Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leonard Cohen & The City Attorney Lie About An FBI Investigation Into The Aryan Nation, Cohen's Publicly Documented Drug Abuse, & Lorca Cohen's Allegations - See Van Penick, Also Gianelli & The NAMBLA Email


Streeter:  You mentioned -- you mentioned that Ms. Lynch often accused you of hurting other children; is that right?
Cohen:  I’m sorry?
Streeter:  Did Ms. Lynch in any of her emails accuse you of molesting your children?
Cohen:  Yes, she did.  
Streeter:  Do you know what NAMBLA is, Mr. Cohen?
Cohen:  I think it’s an organization of male and that affirms or encourages re -- sexual relations between men and children.
Streeter;  Did she ever mention that in any of the emails that she sent you, Mr. Cohen?
Cohen:  Sounds familiar, but I can’t -- I can’t say for sure.  I think so.  RT 90
Streeter:  You mentioned that you do recall her sending you emails in reference to the NAMBLA Association?
Cohen:  Right.
Streeter:  Is there any mention of that in that email, Mr. Cohen?
Cohen:  Yes, there is.
Streeter:  And after -- is there any mention of the minor children in reference to the -- that organization?
Cohen:  To my minor children --
Streeter:  Or minor children.
Cohen:  I don’t think this particular email is referring to me.
Streeter.  But there is mention of that?
Cohen:  But there is a mention that a lawyer might be molesting her minor child and that he might be a member of NAMBLA.  RT 91/91

rom: Ann Diamond <>
Date: Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Subject: Re:
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Hi Kelley
I deleted all posts on my FB wall re: this matter. It's not the place to talk about Cohen, Lorca, et al. I don't know what Walsh has going with Cohen but posting these comments as Phil Spector is definitely not the way to go either.


Ann Diamond and Kelley Lynch
Kory letter to Ann Diamond threatening her over her article which is factual
Kelley Lynch Email to Doron Weinberg re. Leonard Cohen
Ann Diamond summarizes my views on Cohen:
Twenty-five years later, I am still hearing about my "obsession" with a man I am starting to see as one of the great fraud artists of all time. Kelley Lynch's take on Leonard, based on the 20 years she worked for him,confirms the impressions I have. Her perceptions paint a portrait few fans would recognize. In her e-mails she describes him as:
A tireless micro-manager who employs a network of spies and informers who work for money, favours, or the sheer joy of belonging.
An insatiable gossip who, over the years, has turned against all his friends, and constantly slanders them in private.
A narcissist totally obsessed with polishing his image as a modest genius who is also an enlightened Buddhist scholar, gifted poet and songwriter.
An artist deeply envious of people above him in the music business (e.g. Bob Dylan, Phil Spector,the Beatles etc.), and also of genuine spiritual teachers like Chogyam Trungpa
An abusive misogynist whose current girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, regularly sees [SAW] a therapist specialized in treating combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress.
A recovering alcoholic [WHO WAS] addicted to prescription methamphetamines and hard core internet pornography.
A delusional megalomaniac who actually believes he "wrote the Bible" and whose secret hobby is studying serial killers.
A tormented manic-depressive who told Lynch he sometimes locks himself up at night because of an overwhelming urge to "go out and murder people."  

re: what Freda told me. I met her in the street one day in 1995 (I think) and she asked me if I thought the story Lorca had told her daughter, re; Cohen molesting her from age 4, could be true. I thought about it and said "Yes, it could." This was the first time I had my 15-year-old vague suspicion confirmed by anyone. After that I went home and went to bed for about 24 hours, after which I decided to move off the block. At the time it suddenly seemed to be that my whole history of living on Saint Dominique (from 1983 on) including threats, attacks, and other bizarre incidents, revolved around this secret.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 6:27 PM
Subject: Michael Beard, His Insane Family, Meth Cooks, Meth Labs, A Murder, The Cartel ...
To: "fbi.dallas" <>, Dennis <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>

Hello Dallas FBI,

This issue is going to be addressed once and for all in a court of law.  Let me be clear with you - I am a mother and could care less about personal safety.  I have my own protectors and this is beneath their dignity.  Let's review this situation because it outrages me.  I met Michael in Santa Monica because Cohen forced me into homelessness. He is a decent human being who deserves whatever life can offer.  I attempted to assist him in any way I could and tried to see if he could enroll in Santa Monica College.  He is a scientific genius.  Make NO MISTAKE about that.  I have a science background.   He was clear with me - his mother died when he was young and he was FORCED to become a meth cook.  He did look after me in Soviet Monika.  And, he attempted to work and was the perfect example of a human being trying to turn his life around.  He told me a horrifying story - that I did NOT want to hear - about the FBI rolling into a farm in Texas while someone was being electrocuted.  [That evidently involved his family]  In any event, it is a very dire situation.  I kept in touch with Michael.  When I was in Boulder, he and I began speaking on the phone.  I let him know that some white supremist freak was living at the Hostel.  That would be John/Jeff who was telling everyone he murdered a 15 year old.  I have no idea but Klaus, a former police officer who worked with the Birds of Prey Foundation (as did I), told me I couldn't possibly figure out if this was true.  Factual.  Michael began calling me and was nearly hysterical.  His brother and I began speaking.  The Dallas FBI had taken the brother's ID and was investigating the uncle.  I was freaking out because I thought they could be murdered and called the Denver FBI. I was very concerned someone could be murdered.  I was told to call local law enforcement.  Unacceptable.  
I wanted to stop  talking to Michael because the situation scared me.  He told me his uncle murdered the man the FBI was investigating and might murder him and his brother.  So, I contacted the Department of Justice.   I was concerned they would be murdered and stopped talking to Michael out of fear for his life.   I thought I should write the DOJ to let them know that Michael and his brother were concerned they could be murdered.   Their families [the uncle is a member of the Aryan Nation] are concerned about meth labs, the Cartel, murders, etc.  Michael's mother died when he was young and I want him to understand that sometimes people will stand up for you and take down your rotten lying murderous family.  I spoke to him when he was in Seattle and was really happy to hear that he fell in love with a scholar on Chinese history.  We will see what unfolds but he and I have karma.
All the best,


High old times: His days of pharmaceutical hijinks are no doubt long behind him, but in Simmons’ biography, Cohen is candid about his enthusiastic drug use back in the day. He took Maxiton (speed), Mandrax, hashish, opium and acid. Cohen told Simmons: “My [1966] novel Beautiful Losers has a bit of acid in it and a lot of speed.”

Streeter:  Looking at People’s 14,was there any mention of the Aryan Nation or Brotherhood in that email, Mr. Cohen?
Cohen:  In this email, yes, Ma’am, there is.  RT 133
Public Defender:  I think per the rule of completeness -- RT 134
Streeter:  Now when Ms. Lynch was in your employ, did you -- did you ever celebrate any Jewish holy days and invite Ms. Lynch to those celebrations?
Cohen:  Yes, our family celebrates the Sabbath on Friday night, and Ms. Lynch was often invited to that evening.
Streeter:  Are you saying that for the entire 14 years every -- you would celebrate every Sabbath?
Cohen:  We occasionally missed, some of us were out of town.  More or less is the custom of the family.
Streeter:  And did you ever express to Ms. Lynch how important your Jewish faith was to her?
Cohen:  I think she was well aware of that.  
Streeter:  How did it feel to get an email from Ms. Lynch that mentioned the Aryan Nation sent to you?
Cohen:  Well, I understood the implied threat.  RT 134
Cohen:  I think she mentioned in that voice mail that the Aryan Nation was involved in running meth labs.  RT 136

Leonard Cohen Cross:
PD:  You also mentioned that you were threatened with an email that referenced teh Aryan Nation.  Do you remember that?
Cohen:  Correct.
PD:  Now, you just read the part that said Aryan Nation when you were asked about it, correct?
Cohen:  Right.
PD:  Now, the actual sentence says, P.S.  More than one member of the Aryan Nation, so to speak, ended up protecting me on the streets of Santa Monica.” That’s what the whole sentence says, correct?  And you’re aware that Ms. Lynch was actually homeless on the streets of Santa Monica.
Cohen:  Correct.
PD:  Nowhere does that sentence say anything about you correct? …
Cohen:  This particular sentence has no mention to me, no.
PD:  Okay.  And --
Cohen:  -- Although there is an implied menace there.
PD:  So that was an implied menace to you?
Cohen:  Yes, sir.  When an enemy tells you that the Aryan Nation is protecting her, you would be concerned.
PD:  So you consider Ms. Lynch an enemy?
Cohen:  She considers me an enemy.  RT 310