Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The IRS Binder, Kelley Lynch's Appeal, Writ Of Habeas Corpus, Oral Arguments - Re. Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, IRS, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 9:49 AM
Subject: Writ - Motion to Consolidate
To: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Dennis <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>

Thanks for explaining the Motion to Consolidate.  I am relieved that Vanderet won't be hearing the Writ.  I am happy oral arguments have been moved to May 9th.  The IRS binder, references to it in the transcript, etc. will all be addressed clearly in the Writ. 
Please do address the fees I am restrained by also.  I had ineffective assistance of counsel and was NOT in a domestic violence relationship.  This is insanity.  Just let the appellate court know that there are so many documents I wasn't served that it's all confusing and the prosecutor definitely intentionally tried to mislead the jurors by confusing them with service issues re. the 2008 Boulder order and the 2011 order I wasn't served.

As I said, Gianelli continues to harass me over the appeal and oral argument issues - including service issues, etc.  He is writing me as a dog and says he has a right to criminally harass me.  I will continue to send these emails to the FBI as we discussed. 
There is an email that Robert Kory sent to Agent Tejeda of the IRS.  It appears in the IRS binder.  It is extremely relevant and addresses many serious matters - including the deal Cohen/Kory wanted me to make that I felt was illegal, spoliation of evidence, etc.  See summary below. 
I will focus on the Writ today and address the lies, fraud, perjury, concealment in the Respondent's Brief later.  Thank you so much for your help with all of this.  I am delighted to hear that you've heard nothing from the City Attorney of Los Angeles who evidently thinks it is acceptable to lie about me, conceal evidence, retaliate against me during the appeal process (by lying to LAPD's TMU), and permit Gianelli to criminally harass me with prosecutor Streeter copied in on many, many emails.  I wonder what they will do for an encore?  Perhaps they'll hang themselves nude from a cross to prove that Streeter's a victim and not the liar I witnessed throughout my trial.  That's a figure of speech and NOT a terrorist threat.  They lie about being threatened also - and that includes with respect to my email to the FBI addressing the manner in which they lie about threats.  It's entirely transparent.
Have a great day. 

All the best,
P.S.  Per the email re. Cohen throwing me up against the wall,etc. - he seems to think sexual harassment is an intimate relationship.  It is very very perverted.  The same is true for the City Attorney - she thinks exposing one's penis to a female colleague is an attempt to annoy the man who is exposing his penis.  I have never seen anything like these people in my life and do keep in mind that the taxpayers are paying for their insanity and they run a Domestic VIolence Unit.  It SHOCKS the conscience.


Addressed throughout the document - beginning with page 2.  

Leonard Cohen and Neal Greenberg began lying about me to the news media.  An article was printed by a Colorado news outlet in conjunction with Greenberg’s lawsuit.  Cohen gave an interview to Brian Johnson/Maclean’s/Canada in the summer of 2005 (which ran in conjunction with his retaliatory lawsuit) that noted his massive tax hit, allegations against him, confirmed that he wasn’t accusing me of theft (reiterated this at the March 23rd bail hearing - Streeter continues to conceal that extremely material fact), etc.  I responded publicly to those outrageous allegations in emails to the news media, IRS, and many others.  These emails are what concerned Leonard Cohen.  He was concerned about my public emails and Robert Kory confirms this in his letter to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  In fact, Kory wrote (and these letters are in the IRS binder) that he and Cohen viewed those emails, and my allegations that he committed tax fraud (which I reported to the IRS, as a “nuisance.”  That changed, according to Kory’s letter, when they understood I received an email from Agent Sopko/Treasury (after our meeting in March 2007) advising me to report the tax fraud to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  I did and Kory then contacted him after becoming aware of that email which I made public.  Evidence that I made this public was attached to Kory’s letter to Agent Tejeda (contained in IRS binder).

NOTE:  Agent Bill Betzer (email address is copied in on the email documents Kory provided Agent Tejeda (also contained in the IRS binder.  It is Agent Betzer who advised me to report Cohen’s tax fraud to the IRS Fraud Unit.  This was documented in my public emails at that time and was raised in Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit against Cohen.  Mike Harrod of the State of Kentucky’s Revenue Cabinet is also copied in.  His email is michael,  I contacted him in 2005 about Traditional Holdings, LLC which is a Kentucky entity.  Please keep in mind that neither Traditional Holdings, LLC or Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. (a Delaware entity) are named as parties in Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit but suddenly show up in the default judgment.  I spoke with Mr. Harrod who ultimately advised me that he felt there was no business purpose for TH; could not understand why the entity was in Kentucky; and other matters.  Ultimately, I spoke with Robb Watts/Kentucky Fraud Unit about Leonard Cohen’s tax fraud.  He asked me to address the situation in writing (which I did at the time); told me he would speak to his Director about the matter; asked me to give him everything I gave the IRS - including my emails between Cohen, me, Cohen’s advisers (I confirmed that I gave the IRS Commissioner’s Staff my email passwords in 2005 and authorized them to review every single email.  Rocky Delgaldillo/City Attorney is copied in - as is Richard Cromelin/LA Times who contacted me regarding Cohen’s lawsuit.  Bert Deixler, Mike Taitelman, Zia Modabber, and Alan Friedman (lawyers who all represented me in 2005 re. Cohen), the SEC (I contacted them re. Cohen’s allegations that Greenberg committed securities fraud and the SEC has since charged Greenberg with fraud and settled), Moses Znaimer (media moguil/friend of mine in Canada), Betsy Superfon and Dale Burgess, Greenberg’s lawyers, Greg McBowman (Cohen’s royalty consultant on these deals and a lawyer/accountant who understood Cohen demanded these sales), other news outlets, Stuart Bondell (head of Business Affairs/Sony), Bert Fields (Greenberg, Glusker - who briefly represented Cohen), Arthur Indursky and Stuart Fried (transactional lawyers on the TH deal who wrote me to advise that Robert Kory was lying about me re. a particular issue I contacted them about that involved them), Dabid Boies/Boies Schiller (who represented Neal Greenberg at one point re. Cohen), Steve Lindsey (my younger son’s father), and many others are copied in on these emails.  That’s what disturbed Cohen.  These emails also address the fact that there is spoliation involved with evidence that I intended to provide the IRS Commissioner’s Staff in Washington.  That’s a very serious matter.  In fact, Boies Schiller advised me that it’s criminal.  The IRS Commissioner’s Staff and Agent Sopko are copied in.  The emails are dated March 9, 2007 - after I met with Agent Sopko and immediately after Rutger had lost his fingers in a meat grinder accident at Whole Foods.  My son Rutger wanted to see Agent Sopko’s email and he was copied in and that is addressed in this email as well.  Rutger and I had plans to meet with His Holiness Kusum Lingpa in Santa Monica at the time.  The Phil Spector Grand Jury is addressed.  I had been communicating with Mick Brown who advised me he saw the Grand Jury transcripts, etc.  He has confirmed all of this in writing during and after my trial and this was concealed - it is very clearly addressed in my public emails that Mick Brown advised me Cohen testified (his statements were presented evidently) before the Grand Jury.  I’ve addressed this ad nauseum.  

This email confirms - with Rutger - that he was asked to go in and sign over my house to Cohen/Kory after the SWAT incident.  Also, lies Erma Oppenhein/SMART/LAPD attached to the entirely falsified Killer King report as they related to Rutger.  Also, Rutger ran into Eli (a former employee of mine who Cohen was meeting with after we parted ways) who confirmed that Cohen was lying about their conversations.  I have since spoken with Eli who remains a friend of Rutger and mine.  Many serious issues are raised in this March 2007 email that Robert Kory sent to Agent Tejeda/IRS and it is contained in the IRS binder.  My Complaint to the Attorney General of California/email about DA Steve Cooley is addressed.  Streeter concealed this during the trial but mentioned that I fought with the DA re. my complaint to Major Fraud re. Leonard Cohen’s theft from me, tax fraud, etc.  Her line of questioning re. my emails to Cooley were positively deranged, surreal, abusive, and pathetic.  The fact that Cohen and Kory tried to silence and terrify me; the illegal deal Cohen and Kory wanted me to make; my intellectual property that was stolen, Lindsey’s perjured and fraudulent custody matter, the kidnapping of my younger son.  Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory are copied in on these emails.