Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Ms. Lynch, I am not obsessed with you or your "Blog", but since I have not contacted you in ages and you periodically mention my name and accuse me of "targeting" you, of being alligned with Leonard Cohen in "destroying your life" and a possible child predator, yes, I do read your blog. I also find it sadly interesting to see how mental illness, alcohol abuse and sick hate can destroy a human being, and that is what happend with you Ms. Lynch. Neither Cohen, Gianelli, Kory, Rice, Lindsey the LA PD. or anybody have destroyed your life, but you.

Leonard Cohen does not need people like Mr. Gianelli or me to inform him of what you are up to, all he needs to do is click on your vile and vicious blog, but he doesn't care about your silly blog, about your wasted life or about you, he is busy living his own life, making people happy with his music, his talent and his kindness, and when people all over the world are happy paying $400.00 to hear him, the tickets are obviously not over priced.

Why you waste your time writing all the mails to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB, Mr. Riordan, Phil Spector and God knows how many more people, they have all blocked your mails you have never heard from them and you never will, just as you will never write a book or sue Leonard Cohen or anybody, all you have the energy and motivation to do is sit in your black hole and write hateful garbage. If it really bother you that much that I, Gianelli or The City of Los Angeles read your blog, you could "document" the destruction of your life on a privat blog or you could make this one closed to the public, just for you to read and the friends you invite, oh no sorry, you don't have any friends, followers or supporters, do you??, you obviously want and need an audience, so you better be happy for the three you do have. That the City of Los Angeles may read your babbles, could be, so that if, or rather WHEN, you are arrested again, they will have documented proof of your threats, accusations and just sick and crazy behaviour.

Leonard Cohen's sick and obsessed fan weighs in on the City Attorney - after attempting to lure my sons into privately communicating with her while copying in Cohen's lawyers.  

Not one person will EVER believe, that Mr. Cohen stole from you

Really?  Leonard Cohen thinks he can simply steal fron me and Steven Machat and conceal corporate books and records, etc?  What a greedy lunatic.  

, it has been proved and documented that you stole millions from him,

Where?  In a lawsuit I wasn't served and in LA Superior Court that doesn't require evidence?  How convenient for the celebrity fraud justice system that someone just wrote me should be called Taxpayer Rape.
and he owes you NOTHING. That Leonard Cohen recived a refund from the IRS for the taxes he paid on the money you stole from him

The refund has been challenged.  In fact, the IRS advised me to file a fraud complaint about it.  Leonard Cohen paid taxes?  How laughable.  He can't he can't live in Canada because of his tax and residence issues. 
, also proves that he does NOT owe anything to the IRS.

Really great stewards of the taxpayers' money.  Cohen defrauded the U.S. government and the LA City Attorney targeted them.  
You can keep on writing your sob stories about everybody stealing from you, lying about you, "targeting and criminally harassing you", about who is to blame for your sons accident, or Phil Spectors innocense. People have stopped listening to you years ago, you have destroyed your own life and especially any credibility you may have had. Sad, but true.

What's the issue with Spector?  Cohen has three versions of his good rock and roll comments about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  Which one does the government believe - maybe the one the City Attorney is concealing.  

Sure.  That's why I'm being targeted by the 14th Sheepdog and Cohen's fan who is obsessed with me.  Sad but true.  What a bunch of lunatics.  Leonard Cohen is INSANE.  Make no mistake about that.  Leonard Cohen destroyed my life - over his wrongdoing.  He's stolen from me, Steven Machat, and others.  I know my credibility is at issue.  Who cares? I'm being by a Sheepdog trashing my friend and teacher and Cohen's obsessed fan.