Friday, October 31, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To Boulder, Colorado DA Stan Garnett Re. Non-Resident Leonard Cohen's Extraordinary Flight To Boulder, Colorado, The Confrontation Clause & The Fraudulent Registration Of This Order In California As "Domestic Violence"

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:14 PM
Subject: Fwd: Your serial false claim that the Colorado protection order was registered on May 25, 2011 as a "domestic violence restraining order"
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Why do you think it was "irrelevant" to Enichen that Cohen, a non-Colorado resident (with no ties to Colorado), wasn't present for the hearing.  Does she view the Confrontation Clause of the United States Constitution irrelevant?

I am being criminally harassed over this and have been since May 2009 when Gianelli communicated with Michelle Rice.  He has also written you and is now criminally harassing my sister, whose lawyer advised him to cease and desist, and Paulette Brandt, a woman he does not know who was Phil Spector's personal assistant.  The order was registered in California as a "domestic violence" order.  It's right there on LA Superior Court's website.  Boulder Combined Court wrote me that the original is NOT domestic violence.  They provided me with Cohen's Verified Motion that does not check off "domestic abuse."  We were not in a statutory required dating relationship. Sexual harassment and indecent exposure, raised in Neal Greenberg's lawsuit, are not a dating relationship.  

My emails to the IRS Commissioner's Staff were raised as an issue.  And now, Cohen's lawyers have written IRS and testified that this fraud order prevents me from requesting and/or receiving IRS required information and corporate tax and accounting information.  That will be litigated in federal court and Detective Viramontes of LAPD's TMU told me that Cohen did not feel comfortable with my requests for tax information, the order prevents me from requesting IRS information, and felt the IRS should obtain this information for me.  That sounds highly illegal.

In any event, Gianelli also wrote Boulder PD.  I would like that evidence maintained.  

Kelley Lynch


Case Number:  BQ033717
Filing Date:  05/25/2011
Case Type:  Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

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Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Subject: Your serial false claim that the Colorado protection order was registered on May 25, 2011 as a "domestic violence restraining order"
Cc:, blind <>

Ms. Lynch,

The September 2, 2008 Colorado protection order was NOT registered on May 25, 2011 as a “domestic violence restraining order”, it was registered as an “Out-of-State Restraining Order”.

And the order that Anthony S. Jones signed says “The attached out-of-state restraining order is registered and enforceable in California, and can be entered into CLETS, unless it ends or is changed by the court that made it”.

As the order itself says, if you want the Colorado order vacated or terminated, you need to ask the Colorado court that made the order to do that.

However, given your recent history of being convicted and jailed for violating the Colorado order, and then being jailed for violating your probation following release from your original jail sentence, I cannot imagine the Colorado court doing that.

One thing is certain, the California court doesn’t have that power. (See linked order.)