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Steve Cooley & Alan Jackson Were Not Part Of The Colorado Order - What's The Issue? The DA Doesn't Prosecute Criminal Negligence When A Young Man Is Maimed And Seriously Injured? More Insanity Out Of LA Confidential.

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 6:18 AM
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P.S.  Jackson and Cooley aren't part of the Boulder order.  I asked Cohen to pay me what he owed me.  That's legitimate.  The terrorist use of restraining orders is NOT.  There was no evidentiary hearing and I was NOT served the California order.  Please call me to discuss how to formally request the Grand Jury testimony/statements of Leonard Cohen's in the Phi Spector matter.  Mick Brown has reviewed the transcripts.  Also, Cohen's statements appear in prosecutorial motions.  Perhaps the appellatie division would like to lie about that fact.  At Oral arguments, please address my constitutional right to abandon this appeal.  I intend to litigate this matter and do not want to deal with these lunatics, their lies, revenge fantasies, etc. that continue to expose me to lunatics like Gianelli who is targeting me over my son's fingers and defending Cohen, Cooley, Jackson, and Streeter.  In other words, he is targeting me over whores who are lying.  I spoke to the DA's office re. the criminal negligence with respect to Rutger's Whole Foods matter.  I have never heard such insanity in my entire life. 

YOU - KELLEY LYNCH - raised Rutger's accident in emails to Leonard Cohen, to Cooley, Jackson, and to others that violated the Colorado restraining order.
NOTE:  Leonard Cohen owes me millions of dollars.  He has concealed all corporate books and records.  Cooley and Jackson don't prosecute criminal negligence that lead to a young man having his fingers ripped off?  What a bunch of criminals.  

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 6:09 AM, Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com> wrote:

I left you a message.  You will have the Writ by the end of the day.  Let me quote the Respondent's Brief - page 3:
She also many times suggested Cohen responsible for an accident that befell her son Rutger. 
WHO is the City Attorney to tell me I cannot request money I am owed, particularly when my son was seriously injured?  You and I have discussed the fact that a legitimate business purpose is NOT limited to tax information.  These people are evil.  And then there's the City Attorney's LAUGHABLE attempt to turn a Dallas FBI investigation into the Argyan Nation and a murder into an implied threat re. Cohen "who is Jewish." He was Buddhist when I knew him and he is a thief. 
Leonard Cohen is aligned with Stephen Gianelli who is targeting me over my son's accident.  The City Attorney - NOT I - elicited that testimony and it is perjured, vile, and vicious. 
These people are whores.  Every word is a lie.  "Her emails accused Cohen over and over of testifying before a grand jury in the Phil Spector murder trial."   These lunatics concealed Mick Brown/UK Telegraph who reviewed the Grand Jury testimony.  I would like to subpoena the Grand Jury testimony re. Cohen from the DA's office.  Why didn't my lawyers?  Streeter had the DA's investigator in the courtroom - while Cohen was testifying about Phillip and a gun.  The City of Los Angeles thinks it is acceptable for Cohen to steal millions from me - while defrauding the U.S. government?  The City of Los Angeles is INSANE.
You'll have the Writ by the end of the day.  I'll address Rutger's accident and the concealed corporate books and records, etc.  What is not legitimate here - the abuse of taxpayer dollars for a fraud thief celebrity with motive.

All the best,

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