Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Have Never Called Karina Von Watteville A Hooker

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:08 PM
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
To: Stephen Gianelli <>, Karina Von Watteville <>, "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>,, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,, "mayor.garcetti" <>


I continue to be criminally harassed by Gianelli re. Karina Von Watteville.  They have both been advised to cease and desist.  I have privately forwarded you Von Watteville's email to Paulette Brandt (May 11, 2015) that addresses Leonard Cohen, IRS and tax matters, etc.  It was written by Gianelli.  I never called Von Watteville a hooker.  I do not know the woman.

All the best,

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:06 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Stephen Gianelli and Karina Von Watteville,

I am advising you to cease and desist.  I never said Von Watteville was a prostitute.  That information was contained in a declaration I reviewed.  [I was clear that I did not initially understand the relevance] I am not committing "extortion" by any definition.  I have advised Von Watteville and you, Gianelli, that Von Watteville should feel free to file a lawsuit against me.  That does not give her a right to slander and harass me.  I have addressed her slanderous conduct in emails with IRS, FBI, and DOJ copied in.  IF Von Watteville commits fraud and perjures herself, I will file a formal complaint with ICE.  I have been quite clear with ICE about that fact.  I have nothing to do with deportation.  Von Watteville was the individual, in front of the mediator and witnesses, screaming about Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, and RIce.  She did not review the actual evidence (your legal argument, Gianelli) with Paulette Brandt as she was instructed to do.  The mediator then advised me to bring her absurd conduct to the attention of the Court.  Someone noted that they witnessed her screaming in the hallway and then speaking meekly to the judge.  You are now arguing directly with the Court in the Small Claims matter, Gianelli.  That matter does not involve me.  I do not know this woman.  I am aware that she began slandering me, and evidently became obsessed with me, after receiving Paulette Brandt's rent demand letter.  She then phoned Robert Kory.  This will now be addressed with Judge Hess.

I have no idea what you are referring to in your harassing emails re. a video link. footage of Von Watteville, etc.  I do not know this woman.  Neither of you have any idea where i reside.  You both have the address for service.


Kelley Lynch

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Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 1:54 PM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc:, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <>

Ms. Lynch,

You are committing extortion, by definition.

About that you have been quite clear.

If Ms. Von Watteville exercises her right to sue you for saying she is a prostitute in mass emails, you will report her for alleged immigration violations in aid of getting her deported.

From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 10:20 PM
To: Stephen Gianelli; Karina Von Watteville;; *IRS.Commisioner; Washington Field; ASKDOJ; Division, Criminal; Doug.Davis; Dennis; MollyHale; nsapao;; mayor.garcetti
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION


I have been clear:  IF Von Watteville files a fraudulent lawsuit, and perjures herself, I will file a formal complaint with ICE.  Gianelli and Von Watteville have once again been advised to cease and desist.  Cohen's lawyer, Jeffrey Korn, has been copied in for obvious reasons.  

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 12:18 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Stephen Gianelli and Karina Von Watteville,

I am once again advising both of you to cease and desist.  This is ongoing harassment.  I do not know Karina Von Watteville.  She phoned Leonard Cohen's lawyer, Robert Kory, after receiving Paulette Brandt's rent demand letter and is now legally represented by you, Stephen Gianelli.  Robert Kory advised Von Watteville to sue me - over a handful of cease and desist letters with IRS, FBI, and DOJ copied in.  That will therefore be addressed in my federal RICO lawsuit that does not involve either of you.

Kelley Lynch

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Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:07 AM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch email to "IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE" dated IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE - USING EMAILS TO "ICE" FOR EXTORTION
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc:, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <>

1754 N. Van Ness Avenue
Hollywood, California 90028

Ms. Lynch,

Penal Code § 519 reads as follows:

Fear, such as will constitute extortion, may be induced by a
threat of any of the following:

   1. To do an unlawful injury to the person or property of the
individual threatened or of a third person.
   2. To accuse the individual threatened, or a relative of his or
her, or a member of his or her family, of a crime.

   3. To expose, or to impute to him, her, or them a deformity,
disgrace, or crime.

   4. To expose a secret affecting him, her, or them.
  5. To report his, her, or their immigration status or suspected
immigration status.

A letter may be extortionate even if its accusations are vague and indirect. As the California Supreme court explained in Flatley v. Mauro (2006) 39 Cal.4th 299, the “very vagueness” of accusations “serves the dual purpose of magnifying the fear” of a victim and “protecting the extortionist in the event of the failure to accomplish his extortion.” Id at 331. (This addresses the way you try to avoid a direct threat in some of your emails by referring to “subpoenaing” “ICE” rather than the more direct threat to “report” Ms. Von Watteville to ICE in some of your earlier emails.)

In in Mendoza v. Hamzeh, 215 Cal. App. 4th 799, 806, the court of appeal read Flatley as to suggest that the mere insinuation of a crime, when coupled with a tacit demand, is enough to constitute extortion. In Mendoza, the letter threated to alleged “fraud” to relevant authorities, including the IRS.

Your tacit and not so veiled threats to report Ms. Von Watteville to ICE, which you made in her presence in court in the Brandt small claims matter, and in writing in reference to that matter (characterizing her legitimate statute of limitations defense as “fraud”) and in emails threatening to “subpoena ICE to the trial if she sues you for libel” are all, in view of the fifth numbered paragraph of § 519 similarly extortionate. The tacit threat by Linda Carol to release the video clip (and perhaps other video clips) of Ms. Von Watteville in a state of undress are all part of the same pattern of extortion and harassment. (See also Penal Code § 647(j)(4) re: distribution of the nude video clips.)

Indeed, in view of Ms. Von Watteville’s resident alien status and your prior express references to “grounds for deportation including fraud” coupled with your characterization of Ms. Von Watteville’s civil litigation positions as “fraud” or “perjury”, your act of simply copying the FBI, the DOJ, and ICE with your emails referencing those civil litigation matters is transparently intended to instill the fear of deportation in Ms. Von Watteville unless she stops resisting Brandt’s attempts to collect $6,700 in the small claim litigation and/or abandons her right to sue you, Ms. Brandt, and Ms. Carol for asserting that she is a “prostitute” and a “con” in handbills, mass emails and blog posts, is a tacit threat of criminal prosecution and/or deportation.

The federal agencies whom you have long cc’d in an effort to instill fear of prosecution and/or deportation in your extortion and harassment victims are hereby being advised of your terror campaign (and that of your housemates Paulette Brandt and Linda Carol) against Karina Von Watteville.

You and your housemates would be well advised to heed me well: Any further extortionate behavior directed at Katerina Von Watteville regarding her immigration status and/or images in Ms. Carol or Ms. Brandt’s possession will be dealt with swiftly and harshly in a court of law. And you are subjecting yourselves to potential prosecution under federal and state law for extortion by using emailed threats of deportation and the email to send nude images in violation of Penal Code § 647(j)(4).

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli [Cal. Bar. #83476]
Crete, Greece, for
P.O. BOX 1503

From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 9:24 AM
To: Stephen Gianelli; Karina Von Watteville; Linda Carol; *IRS.Commisioner; Washington Field; ASKDOJ; Division, Criminal; Doug.Davis; Dennis; MollyHale; nsapao; fsb;; rbyucaipa; khuvane; blourd; Robert MacMillan; a; wennermedia; Mick Brown; woodwardb; glenn.greenwald; lrohter; Harriet Ryan; hailey.branson; stan.garnett;; Feedback;; mayor.garcetti
Subject: Re: FW: Brandt v. Von Watteville; Small Claims Court No. LAM 14M09452


I have forwarded you the criminally harassing emails I've recently received; Gianelli's "jail" threat to Linda Carol; and Karina Von Watteville's threatening letter to Linda Carol stating that she could be expelled.  Linda Carol is the person who is the victim here.  Karina Von Watteville should stop lying.  As I have stated, I will subpoena the head trial counsel for ICE if Von Watteville files a fraudulent lawsuit against me and perjures herself.  The IRS, FBI, and DOJ were copied in on the handful of cease and desist letters I sent her regarding HER CONDUCT and SLANDER.  ICE can confirm that with IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  I do not know either of these individuals and they appear completely out of control.  You now have the latest draft of Linda Carol's declaration that will indeed be filed with LA Superior Court.  This is blatant witness tampering and an attempt to dissuade a witness.  Gianelli has previously, with Spector's former assistant (who stole $1 million from him), targeted my email accounts and blog and had them shut down.  Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, who also works in tandem with Gianelli to harass people, targeted Phil Spector's Facebook page and had it shut down.  I know one thing for a fact - these three individuals are pathetic liars.  That may be why someone wrote that I am in A Nightmare On Elm Street featuring Gianelli as Freddie Kruger.  

How many times have I advised this criminal to cease and desist?  He has sent me the extradition treaty information between Greece and U.S. and seems to think he is untouchable.  He has also issued not-so-veiled threats about his alleged Mafia connections & obviously sent the "bloody stump" email that falsely accused Oliver Stone of engaging in criminal conduct and slandered us horrendously.  He harasses Oliver Stones agents at CAA but does not know Oliver Stone.  He has harassed Ron Burkle and many, many others.  

All the best,

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 11:18 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Stephen Gianelli and Karina Von Watteville,

I am advising both of you - once again - to immediately stop criminally harassing me.  I am not a party to Paulette Brandt's Small Claims matter; neither of you are formally parties to the Leonard Cohen matters that i am involved with - or the upcoming hearing on June 23, 2015; and, Linda Carol's declaration will be presented to numerous judges - including Small Claims Court.

I have no idea what you are talking about with respect to a You Tube link.  If the account was suspended, which it was (and reported to You Tube) then no one could send a link from that account.  Perhaps "law enforcement" will figure that out.  They should figure out that we are the individuals being criminally harassed - including by you Gianelli.  You are a Criminal Stalker who is moonlighting, argues Spector prosecution theories online; and appear to be part of Leonard Cohen's legal defense team.  I am aware that Von Watteville (in response to Paulette Brandt's rent demand letter) became obsessed with me, began slandering me, called Robert Kory, and threatened to sue me.  And now, Gianelli, she is your client and you are personally and directly arguing with the judge in the Small Claims matter.  Who knows.  Perhaps he will realize that fact.

Neither of you know me and neither of you know where I presently live.  I don't divulge personal information to people I view as savory characters and/or involved with criminal conduct.  

The conclusions drawn in this harassing email (with Von Watteville copied in) are deranged.  They are evidence of rotten legal logic and explain the joke "How do you know when a lawyer is lying?"

Cease and desist.

Kelley Lynch

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Date: Sun, May 10, 2015 at 10:22 PM
Subject: FW: Brandt v. Von Watteville; Small Claims Court No. LAM 14M09452
Cc: Karina Von Watteville <>

Ms. Lynch,

What you refer to as the “meta data” for Linda Carol’s Gmail address, i.e. what you see when you hover the cursor over the link ( vs. “Mail to”) depends on the email client in which you view one of Ms. Carol’s emails. Viewed in the web based  Gmail client itself it is the former; viewed in my Outlook email program it is the latter.

There is, however, no denying that “” is Linda Carol’s email address, and has one of her old pictures (VERY OLD picture – like from 30 years ago) embedded in it.

Since Linda Carol is your housemate in a small two bedroom apartment with three occupants, why not simply ask her if she sent the video clip to me?

Of course you already know this, because you and Paulette Brandt both encouraged her to send the video clip to me to get Ms. Von Watteville to pay Ms. Brandt, which is why the three of you distributed the libelous flier and engaged in the other slander and harassment that may get you all sued. This encouragement took place at the same time the three of you discussed the fact that You Tube suspended Ms. Carol’s account, where she had no doubt earlier posted the clip (also in violation of the law).

Sending me the clip was based on the (false) assumption that I was behind the account suspension, to show me “see you cannot stop me from distributing this clip”.

It is a law enforcement matter now.

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

From: Stephen Gianelli []
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2015 5:04 PM
To: Karina Von Watteville
Subject: Fwd: Brandt v. Von Watteville; Small Claims Court No. LAM 14M09452

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From: Linda Carol <>
Date: Sat, May 9, 2015 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Re: Brandt v. Von Watteville; Small Claims Court No. LAM 14M09452

Linda Carolv
On May 9, 2015 8:55 AM, "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Lynch,

Thank you so much for confirming that Paulette Brandt received the Answer and attached Declaration in response to Ms. Brandt’s motion for a new trial by mail, which you did  by posting it on your blog.

You also emailed it to Ms. Von Watteville’s opposing counsel in a pending probate matter along with the Declaration of Linda Carol, which you reiterated you intended to file in the above referenced small claims action, even though the action has been dismissed with prejudice, the offensive and scurrilous accusations contained therein are not reasonably  calculated to aid (and are irrelevant to)  the motion, and even though you are not a party to the small claims action and have no standing to file anything.

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece