Friday, April 19, 2013

Kelley's Email To The 14th Sharmapa Re. Leonard Cohen Reading My Email To Sharmapa In Court & The Ongoing Harassment Re. The 14th Sheepdog a/k/a Stephen Gianelli

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:09 PM
Subject: Leonard Cohen Reads My Email To Sharmapa In Court
To: info <>, "" <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>

Hello Sharmapa,
How are you?  As you know, Stephen Gianelli - a man who has targeted me and my family relentlessly since 2009 (after hearing from Cohen's lawyers) - is writing to me, criminally harassing me, using this email address.  There is indeed evidence that Leonard Cohen has concealed Steven and Marty Machat's 15% ownership interest in an entity that was assigned all of Cohen's intellectual property.  I think certain elements of Steve Cooley's law enforcement crowd love him - for instance Captain Jack Horvath/DA's investigator felt comfortable lying to LA Superior Court about me when he wrote that I contacted them in 2007 when, in fact,they dragged me into Phil Spector's matter in 2005 and I filed a complaint against Cohen - with their Major Fraud Unit - re. his theft from me in 2006.  This is what the letter Cohen read to the jurors discussed.  I also mentioned that Steve Cooley's investigator, Marko, threatened me and told me to tell the Denver FBI "Merry Christmas" which some people think means "Fuck you"  and others think sounds like something out of the Sopranos.  Then, I mentioned that Cooley reminds me of Bhandari and I'm entitled to my personal opinion about government.  After all, the DA's office likes to use threats and intimidation tactics - at least with respect to me.  And then, of course, Mahakala was raised.  Perhaps there's something threatening about a dharmapala/guardian angel to these people?  I have no idea but please make offerings for me. My oral arguments are May 9, 2013 and I'm filing a Writ addressing other egregious matters.  These people continue to lie about me and the 14th Sheepdog (who may be Gianelli's dog who shits/'vomits religious pujas on carpets, according to Gianelli) is criminally harassing me.  The man is a stark raving lunatic and obsessed with me, IRS matters, Leonard Cohen's tax fraud, and slanders me relentlessly.  He must have some type of motive.  After all, I don't know the man.
Thank you. 


Cohen reads from an email to the 14th Sharmapa - excerpt:  What he has done to Steven Machat and his father is devastating.  I know how devoted Marty was to Cohen, and to know that Cohen robbed him blind is unconscionable.  But Cohen is teflon.  Law enforcement and the District Lunatic love him.  So it’s Merry Christmas to the Denver FBI time from the Sopranos.  RT 202  This DA, like Bhandhari, is powerful in his own mind.  Let Mahakala know that Steve Cooley is powerful in his own mind and has minions like Marko who like to threaten innocent women.  RT 203

NOTE:  Steve Cooley’s investigator, Marko, advised me to tell the Denver FBI ”Merry Christmas.”  A colleague of mine noted that this is what the Sopranos sound like right before they riddle a car with bullets.

Bhandari:  Why Did the Sikkim State Government Assist the Rumtek Take-over?

We believe that Situ and Gyaltsab Rinpoches secured the assistance of Chief Minister Bhandari's government by making two large contributions to his party totaling $2.5 million.

We believe that an initial payment of $1 million was made to Bhandari before his police went into Rumtek. While we lack direct evidence, the indirect evidence for a large advance payment seems very strong. The Indian Constitution established India as a secular state and prohibits government officials from interfering in religious affairs. So, we have to wonder, why would Bhandari violate the Constitution and assist Situ Rinpoche's group in seizing Rumtek? We can come up with no other explanation than that Situ Rinpoche bribed Bhandari to do this.

However, we do have direct evidence that another payment was made by Situ Rinpoche's group to Chief Minister Bhandari after Rumtek was seized by Situ Rinpoche's group in 1993. This payment was delivered by the Taiwanese millionaire Chen Lu An, a follower of Situ Rinpoche. The payment was for $1.5 million. This donation has been documented by newspapers and government investigators in both Gangtok and New Delhi . The ensuing scandal led to investigations by the New Delhi government against Bhandari that helped bring about Bhandari's ouster in 1995.

How Could a Whole State Government Be Bought?

It is an understatement, as Terhune says, to call Chief Minister Bhandari “a controversial figure.” History shows that the Sikkim government during the Bhandari years, from 1979-1995, was perhaps the most corrupt in India . Through a combination of payoffs and intimidation, the chief minister ran Sikkim as his own private fiefdom.

Throughout Sikkim , stories of those bold enough to risk Bhandari's wrath during this period abound. First, there was the opposition leader, Madan Tamang, who dared to circulate pamphlets accusing Bhandari of corruption and womanizing. In response, Mandan was arrested and died in custody. His body was later found in bushes alongside the Rongpo River . Shortly after this, a reporter in Siliguri, RK Baid, published a story detailing some recent examples of corruption in Bhandari's administration. After this, Bhandari sent undercover police into the neighboring state of West Bengal —outside of their legal jurisdiction—to kidnap Baid and bring him to Gangtok. There he was held in prison and tortured. Afterwards, he was offered an amount of money said to be as high as five million rupees to sign a statement denying that he was kidnapped or mistreated. This reporter later opened a hotel in Siliguri using this hush money.