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My Deranged Stalker, Stephen Gianelli, Continues To Contact Me - Though He Has Been Advised To Cease & Desist. This Time It Is About My Appeal. I Have An Attorney & This Is Outrageous. He Sent A Letter On Thanksgiving As Well - Advising Me To Buy A New Computer Keyboard, Etc.

Your appeal in Case No. BR050096 is in default

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Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:50 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Ms. Lynch,
The appeal to which you refer to in weekly emails to our editor (most recently on November 21, 2012) is currently in default.
According to the on-line court docket (below), the clerk filed a "Notice (OF DEFAULT AOB )" on November 16, 2012.
Your opening Brief on appeal in Case No. BR050096 must be filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Appellate Division located at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA on or beforeDecember 17, 2012 or your appeal may be dismissed without further notice.
Please note that the Appellate Division has already granted your attorney Francisco A. Suarez two prior 30-day  extensions to file the Appellant's Opening Brief ("AOB") on September 14, 2012 and on October 17, 2012.
If an AOB is timely filed in this matter. Blogonaut Law Blog will be obtaining a copy and analyzing it as the blog has with other appellate filings in cases the blog follows.
Blogonaut Law Blog
Case Summary

Case Number: BR050096
Filing Date: 05/07/2012
Case Type: Appellate Division Appeal-Misd
Status: Pending
Underlying Case-Appellate: 2CA04539 on 05/04/2012

Scheduled Events>12/17/2012 at am in department APCO at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Brief-Appellant's Opening<

Documents Filed | Proceeding Information
LOS ANGELES CITY ATTORNEY - Attorney for Plaintiff/Respondent
LYNCH KELLEY - Defendant/Appellant
SUAREZ FRANCISCO - Attorney for Defendant/Appellant

Case Information | Party Information | Proceeding Information
Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)
>11/16/2012 Notice (OF DEFAULT NO AOB )
Filed by Clerk<

10/17/2012 Order-Extension-Brief Dates-APLT (GRANTED )
Filed by Clerk
10/11/2012 Application-Extension-File Briefs
Filed by Attorney for Defendant/Appellant
09/14/2012 Order-Extension-Brief Dates-APLT (GRANTED )
Filed by Clerk
09/11/2012 Application-Extension-File Briefs
Filed by Attorney for Defendant/Appellant
08/13/2012 Notice-Filing ROA/Brief Due Dates
Filed by Clerk
08/10/2012 Record on Appeal
Filed by Clerk
06/01/2012 Ord Apptng Counsel (Francisco Suarez appointed )
Filed by Court
05/23/2012 Request-Appointment of Counsel
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kelley Lynch Email To Sandra Jo Streeter Re. Leonard Cohen, Stephen Gianelli, Phil Spector, & Potential Infiltration Of My Defense & Witness Tampering - Gianelli Has Yet Again Been Advised to CEASE AND DESIST

Kelley Lynch 

Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 5:18 PM
To: "SandraJo.Streeter" <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, scooley <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>
Cc:,,, David Moorhead <>

Sandra Jo Streeter,

I now represent myself.  I have brought Gianelli´s harassment and
witness tampering to your attention.  You represent the PEOPLE.  NOT
Leonard Cohen although I saw you gushing in your cell phone about him.
You had no right to speak on behalf of the IRS.  If you have anything
to say to me, or any legal documents to serve me, hit REPLY ALL.  Copy
in the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB:  Gianelli has contacted my
taxpayer advocate - Doug Davis-FTB,about me and that is outrageous.
He has no idea about my tax filings and neither does Cohen whose
perjury is excessive.  Did you rehabilitate him when he lied about me?
 I don´t think so and Francisco Suarez and I are discussing the extent
of the perjury and a number of people have advised me to have them
call them.  That includes, but is not limited to, Detective
Viramontes-LAPD (who contacted Agent Tejeda-IRS), DDA Bill Hodgman
(who appears in the LAPD report but does NOT recall the meeting that
was recounted there), and others.  I will now provide Judge Vanderet
with the evidence that I have been harassed relentlessly by Gianelli
since my so-called release.  And, he has contacted you after publicly
stating that my lawyer discussed witnesses with him and what they did
or did not corroborate.  This should be brought to the attention of
the appellate court by Francisco Suarez.  I will discuss that with Mr.

Kelley Lynch

On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Mike Kelly,
> For the record, Captain Bornman and Doug Davis advised Gianelli not to
> contact them.  They did not advise me to do the same.  I contacted
> Captain Bornman about Gianelli yesterday as well as Judge Robert
> Vanderet.  I have asked that you be removed from my case due to
> Gianelli´s public assertions that a public defender of mine has
> communicated with him about my witnesses and what they did or did not
> corroborate.  That is unconscionable activity and he - NOT I - made
> that accusation.  People are wondering if Gianelli is actually on
> Cohen´s payroll. Perhaps Investigator Frayeh really understands
> Gianelli and Jackson since he thought Gianelli found a sympathetic ear
> with Jackson about me  Does Jackson want to know what my son, Rutger,
> witnessed re. SWAT, Killer King, etc.  Well, he should do as David
> Moorhead advised me to instruct that office.  CALL DAVID MOORHEAD.  He
> knows why he believed Rutger is a MATERIAL WITNESS for Phil Spector.
> I didn´t sign my letters to Cutler ¨Love, Kelley.¨ I signed my letter
> to Phil Spector, ¨Love, Kelley.¨ He signs his letters to me ¨Love,
> Phillip.¨
> Kelley Lynch
> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>> P.S.  The only advice I have been given, by Kelly, is to contact him
>> if anyone advises me to stop emailing them.  I have advised Gianelli
>> to cease and desist and the same is true for Cohen´s fan who wrote me
>> copying in Michelle Rice.  Gianelli is a stark raving lunatic and bald
>> faced liar.  I have followed the advice of counsel.  I have also read
>> public allegations, posted by Gianelli that I have captured and will
>> provide Judge Vanderet, about my public defenders communicating with
>> him about my witnesses and what they did or did not corroborate.  The
>> lawyer at the PD office I am working with is SHOCKED.  That is the
>> correct reaction.  How would this lunatic know what my lawyers have
>> advised me and why haven´t my lawyers hit reply all and advised him to
>> Clearly, you are going to do what you are going to do and are
>>>>>>> incapable
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> following your counsel's advice
>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>> Messrs. Kelly, Ramnaney, and Boche,
>>> Why is Gianelli copying you in on his emails?  Have you advised him to
>>> cease and desist?  I have not waived attorney-client privilege with
>>> any of you.  Gianelli has now contacted Sandra Jo Streeter, a woman I
>>> have filed complaints about with her supervisor, and is clearly
>>> dangerously unstable.  He has publicly alleged that he spoke to one of
>>> my public defenders about witnesses and what they did or did not
>>> corroborate.  The lawyer at the PD´s office is shocked.  The State Bar
>>> advised me to bring this to the attention of the court and now
>>> Streeter has been contacted.  I would like to know if any of you have
>>> advised him to cease and desist.  This man has harassed everyone near
>>> to me.  He has called men, like The Scientist, and lied to him.  Even
>>> Cohen testified that I have a legal background and Streeter famously
>>> noted that I can go toe to toe with anyone.  I am my counsel of record
>>> now.  I have advised the PD office to remove Mike Kelly as my trial
>>> counsel so Streeter is obliged to speak to me, per the State Bar.  I
>>> think Gianelli´s conduct violates Cohen´s restraining order - as does
>>> Cohen´s fan´s deranged emails to me with Cohen´s lawyer copied in.
>>> Michelle Rice LIED under oath when she said she cannot provide me with
>>> tax documents because they violate the restraining order.  These
>>> people will lie about anything.
>>> Gianelli has again been advised to cease and desist and none of you
>>> will prevent me from communicating with the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury,
>>> FTB; or the news media about Cohen´s criminal tax fraud, the evidence
>>> conealed from my jurors, or anything else. l It is called freedom of
>>> speech.  Harassing me, etc., is NOT.  This is Gianelli´s move because
>>> I have once again brought information about him and his activity to
>>> the attention of the IRS and FBI with respect to what appears to be an
>>> attempt to infiltrate my defense.  How low will LA Confidential go
>>> now?
>>> Phil Spector had a right to know about Cohen´s email to Streeter, his
>>> testimony about Phil Spector and a gun, and the fact that Cooley and
>>> Jackson were repeatedly raised by Streeter and used against me.  I was
>>> advised that I was probably a witness in the Phil Spector matter and
>>> Investigator John Thompson should have received a subpoena.
>>> Kelley Lynch
>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>> Sandra Jo Streeter,
>>>> I view this as an outrageous situation.  This will absolutely be
>>>> brought to Judge Vanderet´s attention as will the targeting of my
>>>> children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and many others by
>>>> this dangerously unstable individual.  The lawyer at the PD office I
>>>> read Gianelli´s public allegations to was in SHOCK and the State Bar
>>>> thinks there is serious misconduct here as well.  No wonder people
>>>> view lawyers as liars.
>>>> Gianelli has once again been advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  What right
>>>> does this man have to lie about me, slander me, relentlessly target
>>>> me, etc. for Leonard Cohen.  Everything is documented and my CEASE AND
>>>> DESIST letters and his allegations about a public defender of mine
>>>> speaking to him about their conversation with my witness will be
>>>> brought to the attention of the court.  It is outrageous.
>>>> Perhaps you think it is acceptable to lie about another human being,
>>>> which you have done here, but I do not.  If LA Superior Court
>>>> tolerates that, it is their problem and it explains a lot of the
>>>> corruption in Los Angeles.  Of course, Phil Spector´s legal team
>>>> should have been contacted.  The Grand Jury Adviser took the various
>>>> versions of the gun stories Cohen has now told (two different versions
>>>> are in my trial alone) - as did Judge Fidler´s clerk.  That´s why I
>>>> contacted Cutler but have now heard from Phil Spector.  I was never in
>>>> a dating relationship with Leonard Cohen and he has lied about the
>>>> refund, the IRS, and me.  I have brought all of this to the attention
>>>> of Agent Tejeda-IRS.
>>>> I have again advised Gianelli to cease and desist and question the
>>>> fact that he contacted you personally in an attempt to harm me.  I
>>>> have filed complaints with your supervisor, Will Revera, and will note
>>>> that in my letter to the judge.
>>>> Kelley Lynch
>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>> To the IRS and FBI,
>>>>> You will be copied in on my letter to Judge Robert Vanderet, as will
>>>>> Agent Tejeda.  This situation is a legal outrage and appears to be a
>>>>> blatant attempt to infiltrate my defense.  This man´s lies to the
>>>>> prosecutor about me are unconscionable.  He has sent me countless
>>>>> emails since my release.  You have been copied in on them and I have
>>>>> repeatedly advised him to CEASE AND DESIST.  I will print those emails
>>>>> out and attach them to my letter to the judge.  There´s no legal
>>>>> impediment for my communicating with Streeter.  As I just said to
>>>>> someone witnessing this situation . this is what LA Confidential looks
>>>>> like up close and personal.  I am privately, as you know,
>>>>> communicating with a criminal litigator.  I want to know what
>>>>> Streeter´s professional responsbility is with respect to a man that is
>>>>> outrageously harassing me and appears to be engaged in misconduct that
>>>>> involves my witnesses.
>>>>> All the best,
>>>>> Kelley
>>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>>> Francisco,
>>>>>> Let me know if you are unclear that I have advised this man countless
>>>>>> times to CEASE AND DESIST.  He has now copied in, once again, my
>>>>>> public defenders.  I think this should be viewed as an absolute
>>>>>> attempt to infiltrate my defense.  Cohen´s fan, Walsh, has written me
>>>>>> with Cohen´s lawyer - Michelle Rice- copied in.  I am doing what the
>>>>>> State Bar advised me to do.  I am writing Judge Robert
>>>>>> Vanderet,copying in both judges from the two probation hearings, and
>>>>>> others, and bringing this unconscionable activity to their attention.
>>>>>> People who are with me are in shock.  The other side, Sandra Jo
>>>>>> Streeter, will receive a copy of my letter to Judge Robert Vanderet.
>>>>>> I think this activity relates to my appeal and the fact that so many
>>>>>> lies are on the record, including with respect to the IRS.  I would
>>>>>> like to speak to you personally about Gianelli and the fact that he
>>>>>> has written you as well.  Please feel free to speak to my sister´s
>>>>>> attorney.  He spoke to this man and advised him to CEASE AND DESIST.
>>>>>> He does not stop.  He harassed my friend and we both filed a criminal
>>>>>> complaint with the police department.  I want to know if his emails
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> the prosecutor are now discoverable.  I also want to know if this
>>>>>> INDIRECTLY violates the restraining order as Gianelli has
>>>>>> relentlessly
>>>>>> targeted me since communicating with Cohen´s lawyers in 2009.
>>>>>> All the best,
>>>>>> Kelley
>>>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>>>> Gianelli,
>>>>>>> My lawyers have advised me of no such thing.  One or more of them
>>>>>>> appear
>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>> be
>>>>>>> communicating with you - per your public allegations - with respect
>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>> attorney-client
>>>>>>> privileged information and witnesses.  That would include my son,
>>>>>>> Rutger, whose Whole
>>>>>>> Foods matter was dragged into this unconscionable situation.  I have
>>>>>>> never said that
>>>>>>> I thought Cohen ripped his fingers off.
>>>>>>> The State Bar advised me to bring your conduct and the allegations
>>>>>>> about my court
>>>>>>> appointed attorney or attorneys (who you have ONCE AGAIN COPIED IN -
>>>>>>> Kelly, Ramnaney, and Boche) to the atttention of the judge. Judge
>>>>>>> Robert Vanderet will absolutely receive a letter with printed copies
>>>>>>> of your voluminous emails to me and my emails to you advising you to
>>>>>>> CEASE AND DESIST.  I do not want you to write me legal advice.
>>>>>>> As for Sandra Jo Streeter, your communications with her could be
>>>>>>> viewed as her attempt to infiltrate my defense.  I intend to
>>>>>>> subpoena
>>>>>>> all communications between you and her.  You are aligned with
>>>>>>> Leonard
>>>>>>> Cohen and his representatives and have relentlessly contacted me, my
>>>>>>> family members (including my son who was a minor), and many people
>>>>>>> near to me.  I believe you contacted Bruce Cutler in an attempt to
>>>>>>> determine what, if anything, he has to do with Phil Spector.  I have
>>>>>>> now personally heard from Phil Spector.  Sandra Jo Streeter thinks
>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>> is appropriate for a man harassing me, potentially engaged in
>>>>>>> witness
>>>>>>> tampering, witness intimidation, stalking, lying to the IRS and FBI,
>>>>>>> etc. to contact her and lie about me.  That says more about Streeter
>>>>>>> than it will ever say about me.
>>>>>>> Advising you relentessly to cease and desist is NOT evidence of my
>>>>>>> mental health.  It is evidence that you are a common criminal who
>>>>>>> should be prosecuted by the IRS and FBI and disbarred.
>>>>>>> Kelley Lynch
>>>>>>> On 11/20/12, STEPHEN GIANELLI <> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Ms. Lynch,
>>>>>>>> As I am sure your attorneys have advised you, it is highly improper
>>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>> to contact your trial judge *ex-parte*, that is other than through
>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>> noticed motion filed by your counsel of record and your trial judge
>>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>>> ethically prohibited from receiving or acting on any such
>>>>>>>> *ex-parte*communications; your trial judge many not communicate
>>>>>>>> *ex-parte* (without notice to the other side) with any of the
>>>>>>>> parties
>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>> case pending before him or their counsel.
>>>>>>>> As for your direct communications with your prosecutor Sandra Jo
>>>>>>>> Streeter,
>>>>>>>> since you are a party to pending litigation who is represented by
>>>>>>>> counsel
>>>>>>>> and Ms. Streeter represents an adverse party in that litigation,
>>>>>>>> she
>>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>>> ethically prohibited from communicating with you except through
>>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>>> counsel of record.
>>>>>>>> While there is no legal impediment for you directing unilateral
>>>>>>>> communications at Ms. Streeter, in my experience as a criminal
>>>>>>>> defense
>>>>>>>> lawyer for over 34 years, the rare criminal defendants who are
>>>>>>>> foolish
>>>>>>>> enough to engage in such direct communications only succeed in
>>>>>>>> harming
>>>>>>>> their own interests.
>>>>>>>> Clearly, you are going to do what you are going to do and are
>>>>>>>> incapable
>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>> following your counsel's advice or acting in your own self
>>>>>>>> interest.
>>>>>>>> This (along with the cc list on your emails) is yet more evidence
>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>> need professional help, which I would again urge you to voluntarily
>>>>>>>> seek.
>>>>>>>> Stephen R. Gianelli-SBN 83476
>>>>>>>> Law Office of Stphen R. Gianelli
>>>>>>>> PO Box 475013
>>>>>>>> San Francisco, CA 94147

Sylvie Simmons, Leonard Cohen Biographer, Appears To Have Visited My Blog, Adds Ann Diamond´s Article To Her Bibliography - As Well As Angela Pacienza´s Pathetic Slander, But Neglected To Contact Me Re. Cohen´s Fraudulent Allegations - Extremely Disturbing Journalistic Ethics

Leonard Cohen has lied about the corporate assets, his being the sole beneficial owner, and his own finances.  Most people who receive $1 million advances - just prior to hearing that I was reporting his tax fraud to the IRS (due to the fact that he used me unconscionably) -  do not view themselves as broke.  Most artists do not steal from their managers and withhold commissions on multi-million dollar lithograph deals they were extremely involved in negotiating. It is fascinating that journalists fall for Cohen´s lies.  How does he explain the fact that he has also stolen from Steven and Marty Machat, and Phil Spector?

Cohen drawn back into the spotlight

Financial difficulties have pushed Leonard Cohen back into the spotlight, propelling the semi-retired poet and musician into "incessant work" and even into attending a glitzy celebrity-studded gala honouring his songwriting skills.
"I'm not really drawn to these kind of events," Cohen, clad in a sharp but worn suit, said in an interview Saturday on the eve of his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.
"I don't think anybody really wants all that attention. I love the attention given to a song or a concert - something you've actually done and worked at and sweated over . . . But this, where you're somehow being honoured, they're always tricky."
Usually a private man who rarely gives interviews and shies away from Hollywood-style red carpet events, Cohen was persuaded to attend the gala, where the likes of Willie Nelson and k.d. lang will pay tribute to him, by his new Vancouver-based manager.
"I left the decision up to Sam Feldman. I'd gotten into a bit of trouble . . . I had to change management. My former management had relieved me of all my earnings," said the 71-year-old Cohen, who was contemplative yet warm and amicable while responding to questions.
His "bit of trouble" has him all but broke and involved in a couple of nasty lawsuits.
It all started last year when he learned that his life savings of $5-million, which he'd planned to retire on, had been nearly wiped out.
The Montreal-born poet alleges his former manager bled his personal savings and investment accounts dry during the time he spent living in a Buddhist monastery, the Mount Baldy Zen Center in Los Angeles.
"It's enough to put a dent in one's mood," he says of the betrayal by his manager, who'd looked after him for 17 years.
"Fortunately it hasn't," he adds after a short pause as if to show that while he's dejected by the situation, he's not completely undone.
In fact, some good has come out of the ordeal, something he refers to as only a "tiny disaster" in relation to a flood or tsunami.
Cohen will have several new works published in the coming months.
"I'm always blackening pages and scratching away, but that particular crisis produced a real financial problem," he explains, fidgeting with a handkerchief.
"Almost everything I had was gone . . . It produced a sense of urgency.
"What it did was not so much influence the writing itself - most of the writing was done. What it did do was promote a kind of swiftness in gathering the material together and presenting it. Usually I'd let things sit around for a few more years, so for better or for worse, they haven't matured for that long."
He'll have a book of poetry out in May as well as a new CD later in the year.
As well, Cohen's girlfriend, Hawaii-born Anjani Thomas, will release a CD on May 2. Blue Alert features her singing lyrics penned by Cohen. But for this weekend, at least, Cohen is thinking of his past material rather than trying to hawk his new wares.
Ain't No Cure For Love, Bird on the Wire, Everybody Knows, Hallelujah and Suzanne are being highlighted at Sunday night's gala, to be televised by the CBC on March 6, for their impact on Canada's musical landscape.
"I'm really happy that I've written them. You always try to write a good song but you don't always do it," he said bashfully. "It's a really wonderful thing to write a song and have it move into the world and have it touch people."
Singer lang says she feels a "kindred connection" to Cohen.
"I feel as a singer that singing his songs is an offering, and for me to sing one of his songs to him on Sunday night is a gesture of gratitude," said the Alberta-born performer who will sing Hallelujah for Cohen, a song she covered on her most recent album.
"It's no debate that he's one of Canada's greatest poets and songwriters, if not one of the world's greatest poet-songwriters. He always put himself in the turmoil but also on the compassionate end as well. He really was able to examine the human condition from a personal point of view."
Cohen says he continues to get fan mail referencing the impact his songs have had in people's lives. (Yes, he opens and reads all of it.)
Suzanne, in particular, is getting some additional attention by way of the CBC, which tracked down the woman who inspired the song after feeding Cohen "tea and oranges that come all the way from China."
Cohen actually caught the feature upon turning on his hotel's TV on Friday night.
"I turned on the news and found this long dissertation on the song and Suzanne," he said. "I haven't been in touch with her."
But he still lauded the woman who lives a sparse life in California.
"It's a radiant spirit that she has . . . an unusual woman and an unusual life."
"She doesn't know my life . . . Our lives are a lot closer than she suggests," he said.
So does Cohen welcome the unplanned return to the spotlight?
"These situations help me survive in the marketplace. I have no ambiguity about it. I'm very happy that people want to talk to me about my work."
But he says he'd welcome back privacy, especially if he could spend more time in Montreal, rather than Los Angeles.
While he shares his time between the two cities, he'd relish the opportunity to retreat to the home he purchased in his hometown back in 1972.
"I really miss it now that I have to be in Los Angeles (for court proceedings)," he said.

Kelley Lynch Email To Sandra Jo Streeter Re. Stephen Gianelli, Leonard Cohen, & This Ongoing Harassment

Kelley Lynch 

Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 2:47 PM
To: "hailey.branson" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Douglas Penick <>, "SandraJo.Streeter" <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, "m.coronado.kelly" <>, NRamnaney <>

Sandra Jo Streeter,

I will now obtain a copy of the psychiatric evaluation I requested
while at Lynwood.  Captain Bornman is NOT stationed at Lynwood.  He is
the head of the EBI Bureau and I worked closely with him and members
of that Bureau for months.  The psychiatrist at the jail did not share
your beliefs about me.  I am going to send a copy of that evaluation
to Judge Robert Vanderet.  For the record, I view Gianelli as a
criminal who most definitely has lied to the IRS about me.  I now
intend to have my attorney advise me on a course of action and will
discuss a subpoena regarding all communications between Gianelli,
Cohen´s lawyers, etc.  Cohen´s fan has also written me, advising me
that she targeted the Free Phil Spector Facebook page.  Phil Spector,
not Bruce Cutler who worked for him, is going to be asked to address
your comments with respect to whether or not I should  have written
him about the activity in my trial

Stephen Gianelli is a victimizer.  The reason I have sent you numerous
emails is due to the fact that I have addressed his activity with
various parties including the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB.  I
have no emails from Captain Bornman or Doug Davis advising me not to
contact them.  All emails Gianelli has harassed me with since my
release will be turned over to Judge Robert Vanderet together with his
public allegations that he communicated with a lawyer representing me
at trial about witnesses and their a-c privileged communcations.  I
read that allegation to the PD´s office and the lawyer was in SHOCK.
I hope the same is true for Judge Vanderet.

Kelley Lynch

Does Gianelli´s Email To My Prosecutor Present Serious Legal Issues ... He Is Aligned With Leonard Cohen & His Lawyers & Has Relentlessly Targeted Me, My Family, & Many Others


Kelley Lynch 

Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM
To: "hailey.branson" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Douglas Penick <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, "m.coronado.kelly" <>, NRamnaney <>


This situation with Gianelli writing my prosecutor and lying to her is
outrageous.  He has publicly lied about my owing taxes and does not
have access to my tax returns.  I have indeed contacted Agent
Tejeda-IRS about this situation, brought it to the attention of the
PD´s office, and advised the court yesterday about this situation.  I
would like to subpoena all emails between Gianelli, the prosecutor,
Alan Jackson, the DA´s office, LAPD, and Cohen´s legal
representatives.  I think it´s important to review that information
for my appeal.  I would like to speak to you about this.  I had
approximately forty emails from this lunatic in my trash inbox and
advised him to cease and desist.  I will write Judge Vanderet and
include a copy of my emails to Streeter about this legal outrage.

I have asked the PD office to provide me with all emails from Gianelli
to my lawyers and from them to Gianelli.   I have also asked for a
copy of the jury instruction regarding individuals who lie and
disregarding their testimony.  That would be Leonard Cohen.

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:10:18 -0800
Subject: Re: FYI
To:, "Francisco.A.Suarez"
<>, Dennis <>,
"*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field
<>, "Kelly.Sopko"
<>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis"
<>, Mick Brown <>
Cc: "m.coronado.kelly" <>, NRamnaney

P.S.  One last point.  Neither Captain Bornman nor Doug Davis have
advised me not to contact them.  My public defenders, whose
attorney-client privilege has not been waived, did NOT advise me to
stop emailing the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, or the
news media.  They asked me to advise them if anyone asked me to stop
contacting them.  Gianelli cannot stop lying.  I have never said that
my public defenders are in a conspiracy with anyone.  I have
questioned why Gianelli has publicly noted that my public defender
spoke to him about witnesses of mine (including my son, Rutger who
Deputy Calandrino spoke to while I was in jail so she knows we are not
estranged but you advised the bail judge of this outrageous
allegation) and whether or not they corroborated anything.  The lawyer
at the PD office that I am in contact with was SHOCKED by this public

Stephen Gianelli´s ongoing harassment of me is an outrage.  If Doug
Davis or Captain Bornman have something to say to me, I think they are
aware that it is not going to come through Gianelli.  As for Cutler,
I´ve heard from Phil Spector personally.  Cutler, as he noted in his
letter, worked for Spector.  I think the Grand Jury Adviser was
correct when she instructed me to contact Phil Spector´s attorneys re.
the two different versions of Leonard Cohen gun stories before LA
Superior Court in my trial alone.  Mick Brown, who is copied in on
this email, advised me that Cohen´s statements were presented to the
Grand Jury.  There was confusion about testimony vs. statements.

I will address the excessive perjury in my legal filings and on
appeal. This is a final note about the outrageous harassment I have
suffered at the hands of Gianelli and others.  No wonder Investigator
Frayeh-DA´s office told me he is a SHADY CHARACTER and I have notified
Judge Vanderet of that fact and he should feel free to speak to
Investigator Frayeh.  Gianelli doesn´t have access to my tax returns
but is LYING about them publicly and to the IRS.  Lying to the IRS is
criminal.  I will now prepare a letter to Judge Vanderet, the
Commissioner in the probation matter, and others, regarding this
situation.  It is unacceptable that I found approximately 40 emails,
including with legal advice, from Gianelli in my trash.  I directed
them there because I view them as harassing spam.  His slanderous
articles will be presented to the judge as well.  The fact that he has
your email address and emailed you about me is a very serious matter
and I intend to seek legal advice about this situation.  I will obtain
a declaration from my sister´s attorney who also advised him to CEASE
AND DESIST.  The PD office thinks it is outrageous that any court
appointed attorney of mine communicated anything with this dangerously
unstable individual.  I do not live within 30 miles of his office.
He´s a LIAR who appears to be stalking and monitoring my whereabouts.
That may be a violation of Cohen´s fraudulently obtained order
INDIRECTLY.  The man is aligned with Cohen and his lawyers.  People
are in shock by this conduct and I hope that includes Judge Robert
Vanderet.  I would assume he understands the legal concept CEASE AND
DESIST so he will understand why I wrote those words after receiving
approximately 40 emails from Gianelli since my release.

Kelley Lynch

Her court appointed attorneys have advised me that she was warned
about all of the above, but made a conscious decision to disregard
their advice.

In any event, Lynch has now turned on her public defenders, accusing
them of joining her “conspiracy” that Lynch believes to exist by and
between the undersigned, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve
Cooley, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, the LAPD, entertainer
Leonard Cohen, and many others too numerous to list here.

On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Sandra Jo Streeter,
> I am also sending the Commissioner in my probation matter a copy of
> this letter, the forty or so emails I received since my release from
> this man, and an explanation of the outrageous harassment he has
> engaged in since 2009.  The State Bar, as I have stated, advised me to
> contact the judge in my matter and I have done so.  That might explain
> his latest lies about me.  I will copy the City Attorney in on my
> letter to Judge Robert Vanderet.  As he said, no one should be
> targeted.  I filed countless complaints with LAPD about his ongoing
> harassment of me and my children and asked Detective Viramontes-LAPD
> (who has now contacted Agent Tejeda-IRS) whether or not LAPD acted on
> those complaints.  This man might not have a criminal record but a
> police department took a criminal complaint about him and a witness
> gave his statement as well.  The USPS in San Francisco opened a
> criminal investigation into him re. his conduct with respect to me and
> the U.S. mail.
> I have advised him to CEASE AND DESIST and will provide those emails
> to Judge Robert Vanderet that were responses to his continuing
> attempts to communicate with me.
> Kelley Lynch
> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>> To the IRS Commissioner´s Staff,
>> I have left a message for Francisco Suarez about this matter.  I have
>> contacted the lawyer at the Public Defender´s office.  I would like
>> copies of all emails Gianelli has sent my public defenders and any
>> emails whereby they advise him to cease and desist.  I have called
>> Agent Tejeda-IRS and read him this outrageous lie about me.  Corporate
>> books, records, stock shares, notarized documents, and a tremendous
>> amount of evidence was concealed in Cohen´s fraudulent lawsuit against
>> me.  The illegal K-1s he issued, evidence of criminal conduct, totally
>> undermine the fraudulent expense ledger.  I have advised Streeter that
>> Gianelli´s conduct with me has been outrageous.  My sister hired a
>> lawyer to advise this man to cease and desist and he refused to do so
>> and contacted her again.
>> My tax returns for 2008 were filed.  This is a public lie about me re.
>> the IRS.  I owe no taxes for 2004 or any year.  My losses are huge.  I
>> have asked Agent Tejeda-IRS to address the fact that this man, who has
>> no access to my tax records, is publicly lying about me and to the
>> IRS, per this post.  He has removed his slanderous articles.  I have
>> captured them and I have advised Judge Vanderet that I am exposed to
>> dangerously unstable individuals like Gianelli now.  I will attach his
>> approximately 40 harassing emails to me to the letter I mail Judge
>> Vanderet now.  As for Phil Spector, the Grand Jury Adviser told me to
>> contact Phil Spector´s appellate attorney about the various Cohen gun
>> stories before LA Superior court and Judge Larry Fidler´s clerk,
>> Wendy, advised me to write the DA and copy in Judge Larry Fidler.  As
>> I advised Judge Vanderet, these instructions totally impeach the
>> situation with Bruce Cutler.  He had an obligation to notify Phil
>> Spector´s attorneys, as I suspected.
>> All the best,
>> Kelley
>> A note to our readers:
>> Once again, we have decided to delete all posts pertaining to a
>> certain deranged lawbreaker, convicted harasser and drama queen who
>> has commanded far too much of everyone’s attention already.
>> Her many daily emails go directly into an archived file unread.
>> Appropriate authorities have been apprised of documentary evidence of
>> her suspected tax fraud going back to 2008, through the tax year 2004,
>> though appropriate channels.
>> We will publish nothing more on this individual until her inevitable
>> violation of her current probation supervision and return to jail or
>> her federal court prosecution for tax evasion, whichever happens
>> first.
>> We wish all of or readers a Happy Thanksgiving.
>> --Blogonaut Law Blog
>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>> Francisco,
>>> I realize you are working on my appeal but I would like to speak to
>>> you about having a lawyer file a formal complaint with the City
>>> Attorney about this outrageous situation.  I can provide many
>>> declarations about his outrageous conduct and his refusal to cease and
>>> desist.  I am privately speaking to a criminal litigator but would
>>> like your advice as well.
>>> Thank you.
>>> All the best,
>>> Kelley
>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>> Gianelli,
>>>> I am again advising you to cease and desist.  I have already filed one
>>>> criminal complaint against you with a police department and the USPS
>>>> Inspector advised me that they opened a criminal investigation into
>>>> you re. your conduct with respect to me and the U.S. mail.  I just
>>>> phoned Agent Tejeda-IRS about your lies.  I opened my trash file and
>>>> found 40 emails from you since my release.  That is an approximation.
>>>> I have brought your activity to the attention of Judge Robert Vanderet
>>>> and will now send him a letter with those emails enclosed.
>>>> CEASE AND DESIST.  My sister, and others, have hired lawyers to advise
>>>> you to do so as well.
>>>> Kelley Lynch
>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>> To the IRS and FBI,
>>>>> I would like you to review the email Gianelli sent to Streeter.  I
>>>>> will follow up with a letter to Judge Robert Vanderet and the City
>>>>> Attorney of Los Angeles.  This man is dangerously unstable and
>>>>> completely out of control.
>>>>> I have advised Streeter that I opened my mailbox and found 40 letters
>>>>> from this man.  I will print them out for Judge Robert Vanderet now
>>>>> and absolutely called Captain Bornman.
>>>>> All the best,
>>>>> Kelley
>>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>>> Sandra Jo Streeter,
>>>>>> Stephen Gianelli has relentlessly targeted me, members of my family,
>>>>>> and others since 2009 when he aligned himself with Leonard Cohen.  I
>>>>>> opened my trash file and found approximately 40 emails from this man
>>>>>> to me, copying in my lawyers.  I have complained about him to a
>>>>>> lawyer
>>>>>> at the public defenders office.  I have just contacted Agent
>>>>>> Tejeda-IRS about him.  I absolutely contacted Captain Bornman-LASD
>>>>>> about this individual.  He is dangerously unstable.  Investigator
>>>>>> William Frayeh-LA DA´s office advised me that he is a shady character
>>>>>> who may have found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson about me.  I
>>>>>> was advised, by the State Bar, to bring his conduct to the attention
>>>>>> of Judge Robert Vanderet as he has publicly stated that one of my
>>>>>> public defenders spoke to him about private witness information.
>>>>>> This man has been advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  That includes with
>>>>>> respect to his slanderous articles that I am now mailing to Judge
>>>>>> Robert Vanderet.  The public defenders´ office was shocked by his
>>>>>> comments.
>>>>>> I have spoken to Doug Davis about Cohen´s criminal tax fraud and, as
>>>>>> you know, Agent Tejeda-IRS intended to take the stand.
>>>>>> I will send a copy of this email from Gianelli to Judge Robert
>>>>>> Vanderet.  The harassment is inconceivable.  As you well know, you do
>>>>>> NOT speak for the IRS and therefore cannot address what they are
>>>>>> doing
>>>>>> with respect to Cohen.  The 2005 refund, based on fraud, did NOT
>>>>>> close
>>>>>> the case.  I met with Agent Spoko in 2007 and was referred to Agent
>>>>>> Tejeda-IRS in 2007.  That related to the allegations that Cohen
>>>>>> committed criminal tax fraud.
>>>>>> It is an outrage that this man, who has forced people I know to hire
>>>>>> lawyers advising him to cease and desist, is now contacting someone
>>>>>> who I feel has lied about me to two judges and my jurors.  I have
>>>>>> brought those lies to the attention of Judge Robert Vanderet.  I will
>>>>>> now write a formal letter to the City Attorney himself about this
>>>>>> unconscionable situation.
>>>>>> Kelley Lynch
>>>>>> If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed.
>>>>>> Download the original attachment
>>>>>> Page 1
>>>>>> LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN R. GIANELLI P.O. Box 475013San Francisco, CA
>>>>>> 94147(415) 929-5130 Telecopier: (415) 921-XXXXE-mail:
>>>>>> stephengianelli@gmail.comState Bar Number: 83476 November 20,
>>>>>> 2012SENT
>>>>>> VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL ONLYSandra Jo Streeter, Esq. -
>>>>>> SandraJo.Streeter@lacity.orgDeputy City AttorneyLos Angeles County
>>>>>> City Attorney’s OfficeCriminal DivisionDomestic Violence UnitIn re:
>>>>>> People vs. Kelley A. Lynch, Los Angeles County Superior Court No.
>>>>>> 2CA04539Dear Ms. Streeter:I write concerning Kelley Ann Lynch
>>>>>> (“Lynch”) who was sentenced on April 17, 2012 to summary probation...
Thank you for your time and have a
>>>>>> pleasant Thanksgiving Holliday.Very truly yours, Stephen R. Gianelli
>>>>>> Stephen R. Gianelli
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>>>>>> From: Kelley Lynch <>
>>>>>> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:46:14 -0800
>>>>>> Subject: Fwd: FYI
>>>>>> To: Dennis <>, *,
>>>>>> Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko"
>>>>>> <>, ASKDOJ <>,
>>>>>> "Doug.Davis"
>>>>>> <>
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>>>>>> From: STEPHEN GIANELLI <>
>>>>>> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:15:23 -0800
>>>>>> Subject: FYI
>>>>>> To:

Monday, November 19, 2012

THE DRAMA QUEEN SPEAKS... Called Judge Robert Vanderet Who Has A Deranged View Of Justice

Kelley Lynch 

Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 3:49 PM
To: scooley <>, ajackson <>, "Truc.Do" <>, wfrayeh <>, jthompson <>, Mick Brown <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "Perusse, Bernie (Montreal Gazette)" <>, STEPHEN GIANELLI <>, Douglas Penick <>, David Moorhead <>, Richard Dallett <>, mlbornma <>, Paul Burger <>, "fbi.dallas" <>, The Scientist <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, info <>, "" <>, dboies <>, Dennis <>, "*" <*>, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>
Hello Mick,

How are you?  Lots of activity this morning.  Cohen´s greatest fan,
Susanne Walsh, admitted that she had Facebook shut down the Free Phil
Spector page. She actually wrote and copied Cohen´s lawyer in on the
emails.  That is a violation of the restraining order.  This is now
laughable. I called Vanderetand brought this to his attention.  Jihad
Gianelli has now pulled down his articles but LIED to the IRS about
me.  Criminal conduct. Too bad I am one of the little people who
doesn´t have huge powerful lawyers.  It is revolting.

All the best,

Leonard Cohen´s Fraudulently Obtained Restraining Orders Are Clearly Jokes To His Legal Team

Walsh admits targeting the Free Phil Spector Facebook page.  Then she copies Cohen´s lawyer in on an email to me.  Absolutely revolting.  Very LA Confidential.  Only Judge Robert Vanderet could really appreciate this. 

susanne walsh 

Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:14 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <>, Dennis <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>
Mis Lynch.

Once again, I did not lie to Facebook about you, I simply completed the standard form for "abuse" and checked the box "slander".  Facebook, not I, deceided the site was abusive and slanderous, and deleted it...
Susanne Walsh

THE DRAMA QUEEN SPEAKS ... After Slandering Kelley Lynch Since 2009, Having Connected With Leonard Cohen & His Legal Team, Gianelli Goes Dark ... But Lying To The IRS Is CRIMINAL ... What Else Will This Lawyer Do For Cohen & Spector Prosecutor Alan Jackson?


A note to our readers:

Once again, we have decided to delete all posts pertaining to a certain deranged lawbreaker, convicted harasser and drama queen who has commanded far too much of everyone’s attention already.

Her many daily emails go directly into an archived file unread.

Appropriate authorities have been apprised of documentary evidence of her suspected tax fraud going back to 2008, through the tax year 2004, though appropriate channels.

We will publish nothing more on this individual until her inevitable violation of her current probation supervision and return to jail or her federal court prosecution for tax evasion, whichever happens first.

We wish all of or readers a Happy Thanksgiving.
--Blogonaut Law Blog

Leonard Cohen´s Statements Presented To Phil Spector´s Grand Jury

Mick Brown 

To: Kelley Lynch <>


I have looked for the documents I was sent in connection with the Grand Jury and been unable to find them. They were sent to me by my friend the journalist and author Carlton Smith, who unfortunately has since passed away. However, I'm sure you would be able to access them from the same source as Carlton did. My understanding is they were/are on the public record.

I do not recall ever saying to you that Cohen himself had testified. If I did, it was my mistake. My recollection is that the statement from Leonard Cohen was the same  statement that had already appeared in media interviews, pertaining to the incident in the studio during the recording of 'Death Of A Ladies Man'. My recollection is that it was on a single sheet of paper. I have no idea whether Leonard Cohen personally made this statement to the DA, or whether - and I suspect this is the case - that quote had simply been taken from previously published interviews 
There was no mention of any statement attributed to Cohen in either of the two subsequent trials.


Mick Brown

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44 (0) 207-931-3627