Friday, April 26, 2013

Whoa! Leonard Cohen's Sycophant Might Have Dropped Acid This Morning - He Appears To Be Hallucinating. I Hope He Doesn't Ask The Police To Cut His Penis Off As Another Man Did When He Dropped LSD Recently.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 8:37 AM
Subject: Fwd: Phil Spector
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Hello Mr. Riordan,

Let me repeat - Susanne Walsh (a lunatic Cohen fan who targeted me and members of my family) has a lot of NERVE writing me about Phil Spector. 

No, I don't own Leonard Cohen's good rock and roll embellished stories about Phil Spector.  Perhaps Cohen can copyright them and make some extra money from his anecdotes (not anticdote, as Gianelli - the great lying lawyer impersonating a dog has written).  Leonard Cohen testified in April 2012 that Phil Spector held a gun to his head.  On April 5, 2012, Cohen wrote my alleged prosecutor (a woman with serious psychiatric problems from what I can tell - including pathological lying on the taxpayer dime) and informed her that Phil Spector held a gun to his neck.  The prosecutors in Phillip's matter, as you well know, used a version (and you can easily see this for yourself on LA Superior Court's website - perhaps my judge could have simply phoned Fidler and spared the taxpayers the excruciatingly deranged questioning about Phil Spector, Cooley, and Jackson) - that uses a different weapon and the gun is pointed at the chest. 
Phil Spector cannot stand Leonard Cohen.  Gianelli's pathetic.  When you're set up, you can rest assured that the scum of the earth will crawl out of the woodwork, sell their stories to the news media, and the population will be held hostage by commentaries on some female prosecutor's hairdo and outfits,.  It's really just a fashion show for women like Truc Do. 

I don't like to watch my friends being set up and wouldn't have attended that trial if my life depended on it.  I was, however, in contact with Phillip personally throughout the trial.  This is one sick person - who am I to claim loyalty to Phillip?   Gianelli is a true sycophant.  I wouldn't go near Leonard Cohen towards the end.  I didn't view him as a celebrity.  I personally viewed him as a pervert, the greediest man I've ever met, and an absolute loser.

I don't live in a rented room in a third class city.  These lies may be why my friends and roommates understand that I am dealing psychopathic liars and other lunatics.


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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 7:58 AM
Subject: Phil Spector
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Sussane Walsh has the "nerve" to write you and use the wods "Phil Spector"?

The words Phil Spector.  Walsh has a lot of nerve writing to me about Phil Spector or his attorney, Dennis Riordan.

As if - Kelley - you "own" Phil Spector or his story? As if an anticdote that Leonard Cohen told in the '70's about Leonard Cohen pointing a gun at him (which Spector did to many,perhaps  as often as he shook hands) had A DAMN THING to do with Spector's murder conviction. As if Phil Spector has a problem with Leonard Cohen or gives a damn about Kelley Lynch?

Phil Spector cannot stand Leonard Cohen! Is Cohen this delusional and deranged?  My God.  Well, Cohen should absolutely attempt to collect royalties on his numerous versions of the highly embellished Phil Spector gun stories that are repeated ad nauseum and help promote Leonard Cohen.  This is a stream of royalty income Cohen might not have given thought to yet.  Selling Phil Spector's masters - owned by Phil Spector (Steven Machat negotiated the deal) - occurred to Cohen however.  

One thing about being charged with murder is that you find out in a hurry who your true friends are.

Particularly when the news media will pay you for a highly embellished gun story.

Those would be the few with the courage to support you in your time of need my sitting on the defense side of the court room.

What a lunatic.  Who would want to sit in LA Superior Court's Dark Shadows soap opera?  Maybe Steve Cooley's investigator - he can hang out with a low level celebrity and his lawyers and PI and even lunch with him while being paid by the taxpayers.  Also, the LA Times might send some challenged journalist over.

Those people did NOT include 'elley Lynch - even though you were not working at the time and were living in LA during trial #1.


You did not show up EVEN ONCE to court to show your support for Phil even though he and his wife practically begged their friends and fans to come to court to show support. The one simple thing you could have done you NEVER did.

That's correct.  I refused to attend.  

So who the hell are you to claim loyalty to Phil?
None of your God damn business.

You had a brief run on the fringes of clebrity NOT as a clebrity in your own right - but as the hired help. All that changed when you dipped you beak into the till.

Let me quote the National Enquirer now - no one is interested in reading about Leonard Cohen; the three versions of his Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court are indeed  newsworthy however.  

You are nothing but a crazy used-to-know-sombody living in a rented room in a thrid class city.

This doesn't even faintly resemble my living environment but Gianelli is a pathological liar with motive and obviously a major sycophant who is impressed with Cohen's over-priced concert tickets.