  I spoke to a jail
psychiatrist about my situation and know that the prosecutor and this
quack now have legal exposure.  These people will STOP AT NOTHING.

Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli is now lying about my 1994 and 1995 tax
returns and said I didn't file them and had an intent to evade paying
taxes.  They are filed and taxes paid.  This man is now attempting to
explain away his obsession with me.  It's lame and grotesque.  He's
aligned with lying Leonard Cohen who has a long history of drug and
alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, and thinks of me when he hears or
sees cars.  He needs to submit to a psychiatric evaluation.  It goes
to credibility.  He has none.

Please review the attached and say prayers for my family.

Thank you.


BlogonautApril 21, 2010 5:16 PM
You rock, Sheepdog!

Gianelli's Lame Fall From Grace Episode 10.25.12 & Kelley Lynch's Factual Response.docx
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Kelley Lynch's Email To Her Ex-Husband - Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli Evidently Lied When He Said Richard Dallett Spoke To Him & Slandered My Brother, Etc,.

Kelley Lynch

Attachment Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 8:36 PM
To: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, Richard Dallett <>, scooley <>, ajackson <>, jthompson <>, wfrayeh <>, pboche <>, mlbornma <>
Hi Richard,

How are you?  Jihad Gianelli a/k/a Stephen Gianelli may or may not
have phoned you in Ft. Liquordale.  Ultimately, the USPS Inspector in
San Francisco advised me that they opened a criminal investigation
into him and I filed a criminal complaint with the Ft. Liquordale
Police Department about his unconsionable targeting of me and everyone
close to me.  My sister hired an attorney.  Gianelli tried to
blackmail her from what I can tell, lied and said she started her
business with Cohen's money, and he was advised to CEASE AND DESIST.
My family doesn't have a history of mental health issues and I have
none.  My brother is not older; has never been homeless; is not
schizophrenic, and I haven't been comimtted.  I was dragged to Killer
King, questioned about Phil Spector, promptly released, and the doctor
didn't agree with LAPD who told my older son they would shoot me and
my dog, told him I had a hostage, and I was in the house alone.  The
custody matter is now over and my relationship with my family members
is a private issue.  Gianelli said you talked to him about my brother.
 You wrote me that you had no idea what I was talking about and you
told me someone else contacted you and LIED when they told you they
were my social worker and I was on crack.  I don't do drugs and you
know that.  I don't have mental health issues, alcohol issues, etc.
but Leonard Cohen has a long history of psychiatric ailments, drug and
alcohol abuse, lying, stealing, etc.  He has now told a different
version of the Pihl Spector gun story at my trial.  We weren't in a
"dating relationship," Richard, and there was no domestic violence but
he was nailed in perjury over his lies about our "relationship."  Have
you ever heard, from me, that Cohen and I were in a "dating
relationship?"  The man is a monster.  The DA has a different version
of the Phil Spector gun story than Cohen testified about at my
so-called trial.  Leonard Cohen has gone to extraordinary lengths to
destroy me.  Gianelli appears dangerously unstable.  This is a head's
up.  My sister's lawyer advised him to CEASE AND DESIST and he
refused.  He contacted my sons relentlessly.  I have reported this to
the IRS, FBI, LAPD, and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.  I
worked closely with members of the Sheriff's Department in their
education program (while jailed).

Gianelli cannot stop lying about me.  He cannot stop his obsesson with
me,.  Neither Leonard Cohen nor my younger son's father ever met my
brother so someone's lying.  My father, as you well know, never turned
on my brother.  My father has had two strokes, is having trouble
walking, just recovered from cancer - Cohen evidently knew this and he
rolled into court and lied about me extensively. , He has also
targeted my sister and elderly parents.  The LA DA seems to be
involved and their investigator lied about me to the judge.  They
apparently don't want the Phil Spector verdict overturned.  This is LA
Confidential on Steroids.

I trust your well and know this - Gianelli has motive, from what I can
tell, and the cyber-terrorism/social media campaign about me and Phil
Spector is well-coordinated and involves Gianelli, a fan of Cohen's,
some lunatic named Kelly Green (who may be affiliated with Spector's
prosecutor and questioned me about his forensic scientists and other
matters), and this people are dangerously unstable.  Make no mistake
about that.  This is my opinion and people close to me are concerned
about my welfare.

I am appealling my "conviction."  The fraud, perjury, lies, and
concealment are extensive and you cannot obtain orders, default
judgments, and convictions based on fraud.  You also must serve people
things like restraining orders.  I wasn't served and there's no proof
of service attached to the California order.

Take it easy,

P.S.  See attached which is also posted at my blog -

An explosion of vile and profane blog comments erupted. How dare we
question her sanity? Clearly we hit a nerve; it was only later that we
learned of Kelley Lynch’s family history of mental illness (her older
brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and became homeless) and her
own history of involuntary mental health commitments and homelessness,
but again we digress.

Gianelli's Lame Fall From Grace Episode 10.25.12 & Kelley Lynch's Factual Response.docx
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FALL FROM GRACE: One Woman’s Journey From Brentwood





Kelley Lynch

Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 6:39 PM
To: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>
Cc: police <>, STEPHEN GIANELLI <>
Bcc: scooley <>, ajackson <>, jthompson <>, wfrayeh <>, pboche <>, mlbornma <>
To the IRS and FBI,

Enclosed and attached is Gianelli's new article on me, further false
accusations - including as they relate to my taxes - and my responses.
 I have attached a word doc in case the red/bold notes of mine do not
come through in this email.  Do they permit blogging from federal
prisons?  Well, that's precisely where I think this man belongs.  I
have been clear about the criminal conduct I believe Jihad Gianelli
has engaged in.  I am copying him in on this email and he is being
advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  Let me know if you are unable to
determine that I have repeatedly advised him to CEASE AND DESIST and
know that he is not copied in on my emails right now but appears
OBSESSED with my Blog.  It has received approximately 1,000 views in a
little over a week.

All the best,

FALL FROM GRACE: One Woman’s Journey from a House in Brentwood to Jailed Stalker

FALL FROM GRACE:  One Woman’s Journey From Brentwood to Illegally Jailed, Imprisoned & Convicted Individual Due To The Fact That I Reported Leonard Cohen’s Criminal Tax Fraud To The IRS & Was Dragged Into Phil Spector’s Set Up, Etc.

Former Leonard Cohen business manager Kelley Lynch in happier times
From Leonard Cohen’s personal manager – NOT business manager (See Rich Feldstein and others) Kelley Lynch prior to Cyber-terrorists – like Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli Relentlessly Targeted Me, My Children, & Those Close To Me
By Blogonaut
NOTE:  Blogonaut is Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli, a lawyer in the Bay Area who has aligned himself with Leonard Cohen and – according to Investigator William Frayeh (DA investigator on the Phil Spector matter) – a SHADY CHARACTER who may have found a “sympathetic ear” about Kelley Lynch with Phil Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.
By Kelley Lynch
Prolog - a Blog is Born

In violation of the cardinal rule of blogging – stay snarky and short, because the average reader has an attention span shorter than a fruit fly in raisin factory – we are going in depth with this one. But please stay with us, because this is a fascinating and bizarre story has in many ways written itself; it simply needs to be told.
Blogonaut Law Blog had approximately one story (from his Christmas posting) until my sentencing at which time is became a bonanza of cyber-terrorist attacks, slander, defamation, libel, false accusations, public representations about the IRS and matters concerning me, and absolutely revoltingly inane and deranged articles and posts by people I view as dangerously unstable.  That would include, but is not limited to Kelly Green, Susanne Walsh (Saneka) who is a die hard Leonard Cohen fan, Linda, and others.  Sydney appears to be missing.  And then there’s the Coin Guy who targeted me and has made deranged allegations and the USPS (who advised me that they opened a Criminal Investigation in Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli) will absolutely be contacted about his bald-faced lies and slander.
In November of 2007 we literally did not know what a blog was. Introduced to a fledgling law blog founded by Big-Law refuge David Lat (Above the Law), we were instantly intrigued by potential of this new publishing medium, and a week later “Blogonaut” Law Blog was born. Initially, Blogonaut found its footing by bringing it’s one thousand daily readers from around the globe funny and quirky stories about all things legal, often centered on lawyers and judges behaving badly or eccentrically.
Fascinating.  A man who is lying about me relentlessly and who has viciously and maliciously targeted me, those close to me, and who is an individual I have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate with respect to very probable criminal conduct has a Blog that thought it would be funny and quirky to feature stories centered on lawyers and judges behaving badly or eccentrically.  As I’ve repeatedly stated, this man appears dangerously unstable.
We had last heard of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen when we were in high school and purchased the Cohen Album "Songs Of Leonard Cohen" – mainly for the track “Suzanne”, but had little interest in Cohen's music. And as of November of 2007 we certainly had not heard of Cohen’s business manager Kelley Lynch. 
Particularly since I was never Cohen’s business manager but was his personal manager and many people in the industry (including Bob Bowlin, Stu Bondell, Don Ienner, Eric Kronfeld, Arthur Indursky, Stuart Fried, Don Friedman, Greg McBowman, Phil Spector, Rich Feldstein, Paul Burger, Moses Znaimer, and countless people can arrest to this fact.
But on May 9, 2009 all of that changed.
Yes, on May 9, 2009, Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli aligned himself (as an awestruck fan) with Leonard Norman Cohen who is a bald faced liar and thief with motive.  Cohen has a history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol abuse, embellishing stories (about Phil Spector, Bay of Pigs, Yom Kippur War, etc.) lying and theft.  He has now stolen from Steven and Marty Machat and Phil Spector.  Steven Machat, who helped negotiate the contracts, advised me that Leonard Cohen sold Phil Spector’s master tapes to Sony, with whom I had a conversation about Cohen collecting Phil Spector’s royalties sometime in 1988.
Not only are we painfully aware of who Kelley Lynch is, we find ourselves in the curious and reluctant position of knowing more about Leonard Cohen’s disgraced former manager than we ever wanted to know;  possessed of more intimate knowledge of the bizarre Internet Troll known as “Kelley Lynch” than any other human being. Much of this knowledge comes from Lynch herself, given her unique and disquieting habit of filling our email inbox – and the inboxes of agents of the FBI in four cities, the IRS, district attorneys in several states, state and local law enforcement agencies, high profile lawyers, Governors, news personalities, and media outlets and scores of others on her cc list – with at times forty stream-of-consciousness  emails a day, many addressed to her own family members and sharing intimate details, many falsely accusing us, Leonard Cohen and others of a conspiracy to “destroy my life”.
Painfully aware?  This man’s obsession with me is absolutely outrage.  His conduct absolutely seems criminal, as I have repeatedly advised the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, the news media, my own lawyers, and many others.  This type of targeting of a human being and those near to her (including my son when he was a minor and attempting to insert himself into my older son’s Whole Foods matter, lying to my friend, The Scientist, Etc.) is reluctant?  This man must really think that people can’t see right through his lies which – from my perspective – makes him more dangerous and unstable than I may have previously imagined.  I am not disgraced.  Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud caught up with him.  I reported it to the IRS on April 15, 2005.  Agent Bill Betzer/IRS then told me to report the fraud to the IRS Fraud Hotline.  I have done all of this and provided the IRS with an abundance of evidence to prosecute Leonard Cohen – whose tax fraud seems to follow him, probably dates back to when he originally obtained a green card in the U.S. (since abandoned), and a man who cannot live in Canada (although he’s their national treasure) because – according to him:  the IRS does not ask where you filed your prior year’s tax return but Canada Revenue does.  I am not an internet troll – see for a full blown view of the Cyber-Terrorists in action – including Kelly Green questioning me about Phil Spector’s experts, Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden.  Also, their attempts to lure my minor son into privately communicating with them, and threatening my older son over evidence that has been handed over to the IRS and some of which was given to Steven Machat, at his request, when he wrote to advise me that he is suing Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory.  I have cc’d the Field Office of the Washington FBI – as well as the Dallas and Houston FBI – in on emails of mine.  I grew tired of repeatedly contacting the Denver FBI, Los Angeles FBI, New Jersey FBI, and other field offices, and felt I should simply copy the FBI in on my emails since one of their agents told me to let the IRS take the lead and they would be brought in with respect to criminal witness tampering and criminal evidence tampering.  They have their work cut out for them, from what I can tell.  Also, I contacted them with respect to official misconduct, law enforcement conduct that was crossing state lines and taking place in Boulder, Colorado, and an agent noted that this activity was taking place across this country.  He was and remains correct.  For the record, he was a very intelligent man and extremely intelligent – even though he appeared to find my SWAT incident (right down to the bikini I was wearing at the time) rather amusing.  He is not alone but the threats to shoot me – as told to my older son and the fact that my son was used as a human shield, hostage negotiator, and placed in grave bodily harm is no laughing matter.  Neither is the fact that there was no hostage.  But, I digress.  So, yes, I have copied the FBI in on my emails.  I have spoken to them countless times by phone.  I have been in touch with Agent Wynar/Oakland FBI more times than I care to count.  And, I am documenting everything for them (as well as the IRS, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, Phil Spector and his legal team, my lawyers, and the news media and others – including, at times, Berkeley PD and Captain Mike Bornman/LASD.  Stan Garnett/Boulder District Attorney has indeed been copied in on my emails.  Numerous matters involve Boulder and the Denver FBI advised me to contact both the Boulder DA and the State Attorney General about the activity I was relating to with respect to Boulder PD while visiting Boulder.  My lawyer in Boulder, David Moorhead, felt that Leonard Cohen/Robert Kory were behind the activity with respect to Boulder PD and me.  We shall see.  I have now heard that Leonard Cohen/Robert Kory contacted S&MPD about me and that may explain some of that activity – including being told, by them, that they understood I knew Phil Spector.  I don’t have much else to say, at this time, about the boys of the hood.  Steve Cooley has been copied in on my emails, at time, because I like to give people an opportunity hit “Reply All” should they disagree with an assertion I’ve made.  That seems fair.  Furthermore, I was advised by His Holiness Kusum Lingpa and a number of attorneys to document everything I have been going through in emails.  I have been documenting everything since 2005 for the IRS with the IRS Commissioner’s Staff copied in.  Agent Kelly Sopko/Treasury confirmed that the IRS Commissioner’s Staff are indeed reading my emails, receive my U.S. mail, and various individuals are reviewing or handling various aspects because it is indeed COMPLICATED.  High profile lawyers?  Well, Leonard Cohen did testify that he saw Phil Spector’s appellate attorney, Dennis Riordan, copied in on my alleged emails.  I don’t know what his response was when my lawyers asked him “Do you see the IRS copied in?”  I have falsely accused Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli of nothing and view him as an absolute terrorist who has viciously targeted me and those close to me, slandered the 14th Sharmapa, and appears to be a dangerously unstable individual with motive.
But we digress. 
Continued, after the jump…..
What jump?  Into more lies, slander, defamation, libel, misrepresentations regarding the IRS, confirmations that he is obsessed with me & focused on my complaints to the FBI?
Blogonaut’s  Phil Spector Murder Retrial Coverage
Right – Blogonaut’s Phil Spector Murder Retrial Coverage – This probably won’t explain why Michelle Blaine (a woman Cutler called a bald-faced liar and thief) publicly thanked Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli for targeting my blogs and email accounts.  Blaine seemed aligned with Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson and was definitely aligned with Sprocket who has a Blog devoted to demonizing Phil Spector.  She is, according to Paul Huebl (an investigator and former Chicago PD who thinks the Phil Spector set-up began when Alhambra PD wrongfully tased Phillip), the mouthpiece for Lana Clarkson’s mother, Donna Clarkson – who may have (or perhaps her fellow commune dwellers did) fed her daughter her pony.  I suppose these Bay Area communes were rife with drugs like LSD, etc.  The pony, according to a story on the internet, died and was frozen.  This is one of the most psychotic stories I have ever heard in my entire life. 
On December 8, 2007 we noticed an AP wire story reporting that music producer Phil Spector had retained  San Francisco trial lawyer Doron Weinberg, who we have known and admired for decades, and first watched in a federal district court in the late 1970’s, to handle the producer’s defense on retrial, and our first Phil Spector related post was born.
It has been clear to me, for a very long time, that Bay Area lawyer (Stephen “Jihad” Gianelli) started writing his Phil Spector articles when Bay Area attorney Doron Weinberg was brought onboard to handle Phillip’s defense.  Correct – that was, from what I could tell, the first Phil Spector post.  I happen to believe, however, that Gianelli posts reasonable doubt theories (possibly lead into by articles he writes) about Phil Spector that can then be attacked or refuted.  He has been all over the internet about Phil Spector and seems obsessed.  He is obviously obsessed with me. 
Since the retrial (unlike the first) would not be televised on Court TV and most the public who even though about the case had long ago concluded that Phil Spector was guilty as sin, there was little interest in the mainstream media for the wall-of-sound-(truck) coverage marking the first trial (ending in a hung jury), and the only daily trial reports out of Judge Larry Fidler’s Los Angeles courtroom were by a blogger posting under the pseudonym “Sprocket” on the Trials and Tribulations blog.
I would assume the fact that the news media abandoned Phil Spector was part of Gianelli’s motive for covering the Phil Spector retrial.  His articles and posts come up in Google search engines re. Phil Spector, me, Leonard Cohen, and other issues – including Steve Cooley’s bid for Attorney General, and Alan Jackson’s bid for District Attorney.  Sprocket has been addressed.  Paul Huebl understood, as did I, that she is a liar and appears to have motive.  In fact, Paul Huebl felt Juror #9 (and possibly other jurors) were all over her site before they deliberated the case which is deeply disturbing and probably juror misconduct.  I would assume an investigator would have evidence of this type of activity and he did advice me that – per IP addresses – the DA was all over his Blog.
When Doron Weinberg started the defense case in early 2009, already appalled by what we regarded as the fawning pro-prosecution coverage on the Trials and Tribulations site (which refused to publish reader’s comments in support of Spector or his defense) we began blogging about the case in earnest, trying to provide a more balanced view. If we were guilty of a bias at all (and many followers of the T&T blog who began derisively commenting on Blogonaut certainly thought so) it was a pro-defense bias.
I wonder why Jihad Gianelli has lied about me and Phil Spector.  This sounds like a lame excuse so I leave it at that. 
Easter on Crete, Returning to a Reader Mutiny
I wonder if Leonard Cohen will invite him to Hydra, Greece?
In contrast to the censorship imposed on the T&T blog, Blogonaut decided to expressly welcome all points of view and left the “comment moderation” feature on the site disabled and there were hundreds of sprited comments posted about the retrial.
I have no idea about T&T’s blog and could care less.  Jihad Gianelli moderates and approves all posts on his blog.
As the Spector retrial wound down, we were off to spend Easter on Crete. We returned from Crete on May 9, 2009 with a fresh perspective, but quickly realized that Blogonaut was in an uproar.
Let’s see if I understand this?  Jihad Gianelli just read his emails when in Greece recently but … he returned from Crete and Blogonaut was in an “uproad.”  Fascinating.  Michelle Blaine was posting there at the time.  Her blog is one of the most vile blogs I have ever seen in my life.  After publicly thanking Jihad Gianelli (which I sent to the IRS, Phil Spector’s lawyers, and others) for targeting my email accounts and blogs, she fortunately took her nasty blog private.
A Spector supporter  named “Kelley Lynch” had apparently managed to turn even the pro-Spector voices against her with her annoying habit of posting long, semi-coherent 500 word posts, sometimes five or six in a row, and when challenged then posting an email to the “IRS Commissioner’s Staff” cc to the FBI “Washington Field Office” demanding an “investigation” into the commenter who had taken her to task (and many did) for “witness tampering” and “obstruction of justice”.
I have captured this blog (at the time and thereafter) and sent it to the IRS, and many others, so I will let the blog captures speak for themselves.  I see that the FBI Washington Field Office was contacted as well so they can verify if Gianelli is lying or not and when.  Correct – I asked that they investigate certain matters.  I do not DEMAND anything from the IRS or FBI.  I am not their commissioner or director and they are free to do what they want, obviously.  I have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate many issues –including what I believe is criminal witness tampering, criminal witness intimidation, criminal harassment, stalking, obstruction of justice, etc.  The IRS and FBI should know precisely what I’ve written them.  The FBI has responded numerous times and these were not form emails.  In any event, the IRS and FBI are not my subjects and I am not their King so I don’t demand things of them.  I do, however, believe I am entitled to ask them to do their jobs. 
Since many of this reader’s comments appeared to be about subjects wholly unrelated to the Phil Spector retrial, or indeed our first post vacation post about a lawless village on Crete (in other words the comments were primarily  about her grudge against  Leonard Cohen), we politely suggested to Ms. Lynch that she stay on topic. When she persisted, we started deleting her off topic posts.
I have no grudge against Leonard Cohen.  That’s a revenge fantasy.  I reported his criminal tax fraud to the IRS and have noted that he lies about Phil Spector and embellishes his stories about him.  See his testimony in my recent so-called trial (which is going to be appealed), that gun story, and the gun story (and weapon) Phil Spector’s prosecutors used against Mr. Spector in their motions and probably in statements of Cohen’s presented to the Grand Jury.  Mick Brown wrote my lawyers, during my trial, and advised them that what appeared to be testimony previously (when he wrote and told me Cohen testified against Phil Spector in the Grand Jury) were actually Leonard Cohen’s statements. 
We politely suggested that she seemed “a little wound up” and might “want to talk to somebody”.
What a bald-faced liar and what moronic and lame excuses.
An explosion of vile and profane blog comments erupted. How dare we question her sanity? Clearly we hit a nerve; it was only later that we learned of Kelley Lynch’s family history of mental illness (her older brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and became homeless) and her own history of involuntary mental health commitments and homelessness, but again we digress.
I have no issues with my sanity but see Leonard Cohen and his well-documented (and filmed) history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.  Gianelli doesn’t know my brother – who is not older – and is not now and never was homeless.  I have no history of involuntary mental health commitments and was promptly released from Killer King – after being taken there and questioned about Phil Spector.  That entire file (except for my address on Mandeville) and references to my younger son’s father (Steve Lindsey) is entirely falsified.  That file has been given to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Phil Spector, his lawyers, Detective Silva/DA’s office, and many others.  The doctor promptly released me.  The same is true after Thomas Bradshaw rear-ended me (his insurance company asked me to testify against him and advised me that he lied in the police report – which prompted Marko/DA’s office to advise me to call the Denver FBI and tell them “Merry Christmas”) and I received head trauma, a broken nose, and my dog – who hit the console – has since died. 
Kelley Lynch, Banned from Blogonaut Unleashes her Full Blogging Fury on Us
Kelley Lynch doesn’t want to post on Blogonaut’s Law Blog and has repeatedly advised the man to CEASE & DESIST.  He was advised to CEASE & DESIST by my sister’s lawyer and others.  He phoned The Scientist and lied to him about me.  The man has some obvious motive.  My ex-husband disputes Gianelli’s public allegations and wrote me that he has no idea what I am talking about when I have written him that he said these types of slanderous things about me and my family.  Richard disputes that.  I have the emails from Richard and forwarded them to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Phil Spector’s attorneys, and others.  Other people have hired lawyers in an attempt to deal with this dangerously unstable lunatic.  That is clearly my opinion. 
Since a manic Kelley Lynch was posting comment after flaming comment quicker than we could delete the posts, we were required to enable comment moderation. No more real time reader comments. Our commenters and readers fled to other sites without such restrictions where they could engage in unfettered and spontaneous discourse.
I’m hardly manic and I didn’t realize a lawyer who lies for a living and targets innocent individuals – like me and my family – had any degree of expertise in mental health issues.  I attempted to advise Gianelli to cease and desist and brought the facts and truth to his attention.  After all, he contacted me (possibly posing as Joff Belark – or perhaps Belark exists; and then the Coin Guy targeted me and is probably lying about the USPS Inspector but we shall find out), and then wrote one long slanderous article about me.  He had aligned himself with Leonard Cohen which is quite weird since he wrote on his Blog that he has a deity Buddhist 14th Sheep Dog who shits or vomits Buddhist religious ceremonies on his carpet.  Perhaps Cohen is still on drugs.  I have no idea but do take a look at the film he stole from Steven Machat – Bird On A Wire – and you will see Cohen on acid.  Steven and Marty Machat advised me that Cohen attempted to start a riot in Israel and Cohen told me that a beam of light came down from heaven and he thought God sent it for him.  Marty Machat advised me that he was livid that Cohen would take acid and he was put in a position where he would have to cancel a concert.
We then noticed – to our horror – that our site had been hijacked by Lynch while we were on Crete and used as a vehicle to serve her personal vendetta against her former employer Leonard Cohen, and that the Rock-in-Roll Hall of Famer had been falsely accused in literally hundreds of Blogonaut ,
“To our horror.”  Jihad Gianelli is becoming quite fanciful here and I wonder if he actually works.  Did he spend his morning writing this “article” in an attempt to explain his absolute and utter obsession with me – including one Thanksgiving when he was allegedly having dinner with his family.  Kelly Green, who may be Alan Jackson (or affiliated with Jackson), also may have weighed in with her/his fellow cyber-terrorists on or elsewhere.  Leonard Cohen was not actually my employer and that’s why I have been repeatedly requesting a 1099 for the year 2004 (although I have HUGE losses and owe no taxes – but the state and IRS automatically file returns based on past income) and asked Cohen to rescind the illegal and criminal K-1s he transmitted to the IRS as the sole owner of LC Investments, LLC with respect to me.  I am not a partner on that entity and he knows this because he stated that in his declaration attached to his almost entirely falsified and perjured retaliatory lawsuit.  Cohen heard I was going to the IRS, flew in from Montreal in the fall of 2004, and couldn’t back me into any deal – including the one Dale Burgess witnessed (he never resigned – Cohen perjured himself again at my trial) for 50% community property.  Kory wrote that he had extraordinary or extensive settlement powers.  He may not have a brain, however, but Steven Machat was correct when he wrote that Kory is Satan.  I witnessed this man’s lies at my trial – including with respect to the IRS, why I reported the tax fraud (See Agent Bill Betzer/IRS), with respect to Agent Sopko/Treasury, and many other matters.  I have not falsely accused Leonard Cohen of anything and have all the evidence I need to prove this.  Witnesses also.  I have given that information to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Phil Spector, his legal team, the news media, and others.  Cohen conceals it in courts of law and lies as easily as he breaths.  I have not falsely accused anyone of serious crimes but I do think it was a crime for Gianelli to falsely state that I didn’t file my 1994 and 1995 tax returns with the intent to evade paying taxes.  They are filed and my taxes are paid.  I do not owe the IRS or FTB any money and have not failed to report income to them.  Cohen, on the other hand, has withheld information I need to file/amend certain returns and stands in defiance of IRS reporting and filing requirements which cannot be trumped by a local fraudulently obtained restraining order.  Agent Luis Tejeda/Head of Fraud for the Western United States/IRS (per Kory – Agent Sopko wrote that Tejeda is head of a fraud group at the IRS) could have testified about IRS reporting requirements re. 1099s, and how extreme a taxpayer must go to request such information, and he could explain why I am confused with the $0 K1s that contradict the fraudulent expense ledger (that is NOT an accounting and Cohen LIED in court – income for “Dear Heather” is not on that “accounting” and neither are any assets, valuations, corporate ownership interest, and/or any income whatsoever) that lists income for the same entity:  LC Investments, LLC – a company wholly owned by Leonard Cohen, who appears to be dead set on proving that he is the “alter ego” (and engaged in self-dealing) with respect to at least two corporate fictions.  And then there’s Old Ideas, LLC, LC Productions, Inc., etc.  Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud, that I was TOLD is criminal by lawyers and accounts (and believe that is true in my own right – based on what I witnessed, the evidence I’ve reviewed, etc.) is NOT negligence by any stretch of the imagination. It is fraud.  He received a tax memo – addressed to him in 1977 (that has been given to the IRS) – advising him that he did not have to pay taxes anywhere he has residences (mentioning the U.S., Greece, and Canada) and cautioning him not to have a green card.  Leonard Cohen had a green card and abandoned it after Marty Machat’s death.  He and his lawyer, Herschel Weinberg, then began unraveling off-shore accounts, applying for a new green card (which is quite out there and inexplicable), resolving numerous social security numbers, etc.  At that time, Cohen asked me to approach my former brother-in-law who wrote me a letter, as his sister-in-law, about Cohen’s probable residence and tax issues in Canada and advised him to sell his houses, stop all memberships at temples, close bank accounts, etc.   Cohen’s tax fraud follows him.  There’s a reason Canada’s so-called National Treasure cannot reside in Canada and I have brought this information to the attention of a Minister of Finance in Canada and heard back from his office.  I did not accuse Cohen of child molestation.  As his personal manager, Cohen advised me that Freda Gutmann advised Ann Diamond (who was threatened, by Cohen’s lawyer, over her draft article for Rolling Stone that absolutely led to Cohen’s attempt to obtain a restraining order against me in Boulder – in order to silence me … the prosecutor at trial attempted to have the judge address my online postings and communications with journalists and he noted my First Amendment Rights, which is strange since he didn’t seem to notice any other rights I might have like the right to a fair trial, due diligence rights – being served and notified, the right to call witnesses such as Agent Tejeda/IRS, and so forth and so on) that Lorca Cohen told her classmates at Concordia that her father molested her.  Ann Diamond is well aware of this and I have forwarded (with her permission) her emails to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Phil Spector’s lawyers, and others confirming this.  Leonard Cohen knows this.  He is an absolutely pathetic man who lies through his teeth.  This type of conduct is not a personal failing.  It is criminal and my brother-in-law told me (when Cohen asked me again to approach him) that there are no statutes of limitations with respect to having sex with a 15-year old.  Cohen then told me never to license his poem about a 15-year old again.  Watching people defecating online, in front of your personal manager, is also NOT a personal failing and I brought this to the attention of numerous people when this occurred because it is perverted.
We would later learn that the true “criminal” – the only one guilty of theft and tax offenses - Kelley Lynch herself.
I am not a criminal, have not stolen from Cohen (he has stolen millions from me – including my share of intellectual property and he has withheld commissions also) and have no tax offenses.  I have asked the IRS Commissioner’s Staff to review these false accusations made by individuals with motive including as they relate to the unconscionable refund of nearly $700,000 Cohen received from the IRS after lying to them about me.  How do you receive a refund when you didn’t pay taxes on nearly $8 million and have not repaid your own personal loans worth millions, transaction fees, etc. at 6% interest – per the terms Cohen understood all too well.  His level of borrowing was dangerous to this corporation and that information led me to conclude that it was time to go to the IRS with the evidence that Cohen, and certain of his advisers, definitely appeared to have engaged in tax fraud.  This followed an unreal period of audits by the IRS, document requests, and the creation of seemingly insane sham corporations.  I did not handle Cohen’s taxes, accounting, finances, or anything along those lines.  He had representatives – hired by him – who handled this and he met personally with Arthur Indursky and Greg McBowman about these deals that HE DEMANDED due to his concerns about digital downloading, etc. 

We learned this because we were now receiving 40 or more emails a day, ostensibly addressed to the IRS and the FBI, copy to every news organization in the English speaking world and to an array of government officials and colleagues in the law that we, that I, was guilty of trying to “intimidate” Lynch as a “protected witness” in an on-going “tax investigation” related to her former employer’s financial affairs, that I was guilty of obstruction of justice, “gay”, a pedophile, on Cohen’s “payroll”, and “star struck”.
Jihad Gianelli is NOT now receiving 40 or more emails a day from me.  He has, on occasion, been advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  The emails aren’t ostensibly addressed to the IRS and FBI – nor are they copied to every news organization in the English speaking world but an array of government officials and attorneys (including Phil Spector’s and my own) are indeed copied in on them.  In fact, at my arraignment the judge noted the allegations of criminal tax fraud, noted that law enforcement was copied in, and the DCA – who was not Streeter – stated that Cohen was a “celebrity.”  This does NOT entitle Cohen to special treatment by lying prosecutors.  I have now filed complaints and provided evidence supporting my assertions to a Supervisor at the City Attorney’s office about prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.  Furthermore, Leonard Cohen and I were not in a “dating relationship” and there is no domestic violence.  There was simply a liar with motive on the witness stand.  There were attempts to sabotage the IRS, my future litigations, and bolster Cohen’s credibility re. Phil Spector which failed supremely.  There was also a creepy DA investigator lurking in the courtroom, attempting to watch what my lawyer and I were talking about (the IRS and FBI, concealed evidence, fraud, perjury, suing the County of LA, the fact that the DA didn’t want the Phil Spector verdict overturned, etc.) and lunching with Leonard Cohen.  I have been clear about my views on Gianelli, and others, with the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, others, and the news media.  I have no idea if Gianelli is gay and I have stated that any parent who doesn’t view a stranger adult male contacting their minor child as a potential sexual predator or possible member of NAMBLA is reckless and endangering their child’s welfare.  Star struck?  Well, Gianelli has stated that he was a fan of Leonard Cohen’s.  That doesn’t explain Alan Jackson.
I therefore made it a point to learn a lot about the manic blogger of hate who was maliciously slandering me and others in scores of emails and blog posts daily, and what I learned is one of the most bizarre personal stories this blog and its editor have ever encountered.
This man has relentlessly targeted me, slandered me, lied about me, falsely accused me, and contacted everyone near to me and has absolutely attempted to intimidate people.  He also appeared to blackmail my sister and refused to listen to her attorney when he advised him to CEASE AND DESIST.  My sister’s attorney spoke to this deranged lunatic.  I have not slandered this man.  I view him as dangerously unstable and have no idea who he is.  This man is also an absolute lunatic and pathetic liar and that is definitely my opinion.
To be continued…..
I wonder if federal prisons permit inmates to Blog?
Blogonaut 10/25/2012 11:49:00 AM

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Streeteer May Have Willfully Concealed This Letter Which Raises Serious Legal Issues & Implications

Evidence Willfully Concealed

Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 3:06 PM
To: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>
Cc: pboche <>, NRamnaney <>, "m.coronado.kelly" <>, police <>
Hi Francisco,

I'll call Phil Boche later.  I want to be certain he understands these issues
and the people who could be present at the progress hearing.  He is preparing
a Motion to Stay and Venue Change and I have asked him to provide me
with a copy of that PRIOR to November 7, 2012 so that you and I mamy review
it together and ensure that the proper issues are addressed and it is consistent
with my appeal.  The issues I've addressed are obvious - and I was clear with
Rice:  the order in Boulder was SEMI-PERMANENT.  THAT was my
understanding.  THIS was concealed from the court and my jurors.

Please review Jihad Gianelli's Blogonaut Law Blog and the utter slander that
is going on, threats, lies about my taxes and tax returns, etc.  I
addressed Gianelli  (and his fellow cyber-terrorists) in this letter
to Rice.  I also addressed the IRS, FBI, and advised her to remove Ron
Burkle (a friend of mien) and noted that Phil Spector's attorney,
Dennis Riordan, was copied in (by her) and Cohen has done enough harm
to Phil Spector.  That is TRUE UNDERSTATEMENT.  The man's psychiatric
ailments, drug and alcohol abuse history, embellished stories about
Phil Spector, the Bay of Pigs, Yom Kippur War, etc. MUST be raised as
it goes to credibility and he has none.  This man has a history of
lying, theft, fraud, etc.  He perjures himself as easily as he
breathes - see his acknowledgment of this in the transcripts and
please address the objection to the direct question that he raised his
right hand, took an oath, perjury, etc.  The judge sustained it and
Cohen just admitted it although LAMELY (as always) tried to blame me.
Look at his answers.  When he's backed into a corner, he frequently
attempts to excuse his LIES by blaming me.  What a pathetic Hollywood
fraud.  That's what Boies Schiller called him:  a Hollywood fraud.
They noted that an attorney might enjoy helping me take him down and
they reviewed three HUGE boxes of evidence and understand that he owes
me MILLIONS so they should have received a subpoena.  They also
understood that Cohen and Kory were attempting to engage me in
criminal conduct, warned mme about that, and told me to go wired to my
meeting with Kory that he testified about - and lied about.  I took
shorthand notes and sent emails to Boies Schiller documenting that
meeting.  Therefore, this was concealed from my jurors and Kory opened
the door when he testified, lied, and perjured himself.  See attached
- I have sent you the original and updated my notes in bold/red which
may not come through on this email.

All the best,

NOTE:  This evidently didn’t violate a restraining order. She and Kory have taken the position that sending or receiving federal tax documents, etc., violates a restraining order.  This raises serious issues with Rice’s testimony (that’s perjury or fraud) and Kory’s letter to the IRS (IRS binder) stating that TH’s 1099 violated a restraining order.  No one understands how a state order can trump IRS filing and reporting requirements – or how a court can force someone to use extraordinary means (such as a subpoena) to obtain tax, financial, and/or accounting data needed to file federal and state returns.  I owe no money, had HUGE losses, my commission was addressed in 2001 (and then again, by my accountant, in 2003 who told me ALL taxes were paid, TH should be removed from my returns, and I had a carry-back and would have owed no taxes but paid $165,000 in 2003 – as Agent Bill Betzer/IRS knows for a fact).  Has Jihad Gianelli, who appears to be commenting on my tax returns (and lying about my “intent to evade” with respect to my 1994 and 1995 returns – which were filed and all taxes paid), obtained a copy of my federal returns for 2001 or 2003 from the IRS?  My lawyers advised me that Kory attempted to obtain copies of my returns from Ken Cleveland and, I believe, they said Cleveland refused to give them to Cohen/Kory. 
Ms. Lynch:

While I do not desire at this juncture to engage in an extended back and
forth communication with you by e-mail or otherwise regarding legal issues
that have long since been resolved through several court cases from years

* **
I wasn’t part of Greenberg’s companion suit that appears to have been
coordinated with Cohen.  The judge knows this.  My limited involvement had
to do with inter-pleaded funds that I told the judge to send back to Cohen.
I view that as further evidence of theft with respect to Cohen.  Nohing has
been legally resolved between me and Cohen.  I wasn’t served his garbage
fraud lawsuit and the proof of service is fraudulent.  I was unaware of
hearings; thought the default entered in March 2006 because of the press;
and it’s entirely criminal from what I can tell and an attempt to obstruct
justice.  I only was able to read a handful of legal documents when Jihad
Gianelli (apparently representing Cohen) posted them on Scribd in April
2010.  I intend to file a Motion to Vacate but I have been publicly
threatened over this which is a deadly serious legal matter.  In fact, I
view it as BLACK MAIL, etc.*

since you have taken the time to compose a reply to my previous e-mail

NOTE:  As of February 13, 2011 Michelle Rice is aware that there are outstanding legal issues – from my perspective, I am representing myself pro per, and this is in the court transcript in Boulder.  So, the pro per issue is HUGE.  LAPD’s report notes that Kory refused to speak to me.  I contacted the State Bar (since my response to Cohen’s utterly fraudulent and pathetic Victim Impact Statement which must be addressed on appeal) and was advised that Kory and/or Rice HAD to speak to me.  Judge Ken Freeman’s court reporter (when I contacted the judge re. information to file my Motion to Vacate Cohen’s fraudulent lawsuit in the spring of 2011; and Jihad Gianelli then contacted the court reporter and said she emailed him so this man does appear to attempt to infiltrate matters and his obsession with me – that I just raised with Streeter’s supervisor – is deranged and he appears to be dangerously unstable) asked if Cohen’s lawyers spoke to me about the mediation because they may have been videotaped, there should be transcripts, and I am entitled to them.  Nikhil questioned Cohen or Kory on the mediations.  This information has been concealed from me and my jurors and I have no idea what Cohen and Westin were discussing.  I know this – Westin settled with Cohen and that appears to be some form of bribery and bought testimony.  I have an email, which the IRS should have reviewed, from Westin advising me that TH is a real entity/structure and another advising me that HE did not represent me.  That is correct.  He did not.  The IRS should have seen Cohen’s email to me telling me that HE decides when these entities are created, etc. He knows this – he wrote that and yet he has lied about these matters and concealed them (corporate books, records, notarized documents, non-revocable assignments, my Indemnity Agreement, Kory’s letter asking if his loans would be forgiven, etc.) from the courts, etc.  One must wonder, as people have asked, if drugs permanently affected him and if his lawyers actually understand the law. 

*What’s your point here, Rice?  You can write and lie to my face, put words
in my mouth, misquote the court, and I shouldn’t reply?  As I advised
Enichen, I am representing myself  I have been legally advised that I may
communicate with so-called opposing counsel and request information I need
to amend/prepare my 2001-2010 tax returns.  *

* *

, I will take this present opportunity to address the issues you raised in
your initial e-mail response.  I note that since sending your first e-mail
reply, you have subsequently sent out more than two dozen e-mails, some
publicly impugning my integrity and calling me everything from a liar to a

NOTE:  Streeter addressed Rice’s February 14, 2011 email but concealed this from my lawyers and the court, jurors, etc.
*That’s my personal opinion.  I believe you are a liar and a thug.  Nothing
on earth can ever change this.  I also personally believe you are a criminal
who should be disbarred.  The subsequent emails were sent to the IRS, FBI,
DOJ, Treasury, Mr. Riordan, Steven Machat, and the other people YOU COPIED
IN on your first communication to me of today.  Remove Ron Burkle.  Ron is a
friend of mine and he doesn’t know Cohen.  I’ve advised him to bring legal
action against Cohen for having his lawyers copy Ron in on your preposterous
email to me.  *

  It was this very same type of menacing, threatening and uncivilized
behavior, along with most alarmingly, threats of physical violence towards
me, Mr. Cohen and Mr. Kory

NOTE:  See the insane situation – presented at the bail hearing and in court (by Streeter) re. Jonathan Maihart.  Rice said he was a Hispanic mail and gang member.  I addressed this with her Supervisor, advised him that Maihart is Persian, and I spoke to Investigator Bennett/DA’s office about his increasing aggression (which as NOT a problem when he went to Kory’s as a messenger to pick up the letter he wrote in response to my lawyers telling me that Cohen and Kory had CNB freeze my bank accounts – based on slander, lies, and gossip – and my older son’s first bank account – causing Boies Schiller to note that this was a very very serious legal issue between me and CNB, obviously).  Bennett advised me to call the Watch Commander at West LAPD regarding an incident and Wendy Knaak was present when I did.  She also, I believe, spoke to Bennett.  I wrote Congressman Henry Waxman around this time and raised Cohen/Kory’s threats about the restraining order (after this incident with Jonathan Maihart and Kory).  Everything was documented at that time – including a demand to have the SWAT incident investigated because that was NOT a private legal matter and Mandeville Canyon was closed down, which was and remains absurd.  Jonathan Maihart did NOT go to Kory/Rice’s office in 2007 or 2009.  It was 2005.  I was not in the hallway with Jonathan Maihart and that is preposterous.  Kory never told Jonathan Maihart that he and Cohen were across the street in the park.  He called Jonathan to apologize, thought it was my son, etc.  So the lies are now excessive. 

*Apart from saying that I think you should all be in prison (which I can’t
do in any event so see the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury) I have never
threatened physical violence, LIAR.  Calling you a thug and liar is not a
physical threat idiot.  I have never threatened any of you in any manner
that is alarming except that you clearly view the criminal tax fraud and
your conduct as criminal – to go to these lengths.  I will call Ron Burkle
to the witness stand to testify as to whether or not he saw any evidence
that I threatened you, Kory, or Cohen in any manner – including with
physical violence.  I will also subpoena Dennis Riordan.  Is there a reaso
me?  Hasn’t Cohen done enough damage to Phil Spector?  I think his attorneys know.*
that you copied Phil Spector’s appellate attorney in on your emails to

* *

that prompted Mr. Cohen to first seek a restraining order against you in Los
Angeles Superior Court (LASC) as early as October 2005.

*That’s a lie.  Cohen’s fraudulent retaliatory lawsuit and Lindsey’s
coordinated custody matter couldn’t back into a deal.  Many people believe
that’s what all this activity was about.  I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ,
Treasury, and Phil Spector’s legal team to investigate FULLY all fraudulent

Despite being prohibited by the LASC from continuing to harass Mr. Cohen,
you moved to Boulder, Colorado shortly thereafter - conveniently out of
reach of Los Angeles law enforcement - and continued your vicious harassment
long distance necessitating our seeking permanent redress from
 your behavior in a
 Colorado state court.
NOTE:  Yongzin Rinpoche invited me to visit him and this had nothing to do with LAPD or Los Angeles law enforcement though I think people are talking to LAPD but that has to be discovered.  In 2008, I had no matters involving LAPD and spoke to Investigator Thompson/DA’s office about the so-called warrants in Santa Monica.  He advised me that until all of this unfolded, I rarely had a parking ticket.  He advised me that only SMPD could arrest me over these warrants – and not LAPD.  S&MPD told me the same thing.  As of February 14, 2011, LASC has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any of this.  Also, they had no jurisdiction over me and I have never been served the new California order registered on May 25, 2011.  Redress from my behavior in a Colorado state court?  The judge told me she would be distressed if she were me.  Perhaps Rice doesn’t speak or write English – let’s try that again.  My “vicious harassment long distance necessasiting our seeking permanent redress from your behavior in a Colorado state court.”  Yes, Rice is referring to my behavior in a Colorado state court.  I was well manner with the judge and she with me – although I disagreed with her position that this isn’t an IRS matter but I do think what actually led to the Boulder “redress” was Ann Diamond’s draft article for Rolling Stone. 

*I represent myself and I am entitled to request information I need
(including a complete forensic accounting) to prepare and/or amend my 2001
to 2010 tax returns.  Boulder MUNICIPAL Court and LA Superior Court have NO
JURISIDICTION over a federal tax return.  I visited friends of mine in
Colorado, liar.  Stop lying about me.  I could care less about Los Angeles
law enforcement.  What did they want with me?  Are you now lying about Los
Angeles law enforcement?  There’s some fraud sinister misdemeanor tickests
in Santa Monica.  That’s not Los Angeles.  I didn’t continuye vicious
harassment.  The IRS, DOJ, Treasury, and Doron Weinberg were copied in on
all my emails to anyone regarding Cohen, Kory, et al., with respect to
information I needed, etc.  That’s why Mr. Weinberg will receive an
subpoena.  You may have sought permanent redress but you didn’t receive it.
You didn’t present evidence or witnesses to the court.  I asked that she
make the order permanent and asked if it would protect me.  This is a very
serious legal matter that I intend to litigate.  *

* *

That you now deny that Judge Enichen had personal jurisdiction over you or
the issues that were raised in that proceeding is utterly ridiculous given
the fact that you personally appeared in court before the judge and signed
the restraining order and assented to its terms in open court before many

*I don’t now deny it, LIAR.  I filed a Motion to Quash and advised the court
that I read through the file, the perjury and fraud was excessive and
unreal, and informed the court that the proof of service was fraudulent.  She
reminded me that I – not Cohen – asked tht the fraud TRO become
semi-permanent.  Why?  Because I’m litigating this.  It’s now a federal
matter because when Cohen filed his garbage fraud TRO (without the judge
ruling that he proved anything) in California – it crossed state lilness.  I
assented to nothing  and stop speaking for me or telling me what I did or
didn’t do.  You’re a bald faced liar with obvious motive.  That’s my
personal opinion.*
NOTE:  At this point, my lawyers could have PROVEN that I personally believed the Boulder order was SEMI-PERMANENT.  Berkeley PD can bolster that argument because I had NO IDEA that there was a restraining order and was also shocked that LASC could possibly have jurisdiction over me.  I then raised Boulder as a far-fetched possibility and, during processing at the jail, the warden told me that it was “Boulder.”  The Denver FBI advised me that this activity was crossing state lines and that is true understatement.  It’s even international since Cohen was out of the country at many points in 2009, 2011, etc. 

While I do not represent you and what follows should not be in any way
construed as offering any kind of legal advice - I assume you have consulted
your own independent legal counsel and discussed these issues at length.
What follows is my response to the issues you have raised.

*You are damn right when you say you don’t represent me.  Don’t speak for
me.  Don’t speculate about what I think or said.  You will know whether or
not I have consulted legal counsel when you hear from them.  In the
meantime, I am representing myself.*

First of all, let's assume, arguendo, that you are representing yourself and
desire now to be cognizant of and abide by federal law, California state law
and the State Bar rules governing the conduct of attorneys and counsel:

*Why assume “arguendo?”  Why get fancy?  I told the judge and I just told you – I
am representing myself.  I’m not desirous now of being cognizant of federal,
state and bar rules governing pro per individuals.  I know my rights and I
personally spoke to the State Bar about this and have received legal counsel
on the issue.  *

1.  Mr. Cohen is a represented party and has legal representation. As such,
even if there were no permanent Restraining Order in place which prohibited
you from contacting Mr. Cohen directly, which there clearly is - he is a
'represented party' and the California State Bar rules prohibit the knowing
direct contact of a represented party.
NOTE:  LAPD’s report states that Kory refuses to speak to me so I wonder where Rice
will go with this logic?  I am not a member of the California State Bar.  Rice overlooked
this extremely relevant fact.

*Rice, where’s the forensic accounting that takes into consideration all
non-revocable assignments.  Perhps if you or Kory spoke to me, I wouldn’t
have to go to extraordinary lengths to request information I need to prepare
and/or amend my 2001 through 2010 tax returns.  Illegal K1s were transmitted
to the IRS from LC Investments, LLC.  Cohen, in his declaration, declared
that he is the 100% owner.  I want them rescinded.  Cohen was not the
beneficial owner of TH or BMT.  The judge had no jurisdiction.  I’m not a
member of the state bar, Rice.  You are and I think you should be disbarred.
Why would State Bar rules apply to a non-member?  Any thoughts on that?  There
is no TRO and furthermore they are all evidence of fraud and the
extraordinary lengths Cohen has gone to silence and terrorize me, my family,
and others.*
NOTE:  I raise the extraordinary lengths I am being forced to go to obtain information for my tax returns – including to amend those wrongfully altered by Cohen’s default judgment that I wasn’t notified of when homeless.  Rice acknowledges that she is opposing counsel but refuses to answer my questions – see above.

Therefore, as so-called "opposing counsel", please cease and desist
contacting Mr. Cohen directly.  Thank you for providing another, yet
independent legal reason in addition to the Permanent Order of Protection
issued by the Colorado court for you to cease and desist your harassment of
Mr. Cohen.

*Are you insulting my intelligence, Rice.  Don’t make me laugh.  I was
Cohen’s personal manager, publishing administrator, publicist, book
publishing agent, artwork representative (I made the lithograph deal), and
worked as part of his team – most of whom were concealed from LA Superior
Court in Cohen’s fraud garbage retaliatory suit filed after I reported his
tax fraud to the IRS.  I was told the tax fraud is criminal.  Dale Burgess
advised me to let the IRS and Treasury know, after I met with Agent Sopko
and her partner, that he would he recalled Cohen’s offer of 50% community
property  Other witnesses were present for that offer – and other offers.  He
also asked me to let them know that my lawyers understood that the tax fraud
was criminal.  I have no idea why he asked me to tell the IRS and Treasury
that.  *

* *

*I m not harassing Leonard Cohen.  Is Leonard Cohen now an absolutely
deranged sadist?  The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Mr. Riordan are copied in
on all my emails so it might be wise not to lie which you are repeatedly
throughout these emails.  They know what I’ve been requesting.  They know it
relates to preparing and/or amending my 2001-2010 federal tax returns some
of which Cohen illegally altered via a default judgment in a matter I wasn’t

2.  As for the prohibition from contacting me or Mr. Kory currently to
request information regarding Mr. Cohen: this issue was specifically
discussed in the restraining order proceedings before Judge Enichen in
NOTE:  Bald faced lie.  Rice appears nowhere on the order and the order
Only extended to the physical address on the order. 

*Enichen does not have jurisdiction over my federal tax returns.  I was
given legal advice that I am permitted to contact Cohen or his
representatives for information I need to amend and/or file my 2001 through
2010 tax returns.  How could Enichen prevent me from filing my tax returns
properly?  She’s not a federal judge and Boulder Municipal Court is not tax
court.  Rice, I didn’t see you in the fraud TRO issue that I asked the judge
to make somewhat permanent after asking her if it would protect me.  There
was no hearing.  Cohen presented no evidence.  No witnesses took the stand
to support Cohen’s garbage declaration that I addressed in my Motion to
Quash.  Therefore, the judge didn’t rule for Cohen.   Why don’t you give
that some thought since you view yourself as real intelligent so-called
opposing counsel.*

* *

 and I will happily provide a transcript of those proceedings to refresh
your memory regarding the rationale behind the Court's order prohibiting you
from contacting our law office regarding Mr. Cohen.

*Send me the transcript.  I know the court’s rationale.  I asked her to make
the fraud TRO relatively permanent.  I intend to the litigate the
matter.  There
was no hearing and she didn’t rule in Cohen’s favor.*

* *

  The reason the Order of Protection includes a no-contact Order protecting
our office

*Protecting your office?  Are you people on drugs.  Cohen stole from me; you
helped him destroy my life; Cohen and Kory targeted Rutger and Ray; Rutger
was asked to go in and sign over/transfer my former house to Cohen on May
25, 2005.  You people are out of your minds.  *
NOTE:  Did Streeter intentionally, knowingly, and willfully conceal this from my jurors
or did Michelle Rice?

(please see Paragraph 2 of the Order) is because there are no current legal
proceedings open between you and Mr. Cohen and as such

*Yes there is.  I intend to file a Motion to Vacate Cohen’s fraud garbage in
Los Angeles.  Fraud, as you well know, tolls the statutes.  I only
discovered the fraud in Cohen’s complaint, declaration, Prins’ declaration,
the default judgment, and the proof of service in April 2010.  Fraud has a
four year statute and I don’t know the extent of the fraud and you keep
threatening me with arrest.  That’s an outrage and should be criminal.*

* *

, you have no right to randomly and repeatedly contact our office and demand
information and continue your harassment, even if you are as you say
"representing yourself."

*I have advised you what I am requesting and the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury,
and Mr. Riordan have been copied in on every email.  I am representing
myself.  Why do you keep repeating this? I am not harassing you.  Had you or
Kory simply responded, I would never have contacted you again.  Your
argument is absurd and preposterous.*

* *

Any lawyer advising you otherwise must not have had full information or the
history of the operative facts or knowledge of the Colorado Court's Order

*The “operative facts?”  Do you think you’re in the CIA, Rice, with Cohen’s
informant who was apparently Julie Eisenberg.  Last Superfon (who does NOT
speak for me to anyone) heard – Julie Eisenberg assaulted her maid; stole
her jewelry; stole a file; and stole her dog.  She then evidently went to
Vegas to become a stripper.  I’ve seen her on drugs.  She can’t write an
address on a package.  I heard she was jealous of me – from Superfon.*

* *

*What if the lawyer I consulted did have the full information and history of
the facts or knowledge of the Colorado Court’s so-called order – which he
did?  He was shocked that a judge would issue anything to Cohen against me
based on the facts.  *

* *

 which to base their
 advice.  Even if there were open unresolved legal proceedings between you
and Mr. Cohen, which there are none,

*Don’t speak for me, Rice.  There are legal issues and future proceedings
between me and Cohen.  PERIOD.*

* *

there is an orderly process by which to obtain information from an opposing
party during the course of litigation proceedings.

*Don’t mix apples and oranges.  I have requested information for my tax
returns.  That is not subject, right now, to  court.  I see you don’t want
to hand over the information.  Why?  What re you concealing?  How about all
the non-revocable assignments, related to my 15% share, of all intellectual
property.  Kory already confirmed for my representatives (and there is
evidence backing it up in any event – see corporate books, records, stock
certificates, etc.) that my commission was 15% (and Cohen agreed we would do
an accounting after the deal we received an offer from Sony/ATV for on
October 21, 2004), which went back to 1988, and confirmed my 15% ownership
in the intellectual property.*
NOTE:  This was concealed from my jurors.

 For the record, you chose not to avail yourself of these orderly processes
during the course of litigation proceedings which were instituted to resolve
the legal controversies between you and Mr. Cohen nearly five years ago.

*You’re lying again, Rice.  I wasn’t served the lawsuit.  The proof of
service is fraudulent.  No such individual lived at my house.  It’s evidence
of fraud.  I wasn’t aware of hearings, etc.  I ended up homeless in December
2005.  You could have emailed me the documents.  *
NOTE:  Why did Streeter enter the default judgment and question me on it?
It does NOT go to character.  It proves I was homeless and the notice was sent
to my former home in Brentwood.  Cohen’s declaration, in Boulder, makes it
clear that he knew I was in Santa Monica and I was told – by Superfon – that
Cohen/Kory contacted S&MPD which might explain why they told me they
understood I was friends with Phil Spector.

*Where did they go?  Cohen himself noted in his Boulder declaration that he
knew I was homeless in Santa Monica.  The legal controversy was retaliation
for my reporting Cohen’s tax fraud to the IRS.  Period.  After it was filed,
Cohen told Brian Johnson that he wasn’t accusing me of theft (which would be
bald-faced lie) and noted that his motive for going after me was his massive
tax hit.  He even noted that Westin represented him until April 2005.  The
IRS was given the passwords to my and email
accounts and in those accounts are emails from Richard Westin advising me
that he didn’t represent me.  That’s true understatement.  No one
representing me would put my life in danger like this.  *

* *

  You were never denied access to any information during the course of any
litigation between you and Mr. Cohen.  You simply chose not to respond to
any of Mr. Cohen's allegations against you.  You now rather disingenuously
intend to imply that somehow there was some withholding or concealment of
information from you during the course of litigation, which is a blatant

*I was denied access.  Have you ever heard of due process?  Why don’t you
send me all the settlement transcripts with Westin?  I was denied full
knowledge of all proceedings and actual facts (or lies) contained in the
Complaint because I never saw it.  EVER.  I am saying Cohen’s lawsuit is a
cover up of criminal tax fraud.  That’s my view.  You are lying when you say
anything about what I am implying.  Nothing I am saying is
disingenuous.  Interesting
word, Rice.  Calling me a liar?  Should I view that as a threat of violence.
Your threat with respect to my so-called arrest is an absolute threat of
violence – also possible wrongful imprisonment, etc.  A blatant
untruth?  Calling
me a liar again?  Another threat of violence – per your definition.  Do not
speak for me.  I haven’t implied anything.  I have stated everything in my
emails.  Nothing needs to  be implied.*

3. As for your current belated requests of our office to provide tax
returns, business records and a "forensic accounting" for Mr. Cohen's
business entities

NOTE:  Rice admits that I am currently requesting their office to provide
information.  I never asked for tax returns.  I did ask for a “forensic account”
but BMT and TH are NOT Cohen’s business entities.  LCI is and there are
illegal K1s (evidence of criminal conduct) that were transmitted to the State of
Kentucky in 2003 and the IRS in 2004 and 2005 noting that my income was $0.
The Kentucky K1 notes that I am the 99.5% owner of TH and there is a K1 for Cohen
and a transmittal letter so that’s no mistake.  The fraudulent expense ledger, however,
notes income from LCI – HENCE my repeated requests that it be rescinded and
an accounting provided.
*I reiterate all my requests for this information.*

* *

- you had ample opportunity in the lawsuit Mr. Cohen brought against you in
August 2005 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Civil Case Number BC 338322 to
request any information of Mr. Cohen that was pertinent to the issues you
now belatedly raise many years later.

*Rice, see if you can get this:  I wasn’t served Cohen’s lawsuit.  The proof
of service is fraudulent.  I didn’t read the complaint until Jihad Gianelli
filed it online in April 2010.  The fraudulent lawsuit has nothing to do
with my federal tax returns and to say that a State Court has anything to do
with federal tax returns is ludicrous and a bald-faced lie.  The State
Court, however, did alter my federal tax returns via a default judgment in a
matter I wasn’t served.  How could a state court alter federal tax returns?
Would you like to answer that question.  Belated.  *

* *

 As you are well aware, since you chose not to exercise your legal rights

*Addressed ad nauseum.  I have a legal right to the information I’ve
requested relating to my 2001-2010 federal tax returns and I have a legal
right to be served and to due process of law.  *

* *

at the time of the lawsuit and failed to respond at all to the complaint

*Rice, you’re not paying attention:  I wasn’t served the lawsuit and didn’t
see the Complaint until Jihad Gianelli posted it online in April 2010.  To
say I saw anything when I was homeless in 2006 is preposterous.  It’s a
bald-faced lie.  Stop lying about me:  I didn’t FAIL to respoind top the
complaint.  I never received the complaint.*
NOTE:  I had Chad Knaak phone Scott Edelman to advise him that I wasn’t
served this lawsuit and to serve me.  I spoke with Kory and advised him I wasn’t
served.  He advised me to contact CNB because they were providing Cohen with
my bank statements.  I have advised Cohen NOT to destroy them.  That is spoliation
and I will sue over that issue.  I adised Doug Davis/FTB that Cohen is in receipt
of my bank statements.

* *

, much less engage in an orderly discovery process

*How about illegal discovery which is what I personally think took place in
a variety of ways.  The State Court has nothing to do with federal tax
returns or information I need for my 2001-2010 federal tax returns.  Call
Ken Freeman up personally and ask him how he would have jurisdiction over
federal tax returns.  There is no default judgment, Rice.  And, a default
judgment cannot alter my federal tax returns in a state court.  Furthermore,
two entities weren’t named in the lawsuit and can’t just sneak parties into
a default judgment.  Furthermore, it’s all fraud.  See all corporate books,
records, stock certificates, notarized documents, and the
Indemnity Agreement. *
NOTE:  Rice forgot to research obtaining judgments, orders, and verdicts
through fraud which is something I just raised with Streeter’s supervisor.

* *

to obtain the information you now seek, the Los Angeles Superior Court
entered a default judgment against you in May 2006.  The legal issues you
now attempt to raise - nearly five years after a Los Angeles Superior Court
has entered judgment against you on these very same issues - are fully
precluded from being raised again in a court of law by,
 among others,
 the doctrines of statutes of limitations, laches and res judicata.

NOTE:  NOT when procured by fraud and the judgments are void.  This is
well established law and the courts have continually weighed in on this and
the fact that orders can be vacated – including in criminal matters.
*Call Jihad Gianelli and discuss laches and res judicata until the cows come
home, ok?  I’m filing suit in federal court, Rice.  I’m filing a Motion to
Vacate.  Fraud tolls the statutes.  L Superior Court couldn’t have entered a
default judgment in  matter I wasn’t served where the proof of service is
NOTE:  I wonder why Judge Ken Freeman’s court reporter understood that I
Was filing a Motion to Vacate, asked me if opposing counsel gave me the transcripts
to the mediations, raised the two default judgment rule, and we discussed the fact
that I was not served, the proof of service is fraudulent, and wasn’t notified of the
Default.  She advised me that I had to be notified of the default and then referred me to
a second matter which I had no idea about.  This evidently relates to the illegal search
of my house and the seizure of my partnership documents.  LASD noted, on the document
I have, that they seized partnership documents.  Boies Schiller advised me that this seizure
was illegal.  Raoul Felder advised me that he felt it was probably illegal but cautioned me to be
careful but the Sheriff’s Department could arrest me which is an OUTRAGE.

As there are no open litigation matters between you and Mr. Cohen, you have
no legitimate reason to continue to contact our law office or Mr. Cohen. Any
continued attempt to contact our office or Mr. Cohen is a continued
violation of the Permanent Restraining Order.  As such, I have no obligation
to continue to communicate with you, nor contrary to your assertion, do I or
Mr. Kory have any obligation to respond to your demands for information.

*I have made you perfectly clear re. what I am requesting with respect to
information I need to amend/file my 2001-2010 tax returns.  Let me see if I
get this – you can violate the TRO by contacting me.  You can be copied in
on emails to my minor son (which I think is witness tampering and
intimidation) and then you can just set the terms at whim.  I have a reason
to respond.  I am addressing what you just put in writing to me.  I am
asking Leonard Cohen for this information.  You represent him.  I disagree.
I think he has an obligation to give me the information I’ve requested with
respect to my federal tax returns.  I’ve asked the IRS Commissioner’s Staff
for an opinion on this matter.  I’ve also asked them to give me an opinion
on the Boulder matter, jurisdiction there based on emais sent that they were
copied in on, and on the entire LA Superior Court matter and Greenberg’s
matter.  I’ve also asked them if Freeman had jurisdiction or authority to
amend my federal tax returns or wrongfully convert my property to Cohen via
a default judgment.*
NOTE:  This letter is evidence of legitimate business reason for contacting Kory,
Rice, and Cohen AND addresses the fact that I have been forced to go to unbelievable
Extremes (and endure great frustration) to obtain the information I am requesting, to
Address legal issues with opposing counsel (re. lack of service with respect to Cohen’s
Fraudulent and retaliatory lawsuit against me, my requests for tax information – a 1099
For my personal management commissions was not addressed in Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit but Rice does LIE.

Once again, I ask that carefully reread the terms of the permanent
Protective Order and carefully consider the consequences of your further

*Do you see the FBI copied in on my emails?  I have heard from the FBI.  I’ve
spoken with many FBI agents.  I have received emails from the FBI.  I think
they should view these communications from you and your threats to have me
arrested as wire fraud that relates to Cohen’s tax fraud that I was told is
criminal.  I would assume that the FBI knows for a fact that I didn’t
threaten you with physical violence.  I’ll let them speak for themselves.  *
NOTE:  I don’t speak for the IRS, FBI, or anyone else.  I speak for myself.
Cohen, Kory, Rice, Streeter, Gianelli, Kelly Green, Susanne Walsh, and others
Speak for the IRS and FBI and I believe that is criminal misrepresentation, etc.

* *

*You, Cohen, Kory, and others, have been advised to CEASE AND DESIST – stop
slandering me.  Stop lying about me.  Stop slandering my parents, my sister
and her husband (whose attorney is copied in on this email), and advise all
parties who have attempted to witness tamper, witness intimidate, etc. re.
Cohen’s matter (and Phil Spector’s) to cease and desist.  That includes, but
is not limited to, Jihad Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, Kelly Green, Linda Motley,
and that pure trash crowd.  Apparently Steven Machat’s business colleague
received abusive emails (relating to Cohen) from a madwoman in Canada.  Seems
like a pattern to me.  *

* *

*These are all my opinions.  Nothing is implied.  Everything is stated
herein.  You do not speak for me.  Nothing about you, from my perspective,
is sincere, Rice.*

* *

*Kelley Lynch*


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NOTE:  And the February 14, 2011 earlier email was not privileged?  This
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