Sunday, April 21, 2013

If Leonard Cohen & The City Attorney, Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, Etc. Are Interested In Sabotage And The IRS They Should Contact The IRS Commissioner's Staff Or Agent Tejeda/IRS DIrectly

NOTE:  The City Attorney has lied about Agent Tejeda/IRS in the Respondent's Brief.  Agent Tejeda never said he was not available to testify. There is nothing on the record to support that.  The City Attorney has taken a position re. Agent Tejeda - "Tejeda was not available and ready to testify in the ordinary course of the trial." Agent Tejeda/IRS should speak for himself since the prosecutor lied about me, the IRS, federal tax forms, a 1099 neither I nor the IRS are in possession of for the year 2004 form Cohen, the illegal K-1s, etc.
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 5:07 PM
Subject: Fwd: What was "sabatoged" and how?
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To the FBI,

I have documented, since 2005, every single thing I have endured since Agent Betzer/IRS advised me to report Cohen's tax fraud to the Fraud Unit and told me to go get what is rightfully mine - 99.5% of TH and 15% of BMT (or wherever the IP dating to 1967 has gone).  In fact, my son spoke to the PD and advised him that he understood I was instructed to document everything in emails since reporting Cohen's tax fraud.  And, I've said this over and over to the IRS, etc. in emails.  I am the victim and the fact that Leonard Cohen is taking that stance - through lies, perjury, fraud, and concealment - is vile, vulgar, and pure evil.  There's nothing laughable about any of this and that includes the fact that Gianelli continues to crriminally harass me over this situation - including the IRS, my views on how the City Attorney and Cohen, his lawyers, attempted to sabotage the IRS, etc. 
I think defamation laws come into play here.  Cohen is a public figure.  He has done drugs.  He wsa accused of molesting his daughter by Freda Gutmann who repeated Lorca Cohen's remarks to Ann Diamond.  I have evidence proving that I did not make these allegations.  Mick Brown/UK Telegraph is the one who advised me that Cohen's statements/testimony were presented to the Grand Jury and he reviewed the transcripts.  I know they were presented to the court in motions the prosecution filed with the court.  I am sitting here looking at bald-faced lies by the City Attorney in the Respondent's Brief and they are arguing IRS federal tax matters.  Streeter lied that I have the tax documents I need. I do not.  She misstated evidence re. the illegal K-1s.  I never ONCE requested a K-1.    Etc.  The IRS will have to explain how it affected IRS operations or investigations.  Many people agree - by targeting a witness and railroading her. 

I don't lack the ability to explain sabotage.  It exists.  It is verifiable and I have given the IRS a copy of the Respondent's Brief and all relevant testimony throughout the trial.  This lunatic thinks I'm changing the subject?  I am speaking directly to the FBI who is the only party that will tell me the FBI is not reading my emails and doesn't want to hear from me.  My lawyer instructed me to forward all emails criminally harassing me - from Gianelli and others - to the FBI and that is precisely what I am doing. 
If the City Attorney has any questions about sabotage and the IRS, they should contact the IRS Commissioner's Staff and Agent Tejeda/IRS.   Sounds like the 14th Sheepdog's on a fishing expedition for someone.  He has motive.  I have no doubt about that.  Also, he made an appearance at my trial -see the insane NAMBLA testimony Streeter elicited.  It referred to Gianelli, NOT Cohen.  As I just explained to someone reviewing the Respondent's brief with me today - any adult male stranger who attempts to lure my then minor son into privately communicating with him (as Gianelli and others did) will be viewed as a sexual predator and potential NAMBLA member.  The NAMBLA elicted testimony will be addressed in my writ since Streeter and Cohen attempted to testify about matters that didn't involve Cohen - including my email to Dennis Riordan which is a HUGE issue re. Phil Spector and Cohen's highly embellished gun stories. And then there's Cooley and Jackson. 

Gianelli has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist.  Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory's conspiracy, attempt to extort from Greenberg, etc. was not dismissed on the merits.  Cohen planned to go on tour and use the news media to falsely accuse others and used Brian Johnson/MacLean's to advance his garbage narrative.  What's not garbage - his massive tax hit and motive.  Streeter knew about  the Agile lawsuit.  I want an IRS opinion on her lies about the assets in TH and want to know what account she was talking about.  I have no idea.  I know this - she lied and a juror relied on her statements re. $150K assets. I want an IRS opinion on Cohen's MILLIONS in loans from that account - with interest at 6%.  The man has taken the position that he is the alter ego who engaged in self-dealing.  That much is clear right now.  Maybe the dog ate his copies of the corporate books and records, etc. and that's why he now thinks slander, defamation, and libel are defenses to criminal tax fraud?  He's entirely transparent - as are his self-inflicted revenge fantasies.  I've watched him in action over the years. 
All the best,

From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 4:23 PM
Subject: What was "sabatoged" and how?
To: Kelley Lynch <>

You repeat the irrelevant (and laughable)  assertion that your 20,000 emails to the IRS copied to the news media, and to others were intended by you to “document” the horrible things you have suffered as the poor “victim”.
Sick lunatic.  

You do not, however, explain how successfully prosecuting you for criminal violations of the California Penal Code “sabotaged” – let alone affected to the slightest degree – the Internal Revenue Service or any of its operations or investigations.  
I'm explaining NOTHING to this man - impersonating a dog - who is criminally harassing me.
Of course you lack the ability to explain this, because the “sabotage” you reference does not exist in the objectively verifiable world of reality. So of course you will always change the subject.

I'm not have a conversation with Gianelli or the 14th Sheepdog.  I am addressing matters with the FBI and the subjects I discuss are matters between me and the FBI.  That would include Leonard Cohen's criminal tax fraud, retaliation, witness tampering, witness intimidation, attempts to discredit me, concealed evidence, perjury, etc.  Leonard Cohen's dog might have destroyed the corporate books and records for all I know - he comes up with one lame lie after another.  I have no idea who would believe this man.