Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cohen, The City Attorney, And District Attorney's PLAN Was Laid Out In Gianelli's 2009 Slanderous Article - As I've Just Reminded The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, & Dennis Riordan


Your belief that man who is busy touring in Europe to sold out crowds and who has not spoken to you since 1994 nor had a single unkind word to say about you publicly in the face of your relentless (but impotent) public relations campaign would allow anyone but his capable attorneys (Michelle Rice and Robert Kory) speak for him in these emails is further, striking evidence of your delusional pathology – which despite your protestations to the contrary is Cohen-centric.
 I remain uninterested in Leonard Cohen - a man who has relentlessly targeted me, my children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and others over his tax fraud - while lying about me, stealing from me, etc.  What capable lawyers would advise someone to conceal evidence, not serve people, and lie on the witness stand?  There's nothing capable about that and delusional pathology fits the bill.  I am in the middle of an appeal and could care less about Leonard Cohen and his self-inflicted revenge fantasies and obsession.  

Your direct appeal was so poorly executed as to waive the issues it purports to raise and the issues you continually harp on in your daily emails and blog posts were not raised in your direct appeal at all and have been waived.
My appeal was just fine. And the great news - my attorney is not a liar and see right through this entire situation including the prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, and very serious IRS issues ...

Therefore, no one who is of any legal sophistication or who has access to sophisticated legal advice has the slightest expectation that your direct appeal will succeed on any level.
Is the 14th Sheepdog, a mere ambulance chaser from what I can tell, actually writing me about sophisticated legal advice while lying through his teeth?

Given the “drafts” of  your habeas petition  have floated on your blog and in emails – which are obsessively preoccupied with minor and collateral testimonial inconsistencies and prosecutorial argument with which you disagree – all of which you preposterously characterize as “perjury”, as well as your bizarre “legal theories” (e.g., the Los Angeles court has no jurisdiction over alleged violations by you of the 2008 Colorado restraining order because it is an “IRS matter” exclusively venued in “tax court”), as well as your intention to draft it yourself, there is certainly no expectation that you will find relief through habeas corpus either.
Perjury, fraud, lies, and concealment are NOT minor inconsistencies - and that now includes Leonard Cohen's insane lies about the IRS, his deranged Victim Impact Statement - further lying about the IRS and me, and his three versions of his good rock and roll gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  Which one does Phil Spector's prosecution believe?  Perhaps the taxpayers would like to know.  LA Superior Court doesn't have jurisdiction because I wasn't served the California order.  Evidently people in LA cannot read their own forms which require a proof of service and that appears to include Judge Robert Vanderet.  

The bottom line is that in 2008 you were served with a temporary protective order issued by a Colorado court. Despite alleged service irregularities you chose to attend the hearing and demand a trial. Shortly after the trial (“evidentiary hearing”) commenced, you announced to the court that you did not wish to continue with the trial, and wanted her to go ahead and make the temporary injunction against you PERMINANT. The court cautioned you that if you violated the order – which would NOT be mutual – you would face up to 18 months in jail per violation. You said you understood, the court issued the PERMINANT injunction, which you then signed for.
Actually, as usual, the proof of service re. the 2008 Boulder order is also perjured but I did appear in Court.  I did not, however, waive an evidentiary hearing and there is NO EVIDENCE supporting Cohen's insane flight into Boulder - following his lawyer's threat to Ann Diamond over her article for Rolling Stone - from Europe where he was on tour.  There was no evidentiary hearing.  There are, however, lies about Judge Enichen and Judge Babcock on record now - by Cohen's oh-so-competent lunatics parading as lawyers who think it's acceptable to lie on the witness stand.  Gianelli wans't at the hearing.  I know what I spoke to the judge about and that would include the fact that she told me she would be distressed if she were me.  

In 2010 and 2011 started violating the order by emailing Cohen on many and varied subjects (many UNRELATED to tax information – Rutger’s fingers, Phil Spector, “NAMBLA”, other issues) and also left many voice messages on Cohen’s answering machine (including saying he should be shot) and persisted after Michelle Rice emailed you to warn that you were violating the order. In response to Michelle’s warning you sent her 70 emails in 24 hours.
Really?  Cohen thinks stealing from me and owing me money is not legitimate when I have an injured child?  This man is so evil, it is inconceivable.  Cohen lies about Phil Spector - see his three versions of the Phil Spector gun stories before LA Superior Court.  I will bet my life that's legitimate to Phil Spector who I have heard from.  NAMBLA relates to Gianelli - an adult male, and possible sexual predator for all I know, who attenpted to lure my minor son (as did Susanne Walsh, a Cohen fan who targeted me and seems obsessed with me) into communicating privately with him.  I view adult males interested in minor children as probable sexual predators.  
 Michelle Rice LIED to me in her February 14, 2011 email.  The California order was NOT registered.  I spoke to LA Superior Court at the time and I was never served or notified the wrongfully registered domestic violence order.  Cohen and I were NOT in a dating relationship - regardless of his revenge fantasies.   

I wonder why Michelle Rice - who lied about Judge Enichen on the witness stand - thinks emails to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, Ron Burkle, and Steven Machat were emails to her?  They were addressed to the appropriate authorities and parties.  I would assume Steven Machat's email - in response to Rice's February 14, 2011 lie to me that she registered the Colorado order in California (advising me that a California court could enforce it ... without jurisdiction evidently) - was a prime concern.  

What's in my attorney notes from the trial re. the public defender's conversation with Steven Machat?

Cohen blamed his first managers of misappropriating copyrights when, in fact, there are corporate books and records proving that he lied about that (Steven has been given the evidence and thinks Cohen advises his lawyers to willfully overlook them which is Cohen's pattern); in the late 70s Cohen hired Marty Machat who set up Stranger Music; Cohen  uses corporations to evade paying taxes; Cohen stopped paying Machat & Machat their 25% of "When I Need You" (a copyright infringement matter Steven Machat negotiated); Cohen refused to pay Machat & Machat their commissions after Marty Machat died (which is nauseating); there is an agreement with Marty Martin and Judy Berger (Cohen's first managers) re. the copyrights Cohen lied publicly (see Steven Machat's film "Bird On A Wire" that Leoanrd Cohen stole and then told Steven he was hiding it from Avril Machat which is pathetic) about and said they stole from him.    

You were arrested and put on trial.
Well, it is LA and they will evidently do anything for a celebrity - including waste taxpayer dollars while sabotaging the IRS.

There was no viable defense
The judge deprived me of a defense.  He concealed Agent Luis Tejeda/IRS/Head Of Fraud For The Western Division Of The United States who I didn't subpoena because he's pursuing me which sounds psychotic but I'm dealing with madmen and women in LA Confidential, obviously.  

You testified that your violations were to gain tax information, but the jury did not believe you.
I most certainly never limited the definition of legitimate business purpose to tax information but all of this is being addressed in my Writ - that is not online - and in oral arguments on May 9, 2013.  

You were convicted.
For all sophisticated lying lawyers in LA Confidential - I'm appealing and the appeal is not ending in Los Angeles. 

Everything else you have written about your trial, which was by the book, is delusional nonsense. 
Well, prosecutorial misconduct is rampant so I guess it was by the book.
PS: The FBI and the IRS blocked you years ago. You are just another loon pestering the Feds with conspiracy theories and trivialities. And your every email and blog post is so moronically delusional it is a source of murth to the 5 still paying attention.

The IRS Commissioner's Staff and FBI have not blocked my emails.  Gianelli lies about the IRS and FBI, to the IRS and FBI, and transmits fraud to the IRS and FBI.  That's one of the reasons I personally believe he belongs in prison.  And then there's the fact that he's a Leonard Cohen operative.