Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Operative Continues To Lie - I Spoke To Canada Revenue & Spent 2 Seconds Reposting Something I Reviewed For My Writ & Appeal - That Relates To Leonard Cohen's Perjury

NOTE:  Cohen's operative is lying.  I didn't repost two year old emails of Ann Diamond's.  I posted Cohen's recent perjured and false testimony and AD's email proving he and the City Attorney LIED about me, as usual.  What are LA taxpayers paying for this abusive and malicious prosecution that has also targeted the IRS and taxpayer dollars due the U.S. government?  
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Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 5:06 PM
Subject: Fwd: Obcessed with Leonard Cohen
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Hi Moses,

I'm being criminally harassed by the 14th Sheepdog (attempting to demean the 14th Sharmapa for "Buddhist" fraud Leonard Cohen).  How are you?  I wasn't on hold all day with Canada Revenue with Cohen.  I spoke to someone at the fraud unit regarding the fact that Canada's National Treasure cannot live in Canada and they asked me quite a lot of questions.  And, they seemed to want to speak to Van Penick.  I spent two seconds reposting an article.  I need that information for my Writ.  Cohen and this lunatic prosecutor were attempting to pretend that the NAMBLA email was about Cohen and attempted to link it to Freda Guttman and Ann Diamond's conversation about what Guttmann's child overheard Lorca Cohen accuse her father of. 

Moses, let me know if you think Cohen and I were in a dating relationship.  The man is insane, okay?  His greed has overcome him.  The IRS is not pursuing me.  I don't owe them any money.  Cohen stole from me and your former lawyer, Marty Machat, and Steven Machat advised my lawyers that Cohen uses corporations to evade taxes.  Here's Canada Revenue's reference number.  They were quite interested in when he first obtained a green card; when he abandoned it; and details re. his off-shore accounts; income when I knew him; properties in Canada; etc. 
What's Cohen doing?  Having his fan and a Sheepdog target me over Rutger's fingers, etc.  Asking Cohen to pay me what he owes me, when I had a seriously injured child, was not legitimate to the lunatic City Attorney.  It looks like an investigator is exposing their celebrity restraining order fraud.
Leonard Cohen's attempts to silence me are psychotic.  Anyway, this is all over my appeal.  My attorney is very very clear about what's going on here - including the targeting of Rutger, slander of me, etc.  Leonard Cohen stole from me, withheld commissions, took the stand and lied through his teeth, and nonw he evidently has self-inflicted revenge fantasies. 

Do you think I assailed his reputation over his illegal and legal drug abuse or do you think he'll lie about anything? 
Did you know Leonard Cohen was Jewish?  I thought he was Buddhist?  Canada Revenue wanted the temple name in Montreal.  I worked for Southern Poverty Law on a hate campaign and I can assure you the Dallas FBI Aryan Nation issue was not an implied threat against stark raving lunatic with motive, Leonard Cohen, your National Treasure. 
People are convinced - Gianelli's on the payroll.  And then there's Cohen deranged fan, Susanne Walsh, who also liked to target my children.  Walsh, who lives in Denmark and doesn't' know anyone I'm writing to, is advising me (as is the other lunatic, Gianelli) that the IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB, Mr. Riordan and Phil Spector are blocking my emails.  I'm sitting here looking at a letter from Phillip and if they want to know what these agencies are doing, they can call them.  I've heard from these agencies.  Leonard Cohen's fan writes and lies about U.S. federal agencies while Cohen takes the stand and lies about the IRS, conceals evidence that the IRS has, and has grave psychiatric problems from what I could tell.  My book is nearly finished.  I am suing Leonard Cohen.  My lawyers are very clear about this fact and they think he's evil. 

Leonard Cohen knows how to slander people.  This is how he functions.  He's positively evil.  Canada Revenue seemed quite interested in his tax fraud and was interested to know how long he hadn't paid taxes in Canada. 

All the best,

Canada Revenue Tax Fraud Reference No. 5442201

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Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 4:17 PM
Subject: Obcessed with Leonard Cohen
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Not even thinking about Cohen..and he is crazy if he believes otherwise?

But you were on hold all day with the Canadian Government about Cohen, spent the rest of the day reposting two year old emails from Ann Diamond about Cohen?

You are in major denial Kelley.