Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leonard Cohen & The City Attorney (Who Someone Just Noted Are Taxpayer Rapists After Reading My Blog) Are Now Using Taxpayer Dollars To Further Cohen's Lies, Fraud, Perjury, & Concealment - In An Attempt To Defraud The U.S. Taxpayers. Startling.

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The 14th Sheepdog has weighed in.  I've addressed all of this ad nauseum and the criminal harassment continues.  Leonard Cohen decided to work is what actually happened.  He planned to tour behind "Dear Heather."   I see Leonard Cohen's revenge theories are rock solid now.  The man once told me that I am the only person he didn't feel revenge towards while meditating.  Of course, the IRS has the corporate books, records, stock certificates, notarized documents, memoranda, my indemnity agreement, and an abundance of evidence that CID (who Dale Burgess felt should be involved here and he worked for the IRS) need to prosecute Leonard Cohen to the fullest extent of the law.  I wasn't fired.  Leonard Cohen heard I was going to the IRS.  That's why he and his lawyers received a letter from mine advising Westin that he was the architect of these entities and to arrange a meeting for them to explain these entities, etc.  In any event, the issue here - Stephen Gianelli's ongoing criminal harassment.  The retaliation and ongoing harassment is clearly over my appeal, writ, and the upcoming oral arguments.  Fortunately, my lawyer sees through this entire situation and views Cohen as a snake.  The PD notes re. Cohen, Kory, and Rice are fascinating - criminal implications,conspiracy on their part, extortion attempts, and restraining order terrorism, etc.  The City Attorney argued a federal tax fraud case.  The woman is transparent as the day is long and so are her lies, rotten tactics, aggressive nature, and vile and vulgar outfits - prancing around, baby talking the judge, gushing over Cohen, skipping out of the courtroom to tell Cohen the LA Times will take one photograph, etc.  A sycophant on the Taxpayer's Welfare System.  I'm reviewing the part of my Writ that addresses Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson.  Streetr's line of questioning (particularly after the weekend) is truly enlightening.  I suppose my PD was correct - not only does the prosecutor want to sabotage the IRS but the DA doesn't want the Phil Spector verdict overturned - that's why his investigator is in the courtroom listening to Cohen testify about Phil Spector. 
Leonard Cohen stole from me, Machat & Machat, Phil Spector, and possibly others.  He has a pattern of falsely accusing people which is why Steven Machat spoke to me and my PD about his false accusations re. his first managers.  Steven Machat also knows this - Cohen uses corporate entities to evade taxes.  And we both know this - he is a fraud who uses religion as a cover.  His greed is inconceivable.  That's why he withheld Marty Machat and my commissions at the end of the day.  And, that's why he engages in tax fraud and tax evasion.  His sense of entitlement is monumental..  It is shocking that a Canadian would move to this country, defraud the U.S. government, perjure himself in every court of law, and then use me and Phil Spector to avoid the consequences of his wrong-doing.  In any event, Cohen is clearly underestimating Phil Spector.  He just thinks it is acceptable to lie about him, use him to advance his career, and then help Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson who elected not to prosecute him.  It definitely looks like a quid pro quo and demands an investigation, obviously. 

All the best,

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Date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 3:46 PM
To: Kelley Lynch <>

"Latest round of insanity"?
How pathetic.  
The world seen through your complex delusional structure must seem like an "insane" place indeed!
But it is YOU that is crazy, my dear.
You mind created all of this elaborate nonsense because you could not cope with the reality of stealing the last of Cohen's money you had access to, getting caught, fired, then sued, then foreclosed, then disgraced and homeless.
Tell it to Phil Spector and Criminal Intelligence/IRS, etc.  Leonard Cohen heard I was going to the IRS, became hysterical and frantic, conjured up a fictional narrative, concealed corporate books and evidence, offered me 50% community property, and tried to blame  his wrongdoing on me.  Boies Schiller saw right through him and reviewed three huge boxes of evidence.  Their conclusion - another Hollywood fraud and did note that Cohen and Kory were attempting to engage me in criminal conduct and were careful to explain that recording them would not be a legal set up.  I also recorded it all for Boies Schiller - including after meeting with Robert Kory with Ray present. 
You think Cohen's success flowed from you?
Is this what Leonard Cohen is thinking about?  Irving Layton was correct - the man is a narcissist.  
Think what happened as soon as Cohen got rid of the anchor called Kelley Lynch -- he shot to the top, you sank to the bottom, where you have remained ever since!
I think His Holiness Kusum Lingpa's position on Cohen is the definitive one - Leonard Cohen is an asshole who is going to hell.  Of course, the prosecutor and Cohen attempted to assign those words to me.  Perhaps Leonard Cohen is also proud of his actions with respect to me.  It's one hell of an accomplishment for someone right out of the hell realms.  He can argue his case with my lawyer.  Well, actually the taxpayers of Los Angeles/Califoirnia are footing the bill for Cohen's latest round of fraud, perjury, concealment, and lies.  As someone just wrote me - taxpayer rapists. 
Enjoy your little substandard rented room in your creepy substandard Concord apartment, Kelley. And know this: It is YOU that is "insane".

Really?  A substandard Concord apartment?  I see my criminal harasser also engages in stalking.  Stephen Gianelli, who may be affiliated with Alan Jackson and others, is criminally insane and I am now forwarding - per my lawyer's instructions - all of Gianelli's emails harassing me to the FBI.  Of course, Gianelli also relentlessly attempted to communicate with my appellate lawyer and failed.  We see right through him.