Friday, April 19, 2013

Leonard Cohen - While Targeting Me - Introduces DA Steve Cooley Into The Record - The Prosecutor Continues To Conceal The Email She Recevied From Leonard Cohen Impeaching His Trial Testimony About Phil Spector & A Gun

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Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 7:24 PM
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Mr. Riordan,

Leonard Cohen also testified at the March 23rd bail hearing that I threatened Steve Cooley.  The judge confirmed who was in the courtroom and that's when it was revealed that DA Cooley''s investigator was present.  Clearly, Phil Spector and his legal team should investigate this entire situation.  Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson absolutely targeted me with Leonard Cohen and prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.  It was utterly blatant and completely pathetic - particularly knowing that Streeter is in possession of an email with a different version of Cohen's Phil Spector gun story than what he testified to.  The DA"s investigator was sitting in the courtroom.  I would assume Streeter is still in possession of that email thread and should be deposed over it - by Phil Spector's legal team since she feels comfortable lying about me, retaliating against me, and thinks it is acceptable to have Gianelli criminally harass me while she (and on one email - Michelle Rice, Cohen's lawyer) is copied in - many times.  These people seem to think that Phil Spector is playing a game here and targeting me will accomplish something.  It cannot.  Leonard Cohen's testimony is on the record and the email thread exists.  The Public Defender's office also has it.  However, the manner in which the testimony about Phil Spector was elicited is a legal outrage. 

All the best,