Monday, April 22, 2013

Leonard Cohen & The Whores Of Los Angeles

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 5:39 PM
Subject: Re: No one EVER "targeted" Rutger
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Raise Rutger's fingers in oral arguments on May 9th.  These people are EVIL.  The prosecutor is a whore.  My God. 


On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 5:38 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

The prosecutor introduced your fingers into this matter.  Cohen testified about.  That's why I took the stand and testified.  The lunatic judge would not permit you to testify.  Who is this lunatic dog? Your fingers were ripped off?  This is Leonard Cohen and his operatives.  This is how he functions.
Cohen wrote me, in violation of the restraining order.  What did he write?  He saw you copied in.  He is EVIL.  These people are deranged.  This is sub-human conduct.  The prosecutor is a whore. 

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 2:48 PM
Subject: No one EVER "targeted" Rutger
To: Kelley Lynch <>

No one ever "targeted" your son.

Leonard Cohen and the City Attorney targeted my son, lied to the jurors, and concealed evidence.  These are extraordinarily sick individuals.  Stephen Gianelli - aligned with Cohen - relentlessly targeted my children although Streeter and Cohen attempted to distort reality by saying that the NAMBLA email was related to Cohen.  This is the Domestic Violence Unit at the City Attorney's office.  They think it is acceptable for an adult male stranger to attempt to lure my then minor son into privately communicating with him?  And Gianelli targeted Rutger over his Whole Foods matter - writing him relentlessly.  It was and remains shockingly unconscionable.

You have tried to involve Rutger - however - in your drama at every turn, and even do so now on your blog and in emails.
Leonard Cohen targeted Rutger.  Period.  He also targeted Ray.

First, drama queen, Rutger's fingers were not "ripped off" which implies an intentional cause. Rather, because you were too mentially ill and drunk to work, Rutger had to take a job in Whole Foods - leading to his unfortunate industrial ACCIDENT.

Rutger's fingers were ripped off.  I have the evidence, revealed in depositions.  The machine was to be removed from the floor.  Customers were to be told that they could not purchase ground meat.  It was intentional and there is criminal negligence.  What's Cooley and Jackson's issue?  They think it is acceptable to permit criminal negligence that lead to a serious accident to go unchallenged?  I was not ill or drunk and there is no evidence of that - just further lies and slander started by Leonard Cohen, a man with MOTIVE who stole from me, withheld commissions I am entitled to, and is one of the greediest men on earth.  

Second, you wrote to Cohen in violation of the Colorado order blaming Cohen for Rutger's accident, which is the only reason it came up in your 2012 criminal trial - because as with emails about Cooley, Jackson, and others, it was patently unrelated to your trial defense.
Cohen owes me millions of dollars.  Requesting that he pay me when I had an injured child is legitimate everywhere but in the hell realms of Los Angeles.  Cooley, Jackson, and Cohen definitely are iun bed together.  Who knows what the lunatic, impersonating a dog, is talking about.

Third, you have USED Rutger all these years, to sponge off of and for sympathy and to cast blame on your perceived enemies for his ACCIDENT.
 This lunatic doesn't know me and I have not sponged off of Rutger.  My perceived enemies?  Fortunately, reality understands that I am now dealing with monsters.

Don't you think its time to stand on your own and let Rutger get om with his life without you posting and emailing incessantly about his disability?
 Gianelli has been writing and targeting me relentlessly recently.  He appears to have insider information and the retaliation has to do with my appeal, writ, oral arguments, etc.  WHO is this lunatic to speak to me about my son while lying about me?  Leonard Cohen thinks he can continue to target my sons via his operative?  How sick.  The man is vile, vulgar, vicious, malicious, and as low as one can get.  He violated the restraining order when he wrote that he saw RUTGER COPIED IN.  I am in possession of that email.