Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Lies, Fraud, Perjury, Concealment Of Evidence, False Testimony & 3 Versions Of His Good Rock & Roll Gun Stories About Phil Spector Before LA Superior Court Are NOT Inconsistencies.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Subject: Fwd: Gee you're obtuse
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To the FBI,

The criminal harassment continues - with Leonard Cohen's obvious operative, Stephen Gianelli. 
Gianelli likes to lie and pretend that Cohen and I parted ways in 1994 when, in fact, he heard I was reporting his tax fraud to the IRS in the fall of 2004 and his abusive litigation and restraining order tactics haven't ceased until that time.  Leonard Cohen has self-inflicted revenge fantasies.  Leonard Cohen has lied relentlessly about me - publicly and in court.  Would the FBI like to stop by my house, sit down with the transcripts, and review every single lie in detail?  Just addressing the perjury in the Writ is mind boggling but addressing it is precisely what my attorney and I are doing and he sees right through Leonard Norman Cohen.  I could care less where Leonard Cohen is touring, what type of crowds he plays to, who he associates with, or anything else about this pathetic man.  Who cares if he has money?  He steals from people.  And do sit down with Steven Machat because Leonard Cohen has stolen 15% of his and his father's intellectual property and Steven is in possession of the evidence and had me copy it and send it to him.  He also was clear with my public defender - Leonard Cohen uses corporations to evade taxes, falsely accuses his representatives, stole from him and his father, etc.  Leonard Cohen's public relations campaign has been relentless and now his self-inflicted revenge fantasies have caved in and his operative has to write me and advise me - although he doesn't know me - that I'm ugly or some other third grade bully girl insanity,  I'm not in a beauty campaign here.  Michelle Rice is capable if you like women willing to spend their careers targeting one person for money and someone who will take the witness stand and lie relentlessly for her client.  Normally, that's known as a paid whore.  Steven Machat and I are clear about Kory - he's Satan.  This man is capable?  What lawyer would advise their client to willfully conceal corporate books and records that have been provided to the IRS; lie and commit fraud to obtain a refund; steal from someone that worked as your personal manager for 17 years, etc?

My appeal is just fine.  At least my attorney is an honest man - instead of the liars wasting taxpayer dollars - covering for a celebrity - at the City Attorney's office.  And, the entire case demands an investigation.  Does dangerously unstable stark raving lunatic Gianelli actually think he's talking to me?  How shocking?
I don't have a draft of my habeas petition floating on my blog.  I had notes for my attorney so he understands the complicated issues and the excessive lies, fraud, perjury, and concealment.  My attorney is the only party at this moment that has the draft petition and the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, and news media will have it tomorrow.  I'm not preoccupied with minor inconsistencies and that includes the email the prosecutor concealed from the jurors re. a version of Cohen's gun story (in an email sent by him to the prosecutor) that impeaches and completely undermines his testimony about Phil Spector and a gun and the version of the highly embellished story the prosecutors used in Phil Spector's matter.  See the motions available online at :LA Superior Court.  Then see Streeter and Cohens LIES. 
Los Angeles doesn't have jurisdiction over me because I was NOT served the California order and the form itself says I must be served or notified and law enforcement must attach the proof of service.  PERIOD.  That'[s how a court obtains jurisdiction so what was wrong with Vanderet?  LA Superior Court had no jurisdiction to hear federal tax fraud matters and I view the entire trial as ILLEGAL DISCOVERY re. the IRS and Phil Spector because that's what it was. 

I see Gianelli's now arguing the City Attorney's position - tax information.  Legitimate business purpose isn't narrowed to tax information.  Streeter just lied.  Cohen owes me millions and I had an injured son.  The prosecutor is vile and everyone in reality agrees with that.  NAMBLA related to Gianelli.  Phil Spector/  What's the issue - didn't Cooley have his investigator in the courtroom while  Cohen testified about Phillip and a gun?  They were obsessed with Phil Spector but lied about me and Mick Brown/UK Telegraph - or, concealed Mick Brown and my conversations, etc.
Michelle Rice wrote and LIED to me that the California order was registered.  She copied in the FBI.  Isn't lying to the FBI a crime?  The woman is insane. 

There was a viable defense.  Who knows what the jury believed.  The perjury and fraud are excessive.  Nothing about my trial was by the book and it demands an IRS investigation. 
The IRS and FBI did not block me years ago.  Gianelli belongs in prison - with Cohen who is behind this activity that also obviously involves Cooley, Jackson, and Streeter.  See my trial transcript.  It's pure LA Confidential.
All the best,

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: Gee you're obtuse
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Your belief that man who is busy touring in Europe to sold out crowds and who has not spoken to you since 1994 nor had a single unkind word to say about you publicly in the face of your relentless (but impotent) public relations campaign would allow anyone but his capable attorneys (Michelle Rice and Robert Kory) speak for him in these emails is further, striking evidence of your delusional pathology – which despite your protestations to the contrary is Cohen-centric.
Your direct appeal was so poorly executed as to waive the issues it purports to raise and the issues you continually harp on in your daily emails and blog posts were not raised in your direct appeal at all and have been waived.
Therefore, no one who is of any legal sophistication or who has access to sophisticated legal advice has the slightest expectation that your direct appeal will succeed on any level.
Given the “drafts” of  your habeas petition  have floated on your blog and in emails – which are obsessively preoccupied with minor and collateral testimonial inconsistencies and prosecutorial argument with which you disagree – all of which you preposterously characterize as “perjury”, as well as your bizarre “legal theories” (e.g., the Los Angeles court has no jurisdiction over alleged violations by you of the 2008 Colorado restraining order because it is an “IRS matter” exclusively venued in “tax court”), as well as your intention to draft it yourself, there is certainly no expectation that you will find relief through habeas corpus either.
The bottom line is that in 2008 you were served with a temporary protective order issued by a Colorado court. Despite alleged service irregularities you chose to attend the hearing and demand a trial. Shortly after the trial (“evidentiary hearing”) commenced, you announced to the court that you did not wish to continue with the trial, and wanted her to go ahead and make the temporary injunction against you PERMINANT. The court cautioned you that if you violated the order – which would NOT be mutual – you would face up to 18 months in jail per violation. You said you understood, the court issued the PERMINANT injunction, which you then signed for.
In 2010 and 2011 started violating the order by emailing Cohen on many and varied subjects (many UNRELATED to tax information – Rutger’s fingers, Phil Spector, “NAMBLA”, other issues) and also left many voice messages on Cohen’s answering machine (including saying he should be shot) and persisted after Michelle Rice emailed you to warn that you were violating the order. In response to Michelle’s warning you sent her 70 emails in 24 hours.
You were arrested and put on trial.
There was no viable defense.
You testified that your violations were to gain tax information, but the jury did not believe you.
You were convicted.
Everything else you have written about your trial, which was by the book, is delusional nonsense.
PS: The FBI and the IRS blocked you years ago. You are just another loon pestering the Feds with conspiracy theories and trivialities. And your every email and blog post is so moronically delusional it is a source of murth to the 5 still paying attention.