Monday, October 27, 2014

Leonard Cohen Testimony At March 23, 2012 Hearing

Leonard Cohen Cross Examination:
Q:  Has she come to your house lately?
Cohen:  No, she hasn’t.
Q:  Has she come to your place of business lately?
Cohen:  What do you mean by “lately?”
Q:  Within the last year.
Cohen:  I believe she came to my attorney’s office, yes.
Q:  She came to your attorney’s office?
Cohen:  Yes.  I’m not sure of the time frame, within a year or two.
[Note:  I stopped by Kory's once, with my son, in 2005 so this is perjured testimony]
Q:  Is it – you told us that she used to be employed by you as a business [Personal] manager, correct?
Cohen:  Correct.
Q:  Was that the extent of your relationship?
Cohen:  Yes, sir.
Q:  Are you aware that Ms. Lynch is involved in some sort of a tax proceeding with the IRS?
Cohen:  I understand she failed to file, yes.
[NOTE:  I did not "fail" to file my returns but reported allegations re. Cohen's criminal tax fraud to IRS on April 15, 2005]
Q:  You, as her employer, you employed her for a number of years, correct?
Cohen:  Correct.
Q:  When was the last time you saw Ms. Lynch before today?
Cohen:  The last time was – I think it was 2004 or 2005.
Q:  Has she vandalized your property during that time?
Cohen:  No.
Q:  Or stolen anything ---
Cohen:  Just my peace of mind.