Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stephen Gianelli Has A History Of Vehemently Disparaging People

In defense of attorney Chuck Morse

I am writing in support of a pillar in our community, attorney Chuck Morse. Stephen Gianelli, who lives in San Francisco, continues to vehemently disparage Mr. Morse’s reputation in letters to the editor as well as comments on his own letters to the editor (“Judge Wick made proper decision,” Oct. 18).

I have known Mr. Morse and worked with his staff for the past 15 years. He has a flawless reputation and the utmost integrity — fair, honest and above reproach in all matters. He has served honorably and ethically on the boards of directors of the following organizations: Big Brothers of Napa, Aldea Children and Family Services (19 years; president twice for a total of five years), Garden Haven Adult Day Center, Napa Valley Hospice (president), Napa Adult Day Health Care, New Technology High School Foundation, Napa County D.A.R.E. Foundation, Solano-Napa Area Agency on Aging, Matrix Parent Network, Napa ParentsCAN (founding president) and Community Resources for Children.

In addition, Mr. Morse has served on the Land Trust of Napa County Investment and Finance Committee and the Napa County Commission on Aging. He has awards and commendations for pro bono legal services from the State Bar of California, Napa County Superior Court Judges, Napa County Bar Association and Legal Aid of the North Bay.

I would wager that Mr. Morse did exactly what his client, Mr. Fogerty, wanted him to do. We need more attorneys like him.

Methinks this Mr. Gianelli doth protest too much.

Paula Belden / Napa

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sprocket's Details Of The Reporters At LA Superior Court Explains Why No One Bothered Investigating The Set Up

February 6th, 2012

When I get up on the 9th floor, there’s a huge line waiting for the
security station to open up. Most of the mainstream media has arrived
before me. Some members of Lazarus’ family are here as well as
Rasmussen’s. My friend Katie is here along with her friend Lisa. I’m
not worried about getting a seat, I’m just worried about “which” seat.
I had a hint on Friday that the media would be in the first row. I am
surprised by this because usually, the family sits in the front row.

The station is opened and we file into the hallway. The reports form
little groups, chatting with friends or greeting colleagues they
haven’t seen in a long time. I hadn’t seen Los Angeles Times reporter
Andrew Blankstein since the Robert Blake trial in 2005 when I was
still just a member of the general public. I give him a big smile and
pointing to my press badge I say, “Can you believe it?”

I try to inconspicuously point out to some members of the press and my
friends who various people are on each side of the case. My face
lights up when I see Steven Mikulan and I give him a big hug. Steven
was with the LA Weekly for 20 years but is now with Los Angeles
Magazine. I also met Steven at the Blake trial and he’s been a friend
ever since. The Public Information Office (PIO) staff tell the press
with passes to start lining up. My name is called fourth and I’m
surprised that I will be in the front row. Usually, the victim's
family is placed in the front row. In front of me is the sketch artist
Mona, another sketch artist and Investigation Discovery’s Pat LaLama.
Behind me I meet Ann O’Neill, with CNN. When I introduce myself she
tells me she works with Beth Karas and has read my blog. I immediately
thank her. It’s still quite a shock to hear that the mainstream media
is reading what I write.

Although my seat is in the front row, it’s not a great seat. I’m too
near the jury. I think I will forever be affected by that time in
Judge Fidler's court room where I was accused of speaking so loud in
the gallery (I did receive an apology.) that the jury heard me, so I
don't like to be too close to them. For me, my ideal seat is sitting
right in line with the witness box but the podium is directly in front
of it in this courtroom. That's where legendary writer Dominick Dunne
liked to sit.

Dateline produce Robert Dean is here, Matthew McGough, Miram
Hernandez, Patrick Healy and AP reporter Linda Deutsch. Linda is such
a respected institution herself, she tells the PIO ladies where she’d
like to sit: second row on the aisle. When we’re let into the
courtroom, Pat and Mona are talking about DDA Shannon Presby. Pat is
certain that Presby had a career as a child actor and she wants to ask
him about that. I see a few people from the DA’s office in the back
row as the courtroom is packed with as many people as the PIO can
fill. The victim’s family is sitting right behind me. Lazarus’ family
is sitting on the right side of the courtroom, behind the bailiff’s
desk. I see Steven Mikulan wrangled a seat even though he wasn’t on
the media list.

It’s 8:40 am and counsel finally arrive. The detectives on the case
are sitting directly behind the prosecution table. There is a small
narrow table in front of them covered with case file materials. I’m
trying not to listen in on Pat and Mona’s conversation about
restaurants. It’s then I note that Pat is a lefty like me and she has
very interesting handwriting. Many of the letters are written in a
flamboyant style. I have a hard time pulling my eyes away from her
spiral notebook. Nels and Loretta Rasmussen are sitting almost
directly behind me, their attorney John Taylor beside them.

Sprocket's Trials & Tribulation Blog

Phil Spector Untitled Biopic - 2010

Full cast and crew for
Untitled Phil Spector Biopic (2012) (TV) More at IMDbPro

Directed by
David Mamet

Writing credits
David Mamet


Al Pacino ... Phil Spector

Helen Mirren ... Linda Kenney Baden

Jeffrey Tambor ... Bruce Cutler

James Tolkan ... Judge Fidler

Martin Jarvis ... Nigel

Matt Malloy ... Dr. Spitz

David Aaron Baker ... Alan Jackson

Kate Blumberg ... Woman #1

Jack Wallace ... Old Musician

Yolonda Ross ... Kelly

Tom Stratford ... Los Angeles County sheriff

Mary B. McCann ... Newscaster #2

Bob Jennings ... Jumpsuit Man

Naeem Uzimann ... Buisness traveller

Vernon Campbell ... Bodyguard #2

Joey Auzenne ... Bellhop (rumored)

Clara Mamet ... Paint Girl

Stephen Tyrone Williams ... Reporter

Lauren Schacher ... Reporter

Peter Conboy ... L.A. Country Sheriff

Jenn Lyon

Matthew Rauch ... Mike

Jordan Lage ... Mike

John Pirruccello ... Nick Stavros

Lizza Monet Morales ... Irene

David Gerson ... Interviewer

Cynthia Silver ... Woman #2

George Peck ... Courtroom Attorney

Alfredo Narciso ... Assistant

Philip Martin ... James Lee
Neil Pepe ... Interviewer

Jonathan Forte ... Lead Singer

Ella Dershowitz ... Paralegal

Meghan Marx ... Lana Clarkson

Angel Dillemuth ... Valet

Gail Silver ... Focus Group Woman #2

Kimko ... Mock Bailiff
Stevan Lee Mraovitch ... Adriano De Souza

Adalgiza Chermont ... Focus Group Woman #1 (as Adalgiza Chemountd)

Rick Toscano ... Young Phil
Grim Reaper Q. ... Bodyguard #1

Don Gomez ... George Bodyguard
Tatiana Godfrey ... Bailiff
Tatiana Godfrey ... Bailiff (rumored)