Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ's Criminal Division Re. Leonard Cohen, The Proxy, Michelle Rice, City Attorney, Los Angeles Superior Court

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Subject: Evidence - Email to Neal Greenberg
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Hello Criminal Division of DOJ,

Gianelli feels comfortable lying to IRS and FBI about me.  No one gave this man permission to criminally harass me, my sons, sister, friends, and others.  He is a lying psychopath and appears to be dangerously unstable.  The drone card to Streeter is not a death threat.  Streeter is a liar.  See all her comments about the IRS, IRS required form 1099, the "ruse," etc.  The woman is a liar.  She retaliated.  The drone card was sent to FBI and DOJ as an example of the type of insanity people are dealing with in LA.  That includes Alisa and the kielbasa comment, Coyote Shivers stopping into a restaurant and inadvertently running into his ex, and his comments online that sarcastically advised people to call LAPD if they saw his ex stalking him.  There's a restraining order scam going on in LA and that involves registering non-domestic violence foreign orders as domestic violence, having the City Attorney's Domestic VIolence Unit handle them, and LA Superior Court extort fees for domestic violence statute requirements.  That's a scam and it demands an investigation by the DOJ.  Coyote Shivers' representatives have also approached DOJ about this ongoing fraud.  

What's the relationship between Gianelli and Michelle Rice and Rice and Gianelli and the City Attorney?  Someone should seize their computers since LA Superior Court willfully ignores Brady requirements.  

All the best,

On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello IRS,

Do you think because you have access to someone's information you can criminally harass them and slander me to them?  He ended up with access to Eric Salter who then filed a criminal complaint with Ft. Lauderdale PD - as did I.  Many people have filed criminal complaints.  I never threatened to kill Leonard Cohen but you probably want to consider his very public history of drug abuse.  The man obviously does not think correctly.  I didn't discuss industrial accidents.  I commented on an email to you re. the date.  The restraining order, and fraudulent registration in California, will be addressed in my motion and I have evidence from the court in Boulder proving the California registration is fraudulent and noting that I - and others - were told it expired on February 15, 2009.  Is Vanderet going to slander me and say everyone's a liar?  The situation between the City Attorney and Gianelli demands an investigation.  I've spoken to the DA's office, Ethics Committee, and others.  The City Attorney directed Gianelli to criminally harass me and communicate official messages from their office to me.  That sounds extremely serious.  I don't communicate with Gianelli. I have repeatedly advised him to cease and desist.  My sister's attorney advised him the same thing.  My sons told him the emails make one of them physically ill and the other told him to SHUT UP and mentioned his worthless life.  

Leonard Cohen's the individual who engaged in corporate embezzlement and theft via default in a matter I wasn't served.  There are very serious federal tax and corporate matters here that have not been litigated.  

No one gave Gianelli permission to criminally harass me, my family, friends, Paulette Brandt, etc.  

Check out the posts about Napa Valley attorney Chuck Morse.  Evidently this is Gianelli's M.O.  I contacted him.  You should do the same.  

Judge Hess basically argued that the process server can get every detail wrong; did not allow me to call witnesses even though Cohen hadn't objected; and doesn't see seem to understand Gorham and void judgments.  I am hoping a federal judge does.  LA Superior Court has a serious problem with fraudulent proofs of service.  

Involuntary commitment?  Killer King.  None of the information in the file relates to me.  It's another human being.  Wrong spelling of the name; wrong SSN; wrong Medical number; wrong religion; wrong place of brith; wrong medical data.  What was right?  Steve Lindsey's phone number.  There was no hostage however LAPD told my son that they were there because my dog was my hostage and they precautions.  I came out in a bikini and they knew I wasn't hiding anything.  SMART works with LAPD's TMU.  You should find out if the DA's office contacted that unit.  

Is Gianelli talking about his pal, Ray Lawrence.  Let's take a look at this document and declarations fedexed to the judge in time for the hearing and willfully disregarded.  Don't forget - Lawrence and Gianelli were plotting to destroy my evidence or provide it to Michelle Rice.  It doesn't belong to Leonard Cohen.  Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, got in on that activity.  Who was the detective in Marin who warned Lawrence that he would take out a restraining order against him and whose Corporal contacted him?  Also, Lawrence, Gianelli, and Walsh criminally harassed Paulette, Mario, and others.  Lawrence and Gianelli plotted to falsely accuse me of tax fraud with Doug Davis/FTB.  Iv'e talked to the FTB's fraud unit.  They are.not permitted to speak to other people about me.  It's illegal.  I don't know Gianelli so that would be illegal.

I've filed claims against the City and County and I plan to file federal lawsuits.  I've talked to Miller's law firm and they told me this City Attorney is worse than you can imagine and retaliates.  Speak to them.  

Leonard Cohen's proxy is out of control.  As I've explained to Korn, Gianelli should enter a formal appearance with Judge Hess if he wants to communicate with me about Leonard Cohen.  In the meantime, I will continue to privately forward his emails to FBI, etc.  

All the best,

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