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Leonard Cohen - With A History Of Mandrax, Speed, LSD, Etc. & Hypnotizing A Maid Into Exposing Her Breasts Thinks It's Acceptable To Slander People? He Also Has A Well Documented History Of Psychiatric Problems & Revenge Fantasies.

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Yes, it was the maid.  Here's one recounting, from Sylvie Simmons book.  Leonard Cohen was able to hypnotize his maid into showing him her breasts.  Here's a concert event where Cohen is totally wasted on Mandrax.  What's the point of slandering Ann Diamond?  She didn't stalk him.  The Rollings Story, I believe, is totally fictional.  Cohen would tell people she stalked Mick Jagger.  His operatives demonized her.  Who cares what she thinks about the CIA?  Does the CIA think Leonard Cohen walked out onto a tarmac, took the last plane out of Cuba, and was hanging with the rebels during of Bay Pigs.  Does the Mossad think Leonard Cohen was going to join the military during the 7 day Yom Kippur War.  He was going to be a pilot, paratrooper, etc.  What he actually did in Israel was to attempt to start a riot while on drugs.  That's what he did then.  He's now evidently turned into Jimmy Durante.
And then there's Leonard Cohen and maids ...

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The journey starts in Montreal as Leonard is born into a well-to-do Jewish Montreal family, complete with chauffeur and nanny. When he was a kid, Leonard learned hypnotism and got the maid to expose her breasts. This nifty trick would help him later in life when he performed at The Isle Of Wight rock festival on an island off the coast of England. As mobs rioted and set fire to the stage during Jimi Hendrix’s set (he kept on playing), Leonard knew he was up next. Totally wasted on Mandrax (a super down), he wound up hypnotizing the crowd of over half a million into peaceful acceptance of his mellow music.

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Hello Mr. Riordan,

Leonard Cohen and the prosecutor lied about me and the Lorca Cohen'/Leonard Cohen molestation story.  This was posted on Cohen's main fan blog in 2003.  Did Cohen operatives make Ann Diamond feel ashamed?  I ultimately advised my brother-in-law to contact her and let her know that it upset Lorca Cohen.  Leonard Cohen was absolutely hysterical over this and emailed me (from the account I gave Phil Spector and the IRS Commissioner's Staff the passwords to and authorized them to use any email they see fit - between me and Cohen, Cohen's advisers, etc.) that this story could end up on the front page of the Montreal Gazette.  This is the first thing Streeter raised re. wanting the LA Times barred from the courtroom.  Of course, Streeter lied about me and this incident and everything else throughout the trial.  Unfortunately for her - it's all on the record and that includes her and Cohen's shameless efforts to assist Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson with respect to Phil Spector.  And now, Streeter has concealed from jurors an email in her possession (and mine and my lawyers) that contains a different version of the Phil Spector gun story than the one Cohen testified about and the one Phil Spector's prosecutors used - see their motions on LA Superior Court's website.  In particular, see their motion dated February 17, 2005. 
I think this post is extremely relevant and will hang onto it.
I think Leonard Cohen's self-inflicted angry revenge fantasies have really become rock solid now.  I wonder why I worked as  his personal manager for 17 years?  Oh right - he  needs a reason for stealing from me.  Steven Machat and I have discussed the lies he uses to advance his theft and false accusations. 
Are you still waving to the 14th Sheepdog who continues to criminally harass me and seems quite fond of Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson?


"My Life with Leonard Cohen" goes down

Postby lightning on Wed Nov 19, 2003 2:25 am
As of Nov. 3 Ann Diamond took her long often pointless defamatory story about Leonard down off the internet with another similar story about a recent close encounter in Montreal. It seems his friends have made her a bit ashamed of herself and she writes to justify her actions.

We applaud her for letting go of her hostility, are sorry that we cannot live in a world of total equality, man to man, woman to man ,writer to writer, and grieve for anyone wounded by unrequited love. but c'est la vie.

Read all about it at: