Thursday, April 25, 2013

Canada Revenue Tax Fraud Reference No. 5442201

Leonard Cohen.
No taxpayer ID in Canada from what I know.
Reported it previously to the Funance Minister.
Witness - Van Penick, Canadian resident & attorney.
Provided his name and phone number.
Advised that he felt Cohen had all the badges of fraud - homes (asked for the addresses and his LA address/phone number); temple membership (asked for name of temple); bank accounts (advised that Cohen closed them after Van Penick advised that there was no good news in Canada either - and had City National Bank issue Canadian drafts to pay his bills in Canada).
Canada Revenue asked for information re. off-shore accounts - Loyens & Volkmaars, Holland, Swiss bank account.
Abandoned green card in 1988; re-obtained new green card in 1991 - advised me that Canada Revenue does NOT ask where you paid taxes the prior year; IRS does.
Questioned about meeting with U.S. Treasury agents and referral to Agent Tejeda/IRS.
Advised that I have been relentlessly targeted by Cohen, their National Treasure.
Advised about the 1977 tax memo to Cohen informing him that he did not have to pay taxes in the U.S., Canada, or Greece but cautioning him not to have a green card.
Asked for Cohen's phone number in Los Angeles and Montreal.