Friday, April 19, 2013

The 14th Sheepdog Continues To Criminally Harass Me - He Is NOT A Spokesperson For The IRS & FBI But Is Aligned WIth Leonard Cohen

NOTE:  When I spoke to Berkeley PD on Friday (after my conversation with the FBI in Oakland), the officer who arrested me - over a California restraining order that I was NOT served or notified of - told me to have the FBI call him. 

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: Your delusions
To: The-14th Sheepdog <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, STEPHEN GIANELLI <>

To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,
A man aligned with Leonard Cohen, who has relentlessly targeted me since 2009 and is obsessed with Cohen's tax fraud and my appeal, continues to criminally harass me and is emailing me as the 14th Sheepdog, demeaning my teacher the 14th Sharmapa.  Who is this lunatic to write me that the IRS and FBI are not reading my emails and that this is part of my delusional structure.  I spoke to the FBI on Friday about this man and the conversation - apart from Gianelli's conduct that was discussed - did not feel delusional.  Leonard Cohen's targeting of me since 2004 - when he heard I was reporting his tax fraud to the IRS - is an IRS matter.  I'm sitting here with the IRS binder that Kory handed the prosecutor on April 9th - insisting upon testifying (according to my lawyers notes) and Kory himself is clear - Agent Sopko's email to me, after I met with the Treasury agents - was a game changer and they were taking it seriously.  Robert Kory has used his correspondence to the IRS to retaliate against me.  I think that's entirely clear.  Leonard Cohen's tax refund has been challenged.  It was fraudulently obtained and he has concealed the corporate books and records and other evidence that my appellate attorney and I are now reviewing.  Let me quote my attorney - your trial is an IRS matter that demands an investigation.  My public defender advised me that he felt the prosecutor attempted to sabotage the IRS.  That was very clear to me.  Her obsession with federal tax matters and lies that the IRS was pursuing me were and remain UNCONSCIONABLE and demand an investigation since that's a bald faced lie.  I view her questions as illegal discovery re. the IRS.  Who is this woman to question me about federal tax matters, advise jurors that I have the 1099, distort the evidence re. the illegal K-1s, and attempt to prove i was served Cohen's default judgment?  The ongoing retaliation over my appeal is criminal.  That is my position.  The fact that Streeter permitted to Gianelli to copy her in on so many emails criminally harassing me and my sister is an outrage and the IRS should investigate. 
In any event, see your spokesperson - a man impersonating a dog who has relentlessly targeted me since 2009.  Is it illegal to make false representations about the IRS and FBI?  I believe it is.  Gianelli does not mind lying to the IRS or FBI.  He does not mind transmitting fraudulent information about me to the IRS.  And he feels comfortable emailing me that the IRS and FBI aren't reading my emails.  That's not what Agent Sopko and I have discussed about the IRS Commissioner's Staff reading my emails. 
Leonard Cohen thinks he can steal from me, engage in a conspiracy with other parties re. me, perjure himself in court, conceal corporate books and records, withhold my commissions, obtain a fraudulent refund, issue me illegal K-1s, fraudulently alter my federal tax returns re. his default judgment that is perjured, relentlessly target me children and family, etc. and get away with it?  No.  The IRS should prosecute  this man to the fullest extent of the law.  His lawyers should also be prosecuted.  My attorney notes address the fact that Kory targeted me because he could be criminally implicated.  That's obvious.  Let me quote Ed Dean now - if the IRS Commissioner thinks there's fraud and not negligence he should or will come in after the advisers as well.  That's true understatement at this moment in time.  Leonard Cohen thinks he can hide behind his powerful, wealth, carefully crafted garbage statements, and operatives while lying about the IRS, me, Phil Spector, etc - knowing his lawyers met with Agent Tejeda/IRS and the IRS is copied in on my emails?  That tells you all you need to know about Leonard Cohen who lies as easily as he breaths.  See the transcript of my trial.  Every word is a lie.  The man's own conduct annoys him.  He has self-inflicted revenge fantasies.  He cannot stop lying.  And, he violated the restraining order when he wrote me that he sees Rutger copied in on an email whose subject line was was about federal taxes.  What would compel this man - -and the rotten prosecutor - to take the stand and testify about  my son's horrendous accident and lie?  He's a maniac, that's what.  An alter ego of these corporate entities and an ego maniac who engaged in self-dealing and whose greed has caught up with me.  People think he actually concealed the corporate books and records simply because he doesn't want to pay me what he owes me.  And, he clearly benefited from his tax fraud - see the unconscionable refund (he couldn't even wait to obtain his perjured default judgment) and theft from me. 
Gianelli a/k/a The 14th Sheepdog has relentlessly been advised to CEASE AND DESIST and I did indeed phone Trutanich to advise him that I do NOT want to see prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter copied in on emails criminally harassing me and my sister and that demands an IRS and FBI investigation.  These people are insane.  They continue to lie in their Respondent's Brief.  The IRS and federal tax matters are also all over that document.  What jurisdiction does the City Attorney of Los Angeles have to argue federal tax matters?  What jurisdiction did Vanderet have to hear a federal tax matter?  I would like a formal IRS opinion on that matter.  The trranscript is insane.  Vanderet didn't want to hold up the trial for Agent Tejeda?  Bullshit. 

All the best,

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:53 AM, The-14th Sheepdog <> wrote:

Let me reiterate: Your belief that the IRS or the FBI is reading ANY of your emails at this point is completely false and is a part of your delusional structure. This is not "an IRS matter" nor an "FBI matter" and NO ONE EXCEPT YOU thinks so.