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The Set Up Is Indeed Interesting

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Philip Martin

Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 6:56 PM
To: Kelley Lynch

Hey Kelley,

I can't spend a lot of time talking to you right now, but thanks for this. It's very interesting and may well lead somewhere.



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Steven Machat On Cohen & Phil Spector

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Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 6:28 PM
To: Kelley Lynch
Interesting. No one has ever asked me anything. I knew him from the 70's to 1989. I know his fall from grace. I know his english/european adulation and his us failure of mass acceptance. I know the death of a ladies man truth.

I know societies role in his death as a citizen. I will give this story to someone. Stay on your crusade. He did not kill her although he was part of the story.

Be strong Kelly. But stay smart.

Your friend.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helen Mirren set to play Baden in Spector fli

Helen Mirren set to play Baden in Spector flick

From ANI

New York, July 21: Oscar-winner Helen Mirren has reportedly joined the cast of the unnamed Phil Spector biopic.

Mirren has been assigned to play attorney Linda Kenney Baden opposite Al Pacino’s Spector, reports the New York Post.

Earlier, Bette Midler was supposed to play the role but she was forced to vacate last week after suffering a herniated disc.

Baden was one of record producer Spector’s defense attorneys when he was charged with murder of actress/nightclub hostess Lana Clarkson in 2003.

The TV movie is said to focus on the professional relationship between Spector and Baden during the time of his first trial in 2007.
Copyright Asian News International/

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leonard Cohen - Who Clearly Committed Criminal Tax Fraud - Makes An Appearance

Cohen shows up in the prosecutor's motion in limine, and - according to Mick Brown/UK Telegraph (who had the grand jury transcripts - testified against Phil Spector before the grand jury - told the LAPD Detectives I met that Phil Spector never held a gun on him and these were good rock 'n roll comments. That is precisely what he told me for approximately 20 years. His stories have been embellished and fabricated over the years. Cohen, of course, resented Phil Spector; was jealous of his fame; didn't like the way Phillip handled his vocals on the album they worked on together; and probably enjoyed his self-involved revenge fantasies that led to the indictment of an innocent man. It also probably gave Cohen the opportunity to align himself with the Lost Angeles District Attorney who, in turn, could conceivably have contacted the IRS (as they did ICE) re. Cohen's criminal tax fraud. This seems entirely plausible and would have resolved many "pesky details" for a number of parties. Cohen has no problems, whatsoever, blaming his illegal activity on others - although his theft from a number of individuals (Kelley Lynch, Phil Spector, Steven Machat, Marty Machat ...) will prove to be impossible to defend.

C. The 1977 Brandishing on Leonard Cohen
1977, Spector produced musician Leonard Cohen's record album, "Death of a Ladies man." during production of the record, Cohen and Spector, who were friends, were taking a break in the lobby of the music studio. Spector walked up to Cohen, placed on arm around Cohen's shoulders, and pointed a semi-automatic pistor at Cohen's chest with his other hand. Spector told Cohen, "I love you Leonard." Cohen looked at Spector and said, "I hope so, Phil." Spector then walked away from Cohen.

Leonard Cohen - Who Clearly Committed Criminal Tax Fraud - Makes An Appearance

Cohen shows up in the prosecutor's motion in limine, and - according to Mick Brown/UK Telegraph (who had the grand jury transcripts - testified against Phil Spector before the grand jury - told the LAPD Detectives I met that Phil Spector never held a gun on him and these were good rock 'n roll comments. That is precisely what he told me for approximately 20 years. His stories have been embellished and fabricated over the years. Cohen, of course, resented Phil Spector; was jealous of his fame; didn't like the way Phillip handled his vocals on the album they worked on together; and probably enjoyed his self-involved revenge fantasies that led to the indictment of an innocent man. It also probably gave Cohen the opportunity to align himself with the Lost Angeles District Attorney who, in turn, could conceivably have contacted the IRS (as they did ICE) re. Cohen's criminal tax fraud. This seems entirely plausible and would have resolved many "pesky details" for a number of parties. Cohen has no problems, whatsoever, blaming his illegal activity on others - although his theft from a number of individuals (Kelley Lynch, Phil Spector, Steven Machat, Marty Machat ...) will prove to be impossible to defend.

C. The 1977 Brandishing on Leonard Cohen
1977, Spector produced musician Leonard Cohen's record album, "Death of a Ladies man." during production of the record, Cohen and Spector, who were friends, were taking a break in the lobby of the music studio. Spector walked up to Cohen, placed on arm around Cohen's shoulders, and pointed a semi-automatic pistor at Cohen's chest with his other hand. Spector told Cohen, "I love you Leonard." Cohen looked at Spector and said, "I hope so, Phil." Spector then walked away from Cohen.

The Usual Suspects - Cyber Terrorists - Descend On The Phil Spector Set Up

Gianelli, who is obsessed with Phil Spector and who has targeted me and others relentlessly (as well as having lied to the FBI and others - quite blatantly), appears to set up reasonable doubt theories tied to serious legal problems for the prosecution. These issues can then be publicly refuted. ICE apparently decided to reward the lying driver with a green card which obviously denied Phil Spector a fair trial.
  • Stephen Gianelli 2 years ago
    Those four false visa renewal applications by De Souza were signed UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY.

    I am sorry, if the Brazilian man in this country illegally was willing to perjure himself serially, year after year, in official US Government visa renewal applications to stay in this country, how can I trust that he did not tell police "what they wanted to hear" for the same reasons?

    BTW, lying on a job application, or telling a friend a "white lie" is not the same as deliberately lying under oath, not once but 4 times. It is just not.

    Second, De Souza had the same motive to please police in his initial interviews as he had to lie in his 4 prior visa renewal applications: To stay in the US.
Someone else usually descends to ask Stephen Gianelli a pertinent question the prosecution wants jurors and the people to stay focused on. Very simple gimmick.
  • So, Stephen G...
    Can you explain why Spector tampered with evidence by washing the dead woman's face, his hands, and wiping down the gun?
Lozzi, who is starstruck by prosecutor Alan Jackson and Clarkson's former publicist, usually descends with some type of inane comment. His motive? Probably keeping himself semi-famous now that two of his clients (both vicodin and drug addicts), Clarkson and Anna Nicole Smith, have died. Lozzi appears to enjoy the limelight. He has also accused Donna Clarkson's lawyers of engaging in threatening conduct towards him personally.
  • Edward Lozzi 2 years ago
    Friends of Lana - and others

    Now read this friends. As you know, it's almost like reading Lana herself.

    Lana Clarkson and Suicide.....a sarcastic look at the Desperate Defense of Phil Spector and a manipulated Jury...from Lana Clarkson's Diary? This is a wonderful read from Ted Wallace. (Thanks Ted)

    1. "Mom bought me all these neat new shoes, they'll be perfect for my new job! No, I almost forgot, I'm thinking of committing suicide."
    2. "Lots of Hollywood big shots come to the House Of Blues! I'm sure to make a few good contacts! Naw, I think I'll commit suicide.
    3. "My talent video came out pretty good. Many think I have a gift for comedy! Too bad I'm committing suicide."
    4. "I must fix the sound on my video, It's not very good. Nope. Can't do it, I'm committing suicide."
    5. "Standing naked in front of this mirror, I realize I could take seven years off my age. I look great. Sad, that I'm thinking of killing myself."
    6. "Nice looking mature gentleman just got out of that limousine and he's giving me a long look. Maybe, I', suicide comes first."
    7. "I should concentrate on doing more character roles. Some make a good living at it. If only I wasn't thinking about suicide."
    8. "What a perfect California day! The sea glistens in joy like liquid diamonds. Not a good time to do yourself in."
    9. "I just heard of a couple of good TV roles that would be perfect for me but I won't be able to try out. Suicide, you know."
    10. "That creepy little Phil Spector just came in. He must have lots of connections. He wants me to see the mansion. Gosh, I hope he has a gun."
  • Kelley Lynch 1 year ago
    An Open Letter From Phil Spector
    Sunday July 26th


    I had no voice the day I was sentenced in
    court on May 30th 2009 due to throat papalomas I had removed 3-days earlier on the 27th.of May. It left me with no voice. I was indeed very upset because when I was asked to address the court, I could not speak for I had no voice. What I wanted to say follows: Be it known that I, Phillip Spector had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the death of Lana Clarkson. And irrefutable science and five of the greatest, most famous forensic scientists all swore under oath that Ms. Clarkson died of a self inflicted gun shot wound, a suicide. They swore by irrefutable science. And while juries and judges lie and make mistakes, science and DNA do not. When their scientific findings and words were ignored is a mystery to me, and hopefully will not be ignored by the appellate court. And I shall return.

    But let it also be known that there IS a murderer in the court room and it is NOT Phil Spector, it is Alan Jackson. During the trial he murdered the truth, ,he murdered the constitution, he murdered the law, and he murdered my reputation, and he should not go unpunished for his dastardly deeds. He used his five little �groupies� women, one of whom recently overdosed and died from drugs, and could not be here to testify to slander and lie about me, and victimize me so that he could get his conviction without any scientific proof whatsoever. That�s because he had none. He lied and cheated and double crossed that before along with his cohort Truc Doe whenever they got to it, yes my friends, HE is the real murderer. But, what goes around comes around. And the appellate court will see through his chicanery and smoke and mirrors, and false law and overturn my conviction, and then I will be back stronger than ever, a free man as I should be. Until then, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

    Steven, I would like this published verbatim from the beginning of this letter to the end. And tell Chris Paven to also put it on my website.


    See also:


    Bill Pavelic�s allegations that LAPD�s Robbery Homicide Unit Set Up Him, Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden

And then (keeping in mind that we're in LA Confidential Land), more allegations of extremely serious misconduct - this time on the part of the jury foreperson in the second Phil Spector trial. And, fear of retaliation on the part of the individual disclosing this serious misconduct. Of course, this juror misconduct pleased the prosecutors and, no doubt, the judge who has also been accused of very serious judicial misconduct and who has concealed from other jurors the fact that Lana Clarkson was (according to her Madam) a prostitute who played kinky sex games with guns and (according to a lover) an individual who attempted to kill herself in front of him. Both extremely relevant issues - given the fact that she shot herself at Phil Spector's.

  • I have learned about some very unethical conduct on the part of the L.A. prosecutor's office that occurred before, during and after the Phil Spector murder retrial. At this time, these details are all I can relay.
    The jury foreperson (and L.A. Superior court employee), Irma Lopez, is a clerk in the Resource center office at the criminal courts building, Stanley Mosk Room 426. 213-974-5018. She specifically requested to be placed on that jury and used her position and contacts throughout the courthouse and the prosecutor's office to be granted that favor. This of course pleased prosecutors.
    The main motivation was to serve on a celebrity trial for fame and exposure. An underlying reason was that she and her co-workers at Domestic Violence Prevention office, as well as her friends in the prosecutor's office, had already made up their minds as to Mr. Spector's guilt and promised to make him pay. Lopez has since bragged to several persons that she had herself assigned to be the foreperson in order to direct the jury proceedings, sway the jurors towards guilt, and had pre-planned to find Spector guilty. Lopez also admitted that prosecutors told her they needed to convict Phil Spector by 'any means necessary' because they could not afford to lose another high profile case.
    Irma Lopez was the only juror who attended the sentencing and gave numerous quotes and interviews to the media.
    Not exactly a fair-minded juror.
    I hope you'll find this information helpful into how the prosecutors hand out favors to reward courthouse employees.
    I am hoping to obtain further details in the days to come, and hope to persuade this witness to come forward with Irma Lopez's admissions.
    Please keep in mind that Ms. Lopez is the kind of person who threatens the personal lives of anyone who crosses her, or attempts to bury them with false accusations and restraining orders from her office, not to mention that her husband is an E.L.A. gang member.
    Please DO NOT release my name or email in any form. I fear retaliation.
    I will be in touch with you as soon as I have more information.
    Thank you.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Scientist Stands Up For Phil Spector

From: Kelley Lynch
Date: Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 10:57 PM
Subject: Re: My Federal Tax Returns
To: ajackson , "Truc.Do" , wfrayeh , jthompson , Dennis , "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ , Washington Field , "Kelly.Sopko" , rbyucaipa , Robert MacMillan , moseszzz , wennermedia , "Hoffman, Rand" , woodwardb , "harriet.ryan" , Teresa Low , PIU , OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL , chaleffg , MEDIA RELATIONS PIO , Steven Machat , jwalker , The Scientist , Rutger Penick , Ray Lindsey , Douglas Penick
Cc: Jewel of Activity , info , "" , Michelle Rice , rkory , anndiamond2002

Hi Scientist,

How are you? I know that King Jammy Sleazebag threatened to murder you but my former partner is a "folk singer" and,
as you noted, a one hit wonder who used Phil Spector. Law enforcement (corrupt, no doubt) loves my ex-partner even
though there is credible evidence that he's a thief; obstructed justice in a sham murder trial set up (Phil Spector's); targets
innocent people; and one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. You were correct - he is a one hit wonder. He used
his fraudulent "de riguer" gun stories to further his career and when his ass was on the line - re. his criminal tax fraud and
massive tax hit - he threw me under the bus. He is an unconscionable liar, con artist, fraud, and thief. The DA allegedly
used him in Phillip's secret grand jury. And now, this fraud liar thug has perhaps pulled down my documents on scribd - that
would include his terrorist threats against Ann Diamond. She never stalked him. Perhaps Leonard Cohen could hook
up with King Jammy's. In fact, Cohen may be in this country illegally because he abandoned his green card and was, from
what I could tell, attempting to blame that on Steven Machat's father, Marty Machat.


On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 9:10 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the FBI,

Do you see any serious criminal issues re. Rice threatening to have me arrested over my federal tax returns? I do and so do
many others. Well, Ed Dean (Cohen's lawyer who had issues with personal service contracts being assigned to a corporation)
thought the IRS should or would come in after lawyers in this matter. I whole heartedly agree. Cohen, Kory, Rice, and others,
now appear to be emboldened. Who pulled my documents from Scribd?


Leonard Cohen's Extravaganza - Tax Fraud, Perjury, Obstructio of Justice - Phil Spector Set Up, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch
Date: Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: My Federal Tax Returns
To: ajackson , "Truc.Do" , wfrayeh , jthompson , Dennis , "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ , Washington Field , "Kelly.Sopko" , rbyucaipa , Robert MacMillan , moseszzz , wennermedia , "Hoffman, Rand" , woodwardb , "harriet.ryan" , Teresa Low , PIU , OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL , chaleffg , MEDIA RELATIONS PIO , Steven Machat , jwalker
Cc: Jewel of Activity , info , "" , Michelle Rice , rkory , anndiamond2002

To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,

It is amazing that Kory told my lawyers (who put this in writing) that they were so concerned about the IRS (re. Cohen, his
creative tax planning, disdain for ordinary income taxes, and massive tax hit) Kory didn't even want to ask the IRS for a copy of
the Traditional Holdings, LLC tax returns. Cohen and his gangsta thug lawyers have certainly become emboldened. I will
follow up with the District Attorney - in writing - re. my Major Fraud Unit complaint with respect to Cohen's criminal tax fraud
and theft totaling millions of dollars. I intend to file another complaint and will again address this issue in my next FOIA request
which will be far more specific.


On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Rice and Kory,

I am - yet again - asking for the information I require in order to amend my federal tax returns. I intend to fight the issues Cohen's default judgment raised with respect to my previously filed federal tax returns that were illegally altered. I intend to fight the illegal
K1s that LC Investments, LLC (owned 100% by Cohen) issued me and transmitted to both the IRS and State of Kentucky. I view
Kory/Cohen's declaration in Ray's alleged custody matter as criminal witness tampering, coercion, obstruction of justice, etc. I would like all valuations in Cohen's possession relating to the intellectual property I own - including all statements relating to the assignments (that he knows are non-revocable and this was confirmed with Greenberg after I went over to Cohen's, sat down, and discussed this - he dictated the language in the minutes re. these assignments, etc. I would also like to share this information with Steven Machat who is also a victim of theft by Leonard Cohen - as are Marty Machat, Phil Spector, and probably Bob Johnston.

I am once again advising your client to cease and desist slandering me, my family, etc. He has aligned himself with Stephen
Gianelli who is clearly a dangerously unstable individual who has targeted my family and falsely accused my sister and her husband of starting their business with Cohen's cash. My elderly parents were falsely accused. Your client is an out of control ego-maniac, pathetic liar, con artist, and thief.

I would assume that someone involved with your company or Cohen had my documents pulled down from Scribd and intend to
follow up on that. Cohen had no problems threatening Ann Diamond, falsely accusing her of stalking him, and probably encouraged
Stephen Gianelli to slander her. Ann Diamond never stalked Leonard Cohen and was a student of Joshu Sasaki Roshi.

Leonard Cohen is one hell of a buddhist In fact, you would have to go to hell to find one like him.

Again, if you want to threaten me over my federal tax returns and these requests for information I need pertaining to my federal
tax returns - including with threats involving law enforcement (who will be sued for every incident where they targeted me) -
threaten the IRS.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:50 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,

I can assure you that my request for information necessary to amend my federal tax returns is not "belated." My federal tax returns were illegally altered by a "default" in a matter I was not served and where the proof of service is fraudulent. I have demanded that Cohen rescind the criminal K1s he issued me from LC Investments, LLC. I have also demanded that he cease slandered me, libeling me, and defaming me - and my family. I would like to review the entire custody file with the IRS - and that includes "Robert Kory's " declaration. I view that entire matter as blackmail, coercion, obstruction of justice, bribery, etc.

I'll keep an eye on my Scribd account. Who would remove these documents. What's the issue with posting the letter Cohen threatened Ann Diamond with? He had no problem threatening her.


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:47 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Michelle Rice and Robert Kory,

I have repeatedly requested information I need - in Cohen's possession - to amend my 2001-2010 federal tax returns. Judge Ken Freeman has no jurisdiction over my federal tax returns and a default judgment in a matter i wasn't served (and was unable to read until Stephen Gianelli posted them online in April 2010) cannot illegally alter my filed federal tax returns. Please refer to the irrevocable assignments re. my share of intellectual property that Cohen has now stolen - together with my so-called shares of Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and Traditional Holdings, Inc. - two entities Cohen snuck into the default judgment who weren't named as parties to the suit. Cohen was not the beneficial owner of either of those entities and his lies, fraud, and perjury are overwhelming. So is his concealment.

I am also demanding that Cohen immediately revoke the illegal K1s he issued me from LC Investments, LLC. Cohen states in his declaration that he is the 100% owner of that entity so there will be no further need for me to prove that the K1s issued for the years 2001, 2002, and 2003 (and transmitted to the IRS, who told me about them, and the State of Kentucky) are criminal.

Finally, I demand that Cohen CEASE AND DESIST slandering me and employing others to attack and target me, my family, friends, business associates, and others. The same is true with respect to my parents and Karen and David McCourt - who did NOT start their business with Cohen's cash. He, as always, remains a bald-faced liar and thief.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:43 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the IRS and FBI,

I really think this "death threat" issue re. Alan Jackson needs to be investigated. Also, the false accusation that I criminally
impersonated Bruce Cutler in an email to a young woman in the UK. This is an incredibly sick and sadistic situation. Who pulled
my documents from Scribd?


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:41 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello Sharmapa,

How are you? I would like to ask you to do protector prayers. I've been accused of issuing a "death threat" to prosecutor Alan Jackson who may have found a sympathetic ear with "Gianelli" who has slandered you terribly. Someone deleted my posts to Scribd. I posted Ann Diamond's article for Rolling Stone; Cohen's threat letter to Ann Diamond; my revisions to the Rolling Stone article; the transcript of my conversation with Steven Machat (which is also published on my River Deep Book Blog - I asked Sonny Mehta to read through that blog); etc. The attempts to silence me continue.

Thank you.


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:39 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hi Mr. Riordan,

Revenge fantasies. Who has removed my posts from Scribd? I want to know. My blogs and email accounts have been targeted
and people clearly would still like to silence me. Well, it's not going to happen, Mr. Riordan. I think I'll give Sonny Metha another call to bring him up-to-date. I'll let him know that I've been accused of threatening "Alan Jackson" with death. What's next, Mr. Riordan? Will I be accused of putting a fatwa on Jackson? Fortunately, Sonny Metha published Rushdie's Satanic Verses and probably isn't all that worried about low level thug domestic terrorists. I would assume he's interested in a well written book. I want this accusation that I've issued a "death threat" to Alan Jackson investigated. I'm writing Phillip a letter and will address this in that letter. I'll let you know when it's mailed. One has recently been returned. I mail the returned letter to you.


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:35 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Alan Jackson,

I'm gathering information from the internet re. the slander, defamation, libel, threats, etc. with respect to me, Phil Spector, and Leonard Cohen. It's amazing that someone has actually lied and said I'm a drunk, crack addict, and made a death threat online towards you. That is a bald-faced lie. I am not constantly on the run and that notion is laughable.
I don't live in a homeless shelter and haven't been homeless since 2006 actually. So, that's old news. You didn't prove Phil Spector is a murderer. I am awaiting a call back from Dr. Werner Spitz (whose office recently called me) regarding you, your threats and slander re. Phil Spector's expert witnesses - and, in particular, Dr. Spitz, and the forensic
science. I'm not a sick person but I believe you are. Marko definitely seems sick to me - as in "criminally insane."

I am advising you to have these people cease and desist. You and Pat Dixon seem to have issues with me. Fascinating - since I've never met you and have no idea who
you are. You should know better than anyone - the DA's office dragged me into Phil Spector's sham set up.

Kelley Lynch

· Kelley Lynch stole from Leonard Cohan, has a judgement of over 7 million dollars she owes him, he also has a restraining order against her. She's violating it all over the net by making false claims against him. She's a crack addict and a drunk. She has at least 5 bench orders out for her arrest. She's constantly on the run and ends up residing in homeless shelters. She is now making death threats online towards Alan Jackson who proved Phil Spector is a murderer. She's a very sick person who needs to be reported to the authorties.

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Replying to kelley lynch is a thief


Tsi U Marpo

126 comments 348 likes received


Post as Tsi U Marpo Cancel


Tsi U Marpo minutes ago in reply to kelley lynch is a thief

Cohen doesn't have a restraining order against me. He didn't put witnesses on the stand or offer evidence. I asked the judge to make it permanent. Cohen was freaked out over Ann Diamond's draft article that spoke the truth about what happened between the two of us - he committed criminal tax fraud and I reported it. I am not a crack addict or drunk but people (connected to Cohen and the Lost Angeles District Attorney) have motive to undermine my credibility and slander me. I've asked Phil Spector's legal team to investigate the fact that I have been accused of issuing "death threats" to the man Bruce Cutler called a "little girl" - Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson. What authorities? I've reported all of this to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Trasury and the online cyber-terrorists have decided to play games with these agencies, lie to them, and attack my family members, etc. Quite a number of people have been forced to hire attorneys and Steven Machat (who Cohen also stole from and who used to represent him) has received similar email threats, etc., from a lunatic connected to Leonard Cohen/Robert Kory. Cohen's greed got the best of him and as someone recently wrote me his "extravaganza" with respect to me proves he is "Mafioso." Then there's his perjury in Phil Spector's matter, obstruction of justice, etc.

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kelley lynch is a thief months ago

See the thief here:


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Tsi U Marpo

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Tsi U Marpo minutes ago in reply to kelley lynch is a thief

Leonard Cohen is a thief who has now stolen from me, Phil Spector, Steven and Marty Machat, and probably Bob Johnston. I haven't made death threats to anyone - including the thug prosecutor Alan Jackson.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obsessed Phil Spector Blogger - Jihad Gianelli's "Disclaimer" May Serve No Purpose

I believe Jihad Gianelli is concealing the true purpose of his Blog. His last "article" posted on or around May 2, 2011 is a list of 9/11 victims. Prior to that he has a "Happy Easter" notice with no comments; an "article" about a woman who injured herself clapping with no comments; and - of course - an article on Phil Spector with 180 comments:



Excerpted comments:

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't think this appellate court wanted to take away from the DA's office their first celebrity murder conviction.

I do believe that the California Supreme court will overturn it.

Aloha said...

What overwhelming evidence of guilt? Where? There isn't any. That was the response the AG representative gave, I believe it was to Justice Klein, in response to a question about the 5 women who testified.

Anonymous said...

According to the Linda Deutche report who has been pretty fair to Spector, Riordan will ask the Supreme Court to review on June 13. Unfortunately the sharks are circling as the civil case is coming to head in January 2012 and I would expect a 10 million plus judgement. Even if the Supreme Court were to review the case it will take years to wind its way through. The thing about the 2nd districts ruling that was so telling was how swift the opinion was rendered and how many times Riordan opposed giving the AG more time to answer. Not very smart. Hopefully they learn and be very humbled if the Supreme court agrees to hear the case.

N.J. Supreme Court says blogger not protected from revealing her sources

Published: Wednesday, June 08, 2011, 9:00 AM Updated: Wednesday, June 08, 2011, 6:12 PM

TRENTON —New Jersey’s legal protections allowing journalists to keep their sources secret do not apply to those who post to online message boards, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The court, clarifying an area of law that has not kept up with advances on the internet, said bloggers must have some connection to "news media" to invoke New Jersey’s shield law protecting journalists from revealing their confidential sources.

"To ensure that the privilege does not apply to every self-appointed newsperson, the legislature requires that other means of disseminating news be ‘similar’ to traditional news sources to qualify for the law’s coverage," Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote for the 5-0 court. "We do not find that online message boards are similar to the types of news entities listed in the statute ..."

The long-awaited decision, which included arguments from media groups and the state ACLU, overturned part of an appellate court ruling that would have established stricter criteria for journalists to qualify for the protection.

"This is just a beginning to this conversation," said Bruce Rosen, a Florham Park attorney representing the New Jersey Press Association. "This conversation is going to go on for years, but it’s a good place to start."

Courts have already ruled people can be sued for comments they post on message boards, but this case addressed what protections "nontraditional" media have in an era when newspapers, magazines, television and radio are no longer the only sources of news.

The ruling was made in the case of a blogger from Washington State who posted alleged defamatory statements about a Marlboro-based software company.

In comments she posted to a message board about an online security breach, Shellee Hale claimed Too Much Media LLC’s owners had threatened her sources and failed to report the breach because they profited from the stolen email addresses. TMM, which helps online adult entertainment companies track sales, sued for defamation and Hale sought protection of shield law.

A former Microsoft employee and a private investigator, Hale argued she was preparing an article for her website,, about the infiltration of pornography on the internet when she posted her comments about TMM in 2008.

TMM argued Hale is not a journalist and fabricated the purpose of her website to seek the protection.

A Superior Court judge in Monmouth County ruled in 2009 that the protection did not apply to Hale. An appellate panel later that year upheld that decision but also set very specific criteria for journalists to qualify for the protection.

But the Supreme Court — to the delight of a group of media outlets invited into the arguments — shot down the appeals court’s criteria. It said the test is whether there is a connection to news media, if the purpose of the report is to gather or disseminate news and if the information was obtained during professional newsgathering activities.

In her case, Hale insisted Pornafia was a legitimate medium. But the court noted she never launched the news magazine portion of the website. The court also noted her alleged defamatory statements appeared exclusively on the message board, which the court said was one step removed from the electronic equivalent of a letter to the editor in a newspaper.

TMM attorney Joel Kreizman of Ocean Township welcomed the decision because he said the lawsuit can finally proceed.

"We’ve been stuck on this issue for over two years. This case normally would have gone to trial by now. We’re almost basically starting from scratch," he said.

Hale’s attorney, Jeffrey Pollock of Princeton, said he will ask the Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling that the decision applies retroactively to his client.

He said the decision narrows the scope of people who qualify for the protection to keep sources confidential, a sentiment echoed by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based policy research group.

"Putting aside the wisdom of shield laws, they should not exist to protect only certain classes of Americans a court defines as ‘journalists.’ Freedom of the press is not truly free if the definition of ‘press’ is left up to the whim of a judge," said Jim Lakely, co-director of the institute’s Center on the Digital Economy.

Gianelli - Cohen, Jackson, et al's Henchman - Cohen Cancelled The Concert In Cambodia With Some Lame Excuse

June 18, 2010

Dear Ms. Lynch:

On June 17, 2010, you posted on your blog a letter to the Cambodian Red Cross protesting what you believed to be entertainer Leonard Cohen’s intention to give a charity concert there to benefit the Cambodian people on the BOGUS grounds that (according to you, without any evidence, and despite the denial of the alleged “victim”) Cohen allegedly molested his daughter in Greece in 1979.
Actually, if Cohen wants to press this issue I will absolutely subpoena Freda Gutman. Ann Diamond has already confirmed that Freda Gutman advised her that Lorca Cohen publicly informed her classmates at Concordia that her father molested her.

You posted your letter under a post heading additionallyfalsely implying that Cohen, who has a lifetime history of charitable giving, is simply giving the benefit to obtain a tax deduction.
Well, since I did work as Cohen’s personal manager for approximately 17 years I do happen to know this lying con artist fraud and thief. His obsession with stock deals, avoidance of ordinary income tax, avoidance of gift tax, and his deranged insistence that his donation of his body of work to the University of Toronto in exchange for a U.S. tax credit does lead me to wonder if his charitable concert has a tax deduction attached to it. Cohen is one of the greediest men I’ve ever met on this earth. Furthermore, one charitable gesture every few years is really not particularly impressive.

In response we wrote to the same Red Cross official you did, pointing out that it has been proven in a court of law that you were fired as Cohen’s manager in 2004 for embezzling millions from him, that Cohen has a $7.3 million 2006 judgment against you related to your theft, that you have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations, that you have restraining orders against you and in Cohen’s favor in California and Colorado, and that you have six (6) outstanding bench warrants for your arrest issued by the Los Angeles courts.
It would be hard for Gianelli to “point out” anything about me and Cohen since he didn’t know me or Cohen when I refused to meet with Cohen and Westin to unravel their deranged tax planning, corporate structures, etc. Cohen’s the THIEF and the fraud default judgment and wrongful conversion of my property to him is evidence of that. It is also evidence of his attempts to cover up and conceal his criminal tax fraud. I don’t have a history of psychiatric problems and the doctors that I saw were clear about that. Law enforcement appears to have a vested interest in the outcome of Cohen’s criminal tax fraud matter and appears to have wanted the opportunity to interrogate me in a controlled environment about Phil Spector en route to Killer King. Perhaps that’s where Cohen and law enforcement had their meeting of minds. See evidence that Cohen, Lindsey, Kory, and Superfon conspired to have me falsely arrested; Robert Kory’s declaration in my minor son’s custody matter that is evidence of criminal witness tampering on the part of Cohen and Kory; and the evidence Daniel Scheid wrote me about – he told me he has evidence that Cohen and Kory engaged in criminal witness tampering and also has evidence against Lindsey and Superfon.
Three of the bench warrants are clearly evidence of fraud at LA Superior Court. One relates to the UD matter that I was unaware of. I wasn’t served that lawsuit either. Therefore, the judges in four matters before LA Superior Court don’t have jurisdiction which is really quite shocking but seems to be par for the course. I intend to litigate the three garbage, unlawful, and unconstitutional misdemeanor citations with Santa Monica and SMPD. City Attorney Marsha Moutrie should understand that and she should have been able to read the 9th Circuit Court’s decision but Santa Monica thinks it’s above the law and their police department absolutely targeted me and criminally harasses people. They also advised me that they were playing a game and understood that I knew Phil Spector.

We also wrote directly to you in blunt terms pointing out that charity donated services are not tax deductible so this could not have been the entertainer’s motive, as well as the fact that Cohen has a long history of charitable giving.
Cohen’s charitable donation of stock to Mt. Baldy was audited by the IRS and should be revisited by the IRS since his accountant, Ken Cleveland, thought it was a miracle that it flew with the IRS. The IRS really was beginning to audit quite a lot of Cohen’s deranged tax planning, stock deals, and corporate entities. Since K1s Cohen personally received in the amounts of $1 million and $7 million from Sony. They miraculously transformed into $0 1099s. Only Cohen benefitted from that activity. Cohen seems to have a long history of criminal tax fraud and tax evasion in the U.S. There’s apparently no good news in Canada which explains why Canada’s national treasure can’t live in Canada. The IRS, according to Cohen, doesn’t ask where you paid taxes the prior year while Canada Revenue does.

The bottom line is this: Setting aside the morally reprehensible nature of your attempt to derail a benefit concert for needy, third world people based on false, malicious and untrue allegations of pedophilia—and that you have made those very same preposterous, false and untrue allegations against this blog—once you take a controversial stand regarding a public figure and post it on the internet you are quite literally inviting public comment and controversy. In other words, you then become fair game for criticism.
I have been clear – any adult male stranger who attempts to lure a minor into privately communicating with him should be viewed as a potential sexual predator. To say otherwise is preposterous. Malicious lies and slander is NOT criticism.

In subsequent posts on your blog you repeat the false allegation that we are working for Leonard Cohen (we are not now, nor have we ever been so affiliated) as well as the reckless and maliciously motivated FALSE AND MANUFACTURED accusation that Cohen is a pedophile.
I didn’t manufacture Freda Gutman’s remarks to Ann Diamond about Lorca Cohen’s public declaration at Concordia that her father molested her. I also didn’t manufacture Cohen’s comments to me that he had sex with his 15-year old nanny and asked me to contact Van Penick about the statutes of limitations with respect to that in Canada. There apparently aren’t any statutes of limitations.

We again remind you that you have also falsely accused this blog and its editor of serious crimes, transparently to get even with us for banning you from Blogonaut Law Blog and also to retaliate against our constitutionally privileged communications about your controversial public statements regarding public figures Phil Spector, Leonard Coehn, Alan Jackson, and others, and that those false allegations have included the undersigned allegedly being a member of a notorious pedophile organization—again with zero evidence to back the allegation up; Just your malicious desire to damage someone’s reputation by stating the worst accusation possible in our culture.
Apparently Gianelli (who is NOT a “blog”) doesn’t think criminal witness tampering, criminal harassment, intimidation tactics, threats, blackmail/extortion, cyber-bullying, malicious lies and slander, etc. are serious crimes. Gianelli also doesn’t view lying to the FBI as a serious crime. I haven’t made any controversial public statements regarding Phil Spector. I have said that I had dinner with Phil Spector after the Clarkson incident at his house. At that time, Phil Spector advised me that Clarkson was dancing around in his foyer, waving a gun, and shot herself. That’s precisely what five major forensic experts concluded. Leoanrd Cohen and Alan Jackson’s actions are most definitely controversial. In fact, controversy seems to be the name of their game. They have similar tactics – malicious lies, slander, targeting innocent people, character assassination, bullying people, lying, attempting to intimidate people, etc. Any adult male stranger who attempts to lure a minor into privately communicating with him (via the internet and by email) should be viewed as a potential sexual predator. Many people have advised me that they view Gianelli as a dangerously unstable lunatic and feel he is sadistically obsessed with me.

In other words you have a years-long demonstrated pattern of reaching into thin air to trash those that displease you with the made-up accusations you believe will cause the targets of your anger and displeasure the maximum pain and reputation damage.
Cohen didn’t “displease” me. He committed criminal tax fraud and I reported that to the IRS and provided them with evidence. I also reported it to the State of Kentucky, California State Franchise Tax Board, and the District Attorney’s aptly named Major Fraud Unit. Cohen is a lying con artist fraud and thief who maliciously slandered me, targeted my family, and stole from me. He is a maniac.

Of course, it is also quite ironic that you—who has spent the last 5 years and the last 14 months, respectively, serially accusing Leonard Cohen and this blog of criminality—have not only an extensive arrest record as well as six (6) outstanding WARRANTS FOR YOUR ARREST issued by different Los Angeles superior Court judges in six different matters.
Hardly an “extensive arrest record” but I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate all activity with respect to me and law enforcement. I have also asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate Cohen’s lawsuit against me and the custody matter – as well as Greenberg’s companion lawsuit in Colorado. Very clever of Cohen to forget to name Greenberg to his fraud lawsuit against me while sneaking in two companies not named in his lawsuit (and clearly not under Freeman’s jurisdiction) into what I believe is a highly illegal default judgment and evidence of criminal conduct. Cohen has no qualms, apparently, engaging in criminal conduct – see illegal and criminal K1s that were transmitted to the IRS and State of Kentucky. The man lies as easily as he breathes. He must really impress these judges who appear to bend over backwards for lying celebrity frauds.

You, and the persons whom you attempt to sway with your false allegations, would do well to keep in mind that neither Leonard Cohen, nor the undersigned, nor anyone else that you have accused (and there have been many) have ever been prosecuted for any crime, and that it is you—and only you—who has suffered multiple civil judgments, restraining orders, psychiatric hospitalizations, arrests, has embezzled millions, and also has warrants out for her arrest.
Who are the persons I’m attempting to sway? The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan? Should they keep in mind that Cohen hasn’t been prosecuted for a crime. Perhaps the IRS is aware of this and perhaps they sent agents from the Treasury to meet with me because they have a probable prosecution of Leonard Cohen pending. Perhaps that’s why I’ve heard from the FBI on more than one occasion. I’ve asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate the hospitalizations – including the one where the IRS shows up in the medical records which is precisely why I called Agent Bill Betzer from the nurse’s station. This was discussed with the Treasury agents – as was the custody matter which clearly relates to Cohen’s criminal tax fraud matter and Phil Spector’s matter. I am assuming that the DA had the power and motive to have me dragged to Killer King but have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate that.
You are the one wanted by Los Angeles Police on six bench warrants; not Cohen and not this blog; and you are the one who has been proven to have embezzled millions of dollars; who has a motive to lie and a demonstrated propensity to lie; who has been frequently arrested; and who has a history of involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations.
Really? I’m wanted by LAPD? Do they now have a wanted poster out? A default judgment PROVES nothing except for the fact that Cohen used that to commit THEFT, wrongful conversion, fraud, etc. I have no propensity to lie. Gianelli, however, clearly has MOTIVE and that should absolutely be investigated together with what I view as his engagement in extremely serious criminal conduct.

Add to that resume yesterday's demonstrated willingness to deprive an entire country of needy people charity aid to serve your own sick agenda of getting revenge against your crime victim.
Give me a break. Leonard Cohen is a common criminal.
Your arrest and (hopefully) subsequent psychiatric treatment could not come soon enough for us.
What arrest (hopefully)? LAPD knows how to contact me. Cohen has a history of very serious psychiatric problems. He has a history of drug addiction and abuse – as well as problems with alcohol. He is a calculated fraud and liar. He has a history of THEFT with respect to his advisers. He is a dangerously unstable fraud. When people see through this lying thug criminal he targets them … that includes Phil Spector. Cohen’s sick agenda with respect to Phil Spector SHOCKS the conscience. I believe he waited in ambush after Phil Spector refused to finish his album or work with him. Cohen was humiliated (according to him) that he had to telegraph Phil Spector in an attempt to have him finish the album. Phil Spector found working with Cohen miserable. I know for a fact that working with Cohen is a miserable experience. He’s a control freak, lying con artist, and one of the greediest men I’ve ever met in my life. He uses his money to buy people’s silence and friendship. The man’s PATHETIC. He hires high paid liars to destroy innocent people’s lives and targets children. One must wonder why the detectives I met at Cohen’s house think it’s acceptable that his good rock ‘n roll comments ended up as testimony in the Phil Spector matter. They seemed professional to me. Cohen apparently thought using the Phil Spector matter would help him save his proverbial ass and cover up his criminal tax fraud, etc. The man has a criminal mind. He has no remorse. He is obsessed with himself. He’s a revolting excuse for a man.

Very truly yours,

Blogonaut Law Blog


Anonymous said...
Pure white trash C is threatening Walsh again after sending her yet another blowhard e-mail. Then e-mails her again. Walsh will send that to Michelle Rice who the lying kelley is claiming: Is Playing With The Big Boys - And Attempting To Intimidate And Threaten My Sons, Etc. - Make No Mistakes About This Thug..

What big boys would they be? the ones in your dirty underwear?
Who would want this nasty vile thug writing to their sons?

LAPD, your sons, Michelle..etc. can see you.
Can LAPD see me and my sons? They should be focused on Cohen, Kory, Rice, and the cyber-terrorists and bullies who have decided to engage in an organized campaign of criminal harassment, witness tampering, threats, intimidation tactics, etc.

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UPDATED 03.21.13

Here is Robert Kory’s mass email reply:
First please accept my personal apologies for my failure to foresee the disasters that led to cancellation of the Cambodian concert. Second, I am planning to make a statement on the forum, but I am waiting to sort out all the damage.
In the interim, here is the simple explanation. The local promoter is inexperienced, and failed to account properly for the cost in presenting the concert in such a remote location. The technical hallmark of a Leonard Cohen concert on this tour is its sound; we do not compromise the standards, and we have a very detailed technical rider that we send to every promoter prior to signing a contract as to the technical requirements. Many less advanced countries do not have the equipment which must be shipped in by freight. Even in the famous Israel concert last year, we had to ship in truckloads of equipment from Germany. In the case of Phnom Penh, we verified, through an independent European tour manager living in Thailand, that the required equipment existed in SE Asia and could be shipped in. Over the course of the last few months, I relied on AEGLive in London to monitor progress along with our our crew. AEGLive is responsible for all promotion contracts and for verifying the financial integrity of all local promoters. About four weeks ago, I became concerned that our crew was not getting answers from the local promoter about equipment arrivals, load in schedules, etc, Ticket sales were not great, but were adequate. When I finally pressed the issue on equipment, however, it became clear that the local promoter had not anticipated either the full cost of renting equipment and not any cost of freight. Equipment production costs alone rose to over $500,000. That cost is not feasible for a 2,000 person concert, The venue only holds 3,500. In addition to the equipment production costs, you have to add air charter, security, hotels, etc for 40 people. Total show costs would reach over $800,000. In short the concert would have been a financial disaster even if every ticket were sold; there would not only be no money for charity, but the local promoter would be bankrupt and we would no doubt have incurred great travel and hotel expense for which we would not be reimbursed.
What took so long for me to discover these matters? The local promoter was less than forthcoming, and AEGLive became so emotionally committed to seeing the historic concert happen that they failed in their oversight duties. This is a very rare error of judgment. I was the final line of defense in unearthing the facts, and when I smelled a problem, I pushed until I got answers, as I am not just a manager, but a lawyer. So my due diligence efforts included personally calling the local promoter every hour for several days while I was in New Zealand and sending increasingly forceful and compelling emails demanding the truth whatever the truth might be. In AEG’s defense, the local promoter stopped returning AEG’s calls, probably as panic set in as the local promoter realized that the concert meeting our technical standards was not financially feasible.
The success of our tour over the past two and one-half years may lead some fans to believe that the whole enterprise is or has been easy to manage and coordinate. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Managing and promoting a tour of this magnitude and quality is extraordinarily difficult because we absolutely never compromise quality. Some artists would say, “go ahead, rent the cheap local equipment, too bad if the audience can’t hear, they can’t hear in most concerts anyway.” That approach is anathema to us. Leonard has given me the honor and the privilege to manage a tour of unprecedented quality. Between ourselves, we call it “the no compromise tour.” That has been our premise from day one, and I take some satisfaction that the whole crew has adopted a standard of excellence. That means we turn down many offers. In retrospect, we should have declined the Phnom Penh offer.
I deeply regret the inconvenience our “no compromise” attitude has had on your plans. I can only console myself with the knowledge that I would have been even more horrified to walk the stadium and hear muddled sound that made it impossible to hear the music and lyrics.
We remain committed to playing Asia; I have explored many avenues; our technical rider is a deterrent to many Asian promoters who know their business; nevertheless, Leonard plans to tour next year after the release of his new record. I will continue to try to organize a tour in Asia.
Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you in seeing one of the remaining concerts in Australia or North America. Tickets will be our gift.
By the way, we are making a donation to charity in Cambodia from revenues earned in Australia because we told the Cambodian public that a charitable donation would be made. That donation will come directly from my pocket and from Leonard’s.
Kind regards,
Robert Kory
RK Management, LLC
9300 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 200
Beverly Hills,CA 90212
(t) 310-285-1620 ext 601
(f) 310-278-7641