Monday, October 27, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To Criminal Division DOJ Re. The Ongoing Criminal Harassment

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Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 4:39 AM
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Hello Criminal Division of DOJ,

Stephen Gianelli continues to criminally harass my friend, Clea Surkhang.  Gianelli has evidently discovered that Clea is Yongzin Rinpoche's wife.  After Cohen heard I was reporting his criminal tax fraud to IRS, he and Kory went into Steve Lindsey's office and advised him that I was having sex with Oliver Stone.  They clearly intended to stir up a custody matter.  Cohen personally advised Steve Lindsey that I used Cohen's money to buy
Yongzin Rinpoche a house.  Rinpoche's patron bought the house.  Leonard Cohen has lied about me relentlessly.  He also has falsely accused my sister of starting her business with his cash.  That never happened either.  I hadn't been near Santa Monica for ages before visiting my friends after my son's accident.  All activity with Santa Monica PD was documented for DOJ - names, dates, incidents, badge numbers, etc.  I was constantly in contact with a variety of sergeants and Internal Affairs.  Betsy Superfon later told me that Cohen and Kory contacted SMPD.  David Moorhead, a friend of mine in Boulder who was NOT a public defender, hired an investigator on his own and felt Cohen and Kory contacted BPD.  

Gianelli is merely lying about why I left Susan's house.  Susan is Rinpoche's mother-in-law.  Clea and Rinpoche left as well.  Susan had bought a newer, smaller home, did not have room for guests, and Rinpoche and Clea went to Bhutan for an extended visited.  Yongzin Rinpoche is one of the heads of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage.  No one made up any excuse for me that Susan was expecting guests  I was staying with Susan so the story 
Gianelli is telling Clea Surkhang is fairly outrageous and never happened.  

He has also written her about Steven Machat.  I have plenty of private emails from Steven Machat and, as he wrote the other day, he stands behind what he wrote me and will address any slanderous statements he's made.

Gianelli has begun harassing me over federal tax matters, corporate matters, my Motion to dismiss the fraudulently registered "domestic violence' order,  and the Motion addressing Cohen's excessive perjury in the documents presented to Judge Hess. I will continue to forward Gianelli's criminally harassing emails to the FBI as my appelllate attorney, who was maliciously harassed by this man, advised me to do.  Francisco Suarez is quite clear:  my 2012 trial was an IRS matter that demands an IRS investigation.  He felt the City Attorney engaged in criminal obstruction of justice when she retaliated.  I agree. But, she lied about many things related to IRS and probably does not want an IRS investigation.  Detective Viramontes did advise me that he would
ask her, re. the drone card sent to FBI and DOJ, if the real threat here is the IRS and FBI.  But why did the City Attorney's office advise Gianelli to  continue criminally harassing me and ask him to communicate official messages from that office to me?  I think it was their game plan.  

In any event, the abuse of the domestic violence restraining order system demands an investigation.  Cohen simply registered the Boulder order I requested as a domestic violence order in Los Angeles.  The original order is NOT domestic violence and can NOT be modified.  He also offered me 50% community property/palimony.  I have that in writing from my lawyers and my accountant was also a witness when that offer was made.  And, Cohen took the witness stand during my trial and insisted that we had been lovers and in a "dating relationship."  However, at the March 23, 2012 bail hearing Cohen testified that we were in a purely business relationship and I never stole from him - just his peace of mind.  I only recently received the bail hearing testimony and forwarded a copy to IRS and DOJ.  He's correct - I never misappropriated anything.  His refunds from IRS and FTB have been challenged as fraud.  For some reason, Leonard Cohen does not want to address his nearly $6.7 million in loans/expenditures re. TH assets.  He was well aware that those assets belonged to TH and had to be repaid within 3 years at 6% interest.  

Steven Gianelli has communicated with Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, and works in tandem with Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, and Phil Spector's  former personal assistant, Michelle Blaine.  I captured evidence of her congratulating him for targeting my email accounts and blogs.  

I am finishing up my Motions; will bring Gianelli's harassment to the attention of Judge Hess; am filing State Bar Complaints; sending the Motions to the Justice Integrity Division of DA's office and Criminal Grand Jury (with other evidence); and writing a formal letter to DOJ in Washington and Los Angeles advising DOJ that all funds for domestic violence to the City and County of Los Angeles should be halted until there's a thorough investigation.  I know Coyote Shivers' representatives wrote DOJ the same.  Also, another friend of mine was the recipient of a fraud restraining order.  That was domestic violence but she didn't know the woman and was not in a "dating relationship" with her.  The situation, as with Coyote and mine, also involved the City Attorney,
LAPD's TMU, and LA Superior Court.  LA Superior Court attempted to extort monies from me for "domestic violence" when there wasn't any.  This is not appropriate even using the anti-stalking provisions that Gianelli has written about.  The Boulder order cannot be modified and Boulder Combined Court wrote to confirm that this is not a domestic violence order . Therefore, the California order cannot be given Full Faith and Credit and is invalid
and should be dismissed.  I think the DMV insanity at LA Superior Court is a scam that should definitely be investigated.  A lot of money pours through that system.  And all you need - a liar like Leonard Cohen on the witness stand.  He didn't lie on the stand when he confirmed that he personally bought  homes with TH assets, took money, understood he had access to the account, confirmed that his lawyer handled the corporate records and accounting, etc.  He did lie when he said I handled IRS matters.  See the tax preparers names and their latest documents advising me that I have no expertise to even say that this is criminal tax fraud.  That's correct - I do not.  I was TOLD Cohen's tax fraud is criminal and the penalties and interest he was facing were
set forth in a memorandum together with the legal explanation as to why it's criminal.  I've passed that along to IRS. I'm preparing schedules that should be very helpful to Judge Hess in terms of the perjury and fraudulent misrepresentations and actual evidence.  I still cannot even imagine how LA Superior Court converted my property to Cohen in willful disregard to the corporate records, stock units, agreements, etc.  Somehow you can just make up a narrative and steal via a constructive trust.  That issue hasn't been litigated - whether LA Superior Court can aid and abet theft.  Neither have the federal tax matters.  But, I wasn't served and perjured statements were presented to Judge Hess about that issue.  One lie is replaced by another.

Stephen Gianelli is dangerously unstable.  I've asked Jeffrey Korn to have Gianelli formally enter an appearance.  At that time, I will communicate with him about the federal tax and corporate matters I am addressing with Korn and the Court.  The IRS views me as a partner on these entities.  So does
FTB and State of Kentucky.  

By the way, no one was drinking at Susan's house.  Gianelli just lies.  It's really sick and disturbing.  In any event, my friends know the facts and reality.  

All the best,

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Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 2:06 AM
Cc: Clea Surkhang

Clea is Drukpa Yongzin Rinpoche’s wife, but she goes by Clea Westphal now.