Thursday, April 25, 2013

Waiting For Canada Revenue Intake Officer Re. Leonard Cohen - Second In Cue

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WARNING: You have accessed the Canada Revenue Agency Web portal for informants who wish to provide leads on tax evasion. If the information you wish to provide could place you in imminent danger or at risk of serious physical injury, do not use this online reporting facility. Instead, please contact the National Informant Leads Centre.
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Privacy Notice - Informant Leads Program
Personal information is collected under the authority of the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act and will be used to follow up on the lead that is being provided to determine if there is an element of non-compliance with tax legislation, and if applicable provided to the corresponding compliance program for appropriate enforcement action. Information may also be referred to the Canada Border Service Agency or Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, in the event that the lead relates to one of the programs they administer. The information provided is voluntary and will not affect any dealings you may have with the Government of Canada.
Further description of the collected information's use can be found in the CRA chapter of the Info Source Publications (under the heading "Detection and Investigations", CRA PPU 095). Individuals have rights of access to, correction of and protection of their personal information under the Privacy Act. Further details regarding requests for personal information at the CRA can be found at

CRA is legally bound to not disclose the identity of any person providing information on tax evasion. Information can be provided anonymously however, it is possible that the nature of the information provided could lead the person in question to deduce where the information originated.
Do you consent to allow the CRA to use this information knowing that the nature of this information could reveal your identity? If you answer "no" you cannot move forward with the lead.