Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stephen Gianelli - Aligned With Leonard Cohen, Defending Prosecutor Streeter & Alan Jackson, Criminally Harassing Me With The City Attorney Copied In - Is Focused On The IRS Binder Now

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE, by definition, is evidence discovered AFTER the trial is over
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Hello FBI,

I did have a relatively long discussion with the Oakland FBI last Friday about the ongoing criminal harassment with respect to me, people in my lives (including my family), and Stephen Gianelli.  He has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist and the fact that he copied prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter in on many emails criminally harassing me is shocking. 
Gianelli continues to write me about IRS matters which includes the IRS binder.  The binder was not known to the defense before the trial although Streeter evidently met with Kory two weeks prior to handing over the binder.  The evidence was newly discovered.  The information was concealed, from my perspective, and we acted in a timely manner.  Streeter handed the PD the binder on April 9th and we immediately issued a subpoena to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  Kory had to insist that he was a witness.  That is absurd.  Does he run the City Attorney's office.  Well, it does make one wonder about Hollywood celebrities, their lawyers, and the relationship with the City Attorney's office.  I guess they run them.  Why does this interest Gianelli?  He's not involved in the case.  Simply aligned with Leonard Cohen and may have found a sympathetic ear with Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson, per Investigator Frayeh who seemed to view him as a SHADY CHARACTER.  Perhaps the Duty Agent at the FBI I spoke with wants a shady character targeting him, his children, elderly parents, etc. but I do NOT.  It is an outrage and the man should be arrested. 
This man thinks he's talking to me?  There's no proof of service attached to he California order.  My lawyer's clear as are many many people in reality.  I wasn't served or notified and discussed this with LAPD's TMU the other day.  They asked about any letter or email notification.  None exists.  There was no evidentiary hearing and I didn't wave one.  The judge told me she would be distressed if she were me.  Meanwhile, Cohen's lawyers lied about Judge Enichen and Judge Babcock on the witness stand.  I guess the judges are used to it.  Enichen didn't hold Cohen liable for his perjury.  Neither did Vanderet.  And there was a confession in his courtroom.  Pathetic.
Gianelli needs to be arrested.  PERIOD.  The City Attorney, as the investigator in the article I forwarded you said, needs to be investigated. 
All the best,

NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE. That evidence which, after diligent search for it, was not discovered until after the trial of a cause.
There can be NO diligent search for Leonard Cohen's refund.  The IRS does NOT divulge other people's personal tax information.  
The “IRS” binder was known to the defense before or during the trial.
 The IRS binder was NOT known to the defense before trial but it was probably known by the prosecutor when she met with Kory two weeks before handing it to my lawyers on April 9, 2012.  
Therefore, by definition, it is not “new evidence”.
There's new evidence even if the judge wants to lie about it.  And it involves perjury on the part of prosecution witnesses, false statements by the prosecutor, lies about the IRS refund and an IRS holding, etc.  
Second, as far as a "proof of service" not being appended to the 2008 Colorado Order, there is something far better: A written acknowledgment of receipt, signed by you in open court at the hearing where the order was issued.
No proof of service was attached to the new California order which was wrongfully registered as a domestic violence order.  
Third, as far as your "right" to an evidentiary hearing, you asked the Court on the record to stop the hearing and to simply issue the permanent injunction, which was done - but only after the judge repeatedly admonished you on the record of the consequences of same, including that if you ever violated the order you could receive up to 18 months in jail. For each violation.
These people can't stop lying about Judge Enichen.  In any event, I didn't waive an evidentiary hearing and there wasn't one.