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A Friend Of The Devil - LA District Attorney's Theme Song

Perhaps The FBI Knows Who Would Want Pat Dixon Speaking To Bruce Cutler About Them - He's Friends With Pellicano? How Corrupt!

Kelley Lynch

Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 6:30 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, pboche <>
To the FBI,

Let me be clear about something:  Bill Pavelic has publicly stated the Pat
Dixon is a friend of Pellicano's.  You know who Pellicano is.  The man is
a gangster who had plastique in his safe.  My friend, who works for a news
gathering agency (a man I was on the phone with when the lunatic couple
lost their minds over their prescription drug abuse - and I was on with him
just about every night, I might note so he knows people are lying and
looked at Gianelli's site and Phawker and told me they are "crazy" which
is the general consensus although I think "dangerously unstable" is more
accurate), told me Dixon was friendly with Pellicano.  With that in mind,
WHO would want Dixon talking to anyone (including Cutler) about them.
What were Cutler and Dixon talking about in 2008 that involved me?  Dixon
has no jurisdiction over me and Cutler lives and works in New York so the
mere thought of Dixon prosecuting me is insane.  What was he going to
prosecute me over?  Eminem?  Eminen's song "PUKE" that caused Jihad
Gianelli to write that Dixon "feared for his life" because Eminem mentioned dry
humping and Dixon evidently thought that referred to him.  Do I care if Gianelli
or Dixon are unfamiliar with Eminem's work?  That's not a good legal standard
for "fearing for your life."  How absurd is that statement?  That was absolutely
addressed in my letter to Alan Jackson (hand delivered to Cooley and Jackson)
and that letter was concealed from my jurors and raises serious issues.  That
most definitely should be addressed on appeal and someone had Scribd
remove that letter.  Why?  Who would ask Scribd to remove my letter to Alan
Jackson?  It may be time for another FOIA request.  I'd love to see their
filing and email system.  They track my alleged emails but lost or destroyed
the Complaint I sent their Major Fraud Unit re. Cohen's criminal tax fraud and
theft from me in the millions?  That's why I asked Investigator Frayeh to hand
deliver it - so I could issue a subpoena to him and he could testify
that he handed
these thugs (my perspective) my letter.

Is the FBI interested in Pavelic's statements that the LA DA's office and LAPD
embarked on a mission to intentionally frame him, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Baden by
manufacturing a bogus obstrution of justice crime?  How about a bogus "intent
to annoy" and violate an order obtained by fraud (the judge reminded me that
she granted me that order and I asked her to vacate due to the perjury, fraud,
and lies) which I was not served when the new order was registered in
California.  It is interesting to note that Berkeley PD was not clear
on why they were arresting me.  We discussed this for quite a long
time.  I asked how a judge could obtain
jurisdiction over me without my bring notified.  It's an excellent
question - for anyone familiar with LA Confidential tactics.

All the best,

"....The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the LAPD Robbery
Homicide Division in the Phil Spector's (2007) murder trial embarked
on a mission to intentionally frame me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael
Baden, in a manufactured and bogus "obstruction of justice" crime. The
architects of this conspiracy involved Deputy District Attorney
Patrick Dixon and Robbery Homicide Detective Victor Pietrantoni...."

".... Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon, persuaded the judge to
creatively, albeit injudiciously, grant the LAPD Robbery Homicide
Division authority to "investigate" the circumstances of the missing
evidence and assigned this case to Robbery Homicide Division (RHD)
investigator Victor Pietrantoni, a friend of Deputy District Attorney
Patrick Dixon and Anthony Pellicano...."

Kelley's Email To the IRS and FBI (Who Have Advised Me That They Are Reading My Emails So Gianelli Can Lie About That Fact) Regarding The DA's Highlighting Of The Words "Steven Machat" & "Fan Of Alan Jackson's" In The Satirical Email Horvath Attached To His Letter To The Court


Kelley Lynch

Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 5:59 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, pboche <>
To the IRS and FBI,
I just left a message with Captain Jack Horvath/LA DA.  I left a second
message advising him NOT to destroy that tape because that would be
spoliation and noted my complaint to their Major Fraud United, conversation
with Jeff Jonas about that complaint, and my FOIA request that did not
officially reveal the complaint.  I asked Horvath, in the first message, why
Steven Machat's name was highlighted.  My roommates think that proves
a type of target mentality.  The comment that was highlighted about a "fan
of Alan Jackson's" is utterly outrageous.  WHAT was Judge Robert Vanderet
thinking?  I mentioned to Horvath (and have mentioned to Viramones/LAPD),
in this message, that there are IRS reporting and filing requirements.  Vanderet
cannot change those requirements and simply because Vanderet decided
not to permit Agent Tejeda/IRS to take the stand does not change that -
NOR does it change the facts of the situation.  A default judgment does not
negate THEFT - particularly when procured by fraud, lies, and perjury.  I am
identifying all the perjury and this is clearly an issue on appeal.  You cannot
obtain a verdict based on fraud, lies, and perjury.  I have asked Boche to file
my Motion under seal and instructed to provide me with a copy before filng
it.  The political retaliation, Cohen's criminal tax fraud, the fact
that Agent Tejeda/IRS
and Doug Davis/FTB were concealed from the jurors does not change what
occurred.  That involves serious concealment of serious legal issues.
the judge in Boulder stated - on the record - that I was representing myself.
I was and have been until I was appointed public defenders and Mr. Suarez
took on the appeal.  People agree - this was the problem.  I was not
I was representing myself and am, to a great extent, on many issues.  This
is noted in LAPD's report - that Kory refused to return my calls.  The State
Bar and many lawyers have advised me that he had to return my calls.  This man
is a pathetic liar and the IRS should absolutely prosecute both Kory and Rice.
Their logic is deranged.  Their testimony is filled with lies.  They
were paid lawyers
working for Cohen, testifying against me, and possibly assisting the LA District
Attorney although that backfired with Cohen and the automatic gun to his head
story that is contradictory to the DA's version - where a semi-automatic gun was
pointed to Phil Spector's chest.  And there are other versions online
- including
a gun pointed to his neck, a crossbow, etc.  Cohen's mental state should have
been taken into consideration and a psychiatric exam required - particularly
after the utterly psychotic "car" comment.  He is paranoid and essentially
hallucinating about me?  He testified that he obtained the Boulder
restraining order
because he thought I would attend his concert.  I did not and never
would.  I don't want to see this man and he seems obsessed with me.
For the record, he
wrote Streeter and said he read the alleged emails "at leaset once,
sometimes multiple times" and yet he expects me to believe he only
asked his lawyers what
a K-1 was a couple of weeks earlier?  That sounds like a bald-faced lie.

With respect to Horvath - I assured him that I am not running for President of
the United States (per the email he attached to his letter lying to
the court about
me contacting them in 2007 - they came to my house in 2005 about Phil Spector
and I spoke to Jeff Jonas and Brian Bennett about my complaint to
Major Fraud re. Leonard Cohen's tax fraud and theft from me - millions
- in 2006.  I talked to a woman in the Major Fraud Unit at that time
also. She and I discussed the IRS, the IRS Commissioner's Staff, and
the public email address I was using (and advised to use by the IRS in
the email they sent me which Agent Sopko and I discussed) -
*  The woman told me this was the public
email address of the IRS Commissioner in Washington.  Did the DA then
ask them all to lie - see my FOIA request?  I also assured Horvath
that there's NO Wedding Party and my friends are not the directors of
the CIA or FBI.  This was, as I've said, a game my colleagues and I
started (well, I started it) and we created lists of our VP and
Cabinet and other posts.  That is entirely obvious in the email
Horvath attached so one must wonder about Judge Robert Vanderet and
people are.  I have no idea if this man is corrupt, in someone's
pocket, knows the DA or Judge Larry Fidler, but this is what people
are wondering and it is valid and legitimate - as is the concern for
my safety.  I mentioned to Horvath (in my message) that Jihad Gianelli
continues to target me on the internet and Investigator William Frayeh
advised me that he hand delivered my letter to Alan Jackson to Steven
Cooley and Alan Jackson.  I, of course, asked why a "fan of Alan
Jackson's" was highlighted in his letter.  It bolsters my position
that this is retaliation.  I have been vocal about Phil Spector's
innocence.  I have been vocal about Cohen's tax fraud.  And I have
asked the FBI to investigate Steve Cooley, and other members of the
DA's office, because this appears to be extremely serious Official
Misconduct.  I continue to tell people that - based on the DA's
presence in the courtroom, lunching with Cohen, the attempt to obtain
a restraining order, the absolute appearance of a legal conspiracy,
and now the highlighting of "Steven Machat" and a "fan of Alan
Jackson's" may lead to their actually confessing.  That's what I wrote
Cutler - who I do not want to have sex with or marry.  Gianelli's
certifable.  I wrote that facetiously because he's a creepy lawyer,
who sounds like he crawled out of a Crypt, and I know what creepy
sleazy lawyers like to talk about - sex.  They think they're onto
something.  Or they're sexually harassing the clerical staff by the
water cooler.  I've worked with and for lawyers for over 35 years.  I
was offered the position of head litigation paralegal (even though
Jihad Gianelli called The Scientist and lied to him) at a major law
firm in Philadelphia because the head litigator threw me on the couch
(after shutting the door), flung himself on top of me, and shoved his
tongue down my mouth.  The head of the firm personally talked to me
about this matter.  I quit and ended up going to work for Marvin Katz
who worked at that firm and worked for the IRS Commissioner.  What
happened with that piece of information - the nut known as Kelly Green
lost its mind and was going to call Katz and have U.S. Marshalls
arrest me.  Doesn't that sound positively insane?  I have no interest
in speaking to Marvin Katz.  I worked for him, helped him settle his
mother's estate, and he's a judge - NOT a litigator.  I just wanted to
see the response and I saw it.  These people don't know me so they
just make things up.  I happened to think the comments on Phawker were
instructional and might constitute illegal discovery.  Green was
questioning me about Michael Baden and Henry Lee.  How bizarre is
that.  Question Michael Baden and Henry Lee is you have questions.
Should I have told Green (who might be Alan Jackson, affiliated with
Jackson, and was on the Darwin Exception in 2007 - as was Cutler) that
I think they were targeted and retaliated against and happen to
support Bill Pavelic's version of events.  Take a look at that again.
Bill Pavelic knows what he is talking about and he knows the Usual
Suspects.  He knows how obsessed these individuals were with nailing a
celebrity after the OJ trial.  Pavelic's correct when he states:
"....Exposing the truth is never in the interest of those who suppress
it and eliminating three members of the O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team"
would have to be executed with precision by the Los Angeles Police
Robbery Homicide Division and their protectorate, the Los Angeles
District Attorney's Office...."  Now, ask yourself this:  why did the
DA target me with Leonard Cohen at my "intent to annoy" trial.
Exposing the truth is never in the interest of those who suppress it
and eliminating me or silencing me works for them.  It works for
Cohen.  And then there's Streeter.  Talk about a madwoman.  I intend
to follow up on that complaint and a subpoena will be issued to the
Supervisor who I was advised to speak with about her lies,
concealment, etc.  If the City Attorney wants to destroy my life (and
sabotage an IRS matter) they are going to be on the witness stand
explaining what the issue was/is and why so much was concealed from
the jurors.  That's on the taxpayer dime and this is what Berkeley PD
and I discussed.  They asked me about Cohen's role in the Phil Spector
matter.  They asked me about the IRS.  I succinctly summed it up with
one quote from an FBI agent in Denver who called me at the Boulder
Library on my cell phone - Let the IRS take the lead, we will be
brought in with respect to criminal witness tampering and evidence
tampering, and he told me to be careful with evidence, particularly
with lawyers, which is why I only attached a handful of key documents
to my Motion to Vacate Cohen's perjured matter in Boulder.  You cannot
procure a verdict or an order based on fraud, perjury, and lies.
However, these judges permit it and tolerate it and that's part of the
problem with the legal system.  I don't need Vanderet (who I am not
married to) telling me what to believe.  He can save it for the
Innocence Project.  He can argue with Charles Sevilla over whether to
call prosecutorial misconduct - prosecutorial misconduct or error.  He
can engage in his rotten logic until the cows come home but he should
save it for his wife and spare me.  He didn't like the fact that I
called LA Confidential a criminal enterprise.  Look at the definition
of a criminal enterprise per RICO.  Does that mean I don't respect the
justice system - if I think RICO would work beautifully to bring
certain corrupt politicians to justice?  Has Cooley sought the death
penalty?  There's a frightening thought.

Some of Cohen's answers to Streeter's questions are about me.  Only I
could answer them but she must be talking to people in her office (for
instance the father of her assistant who works with her) and
attempting to determine how Cohen should testify.  The City Attorney
and Viramontes/LAPD were very helpful.  Unfortunately, I am telling
the truth and Cohen is a bald-faced liar and thief with motive.  He
has now been trapped in perjury and I am privately addressing that
with the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and Phil Spector and his legal
team.  If Gianelli thinks I'm bluffing and wants to lie and say I'm
harrassing my "spam victims," sobiet.  I still believe the IRS and FBI
should arrest and prosecute him and I was clear about this with
Viramontes when I asked:  Did you see the complaints, in my alleged
emails, to LAPD about Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli.  If so, is this a
random investigation that aids a celebrity because he's powerful, has
lawyers, money, and was used by the DA to obtain an indictment (and
possibly verdict) against Phil Spector?  For the record, my public
defender advised me that I was on trial and the DA's investigator was
present because he felt they do not want the verdict overturned.  Now,
ask me what Boche should address in the Motion I want filed under seal
in a hearing that is closed due to very serious concerns for my
welfare.  I will bring letters and affidavits to that hearing from

I asked Boche to ask the judge:  to WHOM do I request the information
I need for my tax returns?  He told me the judge won't know.  I want
the judge to address that.  The truth is the defense to slander and I
have no mental health issues and no issues with alcohol.  That will be
addressed in letters and affidavits I bring to that hearing.  A male
friend of mine will attend and I advised Horvath that Cohen's PI
attended the hearing and violated the restraining order "indirectly"
or "directly" on July 17, 2012.  Let's see if they arrest him or

All the best,

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:26 am    Post subject:



"....After years of grabbing negative headlines for losing the O. J.
Simpson double homicide case and other celebrity trials, involving the
same three participants, it was inevitable and predictable that the
Los Angeles criminal injustice system via Robbery Homicide Division
would administer their personal vendettas against me, Dr. Henry Lee,
and Dr. Michael Baden. That moment arrived in 2007 when music mogul
Phil Spector was charged with the murder of Lana Clarkson. Revenge by
the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division and the Los Angeles District
Attorney's Office against three former members of the O. J. Simpson's
"Dream Team" would be a "MF"and "MF" didn't stand for Mark

"....Exposing the truth is never in the interest of those who suppress
it and eliminating three members of the O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team"
would have to be executed with precision by the Los Angeles Police
Robbery Homicide Division and their protectorate, the Los Angeles
District Attorney's Office...."

"....The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the LAPD Robbery
Homicide Division in the Phil Spector's (2007) murder trial embarked
on a mission to intentionally frame me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael
Baden, in a manufactured and bogus "obstruction of justice" crime. The
architects of this conspiracy involved Deputy District Attorney
Patrick Dixon and Robbery Homicide Detective Victor Pietrantoni...."

".... Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon, persuaded the judge to
creatively, albeit injudiciously, grant the LAPD Robbery Homicide
Division authority to "investigate" the circumstances of the missing
evidence and assigned this case to Robbery Homicide Division (RHD)
investigator Victor Pietrantoni, a friend of Deputy District Attorney
Patrick Dixon and Anthony Pellicano...."

"....What a "happy coincidence" that this case would end up in the lap
of Detective Victor Pietrantoni a Robbery Homicide STUD who was
nicknamed "Casanova" because of his steamy relationship with a high
ranking Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney. Detective Victor
Pietrantoni is just one of many LAPD officers who are incestuously
connected and or married to members of the Los Angeles District
Attorney's Office, The City Attorney's Office and or to the jurists
assigned to the Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts.
Consequently, allowing Victor Pietrantoni to conduct an impartial
obstruction of justice investigation was tantamount to allowing the
fox to investigate who broke into the hen house...."

"....Instead of convening the Grand Jury to investigate the false
allegations manufactured by the District Attorney prosecutors, which
were revolting, contemptible and based on perjurious witnesses, the
Judge relied on a page from the "Spanish Inquisition" and used his
black robe, minus the hood, to lunch a personal, vicious, unethical,
and unrelenting televised smear campaign against Dr. Henry Lee, Dr.
Michael Baden, and Investigative Consultant Bill Pavelic. The judicial
objective (payback) had one purpose in mind; to publicly humiliate and
destroy the professional reputation of the "Dream Team"
participants....knowing it could be accomplished with impunity while
hiding behind judicial immunity...."

"....It should come as no shock to anyone in Los Angeles, especially
the judiciary, that dishonesty was compulsory in much of Robbery
Homicide Division (under Chief Daryl Gates) and that my old colleagues
at the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District
Attorney’s Office have shown an affinity of using the grotesque
Robbery Homicide Division to dispense their own form of perverted
justice through patently rigged and self serving investigations...."

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Leonard Cohen's Implied Threat Testimony, The Dallas FBI, & The Aryan Nation

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 22:02:36 -0500
Subject: Leonard Cohen Was Allegedly A Buddhist When I Knew Him
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, "fbi.dallas" <>
To the Dallas FBI,
The man came down from the Mount, according to journalists, after a
Buddhist retreat.  I've addressed that story.  The prosecutor (a lying
fraud and lunatic from what I could tell) started questioning Cohen
about Judaism and how he felt about the Aryan Nation comments.
Leonard Cohen owes me millions.  I've provided the IRS with an
abundance of evidence - corporate books and records, notarized
documents signed by Cohen, irrevocable assignments (re. my share of
intellectual property), etc. - including an Indemnity Agreement I
demanded from Cohen personally.  In any event, this is my issue and
has nothing to do with the Dallas FBI.  Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli is a
bald faced liar and I just called Agent Wynar/Oakland FBI about this
man's ongoing targeting of me.  What he did to my family was
unconscionable.  I don't think that everyone I've copied in my emails
believes they are spam victims or are being harassed.  Does the Dallas
FBI feel that way?  Can Jihad Gianelli speak on your behalf?  I've
talked to plenty of FBI agents about these matters.  I've heard from
the FBI in emails.
My point is this:  I just googled the Dallas FBI and the Aryan Nation.
 This is a very serious problem.  See some of the search results
below.  Leonard Cohen has a long history of psychiatric ailments, drug
abuse, alcohol issues, and lying.  He also steals - see me, Steven
Machat, Phil Spector, and now Phillip has been accused of bilking a
songwriting credit from Cohen.  That is preposterous.  All this from
the man that wrote the obscene "Don't Go Home With Your Hard On" and
"Give Me Crack And Anal Sex," causing Sony to sticker it.  But the "F"
word is obscene.  No it is not.  Tom Hanks just used it on television
today.  It's now a part of culture.  Cohen's authorized biographer has
a chaptered titled something like "Taxes, Children, and Lost Pussy."
That's obscene.  To many people that is an obscene word.  Crack and
anal is fine.  When I'm requesting information for my tax returns,
using the "F" word is "obscene,."  Sandra Jo Streeter, the prosecutor,
is obscene and that includes her entirely nasty skin tight, Spandex
dress that wrapped her rolls of fat tightly.  It was unreal to watch
her break the podium and something else.  Baby talk the judge.  And, I
had to admoinish her to "calm down" because she's so huge and
aggressive, I thought she might end up on my lap when I was on the
stand.  She is lying.  Leonard Cohen has given countless interviews
stating that he was a Buddhist.  He is an ordained monk.  I never
viewed him as Jewish.  I never once saw him go to Temple.  My first
husband is Jewish.  He would have a hard time believing that I have
hatred towards Jews because Leonard Cohen thinks a Dallas FBI
investigation in the Aryan Nation is an "implied threat" against
himself.  He obviously has borderline personality disorder and if he
wants to make statements about cars he hears then he should submit to
a psychiatric evluation.  I don't know Bruce Cutler and never said I
did.  The prosecutor made that up and wanted me committed and drugged.
 The judge didn't agree.  I wasn't on trial for this and it didn't
relate to Cohen - it related to Bruce Cutler.  Bruce Cutler should
have handed my letters over to Phil Spector and his attorneys.
Leonard Cohen has a different version of the gun story (and the
weapon) than the DA has in their motions and probably presented to the
Grand Jury.  Iintelligent people know that'a a serious problem.  In
fact, people are talking about the corruption in Los Angeles now and
wondering if the judge is corrupt, was on someone's payroll, or simply
impressed by a celebrity.  I have no idea.  I know he lied about me.
Have a great night.  Stay safe.  I saw your press release on the Aryan
Nation possibly targeting your agents and thought - that was
outrageous of Gianelli to write that article about the Dallas/Houston
FBI.  He doesn't care.  This is a game for m,an, obviously.  I hope
and pray he lied to Agent Wynar/FBI about me.  If so, that's criminal
and the FBI will absolutely arrest him for that.  I will never back
down on that issue.  This man targeted both of my sons.  One was a
minor.  I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume the man could be a
member of NAMBLA or a predator.  Why Cohen was reading that email and
thought he referred to him is beyond my ability to understand.  Why it
was admitted into evidence is another matter.  But Cohen should have
been questioned - as should his lawyers - about Gianelli.  Ramnaney
and I discussed this.  That's one of my lawyers.  He wanted to tie
Cohen and Gianelli together for my jurors.  I want the IRS and FBI to
talk to my lawyers.  That's my privilege.  They don't have to do a

All the best,

Evidence of Leonard Cohen's insanity?  Or did he just learn the
phrase "implied malice?"  He sounds like he hung around outside
a detectives office for too long and picked up some lame English.
Was Hailey/LA Times dazzled?  According to Jihad Gianelli I am
spamming Hailey/LA Times and harassing her.  I have personally
written her and advised her to let me know if she wanted to be
removed from my emails.  I've spoken with an editor of the LA Times
personally about certain aspects of my situation. 

FBI — Member of the Aryan Brotherhood Sentenced for Assaulting a › Dallas › Press Releases › 2012
Mar 5, 2012 – WASHINGTON—Timothy Lee York, 35, of Fountain Valley,
California, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay to 63
months in ...
FBI — Member of United Aryan Brotherhood Pleads Guilty to Hate › Dallas › Press Releases › 2012

Oct 6, 2011 – WASHINGTON—The Justice Department announced today that
Timothy Lee York, a 35-year-old, self-proclaimed member of the United
Aryan ...
FBI — Six Individuals with Alleged Ties to Aryan Brotherhood › Dallas › Press Releases › 2010

Feb 1, 2010 – WASHINGTON—Six alleged members or associates of the
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) have been indicted and arrested for
their alleged ...
North Texas Killing Tied To Hate Group « CBS Dallas / Fort

Aug 19, 2012 – The FBI describes The Aryan Brotherhood as a “violent
white supremacist gang,” first formed in the California state prison
system in the late ...
Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror - ABC
Apr 18, 2005 – A secret FBI report, obtained by ABC News, identifies
22 domestic terror ... The Aryan Nations, and other white supremacist
groups, are cited in ...

Affidavit From Phil Spector Re. Bruce Cutler & The Prosecutor's Deranged Conclusions - She Might Have Problems Gushing About Celebrities & Probably Thought I Shouldn't Have Written "Bruce"

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 21:29:40 -0500
Subject: Affidavit From Phil Spector Re. Bruce Cutler
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, "fbi.dallas" <>

Mr. Riordan,

I did indeed hear from Phil Spector at Lynwood.  I would like an
Affidavit from him once I see where my appeal goes.  I also believe I
have a case against Streeter and Baca because I know precisely what
the psychiatrist at the jail told me and I questioned her personally
about medications and whether or not I needed them.  I spoke to a
female psychiatrist - as well as a male doctor.  I spoke to the male
doctor because I felt terribly stressed knowing my father had recently
had two strokes and I had not been able to place a call to him.  As
you know, Baca wanted to prevent me from using the phone.  All calls
from Lynwood are recorded.  I don't know if they are available by
subpoena but I do know it was distressing to hear that Mort Lindsey
(my father-in-law) died while I was in jail.  Everyone that worked at
the Gender Responsive Unit knows me (including those that run it).  I
have no mental health issues and the evaluation was done.  I know the
results and I know what I was told.  Having said that, the Sheriff's
Department has a legal department that reviews court orders so they
must not have seen the mental health evaluation requirement.  It is
not on the order I was served and it was not on the order my lawyer
reviewed with me prior to the last progress hearing.  This is an
unconstitutionally vague order.  I have four different legal opinions
on it and two are in writing.

In any event, I absolutely want an Affidavit from Phil Spector
addressing Bruce Cutler's letter and the fact that prosecutor Sandra
Jo Streeter (who passed this information onto Baca who works for the
City Attorney, I might add and is therefore conflicted) concluded
(probably because I said "Bruce" and she's a psycophant who I saw
"GUSHING" on her cell phone about Cohen - a man who admitted to
committing perjury and absolutely lied extensively.  There were juror
instructions about liars and lies.  Their testimony should have been
entirely disregarded.  But, the jurors were debriefed (and I am
waiting for my entire file and those notes) and one mentioned the
$150,000 in assets,.  The IRS should know this is a lie since the
assets are in the millions and include Cohen's loans (a letter exists
from Robert Kory asking if Cohen's loans will be forgiven - the answer
remains NO), his personal transaction fees (they are not corporate
expenses and I spoke with an lawyer about this who is familiar with
these deals), and every single penny that was wasted or distributed -
due to the fact that Cohen wasted these assets.  He hired Greenberg
who lost all his clients' money.  He met with him, had lunch with him,
reviewed his style of investing, signed the paperwork, and we had a
reference from Peter Goldfarb who used Greenberg at that time.  I
found Greenberg offensive.  He was NOT my friend.  I knew his ex-wife.
 My girlfriends worked for him and I thought he was abusive.
Streeter lied to the jurors about the $150,000 and I have indeed filed
a complaint with the City Attorney's office about her and these lies,
concealment, fraud, etc.  This is also fraud upon the court.  My
lawyers told me judges don't like her and think she has no
understanding of the law but they didn't think these judges understood
she lies.  That is an utterly remarkable sentiment.
Does Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli actually think I am spamming and
harassing you.  It's interested that I communicated with you while in
jail and you never wrote the court or took the position that Cutler
took.  I have no idea who Cutler is.  I know this - he represented
Phil Spector and should have handed those letters to Phil Spector and
his legal team.  When Phil Spector is a major aspect of my trial, I
most certainly have a right to find someone who represented or
represents him - particularly when I am incarcerated and have no
access to phone numbers, addresses, or emails.  Ultimately, after I
was sentenced, Nikhil Ramnaney googled you and Phil Spector's address
in jail.  I have no need to ever contact Cutler again in this
lifetime.  His actions speak for themselves and people find it
appalling - particularly knowing that Cohen changed the gun story the
prosecutors addressed in their motion and probably to the Grand Jury.
I will contact Mick Brown/UK Telegraph this weekend.  He offered to
send the transcripts and has now concluded that statements - not
testimony - was presented to the Grand Jury.  There appears to be
perjury somewhere at this point in time.  Did the DA just use Cohen's
statements without getting approval from his representatives?  He was
represented by former DA, Ira Reiner, who was copied in on information
that I thought should have alerted him to the fact that Cohen
committed tax fraud (and it definitely appears criminal - including
the illegal K1s that Cohen has an "imprecise" understanding of - so do

That's it for now.  All is well on my end.  We have a lovely house
guest and I am surrounded by wonderfully brilliant and compassionate
men.  God works in mysterious ways and so does the Buddha.  I have
sent requests to a Tibetan lama I know quite well.  I want to talk to
him about the slanderous remarks Gianelli made about Sharmapa - as
well as the fact that he has a Sheep Dog that shits or vomits pujas
and is aligned with Leonard Cohen who claimed to be a Buddhist but
evidently (according to Streeter) was a Jew when it was important for
Cohen to "hallucinate" on the witness stand that he felt there was an
"implied malice" relating to him with respect to the Dallas FBI's
investigation into a man's uncle who they thought murdered someone,
was connected to meth labs, the Aryan Nation, and whose familiy is
affiliated with the Cartel.  That's frightening but Jihad Gianelli
(per his now deleted article about this incident and the
Dallas/Houston FBI) thought it was entertaining.  He thinks I'm a
snitch because two young men were afraid they would be murdered.  That
is a very very sick position to take.  These men know their uncle.
They know their family.  Some of them are meth cooks and it endangers
them as well.  I was homeless when I met this man.  I tried to help
him enroll at Santa Monica College in biology and attempted to help
him turn his life around.  The last we spoke he was doing very well
and I wish him the best and hope that continues.  His family is an
utter disgrace.  He had to phone in a parole violation because his
stepmother had him surrounded by 30 armed Cartel members in Texas.
Does that sound like a game?  It sounds terribly dangerous.  He knows
his family and he was copied in on my email to the DOJ.  In fact, he
responded and it was obvious that he was extremely concerned.  Perhaps
Leonard Cohen finds that story fascinating.  Given his hallicinatory
nature (and he needs to submit to a psychiatric evaluation), perhaps
he thinks this is like his Bay of Pigs and Yom Kippur War stories.
You cannot go to Israel and join the military but he lies about it.
You cannot have a green card and join another army.  You need training
to be in the Israeli army.  How could Cohen enlist, join, and fight in
a 7 day war, Mr. Riordan.  He also said he was going to assist the Air
Force.  Do you believe that?  Isn't Doron Weinberg from Haifa?  He
should ask his friends if they think Cohen's a liar.  Did he actually
walk onto the tarmac and leave Cuba on the last plane during the Bay
of Pigs?  Well, I've contacted the CIA and FBI to determine what
planes were leaving Cuba at that time - for Canada and the US.  A FOIA
request (which the FBI now has) has been submitted for information
regarding this situation.

Have a great night.  It was very kind of Steven Machat to offer to fly
to Los Angeles, testify for me, and - unfortunately - he had a
conflict in his schedule and had to be in New York City.  The trial
should have been stayed.  Or, Steven Machat should have been asked to
provide an Affidavit.  I didn't see him in the Motion For A New Trial
but you can rest assured that Affidavits from Agent Tejeda/IRS and
Doug Davis/FTB, Agent Sopko/Treasury, etc. would have been beneficial
- even if Vanderet lied.  Their testimony would have been beneficial
also.  Doug Davis didn't believe I did volunteer work for Cohen on
"Dear Heather."  He was furious when I had my lawyers question him on
the "liner notes."  I wanted them to see what an insulting misogynist
this man was and is.  They saw it.  They saw right through him and his
lying lawyers.

All the best,

I Have Had A Psychiatric Evaluation - At Jail, At My Request - Streeter & Baca Now Have Legal Exposure From What I Can Tell

Jihad Gianelli, who has targeted me (my family and others close to me), posts on Blogonaut Law Blog as Blogonaut.  It's interesting that this man can write but he doesn't seem to understand clear language.  I have no mental health issues and no one that knows me believes that I think I have a long-standing relationship with Bruce Cutler and that includes Phil Spector.  I intend to obtain an Affidavit from Phil Spector on this matter and did indeed hear from Mr. Spector personally while in jail.  I am fully represented by a lawyer with respect to the so-called "progress hearings."  My lawyer (all of them actually) is aware that there are now four different interpretations of the court's orders which leads one to conclude that it is unconstitutionally vague.  Furthermore, Jihad Gianelli (who still appears obsessed with me and has been since approximately May/June 2009) is looking at a transccript when, in fact, I was served the orders and my lawyer had a copy of those which we reviewed prior to the last hearing - which the judge indeed understood that I completed a great deal of what I was "ordered" to complete. 

I personally asked for (and received) an evaluation - just prior to release - by a psychiatrist.  I am well aware of what the psychiatrist felt and personally addressed what she felt about medicating me.  My lawyers are very clear on this situation and this creates very serious legal liability for Sandra Jo Streeter and Sandra Baca.  I have also been in touch with a psychiatric nurse who has known me for years and am in close contact with her.  My lawyer has been advised of this.  I have consulted with the 14th Sharmapa - who Jihad Gianelli maliciously slandered and whose dog apparently shits or vomits religious ceremonies on his carpet.  This is who former Buddhist Leonard Cohen has aligned himself with.  An obscenely vicious man who continues to lie about me and slander me.  His conclusions about the IRS and FBI are astounding.  The lies I witnessed in court were astonishing.  I also met with other people while in jail and have advised my lawyer privately on all of these issues.  I have no mental health issues.  I have two roommates who are aware that I have no alcohol issues and they knew me prior to the arrest.  Jihad Gianelli has never met me.  Yet he is obsessed with my mental health and other issues.  I have privacy rights and this is also a serious legal issue since my mental health was NOT on trial and Bruce Cutler's letter is hearsay, as my lawyers advised me.  Captain Jack Horvath/DA's office lied to the court and I have spoken with my lawyers about this.  The DA's office had an investigator roll by my house regarding Phil Spector in 2005.  Obviously Brian Bennett will recall that.  We've discussed it since that time also.  We also discussed the fact that I spoke with Jeff Jonas/Major Fraud Unit regarding the Complaint I filed against Leonard Cohen re. tax fraud and his theft from me in the millions.  Horvath felt perfectly comfortable lying to the court when he advised the court that he contacted the DA's office in 2007.  Actually, the DA's investigators came to meet with me in Orange County to inquire about Phil Spector, Leonard Cohen, my meeting with the Treasury Agents, etc. 

But, let's stick to this situation.  I have asked my lawyer to advise the judge in my progress hearing that dangerously unstable individuals - such as Jihad Gianelli and Susanne Walsh (two individuals who targeted my family relentlessly and who appear to have motive - are obsessed with me and my "progress hearings."  I will be accompanied by two very important men in my life and am obviously represented.  Since the sentence and probation issues will be addressed on appeal, my appellate lawyer will also be kept apprised of what is unfolding with respect to Vanderet's unconscionable sentence and absurd court order. 

I will follow up (re. my verbal Complaints to Streeter's supervisor - her lies, concealment, fraud, attempts to speak on behalf of the IRS, etc.) with a certified letter to the City Attorney of Los Angeles.  Perhaps he wants to explain what was going on with Streeter, Cooley, Jackson, Cohen, his lawyer, his PI, and a DA investigator.  This all gives the appearance of being highly sinister.  It has caused very serious people to fear for my safety and I am providing my lawyers with witnesses privately.  Leonard Cohen has a long history of psychiatric ailments, drug and alcohol issues, lying, theft, etc.  He should be forced to submit to a psychiatric evaluation taking into consideration these issues - as well as the fact that he appears to have borderline personality disorder.  Perhaps that's why he's paranoid when he hears a "car" (I don't own a car and haven't been near the man in 7 years) - it may be a hallucination.  I know for a fact that his thought that I would attend his concert is absolutely evidence of delusions.  If Cohen thinks of me when he hears a "car," he should be ordered to undergo a psychiatric exam.  He testified that I never directly threatened him (there were NO THREATS but this man is a liar and Mikal Gilmore/Rolling Stone should have received a subpoena to testify that his brother was shot by a firing squad and he spoke to Cohen about this - after which Cohen told me that's how he wants to die but the man can't stop LYING).  He testified that I have not come near him.  He testified that I have not stolen from him.  That was actually a fascinating moment. 

Jihad Gianelli has been advised to CEASE AND DESIST but, due to the fact that he is dangerously unstable and appears to have motive (my definite opinion), he seems to think he is in a game.  My lawyers didn't think he was funny - at all - and we discussed his activity during the trial - particularly with respect to my sons, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and friends.  Perhaps Agent Tejeda/IRS and Agent Wynar/FBI aren't all that amused with Jihad Gianelli.  After all, Investigator Frayeh concluded that he was a "shady character" who found a "sympathetic ear" with Phil Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson about me.  It is my personal opinion that Sandra Jo Streeter attempted to sabotage an IRS matter.  My lawyers and I discussed this and we were in agreement about this.  I have brought this to the attention of the IRS and they should feel free to speak with my lawyers.  That is my privilege and I will extend that to the IRS and FBI.  They definitely do not need to bother with a deposition.  They can have a meeting with my lawyers and get their views on the matter.  Of course, one of them figured out the entire situation.  He was convinced the DA didn't want the Spector verdict overturned.  I guess they should have thought of that before Cohen decided to take the stand at my trial and tell an entirely different version of the alleged Phil Spector gun story than they have in their motions and probably presented (as statements, per Mick Brown/UK Telegraph who realized it wasn't testimony) to the Grand Jury.  That really means, as my Colorado lawyer advised me, that the indictment and charges should be thrown out.  Perhaps Cooley and Jackson should pay attention to that rather than attempting to threaten and intimidate me. 

Blogonaut said...
UPDATE: We have been advised that Kelley Lynch was released from jail early. She must still appear in court for her probation review hearing on October 8 and demonstrate compliance with the terms of her probation, including a psych evaluation.
September 11, 2012 9:20 PM

The Scientist Will Review The Voicemails That Are Not Date/Time Stamped To See How They Were Tampered With - Listening To Volume, Speed, Sound, Etc. Cohen Worked With A Sound Engineer On These "Tapes"


Kelley Lynch

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 6:07 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, The Scientist <>

I'll send you the sound files as soon as I have them and thank you again.
Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli contacted you and lied about me.  He is again
lying about me publicly. He appears to have some sort of motive.  You don't
view yourself as my spam victim or feel I am harassing you?  I didn't
see those statements in the last email you sent me or when we last spoke?

I hope all is well and we'll speak soon.


P.,S.  When you listen to the sound files (which are not date/time
stamped) please pay attention to sound, speed, volume.  Cohen emailed
mp3 files to his lawyers.  They were put on a server.  They were
transferred to CD.  I have no idea who selected the machine they were
played on in court.  They were obviously tampered with.  Cohen worked
with a sound engineer and testified about that.  He's quite evil,
Scientist and now has tesified about a different version of the
alleged Phil Spector gun story than the DA's office used against Phil
Spector.  Everyone thinks that's terribly heavy and incredibly serious
but Jihad Gianelli probably finds it amusing.  He is dangerously
unstable and seems to have pychological issues - including being
obsessed with me and those close to him.

Kelley Lynch Email With Steven Machat Re. Leonard Cohen, Kory, Rice, Gianelli, Phil Spector, Alan Jackson, Steve Cooley, Etc.

Kelley Lynch

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 6:02 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>, The Scientist <>
Hi Steven,

How are you?  Thank you again for offering to fly in to testify at my
"intent to annoy" trial.  I understand that you then had a conflict
and were unable to attend.  Clearly, your testimony is of the utmost
importance since Cohen has stolen Machat & Machat's 15% share of
intellectual property, withheld commissions due on "I'm Your Man,"
that tour, and stole the film "Bird On A Wire."  He made the
warranties and representations, Steven, and he never told me he wanted
to "hide it from Avril."  That's how he lies.  See the testimony in my
trial.  He has perjured himself, admitted committing perjury (and then
lamely attempting to blame it on me - he's not responsible for his own
speech, Steven), and the lies are extensive.  And then there are his
paid liars - Kory and Rice.  Their lies are also extensive.  They have
testified about the IRS and I discovered that Cohen obtained nearly
$700,000 in tax refunds based on the fraudulent default in a matter I
wasn't served, etc.  That was and remains astounding and Agent
Tejeda/IRS definitely has my views on that matter.  Detective
Viramontes/LAPD has now phoned Agent Tejeda/IRS and has or will fax
him my statements updating his report and email them to Agent
Sopko/Treasury.  He never bothered contacting me prior to my being
told, by my lawyers, to contact him.

Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli is out lying about me, Steven.  He is aligned
with Cohen and we know what Investigator Frayeh/DA's office felt about
him.  Are you my spam victim, Steven?  Am I harassing you?  Why then,
Steven, do we email one another, speak on the phone, and I even sent
you a good deal of evidence you requested.  You now have the evidence
that my son was publicly threatened with prison over.  That appeared
on Phawker.  Of course, the IRS Commissioner's Staff also has that
evidence and Agent Sopko (Kory said I found her after reading an ad
advising me to report my employer to the IRS - but he concealed the
fact that Agent Betzer/IRS advised me to report the fraud, etc.) and I
discussed that evidence and other evidence.

The judge has now taken a position that there are other means for me
to use when attempting to obtain a 1099 from Cohen; have two illegal
and criminal K1s from LCI rescinded; request an accounting (it's an
expense ledger, it is fraudulent, and you are also an accountant,
Steven - my accountant knew it was a ledger also); etc.  The IRS has
reporting and filing requirements so is Vanderet suggesting that I
subpoena the information I require?  How insane, Steven.

Jihad Gianelli is now publicly lying that I have mental health issues.
 No I don't, Steven.  You know me and you have known me for over 30
years.  Gianelli called The Scientist.  He lied and said I am not a
legal assistant/paralegal.  You have a Cal State Bar Membership and I
worked for Machat & Machat and also assisted you.  Another attorney I
worked for provided me with an excellent reference that I forwarded to
The Scientist.  You were working on Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector
matters at that time, weren't you?  Well, Cohen has an adoring fan
biographer and there's a chapter called something like "Taxes,
Children, and Lost Pussy."  "Pussy" sounds obsene.  Did you know
Cohen's book, Beautiful Losers, is one of the most obscene books ever
published in Canada.  I cursed evidently on certain voicemails (which
The Scientist will review as the sound, volume, and speed were clearly
tampered with and Cohen used a sound engineer and testified about this
extensively) and that is not obscene, Steven but "Give me crack and
anal sex" or "Don't go home with your hard on" are.  Sony stickered
"The Future" due to its content.  Cohen's sense of obscenity is
fascinating Steven.  And, he testified that I attempted to assail his
reputation when I said he has used drugs.  You do have footage with
the man on LSD in Israel attempting to start a riot, don't you?  You
do know that his band members called him Captain Mandrax (because he
apparently liked to pop quualudes), etc.  He has a long history of
drug abuse - illicit and prescription and I have witnessed it
firsthand.  He was absolutely taking prescription meth.  Check out the
Armelle Brusq documentary - first of all, you will see him working
from Mt. Baldy (surrounded by equipment so that's NOT a retreat) and
beyond that you will see him at my office.  I archived his body of
work at that time.  He realized Jarkko Arjatsalo was an invaluable
asset and that's why people thought he descended from the mountain.
He was in LA all the time and confirmed this for Bob Hilburn/LA Times.
 This man cannot stop lying.

Steven, Cohen tesified that Phil Spector held a gun to his head and it
was an automatic.  Jackson, and gangsters (the DA's investigator was
LUNCHING with Cohen) have a different version of the alleged gun story
and their motions (and probable statements to the Grand Jury - Mick
Brown, who you know, wrote my lawyers while I was on trial ,... HE
thought Cohen's statements were testimony but they were statements
provided to the Grand Jury) state that Phillip allegedly held a gun to
Cohen's chest and it was a semi-automatic.  In fact, Cohen went back
and clarified - "automatic."  Cohen also admitted to committing
perjury.  I am not and never have been in a dating relationship with
Leonard Cohen and there are no domestic violence issues here.  He
should submit to a psychiatric exam that takes into consideration his
long history of lying, stealing, perjury, tax evasion, borderline
personality disorder, psychiatric ailments, prescription and illicit
drug abuse (LSD and quualudes are recreational, aren't they?) and
severe problems with alcohol.  He's embarrassing and he is
unconscionably aggressive and has obviously grown more aggressive.  He
prayed for me Steven.  He is a bald-faced liar and he is a thief and
you and I both know this.  I was clear with the court - you intend to
sue Cohen and Kory.  The FBI told me to let the IRS take the lead and
they will be brought in with respect to criminal witness and evidence
tampering.  Well, I have been clear - they should investigate Stephen
"Jihad" Gianelli and you know for a fact that I did not ask the IRS
and FBI to investigate my detractors.  In fact, you have information
in your book that you are correcting so you could be viewed as a
detractor and Ive never asked them to investigate you and you have
done nothing.  You represented Cohen, he stole from you and your
father, and he helped destroy your father's reputation.  These are my
personal opinions.  I also think he intended to blame your father for
whatever taxes issues arose when he and Herschel Weinberg unravelled
off-shore accounts and abandoned the green card that he then
re-obtained.  My jurors should have heard all of this information.

Here's my question:  Does Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli speak for you when
he says my email recipients are my spam victims and I am harassing
them.  I know he doesn't speak, for The Scientist who has advised me
that he would like to review the sound files to see if they were
tampered with.  They were not date/time stamped and Cohen, as we know,
is a liar with motive.

His Victim Impact Statement was nauseating.  He has serious issues,
Steven.  He is also pathetic.  He is now calling me "the lady."  You
must have to be an awe-inspired journalist to appreciate this thief
and fraud.

Alan Jackson and Steve Cooley were raised constantly at my trial.  You
don't think their DA was lunching with Cohen because of Phil Spector
and the gun story?  Cohen had, after all, emailed the prosecutor (an
utter liar and I have now filed a complaint against her for lying,
concealment, etc. - with a supervisor at the City Attorney's office)
about Phil Spector.  The Sheriff's Department and I discussed Leonard
Cohen and his story about Phil Spector.  A lieutenant and I discussed
the fact that I spoke with Detective Mark Lillenfeld (crime scene
investigator) and found him utterly professional.  He seemed to be a
very decent man.  He was extremely intelligent.  He was kind.  He was
helpful.  I am writing a book, as you know, and thank you for
reviewing the contract.  People are noting that Cohen is no Buddhist
and his prayer seems demonic.  I agree with you - Kory's Satan and
then there's Rice.  These people are too much to be believed.  Three
liars on the stand and a lying prosecutor, GUSHING in a cell phone
about celebrity Cohen, breaking the podium, baby talking the judge,
hugely overweight and wrapped in skin-tight spandex - including her
rolls of fat, lying through her teeth, etc.  Three lawyers told me
these judges can't stand her and they don't think she knows the law.
She knows how to lie and I believe my jurors should have heard all
evidence that relates to her communications with the DA's office.  The
matters appeared to be "coordinated," if you know what I mean.

Well, Steven.  We know the facts.  We know the truth.  We see right
through Cohen.  Thank you again.  I appreciate your offering to pay
for your own flight to testify on my behalf.  Who knows why the judge
refused to permit Agent Tejeda/IRS to take the stand.  This appalls
people.  And, Steven, people are concerned for my safety and welfare.
My lawyers know this and Gianelli was discussed while I was on trial.
Would you think an adult male stranger, who contacted your minor
child, could potentially be a NAMBLA member?  How would I know if this
man is a member of NAMBLA or a predator - or not?  He appears
dangerously unstable, lies through his teeth about me, slanders me,
and is aligned with bald-faced liar and thief, Leonard Cohen.  He also
may have found a sympathetic ear withi Alan Jackson about me.
Investigator Frayeh should have testified at my trial.  After all,
Cooley and Jackson were featured and evidently made a splash with the

We have spoken, Steven, and you know for a fact that I don't believe I
have a long-standing relationship with Bruce Cutler.  Streeter lied
about that.  I don't know the man.  And yes, I heard from Phil Spector
while I was in jail and he is apparently now in terrible health.
Someone just said this to me - Leonard Cohen played a role in both
your and Phil Spector's incarceration.  This is a very good friend of
mine and brilliant man - he sees right through Cohen and he asked me
if Cohen has a small penis.  Therefore, he knows I didn't have an
intent to annoy.  That's factual.


Leonard Cohen Has Aligned Himself With Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli Who Has Publicly Stated That My Email Recipients Are My Spam Victims - How Does Jihad Gianelli Speak For Doug Davis/FTB?

Add star 

Kelley Lynch

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 5:09 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>
Cc: Steven Machat <>

Hello Mr. Davis,

We've spoken and you've emailed me.  The Motion For A New Trial should
have been granted.  You should have been permitted to testify or submit an
Affidavit.  Does Jihad Gianelli speak for you when he publicly states that the
recipients of my emails (you are one, he is not - I've advised him previously
to CEASE AND DESIST) are my spam victims and I am harassing you.  Is
that the formal position of the Franchise Tax Board.  Streeter advised the
jurors that no one has heard of a 1099.  Every musician in LA knows what
a 1099 is.  The are required to provide tax documents at their session dates
and identification.  Streeter advised the jurors that no one knows what the
FTB is - does that mean that no one in California files taxes?  Do you think
that's a bald faced lie, Mr. Davis.  No, you are correct, I didn't do volunteer
work for Cohen.  You are aware that he refuses to provide me with a 1099
or tax documentation I require.  He testified that "Dear Heather" is on the
fraudulent expense ledger.  NO IT IS NOT.  No income or asset valuations
appear on that ledger.  That is perjury.  He testified about that so-called
forensic accounting (my accountant, who I did NOT fire - that's another
lie told to my jurors) repeatedly.  I don't like the fact that a
fraudulent expense ledger has been described as an accounting.  
My accountant did n't view it as such and he met with Cohen's accountant
who told him he did not have the corporate books, and records, etc. to do
a forensic accounting. So, what happened?  Leonard Cohen is NOT the
beneficial owner of TH and BMT.  Those entities were not named parties
to the lawsuit but appear in the default I wasn't served or notified of.  The
news media wrote, in March 2006,  that the default was issued.  That was
inaccurate and it misled me.

If you're my spam victim and I'm harassing you, why did you write me (for
instance) after Cohen wrote me and said he saw "Rutger" copied into my email?
Steven Machat asked me to send him that email from Cohen. Why, when I
discuss taxes, does Cohen focus on my children?  Any thoughts?

Your spokesperson Jihad Gianelli has now publicly weighed in - you're my
alleged spam victim and I'm harassing you.  How does Gianelli speak for the IRS,
FBI, DOJ, Agent Sopko/Treasury, and you/FTB?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
These are dangerously unstable individuals and they clearly have motive.

All the best,

What Gives Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli The Write To Lie About My Email Recipients - He Doesn't Know Me, Has No Idea How These People Feel, & Now Speaks For Glenn Greenwald/UK Guardian?

Kelley Lynch

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 5:02 PM
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>

Let me know if Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli speaks for you (a recipient on
my emails which he is not) when he states that you are my spam victim
and I am harassing you.  You're an attorney and journalist, why would
Gianelli have to speak on your behalf?  Or, Glenn, is he a bald-faced
liar with motive?
All the best,

My Appellate Attorney Should Call Agent Tejeda/IRS Re. Vanderet's Legal Position - On IRS Documents - Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:59:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch vs. Leonard Cohen, et al.
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>


Agent Luis Tejeda/IRS spoke with Nikhil Ramnaney on more than one
occasion and advised him to contact him with respect to future
hearings, trials, and possibly sentencing.  I have to get the specific
statements from Nikhil.  I think you should phone Agent Tejeda
directly and I will give you his phone number privately. I think he
can answer these questions for you (so we have an idea as to what he
and the IRS attorneys concluded he could testify about):  does
Vanderet's legal position (with respect to obtaining a 1099;
rescinding illegal K-1s; default judgments that illegally altered my
federal tax returns - people are extremely interested in that;
requests for complete forensic accounting - Cohen provided a sham and
fraudulent expense ledger and no income or assets/valuations appears
on that ... including with respect to my commissions and share of
intellectual property) hold with the IRS?  If so, how?  If not, what
is the IRS position on being forced to use excessive and extreme means
to obtain information for federal and state tax returns - such as,
perhaps, a subpoena.

Leonard Cohen has now testified that the refund he received (all of
this is in the IRS binder and Kory lied, I have never seen this
discovery previously - apart from the fraudulent legal documents Kory
transmitted, his lies about the 1099 - including that it violates a
restraining order, and possibly my accountant's bizarre letter
resigning in 2005 when I fired him in the fall of 2004) closed the IRS
matters re. the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  He
has clearly taken the position that he is the alter-ego of these
corporate fictions.  Therefore, Agent Tejeda should be able to advise
you whether or not the refund (that was fraudulently obtained in a
matter I wasn't served - didn't read the Complaint until Jihad
Gianelli posted it and threatened me over my intention to file a
Motion to Vacate - and that includes obsessively contacting law
enforcement about me) closed their probable case against him and

I think that's the best thing to do.  Kory lied and said I read an ad
and then reported my employer to the IRS.  Agent Betzer/IRS knows I
spoke to him about the fraud, Leonard Cohen, these entities, and HE
advised me to phone the Fraud Hotline initially.  HE advised me to
file two extensions for TH - using both tax ID numbers Leonard Cohen's
lawyer used.  His tax lawyer wrote that he never represented me and
that's a fact.  Agent Betzer/IRS then advised me to bring the fraud
into the IRS with a lawyer.  Cohen lied.  I didn't fire all my
lawyers.  I definitely fired DiMascio & Berado.  I was then
represented by Mike Taitelman, Bert Deixler, and Zia Modabber.  These
men should have received a subpoena.  Kory told Taitelman that if I
did what they asked, they would say I was used as a pawn.  Otherwise,
they would say I orchestrated this insanity although I didn't handle
tax, financial, or accounting matters.  I was Cohen's personal
manager.  There are people that can testify about this fact -
including Rich Feldstein, who was Cohen's business manager and a CPA.
Bert Deixler evidently spoke to Kory about loans.  I don't know if he
got into the details about Cohen's millions in loans from TH but Kory
wrote my lawyers and asked if the loans would be forgiven.  NO.  Zia
Modabber understood that Cohen owes me commissions and advised me that
he simply felt I needed an accounting.  He didn't advise me that I
would have to subpoena 1099, etc.  Zia didn't want me to sell my house
to pay to go to trial against Cohen and was then conflicted, possibly
with the Grubman firm who were wrongfully accused by Cohen of
committing "fraud in the inducement."  I have that in writing from
Cohen's representatives.  That's a bald faced lie, from what I can

Cohen publicly lied and said I advised him to do these deals.  Greg
McBowman, his royalty consultant, flew into LA and advised him - in my
presence, NOT to sell the assets.  Cohen insisted.  He was concerned
about illegal downloading.
Jihad Gianelli is a dangerously unstable individual and I agree with
Investigator Frayeh.  After I notified Frayeh that Gianelli was a nut
and publicly stating that Pat Dixon "feared for his life" because I
posted Eminem's lyric to PUKE (which does remind me of Dixon and
Eminem, NOT I - as I was accused, mentions "dry humping" with respect
to Mariah Carey ... he did not dedicate that song to Pat Dixon ...
this was addressed in my letter to Alan Jackson that I assume he and
Cooley read and I should have been permitted to confront them on that
issue at trial since they made such a splash with the prosecutor and
Cohen and the DA's investigator was hanging out with Cohen, his legal
team, PI, and LUNCHING with Cohen), Gianelli called him.  Why would
Gianelli call Investigator Frayeh?  I'll tell you - he wanted to ask
him if he told me that Dixon was handsome.  Frayeh was clear with me -
he said something about Dixon being "good looking."  I disagree and
find the man revolting.  I want to know why he and Bruce Cutler
discussed me in 2008.  That is in Cutler's letter, it is the only
thing of interest to me in that letter, and it is now discoverable.
What is Dixon's interest in me?  Cooley wanted to obtain a restraining
order against me.  Do I look like the President or DA, Francisco?
Have I appointed an FBI and CIA director?  No.  It's absurd.
In any event, I do think that you should phone Agent Tejeda/IRS.  I've
spoken with the man personally.  Agent Sopko (Kory lied - I didn't
find her ... after reporting Cohen's tax fraud to the IRS SHE
CONTACTED ME, flew in from Washington, met with me and her partner)
advised me to report Cohen's tax fraud to Agent Tejeda/IRS and provide
him with evidence.  I've done that and I have provided the IRS
Commissioner's Staff with an abundance of evidence.  Why is Jihad
Gianelli lying about the IRS?  Has he lied to the FBI when he talked
to Agent Wynar/FBI?  Well, perhaps you should also phone Agent
Wynar/FBI.  Jihad Gianelli feels comfortable calling Agent Wynar about
me - although he doesn't know me and lies about me as easily as he
apparently breathes.

What's Gianelli's motive, Francisco?  Investigator Frayeh thought he
was a SHADY CHARACTER who found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson
about me.  Jackson and Cooley are now featured in my trial.  Cohen
changed the gun story they used in their motion and probably presented
to the Grand Jury.  The DA's investigator was in the courtroom, as
I've noted.  Sprocket is affiliated with Alan Jackson and is quite
vocal about that.  She is connected to Michelle Blaine who Cutler
called a bald-faced liar and thief, for whatever that's worth.  She
stole from Phil Spector.  Her father never saw Phillip with a gun in
the studio for 37 years and Janice Spector told me she turned on her
also, which is fascinating.  Blaine thanked Gianelli for targeting my
blogs and emails.  I have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate the
targeting of my blogs and emails.  It appeared that Cohen's fan
(Susanne Walsh) was part of an effort to take down a Phil Spector
Facebook page.  This all appears coordinated.  I have been clear -
Jihad Gianelli is aligned with Leonard Cohen.  There's a reason the
man's lying about me, a perfect stranger.  Streeter questioned Cohen
over an email referring to NAMBLA.  Cohen realized it wasn't about
him.  I have no idea why they thought it was although I have been
wrongfully accused (by Streeter) of comments made by Lorca Cohen while
at Concordia (as repeated to Freda Guttman and Ann Diamond) - that her
father molestd her.  The NAMBLA comment relates to Jihad Gianelli who
relentlessly targeted both of my sons, including my younger son when
he was a minor.  He offered to provide my younger son's father with a
declaration.  The custody matter is over.  My relationship with my
sons is a private matter.  Jihad Gianelli doesn't know them and I
viewed that (as I advised the IRS and FBI) as unconscionable stalking,
etc.  My sister's lawyer spoke to the lunatic and told him not to
contact her or her husband (he's publicly LIED about them) but he
continued to do so and contacted her after I was sentenced.  This man
has motive.  That is my personal opinion.

Am I spamming and harassing you, Francisco?  I've been in touch (from
jail) with Dennis Riordan who has NOT advised me to stop emailing him
and has not informed me that I am spamming or harassing him.  Jihad
Gianelli has evidently referred to Dennis Riordan as my spam victim.
I have personally heard from Phil Spector and these are extremely
serious matters.  Leonard Cohen was questioned about Dennis Riordan.
You have the transcripts.  What was Cohen's response when asked "Do
you see the IRS copied in?"

I have no mental health issues.  The lawyer representing me at the
hearing is aware that I met with a psychiatrist at the jail, at my
request.  If necessary, she should be brought into court or contacted
by the court.  Captain Bornman/LASD can be contacted by the judge or
the lawyer.  These people know I have no mental health issues.  They
run the Gender Responsive Unit at the jail where women receive
counselling, etc.  I taught in that unit.  That's why an extensive
background check was run.  And, that's when a Lieutenant told me he
has never seen anything like my sentencing in his 26 years in law
enforcement.  He understands the IRS angle here.,  He has no doubt
Cohen owes me millions.  I have advised my lawyer, re. the "progress
hearing," that there are many witnesses who could speak to the judge.
I have also advised him that Cohen's PI was at the last hearing and
that violates the restraining order.  Rice testified that providing me
with tax documents would, from what I recalled, and Kory wrote Tejeda
to advise him that the transmittal of a 1099 violates a restraining
order.  I'm sure Agent Tejeda/IRS can address this in a telephone

The lies told by Streeter, Cohen, Kory, and Rice are excessive.  Do
you think the Phil Spector gun story (that Cohen has changed now)
annoyed Cohen?  How about my son's Whole Foods matter?  Why was he
testifying about that - and lying, I might point out.  My younger
son's custody matter?  Did that "annoy" Leonard Cohen.  What annoyed
him - the fact that his lawyer provided my son's father with a
declaration after they were meeting with him, attempting to have me
make a deal with him, speaking to my father-in-law (Mort Lindsey who
passed away when I was in jail), attempting to have my son go in and
sign over/transfer my house while I was being taken to King Drew and
questioned about Phil Spector (the entire King Drew file is falsified
and a copy of it was mailed to Detective Silva who was present in 2007
when Investigator Thompson told me I was probably a witness in the
Phil Spector matter), or the fact that Cohen and Kory met with my
younger son's father and accused me of having sex with Oliver Stone.
That absolutely happened.  They had that conversation.  Streeter then
attempted to question me and it was astounding to hear that Cohen
might have been annoyed because he dragged Oliver Stone into this
matter and lied about us.  I never had sex with Oliver Stone but this
was one of their first lines of defense.  The truth is - these are

Cooley, Jackson, Dixon, and Horvath should have been confronted.

All the best,

Kelley's Email To Larry Rohter/NY Times Re. Stephen "Jihad" Gianelli's LIes & Slander

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:03:24 -0500
Subject: Kelley Lynch vs. Leonard Cohen, et al.
To: lrohter <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>

Hello Larry,

Jihad Gianelli continues to slander and defame me.  The man does not
know me at all.  He relentlessly targeted my family, friends, business
associates, and others.  That may be why everyone who knows me appears
to fear for my safety and welfare.  I have not, as you should
understand, asked the IRS and FBI to investigate my detractors and the
notion is preposterous and farcical.  I have asked the IRS and FBI to
investigate Jihad Gianelli.  He has, from my perspective engaged in
criminal witness tampering, criminal harassment, criminal stalking,
criminal witness intimidation, etc.  I also think he attempts to
infiltrate matters - such as the Phil Spector defense (by calling
Bruce Cutler, using my name - and no, I didn't want to have sex with
him but I know what rotten lying lawyers like to think about), the IRS
and Leonard Cohen's criminal tax fraud (he did contact Agent Sopko and
then referred to her, I believe, as my "federal pet" which she is not
and that is insulting to both of us), etc.  He even attempted to
insert himself into my son's Whole Foods matter and my other son's
custody matter.  But I do not know him.  In any event, the custody
matter is now over and Lindsey will have to live with his actions.

I didn't copy Jihad Gianelli in on my emails that he is now
addressing.  To whom is he speaking, Larry?  You wrote me and you
asked me to call you.  You did not advise me that I am harassing you
but Jihad Gianelli is publicly making that assertion while - as usual
- saying you (and others, such as Dennis Riordan and my own lawyers)
are my spam victims.  I know Moses Znaimer and I know he can talk to
me.  I've known him for over 25 years.  My emails are a "product of my
mind," Larry.  That's according to the dangerously unstable Jihad
Gianelli who appears obsessed with me.

Jihad Gianelli should look in the mirror if he really wants to define
insanity.  Please see my comments in the body of his text, below.  I
absolutely want an opinon from the IRS on Vanderet's legal position
that there are other methods I may use to obtain a 1099, have K1s
rescinded, and request tax, financial, and accounting information.  I
don't see it in the IRS reporting or filing requirements.  Agent
Tejeda/IRS could most definitely have addressed this issue but
Vanderet concealed him from the jurors.  A great deal of evidence was
concealed, Larry.  Steven Machat asked me to send him evidence I had
and I have done that.  He is absolutely going to sue Leonard Cohen and
Kory.  Cohen has stolen from Machat & Machat.  He stole the film "Bird
On A Wire" from Steven Machat.  Cohen advised me that HE owned the
film.  He made the warranties and representatives.  Cohen withheld
commissions due Machat & Machat.  He has a pattern of this conduct and
Phil Spector didn't bilk this lunatic (who does appear to have
borderline personality disorder which may be a by-product of his long
history of psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.) for a
songwriting credit.  That is simply outrageous.

I most certainly want the IRS, FBI, Denis Riordan, and others, to read
the post that Sprocket wrote on her Trials & Tribulations Blog.
Investigator Paul Huebl told me she is the mouthpiece for Lana
Clarkson's mother.  She appears to be affiliated with Alan Jackson.
She is most definitely aligned with Michelle Blaine.  Blaine thanked
Jihad Gianelli for targeting my emails and blogs.  Draw your own
conclusions, Larry, and that would include Jihad Gianelli's public
lies that I am harassing you and my emails are spam.

The IRS has responded to me and Agent Tejeda/IRS was prevented from
taking the witness stand.  He also offered to assist with future
issues or hearings, etc.  I'll get you direct quotes from my lawyers
conversation with Agent Tejeda during the trial.  Do I think the IRS
will protect me?  Let's give that some thought.  I phoned Agent
Wynar/FBI yesterday about Jihad Gianelli.  Only Agent Wynar/FBI can
publicly address whether or not I have his "ear."  I'm not interested
in his "ear."  I believe Jihad Gianelli, and others, should be
prosecuted for the reasons I state below.

I intend to post this on my blog and my comments to the recipients of
emails (in the body of Jihad Gianelli's post) will be INTENTIONALLY
REDACTED.  They're for the eyes of my recipients only.  Do you think
Alan Jackson has any concerns over the fact that Leonard Cohen
completely changed the gun story they used in their motions about Phil
Spector and probably used in the Grand Jury.  Mick Brown/UK Telegraph,
during my trial, wrote and explained that there was confusion over
testimony vs. statements.  I wonder why.  We're not all lying lawyers
with rotten logic.  Brown offered to send me the transcripts.  I have
yet to contact him because I am busy with other issues - including my

Jihad Gianelli calls me a "nutcase."  The man is dangerously unstable
and simply slanders me.  What's his motive, Larry?  Think it through.
Investigator William Frayeh/DA's office thought he was a "shady
character" who found a sympathetic ear about me with Alan Jackson.
That should have been presented to my jurors since Cooley and Jackson
were a feature of my "intent to annoy" trial.

Perhaps you could ultimately follow up with Streeter's supervisor to
see what they have done about her lies, concealment, and attempts to
advise the jury what the IRS is or is not doing.  She lied about
assets.  She lied about everything.  Do you think the taxpayers should
pay for this?

All the best,

P.S.  I didn't receive an automated response from Anderson Cooper.
Jihad Gianelli's lying about that.

P.P.S.  Do you think Rand Hoffman (Universal/Aftermath Records) can
advise me to remove him from my emails?  How about Ron Burkle?  Glenn
Greenwald's a journalist and attorney.  I think he could advise me to
cease and desist.  What about Bob Woodward?  Is Jihad Gianelli
speaking publicly for Bob Woodward?  Perhaps Jihad Gianelli is
speaking for Hailey Branson of the LA Times.  Who knows, Larry?  If
so, Hailey should hit reply all and advise me that she agrees with
Jihad Gianelli's assessment.  Has he spoken with the recipients on my
emails or is he a bald-faced liar with motive?  Let's all contemplate
that.  Robert MacMillan/Reuters is a friend of mine.  He has emailed
me many times.  Do you think Robert actually believes I am harassing
him?  Does Jihad Gianelli speak for Robert?  He thinks he does.  Read
his assinine comments below.  And, see my responses.

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