Monday, November 17, 2014

The Real Reason For Leonard Cohen's Fraud Restraining Orders: Litigation Matters, IRS & Corporate Entities

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 8:10 AM
To: Jeffrey Korn cc:  IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB & Multiple Recipients


I would like to point out that your argument is not only absurd but fraudulent.  I was NOT convicted of anything having to do with Kory and Rice.  The prosecutor lied to the jury when she said that Kory and Rice were named in the Boulder order.  They were not - it was the place of business.  It is quite straightforward if you read.

As I've explained, Kory and Rice have used a "tactic" since initiating the alleged litigation against me.  Judge Vanderet, who actually lied on the bench about me, just decided to grant them "domestic violence" related orders when the Boulder order was fraudulently registered here as "domestic violence."  The Court also served Scott Edelman who was listed as attorney of record.  I'm not sure what that argument is about.

The orders Kory and Rice received, from the "Domestic Violence Unit," expired with the probation.  However, you've made an interesting argument that seems to imply that I am not permitted to effect service on the registered agent of a corporation.  Kory and Rice have also argued, including in a letter to IRS, that a fraud restraining order (based on perjury and fraud) prohibits someone from requesting or receiving IRS required information - such as the 2004 1099 that Cohen still refuses to provide me.  The IRS also has not receive any such document.  

Can you explain why you believe a local order subverts IRS reporting requirements and laws related to effecting service upon a corporation's registered agent?  There are serious and legitimate outstanding federal tax and corporate matters.  I have also asked to inspect the books and records.  And, while I feel I should notify the Registered Agents, I would like clarification of your position since I find it illegal.  Perhaps you could enlighten me as to where this argument exists legally.  I also didn't contact Kory and Rice.  Nor, based on their outrageous conduct, do I intend to.  Therefore, there are serious issues re. registered agents.

Kelley Lynch
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