Friday, April 19, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Lies, Fraud, Perjury, & Concealment - Will Be Addressed In My Writ Of Habeas Corpus Even If The 14th Sheepdog Continues To Criminally Harass Me

NOTE:  I also contacted Congressman Waxman re. the SWAT incident and spoke directly to City Councilwoman Yvonne Burke - my former landlord - about the SWAT incident, 911 call, Killer King situation, and Leonard Cohen. 
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 7:10 PM
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To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,
Here is an excerpt from the March 23rd bail hearing.  That hearing is replete with lies on the part of both Leonard Cohen and prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.  Streeter lied about an incident I documented in 2005 for Congressman Waxman - who then forwarded me the email she had from Washington  in 2008.  This lie involved Jonathan Maihart who I have not seen since 2005.  Streeter told this judge and the trial judge this insane story.  My public defender said it made her look insane.  That's a direct quote.  She said this incident occurred in 2007 or 2009.  The incident is repeated in LAPD's report.  She advised the court that Jonathan Maihart was a Latino gang member.  He's Persian.  He was a messenger.  He stopped by DiMascio & Berardo's that day and Mike Taitelman's.  These are both law firms and they had no problem with Jonathan Maihart.  Kory did.  He thought it was son.  Apologized to Jonathan Maihart.  Threatened me with a restraining.  Why?  Because Jonathan Maihart stopped by and asked if they had a copy of a letter they sent me.  I think the IRS should deal with this matter and speak directly to Congressman Waxman.  The great news - it evidently makes Streeter look insane which she is from what I can tell.

At this hearing, Cohen testified that I only stole his peace of mind.  He advised MacLean's that he wasn't accusing me of theft.  That article appeared in August 2005 and was coordinated with his retaliatory lawsuit. 

He also notes, as I testified when Streeter questioned me about the assets of Traditional Holdings, that Greenberg was the trusted guardian of those assets.  Why is the City Attorney all over a federal tax matter and questioning me about federal tax issues and lying - advising the jurors that I have the 1099 for 2004; that I am using this as a ruse; that I talk a lot about tax fraud but Streeter tells me that the IRS is coming after me; and then there's her lies about the K-1s.  They are illegal and every time I write about them I note that for the most part and never once I said I requested a K-1.  This situation demands an investigation.  Gianelli is clearly affiliated with certain parties.  Why else would the man relentlessly target me and write me about tax matters that don't involve him - as a dog?

I will speak to Francisco about this testimony and how to address it in my Writ.

All the best,

23 March 2012
Bail Hearing
Samuel Mayerson, judge

First and last name.
Leonard Cohen.

Do you know an individual by the name of Kelley Lynch.
LC:  I do.

Has she stolen anything?

LC:  Just my peace of mind.
Excerpt from MacLean's article - based on interviews with Leonard Cohen:

"I'm not accusing her of theft," he says of Lynch.

"Face up to it, Neal," the email continues, "and square your shoulders: You were the trusted guardian of my assets, and you let them slip away . . . Restore what you lost, and sleep well."