Friday, April 19, 2013

Leonard Cohen Has Aligned Himself With A Man Who Is Impersonating A Dog Demeaning My Teacher, The 14th Sharmapa - The 14th Sheepdog (Gianelli - Who Continues To Target Me) Should Give One A Good Idea Of Leonard Cohen's Alleged Religious Beliefs

 Mandala Offering to the 14th Sharmapa

From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: Your 3,347 call to an FBI office
To: Kelley Lynch <>

The only reason anyone would be following your appeal is that you have taken such great pains to insure that the maximum number of people do so, going so far as to publish every attorney-client communication with your court appointed counsel as searchable blog content on the world wide web. then when the three or four people who are still following your saga acknowledge your existence you howl like a banshee that you are being "targeted" - which is nonsense.
 NOTE:  Gianelli appears to be advising me that because I am publicly proclaiming my innocence, engaged in the legal appeal process, and oral arguments are upcoming (May 9th) that he - and others - have a right to criminally harass me, slander me, target me and my family, retaliate against me, etc.  Leonard Cohen's concealment of evidence - including corporate books and records (evidence of theft, etc. and his refusal to pay me, etc.) are most definitely at issue.    I most certainly have NOT published every attorney-client communication with my attorney on this blog.  I've posted what I feel is appropriate to post publicly.  One thing that I have posted is my attorney's advice:  forward all communications from Stephen Gianelli to the FBI and his view (understanding the evidence) that my trial is nothing other than an IRS matter that demands an investigation and relates to Phil Spector's trial.  We absolutely intend to address the prosecutorial misconduct, concealment of impeachment evidence from the jurors, etc.  I suppose that's why Jihad Gianelli is so actively writing me as the 14th Sheepdog and attempting to demean my teacher and friend, the 14th Sharmapa.  Interesting that Cohen, a Buddhist the entire time I knew, would align himself with such a vulgar, mentally unstable, deranged individual.  But that is pure Cohen and I see right through Leonard Cohen who felt comfortable taking the witness stand and lying about me, the IRS, Phil Spector, and others.  I am sitting here with an email to the prosecutor in my trial that impeaches his testimony about Phil Spector.  I wonder why she would conceal this from jurors?  But then again, this is a woman who was also willing to lie to LAPD.  

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the Washington FBI,
The individual who needs to be monitored is the man criminally harassing me - Stephen Gianelli.  It is over the appeal, writ, oral arguments,and appears to relate to Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, and Sandra Jo Streeter of the City Attorney's office.  Obviously, this situation demands an investigation.  No one at the FBI blew me off last Friday. 
This man is dangerously unstable.  I think Investigator Frayeh/DA's office was correct - he may have found a sympathetic ear with Phil Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.  That's probably why Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson are monitoring things.  They probably are monitoring the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and Dennis Riordan.  Well, it's now been proven that Leonard Cohen lies about Phil Spector and it was addressed in the Opening Brief in my appeal. Streeter concealed impeachment evidence.  Streeter has a pattern of discovery violations that are designed to conceal a plan to present fabricated evidence.  She is entirely transparent and it was obviously used as a tactical advantage.  I will speak to Francisco Suarez.  I want him to understand that I continue to be targeted by Gianelli over the appeal and this should be addressed with the appellate division since we tried to abandon the appeal over prosecutorial misconduct, retaliation, etc. and Gianelli copied Streeter in on many emails criminally harassing me.  I left Carmen Trutanich a voice mail advising him that I do NOT want to see Streeter's email address in emails criminally harassing me and members of my family.  It was and remains an outrage. 

I guess LA Confidential didn't like the investigator's article about them.  Take a look at it again.  The investigation is supported by the National Coalition of Men and called "Restraining Order Terrorism"which is what Leonard Cohen has engaged in due to his tax fraud.  It's interesting that Kory thinks his letters to Agent Tejeda/IRS in response to Agent Sopko's email to me advising me to report Cohen's tax fraud to Agent Tejeda aren't transparent.  They are.  So is the willful concealment of corporate books and records and Leonard Cohen's position that he is the alter ego of these corporate entities who engaged in self-dealing.  Here's the link:
Gianelli has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist.

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