Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ's Criminal Division Re. The Need For An Investigation Into The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Subject: Evidence - Email to Neal Greenberg
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Hello DOJ's Criminal Division,

Here's an explanation for the CIA re. the insanity with Streeter and the drone.  Detective Viramontes thought it was a joke.  I asked him if this woman has serious psychiatric problems.  He told me he would ask her if the real threat here is the fact that i've asked IRS and FBI to investigate this trial, her lies about IRS, federal tax matters, etc.  The email was sent to the DOJ and FBI.  Swanigan testified about the "drone" card.  You should obtain that testimony.  It's insane.  By the way, she doesn't know Gianelli.  I left it at that.  The woman's a professional liar and retaliated against Miller and probably others.  The judge refused to review the evidence.  He refused to hear the Brady motion.  He was utterly aggressive and absurd.  Swanigan didn't know Gianelli but just advised him to criminally harass with more emails and directed him to communicate official messages from the City Attorney's office to me.  I have never seen people like this in my life.  They look like a criminal enterprise.  

See ya later, "Girl."  I'd like to take you out for Valentine's Day.  The Stratfor emails to FBI led me to conclude that it might be amusing to send DOJ and FBI the entirely amusing, and political, drone cards. 

Stephen Gianelli is a proxy and a complete psychopath.  He's dangerously unstable.  

All the best,

Good Afternoon CIA,

I trust you're well.  I was gathering evidence of the highly coordinated campaign of harassment and slander playing out on various Cohen related fan sites.  Some of the people posting on those blogs are the same people criminally harassing me, my family members, and others.  Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, has also been copied in on quite a number of these emails.

One site alleges that I have a "kill list."  That allegation arose from prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter's extremely unstable thought process.  She lied about IRS matters extensively.  She understood I attempted to withdraw my appeal based on her conduct.  Her colleague directed Gianelli to continue harassing me and directly instructed him to pass official communications from their office to me.  The judge in the probation matter refused to review the evidence.  He refused to hear the Brady motion.  And, he heard the testimony that I was told the Boulder, Colorado order expired on February 15, 2009.  I have evidence explaining why I and others were told that the order expired.  The anonymous alleged prosecutor, who seemed to think she was practicing before the FISA court, told the judge I called Streeter a liar.  She is a liar and the IRS should be well aware of that fact.  She also lied to the jurors when she advised them that an employer is not responsible for providing an employee with a 1099; that I have the information; and Cohen doesn't know what a 1099 is.  The jurors wanted to hear from IRS and one juror relied on Streeter's lies about TH assets.  Cohen personally owes TH approximately $6.7 million.  The interest is now approximately $4 million.  That means Leonard Cohen personally owes TH in the vicinity of $11 million.  His alleged annuity obligation, which was not to begin until 2011, called for payments just under $400,000 a year.  Three years have passed since 2011.  That means Cohen would have received $1.1 million in payments.  He is not entitled to those payments, however, until he repays his loans with interest..  The juror relied on Streeter's statements and that is not evidence and was and remains unlawful.

Back to the drone card which was used against me.  I think it's clear that the City Attorney set out to entrap me and I have addressed that in my claims to the City and County.  I have provided DOJ and FBI with evidence.

I don't have a "kill list" and did not create this image.  I found it on this website:  

As CIA should understand, I had a greeting card company that I hoped to re-establish and thought a line of drone cards might be fun.  So, I sent one to FBI and DOJ with a note about Streeter.  That is NOT a threat to Streeter.  She is a liar. The DOJ, IRS, and FBI can simply review the transcripts of my trial.  There is no IRS holding re. Cohen's default judgment.  And yet, Streeter advised the Court that there was.  In any event, the woman is unconscionable and that includes how she presents herself to the world.

This is the article that appeared directly under the drone card I sent FBI and DOJ.  The article was written by Glenn Greenwald.  I follow Glenn Greenwald.  I like the way Glenn Greenwald writes.  I like the fact that he stands up for what he believes.  I do not believe he did anything wrong re. Ed Snowden.  I wouldn't have handled it that way but I am not Glenn.  The NSA story does not interest me.  I already knew the details of these types of programs from Bill Binney.  I understand the privacy concerns.  I also understand that NSA worked under the authorities granted them by Congess and the President.  NSA didn't simply create this program and it is meant to address terrorism primarily.  I am also aware that NSA primarily focuses on foreign intelligence that also involves our military.  Glenn has every right, from my perspective, to write about this; he is completely entitled to his opinion; he broke this story; and I think he's brave.  It's just not my focus.  I find what is going on in LA far more disturbing.  People are being monitored and arrested based on pure speech issues and over celebrities.  

I read Glenn Greenwald and I respect Glenn Greenwald.  I am familiar with the first amendment.  What I concluded a long time ago is that there is tension between the Constitution and terrorism.  That brings in military legal issues and I worked for someone when I was young who handled military law issues.  

I was working for ACLU on numerous campaigns.  One issue involved the drone program.  I followed Glenn Greenwald.  I do read FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, etc. websites.  I try to get the facts.  I reviewed Reprieve's website and was really concerned about collateral damage and innocent civilians as everyone should be.  And Awlaki's son's death was upsetting.  I'm a mother who until recently had teenage sons.  This are issues that Americans are giving thought to.  I wanted to get as much information as possible so that I could talk to the public.  I also followed Jeremy Scahill and his documentary.  

At the end of the day, I concluded that I happen to respect Director Brennan and I believe the CIA is engaged in supporting military efforts that relate to terrorism.  That is my personal opinion.  I have a very difficult time assessing this situation.  I've reviewed Reprieve's evidence re. some of the people killed near SWAT Valley.  There is no way I can make a determination.  None whatsoever.  

Glenn Greenwald's article addressed the DOJ's memorandum about the drone program which I've read.  The ACLU speaks to the public about these issues.  Yes, they deal with gay rights but the drone program was one of their issues.  Intelligence and surveillance was one of their issues.  This website is a very serious website with links to serious articles like Glenn's.  

I thought the Valentine Card was funny and I thought it would be amusing to send it to DOJ and FBI because this is the issue that the news media was focused on at the time.  

The judge in the probation matter lied to my face.  I have every right to address grievances with the City Attorney; advise them to cease and desist; and address the fact that I was being targeted, slandered, and defamed with their office and Michelle Rice copied in.  I have heard from a law firm dealing with retaliation and the City Attorney that they are worse than you can imagine. 

That's how this situation unfolded.  Does CIA see a viable or credible threat?  You have the disposition matrix.  Not I.  I think many Valentine's Day Cards say "I'm taking you out this Valentine's Day."  I know.  I had a greeting card company and have my catalogues.  Cohen and others destroyed my businesses.  They are evidently working on a fraudulent and fabricated narrative that involves allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud.  Fortunately, for Cohen, LA is running
* a celebrity justice system.

Do you believe Leonard Cohen was arrested by Castro's forces who viewed him as a rebel during the Bay of Pigs?  Or, do you believe Leonard Cohen is a liar who embellishes stories?  I'd be interested to know. 

In any event, I am grateful to the CIA and believe our intelligence agencies have a difficult job and terrorism is a real and credible threat.  

All the best,