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Kelley Lynch September 2009 Letter To Phil Spector Prosecutor Alan Jackson

Kelley Lynch

September 17, 2009

Alan Jackson
District Attorney’s Office
County of Los Angeles
210 Temple Street
Suite 18000
Los Angeles, California 90012-3210

Re: Kelley Lynch vs. the District Attorney of Los Angeles, et al.

Alan Jackson:

I am in receipt of your email dated September 9, 2009 demanding that I remove you from my “recipients list.” My emails, as I have repeatedly stated, document the destruction of my life, the destruction of my children and parent’s lives, the targeting of my family, etc., due solely to the fact that I was told Leonard Norman Cohen committed criminal tax fraud and reported that to the IRS and others. I can assure you that everything that has occurred with Cohen is nothing other than an IRS matters and there is no need to “convert” them into anything other than what they are. I would not be in an adversarial situation with Cohen had I not reported his tax fraud and accepted 50% community property or whatever “bribes” I was being offered. I also refused to cave into extremely vicious coercive tactics – such as Ray Charles Lindsey’s custody matter. I am assuming that you are not a parent because I cannot imagine the type of person or people who would target a Mother and her children. I am absolutely convinced that Cohen’s tax fraud relates to the Phil Spector murder trial. Furthermore, I am absolutely convinced that I was taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector in an attempt to prevent me from testifying against Cohen in any IRS matter - whether it is currently privately “pending.” It is pending for me because I intend to litigate this situation and at the very heart of my lawsuit will be the fact that my life has been destroyed because I had the audacity to report his tax fraud and Cohen seemed to think Phil Spector and I would take the fall for him and his actions. He is sadly mistaken.

Not only do I believe Cohen committed tax fraud with respect to Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., LC Investments, LLC, Traditional Holdings, LLC, possibly Old Ideas, LLC, personally and in connection with other entities, I believe he may have a lifelong history of tax fraud in the United States and Canada. In fact, I emailed the IRS Commissioner’s Staff a 1977 tax memo prepared specifically for “Cohen” advising him that he did not have to pay taxes anywhere he had residences (United States, Canada, and Greece) but cautioning him not to have a green card. Cohen had a green card and informed me that he abandoned it because the IRS does not ask where you paid taxes the prior year while Canada does. This would explain why he applied for and obtained a new green card in 1991. It would also explain the social security number insanity his accountant, Burt Goldstein, sorted out after Marty Machat’s death in 1988. Marty Machat was Phil Spector and Cohen’s attorney and I worked for him from approximately 1984 until his death in April 1988. The lengths Cohen went to obtain a new green card were extraordinary.

Cohen’s tax fraud, that I was told is criminal, appears to follow him from adviser to adviser. He also has a pattern of blaming advisers and stealing from them. I provided Boies Schiller (who I permitted to review a great deal of evidence relating to the Leonard Cohen Tax Fraud Matter) with Marty Machat’s letter to Irving Trust transmitting a $30,000.00 final payment for his and Bob Johnston’s share of Stranger Music, Inc. Unfortunately, when Cohen sold Leonard Cohen Stranger Music, Inc. and Bad Monk Publishing Company (a d/b/a of Cohen’s) to Sony he did not inform me that he was selling Mr. Machat and Mr. Johnston’s shares. I personally believe the IRS Commissioner’s Staff should review that sale and, specifically, look into why Cohen and Westin were concerned about issues relating to the assignments of copyrights into Bad Monk Publishing. I also believe the IRS Commissioner’s Staff should look into the failed C.A.K. bond deal (that apparently concerned Robert Kory) and the formation of Cohen’s two charitable remainder trusts. Ed Dean, Cohen’s lawyer, was concerned about personal service contracts being assigned to these trusts and other legal issues relating to the assignments. Robert Kory advised me, at our luncheon, that I had a cause of action against every one of Cohen’s advisers and confirmed my suspicions: the holding periods were illegal. Kory also emailed me on May 24, 2005 that the IRS would demand answers to questions, relating to Cohen’s taxes, going back many years. I was also told by Steve Blanq of Hochman, Rettig that Richard Westin, Cohen’s tax lawyer, made the IRS nervous with his evasiveness. I can understand why. He made me nervous – particularly when he wrote that Neal Greenberg was going to screw me over and he would stand up for me. I have no idea what that means but intend to find out. Fortunately, Westin confirmed – via email – that Traditional Holdings, LLC was a “real entity” (although I personally believe it is a “sham”) and the annuity obligation was real. Unfortunately, Westin had already extinguished the annuity obligation from the tax return at that time. He also extinguished the promissory note and did not report the Sony sale on the 2001 tax returns. He also used two separate tax identification numbers which was probably done purposely to deceive the IRS. Westin also confirmed – via email – that he only represented Leonard Norman Cohen. Truer words have rarely been spoken.

My advisers, DiMascio & Berardo and Dale Burgess, confirmed that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud and “exposed” me to that fraud. In our last meeting, inexplicably, DiMascio & Berardo wanted to figure in a “settlement” amount for my exposure to Cohen’s fraud. In our first meeting, however, they advised me that I had two choices once fraud was brought to my attention: report it to the IRS and/or amend the tax returns. Reporting tax fraud to the IRS turned out to be incredibly dangerous for me and my family but I did not trust anyone to amend the returns and felt a better course of action would be to report what I was told to the IRS, the State of Kentucky, and others. After all, DiMascio & Berardo calculated the penalties and interest – as of the fall of 2004 – with respect to Traditional Holdings, LLC at approximately $10 million. This is what they told me Cohen would have to pay if he personally wanted to report the tax fraud. I believe, were Cohen’s allegations that he was defrauded by his advisers realistic, he would have gone to the IRS with me. I was also told, by DiMascio & Berardo, that similar penalties and interest were accumulating with respect to Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and LC Investments, LLC. Dale Burgess, my former accountant advised me that there is fraud on three entities and both he and Ken Cleveland, Cohen’s former accountant, believe the intellectual property is still in Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. I own 15% of that intellectual property – wherever it has gone - and have repeatedly requested a complete and proper forensic accounting of Cohen with all assets on the table. I would like the IRS Commissioner’s Staff’s Opinion on that issue. Agent Betzer, a Collection Agent with the IRS also believed I owned 15% of Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and 99.5% Traditional Holdings, LLC. He advised me to go get what was rightfully mine and he appeared to be an exceptionally helpful and brilliant man. Agent Betzer also understood that I paid approximately $165,000.00 in taxes on a company that Cohen has attempted to prove I do not own. I believed I owned it and I believed there might be something suspect about that entity and the promissory note – which is why I demanded and received an “Indemnity Agreement” from Cohen. For these reasons, one might imagine, the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, and Agent Kelly Sopko-Treasury Department are copied in on my emails.

DiMascio & Berardo were apparently impressed and/or intimidated by the fact that Cohen was represented by former District Attorney Ira Reiner and perhaps this is why they encouraged me to participate in what I believe would have been an illegal deal, illegal meditation, and possibly insurance fraud. Ira Reiner was brought in, according to Kory, to handle the mediations for Cohen because Kory does not understand litigation. I would like to point out that Dale Burgess asked me to confirm for the IRS Commissioner’s Staff and the Treasury Department that my lawyers understood this was criminal tax fraud and he would testify to the fact that I was offered 50% community property by Cohen – presumably to lie and say he was defrauded by his advisers.

The IRS Commissioner’s Staff and Department of Justice are referenced in the subject line of the email you responded to and it seems odd that you would permit yourself to be copied in on so many emails from and (and other email accounts) and only now ask me to “immediately” remove you. I have asked you to explain why I was taken to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector. Please see relevant pages of the Killer King report – which I previously mailed Detective Silva and emailed you and Truc Do. My email accounts and Blogs, I might note, have been targeted by Michelle Blaine (who confirmed this publicly and thanked Blogonaut for his assistance in targeting them), Gianelli, Blogonaut, Belark, and others – including someone who posts as “Bird.” That is the “crowd” that you are apparently affiliated with which is unconscionable – given what has gone on and what is going on with those Blogs. Investigator William Frayeh, of your office, felt Gianelli might have found a sympathetic ear – yours. That is truly appalling and I absolutely believe the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, the FBI, DEA, Immigration, Phil Spector, and his legal team should investigate what is going on here and what has gone on. Stephen Gianelli has, from my perspective, lied to Special Agent Wynar of Oakland FBI. He had the audacity, from what Belark-Gianelli-Blogonaut advised me, to go to the FBI with allegations that I am spamming Agent Kelly Sopko of the United States Treasury Department. It would seem that Gianelli now has the FBI investigating the Treasury. Given the fact that Agent Sopko was able to call me, fly into see me in Santa Ana, California, and email me Agent Tejeda’s information (IRS-Fraud Unit-Los Angeles), one can safely assume that she personally can determine whether or not I am spamming her and advise me to stop. Gianelli also phoned Bruce Cutler who, as you well know, represented Phil Spector. Gianelli is apparently extremely eager to determine what’s on Bruce Cutler’s mind. One thing that should be on Bruce Cutler’s mind is the fact that Nat McBride, an acquaintance of Nicole Spector’s, received a “death threat” from one Brian Peterson (bpeterson999@yahoo) and received at least one email from someone purporting to be Bruce Cutler. I, naturally, have been accused of sending that email. I can assure you that I would not criminally impersonate Bruce Cutler and have now reported those threats and the criminal impersonation of Mr. Cutler to the Department of Justice and Interpol.

Gainelli, amazingly enough, also phoned Investigator Frayeh to determine, from what I can tell, if William Frayeh thinks Prosecutor/Judge Pat Dixon is “good looking.” Please keep in mind that this is a murder trial that has now taken surreal turns. Gianelli/Blogonaut is all over this story and his role seems sinister – particularly given the fact that Blogonaut publicly stated (and emailed me) that “it” had been in contact with Cohen’s advisers on three separate occasions, was communicating with people who knew me in Los Angeles, and offered to put me in touch with Cohen who is apparently willing to help me. All I have to do in order to get my life and children back is lie. I have captured much of the activity on Blaine’s Blog, Blogonaut’s Blog, the Hartford Courant, my own Blogs, and so forth because I thought some of the slander and malicious allegations might ultimately be pulled down which is precisely what has occurred. I have forwarded the captured Blog content to Doron Weinberg, Dennis Riordan, the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, and others. Lying seems to be the name of the game. I was offered 50% of Cohen’s “community property” – presumably to lie to the IRS and others that Cohen was defrauded by his advisers (which is not what I witnessed) – and declined that. The idea of Cohen being defrauded by his advisers is laughable. His disdain for “ordinary income taxes” may be unprecedented and he appeared to grow greedier and greedier with time. He had similarly disdainful views on gift taxes and his own lawyer, Reeve Chudd, emailed me that he was not an “alchemist” when Cohen attempted to donate his body of work to the Toronto Library in exchange for a United States tax credit.

I realize this may complicate matters for the District Attorney as it seems that Cohen probably perjured himself in Phil Spector’s grand jury but let me state, for the record, what Boies Schiller advised me to do when they realized I was meeting Robert Kory for our luncheon: Call Brian Bennett and have him wire me. They seemed to believe I was being asked to participate in criminal activity and were clear – in their emails – that recording Kory would not be a “set up” because what I was being asked to do was illegal. Betsy Superfon, who was apparently negotiating (on my behalf) with Cohen and Kory (without my knowledge, awareness and/or consent) ultimately spoke to Cohen/Kory. Yongzin Rinpoche, who was visiting with his wife, advised me to have her drop by. I asked her to have Cohen/Kory put the terms of their “deal” in writing and fax it to me. Kory advised Superfon that this is not the type of deal that could be faxed and suggested that he, Superfon, and I meet for lunch. Later, Superfon told me the type of deal was an illegal one and advised me that Lindsey took my son away from me to keep him out of Cohen’s tax fraud and there was something – like money – in it for him. There must have been. Why else would my “ex-husband” meet with Cohen and Kory. I was initially told that Cohen and Kory went into Lindsey’s office and accused me of having sex with Oliver Stone. I remain unconvinced that this is defense to tax fraud and tend to doubt it’s a “crime” in any event. Why would my son’s grandfather, Mort Lindsey, contact Cohen and/or Kory and phone me in an attempt to have me make what I was told would have been an illegal deal? Cohen, Kory, Lindsey, and Superfon have been “named” in Greenberg’s lawsuit against Cohen. The FBI in Denver told me they would be brought in if there was witness or evidence tampering and explained that it is criminal. Dan Scheid, Greenberg’s lawyer who apparently has evidence relating to criminal witness and evidence tampering, told me and emailed me that this relates to Cohen and Kory. Ed Dean informed me that if the IRS Commissioner’s Staff views what has occurred as fraud and not negligence he will come in after the lawyers and accountants as well. One can only hope and pray that Kory is at the top of the list of lawyers – together with Scott Edelman/Gibson, Dumb and Dumber who had no qualms “seizing” evidence that he knew I intended to send to the IRS Commissioner’s Staff. Of course, I wasn’t served that lawsuit and have noticed that rotten lawyers who lie for a living think they are above the law and tend to ignore due process. In light of what has happened here hearing that you view my emails as “spam” makes me realize that you are a vicious and sadistic individual who is capable of anything. I realize my emails may be unwanted but they are definitely not “spam.”

I would strongly suggest that you review the police reports of Cohen’s interview with the detectives Steve Cron and I met at his house. He either lied to them or, if Mick Brown was accurate when he advised me that Cohen testified in Phil Spector’s grand jury, perjured himself. That would seem to raise issues having to do with obstruction of justice as well. The detectives I met seemed professional so perhaps they will be confused about Cohen’s testimony before the grand jury – or, possibly, that you have referred to an incident between him and Phil Spector in the Motion In Limine. For the record, Cohen advised me that he confirmed – for the detectives – that his comments, over the years about Phil Spector, were good rock ‘n roll comments which is precisely what he told me over the course of 20 years. He also told me that he did not like his vocals and felt humiliated that Phillip did not want to mix the album – putting him in the position of being forced to telegram Phillip. Phillip told me he received hate mail from all 8 of Cohen’s fans and found working with Cohen depressing. I can assure you that I found working with Cohen unbelievably depressing. Cohen certainly did not mind his daughter, Lorca Cohen, accompanying me to visit Phil Spector one night at the Bel Air Hotel. In fact, he seemed rather delighted and intrigued. That is precisely how he felt when he heard that I was having dinner with Phillip in Beverly Hills after the Clarkson incident.

I also reported Cohen’s tax fraud and the fact that he has defrauded me of millions to the District Attorney’s Major Fraud Unit. Please speak to Jeff Jonas about this Complaint. He may be the same Jeff Jonas referred to in your office’s Internal Memorandum relating to King Drew and questioning the credibility of coroner Luis Pena. Apparently my Complaint to your Major Fraud Unit was problematic for the District Attorney as it resulted in Brian Bennett threatening to report me to someone. To whom I cannot say.

Why have I been emailing you and Truc Do and leaving messages for various people at the District Attorney’s Office? I can assure you this is not “harassment.” Your office dragged me into the Phil Spector murder trial – not I. On May 25, 2005, I was held hostage by a S.W.A.T. Team comprised of Los Angeles Police Department and Inglewood Police Department. Sergeant Joe ___________/LAPD, who monitored my only visit with Ray Charles Lindsey since May 25, 2005, told me Beverly Hills Police Department may have been present as well. There is apparently evidence – with Neal Greenberg and/or his lawyers – in Colorado that Cohen, Kory, Lindsey, and Superfon somehow conspired to have me falsely arrested. I was taken to Killer King, questioned about Phil Spector, and ultimately determined that the entire King Drew file was falsified. The individual in that file is apparently one Kelly Annette Lynch who would have been 19 at the time. Rutger and I did not spontaneously manifest on this planet at the same moment in time – which is basically what would have needed to occur were Kelly Annette Lynch actually his mother. She is, however, the woman that seems to have lost custody of my son Ray Charles Lindsey. The bizarre part of this is that my address is correct. My name, however, is spelled incorrectly and on one page alone the following details are false and/or wrong: the social security number, my place of birth, date of birth, religion, and the insurance number. Very little, if anything, in that file relates to me. A nurse informed me that there was fraudulent information in the file and someone was planning to transfer me. Fortunately, after requesting a new doctor, Dr. D’Angelo took my file and determined that I was not dangerous to myself and/or others. Most people who are held at gunpoint by approximately 30 armed men aren’t dangerous – particularly when they are alone in their homes and wearing a bikini which is what I was wearing.

A custody matter was obviously coordinated with my “visit” to Killer King and Steven Clark Lindsey’s cell phone number appears in the attendant falsified report. For the record, the actual conversation Rutger had with “Erma Oppenhein” after the S.W.A.T. incident was limited to two questions: Is your Mother on any medication and are you ok? His answers: Yes, heart medication and yes, he was ok. Steven Clark Lindsey is my younger son’s father and, after inserting himself into the Leonard Norman Cohen Tax Fraud Matter, filed Robert Kory’s Declaration in that matter. My son, Rutger, was asked to go in and sign over/transfer/sell my former house to Cohen/Kory – by Lindsey – while I was en route to Killer King. I would like to point out that there is no signature permitting anyone to treat me at King Drew and Steven Clark Lindsey had no legal right, whatsoever, to speak to any doctor or medical provider on my behalf. His lawyer, Daniel A. Bergman, was apparently faxing Betsy Superfon a Declaration to sign while I was being taken to King Drew. I noticed that at the top of her Declaration. When I have the money I intend to obtain a complete copy of the custody file – including transcripts of hearings – and will turn that over to the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, and – most definitely, Phil Spector. For now, I am living in a homeless shelter in Houston and Blogonaut/Gianelli have “urged” Boulder Police Department and Los Angeles Police Department to further target me. Law enforcement is all over this story and it is revolting. This is the reason why I contacted the Department of Justice and the FBI.

I have brought the fraudulent use of someone else’s social security number (in the King Drew file and in the so-called “police report”) to the attention of the Social Security Administration, the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, the FTC, Phil Spector and his legal team, and others. The Social Security Administration advised me to file a criminal complaint with the Houston Police Department after I discussed, with a representative, the fact that Cohen issued illegal K1s using my Social Security number and with respect to the number that appears in the King Drew file. Apparently it is also identity theft.

I advised Agent Sopko and her partner, in our meeting, that I believe the custody matter arose from Cohen’s tax fraud – that I was told is criminal and relates to the Phil Spector murder trial that I definitely view as a set up. I have provided the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, Phil Spector, and others, with Robert Kory and Betsy Superfon’s Declarations that were filed in the custody matter. Ray Charles Lindsey, my son, witnessed a conversation between me and Kory about 1) Cohen’s tax fraud that I was told is criminal; 2) the missing state tax returns; 3) my intellectual property that appears to have been stolen (see Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and evidence I filed in Boulder, Colorado with my Motion to Quash Cohen’s fraudulent restraining order – meant to silence me and prevent me from contacting Kory with respect to 1099s, illegal K1s issued me by LC Investments, LLC, my intellectual property, a complete and proper forensic accounting, etc. – all of which is an “IRS matter”); and, 4) their threats. I would like to point out that I discussed Cohen and Kory’s threats to put me in jail with Agent Sopko and her partner. Agent Sopko asked me how “they” intended to do that. I have no idea and would have demanded a jury trial in any event. At this point, I would like to underscore this fact: I did not enter an appearance in Cohen’s bogus lawsuit with fraudulent financials attached because I believe it is an attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud and/or criminal conduct – an attempt to obstruct justice. The financial “ledger” attached thereto is fraudulent. Please see Dale Burgess’ fax to DiMascio & Berardo (also filed with my Motion to Quash in Boulder, Colorado) advising – after meeting with Kevin Prins/Moss Adam’s (Cohen’s accountant) – what was missing in terms of back-up documentation and asset valuations.

Leonard Norman Cohen has gone to extraordinary lengths to silence me and has noted, for the news media, the massive tax hit he will take in connection with his creative tax planning. This clearly is his motive. Let me explain how DiMascio & Berardo saw these entities: Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. owns the assets; LC Investments and Leonard Cohen personally collect the income; and Traditional Holdings, LLC sold something it did not own. I was not part of the team of legal and accounting professionals who tended to the tax planning and/or corporate structures but I do know this: Cohen’s tax lawyer, Richard Westin, wrote that Cohen’s level of borrowing from Traditional Holdings, LLC was “dangerous” and felt the IRS could overturn the entity if it noticed a disregard for substance and/or form. There seems to be a disregard for everything – including a “business purpose” as Mr. John Maunts/Kentucky Revenue Cabinet pointed out. I was not a trustee – constructive or otherwise – on any of these entities and am awaiting Opinion Letters from the IRS and State of Kentucky on that issue. There is no way I am in a position to respond legally to the allegations raised by Leonard Norman Cohen and/or Neal Greenberg in his “companion suit” filed in the U.S. District Court in Denver. Until I have the Opinion of the appropriate tax authorities. In the meantime, I have dissolved Traditional Holdings, LLC and filed final tax returns – so that nothing else can be done in my name.

After receiving your email I phoned Investigator William Frayeh. It seems inconceivably bizarre that Stephen Gianelli/Blogonaut had any indication as to what you may have written me. They were not copied in on that email. I tend to doubt “it” reads minds, has a crystal ball, or hacked into your email account. I have previously spoken with Investigator Frayeh regarding the Phil Spector murder trial. As you, no doubt, are aware Detective Brian Bennett came by my former house to interview me after the District Attorney received an anonymous call (from a woman) in connection with Phil Spector and my friendship. Phil Spector and I have known one another for approximately 25-years and I believe it is safe to say that we are dear friends. I worked for Mr. Spector, as an intern, in 1988 and 1989 (and at times thereafter) after Marty Machat’s death in 1988 and have remained friends with Mr. Spector and the Mother is his children, Janis Zavala Spector. Investigator John Thompson told me I was probably a witness in that matter when I met with him and Detective Silva in Santa Ana, California. At that time, we also discussed the fact that I was taken to Killer King, questioned about Phil Spector, and the outrageous fact that “Inglewood Police Department” was present at my home on May 25, 2005. A sadistic police officer told my son, Rutger, that they intended to shoot me and my dog. Ultimately, they ended up informing Rutger that my dog was my hostage and they were merely taking precautions. That is ludicrous and absurd. The police were told, by Rutger and his friends, that my younger son Ray had been taken down the street and left with Cloris Leachman and there was no hostage situation.

Based upon what has unfolded it is nearly impossible for me to believe that you feel I am “spamming” you – as Gianelli stated. Apparently you and Gianelli/Blogonaut have this in common and, I suspect, you are or were communicating with Gianelli and Blogonaut. That seems like a very reasonable conclusion. It is shocking, however, given the attempts Blogonaut-Gianelli-Belark-Blaine, and others, have gone (on Blogonaut’s Blog, mControl’s Blog, the Hartford Courtant’s site and elsewhere) to undermine my credibility through slander, malicious gossip, libel, defamation, bald-faced lies, etc. Of course, it is impossible to undermine someone based on lies that must now be proven – as fact – in a court of law. I have brought these Blogs to the attention of the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Sopko – Treasury Department, Agent Wynar-FBI Oakland, Doron Weinberg, Esquire, Dennis Riordan, Esquire, Ron Burkle, Robert MacMillan, Lee Kanon Alpert, Bruce Cutler, Esquire, Kyabje Thinley Norbu, Karmapa, Sharmapa, Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, and others. I am convinced that Blogonaut-Gianelli-Belark, et al. have attempted to obstruct justice and have engaged in witness tampering, witness retaliation, witness intimidation, harassment, stalking, and a coordinated campaign of cyber-terrorism clearly designed to silence and undermine my credibility. They have also lied to the FBI in Oakland. Furthermore, they have publicly confirmed their communications (on at least three separate occasions) with Leonard Norman Cohen’s advisers and/or legal team. I am assuming this is the Law Offices of Robert Kory because they have mentioned Kory and his associate Michelle Rice. Blogonaut’s Blog appears to be affiliated with Michelle Blaine’s mControl Blog which is a vile, filthy site that was public but is now invitation only or private. I was also slandered on that Blog – that is obviously affiliated with Sprocket’s Trial & Tribulations Blog. It has been suggested, to me, that Sprocket’s Blog is the “mouth-piece” for Donna Clarkson.

Needless to say, this is an outrageous, outlandish, and unconscionable situation that has exposed Phil Spector, me, our families, and others, to the whims of possibly unstable people and vigilantism. I am absolutely convinced that the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, the FBI, the DEA, and Immigration should look into the role – if any – the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office played in having me dragged to Killer King, questioned about Phil Spector, and falsifying the file. It is my opinion that there was a two-fold reason for taking me to King Drew: 1) to determine what, if anything, I knew about Phil Spector and guns. Officer Maurice Hampton/LAPD and Erma Oppenhein/SMART questioned me about this en route to Killer King; and, 2) to prevent me from successfully reporting Cohen’s tax fraud to the IRS and serving as a credible witness. I informed Agent Bill Betzer/IRS on April 15, 2005 that I believed I had been exposed to tax fraud and he advised me to bring the fraud into the IRS with a lawyer. Agent Betzer then advised me to call the IRS Fraud Hotline – which I did. Ultimately, I contacted the IRS via its website – reporting the tax fraud – and called the IRS in Washington, D.C. I asked Miss Hall, who advised me that she could not talk to the public that I was in a very dangerous situation and she took down my name and certain information. Sometime thereafter I received an email from the IRS and began emailing the IRS Commissioner’s Staff evidence – including the corporate indexes, and other documents, that I filed with my Motion to Quash in Boulder, Colorado. I also gave the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, Phil Spector and his legal team, and others the passwords to my and accounts. The reason I did this is so the IRS, primarily, could make an independent determination – based on emails between me-Cohen-his advisers, etc. – as to what actually occurred. I thought this might prove helpful in conjunction with the evidence I sent them and the evidence I intended to send them – which was, from my perspective, unlawfully seized by the Sheriff’s Department on behalf of Cohen, Gibson Dumb & Dumber, and others.

Investigator Frayeh advised me to stop emailing you [for10 days] while he investigated this matter.  I have stopped. He also suggested that I ignore Blogonaut, Gianelli, and Belark. They have since removed the slanderous and vile articles and comments on their Blog but the lie disguised as an article (written by Joff Belark) remains and I would like to determine who released my so-called “booking” photograph to Belark in connection with some of the insanity I dealt with in Boulder, Colorado. I called Investigator Frayeh to inform him that I was being accused of having sexual fantasies about Pat Dixon. This is preposterous. I sarcastically put a photograph of Dixon and Judge Larry Fidler in one of my extremely public emails and quoted Eminem’s live version of “Puke.” Please review the lyrics to Eminem’s live version (MTV) of “Puke.” He, not I, refers to “dry humping.” Larry Fidler’s own remarks, about what he may or may not wear under his robes, have even come back to haunt me – as inconceivable as that may be.

Blogonaut publicly announced that Pat Dixon actually fears for his life because I informed government, law enforcement, and the news media – via my public emails documenting the destruction of my life – that every time I think of “Dixon” I want to “Puke.” Most parents would. I personally believe it is going to be impossible to prove I have a pattern of sexual fantasies involving Pat Dixon and others lawyers or judges. In any event, sexual fantasies – real or imagined – do not appear to constitute a predicate act under R.I.C.O.

Blogonaut-Gianelli-Belark targeted my son Rutger as well and sent him vicious and malicious emails (such as “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”) and – for reasons I cannot imagine – forward Douglas Penick’s dictated response to Boulder Police Department. Boulder Police Department is all over this story. After attempting to leave “Officer Maurice Hampton” a message with “Officer Garrin – LAPD” – some time ago – Officer Storbeck of Boulder Police Department came into Deneuve Construction (with the Police Chief’s secretary) to determine if I was dangerous to myself or others. He was armed and clearly far more dangerous than I. The Denver FBI instructed me to contact the Boulder District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General of Colorado. To date, I have heard nothing from either with respect to their investigations into this deadly serious matter. Rutger has witnessed a tremendous amount of insanity during this ordeal and was actually asked by Steven Clark Lindsey (immediately following the S.W.A.T. incident) to go in to Cohen/Kory’s office and sign over/transfer/sell my house to Cohen and/or Kory. He also had his fingers ripped off in a meat grinder incident at Whole Foods. OSHA felt there might be criminal negligence involved. The targeting of children is inconceivably brutal and I personally believe you are involved in that. No one on earth can convince me otherwise. In any event, I view Rutger as a witness and am convinced that Gianelli-Blogonaut-Belark (and others) have engaged in witness retaliation with respect to my son. Since Lindsey emailed me that Cohen/Kory were encouraging him to take Ray away from me (after the conversation he witnessed) it is clear to me that he too is the victim of witness retaliation and intimidation. The entire custody matter appears to be nothing other than an attempt to coerce me into a deal with Cohen and an attempt to obstruct justice.

Blogonaut publicly noted that he/Gianelli made an “educated guess” about the content of your email to me. I find that absurd. Blogonaut also noted that you contacted its Blog with respect to my extremely public emails. Investigator William Frayeh, who will receive a copy of this letter, said he would look into this situation. I will, of course, copy in the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – the Treasury Department, Phil Spector, Bruce Cutler, Doron Weinberg and Dennis Riordan. And, I will await your response to my request that you explain precisely why you feel my emails to you (and others) are “spam” – if, in fact, that is your position.

Blogonaut said...
Uh, the reason that we knew that Alan Jackson's email to KL, that KL was touting to the DOJ (and her usual spam list) as a substantive communication from the Spector prosecutor was simply nothing more that a request to drop him from the cc list--was that we received the same request from Mr. Jackson yesterday, we pointed out that the only one that could do this was Lynch—but we said that we would endeavor when we hit “reply-all” to one of Lynch's emails to make sure he was not copied with our reply.
No, we cannot read minds; it was an educated guess—and a correct one at that—sending KL into a tizzy, and generating a half dozen emails to “high places” (cc to this blog).

For the record, Phil Spector and I had dinner and drinks after the Lana Clarkson incident and I asked him – point blank – if he shot Clarkson. He told me that he did not. Rather, Clarkson was apparently dancing around in his foyer singing “Da Doo Run Run” prior to shooting herself. This “theory” is supported by forensic science and the expert opinions of Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden, Dr. Werner Spitz, and Dr. James Pex. To assume that these men would conspire to lie and destroy their careers is blatantly ridiculous. Furthermore, I know Mr. Spector and I believe him and will continue to stand by him come hell or high water. That is what friends do. They do not betray people, sell stories to the news media, and fabricate or revise the past for their own suspect reasons and/or motives.

I await your response to this question: why are my emails documenting the destruction of my life spam and did Pat Dixon personally authorize Blogonaut/Gianelli to publicly state that he feared for his life when I quoted Eminem’s live version of “Puke?”


Kelley Lynch


Declaration of Bruce Cutler:

cc: Phil Spector, Doron Weinberg, Dennis Riordan, the IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – the Treasury Department, Agent Wynar – the FBI, Ron Burkle, Robert MacMillan, Lee Kanon Alpert, Iris Keitel, Rutger Penick, Douglas Penick, Karen Lynch McCourt, David McCourt, Bruce Cutler, Investigator William Frayeh, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Karmapa, Sharmapa, Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, and Rand Hoffman – Aftermath Records

Alan Jackson’s September 9, 2009 email


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 12:35 PM, wrote:

Please take this address off your recipients list immediately. Thank you.

From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: 09/09/2009 10:28 AM EST
To: Blogonaut Law-Blog ; *irs.
commissioner" <*>; ASKDOJ ;; doronweinberg ; Dennis
;; Robert MacMillan
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Thaye Dorje <>;
YesheRimpoche;; Teresa Low ; PIU
OIGCOMPL ;;; attorney. general"
;;; becknerm ; Hank,
Larry" ; John Hall, Chief of Police"
; m.j. smith" ; Alan Jackson; Truc
Cc:;; Jewel of Activity

Subject: Re: IRS Commissioner's Staff and the Department of Justice

Gianelli’s email to Kelley Lynch re. Alan Jackson’s Email

--- On Wed, 9/9/09, STEPHEN GIANELLI wrote:
Subject: Re: Attn: IRS Commissioner's Staff - Gianelli's Email Re. My Family, Etc.
To: "Kelley Lynch" ,,,,
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 6:41 PM
"I hope you are in receipt of Alan Jackson's email to me - just received on"

Do you mean the email where Mr. Jackson kindly asked you to stop spamming his office email address?

Comments from Blogonaut

Blogonaut said...
Uh, the reason that we knew that Alan Jackson's email to KL, that KL was touting to the DOJ (and her usual spam list) as a substantive communication from the Spector prosecutor was simply nothing more that a request to drop him from the cc list--was that we received the same request from Mr. Jackson yesterday, we pointed out that the only one that could do this was Lynch—but we said that we would endeavor when we hit “reply-all” to one of Lynch's emails to make sure he was not copied with our reply.

No, we cannot read minds; it was an educated guess—and a correct one at that—sending KL into a tizzy, and generating a half dozen emails to “high places” (cc to this blog).