Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To IRS Re. Federal Tax Fraud, Tax Returns, & Leonard Cohen's Role

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: Traditional Holdings, LLC
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Westin sent another email in November [2004] admitting there was an error in Management Agreement?  There was allegedly a plan to have a trust "next year" confirming there was no trust, no terms re. a trust, and agreement with respect to a trust.  He [evidently also] rectified a mistake re. my ownership interest  I am suing in federal court over the federal tax returns.  The $30,000 listed as legal fees [2001 return] relates, from what I recall, to a payment Cohen authorized Greenberg to make re. the CAK failed bond deal.  That amount is not legal fees.  I'm filing a lawsuit in federal court for all fraud related to federal tax matters.  That includes every agreement this corporation had which translated onto the tax returns.  Korn, Rice, Kory, etc. can call Gianelli and tell him to criminally harass me over that issue.  It won't change the issue.

I am also suing LA Superior Court over this.  They had no evidence, corporate governance, to support the default judgment.  Prins had no right to prepare the fraudulent financial document.  It just goes on and on.  That's Cohen's position, right?  It was all a mistake?  The only mistake here, and Phil Spector warned me about him for years (and has information about Cohen's relationship with taxes, from what I can tell), is that I ever worked as this liar's personal manager.

I personally think his lawyers should be arrested.  Ed Dean seemed to agree.  What a bunch of frauds.  

All the best,

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 5:47 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


I am the 2001, 2002, and 2003 TH tax returns, K-1s (to me and Cohen for the same periods), and the Complaint.  If you will review the 2001 tax return, you will see that the corporate expenses related to attorneys totals $45,030.  I know for a fact, because i have a copy of the invoice, that $14,500 relates to Westin.  It is my personal belief that the $30,000 is actually a payment on behalf of Cohen re. the CAK settlement  That has nothing to do with TH.  You can say everything is hearsay however I have the iRS with a copy of Cohen's declaration in the CAK aborted matter.  He chose to abort it and pursue a deal with Sony.  I do not know what the other professional fees totaling $75,000 are.  Would you be able to advise me what those amounts are?  I was appointed Tax Matters partner and that is noted on the returns and I would like to communicate with IRS about this.  

The Complaint lists transaction fees in the amount of approximately $3 million  Therefore, even the tax returns do not take the position that Cohen's transaction fees, and other fees listed in Clause 61, are corporate expenses.  They are not and Cohen personally signed the fax to Greenberg authorizing payment of his expenses.  He also signed retainer agreements and had other agreements.  One of those agreements relates to the CAK failed bond deal litigation re. the Terms & Conditions breach. 

I have just noticed (because the lies are inconceivable) that Westin sent an email in November 2004  admitting another mistake was made.  Do you think someone, for instance IRS CID, believes this is all a mistake and Richard Westin corrected it all in hindsight? 

May I have a copy of that email and the full email where Westin evidently wrote Cohen on November 18, 2004 (a month after we parted ways) explaining what he planned to do?  I assumed first Cohen would have to repay his loans/expenditures totaling approximately $6.7 million with interest.  I was told, as was Cohen, that his loans had to be repaid within 3 years at 6% interest.  

That's Cohen's position vis a vis federal tax matters?  This was all a mistake; he signed all the documents, many are notarized; his tax lawyer prepared the tax returns; he signed the Annuity Agreement; he signed stock certificates (clearly displaying ownership interests) in 2001; but it was all a mistake?

Since Westin worked for Cohen and explained all of this in hindsight, I will assume that your client made fraudulent misrepresentations, the tax returns are evidence of fraud, and tax evasion, and I believe the IRS should prosecute your client criminally.  Is that your position?  We'll see what a federal judge thinks.

Kelley Lynch