Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Self Inflicted Revenge Fantasies & Fictional Narratives, Operatives, Slander Tactics, Etc.

I wonder if Mick Brown/UK Telegraph can contact the Rolling Stones or Mick Jagger about this good rock and roll story of Cohen's?  I just wrote and asked him.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: Ann Diamond
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To the FBI,

My criminal stalker and harasser will go to my Blog, gather information from some source, and then continue to harass me.  When you read this latest round of insanity, keep in mind that the 14th Sheepdog a/k/a Stephen Gianelli does NOT know Ann Diamond.  Ann Diamond, during the entire 20 years I knew Leonard Cohen, never stalked him; was in Los Angeles studying with Sasaki Roshi; never called him; never bothered him but was demonized after she ran into Freda Guttman.  Cohen accused her of stalking Mick Jagger - to me and others.  Maybe Mick Jagger would like to speak for himself since Leonard Cohen doesn't know him.  Phil Spector does though.
Leonard Cohen was with Ann Diamond on Hydra.  This is a man who has a well documented long history of psychiatric ailments.  He talks about violent thoughts or emotions.  He had to lock himself in his house at one point due to agoraphobia, homicidal thoughts, and whatever he was plunging on at the time.  I brought it to Marty Machat.  So what?  Many people hung out at Bill's Bar in Hydra waiting to run into Cohen including all the fans that post on the Leonard Cohen files.  She was chasing down Cohen gossip?  Well, Cohen was gossiping about her because he's a gossip.  This sounds like a pure Leonard Cohen line of thought and Gianelli doesn't her so where did he get the information?  I can just see Leonard Cohen sitting around monitoring the internet, coming up with excuses, furious that people see right through him, contemplating revenge fantasies, calling Robert Kory and Michelle Rice, plotting additional lies, etc.  I know.  I knew the man for 20 years.  It is interesting, don't  you think, that a young friend of mine (and I sent you this email) wrote me that the video footage of the tribute album EPK was pulled from a Cohen fan site.  That's how he operates.  I can tell you one person that doesn't want to run into this madman - me. 

Ann Diamond lived in the neighborhood where Parc du Portugal is.  Cohen doesn't own that neighborhood park.  Many people sit in parks but Leonard Cohen is an ego maniac (and alter ego of the corporate entities he is concealing the evidence of - God knows what his excuse will be ... he's illterate maybe?).  Leonard Cohen is the center of the universe - in his own mind.  Gazing up at him?  Maybe Anjani Thomas gazed at him - immediately after returning from shock therapy, per her, over his cruel treatment.  I know. 
She took the post - about Freda Guttman advising her that her daughter or child repeated that Lorca Cohen told her classmates at Concordia that her father molested her - down after I had my brother-in-law contact her to advise her that it might upset Lorca Cohen.  But Lorca Cohen has lied about me.  No informant went into her store and told her that her father can't retire.  Betsy Superfon conveyed some information to me.  By the way, she thinks the type of deal Kory couldn't fax me was an illegal deal.  I agree wholeheartedly.  If you're not a die hard Leonard Cohen fan and even criticize hm, you are a stalker.   He cannot come up with anything better.  

I wonder what the encounter as a teen was about?  I heard one about Steven Machat's sister that he and I discussed recently.  I'm sure he spoke to his sister who I also know quite well.  Cohen was into hypnosis.  This is huge in Sylvie Simmons book.  Didn't he hypnotize his maid or something?  What a lunatic. 

Here we go with the Rolling Stones.  Now it is embellished.  They didn't take out a restraining order.  She wasn't obsessed with the group.  Not from what I heard.  Mick Jagger should address this himself.  Maybe Phil Spector's lawyers can speak to Mick Jagger or Keith Richards about this.  Keith Richards knows Phillip quite well.  Maybe the FBI could speak to them since Cohen's operatyive  - Gianelli - is passing along Leonard Cohen stories while arguing his tax fraud case and defending Alan Jackson, Steve Cooley, and Sandra Jo Streeter.  The person that wrote me today and said this is taxpayer rape couldn''t have put it more astutely.  The taxpayers are paying for Cohen's tax fraud so that the City Attorney can cover for a fraud thief celebrity and help Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson.  People understand this. 

Steven Machat owns footage from the 1972 Israel concert - Cohen's on acid.  He had to leave the stage.  Marty couldn't believe it.  Leonard Cohen thinks he can say anything about someone that took LSD?  What a lunatic.  The man's nickname was Captain Mandraxx.  He spoke to Simmons about his dabbling in prescription speed and meth but when the wanna be lawyer (think IMPLIED THREAT re. the Dallas FBI investigation into meth labs, meth cooks, a murder, the Aryan Nation, and the Cartel) took the stand - it was an attempt to ASSAIL HIS REPUTATION.  Someone on this You Tube comment section calls him pretentious.  That's what he is - pretentious.  Also, utterly aggressive.  A liar.  Greedy.  A thief.  He just doesn't like it, ok?  He doesn't like it when people see right through him.  See Phil Spector. 
Cohen's MO - slander, gossip, lies, innuendo, deceit, operatives, obsession, anger, revenge, hostility, and inconceivably deranged thinking.  This man is here due to the good graces of the U.S. government.  What's he doing?  LYING in court about me.  Now, Leonard Cohen thinks CID is stupid.  I don't.  What does Cohen think Agent Tejeda was going to testify about?  Gianelli already lied publicly and said I never subpoenaed him.  Just a bald faced liar with motive.  My lawyer is well aware of this.  And, I am doing what he said - forwarding every email he sends me to the FBI.  Just study Leonard Cohen's excuses.  They are pathetic.  His testimony was pathetic.  He couldn't withstand cross-examination and my lawyers were lightweights.  He cons people.  He is a CON ARTIST.  And he knew - Streeter was sycophant.  It was the perfect storm.  Right down to the DA's lunatic investigator.  If the FBI doesn't understand he was there because of Phil Spector then I definitely have some swamp land you might interested in.  These people think everyone is stupid. 

Gianelli has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist.  Do you think he gets on the phone with Kory or Rice to get their stories straight?

All the best,

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 6:59 PM, The-14th Sheepdog <> wrote:
Ann Diamond may not have regarded her behavior as "stalking", but she has candidly admitted in her writings to behavior that many would reasonably characterize as such.

No, I guess not.  I think Cohen had to pretend she was stalking him after Freda Guttman's comments.  
For example, she admits spending an entire season on Hydra alone in a windowless room with a hot plate and spending hours at a time standing in front of Cohen's villa hoping to run into him - all the while chasing down every bit of Cohen gossip she could from the local merchants.
She also wrote about spending hours sitting on a park bench in front of Cohen's Canadian apartment gazing up to his floor hoping to get a glimpse of him.
In fact she took the later post down from her blog when several commenters likened the behavior to that of an obsessed stalker.
She has also written about an alleged encounter with Cohen when she was a teen that certainly sounds more like love sick obsession and imagination than reality, including catching Cohen's eye at a stoplight as he was driving by (supposedly) along with some heavy telepathic communication leading to an alleged sexual encounter.
This is a former groupie who the Rolling Stones once obtained a restraining order against she was so obsessed with the group.
And it should be born in mind that she believes that she was kidnapped by the CIA as a child, given LSD and sexually abused by scientists.