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The 14th Sheepdog Continues To Criminally Harass Me - Over Leonard Cohen, The City Attorney, My Appeal, IRS, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Subject: Fwd: Facts of life
To: Washington Field <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>

To the FBI,
Stephen Gianelli - impersonating the 14th Sheepdog (while attempt to defame my teacher, the 14th Sharmapa), has again written me.  The criminal harassment and retaliation over my appeal, writ, and oral arguments is ongoing.  Leonard Cohen's lawyers contacted Gianelli (according to Gianelli's public statements) in or around June 2009.  At that time, Gianelli contacted me (possibly under the guise of reporter "Joff Belark" - I bcc'd the IRS Commissioner's Staff and Doron Weinberg on those communications at the time) and wrote an entirely slanderous, libelous, and defamatory article about me.  Cohen uses the news media to attack others when he has legal issues on the horizon.  This is well-documented.  I've addressed the conduct ad nauseum and am not in a conversation or debate with a man who has been criminally harassing me since 2009 and who  has engaged in what I view as egregious and vile witness intimidation and harassment with respect to my children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and many other people in my life. 
Actually, I think the words "legal conspiracy" work better than plan.

There was no successful criminal prosecution by the City Attorney.  There are lies, fraud, concealment, perjury, misstatements of fact, intentional conduct and statements meant to mislead the jurors, etc.  What's successful about prosecutorial misconduct other than the fact that it is rampant and no one is ever held accountable. I've addressed the attempts to sabotage the iRS with the IRS Commissioner's Staff and Agent Tejeda/IRS.  If the City Attorney, Cohen, or anyone else has any questions about that matter, they should contact those parties directly.  The City Attorney argued federal tax matters and lied about them as they relate to me.  I have advised the IRS that I believe an investigation is in order.  My PD advised me that he personally felt the City Attorney was attempting to sabotage the IRS.  My appellate attorney has advised me that he views my trial is an IRS matter  that demands an investigation by the IRS.  And then there are the issues with Phil Spector.  Agent Sopko's email seems to be at issue.  What's the problem?  Cohen gave an offensive interview to Brian Johnson/MacLean's in August 2005.  Leonard Cohen lied about me in that interview.  The IRS matter was not resolved after Kory's meeting with Agent Tejeda/IRS and no evidence of that fact appears in the IRS binder or elsewhere.  The prosecutor in my trial is a stark raving lunatic, liar, and I am sitting here with an unconscionable Respondent's Brief and have asked the IRS for a formal opinion with respect to the IRS issues raised in it and other matters re. the City Attorney.

My lawyer has advised me that he believes I have a constitutional right to abandon this appeal.  I intend to pursue that issue separately and legally.  The people didn't mind lying through their teeth, eliciting perjured testimony, etc. so I remain uninterested in the garbage whines of people willing to rape the taxpayers for a fraud celebrity with motive. 
I've addressed the CA's retaliation and my lawyer has taken the position that it is criminal obstruction of justice. 

See the 14th Sheepdog's latest round of insanity below my post re.  his June 2009 slanderous and libelous article about me - that followed Cohen's lawyers communications with him.

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Facts of life
To: Kelley Lynch <>

·        Through what affirmative conduct has Leonard Cohen “aligned himself” with the 14th Sheepdog, let alone in a manner “written in stone”? To align is an active verb; it requires conduct. Please specify it. (You won’t because the “alignment” exists only in your demented brain.)

·        “The plan” has been in place since 2009? What plan exactly, and what EVIDENCE exists to demonstrate it. (Another product of your illness.)

·        “The City Attorney … attempted to sabotage the IRS”? What, exactly that exists in the verifiable real world, was “sabotaged” by your successful criminal prosecution? The fictional “tax fraud” investigation you keep harping about? You dimed Cohen in 2007, then went public with your accusations alerting Kory, who met with the IRS in 2007 and the matter was apparently resolved. If anyone “sabotaged” the investigation (long ago concluded) it was YOU. But diming your employer to the IRS six years ago did not confer immunity from prosecution on you, nor does it affect in any way the prosecutorial prerogative to arrest, charge, put you on trial, and seek jail time from you when you violate the law – as you did when you violated the restraining order and criminally harassed Cohen.

·        “The appellate court violated my constitutional rights when it refused to permit me to abandon this appeal.” There is no “constitutional right” to abandon an appeal that YOU initiated, after you forced the County of Los Angeles to fund the preparation and filing of the record on appeal, the research and drafting of your AOB and forced the People to research and draft a Respondent’s brief. The appellate rules are quite explicit: If you wait until the record on appeal is filed, any dismissal by you is NOT a matter of right, but discretionary with the Court.

·        “Retaliation”? What specific acts of “retaliation” did the City Attorney commit against you as payback for your appeal? (Again, this is nonsense you pulled out of thin air.)
Defamatory Article by Gianelli & Kelley Lynch's Response To That Article - That Appeared Online After Gianelli Communicated With Leonard Cohen's Legal Representatives.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jihad Gianelli - Blogonaut Targets Me After Hearing From Cohen's Legal Representatives & Possibly Finding A Sympathetic Ear With DDA Alan Jackson

NOTE: After hearing from Leonard Cohen's representatives, Jihad Gianelli had a so-called "journalist" (Joff Belark) target me. The following piece of slander (one long lie based on Cohen's fraud, perjury, etc.) was then posted on his website. All facts addressed with Joff Belark in emails were willfully overlooked. Jihad Gianelli, a so-called lawyer in the Bay Area (who may be affiliated with Cohen, the DA's office in the Phil Spector matter, the Clarkson family, Sprocket, Michelle Blaine, and others) then proceeded to harass me, my family, sons, friends, business associates, and others, relentlessly. The U.S. Postal Inspector advised me that they have opened a criminal investigation into "Stephen Gianelli" based on my complaint to them. I have also informed the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury - repeatedly - that I view Gianelli's activities as criminal witness tampering, criminal witness intimidation, an attempt to obstruction, etc. I stand by my position in this matter and continue to maintain that he should be fully investigated - including as his activities relate to what is obviously a coordinated campaign to discredit me, undermine my credibility, slander me, etc. He is the perfect accomplice for a man like Leonard Cohen who does indeed employ people to target others he views as threats to his carefully crafted reputation. Ann Diamond was also targeted and slandered by Stephen Gianelli and others on Blogonaut's Law Blog. My sister and her husband were victims of what appeared to be an all-out blackmail attempt meant to silence me. All of this will be addressed in my book "River Deep, Mountain High." See desperate and pathetic article and tactics relating to Cohen's response to my reporting his tax fraud that I was told is criminal. The lengths this man has gone, and continues to go (latest threats issued February 14, 2011 by his rotten lying lawyers)are deranged. As I was not served Cohen's lawsuit, and the proof of service is fraudulent and perjured, I was only able to read the Complaint, his declaration, and other documents, when Jihad Gianelli posted them to Scribd. This same type of internet campaign was launched with respect to Phil Spector. That campaign included the following Blogs: Sprocket's Trial & Tribulations, Michelle Blaine's utterly vile and repulsive blog, the Darwin Exception, and other sites. Mick Brown/UK Telegraph (who benefited by writing a slanderous book about Phil Spector before the verdicts were rendered)aligned himself with these shameless sites. Stephen Gianelli appears to have a crucial role in the Phil Spector trials - setting up personal doubt theories on the internet allowing them to be refuted by some of the trashiest people I have ever encountered in my entire life.

Lies and Slander are Highlighted in RED.


June 2, 2009

At age 72 music legend Leonard Cohen was on the verge of enjoying a comfortable retirement funded by what he thought was a generous nest egg, only to find out that what he assumed was a retirement account balance of some $9 million had dwindled to a sum less than a hundred thousand dollars.

Granted, Cohen was not exactly “hands-on” with his finances during the period leading up to this unfortunate epiphany—he spent the 4 years preceding this Suzy-Orman-esque moment on an extended spiritual retreat, and had delegated unfettered control over his financial affairs to what Cohen viewed as a close friend, former lover, and trusted advisor.

After some initial reluctance—but after being advised that the tax consequences of inaction (owing taxes on money someone else allegedly made off with) might be less-than-appealing, Cohen, through his Beverly Hills attorneys, sued his former business manager Kelley Lynch, winning a $7.9 million California state court judgment against her in an uncontested default proceeding.

For the record, Lynch now claims that she either was never properly served with the suit or that the multi-million dollar money judgment entered against her “incriminates” Cohen in a scheme that she describes in her frequent blog posts and Cohen discussion board comments as Cohen’s “fraudulent” attempt to cover up his multi-million dollar theft from her. NOTE: to cover up what I was told is criminal tax fraud.

In any event, Lynch has no intention of attempting to set the judgment aside—preferring to characterize the judgment as Cohen falling into her tactical trap. (As Lynch recently stated about this reporter in an email copied to the IRS, The Justice Department, several high profile criminal defense attorneys who do not represent her, the governor of Colorado and a laundry list of other government and law enforcement officials too numerous to mention here: “What is it about I have no intention of setting the [$7.9 million] judgment aside that [Joff Belark] does not understand?”) NOTE: I intend to sue for theft, wrongful conversion, illegally altering my federal tax fraud via a problematic default judgment, slander, transmitting illegal/criminal K1s to the IRS in my name, etc. I have addressed Jihad Gianelli and others threats to have me arrested when I publicly noted that I was filing a Motion to Vacate Cohen's absolutely fraudulent and utterly perjured lawsuit, declaration, etc.

What the May 12, 2006 judgment does, though, is legally establish the basic truth of Cohen’s core allegations against his former manager: That his financial losses were due in substantial part to Lynch breaching her fiduciary duties to Cohen by, among other things, siphoning off his retirement funds for her own use and mismanaging his estate to generate commissions for herself. (For example, Cohen has alleged that even though he did not need the money, Lynch engineered the sale of all of the rights to Cohen’s songs—generating her a $1 million commission instead of the $100,000+ annual commission she typically earned as Cohen’s manager—which proceeds she then siphoned off for her own use while the singer song-writer was off meditating.)

NOTE: Greg McBowman has confirmed that he flew into Los Angeles to meet with me and Cohen over these asset sales. He personally advised Cohen NOT to sell these assets. Cohen insisted - noting that downloading and the internet were affecting record sales. See Cohen's Declaration in the failed CAK bond deal. He knew precisely what these assets generated. Cohen has willfully committed fraud upon the Court, and others, by attempting to pretend that my intellectual property, ownership interest in numerous entities, etc., were my personal management commission. That is a bald-faced lie and he has now proven that he views himself as the alter-ego of those entities and intentionally defrauded me.

The judgment also contains a finding that every dime previously held by Lynch through several Cohen related legal entities was held in trust for Leonard Cohen, as well as an injunction prohibiting Lynch from exercising any further dominion or control over those assets.

In the words of a Colorado federal judge who last year returned to Cohen $154,000 paid into court by a third party fiduciary in the face of Kelley Lynch’s conflicting claim for the money:

“On May 12, 2006, the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, ruled on the issue of ownership of the funds, and entered default judgment in favor of Cohen and against Lynch in the amount of 7.3 million in damages and interest…In rendering judgment, the California court declared Lynch was ‘not the owner of any assets in Traditional Holdings, LLC’ and any interest Lynch had in ‘any other entity related to Cohen ... she [held] as trustee for Cohen's equitable title.’ The California court enjoined Lynch from interfering with Cohen's right to receive any such funds or property or in any other way exercising control over any funds or property related to Cohen. The California court ruling was not appealed and is now final. [Par.] The final judgment of the California court settles the dispute between Lynch and Cohen over ownership of the [$154,000].”

That settled it, right? Not exactly, in Lynch’s mind at least.

Lynch, undeterred, embarked on an alleged campaign to harass Cohen, as primarily evinced by a restraining order issued in favor of Cohen and against Lynch by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge.

NOTE: I have documented, since approximately 2005, for the IRS Commissioner's Staff and others, precisely what I have endured since reporting Cohen's tax fraud to the IRS. I have copied in many other parties - such as the DOJ, Treasury, FBI, Phil Spector's attorneys, the news media, and others. This was not a campaign of harassment (unlike Cohen, Gianelli's etc. with respect to me, my family, and others). This was and remains a record of the facts, the truth, the tactics, and the rotten shameless tactics Cohen - and others - have used against me. I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate Cohen's fraudulent lawsuit, the coordinated custody matter, Neal Greenberg's companion piece, the fraudulent and utterly abused TROs, and all issues related to my reporting Cohen's tax fraud to the IRS and being dragged into Phil Spector's sham trials.

At some point along the way, Lynch has stated in various internet posts that she was “kidnapped” by Los Angeles police officers and taken against her will to a Los Angeles County psychiatric facility where Lynch claims she was involuntarily held and drugged pursuant to a conspiracy on the part of Cohen, his lawyers, the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office, the LAPD, and others to discredit Lynch (who claims to have been a defense witness for Phil Spector in his murder case) and to protect Cohen from Lynch’s allegations that Cohen [allegedly] perjured himself in a “secret grand jury” proceeding in the Phil Spector matter--and that the psychiatric file, as well as the relevant police reports were later altered or substituted by police in furtherance of the alleged conspiracy against her.

I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Phil Spector, his legal team, and others, to investigate why I was taken to Killer King, questioned about Phil Spector, who falsified the entire Killer King file, whether or not Cohen, Lindsey, Kory, Superfon, and possibly others, conspired to have me falsely arrested that day, etc. I have never stated that the psychiatric file as well as police reports were "later altered or substituted by the police in furtherance of the alleged conspiracy against" me. I have stated that I believe the Los Angeles District Attorney had the power and motive to have me taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector.

In approximately 2007, Kelley Lynch moved to Boulder, Colorado where she has off and on reportedly been homeless. In addition, as Lynch stated today, and Blogonaut has independently confirmed, Lynch has in her words been “frequently arrested” by the Boulder Police Department (see booking photo, above). [Ed. Note--Lynch denies being homeless in Boulder, see below update, and stresses that a jury acquited her.]

After witnessing a man with his penis out in front of a child (which was and remains my perspective), I was arrested for "obstructing a peace officer" for reasons I cannot fathom. I prevailed on that issue at trial. It was the only charge I was arrested on and therefore the arrest was wrongful, false, etc. This will be addressed fully in my book and it will be litigated.
To be sure, Lynch attributes her arrests in Boulder to the continuing conspiracy to silence her, as she claims in various internet posts—including an email to the Department of Justice that Lynch published today requesting that the DOJ investigate why she has been "arrested with such frequency" in Boulder.

In 2008, Cohen again took Kelley Lynch to court, this time in Boulder, alleging—as with the earlier issued California restraining order—that Lynch was harassing him.

Cohen appeared absolutely desperate after Ann Diamond posted her draft article for Rolling Stone on her Blog. He legally threatened Ann Diamond at that time and, since then, Jihad Gianelli and others have slandered Ann Diamond.
For the record, Lynch has repeatedly stated that the September 2, 2008 restraining order was “fraudulently issued” after Cohen failed to have Lynch properly served with the petition—even though the official transcript of the hearing reflects that Lynch appeared at the hearing (and after initially asking for a contested hearing and spending a few minutes on the witness stand being gently grilled by Cohen’s Colorado attorney) and requested herself that the court grant to Cohen the restraining order. In fact, the transcript reflects that Lynch told the judge that she "very much" wanted the order to be issued, and that Lynch thanked the judge "very much" after she granted Cohen the restraining order.

Correct. I asked the judge to make the TRO permanent. Cohen presented no evidence; witnesses were not called; and it is impossible that the judge could have ruled for Cohen in that matter. I did indeed thank the judge "very much." After the hearing, I reviewed the file and noted that the process server perjured himself in his proof of service and Cohen perjured himself in his declaration. I addressed all of this in my Motion to Quash.
Lynch--who was contacted by this reporter for comment --also asserted that the hearing transcript is inaccurate, that the court reporter who certified it should "look for another job" and that Lynch would be reviewing the transcript of the hearing "with Bruce Cutler".

"Joff Belark" contacted me and I gave him the facts; directed him to evidence; and he proceeded to write what is one long lie about me - after hearing from Cohen's legal representatives.

Lynch has also blogged that the Colorado judge who presided over that hearing had no jurisdiction over her because Lynch previously reported Cohen to the IRS for [alleged] "tax fraud”, thereby (presumably) converting all pending and future legal matters initiated by Cohen into “IRS matters”.

I continue to maintain that the judge didn't have jurisdiction over me for a number of reasons: the proof of service is perjured and, as my emails leading up to the fraud TRO prove, I was writing Cohen's representatives requesting a forensic accounting, etc. - all of which relates to my tax returns that must be amended for the years 2001-2010 based on the fact that Cohen illegally altered my federal tax returns in a state court. It seems impossible that a state court would have jurisdiction to alter federal tax returns. I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to fully investigate this matter and have asked the IRS for legal opinions on various matters.

Indeed, Lynch has gone so far as to assert that the judge who issued the restraining order “lied” about Cohen’s routine civil harassment petition not being an “IRS matter”, and that she (the judge) was complicit with Cohen in the overarching conspiracy against Lynch and aided Cohen's [alleged] "fraud". Lynch has also stated the intention to sue the judge--along with other judges in California and Colorado who have ruled in favor of Cohen and against her.

I intend to consult attorneys with respect to the various legal matters I intend to bring. Jihad Gianelli does not speak for me and is in no position to state publicly, or otherwise, what I do or do not intend to do. This situation is also fluid so nothing is set in stone.

That brings this reporter to another key assertion that has frustrated the multitude of internet discussion board commenters who have encountered Lynch on virtually every public on-line forum discussing either Cohen or Phil Spector: Beginning approximately two years ago, when Lynch was first asked by a reporter for comment on the $7.9 million California judgment against her—Lynch’s stock line has been that she is waiting to hear from her attorney of choice Bruce Cutler, and when she has had a chance to talk to Bruce Cutler, she will respond in due course.

I have advised Phil Spector that I would like to call Bruce Cutler to the witness stand. I think that ends this discussion.

The (to many) dubious assertion that a broke and homeless Kelley Lynch has any chance of enlisting a high profile New York City lawyer of Cutler’s stature to sue Leonard Cohen and a host of other declared enemies (including the four judges who to date have ruled against her) and other alleged co-conspirators—including the Boulder Police Department—for alleged violations of the Racketeer and Crime Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) (and other claims)--has led to serial derision by the message board commenting masses—which derision typically and predictably prompts Lynch to observe that the commenters on this or that blog, or this or that discussion group are all “insane” and/or are “cyber-stalking” her, at which point Lynch typically fires off another email to the IRS and/or the Justice Department—cc to governors, reporters, many of Phil Spector’s attorneys and former attorneys, and dozens of others—demanding that this or that blog or discussion group commenter be “investigated” for claiming that Bruce Cutler will never call her back. (Which, let's face it, after two+ years with no call back is not an unreasonable assertion.)

Jihad Gianelli appears to have contacted Bruce Cutler in an attempt to determine if he continued to represent Phil Spector and in what appeared to be an attempt to infiltrate Phil Spector's defense.

Indeed, just several Cohen fan comments into a discussion formed around a critic's favorable review of a recent Leonard Cohen performance published in the on-line version of the Hartford Currant, Kelley Lynch managed to hijack the discussion on May 13, 2009 by posting her usual scurrilous panoply of unsupported and presumed false accusations against Cohen (e.g., tax fraud, liar, stole millions from me, ruined my life, pervert, perjurer, plagiarist etc. etc. etc.)—resulting in a raging discussion spanning two weeks and over 160 comments—through today. (See link here.) (EDITOR'S. NOTE, ON 6/6/2009, the Hartford Currant, administrators shut down the discussion board and deleted the posts, it is presumed due to reader complaints about Lynch's postings there.)

I "hijacked" nothing. Jihad Gianelli has confirmed that he heard from Cohen's legal representatives. After that, he relentlessly targeted me, my sons, my elderly parents, my sister and her husband (who hired an attorney to speak with him), my friends, business associates, and others. I asked the Hartford Currant to pull down the slanderous discussion board.

For Cohen's loyal fans, as well as the casual observer, this is almost to much to bear—as many of the passionate foils to Lynch’s provocative and apparently libelous comments about Leonard Cohen demonstrate. Certainly, Lynch’s habit of, when challenged with specifics, accusing the commenter or blog host of “harassing”, "cyber-stalking" or “libeling” her, threatening to sue, then posting a copy of an email to the "Commissioner of IRS" or the "Justice Department" demanding an “investigation” of the commenter or blog—cc to high profile attorneys, governors, DA’s, police departments and reporters—does little to bolster Lynch’s credibility.

Nothing I have stated about Cohen is libelous. It's the truth. I have also provided the IRS, DOJ, Treasury, FBI, Phil Spector, his legal team, and others, with ample evidence to prove that Cohen has committed tax fraud, etc.

In addition, the very frequency of Lynch’s email rants to the IRS or Justice Department alone (sometimes three or more in a single day), in combination with her eccentric distribution list to many high profile government officials and attorneys (who must have better things to do with their time than investigate the identity of the guy who is posting as “anonymous” on this blog or that comment group or why (in a recent complaint) this reporter questioned why Lynch has been waiting for over two years to “hear from Bruce Cutler”) arguably suggests, if it does not scream, “nutcase”. Not to mention the fact that Lynch has demanded that the Justice Department "arrest" Phil Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson, and has also threatened the entire Boulder Police Department with criminal prosecution as well as a civil action under the RICO statute.

NOTE: I haven't "threatened" the Boulder Police Department. I have informed the BPD that I intend to litigate certain issues. I am not a DA and cannot criminally prosecute anyone and the notion is absurd.

In the interest of full disclosure, the editor of this site recently banned Lynch from commenting here (as have several other websites) after its editor returned from a month long hiatus in Europe to find that this blog’s comments sections following several Phil Spector retrial posts had been similarly hijacked by Lynch through scores of posts—including many that Leonard Cohen’s California attorneys brought to Blogonaut’s attention as libelous per se (meaning Lynch accused Cohen of various alleged crimes without substantiation).

Jihad Gianelli is absolutely obsessed with the Phil Spector trial. I haven't accused Cohen of various alleged crimes without substantiation. I was advised that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud. I know for a fact that Cohen has stolen from me. Steven Machat knows for a fact that Cohen stole from him and his father. I know for a fact Cohen has lied, perjured himself, committed fraud, illegally altered my federal tax returns, issued illegal/criminal K1s to me that were transmitted to the IRS, State of Kentucky, and engaged in other conduct that definitely appears to be criminal and absolutely crosses many state borders. Nothing I've said about Cohen is "libelous per se." It is fact and it is the truth.
This banning led Lynch to, predictably, email the IRS and the Justice Department (cc to the usual multitude of household name Kelley Lynch rant email recipients) and to demand the investigation of this site. Lynch also threatened to sue Blogonaut for disparaging her—an allegation Blogonaut denies.

I absolutely intend to litigate these matters with Jihad Gianelli.

But in fairness to Kelley Lynch, and in aid of you, the internet going public, making up your own mind, we refer you to Kelley Lynch’s blog--where she republishes her rant emails to the IRS, Justice Department, Doron Weinberg, Bruce Cutler, as well as governors, police departments, prosecutors, and others daily—and were her scathing rebuttals to this post are sure to follow. (See here for Kelley Lynch's blog.)

I have never emailed Bruce Cutler.

As for Leonard Cohen, we observe that he has apparently decided to get on with his life, embarking earlier this year on a critically acclaimed and wildly successful world tour--choosing to stay above he fray of Lynch's ubiquitous, daily allegations with not a single blog comment of his own disparaging Lynch in reply. Class act, Cohen.

Cohen's thug lawyers threatened me, on his behalf, as of February 14, 2011. Why? Because I have attempted to request information I need to amend my federal tax returns for the years 2001-2010. For reasons I cannot understand, Cohen's representatives copied in the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Dennis Riordan (who represents Phil Spector), and many others, on their email threats. Steven Machat has noted that Robert Kory is "scum." I have noted that Michelle Rice is, from my perspective, a liar and thug. Leonard Cohen is NOT a class act. He is a lying con artist, fraud, and thief. Cohen hides behind others. He employs others to target people on his behalf. I know. I worked with him for approximately 20 years and have studied him carefully. That will be thoroughly addressed in my book River Deep, Mountain High.
UPDATE: Kelley Lynch Responds!
We have received no less than five, lengthy attempted comments from Kelley Lynch regarding this post. In keeping with her status on this site, we will not publish any of them in the comments section here. (As expected, she has vowed to publish all five comments on her blog, and we expect her to submit additional comments as she stews over this post.)
However, here are some of the tamer excerpts from Lynch’s remarks:

"Blogonaut, please note. I am conveying a copy of the comments I just posted to your Blog to the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko - Department of the Treasury, Doron Weinberg, Dennis Riordan, and bringing this to the attention of Bruce Cutler. What I do or do not communicate with Bruce Cutler is none of your business."

No suprizes there. Lynch also stated:

“I refused to answer [Cohen’s] lawsuit because I chose, instead, to report his [alleged] tax fraud and/or [alleged] criminal conduct.”

EDITOR’S NOTE—Cohen has never been accused by anyone, except Kelley Lynch, of “tax fraud” and we note that despite Lynch’s hundreds of communications over several years to the IRS reiterating that assertion, Cohen has never been arrested, indicted, or charged by any agency with any crime. Not only wasn't I served Cohen's lawsuit; did not read the allegations until April 2010 when Gianelli posted them on-line; I was clear with Cohen and his legal representatives - I do not participate in fraud and I do not participate in what I believed to be an attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud or to obstruct justice.

“The jury found that I did not obstruct a peace officer so draw your own conclusions. That is what I was charged with. Apart from that-it is none of your business...I have never been homeless in Boulder..."

The participants in the organized campaign of slander, witness tampering, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying, etc. now proceed to further slander me, defame and libel me, attempt to discredit me, and generally engage in conduct that has played out across the internet with respect to me, Phil Spector, members of my family, Rachelle Spector, Phil Spector's legal representatives and experts, and others. I do not have any psychiatric problems. I do not have an alcohol problem. I do not do any drugs - whatsoever. And yet, absolute strangers have taken to the internet to lie about me. I think their motive is overwhelmingly obvious.

Posted by Blogonaut at 9:40 PM
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Samuel said...

Where was Cohen's attorney during all this?? Reminds me of Paul Stanley (of the rock band Kiss) being taken to the cleaners by his psychiatrist - as was Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys - and let's not even go into Elvis and the Colonel, or Britney Spears and Osama Lufti.

Of course a Judge cannot be sued for his/her ruling, but what is really scary is that Ms. Lynch thinks she can, and that there is this huge law enforcement conspiracy trying to destroy her - when there is not exactly a mutual meeting of the minds philosophically, politically, or artistically between Leonard Cohen and law enforcement.

Ms. Lynch, with the deepest of respect for your intelligence and accomplishments, you will see wonderful results at the University of Colorado's school of medicine's psychiatric division. It is among the best in the nation for treating people. My sincerest best.
June 3, 2009 12:03 AM
Anonymous said...

Fantastic! It is about time someone is outting her for what she is. I can't thank you enough. I will pass this on to all those who have endured her threats over the yrs on various message boards.

What are the odds she is going to copy all of our comments to put her on blog?
June 3, 2009 5:38 AM
Anonymous said...

Why don't her family members intercede, since she is obviously well on the way to a complete crack-up?

What I wonder is how someone in this condition could steal $9, let alone 9 million? And where did it go?
June 3, 2009 7:24 AM
sanneka said...

Wonderful article Joff Belark, sober and ethical and right to the point
June 3, 2009 8:28 AM
Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Blogonaut.
June 3, 2009 8:34 AM
Blogonaut said...

Dear 5:38 am:

We would say the odds are excellent that Lynch will post a dozen or more rants about this article.

She fumed for weeks when she was banned from this site in May--and we never identified her by name at the time. (She then identified herself in a half dozen blog posts as the banned commenter.)

We also expect to be "reported", again, to the Commissioner of the IRS, The Justice Department, the Governor of Colorado, Bruce Cutler etc. etc. etc.
June 3, 2009 8:36 AM