Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leonard Cohen has sometimes invoked an obsessive and unsettling fascination with totalitarian control.

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To the FBI,

The 14th Sheepdog continues to criminally harass me.  Ann Diamond can defend herself.  If Cohen has issues with her, he should take it up with  her.  He was perfectly capable of threatening her when she wrote the article for Rolling Stone that caused him to make his dramatic flight into Boulder - from Europe - to engage in his restraining order terrorism fraud.  Let's look at Leonard Cohen's literary work.  Leonard Cohen has no moral highground when it comes to lunatic rants.  In fact, he has been clear - he's written quite a number of these books on LSD and prescription or non-prescription meth.  Of course, that's what he tells biographers like Sylvie Simmons.  When in court, lying to jurors, he takes the stance that I assailed his reputation.  That seems humanly impossible.  As someone just noted - it doesn't seen wise of Cohen to align himself with a man like the 14th Sheepdog but he has.  That's now written in stone and you can't change the past.  In fact, I'm reviewing Gianelli's June 2009 article - which I just sent you again - and the plan seemed to be in place at that time. 
I am sitting here, however, with lies the City Attorney is telling to yet another court.  This time it's the appellate division.  They are abusing taxpayer dollars, over a celebrity fraud, and it demands an investigation particularly as they attempted to sabotage the IRS and that matter is ongoing since the appellate court violated my constitutional rights when it refused to permit me to abandon this appeal - over prosecutorial misconduct, prosecutorial retaliation, the fact that this case is an IRS matter.  That issue will be pursued legally.  Make no mistake about that.  Appellate courts notoriously cover for lower courts and I intend to litigate their refusal to permit me to abandon this appeal and have been clear with my appellate attorney - this situation is going to end up in litigation so keep that in mind during Oral Arguments because these people are lying through their teeth. 

All the best,

"Cohen has sometimes invoked an obsessive and unsettling fascination
with totalitarian control. One of his books of poetry is entitled
Flowers for Hitler; in The Favorite Game, his first novel, Cohen's
youthful Jewish protagonists play Nazi torture games where they take
turns stripping naked and whipping one another with red string, and
they fantasize about delivering Fuhrer-like speeches and inciting
crowds to violence through mass hypnotism ..
. The Favourite Game opens
with the line, "Breavman knows a girl named Shell whose ears were
pierced so she could wear the long filigree earrings." Like Suzanne in
the Leonard Cohen song, Shell has touched a young man's body with her
mind, but she wants to stake a claim to more than his flesh. Breavman
is creating a Song of Songs to her glory superimposed on a lament over
his inability to renounce his Jewish soul to her gentile body. The
novel is steeped in biblical consciousness. Breavman is simultaneously
a priest in Babylonian exile mourning the loss of King Solomon's
glories and King David revelling carnally in the delights of a
multitude of women, including this beguiling foreigner.  Alternately
depressed about the past that perished with his father's death and
manic about all the young women he wants to bed, Breavman's story
brims with the delightful incongruities and twisted harmonies of
American Beauty. Like Lester in Mendes's movie, Breavman strives for
distance from himself but can't help constantly imploding. He is both
a self-mocking hero and a self-inflated villain in a story that has
many orgasms but no climax."

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It was only 10:30 a.m., and I figured all I had to do was get somewhere near the place where the Royal Family held its rituals. So I kept on cycling, enjoying the beautiful weather and the waves crashing on the beach ...