Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Man Criminally Harassing Me & Impersonating A Dog Has Information That LAPD's Threat Management Unit Is Monitoring Me? If They Are, They Should Understand Leonard Cohen's Operative - Stephen Gianelli

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Date: Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 10:29 AM
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To the FBI,

The criminal harassment on the part of Stephen Gianelli - impersonating a dog - continues.  Threat Management Unit is monitoring my blog.  Well, if they are, they should Streeter for obstruction of justice, Cohen for whatever it is when you lie to law enforcement and set up an innocent woman, etc.  I know - Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson were annoyed that I know Leonard Cohen lies about Phil Spector.  Leonard Cohen himself took the stand and proved this.  Streeter continues to conceal impeachment evidence - and concealed it from the jurors - that she is in possession of an email from Cohen that contains a different version of the Phil Spector gun story than he testified about.  I don't live anywhere near LA Confidential but think there should be an investigation by the IRS and FBI into what has gone on and continues to go on - including with my appeal given the fact that the City Attorney and LA Superior Court think they have jurisdiction over federal tax matters.  I just spoke to TMU last Friday.  The were completely professional.  I  wonder where he's getting his information from?  Alan Jackson?  Well, I think Phil Spector's are dealing with Alan Jackson and the absolutely insanity with Phil Spector.  I guess that's why Streeter engaged in illegal discovery with respect to Phil Spector, Dennis Riordan, etc. 

I spoke to the FBI in Oakland on Friday.  This man is dangerously unstable.  He is amused with his games, doesn't care if lies to the IRS and FBI, transmits fraud  the IRS, etc.  He is a stark raving lunatic with motive.  That's my obvious opinion.

He has been advised to cease and desist relentlessly.  The man has been criminally harassing me since hearing from Cohen's lawyers in 2009.

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 9:07 AM, The-14th Sheepdog <> wrote:
PS: The only official entity we are aware of that is monitoring your blog is the Threat Assessment and Management Unit. It has nothing to do with "free speech" or your ideas about "corruption" in Los Angeles, but rather your threatening and voluminous communications addressed to public officials for many years coupled with the obvious fact that you are clearly an emotionally disturbed individual.
And no, ten more 400 word emails to the IRS and the FBI insisting that we are the disturbed one will not alter those facts - obvious to the small part of society who is still paying attention. (We would imagine that a person as crazy as you clearly are might view the rest of the world as "insane", but that is not our problem, is it?)
Clearly, you are relishing what attention you are still receiving at this point. However, you are living proof that there is such a thing as "bad publicity".
--The Dogster