Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steve Cooley & Alan Jackson Are Having Me Monitored? It Must Have Something To Do With My Appeal In The Intent To Annoy Leonard Cohen Stalinesque Show Trial Which Was Really An Attempt To Sabotage The IRS

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: Your delusions
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Eminem should be carefully using the word "burn" in his song.  Someone like Steve Cooley or Alan Jackson might be interested in targeting him.  Anyway, I Love The Way You Lie is one of my favorite songs.    550 million hits on You Tube so I'm in good company.  Eminem curses on his songs.  So does Dr. Dre.  Cohen wanted me and Lindsey to put a rap tribute album together for him.  He wanted Dre and Eminem on that album so clearly expletives don't offend the man who feels comfortable with perjury, theft, fraud, and exposing himself to his female manager.  I think Dre understands that I was Cohen's personal manager.  So does Mike Lynne/Aftermath Records.  Al Cafaro knows it also.  Leonard Cohen just lies as easily as he breaths.  See the three versions of the Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.
A man impersonating a dog continues to criminally harass me.  It has  do with my appeal and now he's raising Cooley and Jackson as issues.  Everyone in Hollywood should understand what's going on here.  I know certain journalists do.  I've spoken with them. 
All the best,

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 6:50 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Mr. Riordan,

You probably want to take a look at this.  Gianelli/The Dog is criminally harassing over my appeal and it seems to involve matters re. Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson.  I have lawyers helping me out.  One is a criminal litigator.

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 6:49 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
CEASE AND DESIST GIANELLI.  I'm not interested in Alan Jackson and Steve Cooley.  Phil Spector and his legal team are - as are certain members of the newsmedia.  They dragged me into the Phil Spector matter and Cohen does lie about Phil Spector.  That has been addressed in the appeal and will be addressed in other documents and oral arguments.

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 6:47 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello FBI,

I guess is affiliated with Steve Cooloey and Alan Jackson (also Streeter, Cohen, Kory, Rice, etc.).  In other words, LA Confidential.  I don't know that I wrote this but I would to review the document.  I know Captain Horvath LIED to the court about me.  I didn't contact the DA's office in 2007.  Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by my house unannounced in 2005 about Phil Spector.  Also, I filed my complaint re. Cohen's theft, etc. with their Major Fraud Unit in 2006.  Their decision not to prosecute him is at issue here.  Alan Jackson will go to hell for setting Phil Spector up.  I like Eminem's song - I love the way you lie.  It reminds me of Alan Jackson.  Take a listen - over 550 million people like this song.  I'm in good company.  Also, I can engage in a parody - see Larry Flynt.  See the government.  Then see your FBI Director Bob Mueller and ask him this question - do you believe Michael Ingrassia is the FBI Director?  Because evidently Steve Cooley and Captain Jack Horvath do.  Either that, or their bald face liars with motive.  Let me quote Cooley'[s investigator - Tell the Denver FBI Merry Chrismas.  Most people think that means Fuck You.  I think it means what my colleague suggested - it sounds like the Sopranos before they riddle a car with bullets.  In other words, ORGANIZED CRIME. 
This has everything to do with corruption in LA.  Fortunately, an investigator with a national men's organization is going to the LA Grand Jury about the corrruption in LA re. the City Attorney, their celebrity justice system, corrupt law firms, the targeting of innocent people over celebrities, judges that engage in it, etc.  It's huge.  The National Enquirer got it.  They also got this - no one's interested in Leonard Cohen other than his three versions of the Phil Spector gun story that will be addressed in my appeal.  Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson are desperate cowardly thugs and engaged in a legal conspiracy to target me and sabotage the IRS with the City Attorney, Leonard Cohen, and his lawyers.  It was so blatant I thought they might confess.
You are now in receipt of a rough draft of the Writ, as is Francisco.  It will not be posted on my Blog.  Francisco is filing it.  The retalatioon and criminal harassment over my appeal continues.  It's interesting to see Alan Jackson and Steve Cooley's names show up.  I've also sent Dennis Riordan the draft Writ.  It's also been sent to the IRS, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and others.  My roommate's brother, who is a criminal attorney in federal court (and has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court) is helping also. 
All the best,
P.S.  There's no threat in SHOULD.  It's a figure of speech.  That's why I sent the FBI an example of how these lunatics lie about threats - that includes Streeter who lied to LAPD's Threat Management Unit in retaliation for my complaints about her to the City Attorney's office and, of course, my appeal, and the public discussion of her lies and misconduct.  That obviously demands an IRS and FBI investigation since she was arguing federal tax matters and she's not the IRS Commissioner and not in federal Tax Court. 

Gianelli has been advised to CEASE AND DESIST endlessly.  I will call the FBI in Oakland again tomorrow and mention that he is now writing me about Cooley and Jackson. 

You wrote that Steve Cooley "should be shot" and also that you would "watch Alan Jackson burn in hell" and that you would "love to watch you burn".

There's no threat here.  These lunatics - who targeted me with Leonard Cohen and are all over my intent to annoy trial - cannot stop lying.  

These are threats plain and simple and your denials are of no moment. THAT is why they are keeping an eye on you.

I've been very clear with the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and Dennis Riordan - this matter and my trial demand an investigation.  Someone should keep an eye on LA Confidential.  They appear to be out of control.  

It has nothing to do with your presposterous observations about alleged "corruption". THAT is a part of your delusional belief system.

These aren't just my allegations.  An investigator for a national men's organization is taking his investigation to the Grand Jury of Los Angeles.  The article's posted on my Blog.