Friday, October 31, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen's Fraud Domestic Violence Order, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 2:02 PM
Subject: Re: Your serial false claim that the Colorado protection order was registered on May 25, 2011 as a "domestic violence restraining order"
To: "stan.garnett" <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, MollyHale <>,,, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>,,, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>,

Hello DOJ,

Gianelli is sending these criminally harassing emails re. Cohen legal matters to both of my email accounts, my sister, and Paulette Brandt.  I have been clear with Jeffrey Korn:  when Gianelli enters a formal appearance with LA Superior Court (in the fraud domestic violence order matter and the fraudulent judgment matter), I will communicate with him if ordered by the Court to do so.  I did not agree to an order based on fraud.  I still have not heard Cohen's testimony so I have no idea what was said and cannot afford to order it.  I did review his extensively perjured declaration, after the hearing, and filed this Motion to Quash.  These are the issues Cohen raised when he made his extraordinary flight into Boulder, Colorado.  His concerns, according to the Verified Motion, seemed to actually be my third party communications to IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, journalists, Oliver Stone, Bob Dylan, Paul Shaffer, and Dennis Riordan.  These are the parties he testified about.  He also testified that he obtained this order due to his "concerns" that I might attend his concert but that is not mentioned and the concert was scheduled for nearly a year following the hearings.  I think the non-resident had to be present for the hearing.  I have a constitutional right to confront my accuser.  He then "domesticated," according to his testimony at my 2012 IRS/Phil Spector trial, by modifying it and transforming it into a domestic violence order.  I, and others, were repeatedly advised by the Boulder Combined Court that the order expired on February 15, 2009.  See attached and perhaps you can understand why.  For a number of years, I had other people verify this with Boulder, Colorado Court as well.  They were told the order expired on February 15, 2009 and Enichen entered the Motion to Dismiss.  

This Court has no jurisdiction over the IRS.  She mentioned IRS matters also.  This order has been used to prevent me from requesting and receiving IRS required information from Cohen personally (2004 1099 I still do not have) and with respect to numerous corporations that transmitted K-1 partnership information to IRS indicating I am a partner.  The federal tax returns have not been amended.  I do not have any information on the "mistake" Cohen testified Westin corrected re. Traditional Holdings.  

I was not served Leonard Cohen's lawsuit; the proof of service is evidence of fraud; and the Court wrongfully transferred my property to Cohen via judgment.  The entities were not named as parties to the lawsuit; they appear to be sham entities; one has been suspended in California by FTB; TH does not have minimal ties to California; and it just goes on and on.

My friend is standing here noting that LA Superior Court forces one to FIGHT TO BE HEARD.  I think that's a very accurate and astute assessment.

All the best,

NOTE:  Kelley Lynch has no interest - whatsoever - in Bruce Cutler.  She now believes that he should marry Stephen Gianelli and they can spend their lives discussing her fictitious sex life with Oliver Stone.  They can also discuss her views that every time she thinks of Phil Spector's prosecutor, Judge Pat Dixon, she wants to Puke.  See Eminem's video for Puke where he - not Lynch - sings about "dry humping."  Lynch hopes Gianelli & Cutler enjoy Eminem's song that reminds Lynch of their pal "Judge Pat Dixon."  Lynch is aware, due to Gianelli's article at the time, that Pat Dixon feared for his life over Eminem's "dry humping' lyrics and believes the man should be drug tested.

Motion To Quash Cohen's Fraud - Boulder, Colorado
Boulder Justice Center
1777 Sixth Street
Boulder, Colorado 80306



vs. Case No. C0072008C 000776




Defendant Kelley Lynch moves the Court to quash Plaintiff's fraudulent
yet Permanent Civil Protection Order issued pursuant to Section
13-14-102 C.R.S. on the grounds that Plaintiff committed perjury in
his fraudulent and falsified Declaration submitted to the Court and
because Defendant was not properly served the Verified
Complaint/Motion for Civil Protection Order and the Temporary
Protection Order.

After recently reviewing the Court records, Defendant learned that
process server, Karl Scharck, filed a Return of Service on August 26,
2008 stating he served the Verified Complaint/Motion for Civil
Protection Order and the Temporary Protection Order by leaving it with
Defendant who refused service. This is an outright lie. The process
server entered private property, without permission, and did not
attempt to contact Defendant. He pounded on the door and shoved the
document under the door. Defendant had a witness present. Due to the
fraudulent proof of service Defendant maintains that the Court does
not at this time have jurisdiction. She has attempted to ask Springer
and Steinberg if they would like to serve her properly or reschedule a
new hearing but has heard nothing back.

Defendant has authorized Cohen, through Springer and Steinberg, to
serve Yongzin Rinpoche on her behalf. For the record, Defendant did
promise the Court that she would not contact Springer and Steinberg
but that was prior to learning that the process server perjured
himself. It was also prior to reading through the lies in Plaintiff
Leonard Norman Cohen's Declaration – proving to Defendant that he has
no respect, whatsoever, for any Court of law and will perjure himself
whenever it works to his benefit. Furthermore, Defendant is
representing herself and feels that all efforts to prevent her from
communicating about legal and/or tax matters is illegal,
unconstitutional, and violates her rights to freedom of speech and due
process of law.

The Declaration of Leonard N. Cohen marked as Exhibit A in the Court
records appears to be an entirely falsified and fraudulent document
and proves that Cohen is actually monitoring Defendant. This is an
Internal Revenue Service matter because Defendant went to the Internal
Revenue Service after her lawyers and accountant confirmed that Cohen
and his advisers committed civil criminal tax fraud. Since being told
that she was exposed to criminal tax fraud and used as an unwitting
pawn, Plaintiff’s attempts to crush, destroy, silence, and terrorize
her have been relentless. He has also targeted her children and
parents. These are my responses to the fraudulent statements in
Cohen's Declaration:

1. Defendant was Leonard Norman Cohen's personal manager and personal
assistant for approximately seventeen (17) years. I was never Cohen's
business manager and he is well aware of that. Plaintiff has had
business managers – such as Rich Feldstein – over the years. He has
had many advisers and all attempts to turn Defendant into something
she was not won't address his disdain for taxes.

2. Cohen has a pattern of blaming his advisers and employees for
things they have not done – some examples of his pattern of blaming
others include blaming Marty Machat, after his death, for his tax
fraud; alleging that his first managers (Mary Martin and Judy Berger)
the publishing to his songs "Suzanne," "Dress Rehearsal Rag," and
"Story of Isaac;" blaming his tour manager, Geoff Clennell, of
stealing from him on "The Future" tour; blaming Phil Spector for
drowning his vocals; blaming Jorge Calderon and Steve Meador
(musicians on one of his tours) for sabotaging his band; blaming
Jennifer Warnes for giving away 1/3 of the song “Song of Bernadette”
to someone who only wrote or played a chord on the piano; and,
generally lying for his own self-serving reasons. Defendant had
nothing to do with his complex corporate structures and elaborate tax
planning, off-shore accounts, Swiss bank account, abandoned green
card, various social security numbers, and possible residence issues
in Canada. These issues are at the very heart of this matter and
explain the lengths Plaintiff has gone in his attempts to "silence,"
crush, terrify, and destroy Defendant and her family. Defendant would
like to point out to the Court that she had a day job – serving as
Cohen's personal manager, personal assistant, and family slave – and
he had professional advisers handling the corporate structures and tax
matters. Those advisers included – but were not limited to: Neal
Greenberg, Richard Westin, Arthur Indursky, Don Friedman, Stuart
Fried, the Grubman Indursky firm, Greg McBowman, Ken Cleveland, Reeve
Chudd, Peter Lopez, Peter Shukat, Jonas Herbsman, Steve Blanq, the
Hochman Rettig firm, Burt Goldstein, and others. Cohen, Greenberg, and
Westin were wrapped in attorney/client privilege – essentially leaving
Defendant in the dark.

Defendant's Mother was actually fired after Defendant and Plaintiff
attended an event for the tribute album she put together for him – he
was furious that Defendant refused to have sex with him in Toronto.
Defendant's Mother can testify to this fact and believes Cohen – who
was never Defendant's lover (regardless of his lies to the news media)
– has been especially malicious and vindictive with Defendant because
of his obsession with her for so many years. Defendant has first-hand
personal knowledge and experience of that "obsession." Perhaps this is
why he lied to her young son's "father" about her having had sex with
Oliver Stone and Richard Rutowski – two men who can take the stand and
testify that those allegations are outright lies and do not really
address the very serious issues of tax fraud that have been raised.
Yongzin Rinpoche can testify to the fact that he was present when
Cohen's tax lawyer, Richard Westin, visited Defendant in Los Angeles.
At that time, Yongzin Rinpoche advised Defendant that Westin was a
pain in the ass and to get rid of him. Cohen's allegation that she had
sex with his tax lawyer to get a private annuity obligation, that was
extinguished from the 2003 tax return – without Defendant’s
understanding or knowledge, is absurd and outrageous.

3. Defendant was not terminated for cause and no termination was ever
discussed. After receiving a tax notice relating to Defendant’s 2001
return, changing accountants, hiring lawyers, and being advised that
she had been dragged into tax fraud, Defendant refused to meet with
Leonard Norman Cohen and his tax lawyer (Richard Westin) in order to
unravel certain entities. Defendant also refused to bring the
corporate books, records, assignments, stock certificates, etc. to any
meeting and this seemed to pave the way for the abusive and malicious
tactics that have been used against her and her family – presumably to
prevent her from going to the Internal Revenue Service and other
agencies, to undermine my credibility, and prevent Defendant from
testifying against Cohen and his advisers. This is precisely what
Defendant intends to do. The emails to the IRS Commissioner's Staff
and others have documented what Defendant and her family and friends
have gone through since Defendant was advised that she was used as an
unwitting pawn and exposed to Cohen's criminal tax fraud. These emails
and Ann Diamond’s article posted on her public website lead to the
fraudulent restraining order and nothing else whatsoever. Defendant
had no idea that Cohen was even in the country and does not believe
making a good faith attempt to determine what has happened and where
her assets have gone, etc., can possibly be construed as harassment.
Exhibit A - Ann Diamond’s Draft Article.

4. Defendant has repeatedly asked for a complete and proper forensic
accounting, and other documentation and explanations, from Cohen and
his advisers. The "ledger" attached to Cohen's fraudulent suit against
Defendant in Los Angeles Superior Court is incomplete and missing a
tremendous amount of back-up documentation and conveniently omits
assets owned by Defendant. Exhibit B – Dale Burgess' Fax to Dianne
DiMascio & Kelley Lynch dated February 3, 2003.

5. Cohen took loans from Traditional Holdings, LLC that were to be
repaid within three (3) years at 6% interest. Robert Kory wrote
Defendant's advisers asking if Defendant would forgive these loans.
Defendant will not forgive Cohen's debt to Traditional Holdings, LLC
and views every single distribution – regardless of how it is
characterized – as a debt that should be repaid at 6% interest by
Cohen. Defendant also intends to hold Neal Greenberg and Richard
Westin personally responsible for permitting the assets of Traditional
Holdings, LLC to be wasted. They both apparently understood that
Cohen’s level of borrowing was dangerous to the structure itself.

Cohen and his advisers are aware that the income from the sale to Sony
of certain assets (that were never transferred into Traditional
Holdings, LLC) was not reported on the 2001 federal income tax return;
the promissory note Defendant signed and had notarized was
extinguished from the 2002 tax return; and, the private annuity
obligation was extinguished from the 2003 tax return. This was done by
Cohen's advisers for Cohen's benefit without Defendant’s knowledge.
She believes the Traditional Holdings' "scheme" was conjured up by
Cohen, Greenberg, and, Westin – primarily – who understood Enron's
empty shell companies and the "Bowie Bond" concept. The plan seems to
have been to roll Traditional Holdings, LLC back into LC Investments,
LLC. Defendant could not have breached any fiduciary duty because it
was extinguished and would not have arisen until 2011 in any event.
Furthermore, Defendant acted solely in accordance with Cohen and his
advisers' instructions and advice. Exhibit C - DiMascio Letter to Kory
dated December 17, 2004.

Defendant has been advised that Cohen's transaction fees – in
connection with the Sony sale (paid for by Traditional Holdings)
totaled approximately 30% and views those fees as outstanding debt.
Defendant was told that the penalties and interest with respect to the
tax fraud – on three (3) entities – approximated $30 million as of the
fall of 2004. Defendant was offered 50% community property, palimony,
30% royalties – based on her ownership interest and commissions, other
reimbursements, and asked to participate in what she believes was an
illegal mediation – presumably to lie and say Cohen was defrauded by
his advisers. There was also some discussion – between Dale Burgess
and Robert Kory – about $10,000 a month walking around money for
Defendant. That was not Defendant's experience or perception and she
refused to participate deciding instead to pay her own outstanding
taxes (as instructed by her CPA) for the years 2001 through 2003 and
report the tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service. Fortunately,
Cohen is on a worldwide tour – reportedly making approximately $2
million per concert (not including record royalties, merchandising,
publishing, performance income, etc.) – and will now have the assets
to pay all debts, tax payments, and can reimburse Defendant the
commissions, royalties, ownership interest in certain entities, and so
forth, owed her. Defendant will separately address issues relating to
wrongful termination, fraud, conversion, intentional tort, etc. when
she is able to speak with Bruce Cutler. Boies Schiller informed
Defendant that she has a $15 million suit against Cohen relating to
these issues. Exhibit D - Lynch Email to DiMascio & Berardo dated
April 13, 2005.

6. Defendant firmly believes that she was defrauded by Cohen because
she owned 99.5% of Traditional Holdings, LLC and 15% of Blue Mist
Touring Company, Inc. Defendant was never a trustee on these entities
but rather has corporate books and records, assignments,
documentation, and stock certificates proving her ownership interests.
Lynch is in possession of an email from Richard Westin advising her
that he believed she was entitled to 15% ownership interest in Old
Ideas, LLC when he formed that entity. Westin also emailed Lynch that
he never represented her and confirmed that Traditional Holdings, LLC
was a valid entity with a real private annuity obligation.
Unfortunately, Westin emailed that to Lynch after extinguishing the
annuity obligation from the tax return. Defendant has amended and
filed final tax returns for Traditional Holdings, LLC in order to
prevent Cohen and his advisers from doing anything further in her
name. She has asked the IRS Commissioner’s Staff to determine
precisely what should have been done on all tax returns relating to
Traditional Holdings, LLC, Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., LC
Investments, LLC, and Old Ideas, LLC – and to calculate the taxes that
should have been paid and all penalties and interest.

7. Defendant was never a partner on the entity known as LC
Investments, LLC and there are no corporate documents proving
otherwise. The Internal Revenue Service advised Defendant that K1s had
been issued to her for the years 2004 and 2005 by LC Investments, LLC.
There was also a K1 issued to her in the State of Kentucky by this
entity. Defendant
maintains that these were illegally issued as she was never a partner.
Nevertheless, Defendant intends to claim 99.5% of LC Investments, LLC
as her rightful property due to the actions of Cohen and his advisers.
Exhibit E - K1s issued by LC Investments, LLC to Cohen and Lynch and
Westin Letter to State of Kentucky dated October 6, 2004.

8. Defendant refused to enter an appearance in Cohen's fraudulent
lawsuit against her in Los Angeles Superior Court. She advised Cohen,
his lawyers, and others that she was not served the lawsuit, refused
to participate in fraud, and had been advised that Cohen had committed
civil and criminal tax fraud. Defendant believes that lawsuit was
brought solely due to the fact that she went to the Internal Revenue
Service and State of Kentucky regarding Cohen's tax fraud – that may
extend to two countries (the United States and Canada) and may go back
to at least 1977 in the United States. A 1977 tax memo exists advising
Cohen not to pay taxes anywhere he has a residence but cautioning him
not to have a green card. Cohen did have a green card and – after
Marty Machat’s death in 1988 - abandoned that and attempted to blame
Mr. Machat for the problems he himself created. He also had a number
of social security numbers, off-shore holding accounts, and a disdain
for paying ordinary income taxes.

9. Defendant refused to enter an appearance in Neal Greenberg's
lawsuit against Cohen related to the so-called interpleaded funds.
Defendant believes that is a fraudulent matter as well and maintains
that Plaintiff Leonard Norman Cohen, Greenberg, Westin, and others,
came up with a scheme to cover their actions. Defendant believes they
have acted in collusion in an attempt to defend themselves against
allegations of tax fraud – civil and/or criminal - or securities

10. Plaintiff, Leonard Norman Cohen, took out a fraudulent restraining
order against Defendant in Los Angeles. That has since expired.
Defendant believes this was a desperate attempt to prevent her from
addressing very serious issues of tax fraud and the fact that she was
defrauded by Plaintiff. Cohen has gone to extraordinary lengths to
crush and silence Defendant – including having his lawyer, Robert
Kory, file a Declaration in her younger son's "custody matter" after
the child witnessed a conversation about tax fraud, threats, stolen
intellectual property, missing tax returns, and so forth. Defendant
maintains that all of this activity was coordinated – presumably to
prevent her from reporting the tax fraud and "encouraging" her to
testify in a manner in which Plaintiff wanted. Defendant does not
believe a fraudulent restraining order is a proper means to prevent
her from determining what has actually occurred with respect to Blue
Mist Touring Company, Inc., Traditional Holdings, LLC, LC Investments,
LLC, Old Ideas, LLC, and possibly other entities. Robert Kory told
Defendant, at their luncheon, that she had a cause of action against
every one of Cohen's advisers, confirmed that certain holding periods
were illegal, and confirmed that there was tax fraud on every entity –
going back until at least 1996 and possibly relating to the sale of
assets by Stranger Music, Inc. and Bad Monk Publishing to Sony, as
well as the failed CAK bond deal.

11. Defendant has no idea why Plaintiff is interested in her
terminated AOL accounts. Defendant gave the Internal Revenue Service,
Phil Spector, and others the passwords to and so they could review all emails between Defendant,
Cohen, his advisers, and others, and make an independent determination
as to what had gone on.

12. After being victimized by Cohen's utterly malicious tactics,
Defendant believes his allegation that she has referred to him in
highly offensive pejorative terms is ludicrous. Defendant maintains
that he is "deranged," a "criminal" who has defrauded the United
States government and perjured himself in a number of courts in the
United States, a fraud who has possibly perjured himself in Phil
Spector's "secret grand jury," and has advised Cohen and others that
His Holiness Kusum Lingpa believes he is an "asshole who is going to
hell." Defendant has disclosed facts that she was privy to regarding
Cohen and was advised, by Norman Posel of Boies Schiller and others,
that Cohen was going to destroy her if she told the truth about him.
Defendant mailed the email sent her by Boies Schiller – stating that
they were going to destroy her - to the FBI in Denver. The truth is
the defense to slander. Cohen himself told Lynch that Freda Guttman
advised Ann Diamond that Lorca Cohen had made comments at Concordia
University alleging that her father had molested her. Lynch was asked
by Cohen to speak to her brother-in-law, Van Penick, about Cohen’s
concerns that he slept with a 15-year old nanny and statutes of
limitations; residence and tax issues that concerned him in Canada;
U.S. tax credits for donating his body of work to the University of
Toronto; and the fact that Ann Diamond repeated Freda Guttman’s
remarks to her on a public website. Ann Diamond was threatened by Kory
Law Firm around the time Cohen flew into Boulder to take out a
fraudulent restraining order. Defendant views this as a desperate act
– solely meant to silence her and to prevent her from addressing
various issues with Robert Kory and Michelle Rice. Defendant is
representing herself and believes she has a right to determine where
her assets have gone and precisely how much she is owed by Plaintiff.
Boies Schiller, after reviewing a tremendous amount of evidence,
advised Defendant that Plaintiff owed her millions. Given the fact
that neither Cohen nor his advisers will address these issues,
Defendant has taken the position that any monies advanced her,
distributed to her or anyone from Traditional Holdings, LLC, paid to
her in accordance with corporate books and records, given to her
without supplying her with a requested 1099, etc., are gifts.
Defendant believes Plaintiff should now pay the gift taxes. Defendant
further maintains that Cohen owes the taxes, penalties, and interest
in connection with his advisers work relative to all entities and
Lynch's involvement with said entities for his sole benefit and with
his full knowledge and awareness. Defendant also maintains that she is
entitled to $240,000/year, $20,000/year, and possibly other
distributions, etc., in connection with Traditional Holdings, LLC – as
stated clearly in the corporate books and records. If there is an
accounting issue with respect to Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc.,
Defendant believes Cohen should take full responsibility for that and
notes that his former CPA, Ken Cleveland, and her former CPA, Dale
Burgess, both feel the assets allegedly sold by Traditional Holdings,
LLC are still in Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc.

13. Defendant has not falsely alleged that Cohen committed tax fraud.
Defendant was told (by DiMascio & Berardo, Dale Burgess, CPA, and
others) that he committed both civil and criminal tax fraud and
exposed her to it unwittingly. Mike Taitelman, a lawyer who briefly
represented Defendant, had a phone conversation with Robert Kory. He
advised Defendant that if she did what they wanted her to do they
would say Defendant was used as a pawn – which she was. If not, they
would say Defendant orchestrated this incredibly insane "mess."
Taitelman also advised Defendant to look at the risks and conditions
and apparently told Kory he wanted her protected. She did and decided
to stand on her own. Bert Deixler told Defendant he could walk her
into the Attorney General of the State of California and have the poet
arrested. He also apparently had conversations with DiMascio and Kory.
It was Defendant's intention, all along, to report this "matter" to
the Internal Revenue Service, the State of Kentucky, and others. After
paying all taxes she was advised to pay, Defendant informed Agent Bill
Betzer of the Internal Revenue Service – on April 15, 2005 – that she
believed there was fraud on various entities. Agent Betzer advised
Defendant to bring this matter to the attention of the IRS through a
lawyer and to go get what was rightfully hers – 99.5% of Traditional
Holdings, LLC and 15% of Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. Eventually,
Agent Betzer advised Defendant to call the Fraud Hotline. She did.
Defendant also contacted the IRS through its website and phoned them
in Washington, D.C. – and explained some of the malicious and vicious
tactics being used against her. Agent Betzer confirmed that Miss Hall,
who Lynch spoke with at the IRS in Washington, called her. Mr. John
Maunts of the State of Kentucky advised Defendant to put the Blue Mist
Touring Company assignments in a safety deposit box when she contacted
them. Defendant has also brought this matter to the attention of Mr.
Rob Watts/State of Kentucky, the California Franchise Tax Board, the
California Department of Corporations, and others.

14. Defendant reported Cohen's illegal use of her social security
number on the illegally issued K1s from LC Investments, LLC to the
Social Security Administration. She then provided the Internal Revenue
Service and others this information. Defendant believes this is what
Plaintiff is referring to when he states that she made his social
security number public. Defendant does not know if Cohen also
committed tax evasion but his advisers repeatedly refer to this.

15. Defendant believes Cohen and/or Kory encouraged Steven Clark
Lindsey (her young son's father) to place a fraudulent call to 911.
This seems to have brought a SWAT Team comprised of at least two
police departments – LAPD and Inglewood PD – to Defendant's former
home in Brentwood, California. Defendant was not dangerous to herself
or others and did not have a hostage. Her young son was taken down the
hill prior to the arrival of SWAT by her older son. The police
willfully ignored all eye witnesses and relied on remarks made by
Steven Clark Lindsey. Steven Clark Lindsey appears to have used this
situation to take custody of Defendant's young son when she was taken
to King Drew. Dr. D'Angelo of King Drew did not agree with anyone's
assessment that Defendant was dangerous to herself or others. In fact,
en route to King Drew, Defendant was questioned about Phil Spector
while her older son, Rutger Penick, was asked by Steven Clark Lindsey
to go into Kory's office and sign over/transfer her house to Leonard
Norman Cohen and/or Robert Kory. Lynch does not believe the King Drew
file relates to her. It is entirely falsified and notes that she was
19, lists the wrong social security number, wrong date of birth, wrong
place of birth, wrong religion, fraudulent medical information, and
may relate to paperwork Brian Bennett (Los Angeles District Attorney's
Office) brought to Defendant's home when he came to interview her
about Phil Spector – after someone placed an anonymous tip about their
friendship. According to Brian Bennett that call was placed by a
woman. Defendant maintains that Cohen, Lindsey, Kory, Bergman, and
others coordinated these events – possibly with the Los Angeles
District Attorney, LAPD, Inglewood PD, and others. This is a
reasonable assumption and Defendant believes the District Attorney had
the power and motive to have her taken to King Drew. She believes this
was an attempt to force her to make a deal with Cohen and testify
against Phil Spector. This does not necessarily explain why the nurse
who told her the file was falsified said she was being transferred.
Defendant has asked the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of
Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, Phil Spector, Bruce
Cutler, Doron Weinberg, the Attorney General of California, and others
to investigate this. Exhibit F_- King Drew Falsified File on Kelly
Lynch and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Internal Memorandum on King
Drew dated April 8, 2005.

16. Defendant placed calls to Plaintiff's home during the SWAT
incident – where her son was used as a human shield and hostage
negotiator (and told that his Mother and dog would be shot) – because
she felt what she was watching unfold was directly related to Cohen.
Defendant will subpoena those messages when she is properly
represented – hopefully by Bruce Cutler – NOTE:  Cutler is Phil
Spector's problem.  I’ve heard from Phil Spector and advised him of
Cutler’s actions – he should have handed my letters over to Phil
Spector and his legal team due to the testimony about Phil Spector and
a gun; the emails between Cohen and the City Attorney re. guns; the
involvement of Alan Jackson and Steve Cooley (see Closing Arguments,
Cohen’s testimony about Cooley and my emails); and the DA investigator
in the courtroom. Defendant has asked Phil Spector to join her in a
lawsuit against the District Attorney of Los Angeles, LAPD, Inglewood
PD, King Drew, various individual officers – including Maurice
Hampton, Erma Oppenhein, Garrin, and others – Leonard Norman Cohen,
Steven Clark Lindsey, Betsy Superfon, Robert Kory, Ricardo Cestero –
Greenberg Glusker, Scott Edelman and Ken Doran – Gibson Dunn, Ira
Reiner, Daniel Bergman, Harvey Steinman, and others. As Mr. Spector is
currently on trial for murder Defendant has been unable to discuss
this with him. Defendant believes her views that he is innocent put
her life in danger. Mr. Spector informed Defendant – after the Lana
Clarkson incident – that she committed suicide at his home and he was
innocent. Defendant believed him and refused to fabricate or embellish
stories about him for the Los Angeles District Attorney. She felt the
District Attorney was not satisfied with her views on Phil Spector.
This ultimately led to Defendant being threatened by the District
Attorney after filing a complaint about Cohen with their Major Fraud
Unit and she believes this is nothing other than witness tampering,
witness intimidation harassment, etc. In fact, after attempting to
leave a message with “Garrin” of LAPD for "Maurice Hampton" of Los
Angeles Police Department and speaking with members of “SMART” about
Hampton and “Erma Oppenhein,” Officer Storbeck of Boulder Police
Department came into Deneuve Construction (where Defendant worked)
demanding to know if Defendant was dangerous to herself or others.
Defendant has contacted the FBI in Denver about this incident and was
advised to ask the District Attorney of Boulder and the Attorney
General of Colorado to investigate this incident which she feels
proves that various activities are crossing state borders – including,
but not limited to, the present matter.

17. Defendant was served a copy of Plaintiff's fraudulent restraining
order in California but asked Sergeant Fernandez to throw it in the
trash can. She herself threw it in the trash can in front of him and
asked if everyone in the State of California was participating in
Cohen's tax fraud.

18. Defendant has no idea how many emails she has sent documenting the
destruction of her life but given the fact that the IRS Commissioner's
Staff has been copied in on most, if not all, of them she feels they
can have the final say. Defendant said Cohen used prescription meth.
This is a story that Cohen himself loved to tell. Cohen also has told
the press over the years that he did drugs so she does not understand
why he is now complaining about this. Defendant believes Cohen has
committed egregious perjury and fraud.

19. Defendant maintains that Plaintiff and his advisers have used
Nazi-esque tactics against her – and her parents and children.
Defendant does not know what Plaintiff is attempting to prove here but
feels he is merely trying to gain the sympathy of the FBI in Denver.
Defendant feels that the FBI in Denver is aware that the Aryan Nation
exists and they have connections to meth labs. Defendant brought this
up for personal reasons that she has brought to the attention of the
IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice, and others
because she felt certain information endangered her life. Having said
this, Defendant was amused to note that there is an Aryan Nation
dating website. Defendant has no idea if the FBI in Denver lies
because she doesn't know them. What Defendant does know is that she
and a Duty Agent at the Denver FBI do not necessarily see eye to eye
on why Officer Storbeck rolled into Deneuve Construction with the
Police Chief's secretary. The Duty Agent did not seem to feel that
LAPD was behind this but Defendant feels they were involved.

20. Defendant's house would not have been foreclosed upon if Leonard
Norman Cohen and Steven Clark Lindsey paid Defendant the monies they
owe her. Defendant believes Cohen is now proving that he is an utterly
cruel and malicious man who is capable of anything when forced to
defend himself. Defendant never had a disposable cell phone and
wonders why Cohen seems upset that Defendant managed to document every
detail of what she has and continues to go through – including by
using computers at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, California when
she was homeless.

21. Defendant has brought her encounters with Santa Monica Police
Department to the attention of the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the
Department of Justice, Phil Spector, Bruce Cutler, Doron Weinberg, and
others. Defendant was told by Officers Rogozik and Arnold that they
understood she knew Phil Spector. That comment needs to be
investigated as does all the activity that took place between many
officers in Santa Monica and Defendant. She was advised that they were
playing a game with her and feels some of this is due to the fact that
she went to Internal Affairs about Officer D'Andrea and may relate to
the Los Angeles District Attorney. It's interesting for Defendant to
read that Santa Monica Police Department was closely monitoring her.
Defendant feels there is an unbelievable amount of law enforcement all
over this story. Defendant has a warrant in Santa Monica for smoking a
cigarette on the curb. When she reported this incident to Internal
Affairs she had a gang of police officers harassing her. If an officer
referred to Defendant as a "5150" Defendant will sue him for slander.
Santa Monica Police Department took Defendant to UCLA Harbor after she
attempted to report that she believed she was being stalked by Drew
Feldman – who has a reputation of stalking homeless women, putting
them in rohypnol comas, possibly having gave someone a dirty speed
ball which led to their death, and is someone who was on protective
custody in Avanol State Prison. Defendant has asked the IRS
Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice, Phil Spector, Bruce
Cutler, Doron Weinberg, and others to investigate what happened to her
at UCLA Harbor, King Drew, and UCLA – after she was rear-ended and
knocked unconscious on June 13, 2005. Defendant has asked Bruce Cutler
to help her attack laws relating to "5150" incidents and restraining
orders because she feels they are unconstitutional and violate one's
lawful right to due process. She also believes these tactics are
highly abused and feels the Courts should understand this also.

22. Defendant came to Erie, Colorado after Yongzin Rinpoche and his
wife, Clea Surkhang, extended an invitation to her. Defendant did not
say she moved to Colorado to avoid being arrested and maintains that
Cohen is and always will be a fiction writer.

23. Defendant does not believe for a moment that Cohen hoped she would
remain employed and firmly believes that his lawyer's letters to Phil
Shull's attorney (Craig Blockwick) and David Moorhead are evidence of
this. In fact, after receiving Robert Kory's letter, David Moorhead
advised Defendant that he believed Kory was behind Officer Storbeck's
visit to Deneuve Construction. Defendant understands why Plaintiff
might find her emails to the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department
of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, and others
disturbing and possibly threatening because she has been told that
Cohen committed civil and criminal tax fraud. Defendant has advised
Cohen and Kory that they should take restraining orders out against
these agencies if they find their presence threatening.

24. Defendant does not know where 90 Arapahoe is in Boulder, Colorado,
and cannot understand why Cohen felt she lived there. His lawyer,
Robert Kory, wrote her c/o Liz Craig, 7432 Brockway Drive, Boulder,
Colorado 80302, and Cohen was aware that she was staying at the
Boulder Hostel on 13th Street. In fact, Defendant believes Ronald
Mitchell involved himself in this matter as a means to avoid possible
liability that arose when Defendant found herself being threatened by
various tenants in that building – which she reported to him, the IRS
Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko –
Treasury Department, Phil Spector, Bruce Cutler, Doron Weinberg, and
others. Defendant maintains that Cohen and Mitchell are acting in
collusion and has asked various agencies and individuals to
investigate this possibility.

25. With respect to the firing squad comment, Defendant does not
believe she could assemble one and places an emphasis on the word
"should." This is not a threat but rather addresses Cohen's own desire
– as he advised Defendant – to be killed by a firing squad. This is
how Plaintiff told Defendant he would like to die. Defendant maintains
that her response was tempered and is temperate – given the facts of
what has occurred including Cohen and his advisers targeting her
children. Defendant was asked for Cohen and Lindsey's addresses. The
individuals who asked for their addresses, after witnessing what was
going on, did indeed say "accidents happen." Defendant did not say
this but merely repeated it. She did not give these individuals Cohen
and Lindsey's addresses.

26. Defendant will ask Bruce Cutler, if he agrees to represent her, to
subpoena all messages she left for Robert Kory.

27. Defendant does not believe turning in what she has been told is
civil and criminal tax fraud qualifies as a threat. Defendant is
addressing the police misconduct in Boulder and has asked Bruce Cutler
to help her bring a RICO suit against various government agencies, law
enforcement, and certain individuals, and maintains that she is the
victim of a campaign of harassment that extends to Boulder Police
Department. She has brought this to the attention of, and documented
it for, the IRS Commissioner's Staff,. the Department of Justice,
Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, the Attorney General of
California, the Attorney General of Colorado, the Los Angeles District
Attorney, the Boulder District Attorney, LAPD, Boulder Police
Department, Internal Affairs, Phil Spector, Bruce Cutler, Doron
Weinberg, and others. It demands an investigation. Kory Law Group did
not like the fact that Defendant was documenting her situation for
government agencies, law enforcement, and the press. They addressed
this in their threatening letter to Ann Diamond – obviously meant to
silence and scare her.

28. David Moorhead did counsel Defendant and advised her that he felt
the District Attorney of Los Angeles was behind her being taken to
King Drew noting that the District Attorney had the power and motive
to do so unless the cops acted on their own. David Moorhead also felt
Robert Kory, as stated above, was somehow involved with or behind
Boulder Police Department's visit to Defendant's place of work. David
Moorhead did not see any threats and noted that he did not feel
Defendant could assemble a firing squad. Defendant actually believes
that Cohen should be charged with criminal tax fraud and other things,
and arrested.

29. Defendant is free to communicate with the government agencies, law
enforcement, journalists, and others she has copied in on her emails
because the United States of America guarantees freedom of speech.
Defendant has not tracked Cohen's whereabouts or concerts – her
friend, Maurice Smith, has been reading the press and has sent
Defendant certain articles so that she may address the slander,
defamation of character, etc., and the fact that Cohen is making
approximately $2 million a night and refuses to pay her what she is
owed. Defendant has provided the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the
Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, Phil
Spector, Iris Keitel – ABKCO Records, Ron Burkle, Lee Kanon Alpert,
His Holiness Thinley Norbu, His Holiness Karmapa, His Holiness
Sharmapa, Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, and Robert MacMillan with a
tremendous amount of evidence supporting her position that Cohen has
committed tax fraud and
defrauded her.

30. Defendant maintains that Cohen has committed civil and criminal
tax fraud. In fact, her former accountant, Dale Burgess, advised
Defendant that he believes Criminal Intelligence of the Internal
Revenue Service is or should be involved in an investigation of the
alleged tax fraud. Defendant also maintains that she believes Cohen
perjured himself in Phil Spector's secret grand jury. The reason for
this is that Defendant met the detectives from LAPD who came to
discuss Cohen's comments about Mr. Spector in the news media. At that
time, Steve Cron – an attorney who Defendant knew – advised Defendant
to leave Cohen's house because she did not want to be a witness in the
Phil Spector Murder Trial. She was later told by Investigator John
Thompson that she was probably a witness. Fortunately, she is not on
the witness list but rather waiting for Phil Spector to join her in a
lawsuit against all the parties that have destroyed her life –
including the Los Angeles District Attorney. Cohen told Defendant over
the years that he simply did not like the sound of his vocals on the
album Phil Spector produced. Phil Spector told Defendant that he found
working with Cohen depressing and received hate mail from all eight
(8) of Cohen's fans. Cohen told Defendant that he felt upset by having
to telegram Phil Spector asking him to finish the album. Cohen also
told Defendant that he advised the detectives that his comments to the
about Phil Spector throughout the years were merely good rock 'n roll
stories. Defendant believes these good rock 'n roll stories have been
highly embellished for the news media in order to help Cohen promote
his career and sell albums. There is ample evidence that using Phil
Spector's name when talking to journalists is a way to achieve
celebrity and sell records. Defendant maintains that Cohen owes her
millions and will address this more specifically when she is properly
represented. Defendant also believes Cohen made some type of deal with
the Los Angeles District Attorney which led to her being taken to King
Drew. She feels it was an attempt to prevent her from successfully
informing the Internal Revenue Service of his tax fraud and coercing
testimony against Phil Spector from her. Defendant also maintains that
the King Drew file can never be explained away and is evidence of

31. Defendant believes Cohen hunted her down in Boulder, Colorado, and
finds that deeply disturbing. Defendant has no interest, whatsoever,
in Cohen, his concerts, or his lies. Defendant's attempts to
truthfully address what has gone on with respect to her, Leonard
Norman Cohen, Phil Spector, her parents, her children, and others, is
not going to abate. Defendant did not move from California to evade
the jurisdiction of California law enforcement but would like to
determine why she has become well-known to them when she rarely even
had a parking ticket prior to having Cohen's tax fraud confirmed to
her and being told that she could not make any type of deal. In fact,
Defendant was told that her only options were to amend the tax returns
and/or go to the Internal Revenue Service. Defendant did not trust
anyone to amend the tax returns, has no idea what has actually been
done in her name, and brought the allegations of civil and criminal
tax fraud to Agent Bill Betzer of the Internal Revenue Service, the
Internal Revenue Service via it's website, the State of Kentucky, the
California State Franchise Tax Board, and has provided evidence to the
IRS Commissioner's Staff via their email address
* Defendant met with agents from the U.S.
Treasury Department and advised them that she believes her son's
custody matter arose from her discovery of Cohen's tax fraud. Robert
Kory's Declaration is evidence of this. Agent Sopko provided Defendant
with the name of the head of fraud for the IRS in Los Angeles.
Defendant then contacted him and provided him with information she
felt might be relevant. Exhibit G - Agent Kelly Sopko's email to
Kelley Lynch dated March 6, 2007.

Defendant maintains that Cohen's sole motivation for filing a
fraudulent lawsuit against her is the fact that she brought the
allegations of tax fraud to the attention of the IRS Commissioner's
Staff, Mr. John Maunts – State of Kentucky, and others. Defendant
maintains that Cohen is disturbed that his attempts to silence,
terrify, crush, and destroy her did not work. This is evidence, to
Defendant, of what this man is capable of – including attempting to
have Defendant and Phil Spector take the fall for him. Defendant
believes Cohen made a deal with the Los Angeles District Attorney that
relates to Defendant and Mr. Spector and may somehow involve his
lawyer, former District Attorney Ira Reiner, who was apparently
guiding Cohen's attempt to have illegal mediations and was
communicating with Lynch’s lawyers. Defendant has mailed evidence that
Cohen and Kory advised Norman Posel, Boies Schiller, and possibly
others, that they were going to destroy her and her children to the
IRS Commissioner’s Staff, the Department of Justice, Agent Kelly Sopko
– Treasury Department, the Denver FBI, and others. Defendant was told
by Greenberg's lawyer, Dan Scheid, that the witness and evidence
tampering the Denver FBI Duty Agent told her would be considered
criminal, relates to Leonard Norman Cohen, Robert Kory, and
possibly Steven Clark Lindsey, Betsy Superfon, and others. Defendant
has asked the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice,
Agent Kelly Sopko – Treasury Department, Phil Spector, Bruce Cutler,
Doron Weinberg, and others, to investigate these allegations.
Defendant has repeatedly made it clear to Cohen, his advisers, and
others that she plans to address all of this in a legal manner. She
refuses to stoop to rotten, shabby, malicious legal tactics. Defendant
and others believe this particular matter, and the fact that Cohen was
so desperate that he flew into Boulder, is evidence that he is insane,
unstable, desperate, and volatile. His lawyers are merely liars, from
what Defendant has experienced, who are willing to lie in court and in
documents filed with the court, and who should be investigated and
disbarred – and probably charged with aiding and abetting an attempted
cover up of criminal tax fraud and arrested. In fact, a former
attorney for Leonard Norman Cohen (Ed Dean) told Lynch this: If the
IRS Commissioner believes there is fraud and not negligence he will
come in after the lawyers and accountants as well. Defendant believes
the IRS should investigate the roles Cohen's various advisers played
in his various tax planning schemes.

Given the fact that Kory "himself" has written Defendant that the IRS
will demand to review certain matters going back many years, Defendant
wonders why Cohen did not go to the IRS with her – particularly if he
believes he was defrauded by his advisers. Defendant also wonders why
– after alleging that Neal Greenberg had committed securities
violations – Cohen did not go to the SEC as she did. All of this leads
Defendant to believe that Cohen, Greenberg, Westin, and others,
conspired with one another and planned the lawsuits in LA Superior
Court and the U.S. District Court in Denver. It certainly gives the
appearance that they have acted in collusion. The result of these
suits appears to have been to discredit Defendant while protecting one
another and attempting to cover up the fact that all these parties
were involved in creating and structuring these entities and in the
creation of this complicated tax scheme - for the sole benefit of
Leonard Norman Cohen. In fact, Neal Greenberg is attempting to take
cover behind Defendant. He has been advised not to use any documents
or information she permitted Boies Schiller to review in an attempt to
defend himself. Defendant was egregiously used by his lawyer, Norman
Posel, when he worked for Boies Schiller – after he was asked by His
Holiness Kusum Lingpa to protect her. Instead, His Holiness Thinley
Norbu, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, His Holiness the 14th
Sharmapa, Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, Bruce Cutler, Doron Weinberg, Ron
Burkle, Robert MacMillan, Lee Kanon Alpert, Iris Keitel of ABKCO
Records, the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of the Treasury,
Agent Kelly Sopko of the Treasury Department, the Denver FBI, and oth

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On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hi Berkeley PD,

I was arrested for violating the fraudulently registered "domestic violence" order.  The Boulder Combined Court has written to confirm their order wasn't domestic violence.  Please review the information about the order used to arrest me on LA Superior Court's website used to arrest me.  BQ, according to the Court, means downtown LA Superior Court, Family Law Domestic VIolence restraining order.  Leonard Cohen's lawyers have written IRS and testified that the fraud order prevents me from requesting and receiving IRS required information.  They perjured themselves during my trial and said Cohen provided me with IRS required form 1099 for 2004.  I am sitting here with IRS transcripts proving they lied.  They also transmitted K-1 partnership documents to IRS indicating that I am a partner on a company I was not a partner in - and showing $0 income.  They also transmitted to IRS, with the tax returns, K-1 partnership documents related to another entity showing income.  I paid taxes on that income.  Cohen has now taken the position that i am not a partner.  IRS, FTB, and State of Kentucky view me as a partner on numerous Cohen-related entities.  I have now been falsely arrested and imprisoned twice.  Who prosecuted me and retaliated against me?  LA City Attorney's "Domestic VIolence Unit."  LAPD's report confirms that my emails were generally requests for tax information and forwarded that report to the City Attorney's office.  I suppose all you need to be to win your lawsuit is a fraud celebrity with lying lawyers that will do anything.  It helps if the DA and CIty Attorney join forces and lie to the Court, jurors, etc.  They shock the conscience.

I would like to point out that I never received an extradition hearing and was never appointed a lawyer for any extradition hearing.  I was just kidnapped by employees of Los Angeles County.

All the best,
Kelley Lynch


Case Number:  BQ033717
Filing Date:  05/25/2011
Case Type:  Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Why do you think it was "irrelevant" to Enichen that Cohen, a non-Colorado resident (with no ties to Colorado), wasn't present for the hearing.  Does she view the Confrontation Clause of the United States Constitution irrelevant?

I am being criminally harassed over this and have been since May 2009 when Gianelli communicated with Michelle Rice.  He also written you and is now criminally harassing my sister, whose lawyer advised him to cease and desist, and Paulette Brandt, a woman he does not know who was Phil Spector's personal assistant.  The order was registered in California as a "domestic violence" order.  It's right there on LA Superior Court's website.  Boulder Combined Court wrote me that the original is NOT domestic violence.  The provided me with Cohen's Verified Motion that does not check off "domestic abuse."  We were not in a statutory required dating relationship. Sexual harassment and indecent exposure, raised in Neal Greenberg's lawsuit, are not a dating relationship.  

My emails to the IRS Commissioner's Staff were raised as an issue.  And now, Cohen's lawyers have written IRS and testified that this fraud order prevents me from requesting and/or receiving IRS required information and corporate tax and accounting information.  That will be litigated in federal court and Detective Viramontes of LAPD's TMU told me that Cohen did not feel comfortable with my requests for tax information, the order prevents me from requesting IRS information, and felt the IRS should obtain this information for me.  That sounds highly illegal.

In any event, Gianelli also wrote Boulder PD.  I would like that evidence maintained.  

Kelley Lynch


Case Number:  BQ033717
Filing Date:  05/25/2011
Case Type:  Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Subject: Your serial false claim that the Colorado protection order was registered on May 25, 2011 as a "domestic violence restraining order"
Cc:, blind <>

Ms. Lynch,

The September 2, 2008 Colorado protection order was NOT registered on May 25, 2011 as a “domestic violence restraining order”, it was registered as an “Out-of-State Restraining Order”.

And the order that Anthony S. Jones signed says “The attached out-of-state restraining order is registered and enforceable in California, and can be entered into CLETS, unless it ends or is changed by the court that made it”.

As the order itself says, if you want the Colorado order vacated or terminated, you need to ask the Colorado court that made the order to do that.

However, given your recent history of being convicted and jailed for violating the Colorado order, and then being jailed for violating your probation following release from your original jail sentence, I cannot imagine the Colorado court doing that.

One thing is certain, the California court doesn’t have that power. (See linked order.)