Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Legal Conspiracy With Gianelli Comes Into Focus

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 11:41 AM
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To the FBI,

The criminal harassment with respect to Leonard Cohen's operative (obsessed with IRS tax fraud matters, lying to the IRS and FBI, transmitting fraud to the IRS, and obsessed with Cooley, Jackson, Streeter, and - of course - Phil Spector who was featured at my Stalinesque Show Trial) is onging. 

No, I never wondered how Berkeley PD located me but did speak to the FBI  a week or so ago, phoned Berkeley PD, and spoke to LAPD's Threat Management Unit and this is clear:  Berkeley PD's computers note that this was a stop and detain matter; LAPD advised me that I was arrested over a restraining order and there must evidence of service or notice (a letter or email was raised as a possible means of notification - there are none) re. the California order (there is not), and the arresting detective advised me that there was no search warrant.  My attorney then advised me to phone the Oakland FBI back to advise them of these details.

What close friend?  Leonard Cohen testified that he hired a private investigator and my colleagues at the time were livid that his investigator showed up at my former place of business - and, as I discussed with her at the time, my landlord's house.  I never used an assumed name but this man is completely out of his mind, dangerously unstable, obsessed with me, and clearly a stark raving lunatic with motive.  The arresting detective told me there was no search warrant and advised me to have the FBI or my attorney phone him.

Actually, I think the IRS and FBI should have Gianelli arrested for criminal witness tampering, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, criminal harassment re. an IRS tax matter,, etc.  Stephen Gianelli a/k/a the 14th Sheepdog (attempting to demean my teacher, the 14th Sharmapa) is amused with his game and absolutely aligned with Cohen.  In fact, he has relentlessly targeted me, my children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and others, since hearing from Cohen's lawyers in June of  2009.

I'll think of him in my Writ when I address the NAMBLA comment that was not directed at Cohen but rather at an adult male stranger who attempts to lure my then minor son into privately communicating with him - Gianelli.  I view all such conduct as that of a potential sexual predator.  The prosecutor attempted to elicit false testimony about Cohen with that email that related to Stephen Gianelli - tying Gianelli to Leonard Cohen's attempt to silence and discredit me. 

Gianelli has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist.   In fact, I repeatedly contacted LAPD regarding his criminal harassment of my sons who both resided in Los Angeles at the time and my younger son was a minor.  What happened?  TMU was summoned to the Beverly Hills law firm representing Cohen and Cohen and his lawyers proceeded to lie to them.

All the best,

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 11:02 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Do you ever wonder how LE located you in Berkeley in 2012? One of your "close friends" sent us an email providing your physical address and assumed name. We made sure the appropriate authorities were made aware so they could serve the warrant.

No.  I never wondered and still am no.  I can't think like a rotten lying lawyer with motive impersonating a dog while arguing Leonard Cohen's tax fraud matter.  I know who phoned Canada Revenue about Cohen's tax/residence problems in Canada however and Cohen won't be able to blame me for his own problems there - or, actually, his problems dating back to when he first had a green card in the U.S. which was well before I met him.  Canada Revenue did question me about that issue.  And, the abandoned green card Cohen then re-obtained advising me, at the time, that Canada Revenue asks where you paid your taxes the prior year while the IRS does not. 

I've never used an assumed name.  The detective/arresting officer at Berkeley PD just advised me that there was no search warrant.  Their computer notes that this was a stop and detain situation.  Cohen testified that his PI was monitoring me - and, I might note, criminally harassing people near to me.  Berkeley PD's computer also notes that there was a search warrant for the house where I lived. 

Well, the system does indeed work well for the criminal - particularly when he's a Hollywood fraud (Boies Schiller on Leonard Cohen) who has wealth, power, and is aligned with the City Attorney (who was willing to lie for him and is now covering for him, on the taxpayer dime while whining about their budget crisis and targeting the IRS and U.S. taxpayers) and the District Attorney who was clearly and overwhelmingly interested - at my intent to annoy Cohen show trial - testimony about Phil Spector.  

Do think of us the next time you are arrested, won't you?

I've spoken to the FBI re. my views on Gianelli and his conduct.